Line of Duty (2012) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

DI Denton.
- DS Jayne Akers, calling with request for urgent assistance.
Immediate and credible threat to life.
I need a safe and available destination, ASAP.
There's been an attack on the police.
Three of our colleagues have lost their lives in the line of duty.
You called me that night.
Yes, sir.
I shouldn't have even been on duty that night.
I'd do anything not to have been there, not to have picked up that call, because for all I know it's going to take away the one good thing in my life, and that is being a police officer.
I'm heading up a newly-formed unit that's taken over the search for Carly Kirk.
Oh! - DS Arnott, AC-12? - Boss.
People have underestimated me my whole life.
I'll open up Witness Protection to your team.
There's a DI in AC-9.
He's your man.
You'll second him.
As you wish, sir.
Whatever it takes to nail those bastards.
Your call history makes for very interesting reading.
The night of the ambush she called me to call you.
To say what? For you to call her back about the case she was working on.
This is the home under protective custody, of staff nurse Claire Tindall.
You interviewed her in connection with events at the hospital.
There are more photos.
The protected witness.
The wee gobshite this was all about.
Christ! DI Denton, I'm arresting you for conspiracy to murder a protected witness.
What was in the witness protection files? Oh, my God.
Was it someone you knew? I'm innocent.
You know I am.
All rise.
Remain standing.
Are you Lindsay Elizabeth Denton? (Yes.
) Please speak up so we can hear you.
Sit down, Ms Denton.
Morning, Ms Latimer.
Your Honour, the defendant is charged with conspiracy to murder.
This is a very serious charge arising from a complex investigation by Anti-Corruption Unit 12.
A 36-year-old woman has been charged with conspiracy to murder.
There are rumours the victim was a protected witness granted immunity from prosecution.
No further details will be disclosed at present.
The charging of the 36-year-old woman is a highly significant breakthrough, and we're confident that more arrests will follow.
Nick Ronson, from the Evening Post.
Do you think the Witness Protection Scheme is fit for purpose? No comment.
Thank you all.
Well handled, sir.
Cheers, Les.
You're the new Media Manager? Jo Wright.
New Jo.
Have you got a minute? Sure.
There's a false speeding story about me With this arrest, sir, it's dead.
A stupid, pointless distraction.
Oh, and civilians don't have to call me sir.
I'd feel uncomfortable not respecting your rank.
Is there to be a bail application? Yes, Your Honour.
Your Honour, the prosecution opposes bail on the following grounds.
The seriousness of the offence, the defendant has the means and knowledge to abscond from justice.
Your Honour, the defendant is a serving police officer of excellent standing.
She has no desire to abscond.
She intends to clear her name.
I'm refusing bail.
You will be remanded in custody until the 18th of November.
All rise.
What about Bella? Has anyone got an evidence bag for this? Answering only yes or no, do you understand spoken English? Yes.
Answering only yes or no, are you Lindsay Elizabeth Denton? Yes.
Answering only yes or no, are you currently suffering from an infectious disease? No.
Answering only yes or no, are you currently suffering from a sexually transmitted disease? No.
Answering only yes or no, are you or could you be pregnant? No.
You'll reside in the Vulnerable Persons Unit.
You will be in a cell on your own and you will have minimal association with the other residents.
Answering only yes or no, do you understand? Yes.
When an Offender Management Officer enters your cell, she'll order you to move away from the door.
Answering only yes or no, do you understand? Yeah.
If you maintain good behaviour, you may request a television set, the cost at ã2 per week to be taken out of your allowance.
Can I request a piano keyboard, please? Answering only yes or no, would you like to request a television set? No.
Move away from the door.
Oh, what's that tosser doing here? Buggered if I know.
Morning, you two.
Morning, sir.
Sir, what's he doing here? Oh, yeah Look, our investigation has expanded into Witness Protection.
The Deputy Chief Constable ordered me to bring on a specialist from AC-9.
Those bastards have been keeping us out.
AC-9 did not make the call, Steve.
Dot Cottan certainly did not make the call.
This has come directly from the office of the Deputy Chief Constable.
I'm not saying you should've run it by us first.
I'm glad you're not saying that, Steve, because that shows you're not confused about who's in charge here.
Come on, give him a chance.
The Tony Gates team was disbanded, Cottan went on to distinguish himself, got himself a promotion, and the fact of the matter is he was the only officer in that unit who was prepared to stand up and give evidence against his boss.
He's a born Anti-Corruption Officer, poacher turned gamekeeper.
Move away from the door! The dirty bastards put shit in my food.
Don't you people check? Answering yes or no, don't you people check? The target of the 5th September ambush was a protected witness.
To fill you in on the details, I'd like to introduce you to Detective Inspector Matthew Cottan.
Thank you, Matt.
Thanks a lot, sir.
In June of 2012, a double murder at Greek Lane, Moss Heath, that was originally thought to have been drug-related, was recrimed as a terrorist incident.
This individual is John Thomas Hunter.
He used the name Tommy and had proven links with organised crime.
Tommy co-operated with the investigation into the Greek Lane terror incident in return for immunity from prosecution.
Tommy was the target of the ambush.
Having been enrolled in the Witness Protection programme, he was given a new identity as Alex Campbell and relocated to a safe house at 12 St James's Close.
On the night of September 5th his Witness Protection Officer, DS Jayne Akers, notified an immediate threat against her witness and attempted to move him into safe custody at 4th Street Station.
As we all know, Akers was killed and the witness received critical injuries.
A second, successful attempt on his life was made at the General Hospital nine days later.
Yes? No prosecutions resulted from the Greek Lane counter-terror op.
As a result, as I was going on to say, the witness's immunity was in jeopardy.
The only way for him to stay out of prison was to prove his value.
So you think this got back to the witness's criminal associates, which prompted their plan to silence him? Exactly that, sir.
DS Akers was the person closest to the witness, trusted by him.
So if he was going to name names, she'd be the one to know.
What? DS Akers was killed in the ambush.
How'd it fit that she betrayed Tommy? Well, unknown to Akers, she may also have been the target of the ambush, killed for her silence.
Sounds like a guess.
I'd call it a working hypothesis.
We've charged DI Lindsay Denton.
AC-9 wouldn't happen to be sitting on a connection between Tommy and Denton? Not that I know of.
Which is why we are pooling our resources.
Thank you, Matthew.
Thanks, sir.
Assignments in respect of the foregoing will come via me or DI Cottan.
Thank you.
That is all.
Also before you go.
I've got some hand-outs, should anybody want one.
For Christ's sake.
Kindly take a seat and your event will commence shortly.
Hello, Inspector, how are you? Hmm.
I need to conduct a further interview in regard to the ambush on the night of September 5th.
You remain under caution.
There are strict rules for post-charge interview.
One of which is for the detainee to have put to them information which has come to light since they were charged.
In the interests of justice.
Go on.
Who was DS Akers' protected witness? I don't know.
I never knew.
You never saw him, never heard a name? No.
Have you ever seen this man before? No.
Have it your own way.
Is that the new information? Was that the witness? Fine.
End of conversation.
Why didn't you reveal to Hastings and Arnott that I'd received a call off DS Akers' husband on the night of the ambush? I didn't need to.
No? No.
Hastings makes Greece look solvent and Arnott can't keep it in his pants.
Their transgressions are minor in comparison.
How did you figure out I was an undercover officer? What, I give you tips so you can do a better job on the next innocent officer that you go after? I did a good enough job on you.
You want me on a string, wondering when you're going to screw up my career.
You don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot, do you, Kate? Let me explain something to you, Inspector.
You're facing a charge of conspiracy to murder.
That's a life sentence.
I'm not going to be in here for life.
I'm innocent and I'm going to clear my name and that will become apparent at the trial.
If we get that far.
We will.
Is this what you want, Kate? Wouldn't it be better if you went out and found the actual culprit, and got all the charges against me dropped? The evidence points at you.
Circumstantial evidence.
The CPS buy it.
So will the courts.
Yeah, the courts, where it's going to come out that you're connected to the person who's much more likely to have set up the ambush.
There's no connection.
You know what, you're a good liar, Kate.
Not good enough to fool me when you were undercover, but good enough to hide that call.
I'm so glad you did, cos you've made yourself my ticket out of here.
Well, whilst you're in here, bouncing off the walls, our investigation rolls on, day after day, gathering more evidence against you.
For one, we'll find out the real reason why you were sniffing around that garage.
I told you.
We'll see.
We've both been here before.
So has Major Violent Crime.
What matters is Denton came here.
Yeah, following a missing persons lead.
This is the exact place used by Tommy's killer.
If that isn't a possible connection between the two of them, I don't know what is.
What? I searched this place.
It was flat.
Well, it's not any more.
Get the landlord on the phone.
We need consent to get a search team over here.
Let's see what comes from the garage.
But now we've got access to the witness protection files, we've got Tommy.
We've got Akers, who was his WP officer, and her phone records.
And then we've got Denton.
But nothing in either the files or the phone history connects either party to Denton.
All right? All right.
You all right? So, Gaffer says you were probies with Akers.
Yeah, I went through Ryton with her.
Honest copper? Yeah.
What? We're playing catch-up.
Feels like everybody else got first dibs on this one.
First thing we did was look for prior contact between Akers and Denton.
They never worked together, they never called each other.
As far as we can tell, they were complete strangers, never met until a few minutes before the ambush.
As per Denton's statement.
There's a hell of a lot of evidence against Denton.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
There is.
Look, the gaffer's asked me to do a job.
It's not my fault you were kept out of the loop.
But really, around the office, you ought to be calling me sir.
Have a nice day.
According to Akers' phone records, a few minutes beforehand, she called a number registered to her husband.
She calls home, says, "I might be a little bit late tonight, love," and then arranges the transfer via Denton.
Makes sense, but let's talk to the husband anyway.
Good idea.
I'll call him.
No, it's fine, I'll do it.
Do you mind if we set the interview up for tomorrow though? Cos my Tesco's shuts at eight.
All right.
In the morning, I'm going to return to take a statement with my partner, Steve Arnott.
You'll answer all our questions fully and honestly, with the exception of disclosing Jayne's request for you to contact me and the fact that you did attempt to contact me.
Kate I get it.
Last thing I want to do is embarrass you.
You picked a good day, Ted.
We've got Bourbon Creams.
Thanks very much, sir, but I'm fine.
Why didn't you notify me you were arresting DI Denton? I didn't realise I had to, sir.
I thought we agreed we were on the same team.
We are, sir, it's just there's the principle of non-reciprocity between I'm managing one of the biggest cases, if not the biggest, this force has ever seen.
Every move's being watched like a hawk.
And may I ask if there's any difficulty with Denton's arrest, sir? No, of course not.
You did the right thing.
Luckily, we've managed to play this development in our favour.
It's just that you would've appreciated some forewarning, sir.
That's all it is.
Well, if I could just beg another minute of your time, please, sir.
I'm going to send you the audio file of the interview with DI Denton in which you'll hear her levelling accusations intended to discredit two AC-12 officers.
DS Stephen Arnott is accused of having a liaison with a witness, sir.
It happens.
The second officer? Well, that would be me, sir.
DI Denton obtained my financial records and is accusing me of having high levels of undisclosed financial losses, sir.
Her actions in obtaining those records are, in my opinion, unlawful, sir, but however, the information she has against me is correct.
I'm sorry.
How did it happen? A retired colleague invited me to invest in a property deal in the Irish Republic.
I meant, how did she access your records? That's still under investigation, sir.
You're aware the prosecutor's going for public interest immunity against DI Denton? I am, sir.
And there's a chance they'll umbrella AC-12's evidence with Witness Protection.
It's possible this could all end up being brushed under the carpet.
That's out of my hands, sir.
This must've been difficult for you, Ted.
It shows your integrity.
Notwithstanding, I'm going to have to consider how it affects your position.
Of course, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Mr Akers, I'm DS Arnott.
DC Fleming you know.
Hi, Kate.
Come in.
You two seen each other since The funeral? No.
I'm, er I'm very sorry for your loss.
Jayne left for work as normal that morning.
She didn't say anything about there being anything unusual that she had to do that day.
Did your wife ever discuss the particular witness she was dealing with? Not a word.
Jayne didn't do that.
DI Lindsay Denton.
That a name you ever heard from your wife? No.
According to your wife's phone records, she made a telephone call at exactly 8:43pm that evening.
That your number? My mobile, yes.
Do you recall what she said? She said that something had come up at work and that she was going to be home late.
She said she'd call me later and let me know how things were going.
That's all? To the best of my recollection.
Thank you, Mr Akers.
We know this is a difficult time for you.
Your assistance has been valuable.
I'll see you out.
Sorry, Mr Akers.
If someone's in fear of their life, a police officer, then they do something about it.
Was there anything she said, an unusual turn of phrase, a name, anything, that might alert someone to what was going on? There wasn't, no.
Thanks again, Mr Akers.
A word.
You got something to say about the interview with Akers' husband? Writing up the statement for the boss.
He's made me Deputy SIO so I'll take a look at it when it's ready.
You're worried it doesn't fit, hmm? Akers makes a random phone call to Denton, and yet it's all Denton? That's why we're looking for connections.
Our side and your side, and we haven't found one.
Have you seen the preliminaries on the search of Denton's house? Not one piece of incriminating evidence.
But I'm guessing summat wasn't right with Akers' husband? Cup of tea.
Look, I've put in a request for financial forensics for I've put in a request for financial forensics for Akers' bank account.
If she was getting paid for information.
Great minds think alike.
Nice one.
Well, Denton's in custody.
How's the boss going to react? Don't know, mate.
I'm not sure how I feel about sending an innocent copper down.
I need my eight hours a night.
Steve, what was that? Nothing.
He's a twat.
Shut the door.
Remain standing.
I've been trying to figure out the best way of dealing with this matter and frankly, I'd rather not have to.
And I don't fancy talking to this nurse about what happened between the pair of you.
So I'll start with you.
This isn't relevant to our investigation.
Yes, it is, because we have Denton on tape quoting the regs.
She was clutching at straws.
She'll say anything to undermine us.
Why don't you let me be the judge of that? The nurse isn't a witness against Denton.
She's never even heard of her.
Did you have inappropriate relations with a witness? As I've said, sir, she's not a witness.
Not our witness, anyway, and MVC aren't charging her as an accessory.
So what are you saying, son? What, she was fair game? I'm saying I know the difference between screwing up an investigation and just screwing.
There's discreditable conduct and there's just plain right and wrong.
Meaning? She was already under threat for her little boy's life, she was in protective custody.
If you've got a moral problem, that's down to you.
There's nothing wrong with MY morality! I'm a single bloke and I've got a normal private life.
With respect, sir, you need a better reason for having this conversation.
How the hell are we supposed to uphold standards if you're running around town not upholding them yourself? That's my reason, and it's a bloody good one.
I'm disappointed, son.
Go on, get out.
Another bollocking? That's all I need.
No, I'll tell you what you need.
Come on.
So, this nurse, she fit, was she? All right.
Well? Did you? You need to brush up your interrogation technique.
Don't look now, right What did I say about not looking? There's a couple of birds behind you.
Now, I'm not formulating a plan or anything, but There's three of them.
I'm a bloody Detective Inspector, I can see there's three of 'em.
There's always one who's got a boyfriend, on her period or summat.
You were obviously off the day they did gender awareness training.
I GAVE the gender awareness training.
This is bloody weird, Dot.
What, me and you working together? Well, yeah.
Well, that's Anti-Corruption, mate.
Beggars can't be choosers.
And this is all on me, by the way.
No, honestly.
We'll have no arguments.
First things first.
All right, captain.
Pop over there, yeah? Ask those lovely ladies what we can get them to drink.
No food, mind, I'm not made of money.
Bent bitch! Bent bitch! Bent bitch! Bent bitch! Bent bitch! Bent bitch! Bent bitch! Can you see it? Hi.
You all right? Yeah.
So there's a body? We're taking it from here.
Sir? Our crime scene.
You're joking.
It's our side of the investigation.
That floor was collapsing because there's something underneath it collapsing.
It's thanks to Kate the subsidence was even noticed.
Well, top marks for that.
Sir, may I respectfully request any findings be shared? Send your request to my office in writing.
Somebody will get back to you within the next ten working days, OK? Yes, please, ladies and gentlemen.
It's OK.
I've got it.
Here it comes.
Call me later for initial forensics.
I've got it.
Let's go.
We're not making any announcement about the body.
'You sure, sir?' No.
Not until we know how it fits in with the overall investigation.
Sorry, Andrew, I've got another call incoming.
'OK, boss.
' We'll catch up in the morning.
Love to Liz and the kids.
Mike Dryden.
'Sorry, sir, it's Jo Rise.
' New Jo, hi.
'I'm afraid the Evening Herald is going to run 'the speeding ticket story.
' I need to question you further in regards to the industrial estate.
What were you really doing there? I was investigating the disappearance of Carly Kirk.
As I've already stated.
Ever been there before? Consorted with individuals connected with the place? No.
A body's been found buried under the floor of the old A&B Carriage Repairs industrial unit.
Been there about two months.
And your presence was what, a coincidence? I was investigating the disappearance The men who carried out the ambush were the same men who used the nurse to gain access to the hospital.
Same target, same clothing, motorcycle gear.
They took the nurse to that garage, the same place where the girl's body was buried.
And you went there, too.
Now, if this was your case, would you write those off as coincidences? No.
So, one way or another, you're involved.
The evidence is out there.
We will find it.
A girl.
What age? About 15.
Carly Kirk? No ID yet, only initial forensics.
Why not? Her face and finger pulps were burnt off using a high-temperature flame, most likely a blowtorch.
Her teeth were removed, postmortem, most likely with pliers, preventing comparison of dental records.
Cause of death? Strangulation using some kind of ligature.
Can her DNA be compared to Carly's? There were control samples obtained from her personal effects when she disappeared.
They haven't been traced as yet.
They're lost? It's just an admin glitch.
She was a nobody when she was alive.
And dead, she's still one.
Why are you so convinced it's her? Because of a lead I was following.
The same lead that you think makes out that I had to be in on it.
I was only searching for Carly.
Why? Of all the long-term mispers, why her? She was She was only recently disappeared.
There were leads.
I thought we'd find her.
I thought maybe there'd be some good news for once in this job.
Ma'am, what's wrong? Look.
It's tough in here, on anyone.
They told me about what happened to your food.
Maybe you could make sure that you only eat stuff out of a sealed wrapper.
They said that you requested a piano keyboard.
I'm sure that's something we could look at.
If you can co-operate with our investigation, tell us things that we don't already know, there's all sorts we can do to improve your situation.
I know why I'm in here.
Because I picked up a phone.
Because an officer in danger, somebody I'd never even met before, requested my help and I did what any decent police officer would do.
Yeah, you did pick up a phone.
In a call box.
To speak to the nurse who was looking after the target of the ambush.
And lied through your teeth about it ever since.
That's the reason you're in here.
I shouldn't have lied.
I realised how incriminating it sounded.
That I'd called the nurse.
So you're admitting it? Yeah.
So what is your connection with the nurse? None.
It didn't take a genius to work out where the witness was being treated.
I made calls, always from phone boxes.
Pretended I was from a recruitment agency asking for the names of nurses who worked on the intensive care unit.
Why? Because he had to know who was in on it, who was after him.
I wanted to know if he'd spoken, if he'd said anything that could prove my innocence.
Is that the best you can come up with? It's the truth! Well, it sounds What? Pathetic? Desperate? Yeah.
I wasn't even supposed to be on duty that night.
I was covering.
I did that a lot, for the inspectors with families.
It was my way of trying to get on, I suppose.
I need you to amend your statement, ma'am, to go on record with what you've just admitted regarding the phone call.
I'm happy to.
Just as soon as you do the same.
Does the Deputy Chief Constable have a statement to make regarding the allegation about his speeding offence in the Evening Herald? The subject of this briefing is the ongoing investigation into the ambush in which three police officers lost their lives.
Are you still the best man for the job? I will give a brief statement.
My wife and I strenuously deny the allegation.
The fact thatin the midst of what is clearly a complex and controversial investigation, the Herald chooses to trot out this inaccurate slur Will you resign? Is your position untenable? Is your position untenable? Have you still got the chief constable's backing? Makes a change from a minging subway.
You all right? Get you a drink? No, I better not have any more.
Have mine.
What's wrong? Rich Akers is hiding something.
On the night of the ambush, he called me.
What'd he call you about? A message from Jayne.
She needed to speak to me.
About moving the witness? Why'd you hide it? Rich and I were involved behind Jayne's back.
I didn't want it coming out.
Who else you told? No-one.
Keep it that way.
You draw a line around it and you walk away from it like it never happened.
Steve This'd be your career.
You see a life for yourself outside the job? No.
Richard Akers - he won't blab about this? He hasn't so far.
Down that, I'll get you home.
Lindsay Denton knows.
That's what all that business was with your phone.
She went through my call history, using it as leverage.
Your version of events is - Richard Akers called you because he was worried about his wife.
It didn't materially affect the investigation.
End of.
Steve, that's a lie.
Maybe there are some people out there who always tell the truth and ones who always lie.
The rest of us choose our moments.
This is one of them.
The allegation about me and my wife won't go away.
If you've thrown back a denial, often there's a delay while they get corroboration.
Screw them.
I've got a bigger story for you.
The person charged in connection with the ambush, the 36-year-old woman - she's a police officer.
Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton from the Missing Persons Unit at 4th Street Station.
She led the convoy into the ambush .
and conspired in the witness's murder at the hospital.
'Is it correct that Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton 'has been charged with conspiracy to murder? 'I'm not going to be drawn into elaborating on press speculation.
' God help me, when I find the leak, I'm going to bury the bastard.
How'd they get this? Have you understood the safety briefing? Yeah.
You must complete two sessions per week of no less than 15 minutes each and no more than 30 minutes each.
Answering "Yes" or "No" only, do you understand? Which machines can I use? Yes.
Help me! No! N.
! No! No! Bloody hell, Jen, quick! You two, get away from her! Have a seat.
Look, if anyone finds out, we're for the high jump.
We'll sort out those two back there and we can keep this between ourselves? Yeah, sure.
You're a life-saver.
Fancy a cuppa? Yeah, that'd be really nice, thanks.
Jen, can you do the paperwork and I'll do the brew? No problem, Al.
Lindsay Is it OK if I call you Lindsay? Yeah, sure.
Lindsay, could you pop your hands on the table next to this diagram so I can have a look at them? Milk, sugar? Yeah.
Milk, no sugar, please.
You've got a cracked nail.
Could've been worse, I suppose.
Thank God it wasn't! You've been talking to AC-12.
From now on, you keep your gob shut.
Sir Thank you, Ted, but there's no need.
Hat off, at ease.
I've considered the pros and cons with no little deliberation.
You're in a vulnerable position.
An anti-corruption officer is more likely than most to encounter situations that place him susceptible to bribery.
However, coming to me as you did is a mark of your character.
This is possibly the most morally complex investigation this force has ever carried out.
I, for one, would feel less confident of success without your guiding hand on the tiller.
I'd like you to carry on.
I don't know what to say, sir.
I haven't discussed this with anyone.
I think the fewer people know about your situation, the better.
Very grateful, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Is there anything I can do to help? No, no, sir, no.
The wife and I are back on track, sir.
Good man, glad to hear it.
Charged anyone else while our backs have been turned? Very interesting question, sir.
Should I have? Must be great up there on that pedestal .
all holier-than-thou.
All the further to fall, mind .
when the truth comes out.
All right, boss.
All right.
What you having? Oh, it's my shout.
Pint of Kronenbourg.
I imagine I'm keeping you from your busy social life.
Could do with a night off.
You seeing that nurse again? Sir, you and I see certain things differently.
That doesn't mean there isn't respect.
Except for my personal views.
We were married at 18.
She was the only one.
And we waited.
Is that what you don't respect? I spoke to you, sir, in the wrong manner.
I apologise.
I'd be grateful if you could see your way to putting it behind us.
You would, would you? Well, I guess it'd be rude not to.
Don't want to be rude.
I disappointed you, sir.
Sometimes I disappoint myself.
Welcome to the club.
Are you in much pain? Yes.
What've they said about your hands? The medical officer doesn't know how bad they'll be.
He's referred me to a specialist.
I'm sorry.
I heard there was a problem with the CCTV recording.
DI Denton, I'd like to take a statement from you today to be included in evidence, regarding your amendments to earlier statements given in evidence.
We had an agreement about that.
Are you aware the prosecution's made a Public Interest Immunity application? It was brought up at my bail hearing.
Well, it's been accepted.
They've got non-disclosure of sensitive evidence.
Included in said sensitive evidence is my call history.
They can't do that.
I was an undercover officer gathering evidence against you.
Disclosure of my communications history could jeopardise undercover contacts and future ops.
That's just not true! It's a cover-up! Our legal team did their job.
I'm just here to do mine.
Now in regards to the phone call you made What, so your phone call from Akers gets vanished? Like the CCTV of me being attacked by two inmates, like those same two inmates testifying that I burned my own hands and that the prison officers tried to stop me? It suits everyone for me to be silenced.
I'm taking your statement, aren't I? Look, this attack - it's opened my eyes.
I was set up to get involved in the transfer of the witness.
The newspaper leak about me, the attack, and now the non-disclosure of evidence - it all makes sense, even the screws are involved.
They said as much.
They said what? They said not to talk to you.
What, what we're doing now? No-one appears to be stopping us.
No, but Look, you've been badly shaken by the attack.
Maybe it's best I come when you're feeling better.
No, wait.
Listen to me.
Don't you see how I've been set up? Even down to the fact that AC-12 were prevented from looking at witness protection.
All you could do was focus on me.
Now, only somebody at executive level has that kind of power.
And the only person I told about the operation was Mike Dryden.
You've lied through your teeth throughout this investigation .
and now you're using an exec officer as a way of tying us in knots.
No, that's not what is it! Really? I know Mike Dryden.
You "know" him? We had an affair.
Five years.
And? And? He didn't leave his wife, did he? You gave him an ultimatum and then it was all over.
You and I both know that you don't have the right to act superior over our private lives.
Why are you only telling us this now? Because I don't know myself if it's true! Why would he do that to me? I've done nothing to him.
If anything, I've protected him.
No, you're a woman scorned.
Not only do you get your revenge on him, but you use him as a way of screwing up our investigation.
Do you believe that I'm guilty? I just gather the evidence.
The courts decides.
I get it.
I get it.
It's your way of dealing with the fact that you might be putting away an innocent person.
I think you're guilty.
Bent bitch! Bent bitch! DC Fleming.
'Jan Evans.
You left a message regarding the 4th Street duty logs.
' Yeah.
Thanks for getting back to me.
I'm seeking information regarding the rota for duty inspector at 4th Street Station on the night of September 5th.
'You mean' Yeah, the night of the ambush.
'I have that information on file.
Please hold.
' Dot's up to something.
One minute.
'DI Denton covered the ghost rota 'as Inspector Barlow was reassigned that night.
' Who was responsible for that change? 'Hold one second.
' 'Inspector Barlow received an invitation to attend 'a session of the Crime Executive.
'It came directly from Deputy Chief Constable Dryden's office.
' Great, thank you.
What's going on? Well? We've got the financial forensics back in.
Looks like Jayne Akers was on the receiving end of a substantial payment.
How substantial? Upwards of 50 grand.
We need to include Kate.
Akers was her mate.
And Kate's my partner.
Steve! Under Rule 46, vulnerable persons must shower alone.
From the dispensers on the wall, you're permitted one measure of soap and one measure of shampoo.
You must shower in no longer than six minutes.
Answering only "Yes" or "No", do you understand? What is it? Lindsay alleged she was set up by another police officer.
I've gone back through her file and she served with this officer for nearly a year back when she was a DS, working in crime audit.
He was a chief superintendent.
I've just taken a call from one of the administrators at 4th Street Station and .
on the night of the ambush, this particular officer caused the rota to be changed, the change that put Lindsay Denton on duty that night.
He was a chief super? What is he now? Deputy chief constable.
It's Mike Dryden.
Oh, Jesus bloody Christ.
Dot Yeah, I need a breather.
One wrong move and we could all be directing traffic.
Well? Steve? All right.
But first I need to talk to you about Jayne Akers.
'How are you? You do not have to say anything.
'You sit there and you try and twist some case out of my misfortunes.
' 'Status Zero! Status Zero!' 'Three of our colleagues have lost their lives in the line of duty.
'All I did was do my job.
It was no accident, was it? 'Three of our own in the morgue because of you.
'No firearms? No backup! 'The officer plunged five floors and is reported to have died.
'Denton, I am arresting you for conspiracy 'Take away the one good thing in my life.
'I think you're guilty.
' No.
I'm delighted that significant progress is being made.
The net is closing in.
I believe you.