Line of Duty (2012) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 The target of the 5th September ambush was a protected witness.
John Thomas Hunter DI Denton, I'm arresting you for conspiracy to murder a protected witness.
DS Akers was the person closest to the witness, trusted by him.
You two always used to end up side by side.
I'd rather not investigate the death of a former colleague.
I like keeping a distance.
On the night of the ambush, he called me.
Why'd you hide it? Rich and I were involved, behind Jayne's back.
Looks like Jayne Akers was on the receiving end of a substantial payment.
How substantial? Upwards of 50 grand.
Nurse? Where's the? Who is that man? The records show that Superintendent Hastings is in considerable financial difficulties.
I'd like you to carry on.
Very grateful, sir.
Thank you, sir.
The fewer people know about your situation the better.
Don't you see how I've been set up? The only person I told about the operation was Mike Dryden.
On the night of the ambush, this particular officer caused the rota to be changed.
Does the Deputy Chief Constable have a statement regarding the allegation about his speeding offence? My wife and I strenuously deny the allegation.
Hargreaves calls you "Jolly".
"Jolly" Rogerson.
He's a laugh a minute.
So there's a body? We're taking it from here.
I was only searching for Carly.
Of all the long-term mispers, why her? Call me later for initial forensics.
You've been talking to AC-12! I believe you.
'Now it's three minutes to seven 'and you're listening to the Breakfast Show.
' Morning Morning I've had to disclose the situation at work.
Our situation? No, no, just the money.
Now the whole world knows our business.
No, no.
Just one executive officer, in confidence.
A top man.
In fact, this particular officer thinks very highly of me so I can see things getting a lot better.
How so? If I was to put myself forward for promotion, when this case is finished.
This particular officer more or less tipped me the wink.
A promotion's no small thing, love.
Pay rise.
Bigger pension.
We need to be clear about a few things first.
I'll say it again, I am deeply sorry for having not consulted you about the finances.
It was a mistake.
I just wanted to surprise you.
Where's the harm in looking? Right, we've all read this report.
Looks like DS Akers was on the take.
Well, it's only circumstantial so far.
If the officer meant to be looking after a protected witness is getting paid off and that witness gets killed, it doesn't leave much room for circumstance as far as I'm concerned.
Sorry, mate.
Evidence is evidence.
Dot, Steve The husband, you said he was acting suspiciously? I could've jumped to the wrong conclusion.
It's fine, Steve.
Let's just do our job.
Well said, Kate.
Let's put it beyond doubt.
Let's bring the husband in for questioning and do a 32 search on his house.
Very good, sir.
Off you go.
We haven't discussed Deputy Chief Constable Dryden.
Denton's thrown suspicion towards him and so far it's all checked out.
They worked together.
They had contact outside of work and he made sure she was on duty the night of the ambush.
That is one hell of an accusation to throw at a senior officer, Steve.
Especially a senior officer with such an outstanding record of public service.
Well, there is this story that was leaked to the press, about him and his wife swapping points on a driving offence.
Now with respect, sir, if we didn't look into it it'd look like favouritism.
And sir, I checked Dryden's web-site.
He leaves tomorrow for a series of speaking engagements.
If we don't bring him in today, we lose him for the rest of the week.
We can delay bringing in Rich Akers for 24 hours.
He's going nowhere, he's got no idea we're onto him.
Dryden's potentially more closely involved with the ambush and that has to be our priority.
And if only to rule him out as soon as possible.
Right, well, no mistakes, mind, I want all the Is dotted, all the Ts crossed before that man sets one foot in this building, you understand? Sir.
On you go.
Elvis has entered the building.
Thank you for your cooperation, sir.
I hope this isn't going to take long, Ted.
Just waiting on Chief Constable Lightwater, sir, because of the special arrangements.
Barry Lightwater's coming up? His force are having a ding-dong with the PCC at the minute.
Between ourselves I think he'll be glad of the away-day.
As I said, sir, we're very grateful.
As you were.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry, sorry.
Don't get up.
Sir, if you wouldn't mind Thanks, Ted.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I think the way this works is you'll only hear from me if there's anything untoward.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks, sir.
AC-12 interview of Deputy Chief Constable Michael Dryden, with Superintendent Hastings, DI Cottan, DS Arnott, DC Fleming.
Normal practice is that the interviewee be questioned by an officer at least one rank superior.
However in this case that cannot happen, so Chief Constable Lightwater of the East Midlands Constabulary has kindly agreed to sit in as an observer.
Is that all right with you and the ACPO? I'm ready.
Let's get on with it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Well, I refer you to Document 1 in your folders.
A complaint has been made regarding a traffic offence, an SP-30, which occurred on the night of August 16th this year.
The vehicle registered to Mrs Helen Dryden was photographed by a speed camera travelling in excess of the speed limit.
Then, a week later on August 23rd, the Traffic Division received notice from Mrs Helen Dryden that at the time the incident occurred, the vehicle was actually being driven by yourself, Deputy Chief Constable Dryden.
An allegation has been made that Mrs Dryden and/or yourself falsified that notification.
I was driving.
Helen was home.
And, remember the reason for your journey that evening? I left home and drove back towards town to buy some beer and wine from the off-licence.
Changed my mind, went back home.
And can you account for the allegation to the contrary? I'm a target.
Someone in the organisation wants to make me look bad.
I hope you'll spend as much time looking for them as you do investigating this codswallop.
We will, sir.
We will.
Glad to hear it.
Would I be able to ask a question, sir? Full marks for balls.
Go on.
You didn't go into the off-licence? No.
So the only person likely to have seen you leave and return home is Mrs Dryden? Most probably.
Will we be able to take a statement from Mrs Dryden? Don't they train you people any more? A spouse isn't a compellable witness.
Sir, we're under no obligation to inform your wife that she's not a compellable witness and whether she can or can't give evidence against you is a moot point as per R v L 2008.
I'll inform her.
She'll back me up.
Nothing moot there.
Anything else? Why did you change your mind about going into the off-licence? Just did.
Erm If I may, sir, there's just a few loose ends I'd like to clear up regarding our investigation into the ambush of the night of September 5th.
My number one priority.
Anything to help.
Thank you, sir.
DC Fleming, sir.
You took a call that evening from DI Lindsay Denton? Yes, she couldn't get hold of her Duty Chief Superintendent.
She called me.
I gave Gold approval for the operation.
Did she disclose to you the nature of the operation, sir? No, I regularly sign off on operations without knowing the first bloody thing about them.
Sorry, sir.
Specifically, sir, did you give approval to DI Denton to proceed without back-up and without firearms? Wasn't the call recorded? She made the call from her office phone and not the Duty Desk, so no, sir.
I don't recall DI Denton apprising me of those facts.
If she had, I would've expressed misgivings, of course.
In terms of the on-call rotas, specifically the ghost rota for 4th Street Station, is that something you'd ever normally take an interest in? Why would I? So you weren't involved at all in the circumstances that led to DI Denton being the Duty Inspector that evening? I also personally supervise whether beat bobbies put on their left shoe first or their right.
Anything else? Sir, could anyone have overheard the conversation you had with DI Denton? Only my wife.
Somehow it feels like we've been here before, DS Arnott, sir.
Did she overhear or did you discuss the call with her? Where are we going with this? Sir, I think DS Arnott's worried that your wife may have got her sewing circle to carry out the ambush.
I think we can safely discount that theory, DI Cottan, sir.
That's right.
The witness protection expert from AC-9.
That's right, sir.
Look, Ted, you're married.
You know what it's like.
You take a call from a woman after ten o'clock at night, God help you if you don't say what it was about.
Am I right? Yes, that's right, sir.
Well, I'm divorced, sir.
Now I know why.
I told my wife it was a work call, nothing more.
Obviously, if you need to take this further, I'm completely at your disposal.
Whatever it takes to get those bastards, right, Ted? Thank you, sir.
Sir, the call from DI Denton? Was that your first contact with her? What d'you mean? Did you know her at all, sir? Look, Kate, I think we're really obliged to operate within the parameters of the Reg 15 notice that we served and any other lines of enquiry really have to be submitted in writing to Deputy Chief Constable Dryden and the ACPO.
Correct, sir? Quite right, Hastings.
Thank you, sir.
Once again apologies for troubling you, sir.
Sir? Ted? My team, you know, sir, they're young, they're keen.
It's fine.
I hope you realise why this was necessary.
Nobody can appear above Ted, it's fine.
It's just that I would be mortified if you thought that I wasn't grateful for your support, sir.
Never crossed my mind.
Keep up the good work.
Sir? I've listed the questions that remain unanswered in regard to Dryden, if he approved the lack of back-up, firearms, changing the rota to put Denton on duty, his alleged relationship with her Look, the gaffer's said we've to be careful about what we say.
What, that explains your stand-up routine? Yeah, well, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
I don't remember saying, "Come in.
" Sir.
It's all right, Steve, you did a grand job.
I need clarification, sir.
Will we be seeking an interview with Mrs Dryden? No, no, it's bound to be non-evidential.
Yes, sir.
Sounds like a load of old bollocks to me, anyway.
Why would he lie to incriminate himself? If anything he'd dodge it and then put it on his missus.
Well, I think we're getting a deeper insight into why Dot's divorced.
Why don't we just close the whole thing, shall we? Dump it back on Traffic.
Yes, sir.
And the alleged relationship with Denton? Are we seeking evidence? I thought she said it was over, Steve? With respect, sir, it connects Denton to the person she alleges set her up.
Can we just not be saying career-ending stuff like that out loud? Yeah, yeah.
All right, Steve, seek corroboration.
But remember we're dealing with somebody's marriage here.
What's she doing next door? Move away from the door.
What happened to the other two? For your own safety, you'll exercise alone.
What if Dryden was trying to create an alibi for the night of the driving offence OK Request his electronic diary and access to his work emails.
Find out what his official movements were that day.
DC Fleming Thank you.
What? Major Violent Crime have arrested Rich Akers.
Your late wife, DS Jayne Akers, why was there a dramatic change in her financial situation in the month leading up to her death? I don't know what you're referring to.
Here's a breakdown obtained by our Financial Forensics Unit.
It shows her financial activity over the last six months.
For the first five months, there's a consistent pattern of debits to the account, cash card withdrawals, goods and services using the associated debit cards.
Then, suddenly, it stops dead.
No cashpoint withdrawals.
No debit card payments.
It's as if your wife miraculously stopped spending any money.
Or needing any.
Uh OK.
We see this sort of pattern when a person resorts to paying their way in cash.
Do you recognise this bank statement, also obtained by our FFU? My bank account.
You haven't made a single cashpoint withdrawal in over six weeks.
There's barely an item paid for by card.
Don't you need the money either? Well, I wasn't earning.
So that I knew I had to tighten my belt.
A team conducted a search of your property today.
Your client was under arrest, hence the search was authorised under Section 18(1)1 of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act.
This case was found hidden under the floorboards.
It contained £20,000 in cash.
24 hours He's going nowhere.
It's not your fault, mate.
They got hold of the financial forensics, that's all.
So, where did it come from? I've never seen it before.
Never saw your wife with it? I said I've never seen it before.
Your wife, she was taking bribes, wasn't she? No.
I thought you said you didn't ask! Well, I It must've been pretty obvious something was going on.
You didn't ask where this cash was coming from? No.
Why not? I just didn't.
Richard Akers, the evidence obtained in our investigation is being forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service.
We charge you under Section 329(1) of the Proceeds Of Crime Act and that you acquired, used, or had possession of criminal property, namely funds received by your wife as part of conspiracy to murder a protected witness.
Interview terminated.
The fact is you had the same evidence we had, only we acted, didn't we? You didn't.
Kate It's bad enough already, behave yourself.
DS Arnott, AC-12.
We've been given authorisation by the Custody Officer to conduct an intelligence interview, off tape.
It's fine.
Holier than thou doesn't suit you, Kate.
You never turned a blind eye? Benefited from one? This lot, they're going to crucify Jayne, whether they get the facts or not.
Who's out there? No-one.
She kept records.
Records of what? Her last case.
The protected witness who got killed.
I believe she wanted leverage against the criminal parties she was dealing with.
These records.
Where are they now? On flash drives.
I put them all in a Jiffy bag.
I set up a PO Box, sent them all to it.
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry.
I have to work late again.
You must think I'm some sort of idiot.
Step away from the door.
Come in.
Hello, Lindsay, I'm Fiona.
Please sit down.
I have some bad news for you.
This morning I took at call from the Ashcliffe Nursing Home.
In the early hours your mother suffered a very severe stroke.
She's very poorly.
I'm very sorry.
Erm, how's she doing now? They're keeping her comfortable.
There's a geriatrician, Dr Panesar.
Yes, he's seen her.
They've decided not to transfer her, as she's DNR.
'Not For Resuscitation.
' I signed the order.
Please accept our sympathies at this very difficult time.
I am available to you as your Personal Wellbeing Officer.
I can also arrange an appointment with our Chaplaincy Service.
Wouldn't I see a homeopath while I'm at it? Are you being very sarcastic or would you like me to contact a homeopath? I just want to see my mum.
You were involved in a disturbance and you've self-harmed.
I was attacked.
I can only go on what they've recorded in your file.
And that means that I can't see my mum? It's up to the Governor.
Kate Jayne Akers flash drives.
Go for it.
We've prioritised the stuff dated in the run-up to the ambush.
"T incensed by August 9th statement.
" T Tommy.
Right, let's see who was saying what on August 9th, yeah? OK.
"Need to reassure him about his immunity from prosecution.
" "If SH compromised require quick TX.
" Safe House.
"Contact made.
" Contact with who? Denton, maybe? Can't be.
This is from before the night of the ambush, before Akers called her.
No further entries to say who she made contact with.
24 hours, son, that's what you said.
I messed up, boss.
No excuses.
Steve, you and I have had our differences, but they're a damn sight easier to overlook if the job's being done.
It was Hargreaves' decision to make the arrest.
I argued the toss, for what it's worth.
You want a beer? Yeah.
You've got every right to be pissed off.
No shit? When you said you thought Richard Akers was hiding something I didn't say run financial forensics on him.
It's my job.
What, to drop me in it with my boss? I got you access to the hospital car park CCTV, to the crime scene on the industrial estate.
I just took it to be a bit of, you know, you-scratch-my-back.
That came later.
Well, I'm glad I didn't have to point that out.
Anyway, that's all I came to say, so You don't have to go.
You and me, we just we just want to get the job done.
It's pretty hard to set that aside.
I'm not saying this is over.
On hold? Yeah.
My non-work number for when this is all over.
Good luck getting the job done.
You, too.
DS Arnott, AC-12.
Just a moment, please.
It's all right, I've sorted the paperwork.
How'd you find out about this place? I've been working flat out.
This way.
These are the vehicles from the crime scene.
They were analysed in situ till the 6th of September, then sent to us for storage.
This is the vehicle registered to DS Akers? The very one.
Everything's as was? With the exception of items recovered from on or inside the vehicle.
Where are they? Here.
I've got an inventory of the items held in evidence.
We'll need to see it.
I'll print you out a copy.
And we'll need to inspect the evidence ourselves.
You ever seen one of these before? I used one when I worked in Counter-Terror.
What is it? A tracking device.
What the hell are you up to?! How long you been sitting on this? Get out! It's a private facility, you've got no jurisdiction here.
Him out.
I've already presented you with a warrant to search these premises, any obstruction of me and my colleague and you'll be arrested for obstructing a police officer in the lawful execution of their duty.
Do you mind just giving us a minute, please? There was a lump on that car.
Oh, all of a sudden you've become a detective.
When did you find it? Day one? You want to wind your neck in, son.
We were investigating Denton and the whole time it didn't matter what route she took that night, the ambushers were tracking Akers! Well, nobody made you pin it on Denton, did they? You arseholes managed that all by yourselves.
We've got what we came for, Steve.
Let's leave it at that, shall we? Sir.
Lock it.
Move away from the door.
You'll be escorted off the premises today.
And how long will I have with my mum? The Governor hasn't given her approval.
This is a Production Order to attend a police interview.
Returning to the night of the ambush, the only officer you disclosed the operation to was who? Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden.
DCC Dryden corroborates receiving your call.
Was DCC Dryden known to you in purely a professional capacity? No it went beyond that.
This alleged relationship with Deputy Chief Constable Dryden Alleged? Describe this alleged relationship.
It began when we worked in Crime Audit together and ended a couple of months ago.
And how did it end? He didn't leave his wife.
He made promises, is that right? Yeah.
What kind? That he would leave his wife.
God give me strength! The issue here is that an allegation has been put forward by you, DI Denton, that somehow the Deputy Chief Constable has set you up to take the blame for the ambush that happened on the night of September 5th.
Now is that about the top and the bottom of it? Honestly, sir, I don't know.
And you wouldn't have anything to substantiate this theory? I mean, a little thing called "evidence".
Or is that too much to ask? I resent your tone, Superintendent Hastings.
She resents my tone.
If there's been a relationship, we'll require corroboration.
Did you ever go to his home? No, he came to mine.
Witnesses? I doubt it.
We were very discreet.
Hotels? We visited a place a few times, I've submitted the details for you.
Well, most places, they insist on a credit card imprint when you check in.
Mike insisted on using mine and then he gave me cash.
So he never used his? Not that I recall.
Did he make calls from there on his mobile or the room phone? Yeah.
We'll find out if any of the staff remember both of you being there.
See the thing is, DI Denton, that the more intricate this investigation becomes, the easier it is for you to try and confound my team.
But me, I've been round the block a few times, I really don't care if you and the DCC were swinging off the chandeliers, that does not make him a conspirator.
And you maintain that you've never heard of the protected witness.
I haven't.
And that you've never even met Akers before? No.
And yet one phone call from Akers and you are up to your neck in all her dodgy business.
Because I'm a police officer and she needed my help.
Did you request approval from DCC Dryden to proceed without back-up and without firearms? I did.
With no recording, it's your word against his, isn't it DI Denton? My word is I did.
You know what, if you've been around the block a few times, sir, then you tell me, have you found anything lately which makes me appear guilty? Anything? Or is it starting to look like you might just have the wrong person? Ma'am, all the information gleaned from our post-charge investigation, it's going to the CPS.
Then it won't be long before they realise there's no credible case against me.
Look, my mum is very ill and as I've cooperated, I would appreciate any good word to the Governor that might persuade her to permit me a visit.
We can look into that.
OK, we've found something on the flash drives.
Do you want to take a seat? Can you play it? "Is this bloody thing on or what?" "We had a deal.
" "Immunity from prosecution, you two-faced bastard!" "Does this bastard think I won't Which bastard?" "They're all at it.
You show them this, "then they'll know who they're dealing with.
" "Police officers? Aye, from the two-faced bastard, "right down to the Caddy.
" "The Caddy?" "He's been one of us since he was a wee laddie.
" "He's been doing a job on the inside for years and years now.
" "What are you going to do? Oh, you'll find out soon enough.
" "And then it will all come out unless this immunity is sorted.
" "We had a deal!" Right, that was recorded a week before the ambush.
Proves he was stressed about his immunity.
Who's the two-faced bastard? Play it.
The 9th of August statement previously mentioned.
Resources are incredibly stretched, yet certain police forces and the courts collude in granting immunity from prosecution to individuals I'd describe as repugnant offenders, men and women who cost the taxpayer millions of pounds, year on year, while any right-thinking person would demand they face justice for their crimes.
"Repugnant offender.
" I couldn't have put it better myself.
Deputy Chief Constable Dryden, Tommy's "two-faced bastard".
It was Dryden turning the screws on Tommy.
What about this other officer, the Caddy? Mind if I look into that, sir? Yes, off you go, Dot, thanks.
Anything else on the files comes up about this Caddy, shoot it over to my computer, yeah? Ta.
If Tommy did have something on Dryden That's a hell of a motive for Dryden to orchestrate the hit, and keep it from coming out.
Lindsay was set up.
Lindsay's phone records.
Come in.
There are numerous calls in Denton's phone records to and from Deputy Chief Constable Dryden.
The last was on the evening of 16th August from Dryden's mobile to hers.
I've got the manager of the hotel confirming that Denton and Dryden were semi-regulars.
Double room, sometimes not even staying the full night.
Next step, we'd like you to sign off on requests to access Dryden's phone and financial records, please, sir.
Well, there it is plain as day the man's an adulterer.
Some people, you wonder if they've no shame.
Oh, well one for the morning.
Good work, you two.
You sure, sir? It's looking like Dryden's involved in the ambush.
It's looking like no such thing, only that he had an affair with Denton.
One step at a time.
Yes, sir.
Number 14, please.
Can I have these off now? Against regulations.
We're all very sorry about your mum, Lindsay.
Thank you.
I'll take you to her straightaway.
Can you tell me what's happened? A CVA.
A stroke.
She understands but she can't talk.
Mum? It's Lindsay.
Thank you.
Kasia says you can understand.
Are you comfortable? Are you in pain? Ring me if you need anything.
Oh, they're just helping me with work, Mum.
Dryden's emails were clean but this was from his electronic diary.
16th August, the night of the traffic offence, he attended a reception at City Hall from 5pm.
According to witnesses, he left about 7pm.
No further engagements that evening.
The whole rest of the night his whereabouts are unknown.
So what could he have needed an alibi for? Run the date through the database.
Shit! Fourth Street Station, please.
Missing Persons.
Hi, it's DC Fleming.
I'm calling for an update on one of your Mis-pers.
Case number G103734.
Yeah, it's pretty straightforward, really, I just wondered if there was a formal DNA match on the body found under the Canal-side Industrial Estate.
Yeah, it's not coming up on my database.
Thank you.
Just one minute.
I'm here, Mum.
I'm here with you.
We left everything as it was.
That's what the police told us to do.
Normally, what would happen is control samples of Carly's DNA would be collected from her toothbrush or hairbrush.
That's what they did.
I know this is only going to add to your distress, but there seems to be a problem with the samples.
What kind of problem? Well, we're trying to track them down and I'm sure we'll find them, but the more you can tell me the better.
Er a detective came to the house and took the stuff you said, her toiletries, bedclothes, dirty laundry.
It all went in black bin bags and he took it away.
Normal procedure is for an officer to be accompanied by a forensic investigator.
All the materials placed into individual evidence bags and you'd be asked to sign a search book.
But we spoke to the police, they said they were sending someone.
You called them? Yes.
You remember, Tess, we got a call from the detective, saying he was on his way round.
This detective, do you remember his name? Sorry.
He showed his badge for a fraction of a second.
Would you recognise him again? Yeah.
Can you come to the station with me? When? Now.
I thought I could stay? Do you know how much a night shift costs? Would love the overtime.
But what if she? You have to leave.
Answering only "yes" or "no", do you understand? Yeah.
It's all right, Mum.
It's just work.
I'll be back to see you as soon as I can.
The detective that visited you was male? Yes.
Age? 25 to 35? 35 to 45? 25 to 35.
Ethnicity? White, Afro-Caribbean, Asian? Asian.
CCTV of the event at City Hall attended by Dryden on the night of 16th August.
How many tapes we got? I got them digitised onto a single disc.
But why don't I ever get invited to these dos, eh? There's Dryden.
'Do you require assistance?' We have to go back.
'That's not possible.
' I can't let the last thing I said be a lie.
We have to go back, I have to tell her the truth.
What happened? Don't do that! Have you got a phone you can reach? I think so.
Call the ambulance.
Make the call.
Make the call! I can't find my phone! Stop! No.
Where are you? Are you OK? Don't be frightened.
Please come out where we can see you.
You won't be harmed.
She's down here.
Show yourself.
Come on.
DI Denton.
Is that you, ma'am? We got a 999 call from your prison officer.
That's him.
Tessa? II think so.
I know.
That's him.
Don't be alarmed, ma'am.
Oh, my God.
We'll get you somewhere safe, ma'am.
There you go.
Sorry to interrupt.
Carly Kirk's mate described her boyfriend as being Asian.
Around mid-30s, good-looking.
Went by the name of Matt.
Manish Prasad, he's a serving vice officer at Polk Avenue.
And the foster parents identified him as the one who came to their house.
And this is one of his team.
Jeremy Cole.
That's him.
Georgia was killed by one of ours.
I'm sorry, Steve.
We ought to take this to the gaffer.
Yes, wait.
Er hang on.
Right, here goes.
Shit! Right, ma'am, we've got to take you back.
Technically, ma'am, you've escaped from lawful custody.
Thanks for not cuffing me.
It's professional courtesy.
We need to show this to the gaffer.
Go back.
What? That's Carly Kirk.
This isn't your vehicle.
We had some problems.
Commandeered this one.
Jump in.
Well, let's not do anything that'll make me look bad.
All right, radio in, tell them that I'm cooperating and that we're en route to the nearest station.
Whatever you say, ma'am.
Please! Help me! Please! Help me! 'All patrols, all patrols, 'observations for a female who has escaped from custody.
'Lindsay Denton - IC1 female, mid-to-late-30s, tall, long dark hair' Help me! Help me! '.
All patrols, all patrols, repeat, 'Lindsay Denton has escaped from custody.