Line of Duty (2012) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

1 So many years I wondered what I'd do if I ever saw him again and then I did, in a photo, in a briefing room and I was being sent to meet him with a gun.
I don't think we should close the investigation into Danny Waldron's background.
I'd like to keep digging.
What's he saying? This man's a young Ronan Murphy, a suspect shot by Daniel Waldron during Operation Damson.
What, they knew each other? Did you fabricate the improper relations between you - and Detective Sergeant Arnott? - No.
- Did you fabricate the planting of evidence against you? - No.
What is your verdict? Not guilty.
It is with deep regret that I inform you all of the death of PC Rod Kennedy.
Hari initiated the struggle with that gun and it's only his word for it that it was self-defence.
I owe you an apology for the other night.
Your, erm, dinner invitation.
- You're a married man.
- This is it.
I think Danny Waldron purposely created a trail of evidence and now we're on the trail of the other abusers.
Dale Roach.
He was leader of the city council during the period Danny Waldron and Joe Nash were residents at Sands View.
The things that he did to us at Sands View I promise you, I will get these bastards.
Bains killed Danny.
I'll lay you evens he killed Kennedy as well.
- Hello? - 'You're being fitted up for murdering Rod Kennedy.
' If you want a way out, you'll listen to me.
Did he ever mention any other names? Politicians? Coppers? Single-handedly brings in an AFO.
Well done.
'I'd just like to get on with my life.
' Miss Denton.
I'm Gill Bigelow, legal counsel to AC-12.
I imagine they keep you VERY busy.
Have a seat.
You know Superintendent Hastings.
I do.
As part of a new initiative, christened Truth and Reconciliation, following a miscarriage of justice, parties are invited to engage in dialogue to initiate the healing process.
There seems to be an oversight.
Some of the officers involved in my wrongful conviction are missing.
Superintendent Hastings, as senior investigating officer, represents the whole team.
Well, I want them here or this new box you need to tick, just, well .
won't get ticked.
(God, give me strength!) Thank you.
It wouldn't have been the same without you.
Miss Denton, on behalf of this department and this constabulary, I offer you a sincere and unconditional apology for your wrongful conviction in respect of the offence of conspiracy to murder.
Ted? Er, as the senior investigating officer, I acknowledge your feelings regarding your conviction.
WRONGFUL conviction, and you haven't actually said sorry.
Maybe you'll do better, DS Arnott.
You require me to sign off that I accept your apology.
I won't, unless it comes from the officers who wronged me.
You're out.
What more do you want? An apology.
(Jesus Christ!) This isn't going very well at all, is it? Ted? As senior investigating officer, I apologise for your conviction.
You omitted "wrongful" but, thank you, that's very gracious.
DS Arnott? We're all waiting.
Your allegation that I planted incriminating evidence against you is false.
Point of information -- I've made two allegations.
One, you engaged in inappropriate sexual relations whilst on an undercover operation.
And, two, you planted £50,000 to simulate a bribe.
- And it's all crap! - Steve.
Really? Do tell.
Lindsay Denton knows our procedures inside out.
She exploited doubts and grey areas to tie our investigation in knots.
Oh, you did that all by yourself.
First, DC Fleming's failed undercover operation and then yours.
- I didn't do too badly.
You ended up in prison.
- And we didn't fail.
We got you convicted.
But you know sexual misconduct by undercover officers is a hot topic so you invented this story about us going to bed together so the jury sees you as a wronged woman.
They obviously felt that I must have shagged you into conspiring - to murder a protected witness.
- Stephen! Thank you, DS Arnott.
I couldn't agree more that the question of your sexual integrity quite rightly made the jury sceptical .
but I've got a recording that will be of interest to you all.
All right, then.
This just isn't the time or the place.
Now is exactly the time and exactly the place.
Not in court, in a room full of rubberneckers and reporters, my pathetic private life laid out for everyone to laugh at, to pity.
I couldn't bear that.
But to show you all what kind of officer got me locked up for 585 miserable days, THAT I can live with.
I've had my whole life put on trial and now it's your turn.
You've been charged and tried but the one person that refuses to examine what you're accused of is you.
I'm innocent.
The question is -- are you? This phone was next to the bed the entire time, although I can believe that you were too preoccupied to notice.
Would you like me to, erm, play it for everyone? DS Arnott? No.
Christ sake, Steve.
Well, I feel this meeting's been remarkably successful and I'll be very happy to record, in writing, that it's been a healing process for all parties.
I'd also prefer it if you'd consider closing the matter of DS Arnott's sexual impropriety.
I don't intend to make a statement of evidence.
The people that actually did the crime that I was imprisoned for, they're still out there.
Superintendent, you uphold the integrity of the police service.
If you held one iota of doubt about my conviction, no officer would be more troubled by that than you.
No officer would do more to right that wrong.
I plan to move on with my life.
You won't move on, Steve, until you stop chasing me and you start chasing your real enemies.
For Christ's sake, son, what was in that phone?! We've got to take that crap from her, sir? You lied in court! You lied to your partner and you lied to me! I didn't lie to you, sir, I just don't think it's appropriate to discuss an officer's private life.
I don't quiz you on yours.
What do you mean by that? - I'm a married man.
- I know, sir.
Anyway, it isn't private when it's bandied about in a court of law.
What matters, sir, is whether I planted evidence.
Are there any forensic anomalies in respect of the money found at Denton's address? No.
It matches the other bribe money.
Are the exhibit officer's records inaccurate or incomplete? - That is NOT the issue! - It's completely the issue.
I did not plant evidence.
If IF I'd had sex with Lindsay Denton, which I didn't, does that stop her being guilty? Lindsay Denton has left the building.
Steve Arnott should do the same.
Discreditable conduct.
Steve Arnott did not plant evidence.
But it's OK to have a relationship with a suspect? I can see how you feel about this, Ted.
Why defend the indefensible? Look, he can be an irritating wee gobshite when he wants to be, - I'll give you that.
- I'll tell you why.
Because you personally recruited him from counter-terrorism and that means you having to admit your misjudgment.
Sorry, Ted, I intend to return to this conversation.
Kate, wait, please.
One time you told me Lindsay Denton had dirt on you.
Remember what I said.
Maybe there are some people who always tell the truth.
- The rest of us choose our moments.
- And that's what I had to do.
To ensure evidence was put in front of a jury that would convict Lindsay - Denton of a crime we all know she committed.
- But we don't know.
The only person who really knows is Lindsay herself.
We gather the evidence and the people decide and they've decided she didn't do it cos you couldn't keep it in your pants! - That's not what happened.
- What happened? It was an undercover operation in which I nurtured the trust of the target.
That is straight out of the manual and total bollocks.
- You shagged her because you wanted to.
- I didn't shag her.
Do you know what, Steve? This is all a bit too late.
You should have told me the truth, given me the chance to work with you on this.
That's what partners do.
For the tape, image 313 is a photograph of item reference NTW-7.
Said item is a rope found hanging from an overhead support.
Detective Inspector Cottan has given us a statement where you attempted to overpower him with the intent of causing death by hanging.
The exact same means as PC Rod Kennedy.
I didn't murder Rod and I absolutely didn't attempt to murder DI Cottan.
In fact, DI Cottan set me up.
He set you up?! Yeah, Cottan smashed himself in the face to make it look like I hit him but I didn't.
As far as the rope goes, he must have planted it there beforehand.
- He'll say anything to save his own skin.
- Yeah.
And why would an officer of mine do such a thing, eh? To frame me for Rod's murder.
Do you have anything to support these claims against DI Cottan? I mean, anything at all? For the tape, the interviewee is offering no supporting evidence.
Moving on.
DS Arnott.
For the tape, image 291, item reference MR-3 and image 292, item reference MR-4.
MR-3 and 4 are mobile phones.
A Section 18 search of your property recovered a pair of unregistered pay-as-you-go phones concealed in the garage.
Document 16, analysis of activity on these phones reveals they made and received calls within the telecommunications cell that covers your home address.
Three nights before the murder of Danny Waldron, a call was received by one of these phones.
Who called you? No comment.
Document 16 again.
The night before Danny Waldron's murder.
- Another call.
- Who called you that night? Calls of a suspicious nature were made shortly before you volunteered to continue serving on Danny Waldron's squad and before you murdered him.
Who made those calls and what did they ask you to do? For the tape, the interviewee is not answering.
This pattern of communication, unregistered pay-as-you-go phones used for a short period then discarded, is one we all recognise from organised crime.
Who's got you in their pocket? Nobody.
Hari, we have you receiving phone calls linked to Danny's murder.
We have you lobbying to stay on Danny's squad.
We have your hands all over the firearm.
We have you consistently lying about Danny's activities.
We have a witness who says it was you who did all this and not PC Rod Kennedy.
We have you at the murder scene and we have you in possession of the instruments of Kennedy's death.
Now, that's about the height of it and it's a great big pile of evidence that is going to crush you flat.
Now, come on .
you killed Danny Waldron, yes or no? Yeah.
Now we're getting somewhere.
We know you can't have been acting alone.
Help us help you.
Who gave the order to kill Danny Waldron? Who was it? It Come on, who was it? Who was it? You've got the bastard.
Come on, talk.
- He never gave me a name.
- Who didn't? The bloke I always spoke to.
Sounded like it was a Londoner, south-east or summat.
It was all done over the phone, wasn't it? - I never met anyone, like.
- You've got to know more.
Times, places, other contacts.
Look, someone's behind all this pulling the strings and I want to know who it is.
Ronan Murphy, the suspect killed by Danny Waldron, what do you know about him? - Nothing.
- They had history, Danny and him.
That's news to me.
Danny shot Murphy and was going after Murphy's associates.
They were the ones that wanted Danny dead.
The job you did for them.
I didn't know Murphy.
I didn't know his associates.
- I don't know why they wanted Danny dead.
- Look, who's behind this? What was Danny on to that meant you had to kill him? You've nothing further to say? You've offered nothing new in this interview to mitigate you being charged with the following offences.
I therefore have the authority - Well, we got the bastard.
- Yeah.
They should throw away the key.
of PC Roderick Kennedy.
Two, the murder of PS Daniel Waldron and, three, the attempted murder of DI Matthew Cottan.
Now, do you understand? I've been doing more work on the Ronan Murphy file.
There's a small entry, blink and you'd miss it, that he was interviewed by Murder Squad in relation to unsolved gangland murders, but there's no details of the offences he was being linked to.
Can't help you.
How many times are we going to go over this? Lindsay lied in court to con the jury.
Maybe you're thinking, "If he'd shag a suspect, who else is he going to shag?" I can't help you because I've never heard of any Murder Squad investigation into Ronan Murphy.
If I had, don't you think I'd have bloody told you by now? 'Still subject to delays due to overrunning engineering work' Bastards! Making all your money, are you, eh? You bunch of bleedin' twats! Eh! You shitter! You bunch of bastards! Oh, here they are.
Come on then! Great.
They should rip it down.
Smash every brick away.
Joe, we've spoken to the officer handling your case.
No-one's going to press charges.
Those bastards.
They're going to get away with what they done.
You know I'm gutted Dale Roach is unfit to face prosecution.
But, listen, Joe, we're looking into the complaints made by you or Danny or any of the other lads to the police about the abuse you were made to suffer by staff and visitors.
Any police that came .
they just talked to the staff.
They were the bastards who were organising it in the first place .
and anyone who talked about it, they just got it ten times worse.
We're doing everything we can, but we still need your help, Joe.
We're particularly interested in this man.
Now, you identified him as a football coach.
His name's Ronan Murphy.
Did you, or anyone you know, ever make a complaint about him? Yeah, there was one time.
A social worker.
We did nothing.
Nothing was done.
- What social worker? - Just some posh twat.
Posh to us, anyway.
We need a name, Joe.
Oliver Stephens-Lloyd, a registered social worker with responsibility at Sands View.
He was a council employee around the time that Danny Waldron and Joe Nash were residents.
Only record found so far is of a disciplinary hearing accusing Stephens-Lloyd of dealing cannabis to the residents.
Stephens-Lloyd denied the charges and insisted he was being victimised because he tried to raise concerns about abuse at Sands View.
All other records have been lost.
Variously reported destroyed in a fire or lost in an office move.
The tribunal report's existence is probably an oversight by whoever has been destroying records.
All we have so far is Stephens-Lloyd alleging that a number of individuals, many of whom are in positions of authority, were part of a network of abusers.
He referred to compiling a list of names that he passed on to the police but it appears none of Stephens-Lloyd's allegations were investigated.
And regarding this list and the officer it was passed to? - No record.
- No record.
- We'll keep looking.
- Find this social worker.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Terrific presentation, guys.
Honestly, really terrific.
Steve, before Danny died, he tried to say something.
I thought he said "listen" and then couldn't get any more words out.
Now I reckon what he said was "list".
Cheers, Kate.
Maneet, the evidence recovered from Danny Waldron's flat.
- Er, yeah.
- The empty envelope.
Ronan Murphy was shot dead in the heat of the moment, but Linus, Danny had time with him, time to get information.
Let's see.
They never tested the envelope.
What? - Bloody forensics.
- They're on a tight budget this financial year.
I don't care about their budget.
Get it tested now.
Thanks, Maneet.
So, what was all that about then? This is where Stephens-Lloyd's body was found.
This is the original report, dated 21st November 1998.
Oliver Stephens-Lloyd was last seen a few weeks beforehand.
His body was found on the 14th by a fisherman.
- Statement's in the file.
- What's going on? I've asked Murder Squad if they'll reopen the case.
- Right.
- Hiya.
- All right? - You all right? We just re-interviewed the fisherman who found the body.
He recalls that pretty much the first thing he was told at the scene was that it had to be a suicide.
It also appears no photos or videos were taken of the scene.
Was there a missing persons report or investigation at the time? There was.
The report's cursory, to say the least.
Doesn't look as if anyone was actively searching for Stephens-Lloyd.
The SIO at the time was a DI Marcus Thirwell.
He's no longer serving but we're doing our best to track him down.
The pathologist's autopsy report at the time stated the body had superficial wounds and a broken arm, which he put down to the body being struck by a boat.
So my boss has agreed to reopen the case.
We're already seeking permission to exhume the body.
We'll be taking this from here.
- We've got an ongoing - It's ours now.
We'll keep you in the loop as best we can.
It seems like you're in everybody's good books.
'Ticket number 41.
' Do you know how long I've been waiting? - You need to complete the form.
- I've done all the forms! - You're taking the piss! - Lindsay? - Yeah.
My name's Tammy.
I'm one of the multi-disciplinary offender management team.
- Is this your first appointment? - Yep.
I'm ready to restart my life Lovely.
by rejoining the police service.
Bollocks to this! Er it says here that you were acquitted of conspiracy to murder, but found guilty of perverting the course of justice.
Yes, I'm appealing against the conviction.
I'm going to clear my name.
You won't be able to rejoin the police with a criminal conviction.
I told you, I'm appealing.
Have you actually checked to see that I can rejoin? No, I haven't checked.
Well, then, I would like to apply to rejoin the police service.
I'm sorry, why are you looking at me like that? Lindsay, I don't know you, I've got nothing against you, but I can't help you if you're going to be in denial.
You're an offender, which means there's no chance you'll be able to rejoin the police.
- Yet I'm not a criminal.
- Let's look on the bright side.
Try getting you into work.
Everything follows from that.
Well, erm, I was a detective inspector, so I've got a valuable skill set.
So, any news on them forensics? Erm, yes, sir.
There were notable findings on the inside of the envelope recovered from Danny Waldron's flat.
They found a number of tiny stains less than a millimetre across.
Ink, standard biro -- could have belonged to anyone.
And blood.
And that'd be Danny's, right? No, sir, it matched Linus Murphy's.
The final report states that these findings are consistent with a blood-stained note written during or shortly after Danny Waldron's torture murder of Linus Murphy.
- Should I send a copy to DS Arnott, sir? - No.
No, I'll handle it for now, and .
and this is just between us for now? Nice one.
Who is it? Robin from the offender management team.
Come in.
Were you issued with the information leaflet? Good.
This is difficult for you .
and we're here to help you pick up the pieces.
How long do I have to stay here? You served half your sentence and now you're out on licence.
You understand all this, of course.
We want to help you move on but it's not going to be easy.
You're going to need money for rent, for living expenses.
I can help you now, if you want.
Ten quid.
What are you saying? I was just going through the role of the MOMT in your adjustment to life after prison.
Nice meeting you, Lindsay.
We both have such busy schedules, I don't think the taxpayer will mind.
Shame I'm going to ruin the evening.
Right, well, you know you can speak freely.
I can't tell you how to run your department but I want you to move Steve Arnott on.
Make him some other department's problem.
Let me tell you about Steve Arnott.
He's my most dogged investigator, he will not leave a stone unturned.
I had intended that meeting in a more social setting would make this less confrontational between us.
Yeah, well .
we've only just got started.
I would like the chicken liver pate and the sea bass.
I'll be right back.
And I'll have the soup followed by the sirloin steak.
Medium well.
And no sauce.
What's the matter? I'm a married man.
I took vows.
I can't undo them.
Don't you want to stay with me, Ted? I'm sorry, Gill.
I'm sorry.
I don't need to watch this if you want to put something else on.
It's fine.
You hungry? Want to go out? Tired.
Yeah, all right.
I need to tell you what I found out about Ronan Murphy.
What, you looked into it? Murphy was a person of interest in the inquiry into the murder of Tommy Hunter.
In what way? Ronan Murphy was one of Hunter's closest associates.
We never interviewed him.
Major Violent Crime did.
Ronan Murphy was interviewed about the conspiracy Lindsay Denton was convicted of? Looks like it.
None of this was in the file.
It must been doctored.
You didn't get any of this from me.
Well, well Who'd have thought? What are you after? You ever heard the name Ronan Murphy? Why d'you ask? Just thought you might have heard the name.
Are you reopening my case? Forget it, all right? That's not why I'm asking.
Look, I don't expect you to care, Steve, but I'm never, ever going to get back to being that person that I was before all this happened.
You know, the only thing that kept me sane, the thing that got me up in the morning, was being a police officer.
I want to find the people that framed me, Steve, and I believe Well, I HOPE that you do, too.
The audio file on this phone is as embarrassing to you as it is to me.
Believe you me, I've got it backed up.
I don't enjoy threatening people.
They make me.
Ronan Murphy was killed by a police officer and Murphy was a prime suspect in the murder of Tommy Hunter but, for some reason, that's been hidden from AC-12.
Bring in the officer that killed him.
- He was killed a couple of weeks after.
- Why? Oh, come on, Steve.
Best guess, he was breaking open a paedophile ring.
What? Don't you see? Ronan Murphy was interviewed by the team investigating Tommy Hunter's murder.
And where did you get that from? I'm not at liberty to say, sir.
Here we go again.
Tommy Hunter was involved in grooming underage girls and pimping them out and he was about to turn informer.
The people who ordered his murder didn't want what he knew about child sexual exploitation to come out and that's exactly the same motive as the murder of Danny Waldron.
They're connected.
Sir we know Hunter's murder was orchestrated by the Caddy and there's ample evidence that someone was pulling Hari Bains' strings.
Using the exact same methods as the Caddy.
Voice contact only, multiple phones.
Yeah, but why couldn't this be the Caddy? DC Cole is dead.
Well, the Caddy is my inquiry, sir, so maybe I should be the one to look into it.
- Yeah, I'd be grateful.
- Sir.
- Sir - What? Something to say? Well, you're not at liberty.
Well, I know exactly who we should speak to first.
Who? We'll be fine, thanks, Steve.
See, the thing is, mate, no-one likes a partner holding out on them.
So, where you taking me? To the lying bastard who told us the Caddy was dead.
Well, why don't you let me handle this? He's a chippy bastard.
If I'm there, there'll be a witness to who said what.
What's all this, then? We're following up on a statement you made in 2013 in connection with the murder of Tommy Hunter.
OK if we come in? Oh, well, you have done well for yourself, eh? You, too.
Landed on your feet, you might say.
Crime audit.
We gather important figures for important figures.
So how can I be of assistance to AC-12? This report, sensitive parts of which are not for your eyes, quotes your statement regarding DC Cole.
DI Cottan wrote this.
I'm sure he can shed any light required.
This is just routine, Nige.
We're just following up on one or two details.
Are these your words? "DC Cole was nicknamed the Caddy "because he wore golf jumpers but never played golf.
"DC Cole boasted of underworld connections "and attempted to recruit me into a clandestine network "of corrupt police officers.
" I cooperated with your investigation.
But we've got some new lines of inquiry.
Did Cole ever mention a gangland associate of Tommy Hunter named Ronan Murphy? Right.
You pointed the finger at Cole.
You led everyone up the garden path.
Meanwhile, we've got two coppers murdered.
I'm not saying another word without a solicitor.
Fine, we'll continue this conversation at AC-12 under caution, a date to be appointed by us.
Thank you.
You have to shut this down.
I will not let anyone put you on the spot about Cole.
We both know why.
Shut this down now.
You know the secrets I can spill.
Why don't you come into AC-12 with your solicitor, you tell us you heard the Caddy rumour about Cole off some old lag, dead or lost his marbles, and you leave me to do the rest? And? There's always an and.
And you turn over all the stuff you've got on me.
End of.
End of? The incriminating item I've got on you, that's my only insurance.
You need me to shut this down.
I'm small fry.
You're the big fish.
So what'll happen when they find out about all that evidence you've been sitting on? Hm? The contacts in that phone.
The call history.
All in my past, mind.
Now, that isn't something anyone could shut down.
Now, you're what? Six months off retiring? Four and a half.
Look, I wasn't more than a kid when all this started.
Certain people pushed me into joining the force to do their dirty work from the inside.
And the truth is, mate, I want to retire too.
Just in a different way.
But I can't do that till I'm free of the past.
And you could be free, too.
Four and a half months, that's you walking off into the sunset .
with none of this hanging over you.
What's going on? He's here.
Now, the purpose of today's interview is to re-examine a statement provided voluntarily by DC Morton on October 17, 2013.
This is document one in your folders.
Is this your statement? It is.
And do you now wish to amend your statement in any way? I do.
DC Jeremy Cole was a corrupt officer, the sort there's no room for in the police service.
What he got up to sickened me.
I did have occasion to meet Cole and he did at one time boast about his connections to underworld figures.
Did you report Cole? Although this is a voluntary interview, I request the professional courtesy of being questioned by an officer at least one rack superior.
Why didn't you report Cole at the time? I thought he was a lippy kid.
He was full of it.
I didn't believe his boasts.
Much later, I learned about his offences.
If only I'd acted, I might have prevented them.
I'm extremely remorseful.
In regards to your statement of Cole being the Caddy, would you now like to make any further amendments? I never heard Cole himself use that nickname.
I got it from another source, then I passed it on.
I should have made that clear in my original statement.
I'm extremely remorseful.
Right, and who was the other source? An old friend from my days on armed robbery.
Terry Capistrano.
And do you have any further information? No, sir.
Only that I'm extremely remorseful.
Well, thank you, DC Morton.
No further questions.
Interview terminated.
Right, well, I'll check out this name he gave us.
Oh, well, I wouldn't bother if I were you.
Terry Capistrano got Alzheimer's.
He was retired sick.
The poor bugger's lost his marbles.
Oh, come off it, Kate.
Nigel's just trying to help.
Can we be sure? Look, I know he's a mate and everything, but he's a few months off retirement and, between me and you, his missus hasn't been too well lately.
Well, I really don't give a shit.
Look, his heart's in the right place.
Let's just leave this cock-up behind us, eh? Please.
Well, I suppose I can overlook it.
I really appreciate it.
Now we know the Caddy's active again, this time we get the bastard.
Lindsay? Thank you.
I'm sorry for disturbing you.
What's this about? I'm afraid I've heard that you've been absent from work.
I'm concerned that you're not coping and, if you were to get into trouble again, you'd return to prison.
- I'm never going back to prison.
- Mm.
But you can't afford to lose that job.
What did you expect for ten quid? I was trying to help you.
Don't you try making up any lies about this because it's all on video.
You can't do that! It's illegal! You're saying that I can't record you without your prior knowledge, as a breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act? I'll take your Human Rights Act and I'll raise you Section 4 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and your offence under that act carries a maximum prison sentence of five years.
I'll see you in court.
Where's Maneet? Off sick, I heard.
Some forensics I've asked her to chase up.
It'll just have to wait.
Oh, Kate's got a postmortem report for you, if you're interested.
Yeah, if you just get a couple of You've got a new PM on Oliver Stephens-Lloyd? Yeah.
Are you going to get round to telling me? Yeah.
The new autopsy found significant differences from the original.
Both arms were broken and there was a severe skull fracture.
The fracture wasn't consistent with a flat surface like the hull of a boat.
It looked more like a hammer blow.
Look at the original PM.
The distribution list at the end.
Routine distribution to senior officers at the time.
Routine except for one name.
Chief Superintendent Fairbank had nothing to do with this case.
He ran Vice.
Also copied in on the missing persons report.
What do we know about Chief Superintendent Fairbank? This.
Councillor Dale Roach with guess who? Chief Superintendent Fairbank.
Roach and Fairbank.
Roach and Fairbank.
Chief Superintendent Fairbank retired in 2008.
Oh, yeah.
Pat ran vice for donkey's years.
If Oliver Stephens-Lloyd did submit a list of abusers at Sands View, almost certainly it would have gone to Vice.
Almost certainly.
Which makes the fact he was copied in on Stephens-Lloyd's missing persons and postmortem reports all the more suspicious.
Sir, former Chief Superintendent Fairbank still lives in the area.
Well, let's see what he's got to say for himself.
Good work, you two.
Good work.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Come in, please.
Very grateful for your time, sir.
Oh, anything I can do to help.
And I'm retired now, there's no need for the sir.
Follow me.
Take a seat.
- I'm DS - Tea or coffee? We're fine.
Thank you, sir.
As I was saying, I'm DS Arnott.
DC Fleming.
Mr Fairbank, we'd like to begin by asking you about a social worker who went missing in October '98, Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.
Doesn't ring a bell.
If we may, sir, perhaps this report might jog your memory.
Blind as a bat without these.
Are you sure you don't want a tea or coffee? We're fine.
Thank you, sir.
The report was copied to you.
I mean, is there any reason you might take an interest? None at all.
Can you explain why you'd be sent this report? Well, I don't remember any of this.
I mean, you're going back a good many years.
We'd like to show you some newspaper clippings, if we may.
You appear to be quite close to Councillor Dale Roach.
Our paths crossed occasionally.
Usually at a charity event.
We weren't close.
Well, we're looking into allegations of child sexual exploitation involving Councillor Roach.
As head of Vice, did you ever deal with any complaints against Roach? Well, there may have been some such saying, "Councillor Roach has done this," or, "Councillor Roach did that.
" And what would it be that the councillor did? Well, I don't recall the details but, when these things came up, they would have been looked into.
Did you ever deal with complaints of abuse at Sands View Boys' Home? That doesn't ring a bell.
There was a specific allegation made by the social worker that we're talking about, Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.
Well, Stephens-Lloyd claimed he compiled a list of authority figures who, with the collusion of staff, conducted systematic abuse of boys resident at Sands View.
See, I've never even heard of this Stands View place.
Oh! Sorry.
- I'll get that, love! - OK! Here he is! - Hope I'm not too late.
- Spot on.
How you keeping, Ted? Yeah, can't complain, can't complain.
I hope you don't mind me calling you.
Not at all, sir.
A matter of professional courtesy.
As you were.
As you were.
Oh, now, you'll stay after, won't you? Joyce'll kill me if I let you off the hook from her Victoria sponge! That's very kind of you, sir! Thank you.
Don't mind me.
Now, where were we? Where's Hastings? Briefing.
Inspectors and above only.
What the hell was going on with Hastings showing up at Fairbank's house? You heard Fairbank.
He called him, put the gaffer on the spot.
Yeah, well, I saw the handshake at the door.
It was masonic.
In that file on Ronan Murphy, Murphy's connection to Hunter must have been concealed by police officers, and who gave us that file? Hastings.
The Caddy is the codename for a serving police officer with lifelong links to organised crime, working as a fixer within the police service for certain criminal interests.
No officer has ever been irrefutably identified as the Caddy, hence his existence is putative.
The term was first heard in a video statement made by John Thomas Hunter.
DC Jeremy Cole, deceased.
Now, Cole was originally presumed on the balance of probabilities to be the Caddy, but that conclusion is no longer supportable.
PC Harinderpal Bains.
A corrupt AFO.
His statements of evidence have led to the most accurate profile yet of this individual.
The Caddy is male.
Given his lifelong links to organised crime, the Caddy is almost certainly from a working-class background and grew up in an urban environment.
Given the history of his activities, starting from sometime between 2005 to 2010, according to the video statement by Tommy Hunter, the Caddy is probably under 35.
Given his access to confidential information regarding ongoing operations, the Caddy is almost certainly a detective.
His ability to manage communications without ever betraying his own identity implies a highly trained, highly sophisticated approach to covert operations that is associated with counter-terrorism.
And, lastly, Bains describes the Caddy's voice as having a London or south-east accent.
There's your bullet points.
All right, everybody, let's leave it there.
Thank you.
Of course, this is only a profile.
There's lots of people this description could fit.
But only the Caddy could have got his hands on Lindsay Denton's bribe money from the right forensics source.
Sorry, gaffer, but the finger's pointing at one of our own.
All right? All right? SIM card? It's all in there.
I don't know what to say.
That it, then? Yeah.