Line of Duty (2012) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

Before Danny died, he tried to say something.
Now I reckon what he said was, "List.
" What was Danny on to that meant you had to kill him? The final report states that these findings are consistent with a blood stained note.
And this is just between us for now? I'm innocent.
The question is, are you? You lied in court.
You lied to your partner and you lied to me! I did not plant evidence.
We gather the evidence and the people decide.
They've decided that she didn't do it because you couldn't keep it in your pants.
That's not what happened.
There's seconds here, if you fancy? Any more and I won't get off this sofa.
I had intended that meeting in a more social setting would make this less confrontational between us I'm a married man.
I'm sorry, Gill.
Oliver Stephens-Lloyd, a registered social worker with responsibility at Sands View.
Chief Superintendent Fairbank had nothing to do with this case.
He ran Vice.
Stephens-Lloyd claimed he compiled a list of authority figures who conducted systematic abuse of boys resident at Sands View.
See, I've never even heard of this Stands View place.
I hope I'm not too late.
I saw the handshake at the door.
It was masonic.
I'm putting you in for a commendation.
Ronan Murphy was interviewed about the conspiracy Lindsay Denton was convicted of? None of this was in the file.
And who gave us that file? Hastings.
The Caddy is male, under 35.
A Detective.
A London or South East accent.
I'm sorry, gaffer, but the finger's pointing at one of our own.
Detective Inspector Matthew Cottan has distinguished not only himself but the entire anti-corruption division.
Detective Inspector Matthew Cottan.
It is an honour to present DI Cottan with this award for Outstanding Bravery.
The commendation reads - "In recognition of courageous conduct in apprehending a dangerous "suspect with commendable disregard for your own personal safety.
" Well done, Cottan.
Thank you, sir.
Congratulations, Matthew.
Ah, thanks, Gill.
You need a drink.
There you go.
Have you thought about going in front of the DCI promotion board? Right.
Coffee? Yeah, lovely.
Don't be going to any trouble on my account.
You know, I'll have instant.
Special occasion, though.
Actually, it's good to be able to talk outside the office.
Is everything OK? No.
Not really.
Steve's been ordering more forensics on evidence seized from Danny Waldron's flat.
Why? He'll be making out I missed a lead, but I know what he's up to.
That's classic classroom tactics.
If you've farted, you hold your nose, you point at someone else.
What do you mean? He's hiding summat.
What? I shouldn't say until there's evidence.
I hope I'm wrong, I really do, but if I'm not .
I need to know you've got my back? God, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have really said anything.
I know you two go back a-ways.
No, you had to.
Glock 17.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me.
Your rod and staff, they comfort me.
We now commit Daniel's body to the ground.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust .
in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life.
PHONE BEEPS Is there a problem, sir? Why do you ask? I know there was a briefing - inspectors and above - and no-one's letting me in on it.
Hence "inspectors and above".
So, what's that about then? I went to Danny Waldron's funeral.
There's still a perceived threat to anyone associated with Danny.
And was anyone there? No.
Well, that's good to know, eh? And you shouldn't be bringing that round here.
This isn't the Bronx.
Feeling better? Uh, yeah, thanks.
Just a stomach bug.
Well, now you're back, I was hoping to get those additional forensics I requested.
What's the hold-up? I don't want to get caught between you and DI Cottan.
What d'you mean? He knew forensics hadn't bothered testing the envelope? I'll be right back.
Serial number and number and type of rounds.
G36 carbine, plus rounds.
You wanted me to see something? Yeah.
I've been reviewing CCTV of Danny Waldron from the murder timeline of Linus Murphy.
Here's Danny arriving.
Note the direction of travel.
It matches the route from Linus Murphy's residence, so we have to assume Danny's come directly from killing Linus.
Formal ID, it's Danny Waldron.
These images tally with the paperwork we got from the storage facility .
and our assumption is that the rucksack contains Linus Murphy's head wrapped in a watertight bin liner and the carrier bag must be a cold-storage container he bought en route.
Now the rucksack's empty - presumably after Danny's stored Linus's head.
He leaves and we pick him up on an exterior camera again.
Danny jogging away.
Note the different direction of travel from his arrival.
I just want to get the job done, Kate, and we've always done a good one together.
The job, that I can do.
Where do you think he's going? Unfortunately there's no other CCTV of Danny.
But .
here's the storage facility, here's the direction we see him leaving.
Danny's flat is located here.
It appears he came directly from Linus Murphy's place, so his only opportunity to conceal any information he obtained from Linus was when he was in his flat.
What information? Ink and blood was detected on the inside of an envelope found at Danny Waldron's flat.
Now, the blood matches to Linus Murphy.
To me, that means he must have written a message and put it in the envelope straight from killing Murphy, even before he washed the blood off.
It was definitely there in that envelope.
For a time, at least.
Why are we only getting this information now? Admin cockup.
Forensics' fault.
All right? Where you off to? Morrison's over the road, but don't tell no-one.
I'll keep quiet for a Kit-Kat.
Any surveillance has to be authorised by Superintendent-rank or above and meet the RIPA criteria.
It's not rocket science Matthew Anyway, get back to me if there's a problem.
Will do.
Hope you're not still hungover from all that taxpayers' champagne.
Have you got a minute? Yeah.
Look, I am the last person to go behind anyone's back, but I've raised concerns about a colleague with my commanding officer Well, if Ted's dealing with it, I shouldn't really get involved.
That's the problem.
He's not.
I can guess who the colleague might be.
What worries me is he's wandering around this place with a firearm.
Oh, my God.
Look, maybe I shouldn't have No, leave it with me.
Thanks, Gill.
Got a lead on Fairbank.
Digging into his personnel records, there was a complaint made by someone called Wendy Rider.
The complaint wasn't pursued because Fairbank retired.
What was the complaint? Well, as usual where Chief Superintendent Fairbank's concerned, the records are sketchy, to say the least.
But it was about her son.
He was a resident at Sands View Boys' Home.
He's overseas with the Army now, but she still lives in the area.
Nice work.
Just doing my job, mate.
Do you remember when he went to Sands View and how long he was there? He was 13.
It was nearly a year till he come out.
It'd help our inquiry if you could tell us why you made a complaint about a Chief Superintendent named Patrick Fairbank.
Well, Greg would never talk about what had happened.
We never talked much anyway after he got took away from me.
He blamed me for what had happened.
What had happened? He said he'd been interfered with.
A big fat bloke, he said.
So I went to the police.
They didn't want to know.
They said Greg wasn't a reliable witness.
So I told them, if they didn't do nothing, I was going to write to the papers and my MP and that.
They just laughed in my face.
And that was that? No.
A week after, one of them come round and said this Chief Superintendent had sorted it.
Who came round? A uniformed officer? Yeah.
He said the Chief Superintendent had got the bloke to confess and that it was all all right so that Greg wouldn't have to go through a trial and that.
To be clear, Mrs Rider - you were advised that the offender was going to prison? Yeah.
Yeah, but then there was this picture in the paper and Greg said it was the same bloke.
Mrs Rider, is this the man you saw in the paper? Yeah.
And is that when you realised he hadn't been charged? I'd written down the name of this Chief Superintendent who had supposed to have taken care of it all.
KNOCK ON DOOR Yeah? Sir, we've got a witness claiming Fairbank suppressed a child-rape allegation against Dale Roach.
Ideally, sir, we'd put these allegations to Fairbank in the presence of a solicitor.
Yeah, well, I'll have to think about that.
But, sir Steve.
Sir, with respect, there's no operational reason to drag our feet over Fairbank.
I know how to conduct an anti-corruption case, Steve.
With respect, again, sir, I'm becoming concerned this inquiry's dragging its feet.
I'm not the issue here, son.
Sir? I can't have you interviewing Fairbank because of the suspicions hanging over your head.
That's why we're dragging our feet here, against my better judgment.
Still this crap about me planting evidence against Lindsay Denton? Listen, we'll bring Fairbank in, but I can't have you in the room.
I will not risk jeopardising future prosecutions.
What, you're taking me off the case? Don't make this harder than it is, son.
Harder than protecting a former Chief Super who just happens to be a mason? You are way out of line.
I saw your handshake.
You do not know the first thing.
I know you're trying to take me off a case that involves senior officers covering up child abuse! Suspicions against you are more than just planting evidence, Steve.
As you were.
Superintendent Hastings and I have had a short discussion and in the circumstances, we agree the best course of action, to protect all parties and to abide by disciplinary procedure, is for you to be served with a Regulation 15 notice and to be suspended from duty until these matters can be addressed at a formal disciplinary hearing.
A Reg 15? For what? Certain allegations have been made against you.
By who? It wouldn't be appropriate to discuss these outside a recognised disciplinary framework.
But before you go, may I ask if you're bearing a firearm? HE SCOFFS This come from Dot? I want him in here.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I really don't think that's a good idea.
My officer has asked for this, so I'm going to give him this.
DI Cottan.
The floor is yours.
What's this all about? DI Cottan.
I have a number of concerns regarding DS Arnott's professional conduct.
He's been bearing a firearm round the office.
In contravention of Section 7 of the 1968 Firearms Act.
I've signed the firearm back in! He's been accused of having an improper relationship with a suspect, of planting evidence against said suspect.
I did not plant evidence! He also fits the profile of a suspect we're seeking in a separate anti-corruption inquiry.
What? This is insane! What anti-corruption inquiry? I really don't think any more should be said about this matter while it's being investigated.
Look, for Christ's sake! I'm not the problem here.
What exactly are you saying? Sir, I've got serious concerns about DI Cottan's performance of his duties under police conduct regs and that's why he's having a go at me.
Sir, this is completely out of order.
During a search of Danny Waldron's flat, he failed in his duty to order the necessary forensics.
He then induced a junior rank to hide this from me so I wouldn't find out he'd missed a crucial lead.
Listen, if there's any issues to be addressed by a performance review, or otherwise, then trust me, they certainly will be.
However, said issues are separate and distinct from the ones before us now, DS Arnott.
Look Please, I know I've pissed you all off and I am sorry about the undercover on Lindsay Denton, but I am the only one that's trying to solve this case! Oh, well, there you have it.
Only Steve can solve the cases.
All hail Steve.
I definitely think we should stop this conversation now.
Thank you, DI Cottan.
Thanks for keeping your cool in there, Matthew.
It can't have been easy.
DS Arnott, regarding the Reg 15 notice, you will return here for a formal interview at a time specified by us, but until then, you will be suspended from duty.
I'm sorry, son.
I'm sorry.
I know he's got his reasons.
But you, sir? You never answered my point about you and Fairbank both being in the masons.
Come on, Steve.
You're not doing yourself any favours here.
It's one thing denying allegations against you, but it's another thing slinging mud at your superiors.
This is a different kettle of fish, fella.
What can I say? You've let me down, you've let yourself down.
Well, you're the one that fed us all a doctored file on Ronan Murphy.
What? Ronan Murphy being a known criminal associate of Tommy Hunter - not in the file.
Ronan Murphy being investigated as a prime suspect in Hunter's murder - not in the file.
Ronan Murphy and Tommy Hunter both being involved in child sexual exploitation - not in the file! And you say I'm the one that's letting you down.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I'm not going to jump to conclusions.
Let's see what comes out of his disciplinary hearing.
Look, just between us, I've got a lead on him planting that money at Lindsay's.
I just wanted to let you know, so it didn't come as a big shock.
And I know this is going to be difficult .
but we've got to keep an eye on his every move.
All right? Thought these might cheer you up.
Come in.
They're really sweet, but you didn't need to.
No, you're all right.
Kate Look, I'd be gutted if this Steve stuff came between us.
This feels like a bit of a second chance for me .
and I really don't want to mess it up.
It's Just let's take it slow.
You know? Yeah, yeah, of course.
With the Regs and that? Sure.
But thanks for these, they're lovely.
I'm glad you like them.
Well, I best be off.
All right.
How can I help you? Ma'am, I'm requesting authorisation on an undercover operation.
That's Ted Hastings' call, not mine.
Well, actually, ma'am, it'd be against a fellow AC-12 officer.
In this situation, guidelines are that I should approach an independent anti-corruption commander in confidence for said authorisation.
Why me? I'd rather not say, ma'am.
AC-9's nearer.
Like I say, I'd rather not say, ma'am.
Because I'm a woman, I can't be a mason.
You kept me waiting.
I know.
I've been watching for an hour.
If you'll hang on for that long, then you must be desperate.
It's funny, because the last time we met, I was the desperate one and you held all the cards.
Yeah, well, you don't hold them all of a sudden.
Don't I? You know what, Steve, I'd deduced that you are so desperate that you need help from some sad cow with no life.
Silly me.
There's something I never said and I want to say it now.
I'm sorry.
I did take advantage of you.
You were grieving, you were alone, and gaining your trust - albeit to solve a crime - was callous and insensitive.
I'm sorry for what I did.
And you might not believe me, but that night .
that's what made me hold back.
Don't flatter yourself, Steve.
I might have been a complete emotional wreck, but I didn't want you.
We were just two lonely people having a fumble.
It might've sounded convincing on tape, but it was empty and it was pathetic.
Back to planting of evidence.
The accusation's been around so long that people are starting to think they don't have to prove it.
Instead, it's down to me to disprove it.
You know the truth.
You know I didn't do it.
Listen to me I've just spent a year and a half of my life in prison.
I've lost everything - my home, my job, my whole future.
Maybe now, you've got a taste of what it's like to know that you're innocent and yet still have your whole life destroyed.
Look, I'll help you find the real criminals, Steve, but I will never, ever spend one more day in prison.
So, let me be clear - that money was put in my house to frame me.
I am innocent.
I am the victim in all of this.
You're unbelievable.
No, I want justice and I don't care how unjustly I get it.
So, why don't you just tell me everything you know about the case that you're working on and how it connects to mine? You must be joking.
Right now, Steve, I'm the only person that can help you.
Hi, Ted.
What's with all the cloak and dagger? Well, I wanted to ask you, off the record, if I can count on your full support in investigating former Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank? In respect of? In respect of not adequately investigating complaints of child sexual exploitation.
Ted, doesn't it make much more sense to hand over your files to the various authorities carrying out official inquiries into historic sex abuse? You can do it through me, if you like.
Yeah, that would be great.
Thank you, Gill.
Yeah, thanks.
Thanks, Ted.
We got seats at the pavilion end, right behind the bowler's arm, and I'm thinking, you know, "We're set for the day here," and then what happened? Heavens opened.
Ted! I'm sure there's no need for all this over a little misunderstanding.
We can thrash this out between the pair of us.
I think it's best that we continue as planned, really, just to make sure that everything's above board and I'm in your hands.
Tea? Coffee? Very nice.
Coffee, thanks.
'You are being interviewed today in respect of suspicion 'of misconduct in public office.
'You don't have to say anything - 'however, it may harm your defence if you fail to mention 'something under questioning that you later go on to rely on in court.
'And, of course, anything you do say may be used in evidence.
' Been there, done that.
Thank you.
Document two in your folders.
Document two is a photocopy of a missing persons report relating to Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.
You were shown this photocopy in your interview on July 7th.
It's from near-on 20 years ago.
You don't recall the report? I don't recall the report, no.
Well, if you could go to the end of the report, you were shown that a number of individuals have been copied in by the senior investigating officer.
I have to put myglasses on.
You were shown, on July 7th, that, according to the distribution list, you were sent a copy of this report in November '98.
Seems I was sent one.
God knows whether I got it or read it.
During this time, November '98, what was your position? I ran Vice.
And why was the head of Vice being copied into a report on a missing social worker? I have absolutely no idea.
It sounds like an admin error to me.
An administrative error? Well, I'm surmising.
I've no idea.
'Document three in your folders.
' Document three is a photocopy of a report, dated 21st November '98, on death by suicide of Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.
Stephens-Lloyd claimed to have furnished you with a list of names of abusers at Sands View.
Shortly afterwards, he was dismissed from his position and three months later, he was found dead.
I don't know anything about a list and I don't know anything about this poor fella.
Yeah, well, the Murder Squad have reopened the inquiry into the death of Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.
Well now, Ted, this is getting serious.
Yeah, but this is also an opportunity for you to clarify a number of issues that are causing us some vexation.
Well, you know I want to help.
And we're very grateful.
DC Fleming.
Document five is a recent postmortem examination from the Home Office pathologist.
It's likely that Stephens-Lloyd was struck over the head with a blunt instrument and then thrown into the river to drown.
So, not suicide.
Well, I can see why you're troubled, Ted, but MY department had no involvement in that investigation.
Well, we interviewed the officers who carried out this investigation.
We have a statement obtained by Murder Squad, from an officer who was a DC at the time, stating that the senior investigating officer, DI Marcus Thurwell, advised him the death was suicide and anything that didn't fit should be kept to themselves.
Now, why would Thurwell be so eager to prove that it was a suicide? I haven't the foggiest.
Do you recall the name Wendy Rider? Well, I think we all know by now that I'm hopeless with names.
Wendy Rider lodged a complaint against you in respect of her son, Gregory Rider.
Gregory Rider was a resident at Sands View Boys' Home and was allegedly abused by your best mate, Dale Roach.
Right, Ted.
Now, this was meant to be a friendly conversation but your DC, whatever her name is, has just struck a tone that I don't warm to.
DC Fleming.
My apologies if I've caused offence.
We are most grateful for your cooperation, sir.
I knew Councillor Roach from a distance, a very great distance.
Going back to your interview with us on July 7th - you stated, "When these things came up, they would have been looked into.
" Do you stand by that statement? Well, I must have said it if you've written it down.
Can you inform us how you investigated the allegations made by Mrs Rider against Dale Roach? It'll be in the files.
We looked, it's not in the files.
I was Chief Superintendent, not the office boy.
If records have gone missing, that's got nothing to do with me.
Mrs Rider says that she was informed that you carried out this interview yourself, and that no charge resulted.
Well, that must be because the allegations against Dale proved groundless.
"Dale"? Councillor Roach.
Why did you not keep any records of this? Here we go again.
I was Chief Super "Superintendent.
" Yeah, I know.
"Not the office boy," but this was your department - and this was a very serious allegation against a prominent, you know, public individual.
Me, I can't think of any reason in the world why you wouldn't have wanted to be across all this yourself and why there is no record of the investigation.
Unless there was no investigation.
Unless you were sweeping all this under the carpet to protect your friend.
Did any of the boys at Sands View complain about sexual abuse to you or any of the officers you knew of? God, no.
Absolutely not.
Because you would have investigated it.
Correct, 100% correct.
You and your solicitor have a written request from a police officer of inspector rank, independent of this inquiry and prior to this voluntary interview, requesting your participation in a video identification process.
Mr Fairbank is reluctant to submit himself to a process dependent on - what must, by now, be - extremely unreliable memories.
DC Fleming.
Item reference ASJ-76 is a newspaper cutting dated 14th March '97.
Do you recognise this image? It's me and Councillor Roach.
What was your connection with the charity? Well, I would be there, at his invitation, if he thought there was a crime-prevention angle - keeping young lads this side of the law, that sort of thing.
Item reference ASJ-116.
Item ASJ-116 is a newspaper clipping dated 7th August 1995.
For the tape, I am showing the interviewee a copy of this item.
Do you recognise the man in this photograph with you and Councillor Dale Roach? I think we all do.
And was he involved in the charities too? I believe so.
Some of them, yes.
So, in addition to the complaints made about Councillor Dale Roach, were there any other complaints made about any other prominent individuals involved in sexual assaults on young people? Not that I recall.
Because according to our colleagues in Operation Yewtree, there were numerous complaints.
And according to our colleagues in Operation Midland, there were numerous complaints.
So, why did you not investigate any of these? I don't recall any specific investigations.
We know there were complaints.
We know you were supposed to investigate them.
And on the 7th July, you confessed that you investigated them.
I must sound like a stuck record, but I honestly don't remember.
It's the honest truth.
Were you under pressure to turn a blind eye? I don't know how you mean, Ted.
From executive officers or political interests.
What's put that idea in your head? What we have here is Dale Roach interfering with young boys.
Now, call me a cynic but he's a politician and they are all born liars.
Then we have this celebrity up here and we all know show business people have very low morals - but you were a police officer! The Chief Superintendent.
I really want to help, Ted, but I don't .
see what more I can say.
May I ask, how far are we going with this today? Do you have any evidence to put to Mr Fairbank? No, no, this is a voluntary interview.
He's just helping us with our inquiries.
I'm sorry that I can't fill in the blanks but, you know, I'm not as sharp as I was.
So you keep saying.
Interview terminated.
Anything else I can do, don't hesitate to ask.
CCTV showed Danny Waldron arriving here early the morning after he killed Linus Murphy.
He came in from that direction, deposited evidence in a storage container and then he left on foot in that direction.
What, the way back to his flat? Yeah.
I mean, Danny was laying a trail for us to find if anything happened to him.
There was even an envelope addressed to me, but it was empty.
Forensics suggest, at one time, it contained a note written immediately after the murder.
Now, I believe Danny got information out of Linus Murphy that enabled him to compile a list of abusers.
Well, if Danny had written the list while he was still with Linus, then he must have had it with him when he left here.
If that was me I'd take the opportunity to recce a safe spot, and then hide the list - or a backup copy - that night, under the cover of darkness.
Trust me.
Well, you know all about concealing evidence.
I mean, you had to hide 50 grand.
That's not what happened at all.
My God, he's with Denton.
See? The pair of them are in it together.
See? I told you we had to watch his every move.
They're retracing Danny's steps.
Why? Danny's flat is just over on the next street.
Any further and he risked being spotted.
I think I know what he did.
I understand you decided to proceed with questioning Patrick Fairbank.
I decided to put the man on the spot myself, rather than turn it over to some other department.
There's conflict of interest.
How exactly? Your affiliation with Fairbank.
I've never put my personal loyalties above my professional duty.
You're being naive.
I'm not referring to any ordinary relationship.
What will it look like if Fairbank slips any inquiry and then it's revealed that the senior investigating officer is part of the same closed organisation? What organisation are you talking about? Secret handshakes, bare trouser legs.
Whatever it is you're alluding to, I am not at liberty to discuss it.
No doubt Dale Roach was part of the same lodge.
We can't have it appear that you're protecting Fairbank.
Protecting him?! I'm doing my level best to investigate him! There's substantial crossover with other inquiries.
Politically, it would be expedient to hand over our files and let Midland and Yewtree run with it.
I have been informed of systematic depravity against children who were wards of the state by high-ranking officials OF the state.
Now, how much money are we going to spend chasing clapped-out DJs when the people who knew about this depravity - and/or turned a blind eye to it, and/or were involved in it - are using that power to cover their tracks? Individuals - I might add, Gill - who appointed you.
Well, that's absurd! Is it? Is it really? Thank you for this file.
Perhaps you could help me understand why it's been doctored? Sorry? Doctored.
And it was you, Gill, who brought me this file .
with crucial pieces of information omitted.
I can't explain how that happened.
Oh, yeah? Well, I can explain it to you.
It happened because it was known that, behind the seemingly lawful killing of a violent criminal, there lay a dark secret.
Probably the darkest secret in our society today.
So, are you going to advise me who provided you with that file? Are you doing this on purpose, Ted? Doing what? Sophisticated adults are perfectly capable of working effectively, despite personal intimacy - but clearly you're not a sophisticated adult.
Clearly I'm not.
I only see black and white with no grey areas in between.
And anything that happened between us that went beyond the professional - well, it was a mistake, and we just have to put it behind us.
You're right.
It was a mistake but not the biggest you've made.
The only place we found on our recce was a churchyard.
Quiet, secluded, plenty of places to hide something.
The only problem that Danny faced was finding the exact spot that he had hidden his list - days, weeks or Well, possibly even months later.
DOOR UNLOCKS What's going on here? We're We're searching burial records.
Her? I'm sorry.
We needed a place to work.
In our home? We're searching for a missing piece of evidence.
Oh, really? She's pieced together how Danny Waldron's mind might have been working and she's had enough experience of avoiding coppers.
You are unbelievable.
I'm I'm desperate.
I'm going to get petrol and some chocolate.
When I come back, she'd better be gone.
What was the name of the boys' home again? Sands View.
Plot 121, Lenora Sands.
I'm going alone.
Steve, don't.
Need a lift? No.
I'll call you if I find anything.
They're splitting up.
ENGINE STARTS You take Steve.
Kate, it's me.
Look, as she was leaving, Lindsay looked like she'd led Steve on a wild goose chase.
Poor bastard.
Yeah, well, don't you feel too sorry for him.
Why? That lead on Steve - it looks like it's going to pan out.
He really did plant that money at Lindsay's.
I'm sorry.
Look, I just thought you'd want to know before it becomes common knowledge.
Yeah, thanks.
I'm sorry.
Kate? You were following me? What are you doing here, Steve? Looking for the list.
For Christ's sake, Steve.
Whatever's going on between you and Lindsay, I really don't give a shit any more.
Danny Waldron died because of what he was on to and I'm trying to solve this case! You're not going to "solve" anything.
Lindsay's making a tit of you.
But you and your new partner, you deserve each other! And what's that supposed to mean? There's no list here, Steve! If there's not, Lindsay's going to get what's coming! Well, she's not the only one.
I trusted you.
We were partners.
He's on that first machine on the right.
Hi, Joe.
DC Fleming.
Yeah, I remember.
Joe, I need you to look at some material from our inquiry into Sands View - photos of individuals of a certain age and appearance, to see if any of these men could be the police officer you or other lads made a complaint to.
OK, well, show us them, then.
I'm sorry, Joe, but there are strict rules on photographic identification.
You'll need to accompany me to a police station.
DI Denton.
Did this man come in here .
early one morning, about two months ago? I'd have to check.
I'm looking at the 7th of June, around 8am.
HE RETCHES Joe, what is it? Joe? It's OK.
It's OK.
I don't believe it.
All right? Oh, I'm fine.
Steve? Only me.
Lindsay Denton, I'm arresting you on suspicion of impersonating a police officer.
And as you're on licence, that'll mean a return to prison.
What a crying shame.
No, just wait.
All right? Don't take me to a police station.
I request AC-12.
I'm going to make a statement.
No skin off my nose.
I thought it was Steve's car till I saw the registration.
Yeah, well, my Ferrari's in the shop - so I had to get a carpool job with the rest of the rabble.
No back roads.
Just stick to the main drag.
Don't worry, I'm not going to put my hand on your knee, if that's what you think.
So, what's all this big news you've got for us then? All in good time.
" Change of plan.
Nearest station's Polk Avenue.
I'll take you in there and they can charge you for impersonating a police officer.
That's you back inside, end of.
OK, listen.
I found Danny Waldron's list.
The VIPs who were abusing boys at Sands View.
How'd you manage that then? It didn't make sense for Danny to make a hard copy of the original list that could be lost or destroyed.
He'd make an online copy.
Obviously, you'd have already seized his phone and computers.
Yeah, obviously.
He would have used a device that couldn't be traced to him, and I spotted an internet cafe just off his route home.
He used a webcam on one of the computers to capture an image of the original list.
So, how'd you manage to crack his passwords and that? Well, you'd already harvested Danny's usernames and passwords on his phone.
Computer and online accounts are all recorded here.
Fortunately, people have a habit of recycling usernames and passwords.
So, how did you manage to find his e-mail? We looked everywhere.
Danny was smart enough to keep the e-mail only as a draft.
If it isn't sent it can't be traced.
Well, you've thought of everything, haven't you? Oh, I have indeed.
I deleted Danny's draft.
The only place that list exists is as a draft in my e-mail account.
So, you take me to AC-12 and I'll hand it over.
At a price, naturally.
So, what price would that be, then? My convictions quashed, a full pardon.
A clean slate? Hmm? A fresh start? Are you making fun of me? Actually, I wasn't.
You just take me to AC-12, all right? You know what? Don't worry, I'm going to call them myself.
Look, AC-12 don't want nothing to do with you, they just want you back in prison.
What, you're different somehow, are you? I know you took that bribe, Lindsay.
But you didn't do it for the money, did you? You took it because you wanted to find a young girl who was being groomed by Hunter and his cronies.
How do you know that? 50 grand the first time.
100 grand this time? What? Face facts, Lindsay.
Your old life No, that's a pipe dream.
It's gone.
Yeah, it's sad.
The only way you can get a fresh start Well, do I have to spell it out? 100 grand and you forget about all of this - that list included.
All you have to do is forget about everything.
All of this.
Look, just take the money, you mad bitch, and stay out of it! What are you doing? Why don't you just take the money?! Because I'm a police officer! DI Cottan .
we are two feet apart in a confined space.
Frankly, for you .
this is a forensic ground zero.
Don't do that.
You had four, five people killed and me framed - I expect you had Danny Waldron killed too - and never a single speck of blood on your hands.
You want to shoot me? You go ahead.
If it sends you to prison, that is my job done.
Do not send that message.
You're just a go-between.
You're a weasel.
Other people do your dirty work for you.
Now, you put that gun away and you take me to AC-12.
Let's see what they all think when I bring you in.
When I bring in the Caddy.