Line of Duty (2012) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

Before Danny died, he tried to say something.
Now I reckon what he said was "list".
Got a firearm in here, no-one enter.
Investigating former Chief Superintendant Patrick Fairbank in respect of not adequately investigating complaints of child sexual exploitation.
The things they did to us at Sands View It's OK.
Ma'am, I'm requesting authorisation on an undercover operation.
It would be against a fellow AC-12 officer.
DI Cottan set me up.
As far as the rope goes, he must have planted it there beforehand.
What happened with the postmortem? Weren't you supposed to organise it? He knew forensics hadn't bothered testing the envelope.
I don't want to get caught between you and DI Cottan.
The Caddy is male, under 35.
A detective, a London or South East accent.
Sorry, gaffer, but the finger is pointing at one of our own.
I have a number of concerns regarding DS Arnott's professional conduct.
He's been bearing a firearm around the office.
I have signed the firearm back in.
I am innocent, the question is are you? He's been accused of having an improper relationship with a suspect, of planting evidence against said suspect.
I did not plant evidence! We agree the best course of action is for you to be suspended from duty until these matters can be addressed.
SIM Card? It's all in there.
The incriminating item I've got on you, that's my only insurance.
I need to know you've got my back.
God, yeah.
He's hiding summat.
That lead on Steve, it looks like it's going to pan out.
He really did plant that money on Lindsay.
There's no list here, Steve.
If there's not, Lindsay is going to get what's coming.
'I thought it was Steve's car, until I saw the registration.
' I found Danny Waldron's list.
It didn't make sense for Danny to make a hard copy of the original list that could be lost or destroyed.
He would make an online copy.
The VIPs who were abusing boys at Sands View.
100 grand and you forget about all of this, that list included.
Why don't you just take the money?! Because I'm a police officer! Do not send that message.
Let's see what they will think when I bring in The Caddy.
How long is this going to take? Patrick Fairbank, some new information has come to light that we'd like to put to you.
PC Bindra.
Document 27 is a transcript of a professional tribunal which took place on the 19th of September 1998, in which Oliver Stephens-Lloyd recorded he had submitted a list of names of abusers at Sands View.
Oh, not this list again.
I don't know anything about any list.
Where is this new information? I think we're done.
Actually, if you would just keep your seat, please.
I think we are about to hear some new evidence, thank you.
For the tape, DC Fleming has joined the interview.
For the tape, I am showing the interviewee a video capture, item KMF-4.
Who is shown in item KMF-4? I refused to take part in any video identification.
You did, which meant we were forced to use a video capture from your previous interview.
And we are legally entitled to use this image because your client was notified that he was going to be questioned regarding an offence -- misconduct in public office.
In accordance with paragraph five, Code D of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, item KMF-4, alongside eight other video captures of unrelated, similar persons were shown by an officer independent of this inquiry to a witness who was a resident at Sands View Boys' Home in the 1990s.
This witness identified KMF-4 as showing one of the men who sexually abused him.
These politicians and celebrities, they couldn't have got away with this time and time again without the collusion of police officers.
I mean, I kept asking myself over and over again, how could they turn a blind eye, how could they allow these appalling things to happen to these children? And of course, the answer is as plain as day.
They didn't turn a blind eye, they were in on it! I'm going to take this.
This is a list of abusers.
Corroborating the names we've already heard from our witness.
Ronan Murphy, Linus Murphy .
Dale Roach, Tommy Hunter .
and Patrick Fairbank.
Patrick Fairbank, I am arresting you for aggravated indecent assault, in that this offence occurred before May the 1st 2004 .
with a child or children under the age of 13 .
perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office.
Well done.
Well done, yourself.
Custody arranged at Polk Avenue.
You think you got me? You haven't got a clue.
I hope you like the outdoors because you are going to be directing traffic to the end of your sad little career.
'This is Lindsay Denton.
Please leave a message after the tone.
' Shit! DS Arnott.
Need to report the theft of my service vehicle.
Taxi! Yeah, 5 5 Kings Gate Apartments.
DS Arnott.
I need the key to Lindsay Denton's room.
Mother of God.
'This is Lindsay Denton.
Please leave a message after the tone.
' I know you nicked my pocketbook, and I don't know where you are Police! Armed police! I'm AC-12! Don't move! I'm AC-12! You! Keep your hands above your head.
Down on your knees.
Just calm down, I'm police.
Stop talking and stay still! My ID's in my jacket, I'm AC-12.
Stop talking and stay still! Lose the phone.
Get everyone out.
All right, everyone out! Got the wrong guy.
All clear, sir! Dot? Steven Arnott, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murdering Lindsay Denton.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
What's going on? You know.
Keep your mouth shut till you get a lawyer.
I'm trying to do you a favour.
Get him out.
DI Cottan, DS Arnott.
You all right to book him in for me? Need to take his clothes for forensics before he goes in his cell.
Steven Arnott, I'm satisfied that your arrest is lawful.
I'm authorising your detention in this police station in order that we can secure and preserve evidence in this investigation, and to obtain evidence from you by questioning.
I will also speak to an inspector to authorise you being held incommunicado at this time, delaying your right to have anyone told you're here, or to make any calls.
Do you understand? DS Arnott, can you account for your whereabouts between 0800 and 1200 hours on July 17th this year? I was at home.
This would be your home address -- Flat 5, Kings Gate Apartments? Yes.
Who were you with? Between those hours I was alone.
And your girlfriend, DS Samantha Railston, where was she? Sam left early for work.
Around 0630.
I was alone in the flat but I made phone calls.
They'll prove where I was.
Document 3 in your folders.
Document 3 is a photocopy of item reference ASJ-3, telecommunications record for mobile phone 07591152425, registered to Steven Arnott.
Three calls are shown.
Can you tell us what was happening with these calls? I'd realised Lindsay had stolen my pocketbook.
I called her from my flat, but it went straight to her voicemail.
I went to her approved premises to try and track her down but she wasn't there, so I tried calling her again.
And the call to the AC-12 switchboard? To report the theft of my service vehicle.
Thank you.
When was the last time you saw Lindsay Denton alive? The night before.
My flat.
Lindsay had a theory that Danny Waldron left a list of abusers in a graveyard.
We were searching online burial records for a name that might have been a memorable association for Danny.
She left my flat and I went to the graveyard alone.
Must have been while she was in my flat that she took my pocketbook.
At this time, myself and DI Cottan were carrying out direct surveillance on Steve Arnott's flat, authorised by Superintendant Hastings, under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.
We saw you and Lindsay split up.
And after you'd left, she looked like the cat who'd got the cream.
She sent you off on a wild goose chase while she went and cracked the case.
Cos, actually, Danny had hidden the list online.
She found the list? She did indeed.
You gotta hand it to her, she got the job done.
And she made a total mug of you.
Now, these phone calls we've been talking about, they're all around noon onwards.
None of them corroborate you being in your flat before that time.
The proprietor of the internet caff, now, she reckons she saw Denton leave around 11, 11.
She didn't see where Denton went or who she met, and we've no information on her whereabouts until her body was discovered at 12.
But you were at home all this time? Yes, sir.
So what were you doing all this time? DS Arnott? I slept.
You had a kip? Seriously? I'd been up most of the night.
You didn't think of calling her straightaway? No, sir.
She'd sent you to this graveyard on a fool's errand, stolen your pocketbook.
I'd have been after her like a shot.
You, you're stuck to your sofa watching Homes Under The Hammer.
I got home late.
Sam, my girlfriend, and I -- we had a row.
I had some wine and I fell asleep on the sofa.
I overslept.
As soon as I realised my pocketbook was gone, I took action.
Still, you were sorely pissed off with her, weren't you? DS Arnott is simply stating the facts.
Oh, right.
So you weren't pissed off with her? In the early hours of the 17th, I followed Mr Arnott to the graveyard of St Barnabas Church.
In which he stated, "If there's no list here "then Lindsay's going to get what's coming.
" Can you tell us what you meant by those words? I was angry.
Angry with Kate.
Angry with Lindsay.
I didn't MEAN anything.
But you do admit that you were angry with Lindsay? Those words go way beyond angry.
I didn't kill Lindsay.
At her trial, Lindsay testified that there was a sexual relationship between you.
The relevant section for the transcript is document 46.
I don't need a transcript -- she was lying.
Data retrieval from Lindsay's mobile resulted in detection of the following file -- item reference MKJ-32.
For the tape, I will now play MKJ-32.
'Is that OK?' 'Yeah.
' 'You OK?' 'Yeah.
' You recognise the voices on this audio file? Me and Lindsay.
And can you tell us where the recording was made? In her bedroom.
And were you aware at the time that this recording was being made? No, sir, I was not.
As DS Arnott didn't give his permission, the recording was illegal.
Still it's not a nice thing to do to someone, though.
Just another thing she did to put a few more winds on your clock, eh? Time and time again you denied any impropriety.
What you can't know is that we're both almost fully clothed and the file's been abridged.
If you'd had the opportunity to continue listening you'd have heard that we stopped through mutual consent.
Stopped? What? There was some kissing.
Some touching.
Lindsay became upset and I comforted her.
Sir, I give you my word, Lindsay Denton and I did not have sex.
Your word.
Whatever your version is of that audio file, it sounds like you pair went way beyond the professional.
And then she used it to discredit your case against her.
Now, I don't know many blokes who wouldn't be angry about that.
And thanks to her accusations you are suspended, your career potentially in ruins.
Now, for the tape -- on screen is image 5.
Image 5 is a crime scene photograph taken at 12.
45 on July 17th, showing the body of Lindsay Denton.
Image 8.
That's my car.
Image 8 is a crime scene photograph showing the vehicle in which Lindsay Denton's body was found.
It's a dark grey Volvo S60.
You agree it's your car? As I've said, sir, I reported my vehicle stolen.
Document 6 in your folders.
Document 6 is a photocopy of item reference IKL-1.
IKL-1 is the log for service vehicles.
On July 1st you signed out service vehicle Foxtrot Juliet 1-4 Romeo Charlie Zulu, and it was never signed back in.
You should've.
The second you were suspended.
It's a perk of the job.
Didn't want to give up the motor.
So, it's a matter of fact that this vehicle was in your possession at the time of the murder.
The fact, sir, is someone stole the vehicle.
And you reported it stolen when? In the call made to the AC-12 switchboard at 11.
Yeah, but Lindsay was last seen alive up to an hour earlier.
At the internet caff.
Now, that is plenty of time for you to get home and report your car stolen.
I reported the theft as soon as I realised.
The car must have been stolen earlier.
I see.
Document 7 is a copy of the pathologist's report following a postmortem examination of Lindsay Denton.
The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.
Image 6.
Image 6 is a forensic photograph of item reference NJC-4.
Item NJC-4 is a bullet found lodged in the passenger-side trim of service vehicle Foxtrot Juliet 1-4 Romeo Charlie Zulu.
NJC-4 has been identified as a 9x19mm Parabellum round.
Image 13.
Image 13 shows item reference SCS-9.
SCS-9 is a service-issue firearm, Glock 17 pistol, serial number -- November Mike 8-4-9-4-7-4-8.
The Glock 17 was found a short distance from the vehicle containing the body of Lindsay Denton.
Document 11 in your folders -- also on screen.
Document 11 is the firearms issue log from South Ferry armoury.
You'll see a highlighted entry on the morning of July 13th, relating to said Glock 17, serial number November Mike 8-4-9-4-7-4-8.
Said firearm was never returned.
I returned my firearm a few days before Lindsay was murdered.
Not according to these records.
I returned it.
Ask them at the armoury, they'll confirm it.
It's here in black and white, son.
You always follow the regs when it comes to firearms? DS Arnott was seen bearing a firearm within this building that did not, in my view, meet satisfactory operational requirement.
On July 13th I gave DS Arnott a verbal warning that he was in breach of Section 7 of the 1968 Firearms Act.
What forensics do you have linking me to the crime scene? Your car, your gun -- I'd say that's plenty.
Were my fingerprints on the gun? There were no fingerprints found on the firearm at all.
It appeared to have been wiped.
So no prints.
Lindsay Denton was shot at close range.
The vehicle interior shows a substantial blood spatter pattern.
Did you find blood particles on me? At the time of Steve Arnott's arrest, his clothing was seized for forensic examination.
There were no traces of blood or gunshot residue detected.
Yeah, but anyone with half a brain, covered in blood and gunshot residue, would know to dispose of his clothing.
So where's this clothing? You tell us.
Why would I shoot Lindsay in my own car? I know the forensics would be totally incriminating.
They are.
So I wouldn't have done it! You were at the end of your tether with Lindsay Denton.
She betrayed you, manipulated you, deceived you and, finally, she discredited you.
You weren't thinking straight! So I used my service-issue firearm that I left at the scene? And I used my registered service vehicle? I mean, that's just stupid! You panicked.
You left your bullet and the casing and you didn't do a good enough job disposing of the gun.
Then you cobble together some story about your motor being nicked.
In fact, the only thing you didn't make a hash of was the bloodstained clothing.
That's not what happened.
Image 22 shows item reference EDC-3, found in said service vehicle.
Can you tell us what item EDC-3 is? My pocketbook.
And is that the one stolen by Lindsay? Yes, sir.
So you went after her to get it back things got out of hand and in your panic you didn't even remember to take it.
I didn't take it because I wasn't there! So you've said.
Is there anyone -- anyone -- that we can talk to who will bear witness to the fact you were at home during the time of Lindsay Denton's murder? I had my issues with Lindsay Denton, I can't deny that.
But I wouldn't kill her.
So you've said.
I didn't have that gun.
So if I didn't return it, why didn't anyone try and recover it? DS Arnott's asked a very important question.
Yes, well, I admit there was a failure to do due diligence on the part of the officers at South Ferry armoury, but I've written to the Strategic Firearms Commander making my feelings on the matter abundantly clear and I can assure you, disciplinary action No-one realised because I HAD returned the firearm! Someone must have access to the booking-out forms and replaced the real one -- the one showing I surrendered the gun -- with a forgery.
Yeah, but this same someone would had to have signed out the same gun that was used in the murder -- and where's the record of that? It's the same thing, sir -- stolen so no-one can track who's got the weapon.
All right, let me get this straight.
What you're saying is that some impostor acquired the firearm and then tampered with the paperwork to cover his tracks.
Yes, sir.
Obviously the same person who stole my service vehicle that morning.
So your defence is, "It wasn't me, it was just some random impostor"? No, not random.
To know it's extremely difficult to steal a service-issue firearm but not actually all that difficult to fake the paperwork -- that takes inside knowledge.
This was done by a police officer.
But apparently it's a piece of cake to steal a service-issue vehicle fitted with deadlocks and an immobiliser.
I have to say, this is all sounding a bit far-fetched, son.
There's a parallel on this case, sir.
Ever since we started investigating Danny Waldron -- first his shooting of Ronan Murphy, then Danny's murder -- there have been holes that the evidence hasn't completely filled, one of which is the murder of PC Rod Kennedy.
Sir, this is a massive tangent.
DS Arnott knows we have to charge or release and he's playing for time.
Sir, DI Cottan was too quick to close the investigation into Kennedy's murder, just like he was with his inquiry into The Caddy.
He's doing the same thing here.
He's cutting corners, not challenging evidence robustly, and I'm the one suffering for his negligence! Sir, DS Arnott's casting aspersions for one reason and one reason only -- to discredit this case, to get AC-12 taken off the investigation against him.
It's what these coppers do when you know you've got 'em bang to rights -- exploit their knowledge of the system to try and tie us in knots.
Look, I'd be really grateful if we could just stick to the issue in hand here, which is the murder of Lindsay Denton.
Thank you, sir.
Now, with respect to service vehicle Foxtrot Juliet 1-4 Romeo Charlie Zulu, a forensic search was carried out at the crime scene.
Image 43.
Interior of service vehicle boot.
Image 45.
Image 45 is item reference VCT-7.
Do you recognise VCT-7? My gym bag.
Image 46.
Image 46 shows the contents of VCT-7 -- sports clothing and trainers.
Image 47 -- That was not in my bag! What?! What is going on here?! DS Arnott, please.
Image 47 shows item reference VCT-9.
VCT-9 is an unregistered pay-as-you-go mobile phone.
Your phone, DS Arnott? No, sir! No, sir, someone put that there.
VCT-9 is a phone of the type reportedly associated with covert criminal communications.
That is not my phone.
What the hell is it doing in your gym bag? DS Arnott denies any knowledge of the phone, there's clearly some irregularity with the search.
My department carries out its searches to the letter of the law, fella! The letter! Document 19 in your folders.
For the tape, this is a partial transcript of Lindsay Denton's retrial.
At Lindsay Denton's first trial she was convicted of conspiracy to murder, and the prosecution hung on crucial evidence found at her home address, namely 50 grand in cash that was linked via financial forensics to other bribes employed in the conspiracy.
I didn't plant that money.
Image 49.
Image 49 shows item reference VCT-11.
Now, VCT-11 is a? 5 note.
Is that your? 5 note? I don't remember having any money in the bag.
Not your phone, now it's not your money either.
I'm saying I don't recall if I was carrying any money in the bag.
Fair enough.
That was in the inside pocket.
It's only a fiver.
It's easy to forget.
We ran forensics on that? 5 note.
Document 20 in your folders.
DC Fleming.
For the tape, I'm referring to document 20.
Document 20 is a photocopy of an original report made by the financial forensics unit.
Report Sierra Alpha/56-57/1-5.
The summary reads -- "Pollen particles detected on banknote VCT-11 show a close match "to pollen particles detected on banknotes AJK-72.
" AJK-72 is the item reference for the? 50,000 found at Lindsay Denton's home.
There is no way! Look, just That is not my money! A second ago you couldn't even remember.
There is no way that I'd have money that was from the same source as Lindsay Denton's bribe! But Lindsay Denton knew you planted that evidence, and she was your most vociferous accuser.
So maybe she was onto this evidence, too.
She wasn't onto any evidence! She couldn't have known about this! Oh, right, so you hid it from her? I didn't mean it like that.
That money would be very hard to come by.
But together with the phone this indicates a clear pattern of corrupt conduct.
I am not bent! This is obviously a very difficult experience, Steve.
Would you like some time alone with your solicitor? No.
Very well, but can we all just calm down here and not let our emotions get the better of us? Sir.
So, moving on.
In respect of another murder, that of Sergeant Daniel Waldron, have you any comment to make? Waldron was murdered by Hari Bains.
Bains confessed and intends to plead guilty.
Yeah, well, Bains owed gambling debts to the wrong people.
And we believe they contracted him to kill Waldron.
Significantly, Bains received a call the night of the 31st of May from a phone of the type found in your car.
Night before he shot and killed Danny Waldron.
According to Bains, in a statement made on June 30th, the caller had a London/South East accent.
So? So, was that you? London and South East have such small populations, it could only have been me(!) Kindly just answer the question, please, DS Arnott.
Bains and I met loads of times.
He would have known my voice and been able to identify, the call was clearly made by another person unknown.
Yes, and you're familiar with the putative corrupt police officer codename The Caddy? I am.
DI Cottan.
Assimilation of all credible witness testimony, based on direct contact with said individual, leads to the following profile.
The Caddy is male.
The Caddy is almost certainly from a working-class background and grew up in an urban environment.
Is probably under 35.
He is almost certainly a detective.
He's trained in covert operations such as counterterrorism.
And all earwitnesses report The Caddy as having a London or South East accent.
This is insane.
God help me, son, I wish it was.
Sir! That's your evidence? A profile? We've more than just a profile.
Only The Caddy would have had access to the same source of bribe money found at Lindsay Denton's house.
The same supply we found some of in your service vehicle boot.
Would you like some more time, DS Arnott? No.
DI Cottan originally volunteered to investigate The Caddy and closed the case prematurely, based on flimsy evidence provided by an old colleague.
Yes, but we're not here to discuss DI Cottan.
Sir, he's just looking at some angles to try and discredit this I intend to be heard, sir.
On the record.
Very well.
That's your right.
DI Cottan, you carried out the original inquiry into The Caddy.
I did.
That wrongly identified DC Jeremy Cole.
Based purely on the testimony of your former colleague, DC Nigel Morton.
Yeah, but Morton has since revised his statement.
DI Cottan and DC Fleming are reopening that particular inquiry.
You also failed to order a second postmortem on the body of Rod Kennedy.
My e-mail bounced back, as well you know.
Sir, he's clutching at straws here.
In respect of the original inquiry into the murder of Sergeant Danny Waldron, you led a search of Waldron's flat.
I did.
And as part of that search you found an envelope addressed to me.
And the forensics that you failed to carry out on the inside of that envelope detected traces of ink and blood, suggesting it contained a note written by Danny Waldron and PRESUMABLY intended for me.
No note was ever found.
Danny Waldron saved his list online.
Which we only discovered weeks later cos you failed to pursue this lead! I did not.
The note had been in that envelope! That's not what was in the envelope! Item reference MRC-1.
Item reference MRC-1 is the envelope recovered from Danny Waldron's flat.
And for the tape, Mr Arnott is quite correct -- it does bear his name.
Item reference MRC-2 is the contents of the envelope.
This item was entered into evidence separately, for reasons of internal security.
You will see in your folders document appendix 1 refers to sequestered evidence.
Sequestration of evidence authorised by Gill Bigelow, leading legal council to Anti-Corruption Unit 12.
This is what was in the envelope.
Now, for the tape, I'm showing Mr Arnott the sequestered evidence -- a white golf tee.
Steve Arnott.
Golf tee.
I think Danny Waldron was trying to tell us something.
Have you got anything further to add, DS Arnott? For the tape, the interviewee is shaking his head.
Steven Arnott, you will remain under arrest for the murder of Lindsay Denton.
I will now seek guidance from the Crown Prosecutor as to how to charge you for said offence.
You will be taken to a place of custody.
If you're not charged within 24 hours of the original arrest you will be released, however I will seek the authority for a 12-hour extension.
Is all this understood? Yes, sir.
Interview discontinued.
God help me if I ever get a good night's sleep again.
DI Cottan my office, five minutes.
You OK? That can't have been easy.
Well done.
Just when exactly did you get the idea of sequestering evidence from me? Hm? In 35 years, this has been my worst day in the service, and now this little incident just about caps the whole lot! Was it your idea to go behind my back or was it yours? To be fair to DI Cottan, he sought me out for guidance.
It was my decision to sequester the evidence from Danny Waldron's flat because of its sensitive nature in regard to a fellow officer.
It seemed a bizarre and possibly meaningless find, sir, but I just had a feeling "Feeling"? .
that it might alert Steve.
And if it had of done then we wouldn't have had all this other evidence.
Oh, yeah, you're on very thin ice with me, DI Cottan.
Are there any other surprises in store? I hope not, sir.
I hope not, too.
Dismissed! Sir.
At the time, neither DI Cottan nor I knew if the golf tee was relevant.
Clearly, recent events have created a more significant context.
Clearly! I can see you're angry, Ted, but the fact that you personally recruited Steve Arnott did weigh on my decision.
What, you decided I was going to be biased? I'm sorry, but at the time it felt like the right decision.
Now, can we just calm down? I am calm! I'm totally bloody calm! Look, I know this is abysmal timing but former Chief Superintendant Patrick Fairbank's legal team are applying for the child sex abuse charges to be dropped.
What? They're saying that he repeatedly stated in his interviews that, "I'm not as sharp as I used to be.
" Yeah, I know he said that.
They're saying that an independent physician should have examined his intellectual fitness for interview.
They're having his GP attest he's got senile dementia.
He isn't fit to stand trial.
Mother of God.
DS Arnott has to be charged or released today.
Don't delay your call to the Crown Prosecutor.
Thank you.
Superintendant Hastings for the Senior Crime Prosecutor, please.
That's right, like the battle.
Come in.
Anything to avoid making this call.
Listen, sir, before you call the Crown Prosecutor, there's some things we need to discuss.
This is a favour to her, not you.
Two minutes.
It's good to see you.
Is there anything I can do? You can say you don't believe a word of it.
Of course I don't.
Sam My DCI's got me on desk duty.
She asked me outright if I was in on it with you.
I'm innocent.
Yeah, I know.
Well, you came.
I'm glad.
I'm sorry about the flat being closed for forensics.
It's fine.
I'm at a friend's place.
They've gotta release me in a few hours, so we can be back in soon.
Steve Sorry.
So which one were you looking at? Which one were you? That You still haven't charged Steve Arnott.
We need more time.
I know it's difficult going after one of your own It's what we do for a living.
DC Fleming has caused me to want to re-examine the evidence against Steve Arnott.
Come on, Ted, there's a mountain of evidence.
His gun.
The car.
The money.
The threat.
Motive, opportunity, means.
During the interview with Steven Arnott I indentified a number of issues that merit further examination.
Of course you want to believe that Steve's innocent.
Of course you do.
But you're jumping to rash and extremely damaging conclusions.
DC Fleming, please.
Miss Bigelow, you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not Excuse me.
Gill, please, this is necessary.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
It's been a long day and night, let's get a grip, Ted.
Did you furnish Superintendant Hastings with an intelligence file relating to Ronan Murphy, the suspect shot dead by Sergeant Danny Waldron on the 13th of May? I did.
And from who did you obtain that file? "Whom.
" It was supplied to me in confidence and to reveal the source would be a betrayal of that confidence.
Gill, you're under caution.
It would help us enormously if you could provide an answer.
Very well.
Show her.
This is a signed authority from Superintendant Summers at AC-3 for me to conduct an undercover operation against AC-12 officers.
I see what it is.
When did this happen? I only found about this this evening.
Under said authority, I obtained evidence that this file originated from DS Nicola Rogerson at Major Violent Crime.
In a written statement, DS Rogerson claims that the file was "requested" by an AC-12 officer.
Did an AC-12 officer furnish you with this file on condition of anonymity? Yes.
DS Rogerson's copy of the file did not contain the omissions made to the one you received.
I was given that file in good faith and I completely deny tampering with it.
No-one's suggesting you did.
What we're exploring here is that the alterations were made by said AC-12 officer.
Now, can you confirm the name we've heard from Rogerson? Fine.
Detective Inspector Matthew Cottan.
He brought you the golf tee so we assumed that he would have brought you file, good.
DC Fleming, would you kindly excuse us for a moment, please? Thank you, Kate.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
Matthew Cottan has done a first-rate job of rooting out a bad apple.
Gill As for the file, he knew we were being obstructed, so he obtained it through unofficial channels.
Why didn't he just give it to me? Because he was afraid you'd give him a dressing-down for acting improperly.
Gill even after the time we spent together, you really don't know me at all.
This is a video capture taken from a traffic camera situated on the Kings Gate Expressway showing traffic at the time indicated in the top right-hand corner.
Steve's car.
At first glance, yes, but Different reg.
Here are more traffic camera images, this same vehicle captured travelling through the city centre on traffic cameras a few minutes apart.
Image enhancement has failed to show who's driving.
Now, here's a street map.
This street map shows the locations of the vehicle at times corresponding to the exact times of the traffic camera images.
I'm now going to add the location of the internet cafe where Lindsay Denton was last seen alive that morning.
Someone was driving the vehicle to Lindsay's location that morning.
And previous to the internet cafe, Lindsay Denton was last seen at her approved premises the night before.
I'm now going to add the location of the approved premises.
There's an hour's delay in the timeline of the vehicle's movements, suggesting it hung around the approved premises during this time.
So Lindsay was followed to the internet cafe.
Looks like it, sir.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the same time that Steve said that he was home alone? Yeah, that's correct, sir.
Steve doesn't have an alibi so it could be him driving that vehicle.
One final thing.
I've indentified this registration as belonging to another make and model entirely.
They're fake plates.
Well done.
Well done.
I think you'd better get that wee one home, and thanks very much for coming in.
Why would Steve be driving his own car with fake plates? To hide his movements? It doesn't make sense, sir, she wouldn't have got in the car.
If Steve turned up with fake plates she'd have known he was up to something.
She would never get in.
Or maybe she just didn't see it.
We all know Lindsay, sir, she never missed a thing.
Sorry, Kate, you couldn't give us a hand with the lift? Yeah, sure.
Off the record, DI Cottan put pressure on me not to tell Steve about the additional forensics on the envelope found in Danny Waldron's flat.
Cheers, Maneet.
He's here, sir.
And? Well, I can't say he's very happy.
DC Morton, would you mind coming with us? DC Morton.
I'm not coming anywhere till I get some assurances.
Assurances of what? Four things.
DI Cottan.
Questions about what, sir? When do you want to do this, sir? No.
No, I'm happy to assist.
All right.
Let's do this.
A word to the wise -- Arnott or Cottan, if either turns out to be a bad apple, he's acting alone.
They can't be connected to any wider conspiracy.
Let's see.
And Patrick Fairbank the same.
We feel his legal team have a strong case, his dementia precludes a trial.
He might have forgotten some important details.
Or worse still he might remember them.
What are you saying? You see, I finally understand why you were appointed by the PCC.
I'm the loose cannon here.
If I see a bent copper I'll go after him irrespective of rank or political expediency.
I'm not going to apologise for having one eye on PR.
Anti-corruption is a double-edged sword.
We need to find just enough bent coppers to avoid accusations of a cover-up but no so many that the public starts to wonder if the police can be trusted.
So we let Patrick Fairbank just slip through the net? Because of all the peers and the politicians and the police officers he might implicate? Meanwhile, we go back to chasing disc jockeys and game show hosts? I'm just doing my job.
And I'm doing mine.
And it's called nicking bent coppers and I don't care whether it's one rotten apple or the whole bloody barrel.
There's a line and it's called right and wrong.
And I know which side my duty lies.
So why don't you write a nice letter of resignation to the PCC or I swear to God I will drag you down with the rest of them.
In last night's interview of DS Arnott you produced a piece of evidence -- item reference MRC-2 -- namely the golf tee and the envelope found at Danny Waldron's flat.
Wonder if you can explain in a little bit more detail how you came by this piece of evidence? I'm not sure I understand what you're driving at, sir.
Well, there were half a dozen of you on that search, how come no-one else saw it? Did you swear them all to secrecy or what? Oh, I see, sir.
No, what happened was -- we detected an illegal firearm.
I sent an officer to bring someone with firearms training urgently, so as to secure the firearm.
I had the legitimate concern it wasn't safe or it was booby-trapped and it was then I saw the golf tee in the envelope.
So with no-one else watching you you seized this piece of evidence? Yes, sir.
Did you order forensics on the golf tee? I did but there were no noticeable findings.
Did you order forensics on the inside of the envelope? Yes, sir.
When? Well, this was something we omitted in the first instance but rectified as the inquiry progressed.
Did you put pressure on a junior rank not to disclose the forensics to DS Arnott? Yes.
Why? Steve Arnott was concocting accusations I wasn't doing my job properly.
I didn't want to give him any ammunition.
So you actually missed a crucial piece of evidence.
Well Forensics detected ink and blood on the inside of that envelope.
That suggests there was a bloodstained note inside the envelope.
There wasn't though.
No ink or blood on the golf tee.
So, what? Danny Waldron must have put it in there after he removed the note? Look, this note, some people have been making a mountain out of a molehill.
If it was such an issue, why didn't I just pocket the envelope and no-one would be any the wiser? Which I didn't do, by the way.
Maybe the envelope had already been seen by somebody else on the search team, but the contents hadn't.
I found a golf tee.
I remained in the vicinity of the firearm until an officer arrived to make it safe.
Now, if that note went walkabout, it's because Danny Waldron moved it before we got there.
In the end, missing the forensics made no difference to the inquiry whatsoever.
That's one of the things we're here to determine, DI Cottan and I'll be the judge of that, thank you.
DC Fleming, moving on.
Item reference EGH-1.
EGH-1 is an intelligence file on Ronan Murphy, the suspect shot dead by Danny Waldron.
It's where this whole inquiry started, and it omitted information that would have allowed us to connect Ronan Murphy to known high-ranking criminal Tommy Hunter, and the cover-up of historic child sexual abuse.
DI Cottan, have you seen this file before? Yes, sir.
And who provided you with access to this file? You did, sir.
You see, my particular concern here, DI Cottan is if you were familiar with this file before I gave you access? Do you have an answer, DI Cottan? Yes, I was familiar with the file.
And how were you familiar with it? I acquired the file from a former Major Violent Crime officer involved in the investigation into the murder of Tommy Hunter -- DS Rogerson.
I then passed it over to Gill Bigelow.
Yeah, not to me.
Not to DS Arnott, not to DC Fleming.
Well, I wanted to avoid Steven Arnott.
I think we all know why.
That file had crucial pieces of information removed that held this inquiry back for weeks.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry about that, sir, but I took that file at face value, in good faith.
And when we found out about the missing information why didn't you say something? You should have been shouting that from the rafters, man! No, sir.
I didn't have the evidence yet and I didn't want to alert them beforehand.
Alert who? Don't you see, sir? DS Rogerson is a former girlfriend of DS Arnott.
I'm sorry, sir.
Weren't you aware of the relationship between Rogerson and Arnott? No.
I wasn't.
You should have told him, DC Fleming.
Spare the gaffer his blushes.
Well, the only person known to have handled that file apart from DS Rogerson is you, not DS Arnott.
Well, the pair of them must have hatched a plot to alter the file.
DS Rogerson denies altering the file.
Well, she would, wouldn't she? Look, sounds to me like this is another one to throw at Steven Arnott.
I'm still exorcised by the fact you didn't mention any of this sooner.
I don't cast aspersions on fellow officers.
Unless I can back it up with hard evidence.
Unlike some I can mention.
DC Fleming.
On screen, you'll see evidence gathered in the case against Harinderpal Bains.
Images 291 and 292 showing item reference MR-3 and MR-4.
MR-3 and MR-4 are unregistered mobile phones recovered from Hari Bains' home.
So, what is this? One of our own's about to be charged with murder, I think we're entitled to ask a few questions, don't you? Yeah, no, no, of course.
Whatever I can do to help.
These phones were provided to Bains and he used them to communicate with The Caddy.
A similar type of phone was recovered from the boot of DS Arnott's car.
Yeah, well, these are matters of fact in the case against Steven Arnott.
Yeah, well, I'm just making sure we all understand the facts as they stand.
We'll return to the phone shortly.
Now, in last night's interview of DS Arnott you stated that you'd attempted to order a second postmortem on the body of PC Rod Kennedy.
A search of e-mail records found no e-mail from you to the pathologist office requesting said postmortem.
DI Cottan? Uh? Seriously? You know what the IT system is like in this building.
Just because it is not on the server, that does not mean I didn't send it.
As a matter of fact, DI Cottan, what I'm seeing here is a pattern.
A pattern of failure to discharge your responsibilities as a senior detective.
You should have been chasing up that postmortem! No, you are absolutely right, sir.
And what's worse is Kate had made a specific point of asking me and all.
I was beside myself when I realised and I apologise unreservedly for my error.
But you see, DI Cottan it raises the distinct possibility that you were somehow reluctant to seek confirmation that Kennedy WASN'T a suicide.
That he was in fact murdered.
I was very pleased with that information, sir, as it was instrumental in our arrest of Bains.
For which I won a commendation.
Let's just stay with Hari Bains for a second.
He levelled some very disturbing allegations against you, DI Cottan, wouldn't you agree? Which I strenuously deny.
And for which there is zero evidence.
Yeah, well we carried out a search of your service vehicle.
What? Now, I am doing very well to avoid blowing my top here.
This is out of order.
And as you well know, completely illegal under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, as DI Cottan is neither under arrest nor charged with an offence.
Yes, well, said illegality would only apply if it was DI Cottan's personal vehicle.
His service vehicle is owned by the police and as such we are entitled to search it without any form of authority.
Still, in my view, we have reached the point where either you stop or you caution my client.
DI Cottan, stay right there.
You do not have to say anything, however, it may harm your defence if you fail to mention something, under questioning, that you later go on to rely on in court.
Of course, anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Thank you.
Now, what the hell are you doing searching my car? This is a signed authority from Superintendent Summers of AC-3 to investigate AC-12 officers, based on concerns raised by DC Fleming.
Just doing our job here, there is nothing personal.
OK, it was obviously investigating Steven Arnott.
Not me.
The signed authority from Superintendent Summers is a bit like Grandma's nightgown.
It covers everything.
DC Fleming, the search of DI Cottan's service vehicle, if you please.
Service vehicle November Juliet Zero Seven Zulu Foxtrot Whisky was examined forensically, with one notable finding.
Item GBS-8 is a number of synthetic fibres.
Comparison of fibres from GBS-8 and NTW-7 finds multiple chemical correlations that imply a very strong likelihood the materials derive from the same original source.
The same original source.
NTW-7 is the item reference assigned to the rope found at the industrial unit where Hari Bains was arrested.
The noose had been in your boot.
The noose that you claimed Hari Bains was going to hang you with.
What the forensics are suggesting is that you planted it there in that industrial unit to falsely incriminate Bains for Kennedy's murder! Bains had handled the rope when he prepared the noose.
Bains and I had a scuffle in which he attempted to overpower me.
Fibres transferred onto me.
Those fibres were then transferred into my service vehicle the next morning when I clocked on.
They were in the boot -- nowhere else.
The first thing I do before I get in the motor is sling my coat and briefcase in the boot.
Now, if those fibres were going to end up anywhere, that is exactly where they would be found.
Are you covering for the real murderer of Rod Kennedy? No, I'm not.
Were you involved in murdering Rod Kennedy? No, I wasn't.
Returning to the mobile phones Happy to.
On screen, image 104.
Image 104 shows item reference KMF-13, an unregistered mobile phone, and item reference KMF-14 is a subscriber identification module.
Do you recognise these items? No.
No? I'll give you "no".
These items were submitted to us in evidence by a witness who alleges that they do or did belong to you.
Well, then, the witness is mistaken.
Analysis of said subscriber identification module KMF-14 revealed no activity since October 2014.
All communications up to and including that date appear to relate to other unregistered users.
Right, so you have got a phone that doesn't belong to me and a load of mysterious calls.
Pardon me if I don't see the significance.
On screen, image 909.
Image 909 is item reference SJP-32.
It was detected in the boot of a vehicle found at the Edge Park Golf Club in July of 2012.
The vehicle is registered to Alex Campbell -- the alias being used at the time by one John Thomas Hunter.
Now, it was known Tommy Hunter used numerous such phones to conduct his criminal activities.
But this particular phone is of interest to us because of a call made on the 8th of July 2012 at around midnight.
It was from Hunter's phone to yours.
And that's the significance, fella.
In black and white.
I have no connection with this phone or SIM Card you have been given.
And I've certainly no connection to Hunter.
So how come we are being told this phone belongs to you? This witness you've got, I bet he said he found this phone in my service vehicle a couple of years back.
Well, I can neither confirm nor deny Yeah, well, I CAN confirm that he's sat on this so-called evidence for a long time.
I reckon he also told you he conned me into taking the wrong SIM Card back while he held on to the real McCoy.
Yeah, well, as I said, I can neither confirm nor deny.
Is there anything you've got linking me to these items? Mm? Something like forensic evidence? I did leave my phone in my service vehicle.
And I was very grateful when DC Morton -- and let's not be coy about names -- returned it to me.
Now, I have no idea where this other SIM Card has come from.
But DC Morton informed us that it was you who induced him to mislead the original inquiry about The Caddy, that it was you, DI Cottan, who suggested attributing the nickname to a deceased police officer.
Well, that's just not true, sir.
It was DC Morton who did the misleading.
He is the one that has been falsely claiming disability benefits.
He will say anything to cling on to his pension.
Anything at all.
The man is a completely unreliable witness.
DI Cottan, where were you on the morning of July 17th? You're asking me where I was when Lindsay Denton was murdered? 100% that's what she's asking you.
You need to demonstrate some legal basis for that question or I suggest you withdraw it immediately.
Kate, bring up the next item and the map.
Item reference MB-1 to MB-5, traffic cameras captured images of this vehicle on the morning of Lindsay's murder.
Identical make, model and colour as Steve Arnott's but with different registration.
It was driven on the route matching Lindsay's location that morning.
The registration proved to be false.
We are curious about the logic here.
The logic? Steve Arnott takes the trouble to disguise a vehicle, but there were no fake plates found when Lindsay's body was discovered.
I mean, why would Steve remove the fake plates and then leave Lindsay's body lying in the front passenger seat for all the world to find? My hypothesis would be Steven Arnott only meant to abduct Lindsay Denton.
Something went wrong, he killed her, he panicked.
Would Lindsay really have got into Steve's car if she'd seen it was displaying fake plates? Everyone makes mistakes.
Indeed we do, DI Cottan.
Are there any witnesses that saw Steve's car being stolen, as he claimed? Mm? Any witnesses that saw anyone else driving the vehicle? I think these are questions for Steven Arnott, not me.
DC Fleming.
Steve Arnott insists he returned his firearm four days before Lindsay's murder.
The booking-out officer at South Ferry armoury corroborates Steve's story.
The booking-out officer is covering his own arse.
Yeah, well, an impostor could have obtained the murder weapon and then forged the paperwork to make it appear that Steve Arnott's firearm had the same serial number as the murder weapon and that he never returned it.
That's an interesting theory.
But it couldn't have been me.
I am not an AFO.
How would I have obtained the murder weapon? The Caddy commands a network of corrupt officers.
He does.
But Steve Arnott's The Caddy, not me.
You have thought that since before Lindsay's murder.
Yeah, in fact, you made a call to me the night before Lindsay's murder.
You called me after you had observed Lindsay Denton return to her approved premises.
At 15 minutes after midnight, you called me from your mobile and you said, "That lead on Steve looks like it's going to pan out, "he really did plant the money at Lindsay's.
"I thought you would want to know before it becomes common knowledge.
" Did you make that call, DI Cottan? I Yeah.
Yeah, so what was that lead that was going to pan out? Erm Well, it couldn't have been the money in Steve's gym bag, because that wasn't discovered until the forensics carried out a search in the service vehicle the next day.
Arnott was behaving suspiciously and I wanted to give Kate a heads up, as they had been partners for a long time.
Oh, that's very considerate of you, but I will ask you for a second time -- what was the lead? Erm .
I had glimpsed some banknotes in his gym bag, I intended to investigate.
When did you see the banknotes? Earlier that day.
But how could you have known that forensics would connect them to the money planted at Lindsay's? Eh DI Cottan, were you able to forewarn Kate because you had a scheme in mind where you were going to plant that money in Steve's service vehicle? No.
No, absolutely not.
That's how the service vehicle was stolen.
You cloned the key and were plotting to use it to plant evidence against Steve.
No, absolutely not.
DI Cottan, I think we have earned the right to ask you the question -- will you kindly tell us your whereabouts between 10 and 11 that morning? Well, I really don't have to answer that question.
Don't you? This is a voluntary interview, and I am only cooperating out of my lawful duty as a police officer to assist in a criminal inquiry.
Indeed you are, indeed you are, and we can call a halt to the proceedings right there and leave this question hanging over you and your career -- or you can stick your hand up and offer us an answer and exclude yourself from our inquiries.
Entirely your decision.
Take your time.
I was at my flat.
I had had a late night on surveillance and I needed to catch up on some kip.
So you were in during those hours? Yep.
Say that again.
You just said you were in your flat, we have that on tape.
Eh It's a very simple matter, DI Cottan.
DI Cottan has answered, haven't you, DI Cottan? You have mentioned, when questioned, something you later intend to rely on in court.
Yeah, look, I Sorry.
I may have got that wrong.
Eh, I just need to think.
Erm I-I'd been up late and Take your time, take your time.
I, eh, I need to think about that one.
Absolutely, absolutely.
Maybe I could just Yeah check my calendar Yeah, yeah.
You wouldn't have entered my flat, would you, Kate? I mean, alone.
Tend to this wounded man here, quick! Kate! You all right? Someone start CPR.
I want this building locked down! Open the door! Don't move! Give me your Glock! There's a pick-up point, it's all arranged! Get back! MOVE! Stop! Stop, armed police! Keep driving as fast as you can.
It looks like they're going to go left, go with them.
Keep up with them.
Keep going, keep going.
Right, drive on.
Two males, one armed Kate? Suspects heading north off Kingsgate High Street! North off Kingsgate High Street! Kate, listen to me, retain visual contact but do not approach.
We have an armed response unit on the way.
Repeat, do not approach.
Armed police! Drop your weapon! Drop yours! Kate, sitrep.
One suspect down.
Repeat, one suspect down.
Second suspect heading to Moss Heath flyover.
Moss Heath flyover.
OK, so which one of them is still up and running? Dot.
What can I do to help, sir? Good girl.
Get on to the SFC.
I need to know where those armed response units are! Strategic Firearms Commander.
Drop your gun, drop your phone! Kate Drop 'em, hands over your head! They're not here for you, then? Not yet.
But they will be.
My advice? Run now while you can.
I'm too knackered to run.
Drop the gun! You went into my flat that morning, you saw I wasn't there? Maybe.
Maybe not.
When did you know? That'd be telling.
Well, now I see why we never slept together.
It wasn't that I didn't want to.
Please, go now, while it's safe.
I get it -- Steve Arnott's The Caddy so you can retire? Yeah, something like that, yeah.
They picked you, groomed you, guided your career.
You know everything.
What are you going to do now, just stop? What do you think they're going to do? There's only one way you can put this behind you.
Kate, I know what I'm doing.
Patrick Fairbank.
They're saying he's going to get off the child abuse charges.
You know names, dates, places.
You know all about monsters like him.
Give us the names of all the people that have ruined all these people's lives! All these monsters you've protected! Do the right thing.
Confess! Tell us everything.
Agh! Go! Go! PC Bindra, AC-12, I am still awaiting the requested information.
Be on, everybody, one of our own is out there in harm's way! I need to know what's going on! Our officer is at Moss Heath flyover, we need a location on those armed units, sir.
We need an ambulance! Armed police, get back! Get back! Dot, drop the gun.
Put it down.
No! Armed police, drop your weapon, on the ground! I'm AC-12.
Everyone back! AC-12.
Everyone, get back, now! '.
urgent paramedic support.
' Get away from him! I'm taking his dying declaration.
Sergeant, you will stand down! Come on, Dot, say it.
(Come on, Dot.
) You're free to go.
Kate? Who else would it be? Thanks, mate.
Come on, let's get you home.
Congratulations, Kate.
Thank you.
Very well done.
Look how far we've come.
It's a family united.
The Russians have made contact.
They are very dangerous people.
So are we.