Line of Duty (2012) s04e01 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 1

My stop's right over there.
Don't miss this one.
- Bye.
- Ciao! Wait! Wait! [Christ.
Let me go! No! No, no! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! I'll get that, shall I? Have you even done your homework yet, Ollie? - Hello.
- Sorry to trouble you at home, ma'am, but we've just picked up a bystander triple-9 on an active abduction - of a young female in the Moss Heath area.
- They've got all-patrol obs? Yes, ma'am, they're definitely doing that.
Make sure obs goes out to surrounding forces.
I'll patch in en route.
I'm coming in.
Sorry to have called you at home, ma'am.
No, this is what we needed.
We've being looking for him for months.
We're going to get this bastard, yeah? - Come on, let's go! - Go, go, go! Nick, where are you? Sorry, last meeting overran.
I just got the call and you're not home! - I'm literally ten minutes away.
- OK, the kids are waiting for you.
And I put the bins out.
DCI Huntley.
- Is it the vehicle? - Yes, ma'am, reported stolen this morning.
The bystander that witnessed the abduction described a suspect of average height and build, wearing a dark balaclava.
It's him, he could be right here.
- Yes, ma'am.
- OK, let's get a decision log up and running.
Cordons established, with time, SO DCI Huntley arrives, takes command of initial scene management, with time.
- Sorry, boss.
- Anyone see the driver, passenger? Just done a sweep, boss.
No witnesses as yet.
Missed him by minutes.
Christ! News travels.
Come on, come on, let's start house-to-house.
- Ma'am.
- Get a pair of GPDs.
- OK, guys, with me.
House-to-house and GPDs, note start time.
Delta X-ray 8912.
Dog unit, please, Borogrove Estate.
Have you seen a young woman accompanied by a man who might have been wearing a balaclava? Detective Chief Inspector Huntley, sorry to disturb your evening.
We're conducting house-to-house enquiries relating to a vehicle found abandoned on the estate that may have been involved in the abduction of a young woman.
Boss! Boss! The dogs are on to something! Pull the dogs back.
Neil, get Control.
Delta X-ray, stand by for an active message from Delta X-ray Zero Two.
'Delta X-ray received.
This is SIO on the Trapdoor search currently ongoing on the Borogrove Estate.
- Get back! - Are you all right? Round the back! We can't lose him! He was right here! Neil, get the dogs down there, he could have made a run for it! Help! Help! Get the cutters! Listen to me, we're going to get you free.
What's your name? It's Hana.
Come on! Cutters, ma'am! - The ambulance will be here in a minute.
- Perfect.
Constable, will you record this on your body-cam? Hana, can you give us a description of your attacker? No, I never saw his face.
He wore a A balacla? Something covering his face? Yes, like, dark, with two holes for the eyes.
What did his voice sound like? Accent, etc? Um, he never spoke.
What happened to your ears? He tore out my earrings.
All right.
Thank you, Hana.
The paramedics are going to take very good care of you.
Boss, no sign of him in the back alley.
- Dogs are still out there.
- Right.
Let's lock down all exit roads in a one-mile radius, put out all patrol obs on our suspect and find out whose house this is.
Yes, ma'am.
Tim Ifield, Forensic Coordinator.
Hey, Tim.
Listen, I'm not being funny, but that scene log has got every Tom, Dick and Harry going.
Your officers, they're traipsing all over every blade of grass before MY team's had a chance to secure evidence.
This is a live search for a suspect and THAT takes priority.
I'll send you in to do an initial survey the moment the FARS OIC declare the building safe.
Fine, yeah, ready when you are.
And I'll need one of your FIs to process the witness.
Yeah, that's what we're here for.
Ma'am, electoral roll gives residents as Eileen Farmer, born 1946, and Michael Farmer, born 1993.
Neighbours say they haven't seen Eileen for ages.
And Michael, the grandson, they describe him as a loner, rarely seen out on the estate.
PNCd Michael Farmer.
He's on the Sex Offenders Register.
Hold the line, please.
Michael Farmer just clocked on for the night shift.
Just too late for an alibi.
Right, well, we can take my car, ma'am.
No, no-one who's been at the crime scene can have any contact with - Michael Farmer until he's been fully forensically processed.
- Right.
No way some smart arse defence barrister's going to get to confuse a jury about cross-contamination of forensic evidence.
Please do nothing to alert Mr Farmer.
Police officers will be arriving in the next few minutes.
Which one's Michael? He's down there.
Michael Farmer, I'm arresting you on suspicion of abduction and attempted murder.
- Stop! - Received Delta Charlie Two Zero.
- Stop! We have a male making off from us.
Hold it, mate, hold it! Calm down, calm down.
'Delta Charlie Two-Zero.
Are you in position for an update on the suspect? Delta Charlie Two-Zero, one under arrest identified as Michael Farmer.
One under arrest identified as Michael Farmer.
Forensic deployment en route.
Suspect is cooperating.
Michael, why did you run from our arresting officers? I was frightened.
Please can you help us with where you were between 8pm and 10pm last night? I went to visit my nan.
Which would be where, please, Michael? At the nursing home.
How long did you stay at the nursing home, please, Michael? Half-past seven till half-past eight.
Visiting time.
And then where did you go, Michael? Nowhere.
Can you help us with what you mean by "nowhere", please, Michael? After visiting Nan, I go and eat me sandwiches and have me drink.
Where did you do that, Michael? Sat on a wall.
Why didn't you stay with your nan instead? You're not allowed .
after half-past eight.
If you had your phone with you, that could help prove your whereabouts.
Unfortunately, Mr Farmer's phone isn't a smartphone.
But surely, Mr Morganstaff, you realise that you can locate any mobile SIM via triangulation of relative signal strength.
Would you like to take a break, Michael? Ah, Roz, I'm glad I caught you.
Tim, they're about to go back in with the suspect.
About to.
Now, these appear to have been the most significant find - at the crime scene.
- I'm up to speed on the forensics.
There's a very subtle point you've probably missed.
Trust me, I haven't.
Boss, the duty solicitor says Farmer's ready to carry on.
Thanks, Neil.
Tim, e-mail me your concerns.
I know my place.
Tim, I will read them.
What was all that about, boss? As you were.
Is DCI Huntley, um? Expecting me? No.
As you were.
That'll be all.
So from half-past eight to a quarter to ten, - you were just sitting on a wall? - Yes.
Where was the wall? Sir.
I can't remember.
Did anybody see you while you were sitting on this wall? I don't think so.
Anything? Convicted sex offender.
We're just hearing now he has nothing in way of an alibi.
You were on this wall for over an hour, but you can't remember where it was? No.
Right, OK.
Think we'll be able to charge him within the 36 hours? Was there anybody there with you? There's a lot of evidence to go through.
You're right to be meticulous, but we need a breakthrough.
They've been killing us on Twitter.
There hasn't been a single moment I've regretted my choice of SIO.
Think very carefully, please, Michael.
Thank you, sir.
But I've stuck my neck out.
Plenty would have taken you off this case by now.
There wasn't a young woman there? - No.
- You sure? Yes.
I have every confidence in you.
There's something else we want to talk about, a fire.
What can you tell us about that? A fire, in your house, Michael.
- A big fire.
- I don't know.
So you're saying you had nothing to do with this fire? No.
I'm going to show you some photographs now.
Baswinder Kaur.
Her dismembered body was found on the 11th of November.
A hairgrip.
Ever seen either of these before, Michael? I'm not sure.
Leonie Collersdale.
Last seen 25th of January.
No-one's seen her since.
A necklace.
Seen this or Leonie before? I'm not sure.
Hana Reznikova abducted last night.
Her earrings.
Have you seen them before? I'm not sure.
- Is this you, Michael? - This is very important, Michael.
Please, think carefully.
This is a photo of a man captured on the evening of the 25th of January when Leonie disappeared.
Could this be you at all? I'm not sure.
A 24-year-old man has been charged in connection with the murder of Baswinder Kaur, the disappearance of Leonie Collersdale and the abduction and attempted murder of a third woman.
The third victim was rescued from an address in the Moss Heath area late last night.
She's currently safe and well and assisting our inquiry.
Baswinder Kaur's dismembered body was found in November last year, with Leonie Collersdale's disappearance also in the Moss Heath area ten weeks later.
Police quickly suspected there was a connection.
The hunt for the suspect, code-named Operation Trapdoor, had made scant progress until now.
"Until now!" I want to thank members of And my officers for their courageous actions in rescuing this young woman from a terrifying ordeal.
I would also like to pay tribute Well done, everyone.
Great work.
Well done.
- Thanks, boss.
- Thanks, ma'am.
They've worked tirelessly during these dark months to crack this most challenging case.
And, finally, at this time, our thoughts are with the families of the two young women, who are the tragic victims of these senseless crimes.
They should throw away the key.
Full marks to the ACC for his Crimewatch audition.
All right, everybody.
Come on.
Back to work.
Hello, Superintendent Hastings, AC-12.
Roz? Roz? Hey.
I heard the news.
Sorry about last night.
If I'd known Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, what's wrong? Nothing.
The opposite.
It's over.
Finally .
it's over.
Sorry, Sarge, I know you're just heading out the door.
What's up? There's someone down in reception wants to talk to you.
To AC-12? No, he said only DS Arnott.
Won't give a name, won't say what it's about.
OK, the case against Michael Farmer.
The crucial finding at the crime scene was a collection of three items.
Now, the third victim, the one who was rescued, told officers that the suspect forcibly removed her earrings.
Now, these earrings were identified by the victim as belonging to her, and the blood matched hers.
That seems pretty sound to me.
It does, DS Arnott.
Significantly, highly significantly, these earrings were supposedly kept with items belonging to the previous victims.
Why supposedly? How forensically minded are you? I manage OK.
Because some officers, honestly, they think the forensics are cut-and-dried.
But, let me tell you, that is not always the case.
Forensics have to be interpreted carefully.
I mean, in court, a so-called expert pops up and the jury stops listening to the rest of the evidence.
Look, Tim, it's late.
So, I asked the submissions team at the laboratory to carry out a simple environmental profile on these items.
Other items recovered from the crime scene -- a hairgrip belonging to Baswinder Kaur and a necklace belonging to Leonie Collersdale bore a characteristic pattern of carpet fibre deposits.
Now, as residents walk around Tiny amounts of carpet fibres are thrown into the air and settle on objects in the immediate vicinity.
This gives an indication of how long the objects have been in said location.
No carpet fibre deposits were found on any of the items connecting the crime scene to the previous victims.
None of the suspect's DNA either.
Now, I'm worried Well, you know what I'm worried about.
That they were planted there.
One more thing.
All shoe prints in the house matched footwear seized from the resident of the house, apart from this one.
It's a boot print that doesn't relate to him or to anyone who attended the crime scene after the scene was cordoned off for forensic deployment.
Someone else was in the house around the time of the offence.
Why haven't you taken all this to the SIO on Trapdoor? DCI Huntley? I tried.
God knows, I tried.
Evidence may have been planted, evidence may have been suppressed.
The man they've charged could well be innocent.
And I've come to you because, well, you're AC-12, this is what you do.
Timothy Ifield, forensic coordinator, 15 years' experience as an FI, promoted to Grade G two years ago on the back of first-class performance reviews.
He came to us to report concerns about an investigation - led by DCI Roz Huntley.
- Operation Trapdoor.
He came to me, actually, sir.
Huntley's got no history of misconduct or corruption allegations.
None of her team do either.
And on the database, none of them show any previous link - to the suspect.
- Michael Farmer? - Yes, sir.
Farmer's a convicted sex offender, who allegedly abducted a young woman in Moss Heath and left her to die in a burning house.
And at his home, trophies were found linking to the previous victims.
Tim Ifield claims that DCI Huntley disregarded forensic evidence that casts doubt on Michael Farmer's guilt.
Bearing in mind, sir, Huntley must have discussed the evidence with other officers, he must have presented it - to the Crown Prosecutor.
- Well, we can't know details - until we start digging, sir.
- Right.
Sir, how we treat Tim Ifield's claims speaks volumes about anyone that witnesses corruption or is in two minds about coming forward.
See what happens when you become a DS? You start worrying how things look.
Hang the finer points.
A young lad might go to prison for a crime he didn't commit.
And if police wrongdoing is part of it, I want to know.
That could've gone better.
My promotion shouldn't be an issue, Steve.
All I mean is, next time let's get our ducks in a row before we talk to the gaffer.
You're not getting any argument from me.
Sorry, ma'am.
There's a DS here from East Mids, says you should know all about it.
All about what? Sorry, ma'am.
- Where? - Incident Room.
- Neil, I'll take those.
- Cheers, boss.
- Thank you.
DCI Huntley.
DS Kate Flynn.
Congratulations on closing the case, ma'am.
Great job.
Thank you.
I'm afraid you've caught me unawares.
Oh, sorry, ma'am.
I thought the liaison had been agreed.
It's news to me.
I'm Missing Persons over at East Mids, looking into a disappearance with similarities with the first two victims in your case.
Like yours, she's got juvenile offences and on-off history of prostitution.
Everything we've put out to the public has played down those girls' difficult upbringings, at my insistence.
Prostitution is not a factor in these cases.
The victims could have been any woman.
No-one at this station calls those girls prostitutes.
We call them Baswinder and Leonie.
Yes, ma'am.
I didn't mean to cause any offence.
Hana Reznikova works two jobs, all hours, cleaner and waitress.
Yes, ma'am.
Still, my gaffer's asked me to rule out any connection.
He said he'd sent you an e-mail.
It's all been a bit hectic here.
Rikki Neville, 21-year-old, last seen just before Christmas.
What do you need from us? Thank you, ma'am.
We've arranged a post-charge interview with Michael Farmer, just to put some questions about my case.
I'll just wait here until one of your team's available, ma'am.
You know what, interviewing Farmer perhaps it would help if I was there? Yeah.
Very good, ma'am.
Um Michael, my name's Kate Flynn, I'm a Detective Sergeant on the East Midlands Constabulary.
You remember DCI Huntley from Polk Avenue Police Station? Hello, Michael.
Thank you for speaking to us today.
How are you, Michael? Been in a fight? I had one of my falls.
It can be tough in prison if you're in for certain kinds of offences, even if you're only on remand.
We can speak to the Offender Management Officer, explain that you're helping us.
And maybe that way they can do more to protect you.
Thank you.
Right, now first I need to remind you that you remain under caution.
What that means is you shouldn't say anything unless you're OK for it to be used against you in court.
You can avoid a question by saying no comment and you can stop the interview at any time.
I need to ask you about your whereabouts in the two weeks after New Year.
Did you travel to the Leicester area in early January? Um Don't remember.
You don't remember ever leaving town? I don't get out much.
You didn't take a bus or a train out of town at all? It was a while ago.
I'm sorry.
I might've forgotten.
What about driving? - Uh - Do you ever drive out of town at all, Michael? Michael? No.
Here's a photo.
This is the girl I'm asking you about.
She looks a bit like Hana Reznikova, doesn't she? Similar age, same sort of hair, I mean.
I Michael did you steal anything from her? I, um DCI Huntley's explained to me that Hana Reznikova was wearing a set of earrings that were found in your house.
And this girl, someone reckons they saw her getting into a car with a stranger, which is what's alleged to have happened with Hana Reznikova.
I don't want to get in more trouble.
Michael, you can answer however you like.
If you want to change your story, you can, but it's important that you know that changing answers may harm your defence in court.
That's correct, Michael.
The reason I'm asking you about the car, Michael, is because this is what's alleged to have happened with Hana Reznikova.
I don't want to get things wrong.
I get I get muddled sometimes.
What do you get muddled about, Michael? Do you want to stop the interview, Michael? Yes, please.
We'll leave it there.
- Is that all right, DS Flynn? - Yeah, of course, ma'am, no problem.
Thanks, everyone.
Did I do all right? In what way? You said if I did well, you'd .
you'd tell them to look after me better.
Yeah, I will.
Sorry about that, ma'am.
I hope I haven't wasted your time.
No, not at all.
Do you mind if I ask you some questions now? It would be good to beat the traffic home.
Look, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but you're barking up the wrong tree.
Why would you say that, ma'am? Farmer took trophies from each of his victims.
We did a thorough search of the house, the fire's investigator found no evidence of similar items incinerated in the fire.
Three trophies, three victims.
Whatever happened to your missing girl, she was not the fourth.
I'm sorry if you've had a wasted journey.
No, not at all, ma'am.
I really appreciate the time you've given me.
You're welcome.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
All right? I interviewed Farmer.
One uncontrolled crime of passion, that I can imagine.
But two or three, leaving no clues for months? According to his medical records, he was diagnosed with learning difficulties when he was 11.
That doesn't necessarily mean he was incapable of committing the offences.
True, but he was meant to have stolen the car used to abduct Hana Reznikova.
I'm not even convinced he can drive.
His solicitor bring that up? Don't even get me started on the solicitor.
You pressed Huntley on the driving? I know how to run an undercover.
Never said you didn't.
Well, we could leave it to you, but I don't want us to all end up in court again.
Don't worry, mate.
We'll get there.
- Right.
- Night, mate.
- Yep? - Tim Ifield's raised legitimate questions, don't get me wrong, sir.
I've looked at the electronic submissions to the CPS.
The MG3, MG5 and all the MG11s are by the book.
The MG6 initial disclosure is what I'd expect at this stage.
But signal strength triangulation places Michael's mobile phone in the vicinity of his grandmother's nursing home and not the abduction of Hana Reznikova.
Well, we all know how this works.
There's a chain of evidence, it starts with the investigating team, goes on to the Senior Investigating Officer, who presents it to the Crown Prosecutor.
The Prosecutor can only consider the evidence put in front of her.
What we don't know is how Huntley presented it all when she - made the case for charging Farmer.
- Exactly.
Nothing in Huntley's record suggests she's ever done anything like this before.
And she can't have a grudge against Farmer, she's got no connection to him.
Maybe on the balance of evidence, she believes Michael Farmer's guilty.
She's just an honest copper getting on with the job.
Yep, the job she's been given.
Sir? Well, Huntley's superiors, they won't have been kept in the dark about such a high profile case.
I mean, one girl dead, one presumed.
One by the grace of God.
No progress for months.
Senior officers only get told what they want to hear, sir.
Yeah, well, I must be the exception.
Sir, I managed to check the electronic door entry download to Polk Avenue the night of Michael Farmer's questioning.
And it shows access via the warrant card registered to Assistant Chief Constable Hilton.
Thanks, you two.
I'll be right out.
I don't know if this is a good time, sir, but I've been a DS for over five years now and I hope I've proved myself.
I've recently passed the National Inspectors' Exam.
Yes, I was aware.
Well, I feel I'm right for a promotion, sir, if you'll back me? Full marks for ambition, son.
Rest assured, I will give it due consideration.
The sea bass for me.
And I'll have the sirloin steak, medium-rare, no sauce.
You didn't fancy some vino, did you, Ted? Oh, no, no, no.
A bit too early for me, sir.
Although you might consider that recent successes merit a glass of bubbly? It's a bit early for me too, but certainly a cloud's been lifted.
Yes, well, I mean, expectations are so high from the public these days.
I mean, they think that forensic science is going to lead us directly to the door of the offender, you know.
Public trust has been restored, the Chief Constable and the PCC have dialled down their rabid anxiety.
So, we can relax and enjoy a pleasant lunch.
But, I mean, it is a very trying situation, you know, and that level of anxiety starts to filter down through the ranks.
How so? Well, you said yourself, sir, public trust, expectation of getting a result can sometimes lead to undue pressure on a detective to close a case.
Well, I don't think that's always such a bad thing.
Sometimes you've got to light a fire.
Indeed, sir.
However, a detective under that kind of undue pressure can sometimes bend the facts to suit the expectations of his, or her, superiors.
I've got better antennae than that.
You know we can't be micromanagers, Ted.
We trust our officers .
to conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity.
ACC Hilton.
How do you know when an executive officer's telling lies? His lips move.
There may be something in this.
I sincerely hope not, but I'm relying on you and Kate to get to the bottom of it.
As of now, we are investigating Roz Huntley's charging of Michael Farmer.
- Sir.
- Good.
Jade Hopkirk? - What's he done now? - No-one's in any trouble, miss.
Would it be possible to talk to you inside, please? Free country.
I appreciate this may be a difficult subject for you, Jade, but I'm here to talk to you about Michael Farmer.
All right.
Do you mind if I ask, how did you know Mr Farmer? Just from the estate.
I don't mean to push.
Could you tell me a bit more, please? We used to walk the same way home from school.
That's how it started, I suppose.
According to records I've accessed in relation to my inquiry, a complaint about Michael Farmer was made on 18th June 2009 by your mother, alleging Michael Farmer raped you.
Why you asking me all this now? This relates to a new inquiry.
I'm not at liberty to say more.
I am sorry for bringing up a traumatic experience, Jade.
Thank you.
At the time, you were 15 years old? - Yeah.
- And Mr Farmer, he was 16? Yeah.
And this offence took place in Michael Farmer's home? His grandma was out.
We were alone, listening to music and that.
Was there a friendship of some sort before the attack took place? I thought he just wanted to be friends.
But you made clear to Michael Farmer you didn't want to have intercourse with him? Yeah.
In his initial statement, Michael claims you went along? Yeah, and then he said he'd done it, so what's the problem? - Morning, boss.
- Hey, Neil, how's it going? Sorry, boss, the DS from East Mids.
How long do you want to give her? You've lost me.
To go through the interviews with Farmer and the witness statements.
Do you mind telling me what's going on here? My gaffer wasn't happy with what I got out of Farmer.
He said there was holes in his statement.
He wants more before we can rule him out.
Sorry, ma'am, I Your team seemed fine with it.
I didn't want to disturb you at home.
I'm the SIO.
You ask me.
Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry.
I meant no disrespect.
I'd like you to desist, please, while I take this up with your senior officer.
As you wish, ma'am.
I'll get someone to do that.
Very good, ma'am.
As you know, ma'am, I'm only here to solve a crime.
We're both on the same side.
Of course.
I'm very sorry, ma'am.
- Hello, switch.
- DCI Huntley.
Can you put me through to Missing Persons at the East Midlands Constabulary? DS Flynn's interfering with my investigation.
I'd rather she was denied further access to our files.
I'm sorry to hear that, DCI Huntley, but I need to speak to my Chief Superintendent.
DS Flynn's secondment is an important line of inquiry for us.
I appreciate that, but I'm finding her a disruptive influence.
Huntley's call was intercepted by our undercover ops handling service.
They're on standby to go over Huntley's head and push Kate - back on her.
- Yes, well, she certainly sounds rattled.
Huntley's definitely hiding something about how the case against Farmer was handled.
What, I don't know.
Steve, you're going to look into the original conviction that got Farmer put on the Sex Offenders Register, right? Erm, yeah.
It checks out.
Which suggests that maybe Huntley's got the right man after all.
Makes me think twice about moving Kate's undercover up to the next level.
Er, no, no.
I agree with Kate, sir.
It's still worth digging deeper.
Right, well, you're my best team.
If that's what you both think.
- Let's turn the screw.
- Sir.
Someone to see you, ma'am.
DS Arnott, ma'am.
Who are you here to see? I'm making enquiries into Operation Trapdoor.
In regards to what? Just opening our inquiry, ma'am.
It's too early to say.
Then why are you here in person? A courtesy call.
Just passing.
I'll see you again, DCI Huntley.
May I ask what you're doing here? We haven't been able to rule out Michael Farmer's involvement in a number of unsolved crimes within the jurisdiction of the East Midlands Constabulary, so we're creating a bilateral task force.
I've been placed on temporary secondment to your team, ma'am.
You push from the inside, I'll push from the outside.
She'll crack.
Thank you for seeing me, sir.
My pleasure.
Thanks, Jan.
How can I help? I wonder if you have any idea why AC-12 are examining Operation Trapdoor? Um I'm not corrupt, sir.
Nor are my team.
All procedures were followed.
Evidence met the threshold test, met and surpassed it.
I stuck with you on this because you're better than your record.
Your career break, I mean.
All those years out being a full-time mum.
Some would worry that had cost you your edge.
But I have the advantage of knowing first-hand how good you are.
Thank you very much, sir.
There's a lot of evidence, pro and con, a lot of facts.
You've got what it takes to cut through all that.
There's facts and then there's the truth.
I know you won't let me down.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Jane.
Can I take a look at the forensic reports on these particular items of evidence? I've lost track of the e-mails.
All the reference numbers are down there.
No problem, coming right up.
- Everything all right, Tim? - Hi, Roz.
- Why don't you guys go in? Yeah, yeah, all good.
Right, then.
Have a good day.
You too.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Your friend's been here a couple of hours already.
- Friend? - I put him in the meeting room.
PC Bindra said I could wait till you arrived.
Or you can make an appointment.
I'd rather people didn't know I was coming here.
So what have you discovered so far? Well, the inquiry's ongoing so it would be inappropriate to So you're investigating.
Well, this'll help.
Now, I was only responsible for coordinating the forensic deployment in Michael Farmer's house.
But I've been able to access reports into the evidence obtained from Hana Reznikova, the alleged victim, and Michael Farmer himself.
If Michael Farmer had bundled Hana Reznikova into his car and dragged her into his house, you'd imagine that some of his clothes' fibres would have been detected on her clothing, wouldn't you? Yeah, of course.
The clothing worn by Hana Reznikova shows no fibres detected that match the clothing worn by Michael Farmer, only black fibres from a cotton and polyester blend, that could have come from a black jacket like her abductor was wearing.
Farmer was wearing different clothing when he was arrested.
He could have disposed of the black jacket.
No black fibres were found on Michael Farmer's clothing or in his house.
No fibres from a balaclava were found in his hair.
Now, Roz Huntley is too clever for all this to have been missed.
I feel like I'm alone.
Like no-one else at Polk Avenue realises what's really going on.
I mean, of all people, you know what that feels like.
- Sorry? - You were a whistle-blower.
You know, you refused to go along with the cover-up into the shooting of Karim Ali and you testified against your colleagues at the inquest.
That is why I insisted on meeting only you.
Because you'd understand.
You understand what I'm thinking.
Now, either the forensic investigators were silenced by Roz Huntley .
or they're in on the conspiracy too.
"Conspiracy"? To do what? To ignore evidence pointing at another suspect.
I mean, you've seen the balaclava photo? Of course.
It's been released to the press, so it's in the public domain.
Right, well, this is the CCTV image of a suspicious figure wearing a balaclava and black jacket seen in the vicinity of the disappearance of the second victim.
Leonie Collersdale.
Last seen 25th of January.
Now, I've got some software that can analyse his biometrics.
This has all been tried.
Because of the high angle, the figure's height can't be estimated without a wide margin of error.
Now, vertical measurements are highly unreliable.
Horizontal ones aren't.
Such as foot size.
This is 27.
5cm, the equivalent to a UK size ten.
Now, the footwear seized from Michael Farmer's home and belonging to him was all a UK size eight.
You believe this can't be Michael Farmer? Not only that.
The boot print captured from the kitchen floor of Michael Farmer's home was also a UK size ten.
This is the man I'm convinced killed Baswinder Kaur, Leonie Collersdale, and abducted Hana Reznikova, and framed Michael Farmer for everything, and Roz Huntley has stopped everyone looking for him.
Jodie? Anything I can do, ma'am? Yes.
Some of the forensics in the Michael Farmer case, I'd like them reprocessed.
- I'll e-mail a list of which ones.
- OK, no problem.
Would you like to order from the breakfast menu? Uh, right, um No, I'll just have a cup of tea, please.
OK, we have Earl Grey, English breakfast, peppermint tea? Yeah, Earl Grey.
- Earl Grey.
OK, take a seat, sir, I'll bring it over.
- Thanks.
That's me, sir, if you're interested.
Yeah, maybe we should fix a time for you to come round and size up my flat? Great! I'll check my diary.
Just don't leave before we make an appointment.
I won't.
Sorry, ma'am, but I thought you should know about this.
When I looked at the forensic reports on Michael Farmer's - and Hana Reznikova's clothing - Yes? Last one to tell tales, but Tim Ifield signed out the reports.
He's been looking at them too.
Thanks, Jodie.
Are you OK, ma'am? Fancy a cuppa? - No, thank you.
- OK.
Having come under fierce criticism for failing to capture the murderer, Central Police are now being praised for their breakthrough.
Police and Crime Commissioner Paula You all right? I need to go back to work.
What's wrong with Mum? Oh, Roz? I was ringing that bell for ages.
You need to get it fixed.
It's It's silent.
It's all controlled by my computer.
For God's sake.
Can I come in? Um, yeah, yeah, of course.
Is everything OK? No.
That's what I want to talk about.
Can I get you a tea or a coffee? I'm not staying.
I'm just going to ask you, straight up -- what the hell is going on? I'm not sure what you mean.
I'm the Senior Investigating Officer.
You're the forensic coordinator.
You have your area of expertise, but fundamentally you answer to me.
So why are you questioning my evaluation of forensic evidence? Look, I can see you're upset, but wouldn't it be better if we discussed this at work? I want to discuss it now.
You've come to my home, at night, you're clearly emotional.
Don't make out I'm in the wrong, Tim.
You're the one going behind my back.
See? You know exactly what I'm referring to.
I had no choice.
You had the choice to talk to me.
- I tried.
- Oh, don't give me that.
You made some half-hearted effort to discuss a couple of minor anomalies in the evidence recovered - from Michael Farmer's house.
- They're hardly minor.
Cases of this complexity create mountains of evidence.
It takes the experience of a good SIO to cut through all that and recognise the truth.
The evidence is the truth! You think Michael Farmer's innocent, I know that he is guilty.
There's a pattern of institutional blindness, led by you, into the possibility of another suspect.
What other suspect? There is no other suspect! Balaclava Man! He committed the previous murders and he planted evidence in Michael Farmer's house.
Michael Farmer is Balaclava Man, and those items were trophies.
Of course they would have appeared different to other household items.
And the boot print -- so what? It's a house on a busy estate, who knows who coming and going.
You are taking your narrow view of your own specialism, writing off all other parts of the case that I, as SIO, am in a better position to evaluate.
Listen, I can see you're angry, but I think you should leave.
Who the hell do you think you are? - Don't you push me.
- I'm not the one pushing.
Can't you see I'm right about Michael Farmer? No, actually, what I see is someone who can't admit that she's wrong! This is my life, my career, and I will not have some sad little wanker mess that up! Is that how you see Michael Farmer? Some "sad little wanker" that you can frame and lock him up? I did not frame him.
You made sure an INNOCENT man is charged! What do you know about anything? And what gives you the right to say that he's innocent? What have you got against Michael Farmer, except him being retarded enough for you to frame?! Argh! You just assaulted a police officer.
Oh, no, no, no.
- You're staying.
- I'm leaving.
No, no, let's talk about this.
Just stay.