Line of Duty (2012) s05e01 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 1

1 WOMAN ON RADIO: Control to all patrols involved in this operation.
I can confirm that this is a covert channel at this time.
MAN ON RADIO: Charlie Zulu Five Five, sit rep.
Charlie Zulu Five Five, loading up.
Five minutes to depart.
Received, Five Five.
Control, Charlie Zulu Five Five.
Please confirm enclosure secured and you're ready to go to State Five.
Charlie Zulu Five Five, en route with Transport Echo Delta Nine Zero Five.
Control, Charlie Zulu Five Five, from Duty Officer.
All clear on primary route.
Control from Five Five, possible contact.
Stand by for sit rep.
Control standing by, Five Five.
All clear.
Seven Five, Five Five.
Active message on two.
RTC up ahead.
Keep going.
Charlie Zulu Five Five, Control, road traffic collision on Brown Lane, request local units attend.
WOMAN SCREAMS: Help! My baby! Control received, Charlie Zulu Five Five.
Standing by.
My baby! Back up, back up! Seven Five, stop.
Cover target vehicle.
We're giving assistance until locals attend then we'll TL.
- Copy all, skip.
- My baby! I can't get her out! Control, Charlie Zulu Five Five, request IR to Brown Lane RTC.
My baby! [WOMAN SOBS HYSTERICALLY] Please! Please! Please can you help my baby?! [OFFICER SCREAMS] One Five, please make towards Brown Lane.
Re-report of RTC.
Echo Delta Six Four, State Five to Brown Lane RTC.
ETA two minutes.
Two minutes! Take the lorry! No time for that soft lad.
Let him go! Come on! Come on, let's go.
We need to get the gear out of here! Move the lorry.
Let's move! Let's move! Control, Charlie Zulu Five Five, are you receiving? If she's alive, finish her! [SHE GASPS FOR BREATH] WOMAN ON RADIO: Can I slow patrols down? Five Five, receiving? She's a goner! Come on! Let's go! Control Charlie Zulu Five Five, request sit rep? BREATHLESS: Control Charlie Zulu Five Five, Status Zero, Brown Lane, ED-905 hijacked by armed suspects.
All units, transport ED-905 has been hijacked.
Request units to Brown Lane to assist with officers.
State Zero and all units obs on.
My favourite! Job done.
Nice work, lads.
Now let's get this lot shifted.
What have we got? Hijack of a transport by armed men wearing dark balaclavas.
Three AFOs pronounced dead at the scene.
Fourth critically wounded.
Mother of God.
The convoy was transporting drugs from Eastfield Depot to the incineration facility.
The firearms and balaclavas all fit with the established OCG activity.
As you were.
The transport contained heroin with a street value of ten million.
Now the drugs themselves were code number ED-905, originally seized about 18 months ago.
So the chances are the OCG that paid for it in the first place wanted it back, or maybe a rival OCG did.
Either way, ED-905's back in the hands of organised crime.
Yeah, well, one thing's for sure, they certainly had access to inside information.
Steve, Kate, consider yourselves assigned.
Find that leak.
- Sir.
- Sir.
- Steve, are you OK to open a case number? - Ma'am.
We need to open a case file on the Eastfield hijack.
PS Cafferty, DI Fleming, AC-12.
DS Arnott.
We're sorry about what happened to your team this morning.
The doctor said you might be up for answering some questions about the hijack.
No-one said AC-12 were on this.
We've just opened our inquiry.
We've listened to recordings of your RT with Control.
This is the transcript.
Now, initially you decided to follow procedure and continue the convoy, and then you changed your mind and attended the alleged road traffic collision.
There's no "alleged", ma'am.
I saw a mother fighting to save her baby.
I've got kids of my own.
What else was I going to do? It must've been very distressing for you.
There was immediate threat to life, ma'am.
I did my duty as a police officer.
No-one's accusing you of anything, Jane.
The OCG didn't look into a crystal ball.
The hijack required inside information.
Anyone spared immediately becomes a person of interest.
And I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, Sarge.
The lorry driver got away without so much as a scratch.
We've learned he didn't get told the itinerary till a few minutes before you all set off, and there's no activity on his phone.
I never said a word to anyone outside the chain of command about ED-905.
I was lucky, that's all.
You were the only female officer.
- So? - The only parent.
It wasn't just knowing the itinerary.
The hijackers needed the convoy to stop.
They were counting on someone ordering your team back to the burning car to rescue a child.
Whoever was leaking information to the OCG, they knew about you.
What, is it? I haven't told you the whole truth, ma'am.
- Go on.
- I was spared.
I didn't say, because I knew you'd be suspicious.
The woman in the car, the woman who set the trap maybe she didn't want to leave my kids without a mum.
I don't know.
Whatever the reason, she told the others that I was dead.
She saved my life.
Can you describe this woman? The three officers were PC Kevin Greysham, PC Ray Randhawa and PC Carl Waldhouse.
All highly trained, authorised firearms officers.
Our thoughts are with their families at this very difficult time.
The fourth officer, whose name and location we're withholding for her own protection, is expected to make a complete [LAUGHTER] I ended up in a lap-dancing bar.
- Sparkles.
- Yeah.
- I met this worldy.
- Oh, yeah.
She had some bangers on her.
She's jumping up and down and that and the room's shaking and everything, but they didn't move! Sorry.
John, you got a minute? Yeah, go ahead.
I need to tell you something so that it comes from me first.
The fourth copper she survived.
But you said she was a goner.
I'm not a doctor.
She can ID you.
I'll make it up.
Tell me how.
Not late am I, Sarge? I'm early.
- Any leads yet? - Sorry, Sarge.
We're looking at everyone with knowledge of ED-905.
Nothing yet.
We'll keep working on it.
All right.
All right, Maneet.
How's the little 'un? Oh, he's talking all the time now.
- He never shuts up.
- Let's have a look.
Aw! Bless him.
- What's wrong, baby? - Mummy! Yeah.
Mummy's here.
- What? What? - Ah, bless him.
- No, Mummy! - What? ON VIDEO: Your feet are so sticky! I think it's bath time.
Sarge, re the nominal, I think I might've got something.
Oh, sorry, Maneet.
A betting shop robbery three months ago.
Armed men wearing dark balaclavas.
A female accomplice diverted staff by claiming her baby had stopped breathing.
The baby turned out to be a doll.
- Is there a description of the nominal? - CCTV? That's the thing, ma'am.
The CCTV's been sequestered.
I tried to access the details and I was blocked.
Blocked? What's the case number? Thanks, Tatleen.
You all right? All right.
There was a code associated with the MOPI Notice, C-1601.
C-1601 blocks access to aspects of a number of cases and one name kept coming up as the authorising officer.
Detective Superintendent Alison Powell.
- Never heard of her.
- No.
Me neither.
What is this place? I thought you might know.
DI Fleming, DS Arnott, AC-12.
We've got an appointment with DSU Powell.
RECEPTIONIST: They're here.
Alison Powell.
Sir? - Sir? - Kate, Steve.
Management of Police Information exists for a reason.
When you encountered the MOPI Notice, you set off an electronic tripwire.
I was prepared to overlook that.
And then when your office requested a meeting, I thought it best to consult with Superintendent Hastings.
They are my best team.
They'll get to the root of anything.
The root being what, sir? Access to certain case files has been restricted due to their sensitivity.
I'm not at liberty to disclose the details, not even to Superintendent Hastings.
He's here to assure you that there is nothing unlawful going on.
AC-12 have stumbled on an extremely sensitive undercover operation.
Is there a UCO embedded in the OCG that carried out the heroin hijack? As a former UCO yourself, DI Fleming, you know I can't confirm or deny.
I'm a bit baffled here because I've no idea what this place is or what you do.
I've been brought in from an outside force to lead on a specific operation, authorised at the highest level, and we've done a good job of keeping it hidden.
Till now.
Three police officers were killed in that hijack.
I can assure you our UCO has not been authorised to encourage, enable or commit criminal offences.
Nonetheless, you might want to extract your officer and submit some evidence against the murderers.
Our operation's at a critical stage.
Best served by leaving our asset in place.
Ma'am, did your UCO provide intelligence that facilitated arrests following the betting shop robbery? As I said, AC-12 have stumbled on an undercover operation.
And now I need you all to stumble away.
What the hell are you playing at, not keeping me informed? Sir, it's my job as DI to take on responsibility.
I wanted to know we were definitely onto something before I came knocking at your door.
Sir, an undercover officer involved in the hijack had a duty to warn their Covert Ops Manager officers were in danger.
Same goes for identifying the betting-shop robber.
Maybe she couldn't make contact without breaking cover.
She? You think the UCO's the nominal, the one that saved Cafferty's life? Makes sense, sir.
She couldn't stop the hijack but the best she could do was limit the loss of life.
Oh, Christ.
I've been there.
The lies, the fear.
God only knows what she's going through.
Sorry, Lise, we're loading up.
I'll be right out.
Don't move, lights off, keep the engine running.
Just do it.
You made his night there, Lise.
Be right with you.
- You're all right, Slater.
- [TAP RUNS] You take your time.
Shake off all the drips.
You the guys? Yeah.
Yeah, we're the guys.
This your bird? Bit personal.
Is he yours? Now the pissing contest's over with maybe we can talk business.
No business to talk.
You got our merchandise.
Ours, bought and paid for.
Except you lost it and we ventured some resources into recovering it.
You want a finder's fee.
Call it what you want, mate.
I'd call it half.
What you got is ours.
The filth seizing it way back when don't make no difference.
Are you going to try putting it on the street? Our gear? That's why we should make a deal.
Avoid any conflict of ownership.
I got no problem with conflicts.
Me neither.
Three dead coppers tell you that.
Fight over the merchandise, we both lose.
Make a deal we both win.
She your bird or what? This is a professional meeting.
I'm here in a professional capacity.
Look at him, not me.
- He's talking sense.
- 50-50.
Half the merchandise or half the street value.
Makes no difference to us.
50-50 ain't going to happen.
No, we're facing life for murdering three coppers, Slater.
That ain't 10%.
We both know you can shift that gear for ten times what you paid for it.
The numbers work.
Everyone wins.
- Cheers, lad.
- Ta.
I thought we'd lost you for the night.
Just needed a minute in private, that's all.
Here you are.
Not in the mood, mate.
Come on, Lise.
Don't be stupid.
Have a little bump.
Celebrations are a bit premature, aren't they? I'll be fine.
We can't trust them, John.
We don't know them.
You don't need to know someone to play a game.
There's no point talking to you when you're off your face.
We're getting into business with bad people.
We're bad people! Whoa! Look at this.
Now, here we go.
Now the celebrations can really begin! A pair of crackers! Look at them.
I'll have the two of you.
- Oi, oi! - Chill out.
What about me? Get your own.
Sorry, Sarge, have you got a minute? Yeah.
We've been checking out officers that were aware of transport ED-905.
As per instructions, I've been searching for officers with any kind of disciplinary record.
Vihaan Malhotra.
Civilian Administrator.
He's one of the staff involved in organising the processing and disposal of controlled substances.
Repeated minor disciplinary offences, mainly for poor time keeping and irregularities with expenses.
So, what's the problem? His name came up early on.
I showed the file to Maneet.
I'm not sure why she didn't think it was worth investigating.
She knows what she's doing.
You're right.
Sit down, Vihaan.
DS Arnott, DI Fleming.
Like to ask you some questions about the hijack of seized goods transport ED-905.
Sure, yeah.
Your job here is to sign off on Seized Goods when they're no longer required in evidence.
Our inquiries show you were responsible for some - of the paperwork on ED-905.
- Not just that one.
I'm across lots of You seem nervous, Vihaan.
Why are you nervous? Has someone been talking about me? We did some basic background checks on you, Vihaan, that's all.
Anything you want to confide? No.
Vihaan? I I need a glass of water.
Down! Stay down! Down! Down! Stay down! Vihaan Malhotra, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit robbery.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Steve, are you all right? Steve? You all right? Yeah, yeah.
Do you need your back looking at? - Are you sure? - I'm fine.
Come on, up.
Move! - Hiya! - Hey.
Look who's back.
How are you doing? Oh, something smells good! Proper treat.
You all right? [MESSAGE ALERT] - Good to go, boss? - Yeah, let's do this.
Tatleen, is Maneet around? No, ma'am, called in sick today.
Stomach bug.
OK, thanks.
Document nine in your folders.
Document nine shows calls made from an unregistered pay-as-you-go phone, a so-called burner phone, to contact other burner phones.
Location triangulation places your phone near your home address at the time of the calls.
One of the phones you were contacting has been retrospectively placed at the hijack of transport ED-905.
Did you make this call, Mr Malhotra? No comment.
At your home, our search team made a discovery under your floorboards, submitted in evidence as item JLM-5.
JLM-5 can be viewed in image 11 and image 12.
Used banknotes in the sum of £25,000.
How do you account for this finding, Mr Malhotra? - No comment.
- Mr Malhotra, have you been receiving bribes from an organised crime group as an inducement to disclose sensitive information regarding police operations, specifically with respect to transport ED-905? No comment.
OK, Mr Malhotra, whichever way you want to play this, it makes no odds to me.
I've consulted with the Crown Prosecutor in respect of conspiracy to commit robbery and malfeasance in a public office.
And I'm satisfied she'll agree that the threshold has been reached to charge you with these offences.
Also, given the loss of life, I will be seeking authority to charge you with conspiracy to murder.
And as you may know, if convicted, conspiracy to murder carries a life sentence.
No, wait.
Come on, Vihaan.
They never said people'd get killed.
- Who did? - Who contacted you, Vihaan? They said her was from the betting company.
A woman? Her said they had a policy of offering people with big debts a structured repayment programme.
Her took details off me, everything.
Her used the personal information I'd given her to find out all about my private life and, if I don't do what her say, her tell my whole family.
Can you describe this woman, Vihaan? Young.
Dark hair, mixed race.
Pausing interview.
The UCO recruited him and then she never told anyone.
Maybe she had to find an informant as part of ingratiating herself into the OCG.
Giving up Malhotra risked blowing her cover.
If she'd reported Malhotra, three coppers wouldn't be in the morgue right now.
No, this UCO, she's crossed the line.
Powell stonewalled us.
Let's see if Malhotra's more forthcoming.
Resuming interview.
This woman, how many times did you meet her? Just a couple of times, first when her pretended to be from the betting company and then when her blackmailed me.
So, after that, how did you maintain contact with this woman? No way.
Any leads you can give us tracing this woman, Vihaan, that would allow us to show the court you've assisted our inquiry.
Shorten my sentence, yeah? More like shorten my life expectancy.
Vihaan, this is an urgent investigation seeking hardened criminals.
Three police officers murdered in cold blood.
We need to find these criminals and put them behind bars.
If you know names and you aren't giving them to us, this is only going to get worse for you, Vihaan.
We're throwing you a lifeline here, mate.
I know what you're up to.
Don't act like I don't.
What are we up to, Vihaan? Protecting one of your own.
Her's the one pointed the finger at me and everyone's acting like her never done nothing.
We really don't know what you're talking about, Vihaan.
Her's as much to blame as me.
Who? Who's as much to blame? We're good to go with Slater for a trade.
- When? - Tonight.
Nice one.
Is it? What do you mean? I look at you.
There's a little voice telling me, "She's soft.
She's a bottler.
"She'll drag us all down.
" - That's bollocks, John.
- Well, prove it.
I want to put Slater out of business.
Show me you're still worth some value.
Or that little voice is going to start telling me that I've gave you enough second chances.
Right, it's all yours.
I won't be far.
Where's your boss? Tonight, I'm the boss.
At most, you take care of the livestock.
We're not selling livestock, we're selling gear.
Half the street value.
Here's proof of our end.
The rest's in the van outside.
Half was what I agreed with your boss.
Me and you we need to make a new deal.
That works.
What's in the van's all yours.
But what's in the van's half the gear.
My boss delivers the rest once you stump up the other 25%.
Or we could just piss around all night playing games, Slater.
You seem to like that.
We're minted! - Lise! - Never in doubt, eh.
One last thing before we're even.
Mark Malhotra's card.
Make sure he's 100% acquainted with the consequences if he talks about the hijack.
He's already shitting bricks, John.
Now let's not go falling out again, eh, Lise? Cheers.
PC Paul Harris and PC Bindra.
Could you just sign in, please? I can't bear this.
Me neither.
Get set up.
[CONTINUOUS MONOTONE BEEP] AC-12 interview of Police Constable Maneet Bindra, in the presence of her Police Federation rep, by Superintendent Hastings, DI Fleming, DS Arnott.
PC Bindra, you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Document eight.
Document eight is a statement by a member of civilian staff, Vihaan Malhotra, confessing to disclosing confidential information about police operations to an organised crime group.
What is your relationship with Vihaan Malhotra? He's my cousin, ma'am.
Did you deliberately suppress a lead that would have led us to Malhotra? A person instrumental in the hijacking of dangerous narcotics.
I'm sorry.
So you were aware of Malhotra's offences? PC Bindra? No, sir, I wasn't aware Vihaan was passing information to an OCG.
Information that put three officers in the morgue and one but for the grace of God! Document two in your folders.
Document two is a summary of an internal investigation into information leakage that occurred following the disciplinary proceedings against DC Jamie Desford.
On screen, video one, an AV recording of PC Bindra's statement in respect of the foregoing.
HASTINGS: Desford's already been served a red notice for his activities in collusion with Assistant Chief Constable Derek Hilton.
FLEMING: Yet Desford denies disclosing sensitive AC-12 files to Hilton.
Desford claims to have been deceived in disclosing his username and password by you.
LAWYER: You've got no evidence to put her fingers on that keyboard.
Let's stop beating about the bush, PC Bindra.
Did you use Desford's log-in information to download confidential files, which you then passed on to Assistant Chief Constable Hilton? Yes, or no? No, sir, absolutely not.
You work with someone you take them at their word.
More fool me.
Continuing with document eight.
Vihaan Malhotra alleges you supplied confidential AC-12 files to Assistant Chief Constable Hilton in return for Hilton's silence regarding Malhotra's offences.
No? I never knew it was so bad, what Vihaan was doing, otherwise I'd never have gone along with it.
Along with what? It's true ACC Hilton used Vihaan to blackmail me.
Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
You've got to believe me, sir, when I tell you Hilton never said anything about Vihaan leaking information to an OCG.
He only told me Vihaan was in danger of dismissal over his personal problems.
I wanted Vihaan to have a chance of kicking his gambling addiction.
Hilton said that he'd pull strings for Vihaan if I agreed to keep him in the loop on AC-12 operations.
You were spying on us! Sir, he was the ACC.
I honestly believed it was lawful.
Then he put more pressure on me, to reveal more and more sensitive material.
You could've come to me! I stopped, sir.
I took early maternity leave.
I couldn't bear what I was doing.
Nothing I can say can make up for what I did.
Yeah, you're not wrong there.
Sir, there's no evidence Maneet knew Malhotra was leaking information to an OCG.
And apart from this, sir, she has got a spotless service history.
Do you hear that, do you? Do you hear that? That's good people.
Honest people.
Sticking up for one of their own.
But you have made a mockery of that.
You are finished here, Constable, you are finished with the force and that's only the start of it.
Christ knows what criminal charges you're going to end up facing! Superintendent Hastings leaving the room before I say something I'm going to regret.
Thank you, everybody, can I have your attention, please? Thanks.
Well, it's been one hell of a journey to this point, hasn't it? And it's been a right few ups and downs along the way.
We've even had to suffer corrupt police officers in our midst.
But small mercies.
Maneet's confession has put the final nail in Hilton's coffin.
Hilton knew about Malhotra.
Oh, yeah, he was the one.
He was the senior police officer who was running the show for organised crime.
Killing himself was the only decent thing that man ever did.
Well done, everybody.
Well done.
And to celebrate, I am going to put a few bob behind the bar in the Red Lion tonight so you can all have a drink on the gaffer.
And that is something that does not happen every day.
Correct? That's true, yeah! So carry on.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Maneet links to Hilton.
Hilton to Malhotra.
Malhotra to the OCG.
And now there's a UCO inside the OCG.
If anyone can prove the gaffer right, that Hilton was the one pulling the strings, it's her.
Or prove him wrong.
We need to find her.
Oh, my God.
I fell down the stairs.
You shouldn't be here.
It's OK, I used a false name on the VO.
Prison Liaison don't know I'm a police officer.
You can't do nothing.
I can talk some sense into you.
Why'd you even want to help me? I dobbed you in.
You did the right thing.
I've been living a lie.
Keeping secrets from people that I care about.
I'm sorry, Maneet, for all of it.
I know you are.
Vihaan, come clean to AC-12.
Tell them everything you know and you'll be out of here sooner.
Look at me.
This is when I don't say nothing.
I won't talk.
I'd never talk.
You always looked after me.
I know.
GUARD: Hands! Help me, Maneet.
I ain't up to this.
[HE SOBS] Tell me how I can help.
Nikki's phone.
I've got a betting tip.
Wrong number.
Odds at 100 to 30.
You sure? 100 to 30.
OK, don't move.
You checked her over? No weapons, no recording devices.
She's clean.
So, what's all this about? Vihaan Malhotra.
- He won't talk.
- He did talk.
Told you how to get hold of us.
And that's all.
I want a guarantee he's safe inside.
This is family.
No, this is business.
In return for information.
About what? Police operations.
Investigations that could damage your business.
I passed information to ACC Hilton.
I could do the same for you.
I've got an idea how we could help each other out.
[PHONE RINGS] Evening, Mr Hastings.
I just wanted to ask, is that problem with the toilet fixed? All sorted, sir.
Sorry, sir.
There's a reminder on your account.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I think there was some issue with that.
I mean, I'll make sure it gets paid next week.
You know, banks! Screw everything up.
Christ sake, this going to happen or what? Armed police! Armed police! - On your knees! - On your knees! Where'd that come from? That weren't there before! What's the game, man? What's the game? Bastards! Sir, this way.
Open it.
All right.
What's AC-12's interest in this? Sorry, Sam.
Detective Chief Superintendent Hargreaves.
Gaffer thinks he knows the magic words to make them talk.
Don't they all? What were you all up to tonight? No comment.
That van full of H.
Bit careless, to leave it there for us to catch you red-handed.
Not us.
Are you trying to tell me you didn't hijack the transport? Not us.
Who then? Ask the bitch.
A woman? One that set us up.
Set you up how? Following the arrests made last night, the first round of interviews have been completed by Serious Crime.
The following allegations have been made relating to controlled drugs seized by an OCG in the hijack of transport ED-905.
A portion of the heroin was traded to a rival OCG for an extremely large amount of cash.
A further trade was arranged and the heroin planted at the scene in a van to incriminate the rival OCG.
It's been alleged the whole thing was orchestrated by a female OCG member matching the description of the nominal.
Well, it sounds like the UCO is finally getting some dangerous drugs off the street and some hardened criminals behind bars.
Except, sir, I looked into the tip-off and the caller used none of the code words issued to undercover officers.
We don't believe it was her, sir.
Well, let's see what Detective Superintendent Powell has to say for herself this time.
- All right.
- All right.
What's up? You tell me.
All went as planned.
We set up the exchange for the rest of the gear.
The copper did her part, made a call.
They're out of business.
You've got what you wanted.
And this copper? Apart from make a call, what's she done? - She's working on it.
- Working on it.
Let's give her time to pan out, one way or another.
One way.
Or another.
[DOOR SLAMS] Sorry, sorry.
No idea where my head was.
I'm in a rush, let's just swap insurance details.
[MANEET SCREAMS] CALL HANDLER: Emergency, which service do you require? What have you got for us? I haven't had time to work with my contacts.
What contacts are these? They don't want anyone knowing.
- You're full of shit.
- John.
My men were following you.
You were on your way to AC-12.
That's not true.
Every one of you is so keen to believe this is all about protecting her idiot cousin.
It's the truth! She got her burner on her? It's the one we gave her.
Get me a screwdriver.
You've got to believe me.
It wasn't there when we gave it to her, John.
I'll deal with you later.
Get out of my sight.
What's going to happen? There's only one thing worse than a bent copper, that's a bent copper who pretends she isn't.
No! No! No! Please! [SHE SOBS] [STIFLED SOBS] Right.
So, we have a betting shop robbery, we have the recruitment and blackmail of a civilian administrator, we have a hijack, we have narcotics traded, we have a rival organised crime gang framed.
We have three police officers murdered, one seriously injured, and the whole time, your UCO has failed to pass on any intelligence that would have prevented these offences? I've already told you, I'm not at liberty to discuss any ongoing undercover operation.
I'll give you, "At liberty," Detective Superintendent Powell.
If a UCO is committing crimes, that's the business of AC-12.
And if you have any doubts, you just watch how fast I'm going to shut down this operation and serve you, your COM and your UCO with Reg 15s.
It's called Operation Pear Tree.
Our brief was to embed an undercover officer within an organised crime group.
Now we're getting somewhere.
So here's a simple question.
Are you in contact with your UCO or aren't you? Now listen, Alison.
I didn't float up the Lagan on a bubble.
Are you or aren't you? No.
So your COM's lost contact, your cover officers, too? We're trying our best.
- Christ.
- How long? How long has your Covert Operations Manager not been in contact with your UCO? Days? Weeks? Mother of God, don't tell me it's months! We can't be certain what's happened.
It's a deep cover operation.
He may still be acquiring intelligence on organised criminal activity.
He? Detective Sergeant John Corbett.
[MUFFLED SCREAMS] Come on! Come on, you! Please! No, please! [SHE SCREAMS] - No, no! - Shut up! This ain't helping.