Line of Duty (2012) s05e02 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 2

My baby! Back up, back up! [SCREAMING.]
If she's alive, finish her! She's a goner! The transport contained heroin with a street value of ten million.
ED905's back in the hands of Organised Crime.
Nice work, lads.
The hijack required inside information.
Vihaan Malhotra, Civilian Administrator.
Down! Stay down! I know what you're up to.
What are we up to, Vihaan? Protecting one of your own.
What is your relationship with Vihaan Malhotra? He's my cousin, Ma'am.
I never knew it was so bad, what Vihaan was doing, otherwise I'd never have gone along with it.
You are finished with the Force, and that's only the start of it.
Christ knows what criminal charges you're going to end up facing.
I passed information to ACC Hilton.
He was the senior police officer who was running the show for Organised Crime.
Killing himself was the only decent thing that man ever did.
I am deeply sorry for having not consulted you about the finances.
I'm a married man.
It's called Operation Pear Tree.
Our brief was to embed an undercover officer within an organised crime group.
Detective Sergeant John Corbett.
I'm in a rush.
Let's just swap insurance [MUFFLED SCREAMS.]
There's only one thing worse than a bent copper, that's a bent copper who pretends she isn't.
- Shut up, this ain't helping! - [SHE SOBS.]
That's her.
It can't have been easy.
I'll stick around for forensic examination - and report back to the boss.
- OK.
You recognise this place, yeah? Yeah.
Assistant Chief Constable Hilton's body, as found in 2017.
Assumed to be suicide.
Now looking more possible he was killed.
Maneet was complicit in Hilton's corruption, killed in the same location.
Maybe she knew something and had to be silenced.
I really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.
I hate to say it, I think she was more involved than we thought.
I mean, you work right beside someone [DOOR OPENS.]
- Sir.
- Sir.
It's an awful business.
Awful business.
Does the family know yet? Yes, sir.
They're rallying round.
What's going to happen to those poor wee children? Do we know anything of Maneet's movements prior to this? Shot by a bystander on his smartphone.
- WOMAN: Oh, my God! - HASTINGS: Oh, God.
- MAN: What's going on? - What are they doing to her? - Are you getting this? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Keep filming.
Keep filming! Serious Crime are running ID on the suspects.
They're running ANPR on the vehicle to try and track its movements.
And, what, we're going to sit on our hands while Serious Crime run the whole shooting match? I don't think so.
Ma'am? PCC's asked to be in on this meeting.
We've not met, have we, Superintendent Hastings? Rohan Sindwhani.
I know who you are, Mr Sindwhani.
Then you'll know I was elected to shake things up.
Deputy Chief Constable Wise knows my feelings on this subject.
For too long, the extent of police corruption has been covered up - for fear of losing public trust.
- Absolutely, absolutely.
And that is why in my department, AC-12, we're determined to get to the bottom of it, we're the best in the business.
My senior legal counsel, Gill Biggeloe.
You don't mind if she sits in? No.
You were intending to brief me on your inquiry's findings regarding the hijack? Yes, Ma'am, that's correct.
But it's even more complex, and more troubling, than we first thought.
The OCG, that's the Organised Crime Group, may be implicated in the death of a former AC-12 officer, PC Maneet Bindra.
And we're also investigating an undercover operation, Operation Pear Tree.
- Pear Tree? - Yes.
We require access to all the files pertaining to Operation Pear Tree in order to investigate the possibility that a serving undercover officer may be participating in criminal activities.
WHISPERS: My God! I'm also here to ask the DCC for access to Serious Crime's investigation of the suspicious death of PC Bindra.
There's a point of principle with respect to a police unit investigating an offence in which one of your former officers is the victim.
Granted, Ma'am, granted, but unless my officers have access to all the lines of inquiry, we simply cannot do our job.
Andrea, I'd be grateful if you'd take the pragmatic view.
AC-12 will have access to Operation Pear Tree and to Serious Crime's investigation.
Thank you, Ma'am.
You won't regret it.
That's the problem with corruption inquiries.
There's always the danger you'll find some.
DI Fleming, AC-12.
We have the lawful authority to investigate Operation Pear Tree.
All officers to your desks.
You'll each be questioned by an AC-12 caseworker.
You'll each be obliged to surrender all materials relating to Operation Pear Tree to said case worker.
Failure to comply will be a breach of your Duties and Responsibilities under Police Conduct Regulations and may lead to a misconduct charge under said regulations.
What the hell's going on? Our work here is confidential.
DC Eldwick.
Is this your desk? No files will be surrendered without my say so.
Ma'am, you're obstructing police officers in their lawful duty which, as you know, is a criminal offence, rendering you subject to arrest.
PC Yacoob.
Take me to your desk, please.
Box 23219.
These are the most significant items that have been shared from Serious Crime's search of Maneet's address.
Audio files on a home computer.
I think you need to hear this one first.
MANEET: I'm making this audio file via a miniature recording device.
My plan is to carry out undercover surveillance on the OCG.
I let AC-12 down.
I betrayed Superintendent Hastings' trust.
This is how I'm going to make up for it.
- End of recording.
My God.
I feel awful now.
Me too.
So what else have we got? Then there was this.
FEMALE VOICE ON RECORDING: You checked her over? No weapons, no recording devices.
She's clean.
So what's all this about? No other female voices on the recordings, only Maneet's and hers.
So where's DS John Corbett in all this? Nowhere.
He's still a mystery.
Was it really necessary to leave her body down at the harbour? Could have just dumped it in the landfill.
The police would have been none the wiser.
Now here's what I don't understand.
We've netted gear worth ten million quid, we've put a rival unit out of business and no bastard's even picked up the phone.
Oi, you! No good.
Now, we've got a good thing going on here with this unit, Lise.
With a bit more support from above, we could do some serious business.
The boys have fallen for all this cos you've got brains.
But you're what? Less than a year in.
I've earned my place.
I follow orders.
That's the way you do business.
In case you haven't noticed, Lise, we don't do a nine to five, and we don't work in some shitty little office waiting for some idiot boss to tell you what to do, hoping you get thrown a crumb every now and again.
I've had my fill of that.
Money, power, respect, that's what I'm in this for.
And I reckon you are, too.
You, very good.
But quicker.
Money! Money, money, money! MANEET: My plan is to carry out undercover surveillance on the OCG.
I let AC-12 down.
I betrayed Superintendent Hastings' trust.
This is how I'm going to make up for it.
End of recording.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Can I have your attention, please? We've lost one of our own.
PC Maneet Bindra.
Young officer, mother with two young children.
If you've ever asked yourself the reason why we do this job this is it.
Carry on.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Tatleen, the, er the Red Notice that we served on Maneet Bindra, has it been actioned yet? No, sir.
Her Fed Rep launched an appeal and we were just Yes.
Rescind it.
I shall talk to DCC Wise and remind her that Maneet Bindra was still a serving AC-12 officer at the time of her murder.
She died in the line of duty.
Superintendent Hastings? DCI Mark Moffatt.
Well, retired DCI.
Sorry to ambush you like this.
You're not an easy man to find.
Oh, yeah, Roz Huntley's Fed Rep.
- Listen, mate, it's been a long day - Yeah.
Let me just spit it out and then you can tell me to sling my hook.
Since retiring, I've joined a mate's property development business, and one of our new projects is in the Republic of Ireland, the Kettle Bell Complex.
- I'd rather not discuss that - We've taken over redevelopment, and our terms of business include compensating the original investors.
I've got the right man? You were one of the unlucky ones? Yeah.
Maybe I can take you for a drink? Yeah, wait there.
I'll be right back.
Thank you, Steve.
Thank you, sir.
Operation Pear Tree commenced on 22nd January 2018 under the command of Detective Superintendent Alison Powell, with authority to embed an undercover officer in an organised crime group.
What we've now learned is the objective of Operation Pear Tree was to investigate institutionalised links between corrupt police officers and organised crime.
An operation on our patch and no-one told us a dickybird, eh? DS John Corbett.
One year ago, John Corbett left his desk and never went back.
His colleagues were never told where he went, and ordered never to disclose he'd worked with them.
His files were erased from the police database, his phone number and e-mail deleted, his name removed from the payroll.
What we now know from these files is that Corbett was given a new identity John Clayton, a forger with multiple convictions.
DS Corbett had been a printer before he joined the Force.
As Clayton, he offered his services to the highest bidder.
Files seized yesterday reveal Clayton succeeded in convincing an OCG to recruit him, and he soon became a trusted member of the OCG, responsible for overseeing the production of lucrative forgeries of identity documents, legal documents, invoices, receipts, certificates, you name it.
Operation Pear Tree files show that DS Corbett has been out of contact with his COM and Cover Officer for nearly three months.
In that time, he's believed to have actively participated in criminal offences, namely the hijack of Seized Goods Transport ED905, the murder of three AFOs, the attempted murder of a fourth and possibly even the death of Maneet Bindra.
This is an image of the vehicle used to abduct Maneet, captured by a member of the public who witnessed the incident.
Now, using ANPR, we've been able to track the vehicle heading towards Edge Park, but the trail ran out, leaving us unable to determine the vehicle's destination.
But from the same set of images, we were able to capture a clear image of one of Maneet's abductors.
Recognition software gives a 90% likelihood the subject is Lee Banks, a career criminal with numerous convictions for violence.
One of Banks's known associates is Robert Denmoor.
Forensic evidence linked Denmoor to OCG interference into Operation Trapdoor, led by DCI Roz Huntley in 2017.
You'll all recall that Denmoor was shot dead in this building by the gaffer.
What all this means is there's a proven association between Corbett's OCG and the network of corrupt officers we've been investigating all these years.
And is there anything in the files that might suggest why Corbett's gone rogue? We've been looking specifically at the time leading up to the point where Corbett ceased contact with his COM.
The entries have been redacted from the files.
Thank you, Steve.
So your orders are to establish the whereabouts of John Corbett and to apprehend him without delay.
Ma'am, about those redacted entries, the current COM on Operation Pear Tree was appointed after Corbett stopped responding.
I've got a name for the original COM, - and Tatleen's trying to track her down.
- Good.
Look, Kate Corbett's embedded in a group of hardened criminals who'd execute him if they discover his true identity.
I've been there.
It's not nice.
All I'm saying is he's anti-corruption, same as us.
Should we consider the lengths he might be forced to - to maintain his cover? - Sure.
For about two seconds.
Long way north.
I'm surprised it hasn't given you a nosebleed.
- I didn't get no biscuits in.
- We're fine, thanks.
As I explained over the phone, Mrs Corbett, we're a specialist anti-corruption unit making inquiries into serious criminal offences.
I've been a copper's wife long enough to know what anti-corruption means.
You reckon John's involved.
We're keeping an open mind.
Steph Is it OK if I call you Steph? I've been an undercover officer myself, so I do understand the stresses your husband's under.
We need to form a picture of his current state of mind.
I can't help you.
I haven't heard from him.
Don't expect to neither.
Why do you say that? Ask her.
She was undercover.
Perfect job for a selfish arsehole that don't give a toss about his own family.
John's done undercover operations before.
What's different about this one, do you think? I'll tell you what's different.
He gets to run around like he's single again, and I'm left with a house to run and two kids to bring up.
You've come hoping I can help you find him? I don't want to find him.
- Not too late? - No.
Just right, ta.
Look, what Corbett's missus said about undercover work, that was never you? Thanks, Steve, but she was right.
I mean, getting promoted and working new hours, it's given me a chance to make up for all that.
I'm just glad me and Mark are making a go of things again and I can be a proper mum.
- I'm glad for you, mate.
- Thanks.
Your turn next to settle down! Yeah, right.
- Night, mate.
- Night.
- Perfect timing.
- Oh, great.
Hey, you all right? - Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Love you.
I'll see you in the morning.
- Night.
- Night-night.
MANEET: Vihaan explained to me how he made contact with the OCG.
There's a phone box in Moss Heath, on the corner of Tates Avenue.
They put a business card in there that looks like it's for sexual services.
The number keeps changing, but the name's always the same, Nikki 9.
You go through a series of set phrases.
You start with, "Got a tip for you," like you're talking to a gambler.
Then you quote the odds as "100 to 300".
No matter what they say back, you stick with those odds.
Then either they give you instructions for a meeting - or drop off a burner phone.
Hello? What do you want? Got a tip for you.
Not interested.
Decent odds.
You taking the piss or what? 100-30.
Wait there.
Yes! Hey, guys.
Come and have a look at this.
You know him? Copper.
Steve something.
Is he bent? Far as I can remember, couldn't be straighter.
You did the right thing, lads.
We already fell for it once with Maneet.
We're not the mugs they think we are.
Nice one.
- Cheers, John.
- No worries.
For Christ's sake, John.
He's investigating Maneet's murder.
Let's get a move on, then.
- What do you mean? - I've got a plan.
Something big.
Let's make use of our assets before this muppet gets to them.
District Nurse here to see Jane Cafferty.
Oh, er Sorry, the hospital's rubbish at notifying people.
He's checking.
I just need to carry out an assessment to make sure everything's in place with her mobility, dressings, medication, etc.
That's fine.
Jane's still in a bit of pain.
It'd be good if you could see her.
Standing by.
Maybe I should try again tomorrow.
It's all good.
Go in.
This way.
Sorry, are you all right to give us bit of Yes, of course, some privacy.
Hello, Jane.
I'm Alice.
I need to start by asking you a few questions, if that's all right.
Am I OK to call you Jane? You shot me.
You killed my team.
I swear to God if I wasn't in this bed, I'd We crossed you, Jane, but it weren't my idea.
My family.
They're safe.
No-one's planning to finish the job on you.
I'm here to talk business.
I've done my bit.
Lovely husband.
Lovely kids.
Their safety was your first thought, but there's other ways that you could lose them, Jane as we both know.
Did you get what we need? - Yeah.
- Good girl.
This is good.
They're on the move, John, but they've upped security.
How much? Four escort vehicles, 12 AFOs.
We're outnumbered.
Maybe we should call it off.
We'll just have to cope.
Right, lads.
They're on their way.
So remember, do exactly as I told you.
- Yeah? - All: Yeah.
All right.
Let's go, let's go! Come on, let's go! Let's move.
Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go! Come on! [TYRES SCREECH.]
Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go! [GUNFIRE.]
Stay down.
Get down.
Multiple gunmen firing on us.
Get out! Get out now! RADIO: We have ARVs en route.
They'll be with you soon.
What the hell are you doing? He was going to shoot you! Come on, Lee, let's go! Go! Move! Move! Go, go, go! [GUNFIRE.]
Go, go, go! [HE LAUGHS.]
Very nice.
- Drinks are on me, lads.
Keep me updated on traffic reports and Air Ops.
A convoy of vehicles can't just vanish into thin air.
Thanks for the call.
I thought you lot were meant to be leading this inquiry.
Yeah, well, we won't know for sure it's them unless the ballistics match the heroin hijack.
Oh, yeah? Want to bet against it? What they get this time? Central Ballistic Lab's five minutes down the road a cache of automatic rifles en route to be destroyed.
How many casualties? None.
None? Look.
I, erm I screwed up.
I got it wrong and you were right - to react the way you did.
- Sam it's fine.
Water under the bridge.
I know, I just I wanted to say it, you know.
Anyway be nice to catch up.
It's been too long.
Do you want to come up? I need to get everything together for the gaffer and Kate first thing.
I'll call you.
By the hairs on your chinny-chin-chin.
- John? - Steph, Steph, it's me, love.
I'm OK, I'm safe.
I worry when I don't hear from you.
I'm sorry I can't call more.
John, there were coppers here asking about you.
I got their names.
DI Kate Fleming and DS Steve Arnott.
I just said exactly what you told me to say.
I know you would.
Hey, you did the right thing.
TEARFULLY: It's good to hear your voice.
I love you.
I miss you so much.
Are the girls all right? They're sleeping.
Can I listen? I'll put the phone next to Gemma.
The chief constable has assured me that all necessary security was in place.
This force is committed to bringing these criminals Sarge? I've located Corbett's former covert-ops manager.
Good work.
Thanks, Tatleen.
Ma'am, we've got the COM.
Deputy Chief Constable Wise will answer any further questions.
I want to reiterate this force's gratitude to the officers involved.
- At this stage - Turn that bloody thing off! to rule out links to previous Cheers.
- Inspector Cameron? - Yeah.
DS Arnott, AC-12.
My DI and I need to speak to you about Operation Pear Tree.
Can we talk outside please, Ma'am? I don't have anything to say to AC-12.
Inspector, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.
It's your choice, Ma'am.
DI Kate Fleming.
What do you want to know? You were John Corbett's covert-ops manager.
I was.
Communications between yourself and Corbett dried up about three months ago.
Why was that? John does things his own way.
He wasn't too happy how the operation was being led.
What specifically was he unhappy about? Why you asking? It's all in the files.
That's the point, Ma'am, it isn't.
Maybe we shouldn't be having this conversation.
Inspector, this is a lawful inquiry, it's your duty to cooperate.
Why were you reassigned? Powell's version, I'd mismanaged John.
Failed to keep him onside.
This is your chance to put the record straight.
John thought Pear Tree was showing signs of mission drift.
- I agreed with him.
- Drifting how? Our brief was to identify high-level links between organised crime and corrupt police officers.
Instead, Powell was pushing us in the direction of low-level targets.
What was discussed in your last communications with Corbett? John planned to climb up through the ranks of the OCG.
He's a bright bloke, a natural leader.
He reckoned that was the only way of making contact with the highest echelon of corrupt officers.
And then Powell vetoed the plan? That's when John threw his toys and we lost contact.
So, was there ever any intel from Corbett on high-ranking, corrupt officers? He believed he was on to the top man.
Who? It was just a codename.
Didn't even think it was real.
H? Thanks, Inspector.
Have you got a minute, John? Sure, yeah.
All right? All right.
You wanted attention, you've got it.
He's here.
Who am I talking to? Just answer.
We've seized automatic rifles from the police.
They've already been processed through ballistics, so if they're used, they'll just be traced straight back to the police lab, nowhere else.
We're tooled up, ready for a raid.
I want to plan it.
It's the Eastfield Depot.
It's where all the police forces in the region store seized contraband, drugs, cash, jewels, precious metals, but we don't just want to wait for the transport and do it in dribs and drabs, we want to raid the place, take all the best gear in one go.
This could be bigger than the Brink's-Mat.
You know, but like you said, maybe it's too hot to handle.
Guess he's going to have a think about it.
Take the cuffs.
Take them! Open the door.
Open the door.
Get in.
Put the cuffs on.
Put the cuffs on! Tie them to that, go on.
DS John Corbett.
You tried to make contact with the OCG.
The boys ID'd you.
They reckon you're as straight as an arrow.
- I am.
- Yeah, me, too.
I'm doing me job.
I'm investigating high-level connections between organised crime and corrupt police officers.
These stunts, they've just been to get attention.
And I've finally got access to the top man.
- H? - I dunno yet.
Contact's via a computer link.
No voice, just text.
But if I can get hold of that computer, we stand a chance of tracing him.
Why are you telling me all this? I'm carrying all this on me own here, mate.
I need support.
I get nothing off Powell.
She's so scared about what I'll find out.
- She just wants me chasing small fry.
- Small fry like Malhotra? Keeping that to yourself got three coppers killed! Look, if I'd given up Malhotra, the OCG would've known straight off the bat they had a rat.
- I'm after the big fish.
- Then come back in, work with us.
Look, don't you get it? That's what they want! If I come in, they'll charge me or pension me off before I get a chance to crack the case.
What they want? Who's they? The people who don't want the truth coming out.
They give you a job and then the first thing they do is cut your balls off.
You've got people killed.
Coppers among 'em.
I've got to keep me cover! I'm embedded with hardened criminals.
How else do you expect me to convince them I'm one of their own? You've crossed a line.
You've gone rogue! Yeah, that's what they want you to believe! They again! Who's they?! Powell! The chiefs! Your boss! Hastings? Open your eyes, mate.
Hastings shot dead one of the OCG.
A dozen AFOs had weapons on him.
You seriously telling me they couldn't have brought him in for questioning? And Hastings, he doesn't get reprimanded.
The chief gives him a pat on the back! What the hell's going on there?! Look, listen to me, mate, I'm just trying to get to the truth.
The top brass, they don't want me to succeed.
But there's a bent copper running organised crime, I'm sure of it.
Pull me in and he'll slip through the net.
Steve, if you're as straight as they say you are, lad, you'll help me.
Help you how? Investigate the intel I pass to you.
You killed Maneet and three AFOs! Not me, mate.
They got themselves killed.
You could have stopped it! The AFOs in the last hijack, they were all straight.
Fellas like you and me, just trying to get the job done.
But the first lot, Cafferty's team, they were all bent! We checked out Cafferty, she was clean! Everything I've said's the God's honest truth, and I'll prove it.
But that depends if you've got the guts to listen.
Or are you just another lapdog for Hastings and the rest of them? Thanks for coming.
I was worried that you mightn't.
Looking you in the eye, least I could do.
Right, well, let's get a wee drink here, settle the nerves, you know.
Ted? Can we just talk calmly, like grown-ups? Yeah, yeah.
Of course, of course.
That's why we're here, just to talk things through.
I mean, that solicitor, you know, it's her fault, you know, this thing got out of hand.
Ted, it's no-one's fault but ours.
Look, I never meant for this to happen.
I just wanted us to have a better future.
One bad decision, you know, one bad investment, is that, you know is that any excuse to throw away 35 years of marriage? There you go.
Come on, let's grab a table.
No, I'm not here to eat.
I, um I'm here to ask you one more time to sign the papers.
We made vows.
A man needs a wife.
I've met someone else.
Now, listen, love, things have taken an unexpected turn, you know.
An unexpected turn for the better.
All the money that I invested, there's a good chance that I can get some of that back.
Not just some of it, but all of it.
You want a better future, you have it.
I found mine.
Sign the papers, Ted.
Boss? I've been thinking, maybe we should put surveillance on Cafferty's place.
Any particular reason? Well, the OCG will be worried she can ID the female nominal.
Maybe they'll try and finish the job.
- OK, I'll think about it.
- Cheers.
I need you to drop these to Cafferty for me.
She came through for us on the hijack.
I want to keep her sweet.
What about the copper on the door? He's all right, he's one of ours.
Come on, lad, places to go.
No, this [HE SIGHS.]
this don't feel right.
I know what you mean, mate.
I trust Cafferty as far as I could throw her, but this is to flush her out.
If you smell a rat, do anything necessary.
Anything? Fill your boots.
Hm! 45-64, go.
- RADIO: 64, received.
- Go! - Armed police! - Police! Don't resist! Turn around and face the wall! What you done? Have you grassed on us?! No! Move back! Back! - Face the wall! - OK, clear! On your knees! Do not move! - Upstairs! - On me! Armed police! Armed police! Do not move! Hands where I can see them! Armed police! Do not move! Hands where I can see them! I am a police officer, I am cooperating! Clear for entry.
Cuff him, get him out of here.
That man who was just in here, I have never seen him before.
Look around.
Jane Cafferty, I'm arresting you on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
- What the hell happened? - Lee just said he had to go out.
- Who with?! - He didn't say.
Where's John?! Your boy Lee, he best know the score! - He won't talk, John.
- He'd better not.
So, how come the police knew he was there in the first place?! Maybe they still had their suspicions about Cafferty.
They must have kept surveillance on the house.
Bollocks! No, we've got a rat.
Get out there and find out who's grassed! - OK, John, yeah, sure.
- Come on, then, move! OK, mate, no worries, yeah? Hey! That's not a word we throw around.
This unit used to be run by Tommy Hunter.
Before your time.
Tommy got immunity, witness protection, the works.
We still got to him.
That's what happens to a rat.
I'm alone.
Don't worry, mate, I know how to make sure of that.
Did it all work out how I told you? Look, don't take the piss, mate, it did, didn't it?! I'd never get an honest copper killed, mate.
The bent ones, they deserve it.
They're vermin, the lot of them.
Right to the top.
Maneet wasn't bent, she was trying to do the right thing.
I'm doing the right thing! I'm doing more right than anyone! Look, if it wasn't for me, they'd all go free, H included! Think, mate.
Maneet didn't reach out to you or anyone else.
She never told you what she was up to.
And why was that? Because Hastings forced her out, and you lot backed him! Look, she's dead just as much because of you! Now, put it right, mate.
Yeah? Do this for her.
We'll go after the bent bastards, whatever it takes.
But once you're in, there's no turning back.
Are you in? All right.
Wait there, please.
I never would've guessed we'd get so much out of watching Cafferty.
I've been developing a CHIS who hears things about the OCG.
I wasn't sure if it was going to pan out or not.
- Someone I should know about? - No.
Low level.
Definitely not something to bother a DI about.
Just the way I like it.
PS Cafferty, you remain under caution.
For the DIR, I'm showing the interview Image 19.
At the time of your arrest, you were in the company of the person shown in Image 19, identified as Lee Banks, a known criminal with a history of violent offences and a longstanding association with an organised crime group.
How do you know Banks? I have never met Lee Banks before today.
He gained entry to my home by false pretences.
Image 31 on screen shows Item JD5 detected at your address.
JD5 is an envelope containing £5,000 in £50 notes.
How do you account for JD5 being in your home? That was Banks again.
He must have placed the item there without my knowledge.
In 2015, were you engaged in an extramarital affair you were determined to keep secret? DS Arnott, this line of questioning is irrelevant and oppressive.
Were you contacted by a representative of an organised crime group in connection with your extramarital affair? Jane, you don't have to say anything.
Sergeant, assist with our inquiry and it will be taken into account.
They even had photos.
Photos of you and your lover? CCTV from a pub car park.
God knows how they got them.
They were going to show my husband.
Everyone in my phone contacts, the parents at my kids' school.
And to stop them distributing the photos? They wanted information on police operations.
Little things at first and then it got bigger.
Bigger as in the Transport of Seized Goods ED-905? Yes.
So, how did that work, then? They already knew about the shipment from another source, a civilian administrator who organised the transport.
And then they put pressure on me to rearrange the work schedules so that it would be my team responsible for escorting the transport lorry.
Yeah, which got three innocent members of your team killed.
They weren't innocent.
What, they were in on it, too? Kevin and Ray were on the take.
Carl had a taste for prostitutes.
We thought we were just going to get minor injuries.
Tied up and The OCG crossed us.
They obviously didn't trust us to keep quiet during the investigation that was bound to follow.
And the recent hijack, the firearms, what can you tell us about that? While I was off sick, I was still talking to other AFOs.
Everyone was rattled after ED-905, so there was a lot of talk.
I found out about the transport and the OCG sent someone masquerading as a nurse to blackmail me into revealing the details.
They didn't just have the affair to threaten me with, they had the fact I'd been complicit in the first hijack.
Who did the blackmailing? A woman.
20s, mixed race.
The person who first recruited you, the one who brought you into this network of corrupt officers assisting organised crime, was it this woman you've just described, or this man, Lee Banks? Neither.
A police officer? I think so.
Stay here.
DI Fleming is temporarily leaving the room.
For the DIR, I am showing PS Cafferty a series of images.
KF1-KF6 are a series of images of individuals known to be part of a clandestine network of corrupt police officers.
I'm doing so in the full knowledge that any photo ID would not be evidential at this stage.
- DS Arnott, agreed? - Agreed, Ma'am.
PS Cafferty, do you see the person who recruited you?