Line of Duty (2012) s05e03 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 3

It's called Operation Pear Tree.
Our brief was to embed an undercover officer within an organised crime group.
Detective Sergeant John Corbett.
Go, go, go! Drinks are on me, lads.
[CHEERING] - Who am I talking to? - Just answer.
We're tooled up, ready for a raid.
I want to plan it.
He believed he was on to the top man.
- Who? - Just a code name.
H? Hilton.
He was the senior police officer who was running the show for organised crime.
H, finally.
Well done, everybody.
My senior legal counsel, Gill Biggeloe.
You don't mind if she sits in? I'm here to ask you one more time to sign the papers.
Since retiring, I've joined a mate's property development business, and one of our new projects is the Kettle Bell Complex.
Our terms of business include compensating the original investors.
Detective Chief Superintendent Hargreaves.
Gaffer thinks he knows the magic words to make them talk.
Don't they all? - I'll call you.
- By the hairs on your chinny-chin-chin! I'm just trying to get to the truth.
The top brass, they don't want me to succeed.
There's a bent copper running organised crime, I'm sure of it.
Everything I've said is the God's honest truth, and I'll prove it.
But that depends if you've got the guts to listen.
Or are you just another lap dog for Hastings and the rest of them? I've been developing a CHIS who hears things about the OCG.
Someone I should know about? No.
Definitely not something to bother a DI about.
We'll go after the bent bastards, whatever it takes.
But once you're in, there's no turning back.
Are you in? KF-1 to KF-6 are a series of images of individuals known to be part of a clandestine network of corrupt police officers.
PS Cafferty, do you see the person who recruited you? Right, lads.
The Eastfield Depot.
Used by three police forces to store all the good stuff they use in evidence.
Drugs, cash, jewels, precious metals.
Proceeds of robberies.
It's one of the most securely guarded facilities in the area.
But since we acquired a couple of dozen automatic assault rifles from the ballistics job, well, then we've got the firepower to get inside.
This is a complicated job.
No disrespect.
None taken.
After I came out of Altcourse, I knocked up some false documents to help me brother out with a security job in Iraq.
We were guarding high security facilities.
I've seen what it takes to defend them, so I know what it takes to raid them.
We've got these plans, plus some basic information from the AFOs we've been using.
There's a routine pick-up, we've got the driver.
Instead of the planned pick-up, we hijack the empty lorry to do our job.
And higher levels of our organisation have bent coppers in their pocket.
You just said we had the firepower.
Yeah, but hopefully that's just for show.
A big shoot-out'll bring every copper in the area out on a blue light.
We need time to load the lorry.
Best way to do that is to get in quietly.
That means inside men.
You make the necessary contacts.
Bent coppers.
We could call her back in, show her a range of images and try and make it evidential.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Yeah, you were saying? We've been following up on a possible ID made by PS Jane Cafferty.
Yeah, well, I'm glad you're getting round to that.
The last time I looked, I was still in charge around here.
- Sir.
- Sir.
To be fair, sir, the ID wasn't evidential.
Cafferty claims she was recruited by a corrupt police officer with established links to organised crime.
I was pursuing a lead, just covering all the possibilities.
Some possibilities being Cafferty's mistaken, or she's bargaining for immunity.
Jesus Christ.
Sorry, sir.
That's why we held back.
Look, Dot's a stick for everyone to beat us with.
They know he undermines our credibility.
Yeah, well, no more skulking around, OK? - There's no secrets in AC-12.
- Sir.
Sorry I'm late.
You're all right.
I'm early.
Another? Well, let's wait and see if we've something to celebrate first.
- Yes, sir? - Two more of those, please.
We can secure your investment with a deposit payment.
I've got all the paperwork.
What's the deposit? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Yeah, I know.
How much? 100 grand.
[TED SCOFFS] Ted, wait, wait, wait.
There's a way around it.
Part of the deal is to recoup your original losses.
We can set up a loan facility against the credit you'll receive when those losses are paid back.
Look, you've told me your situation.
You've sold the family home, you're living out of a hotel room, your missus is in a poky little flat.
This'll put all that in reverse.
We're both seasoned coppers.
We've risked our lives and stood all the crap they rain down.
Haven't we earned a payday? What do I owe you? Any news? Yeah.
Things are falling into place.
I'm onto a bent copper that can get us into Eastfield.
It's me.
It's John Clayton.
Can you hear me? Yeah, definitely.
There's drugs, probably double figures.
Cash, bullion, jewellery, another set of double figures.
Look, we're talking millions.
As far as the risk goes, we can minimise that by using your assets, bent coppers.
Obviously, if you need anything more from our end, well, then Great.
Any new orders for me? Who is it, Lise? Who am I giving all this info to? H? Truth is I don't know, John.
For my own good, I plan to keep it that way.
I've had enough of this game.
This is how he operates.
He's one of us.
Is he? Or is he one of them? Same thing if you're bent enough.
This other copper you've got on the Eastfield job, he'd best be there on the night.
He's never going to go for that.
He's got to be there, in the same trench, for our security.
I'm not having this bent bastard cross us.
- All right, mate? - All right.
It's a bit brass monkeys tonight, isn't it? Right, no time for small talk.
There's a girl on the unit.
Name's Lisa McQueen.
I've got her reaching out to bent coppers.
She's also the one that makes contact with the higher levels of the organisation.
- How? - Laptop.
We talk via an audio link.
The replies come up as a text.
Any username or IP address? No, sorry, mate.
This is McQueen's burner number.
It's for surveillance only.
Don't go making any kind of moves without clearing it with me first.
Got it.
Look, John, the stuff you've done we're after you.
It would be easier for you to come in and work with all of us.
No, no, no, way.
Look, the deal we made, mate, it's for keeps.
We go after the bent bastards, no matter how high, no matter what it takes.
Look, we're in this together! - Sarge.
- Yeah? We've been provided with the metadata on the phone number you gave me for Lisa McQueen.
All the numbers the user's called recently are of the same type.
Unregistered, pay-as-you-go devices.
Burner phones.
And some have already gone out of service, suggesting they use them for only a few days at a time before disposing of them.
But while she remains on this device, we can identify her calls and track her location.
I've had signal strength triangulation authorised by the Gaffer.
The user's current movements place her in the Moss Heath area.
- Good work.
- Sarge.
Liz, James.
Surveillance op.
Let's go.
Don't know how long I'll be.
[SHUTTER CLICKS] [SHUTTER CLICKS] [SHUTTER CLICKS] This is a surveillance image captured on the Borogrove Estate that appears to show an OCG Nominal I encountered in 2012 during our inquiry into DCI Tony Gates.
Recognition software gives a 99.
5% probability the image represents Miroslav Minkowicz, as he is today.
Minkowicz is a violent offender, considered extremely dangerous.
Surveillance of Lisa McQueen, the female OCG nominal, has identified two locations of interest to our inquiry.
Pulton House on the Borogrove Estate, where McQueen spent over an hour, and Kingsgate Printing Services.
So what do we know about this block on the Grove? Six flats.
All were a cash purchase four months ago.
Now, we're trying to trace the owners, but there's every chance they're a front for the OCG.
Surveillance images.
Various visitors.
Recognition software indicates a number of them are on the sex offenders' register.
Now, we were particularly interested in the period McQueen was there.
This image shows a figure leaving via a back exit.
Any recognition data? Unfortunately not, sir.
We've blown it up, but we can't visualise any features.
But we're keeping the image on file in case biometrics match - a suspect down the line.
- Good.
There are only two reasons an OCG would use this house, drugs and prostitution.
All the visitors were male, with the exception of McQueen.
No females seen entering or exiting the property? Correct.
Sir, DI Fleming's right, but we still haven't determined for certain the nature of what occurs at these premises.
McQueen's still carrying out contacts, possibly with corrupt police officers.
If we go in, we risk missing out on future leads.
Same applies to raiding the print shop to arrest the UCO.
We might miss out on apprehending every member of the OCG.
Look, Steve, I know this Minkowicz guy is the guy that tortured you, and we all want him behind bars, but Kate has raised a vulnerability issue here we cannot ignore.
There's a strong suggestion women in that block are being kept in modern-day slavery to provide sexual services.
Our duty is to protect them.
So we will carry out that duty, and we will raid the house, and raid the print shop.
Now we're sucking diesel.
This is the lorry.
Payload, 3.
5 tonne.
We can't take everything.
We've got to be selective.
What about the security guards? These are our guys.
They've already organised their shifts so they'll be on when the lorries arrive.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Bird's been on my case for days.
Best just give her what's she's gagging for, huh? That'd take all of us.
- [SNIGGERING] - Including her! Hi, love.
What are you wearing? We're going to hit Pulton House and Kingsgate Printing Services.
You sound a bit overdressed to me.
This was out of my hands, mate, you've got to understand.
Do you think you could sort your sex life out another time? Yeah, all right, all right.
All right.
Look, I'm in work.
I've got to go.
I'll bell you later.
All right, ta-ra.
OK, so we're getting an inventory of what's in there.
Cash in there from the Nottingham bank job, bullion from the A5 security van hold-up, and jewels off of the safe deposit job in Wolverhampton.
[LISA'S VOICE FADES OUT] - Armed police! - Armed police! Armed police! Do not move! Armed police! Don't move! - Don't move! - Hands above your head! - Armed police! - Armed police! Don't move! Hands on your head! Hands on your head! Over here! Keep still! Put your hands behind your back! Face the wall! On your knees! Now! Keep your hands on your head! All clear.
Face the wall! [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Hands behind your back! Shit.
Cuff him.
Get them out.
You're OK, Miss, all right? No-one's going to hurt you.
Christ, these have all got locks on the outside.
Armed police.
Whoever's in there, please stand clear of the door.
We've going to break in.
No-one's going to hurt you.
Do it.
Clear! Oh, Christ, how old is she? It's all right.
You're safe now.
It's OK.
Take care of her.
DS Arnott.
Superintendent Hastings.
Carry on.
The OCG had vacated the premises, only the workers left.
How the hell did they know? Any other notable findings in the safe? No.
Not yet, sir.
[TYRES SCREECH] What are you playing at?! - We had an agreement! - I know.
Hitting the print shop like that, I couldn't let that happen.
Have you any idea how many potential leads have gone up the spout? The risks I take! John, I know you do.
But you're right to be pissed off.
You know? You're anti-corruption, but yet you go on like you haven't got the first clue about the damage bent coppers cause.
Look, I'm the last one to defend what they do to the livestock.
Right, and if them girls are free, then good luck to them.
Look, it all comes down to politics.
No-one wants it coming out that organised crime depends on bent coppers, and for all I know, there could be a bent copper at the top of the tree pulling all the strings.
Powell lost her bottle.
Maybe you have, too.
I'm in.
Whatever it takes, I'm in.
Who gave the order? Hastings?! Look, there's a reason we had to pull out of the print shop.
There's a big job Thursday night.
What's the plan? Who's involved? After last time? You get the bare bones.
There's a routine transport.
We've paid the driver off, and the security guards as well.
But they're just small fry.
There's going to be a big fish.
A senior police officer who's been pulling strings to make sure that we don't have half the force descending on us.
What place are you on about? Eastfield Depot.
You're kidding.
I need more info than that.
Look, you'll get the OCG.
But, most importantly, you'll get to nick a high-ranking corrupt police officer.
H? Just make sure you're in place with the surveillance - and the firepower to take them on.
- Look, John! I need the name of the corrupt officer.
Like I'd take the risk of telling you.
There's people in high places who don't want this coming out.
Come on, mate.
I need more.
All right? All right.
- How'd you know? - Know what? To clear out the print shop.
I didn't.
It's common sense.
When you're planning a big job, you keep moving on.
I wish I HAD known.
Then I could've warned about the brothel, as well.
Just lucky, then? Yeah.
Yeah, that's me, Lise.
I've always been a lucky lad.
I wasn't expecting you.
I had a meeting with the PCC this morning.
Oh? What can I say? We're throwing a lot of resources at the problem, but Corbett's still at large.
The PCC's anxious for a breakthrough.
You know, don't worry, we're close.
We're going to get our man.
I also had to talk Rohan down after we found out that Deputy Chief Constable Wise had agreed to suppress the red notice against Maneet Bindra.
DCC Wise accepted the evidence that Maneet Bindra was acting undercover.
Andrea was only appointed because she's a woman.
The DCC oversees anti-corruption.
Being female, she can't be a Mason.
Speaking of which, I understand that you have finally promoted a female inspector, DI Fleming? Kate.
Yeah, yeah, great wee girl, doing a bang-up job.
Mind you, that is exactly what a sexist would do to cover his tracks.
What? I'm just pulling your leg! Find Corbett, Ted, and then all this other bullshit will vanish like the bullshit it is.
Mariana, can you tell me about anyone who came to the house yesterday? We're particularly interested in a woman who visited.
[WOMAN TRANSLATES] [MARIANA SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] Normally, they only bring men into the house, but there was a woman, and she spoke with one of the men.
Can you tell us more about this man? Boss, might have got something out of the brothel.
Through the interpreter, one of the girls said she glimpsed a woman matching Lisa McQueen's description, around the time we know McQueen was in there.
She, McQueen, was seen taking one of the Johns into a bedroom.
She wasn't providing sexual services? The girl said the John appeared surprised by McQueen, maybe even intimidated, but about what, she doesn't know.
Description? Middle-aged, average height, or just above, heavy-ish build, light hair.
She believes this could be him.
Any distinguishing features? The girl doesn't know enough English to identify a specific region, but she thinks he had a strong accent, definitely not local.
- OK.
- Kate we need to talk.
What's up, mate? The CHIS who's been giving me intel on the OCG it's Corbett.
Look, I should have told you earlier.
No, really? I didn't know how it was going to play out.
I was protecting you.
What? Because I'm a DI? That's bullshit, Steve.
You'd have never have held out on me when we were both DSs.
- It's the truth.
- Christ's sake, Steve! Corbett's insisted we met on the DL because he's convinced there's a high-level conspiracy to suppress his investigation.
Who? Who at high level? He reckoned DSU Powell sabotaged his efforts to gather intelligence on senior police officers colluding with organised crime.
He also expressed suspicions about the Gaffer.
What's he got to back it up? The raids on the print shop and the brothel.
There is no way, in this day and age, the Gaffer would have ignored the vulnerability of the women in that brothel.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
This is the reason I had to tell you about Corbett.
Oh, Jesus.
Let's go.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] Yep? What's going on? You look like a couple of kids who've been caught robbing an orchard.
Sir, I've made contact with DS John Corbett.
Dear God.
How? Corbett reached out to Steve directly, sir.
Well, that's the ticket.
Do you think we can lure him to a meeting? Steve's already had one, sir.
You have? Four.
And who was with you? No-one.
Oh, for Christ's sake, son, you've just broken every rule in the book! Sir, it's not what you might think.
A couple of times, he ambushed me.
The others wouldn't have happened if I wasn't on my own.
Yeah, for good reason! For your own safety, - and for proper authorisation! - I thought it best not to jeopardise the contact, to try and develop a supply line of intelligence.
- Did you know about this? - Yes, I did.
Sir, I didn't tell Kate at first.
Soon as I did, she took the decision to include you.
I should report you, DS Arnott, if it wouldn't cause a bigger stink than we have already! Did you think of reporting to your seniors? What about arresting John Corbett, did that occur to you? Corbett claims he was forced to commit offences to maintain - his cover.
- Sir, Steve's built a rapport.
Corbett's the CHIS he's been using.
He's enabled us to detect Jane Cafferty's corruption, apprehend Lee Banks, identify Miroslav Minkowicz and Lisa McQueen, and break up an important element of their sex trafficking operation.
It does appear Corbett's still carrying out - an undercover operation.
- "Appear.
" And now he's relayed intelligence on a planned armed robbery of the - Eastfield Depot.
- Eastfield? What's he got backing him up there, a Panzer division? Communication with the higher levels of the OCG have been carried out via a computer link.
Corbett's disclosed the robbery's been planned with the collusion of a corrupt senior police officer.
Any details on this officer? No, sir, I've not been provided with an ID.
Sir, this is a chance to crack the highest-level link between corrupt officers and organised crime, possibly even the top man.
Look, if we are contemplating collaborating with John Corbett, and that's a big if, we cannot allow this to blow up in our faces.
He will go to jail, come what may, I can promise you that.
I'm going to have to run this past the DCC.
But, look you're my best team.
If this is how you want to call it I will back you to the hilt.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
Off you go.
One thing.
Yeah? The raid on the print shop, any reason they knew to clear out? No.
Christ's sake, Steve.
MALE ON RADIO: Alpha Charlie Eight Two, sit rep, no obs.
FEMALE ON RADIO: Alpha Charlie Nine Six, sit rep, no obs.
MALE ON RADIO: Eastfield from Transport, ETA five minutes.
- RADIO: Copy that.
- John! Where's your man? I thought you said promises had been made! They have.
I want that bent bastard here with us, taking the same risk we are.
How do we know he's not going to set us up? - You want to call it off? - No way.
How's it going to look when we say we bottled it? Right.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Let's get these cars going.
- Come on, let's move! - [ENGINES START] Come on! That's the planned transport.
FEMALE ON RADIO: Alpha Charlie Nine Six, obs on LGV.
Bravo Echo Six Five India.
One of these security guards looks at us the wrong way, no beating around the bush, we're straight out of here.
Yeah? Got it.
MALE ON RADIO: Alpha Charlie Eight Two, obs on 3 SUVs entering main gate.
Right, game on.
Corbett was right.
Security's definitely in on it.
Sharon, snap those security guards.
FEMALE ON RADIO: Three Seven Eight Two, snap those security guards.
- MALE ON RADIO: Eight Two received.
- SHUTTER CLICKS Right, weapons.
I've got four M4s Right, everyone stay calm, and no-one gets hurt, it's just for show.
- Hands above your heads! - Don't even think about it, dickhead! Move.
Hands behind your back.
KATE: They're going for the CCTV.
CORBETT: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Back it up! Keep coming.
Come on.
Sharon, get as much as you can.
Get the cars turned round.
[ENGINES START] Keep going.
Come on! We can't tell if there's a corrupt officer in among them.
Good lad.
Good lad.
Well done.
Come on! Everybody, keep moving! Keep moving! We got a signal? Yeah.
All trackers active.
The bent copper's a no-show.
We've got a good haul.
I say we get the hell out.
John, let's not push our luck.
No, let's keep going.
Keep loading! Keep loading! Alpha Charlie Three Seven, sit rep.
HASTINGS: Alpha Charlie One Zero, receiving.
Sir, OCG have entered the depot.
Currently all going as planned.
Standing by.
[SIRENS BLARE IN DISTANCE] Ah, shit! The bent bastard's crossed us! What the hell's going on? Turn your radios up.
Who's got the pool radio? Come on! MALE ON RADIO: Charlie Yankee Three Five, status zero, Farmers Lane.
Status zero, Farmers Lane.
Farmers Lane, that's only a few minutes from here.
FEMALE ON RADIO: Local units state five, stand by.
KATE: Charlie Yankee Three Five, request sit rep.
Control, Three Five, suspect We've been targeted for ambush.
Status zero! HASTINGS: Alpha Charlie One Zero, I'm picking up a Status Zero call.
You've got a whole firearms unit there.
Sir, this could be a deliberate diversion.
That's as may be, Kate, but regs are regs.
First duty, preservation of life.
Divert the AFOs to respond to the Status Zero.
Three Seven, received.
FEMALE ON RADIO: All units, status zero, Farmers Lane H hasn't showed.
We've got trackers on the goods.
MALE ON RADIO: Lima Oscar Three Six, state five to Farmers Lane.
- You go.
Be as quick as you can.
- Ma'am.
Kyle, let's go.
Deploy with me.
RADIO: Sierra Zulu Five Two.
State five to Farmers Lane.
Every copper and his dog's on his way! - We've got to clear out.
- We can't stay here.
Now, come on.
Keep loading! Keep going! LISA: Go, move! Get moving! Move! Faster! Come on, lads.
Let's go! Let's go! Move, move, move, move! Faster! DS Arnott, AC-12.
We've got firearms cover.
Secure the officers.
Fan out! Secure the area.
Alpha Charlie Four Five.
Status six, Farmers Lane.
Stand by for sit rep.
Received, Four Five.
Standing by.
What happened? We skidded off the road, Sarge.
- They must've put oil down or something.
- "They"? We saw the OCG in the trees.
Guns and balaclavas.
Everyone, take cover! Alpha Charlie Four Five.
Armed OCG reported, Farmers Lane.
Received, Four Five.
- All right? - Yeah.
RADIO: Alpha Charlie Eight Two, obs on vehicle approaching gatehouse.
Take a reg.
This could be him.
Hey, John.
RADIO: Bravo Tango One Seven.
Hold your fire! Here he is.
It's a friendly.
It's a job car.
Shit! [SHUTTER CLICKS] You took your time! FEMALE ON RADIO: Alpha Charlie Nine Six, obs on male subject wearing dark clothing and balaclava.
KATE: What the hell is he doing? Alpha Charlie Nine Six, male subject engaged with OCG, appears to have passed them something, could be an electronic device.
Christ's sake, he's telling them about our trackers! Three Seven to Four Five, state 12 on three.
Four Five, receiving, state 12.
We have obs on high-ranking nominal having joined the OCG operation.
I need the AFOs, state six ASAP.
Ma'am, we're in a lockdown here.
Possible firearms threat.
I'm sorry, mate, I'm pulling rank.
I'm making the decision as TFC.
Deploy me one vehicle and three AFOs, ASAP.
We're moving out.
One vehicle, three AFOs with me! - Kyle, stay here with them.
- Got it.
- You can't leave us here, Sarge.
- Sorry, mate.
Paul, Andy, deploy with DS Arnott.
LISA: Right, that's all the trackers.
Let's go! What if this bent bastard still does the dirty on us? Come on, Steve.
Come on.
What you waiting for?! John? RAPID GUNFIRE, SCREAMS Shit! LISA: Bloody hell, John! He crossed us! Come on! Let's go! [ENGINE STARTS] Control, Alpha Charlie Three Seven, Status Zero at Eastfield Depot.
Urgent ambulance required, serious casualty, gunshot wounds.
- Received, Three Seven.
- Shit.
Shit! There's a disused service road down the back.
Three Seven Four Five, status six.
Nominal's down.
We're moving in.
[SIREN BLARES] One Zero Three Seven, active message.
Alpha Charlie One Zero, do you copy? Sir, do you copy? Follow us.
Keep following us.
I told you that bent bastard grassed us up to cover his own arse! I know a rat when I see one! Keep on him! Keep on him! One Zero, are you receiving? Oh, Christ! Shit! Shit! HASTINGS: One Zero, what's your sit rep? Hold on, there's an ambulance coming.
DCS Hargreaves, sir.
Can you hear me? Kate, what's going on? One Zero, Three Seven, one in custody, severe gunshot wounds.
He's bleeding out.
- Keep going straight! - OK.
Go on! Go on! Go on! Shit! Gunshot wounds to the lower limbs, severe haemorrhaging.
Tourniquets are only giving partial control, looks like major arterial bleeds.
Patient has weak pulse with tachycardia, needs 100% oxygen and rapid IVI.
This is a right mess.
What did they get? We're estimating they got away with seized goods worth in the region of 50 million quid.
That's before you throw in the evidential losses - to ongoing inquiries.
- Mother of God.
We had trackers concealed in every single consignment of value.
Hargreaves tipped them off.
They detected and disposed of them all.
We don't know how he knew.
Who's in charge here? Serious Crime.
DCI Patel over there with DS Railston.
All right.
We've got AFOs out searching, but as yet, there's no sign of them.
Everyone's talking about DCS Hargreaves going missing.
- What's the story? - HASTINGS: Kate! Steve? You know I can't say a word, Sam.
Look, it's probably not the place, but Yeah, I'm sorry.
I meant to call.
Well, if you were investigating Hargreaves, I'm guessing that's why you didn't want to complicate things.
Sorry, Steve.
I'm telling you, this Corbett fella's playing us for a bunch of mugs.
But that's OK, cos we can play that game as well.
PC Bloom, in the early hours of this morning, March 7th, your police patrol vehicle left the road and crashed into a ditch alongside Farmers Lane.
Correct, Sarge.
In a remark made to me at the scene, you suggested oil had been put on the road.
That's right.
You also claimed to have observed suspects wearing balaclavas, equipped with firearms, as a result of which, you made a Status Zero call.
Search of the area found no suspects.
They must have fled when the cavalry arrived.
OK, makes sense.
And we DID find oil on the road.
Document 14 in your folder, forensic chemical report.
So everything checks out, then.
Please refer to Document 15 in your folder.
This is a forensic report on chemical samples taken from PC Bloom's hands.
You'll see from Document 15 that minute traces of oil were detected on PC Bloom's hands.
Document 16.
Chemical comparison of the oil detected on the road, and the oil detected on PC Bloom.
Spectrographic analysis gives a 99.
5% probability that the oil detected on the road and the oil detected on PC Bloom's hands came from the same original source.
You crashed the patrol car, and then put oil on the road to make it look like an ambush.
PC Bloom, I've been in consultation with the Crown Prosecutor regarding a charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.
Your best option right now is to tell us who put you up to it.
DCS Hargreaves.
What was the purpose of the fake Status Zero call? Hargreaves said that he had to be in the area at a certain time.
The Status Zero call gave him an excuse.
Mariana, our forensic investigators carried out a search of the house you were being kept in, and they detected a small freezer in the back.
Inside the freezer, they found used condoms.
Can you tell me why that might be? [WOMAN TRANSLATES] [MARIANA SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] "Some of the men they made me have sex with, "they told us, 'Always keep the condoms'.
" Did this order apply to the man you told me you saw with Lisa McQueen on the 4th of March? "Yes.
" DS Arnott, AC-12.
I need a custody cell for a police constable at a station he isn't known at.
Decker Avenue.
You call me back when you've got confirmation? Yeah, thanks.
I heard.
Nice one.
Any explanation on where the leak came from about the trackers? No.
Looks like Hargreaves made an educated guess.
How's yours gone? Well, the trafficked girl alleges they were under orders to harvest DNA with certain clients, used condoms kept in cold storage.
Same blackmail MO they've used before, capturing DNA to plant at a crime scene.
Possibly Hargreaves WAS being blackmailed into conspiring in the robbery, and he was forced to be there as security against double crossing the OCG.
Hence the Status Zero call.
A cover story in case he was spotted, and had to explain what he was doing in the vicinity of the robbery.
The only problem with the Status Zero call meant we couldn't apprehend the OCG.
The Gaffer had no choice.
Preservation of life.
Yeah, he had no choice.
Sir, we've reached threshold on Hargreaves.
We need the trafficked girl to ID him as soon as he's well enough.
Sir? The hospital just called.
Detective Chief Superintendent Hargreaves was pronounced dead a short while ago.
Hi, Gill.
I was worried I was being stood up.
No, I'm sorry about that.
I found a way to pass the time.
Join me? Yeah.
Oh, thanks.
Can I have a whiskey, please? One piece of ice.
Yes, of course, sir.
How would you characterise AC-12's endeavours to apprehend a dangerously unpredictable UCO? I would say that we've been unlucky.
And we're failing.
Well, not everyone agrees.
- No? - Some say it's just you that's failing.
I'm not one of them, obviously.
Ted, I'm on your side.
I don't want this to end badly for you.
I don't want the fiasco of Operation Pear Tree, which was not of your making, to add a disastrous coda to an otherwise distinguished career.
What are you saying? You've always put your team, your department, your principles first.
Maybe the time's come to look after number one.
How come I've got the sneaking suspicion that we're talking about early retirement here? You're flattering yourself using the adjective "early"! Thank you.
I'm glad you said yes to this.
But also a teeny bit surprised.
Yeah, well It's like you said, we're both on the same side.
I meant your personal situation.
Yeah, well, that's personal, isn't it? So nothing's changed? Honestly? Hence you said yes to tonight.
Yeah, well, it's only dinner.
It's only dinner.
You screwed me over! I trusted you.
You were meant to be there to nick the bent bastard! Is that why you murdered him?! He's dead? What do you expect when you unload an automatic rifle at someone?! No, I aimed low, to wound, so he wouldn't get away, so you'd have him for questioning.
Where were you when I needed you? The Status Zero gave us no choice.
First duty, preserve life.
What kind of mug wouldn't realise that that was a diversion, eh? Hastings? Look, Steve, don't you get it? He pulled you out of there so we could get away with the gear.
He's the one calling all the shots.
He's H! Look, I've had it with your bullshit! John Corbett, I'm arresting you for the murder of Lester Har [GUNSHOT] I didn't mean to kill Hargreaves.
But now I have, I've crossed the line.
John, you crossed the line a long while back.
Police! Get back! No, that was always to keep my cover, and it was always someone else who pulled the trigger.
It wasn't me.
It was their choice.
But this time, it WAS me.
It was MY choice.
I'm on my own and there's no way back.
I couldn't give myself up even if I wanted to.
No, I'll get this job done my way.
My rules.
We had a deal, and you sold me out.
I trusted you.
This is on you.
It's all on you.
What is? John, wait.
What is? John! So it's only It's only temporary, obviously.
Temporary, you know.
I'm just going to use your bathroom.
- Hello? - Mrs Hastings? Yeah? I'm sorry to bother you at such a late hour, Mrs Hastings.
I'm Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, AC-12.
Have we Have we met before? I think once.
It was a fair while ago.
Sorry How can I help you, Sergeant? It's a It's a sensitive matter.
Would it be possible to talk inside? Maybe I should phone my husband first.
Of course, ma'am.
I'll wait.