Line of Duty (2012) s05e04 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 4

Operation Pear Tree.
Our brief was to embed an officer in an organised crime group.
Detective Sergeant John Corbett.
His files were erased from the police database, his phone number and e-mail deleted.
Corbett was given a new identity.
It's the Eastfield depot.
It's where all the police forces in the region store seized contraband, drugs, cash, jewels, precious metals.
This could be bigger than the Brink's-Mat.
There's a strong suggestion women in that block are being kept in modern-day slavery to provide sexual services.
Our duty is to protect them.
And we will raid the house and raid the print shop.
Do it.
Christ, how old is she? Who is it, Lise? Who am I giving all this info to? H? There's a girl on the unit.
Name's Lisa McQueen.
And she's also the one that makes contact with the higher levels of the organisation.
- How? - Laptop.
We talk via an audio link.
The replies come up as text.
As far as the risk goes, we can minimise that by using your assets, bent coppers.
The CHIS who's been giving me intel on the OCG It's Corbett.
He's relayed intelligence on a planned armed robbery of the Eastfield depot.
Eastfield? What's he got backing him up there, a Panzer division? Detective Chief Superintendent Hargreaves was pronounced dead a short while ago.
First duty, preservation of life.
Divert the AFOs to respond to the Status Zero.
Hastings? He pulled you out of there so we could get away with the gear.
He's the one calling all the shots.
He's H.
John Corbett, I'm arresting you for the murder of Lester Hargreaves.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- Yeah.
I know.
- How much? Hundred grand.
I don't want the fiasco of Operation Pear Tree, which was not of your making, add a disastrous coda to an otherwise distinguished career.
It's only temporary, obviously.
I'm sorry to bother you at such a late hour, Mrs Hastings.
I'm Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, AC-12.
The doctors say she'll be fine, sir.
She'll make a good recovery.
Thank you, I just need to see my wife.
Between us, Mrs Hastings didn't want your gaffer involved.
That's why it came to us.
All right, love.
Jesus Christ.
Are you in any pain? Not any more.
They've doped me up to the eyeballs.
How did it happen? A man called at the house saying he was from AC-12, so of course I told him I'd better ask you first.
Before I could make the phone call, a man broke in wearing a balaclava over his face.
You think there were two men? The man at the door gave the name Steve Arnott.
But you've met Steve Arnott.
I've been through all this with the other detective I know, darling, I know, but The man that broke in, I never saw his face and he was from back home.
What do you mean? They haven't told you? He spoke with a Belfast accent.
He said you'd know why he done it.
He said you'd know what you've cost him.
No, no, no, no.
No, these people, they're just thugs.
You don't believe a word that comes out of their mouth.
They're just trying to get to me with all this, and trying to stop my team from beating a path to their door.
Who? There's any number of ongoing inquiries, of course.
But you know I'm not allowed to disclose You and your precious regulations.
He's only been to my home, only tortured me and put me in hospital.
I'm sorry, darling.
I'm sorry.
If I'd have been there, I'd have been able to protect you, you see.
So now you're trying to make out it was my fault? - No, no, no - If we'd still been together, - this wouldn't have happened? - Course not! Is that your game, Ted? No.
Get out.
She's in a terrible state.
A terrible state.
Look, anything you need for your investigation, you just ask.
- You understand? Just ask.
- Thank you, sir.
Given the victim is your wife, sir, I'm sure you appreciate why Serious Crime needs to handle this independently.
Yeah, well, it's just as well I'm out of it.
Because I can tell you whoever is responsible for this, he'd better pray he's up in front of a judge before I get my hands on him.
Sorry, sir.
For my report, any significance you know of regarding the pattern of injuries to your wife's wrists, knees and ankles? No.
Cheers, Sam.
Any new leads on Hargreaves? We're working on it.
I'm learning the hard way how people react when they find out you've had a bent boss, the insinuation you must have known.
Call me, yeah? Sam told us Mrs Hastings claimed her attacker had a Northern Irish accent.
And we all know her injuries are classic paramilitary punishment wounds.
Look, the gaffer's had the shock of his life.
Your family, that's a whole another level.
Let's hope the gaffer opens up, before we have to start asking.
This is Lisa, on with Clayton.
About that, yeah.
I have my moments.
We've just hit a few bumps trying to fence the Eastfield gear, that's all.
Yeah, but nothing we can't get over in time.
But maybe it'd help speed things along by fencing the gear via other units.
We just need a bit of a leg-up, that's all, you know.
That way, we all get to reap the rewards.
This job, it was meant to make us.
- Call him back.
- That's not how this works.
Well, you tell me, then, how it works! What, is he some kind of mind-reader or what? No.
I talk to someone who talks to someone who talks to someone.
Tell me who, and I'll get the message through.
It's time me and this prick had words.
That's what I'm worried about, mate.
- Why are you protecting him? - Protecting him? Jesus, John, it ain't that way round.
No? Hargreaves crossed us.
So who's he going to have crossed us to? Hey? Now we've got one load of coppers on our tail and another load on a payroll.
Someone's orchestrating all that.
So who do you think's the best man for the job? Hey? This prick's a copper.
I can feel it in me water.
You're talking shite, John.
You can't know if he's a copper.
I've met enough in my time, more than enough, more than you, Lise.
Look, H is a senior police officer.
Tell me I'm wrong.
What's happening? We're rounding up officers identified by semen deposits that were being kept in cold storage at the Borogrove Estate brothel.
Some have already confessed to being blackmailed into assisting the OCG.
One of the semen deposits matched Hargreaves' DNA.
It was recent as well.
Suggesting the blackmail was also recent? It's looking that way, boss.
I've re-interviewed all the officers known to have assisted the OCG, Jane Cafferty, Kieran Bloom and so on.
None of them claim to have had contact with Hargreaves before a few months ago.
There's no way he could have been H.
H goes back much further.
Sorry, ma'am, is this a bad time? - No, it's fine.
Thanks, Tatleen.
- Ma'am, Sarge, we've had a breakthrough at Kingsgate Printing Services.
The search of the premises yielded some findings we've passed on to Cyber Crime.
- Amanda Yao.
- Kate Fleming.
DS Arnott.
Corbett relayed intel on a laptop being used to communicate with the higher levels of the OCG.
Most likely, the laptop accessed mobile data services via an encrypted dongle.
Unfortunately, that means we can't access the conversions.
Inquiries to service providers covering that location led to a mobile data account registered at Kingsgate Printing Services.
We've analysed the account using various tools and been able to access the metadata.
And tracing the communication between the device at Kingsgate Printing Services reveals another user with internet protocol address located in Spain.
That doesn't necessarily mean the user's in Spain.
The user could have concealed their true location, connecting via multiple VPNs.
They may be in Spain.
They may be next door.
There's no way of knowing.
Have you harvested enough information for us to impersonate the unknown user online? Yes, given time, we can simulate all the metadata.
We'd also need to formulate some characteristic statements in advance so users on the other end don't think it's an impersonation.
This would all take a few days.
- Do it.
- Yes, ma'am.
How is she doing, Ted? Anything I can do, anything.
Thank you, ma'am.
We sent some flowers.
Hospitals don't allow flowers any more.
Infection control.
Still, it's a very generous thought, ma'am.
We're very grateful.
Poor woman, at her age.
I hate to turn the conversation back to operational concerns - at a time like this - Not at all, ma'am.
Not at all.
50 million quid's worth of seized goods stolen from a police facility that was supposed to be under AC-12 surveillance.
But we did succeed in apprehending the senior officer who was in cahoots with the organised crime group, the head of Serious Crime, no less.
And we will round up his accomplices, Corbett included, believe you me.
There's now a personal dimension to your inquiry, following the assault on your wife.
Indeed, ma'am, but Serious Crime are handling that investigation.
I am taking no part.
The reason they did it, ma'am, was to pull me away from the bigger inquiry.
I would ask you not to give them the satisfaction.
But it's only natural people will question how it affects your judgment.
I can vouch for Superintendent Hastings' personal integrity.
He won't mind me saying no-one's a bigger stickler for regulations.
He's still the best man for the job.
But let me put this as plainly as possible.
Last chance, Ted.
Clear? Completely, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
We need to cancel those flowers.
I'm veering towards muffins.
Ted! Oh, look.
Thanks for backing me up in there, yeah? Well, what are friends for? Oh, Gill.
I can't, I can't, I can't.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong? Well, my wife was attacked exactly the same time as I was with you.
I mean, if that's not a sign, I don't know what is.
Uh, look, I'm really sorry.
I haven't had a chance to look through anything, and my wife's in the hospital so I'm sorry to hear.
Listen, I won't take up any more of your time.
Just a little more background on the proposal.
- All right.
- Just when you get a moment.
Oh, yeah.
You all right, Terry, mate? How you doing? We're best mates, aren't we, Terry? Then how come you never warned us about the coppers breaking into our print shop? I was scared.
That's why I'm your best mate, Terry.
To protect you.
Sorry, Ryan.
Beer's in the fridge.
Terry, maybe you could help us by describing any of the police that raided the print shop? I don't remember.
I forget things.
- No beers in fridge.
- Freezer, then.
Sorry, mate.
There was a fly on you.
Christ, I forgot! How long she been there? Least Terry ain't mistook her for a leg of lamb.
Little sheep.
Who was in charge of the police, Terry? Can you remember that for me? No.
I I forget things.
You said.
That's why I take photos.
Where are they? This is the copper we've seen before.
Works for the same outfit as Maneet Bindra.
They've been onto us since well before we put Hargreaves on the Eastfield job.
We never told Hargreaves about the print shop.
The leak came from somewhere else.
We've got a rat.
[PHONE RINGS] You risk your life trying to nick bent coppers, you make a deal with a fella that's meant to be straight up, after the same things you are, you don't expect the lying bastard to start laying traps.
What you on about, John? I saw the new camera and the targeted surveillance.
Following a recent incident, we've stepped up security on all AC-12 staff and their families.
Any idea what incident I might be referring to? Last time I checked, you were anti-corruption.
You haven't got the budget to provide that level of protection.
Never kid a kidder, son.
There was an assault on Roisin Hastings.
Superintendent Hastings' wife.
Someone impersonating me with a forged warrant card.
- You're a forger.
- They wore a balaclava.
The OCG wear balaclavas.
You're meant to caution me before you ask me them kind of things.
Well, come into AC-12.
We'll go on the record.
Yeah, one day I will, the day I've got enough evidence that puts the top brass bang to rights.
By assaulting their wives? Did the OCG do it, yes or no? To put the frighteners on Hastings? No comment.
Right, listen carefully.
This is why I came round to yours tonight.
[RECORDER BEEPS] Now I'm going to ask you some questions, Mrs Hastings.
I'm afraid there's going to be a bit of suffering on your part.
I'm sorry about that, but it can't be helped.
I don't know what you want! I can't help you! DRILL WHIRS Oh, my God! [SHE SCREAMS] Superintendent Hastings not at home this evening? No.
No, Ted hasn't lived here for a while.
Right, everybody out.
Out, please.
Got to give it to your gaffer.
He's got his missus well trained.
Or should I say ex-missus? Is that your voice on the recording? Did you carry out the assault? No comment.
And there's more.
It gets interesting.
[SHE GROANS] Our life savings.
Invested it in some crackpot scheme.
I've told you now.
- Now stop, please stop! - [SHE SOBS] - Let me go! - Believe me, it could be much worse.
Ask your husband.
And back to these money problems When was it your husband got into debt? [SHE GROANS] Five years.
You get the idea.
Mrs H wasn't too keen to hear your gaffer's been spreading a pack of lies for years, kidding on he was still happily married.
It's no surprise the gaffer doesn't want us all knowing his private affairs.
"Private affairs"? He's bang up to his eyes in debt.
This came up ages ago.
It was all sorted.
That's what he wants everyone to think.
Except they've sold up to make ends meet.
Look, they've got him by the balls.
Who has? Look, you know how the OCG works.
Hargreaves was a perv into young girls.
Hastings is drowning in debt.
That doesn't make him bent.
Look, open your eyes, will you?! You of all people should know the damage bent coppers do, they don't care who they use, - who they hurt.
- John! They don't care what they do to people's families.
John! There were other ways you could have got this information.
Why the assault on his wife? Why the injuries to her wrists, knees and ankles? No.
No, it's not going to come from me.
Then it'll just be wrote off as a lie, same as it always was.
No, it's got to come from him.
All right? I think it's best we discuss this between ourselves.
I dismissed everyone.
They didn't hear much.
I did the same at mine.
Look, the gaffer's always been a very private bloke.
He's kept his marriage problems to himself, out of embarrassment, shame, whatever.
Well, if we need a reason not to tell the gaffer, Corbett never actually admitted assaulting Roisin.
And he didn't offer any evidence to back up his allegations either.
Corbett's talked bollocks before.
If the gaffer was having such massive money problems, it would have been picked up by Developed Vetting.
Unless he's found a way of hiding it.
He's done his 30 years.
He could have sailed off into the sunset on his pension.
We just found out his marriage broke up.
There's all kinds of reasons, aside of money, that he might want to stay on.
You know, maybe he feels he's got a job to finish.
Then what if we're wrong, Kate? The assault on Roisin might be a reminder from the OCG that they've got the gaffer in their pocket.
Corbett's Northern Irish accent, that was no amateur.
He sounded like a native.
Hastings has had a chance to give us a clue what this is all about.
And he hasn't said a word, not one.
How's it going to look for us, anti-corruption officers, if we've served a bent boss? He could take us off the case.
There's no way am I authorising us digging into the gaffer's past.
But no-one's going to raise an eyebrow if we look deeper into Corbett's.
Mrs Corbett, we're seeking information on John's past which may be significant to our inquiry.
What kinds of information? Does your husband have any connection to Northern Ireland? - Like what? - To the best of your knowledge, did John ever served with the Royal Ulster Constabulary, as it was called until 2001, or the Police Service of Northern Ireland? I don't think so.
Ever lived over there? Any family connections? This is John to a T, this is.
Lying bastard's always said he was Liverpool born and bred.
We'd appreciate if you could provide us with some documents, Mrs Corbett.
Your husband's driving licence, birth certificate.
John'd have them.
Do you have a marriage certificate by any chance? We got wed all right, and there's not a day goes by where it ain't the biggest mistake I ever made.
Could you find that for us, please? We're happy to wait.
The marriage certificate checks out as genuine.
So it would appear John Corbett was the name he was using at the time.
Still no link to Northern Ireland.
Just to let you know, the surveillance on Corbett's wife's home went live tonight.
We're monitoring her movements and any phone numbers she uses.
- So far, nothing suspicious.
- Cheers, Tatleen.
Ryan, stay here.
Watch the car.
Here's the keys.
[DOOR BUZZER] They're coming now.
So when they get here, yeah, pay attention.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Like celebrities, innit? Love Island.
No disrespect.
Great Train Robbery or whatever.
We just want to talk business, mate.
When things have calmed down.
What you've got, it's too hot right now.
We've come here and you're wasting our time.
Idiot! You're wrong.
There's still a way we can help each other out.
And what way's that? Heard you lost your pop-up on the Bog, innit? - No good for livestock no more.
- We've still got our supply lines.
But you got no place to work them.
Maybe we can work something out.
We're fine, covered.
You want to save face.
I get it.
But this ain't face, this is just business.
Everybody wins.
We're not interested.
John Business is business.
[HE LAUGHS] See I knew you was the brains.
Yeah, let's talk.
So, how many girls? - Six to ten.
- Right.
What happened? The Eastfield job.
That's what happened.
Get in, lads.
Give us a minute.
I get it, OK? I screwed up.
The Eastfield goods are too hot.
But the brothel got raided, so maybe we should avoid the livestock trade.
Look, I'm not a fan either.
As I said, business is business.
Like it or not, this is what we do.
Do you? Do I what? Like it.
Don't ask yourself that.
It don't lead anywhere helpful.
I'm in, that's all.
No matter what? I just do what's expected.
Them two shagging or what? - How should I know? - Mm.
What matters is the Eastfield job.
We've got to pull together to make it pay off.
- "We"? - You've got to go right to the top.
Only the top man can get enough coppers looking the other way so we can move the goods on.
I've already set up a meet.
Nice one, Lise.
That's just what we need.
[PHONE RINGS] John? Yeah, it's me, Steph.
I'm OK, love, I'm safe.
Thank God.
I've been worried sick.
John, they was here again, them two from anti-corruption.
Eh? I wanted to call you straight after, but I knew I shouldn't.
That's all right.
You did the right thing.
What did they want? It's scary, John.
They was asking about Northern Ireland and that.
They was even asking about family over there.
Did they know anything? Anything of my mum or anything? - No, nothing.
- So what did you say? You know I'd never say nothing.
It's all right.
I know you wouldn't.
What's this all about? Do they know about Anne-Marie? No.
You know I can't talk about the job.
John, what's wrong? John? I'm I'm just missing you I'm just missing you and the girls loads, that's all.
We're missing you loads an' all.
I can't wait for this job to be done and I can come home.
- Sir.
- Sir.
So, what have we got? We've had a breakthrough, thanks to our Cyber Crime team.
Corbett's been communicating with the command level of the organised crime group via a computer link.
- Great.
Have we traced the link? - Not conclusively, sir, but we're aiming to be in a position to simulate it.
That'll enable us to exploit Corbett's desire to fence the seized goods by luring him to a meeting.
- Good.
- We've got targeted surveillance in place at Corbett's family home on Merseyside.
Last night, an incoming call was made by a burner phone that we've triangulated to premises in the Edge Park area, a development of apartments, one of which may be Corbett's covert residence.
We've got his location.
We've got him.
Sir, Corbett's crossed a line, nobody's arguing he hasn't, but he's also our best chance of apprehending other corrupt officers.
Corbett's convinced he's in contact with the top man.
Yeah, well, that's as may be, son, but we cannot have him out there for another day longer.
What if he commits another crime? What if, God forbid, he takes another life? Sir, there is a threat-to-life risk if Corbett won't come quietly.
Well, that's his lookout.
Thank you.
- Sir.
- Sir.
I'll do everything I can to make him give himself up peacefully.
No, no, son.
You hang on to that.
We're not going to take any chances here.
It won't come to that.
Sierra Zulu 2-5.
Standing by for confirmation of ID.
Received, 2-5.
TFC, visual.
Confirming target ID.
Heading west on Harnest Street.
TFC, do you copy, 6-4? 6-4, standing by.
TFC, 4-5 clear to approach.
4-5, received.
Well Guess I underestimated your powers of detection.
You know why I'm here, mate.
Let's bring an end to this whole thing.
- Listen to me, John - No, you listen to me.
It's on for today.
The top man, I'm meeting him.
Look, this is it, Steve.
The bent copper pulling all the strings, you know, and not just the top man.
Lisa McQueen, she's going to turn.
I'm sure of it.
And she's got contacts going back years, the whole organisation.
You nick me now and we'll never get this chance again.
4-5, this is 1-0.
Apprehend the subject.
Right now! Where's the meeting taking place? No.
No way.
I know your game.
I give you that, and this gets taken out my hands.
And you know why I can't let that happen.
This corrupt network goes right to the top.
And today, I'll prove how close to home.
Come and work with us, not against us.
Is that the best you can come up with? I assaulted your gaffer's wife.
He'll make sure I go down.
There's no two ways about it.
Mother of God.
Let's work together, John.
We want the same thing.
I believe you, mate.
I honestly do.
But only one of us is prepared to go the distance on this job.
You've got blind loyalty, which stops you seeing what's plain as day, the person this trail leads to.
4-5, apprehend the subject at once.
Sir, is it not worth letting this play out another 24 hours? Look, Kate, we do not trust Corbett one inch.
He's already battered a defenceless woman in her own home.
For Chrissake, Kate! What are you waiting for? Sir.
4-5, arrest the subject.
DS Arnott, you're in receipt of a lawful order from a commanding officer.
You will carry it out at once.
John, I need you to accompany me to AC-12 You need you to back off and let me finish this job! DS John Corbett, you're under arrest.
Snipers, maintain cover.
6-4, prepare to move forward.
Sure I am.
John! 7-5, target blocked, no visual on subject.
4-5, 1-0.
Active message.
Critical shot blocked.
Put the gun down.
John, put the gun down.
1-0 to 4-5.
The order is Fahrenheit.
Sir, we'll lose all of Corbett's intel.
Lethal force is authorised where there's an immediate threat to life.
We know that Corbett is a cold-blooded killer.
The order is Fahrenheit.
Give yourself up.
Repeat, the order is Fahrenheit.
Give yourself up! You shoot me and the truth never comes out.
What kind of copper are you, eh? One who cares about orders, or one who cares about justice? You wearing a wire? Yeah.
Take it out.
And I'll tell you the where and when for this meeting.
Steve, do not comply.
That's an order.
- [FEEDBACK CRACKLES] - What the hell is he playing at? - Shit! - The wee gobshite.
Get the AFOs down there on the double! Sir.
6-4, move in urgently.
The Palisades, the shopping centre.
This afternoon, four o'clock.
Be careful who you tell.
Because if it doesn't happen, you know you've got a leak.
Thanks, mate.
OFFICER: 6-4, not yet visual with target.
ETA ten seconds.
TFC, received.
Where is he? - Anyone see him? - Shit.
Where'd he go? A thorough search of the location detected a service door in the passageway where the target was last observed.
The service corridor leads to an underground car park.
CCTV captured the subject making his escape via the underground car park.
There's a locked service door which opens out onto the far side of the apartment block, which we didn't have covered.
By the time my team got round the back, he was long gone.
I'm very sorry, sir.
Thank you, Kyle.
As a UCO, he will have identified all the escape routes at his residence.
The service door was locked.
Probably he found a means of acquiring the key codes.
On the plus side, sir, we have been able to identify Corbett's apartment.
Search team and forensics have been deployed.
I think I've let him stew long enough, don't you? Sir, I'd appreciate your guidance on my report for the SFC.
- Your Fahrenheit order was irregular.
- Now listen The SFC authorised the use of firearms for this morning's operation.
The suspect was a known armed criminal with a history of violence who was an immediate and credible threat to the public.
Therefore, lethal force is justified according to Common Law Section 3 of the Criminal Law Act of 1967 and Section 117 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984.
Now, are we're done dotting the I's and crossing the t's here? Sir.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
I am fine, Kate.
I'm fine.
It's just now Corbett's confessed to assaulting your wife Look, the guy is responsible for killing five police officers, Maneet Bindra being one of them.
This is the monster we're dealing with.
For Chrissake, Kate! Remain standing.
Sir, can we do this somewhere more private? Absolutely not.
I'll hear your report.
My operational assessment was that Corbett had acquired high-value intelligence which overrode the necessity for arrest.
My order was clear and lawful.
I'm not an assassin.
If loss of life can be avoided, it should be avoided.
And with respect, sir, I'd dispute the lawfulness of your order.
You'd just learned Corbett had been responsible for a vicious attack on your wife.
What was the intelligence that Corbett divulged? Was that intelligence relating to the senior police officer complicit with the OCG? Am I right? Or person or persons who were at the end of that computer link, yes? Yes? - Yes.
- So what was the intelligence? Corbett advised me to limit my disclosure, as he fears there may be a leak.
Well, I am looking round this room, son, and I can only see me and you, so I do not know where this leak is going to come from! You're skating on thin ice with me, DS Arnott.
Wafer thin.
So what was the bloody intelligence, son? A meeting at 4pm today between the OCG and the top man.
Palisades shopping mall.
Thank you.
As you were.
What's the time? He hasn't shown up.
For Chrissake! Corbett's leaving.
Looks like it's going to be a no-show.
Shit! 3-7, 6-4, priority message.
Ma'am, we believe the suspects are armed.
I'm concerned about the risk assessment, who are threat to members of the public if we go in.
Stand by.
We can't risk it.
3-7, 6-4, risk assessment's negative.
Do not approach.
Repeat, do not approach.
Sierra Zulu 3-5.
Stand down.
Stand down.
- How'd it go? - Don't ask.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Yeah.
Sit rep from the Palisades surveillance, sir.
They're saying H is a no-show.
- Damn.
Any arrests? - No.
They reported too many members of the public at risk.
- Chrissake! - Sorry, sir.
Lee Banks? Who the hell are you? Superintendent Hastings.
My department, we're the ones who put you inside.
I ain't saying a word to this bastard.
Sit down, fella.
This bastard's got a thing or two to say to you.
Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
- Sarge.
- Yeah? Forensics were able to detect DNA and fingerprints at Corbett's apartment.
Boss We've got Corbett's prints.
As you've both deduced, like everyone else joining the police, Corbett had to provide elimination prints to exclude crime scene contamination.
These haven't been erased from the IDENT1 system, which gives us access to identity records he submitted when he first joined the force in 1999.
John Corbett is the name he was given when he was adopted by the Corbett family in 1989 at the age of ten.
His adoptive mother's maiden name was McGillis.
I believe she was a close relative, as Corbett's birth name was John McGillis.
He was born in Belfast.
His father was Anthony Patrick McGillis, deceased 1984.
And his mother, Anne-Marie McGillis, deceased 1989.
Hence Corbett's move to Liverpool and the adoption.
Good work.
This is completely confidential.
You don't discuss with anybody except myself and DS Arnott.
Find out as much as you can on the McGillis family, - however long it takes.
- Ma'am.
We've got contact.
It doesn't normally happen this way.
What are you saying? I'm saying let's be careful.
Things are getting, erm, strained.
We're both here now.
Can you hear us? It's him.
It's Corbett.
Is that why you didn't make the meeting? Did you get a tip-off? Are you going to acknowledge that the meeting was arranged? It's one of the pre-composed responses we've constructed to convince them they're talking to the right person.
Come on.
Get up.
That's it.
Up, up, up.
Thank you.
You're making a meal of this.
We all know what Corbett wants.
So let's just cut to the chase, shall we? Sir, are you sure? Yeah, definitely.
Are you proposing a plan? Yep.
Well, that'd be great, if it's possible.
What do you mean? What do I mean? OK, ladies.
We need to make a stop here.
It's a good place to make sure everyone's documents are in order for the employment agency before we carry on to the hostel.
Sorry, it's not very nice, but we won't be here for very long.
- Miroslav will look after you, yeah? - This way, please, ladies.
This way, please.
Thank you.
Hold there, please.
One second.
Follow me, please, ladies.
- This way.
- Come on.
Keep moving.
Won't be long.
Come on.
This way, please.
Hurry up.
- You know we don't have to stay.
- We're the ones who made the deal.
It'll look suspicious if we ain't here for the trade.
OK, down here, please.
Come on.
This way, please.
- No! - Get them in! Get them in! [SCREAMING] Do as you're told! [SCREAMING CONTINUES] - Lisa, let's go.
- There's no way out.
- No, there is a way.
- Get that bitch in here! Shut up! Get in the room.
Not from people like this.
Shut up! Lisa, I can help.
We can go together.
You just have to trust me.
I trust you.
IN DISTANCE: Sit down! Sit down! So, Ryan, this is how you spend your student loan, huh? Come on, let's see your cards.
[HE LAUGHS] Hey, John.
Come over here.
Join us.
I want to win your money too.
You're all right, mate.
You're a smart guy, John.
Not like these other mugs, huh? [THEY LAUGH] It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
Not long till the trade.
WOMAN: Help! Help! You've tried talking sense to them.
Now it's time to do things our way.
- I've got this.
- Take.
I've got this pistol.
- Ryan.
- Chill, Lise.
[SCREAMING] Shut up! Take your clothes off! [SCREAMING] Do as you're told! OK, so All right.
Deal me in.
Hey! Now we're playing poker.
Take it all off! [SCREAMING] - Bend over! - Leave her alone! Two.
You two, over there.
Move! I'm going to let the girls go.
What are you talking about? They're not girls.
They're livestock.
We're here to make a trade.
I'm going to let them go, and you're going to let me.
John, let's talk about this.
Lisa, get the door.
[MOANING CONTINUES] [SCREAMS AND MOANING] [GIRLS SCREAM] Shut your mouth! [CORBETT GASPS] "Once upon a time there was a little chicken called Chicken Licken "who went to the woods, where an acorn fell upon her poor bald pate, "and she thought the sky had fallen.
" [CORBETT GASPS] You're a rat, John.
A rat.
- GUNSHO - [SCREAMING] "'I will take you to see the king, ' said Fox Lox, "but Fox Lox took Chicken Licken and ate her all up, "and Chicken Licken never did see the king "and tell him the sky had fallen.
" Good work, Ryan.
Nice one.
Let's get this mess cleaned up before we trade the livestock.
[SHE SOBS] Mummy loves you.
Daddy loves you.