Line of Duty (2012) s05e05 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 5

Operation Pear Tree files show that DS Corbett has been out of contact with his COM and Cover Officer for nearly three months.
In that time, he's believed to have actively participated in criminal offences, namely the hijack of Seized Goods Transport ED-905, the murder of three AFOs, the attempted murder of a fourth, and possibly even the death of Maneet Bindra.
Corbett relayed intel on a laptop being used to communicate with higher levels of the OCG.
Have you harvested enough information for us to impersonate the unknown user online? Yes, given time, we can simulate all the metadata.
Hargreaves crossed us, so who's he going to have crossed us to? So who do you think's the best man for the job? H is a senior police officer.
Tell me I'm wrong.
The PCC is anxious for a breakthrough.
Not to worry.
We're going to get our man.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- How much? - Hundred grand.
Haven't we earned a payday? John Corbett, I'm arresting you - for the murder of Lester Ha - [SHOT FIRED] I didn't mean to kill Hargreaves, but now I have I've crossed the line.
Mrs Hastings, I'm Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott.
A man broke in wearing a balaclava over his face.
He said you'd know why he did it.
John Corbett was the name he was given when he was adopted by the Corbett family.
His adoptive mother's maiden name was McGillis.
He was born in Belfast.
Does your husband have any connection to Northern Ireland? John, they was here again, them two from anti-corruption.
What did they want? They was asking about Northern Ireland and that.
They was even asking about family over there.
- It'd be nice to catch up.
- Yes.
Maybe you could help us by describing any of the police that raided the print shop.
I take photos.
Christ, how long she's been there? [THEY LAUGH] I assaulted your gaffer's wife.
He'll make sure I go down, there's no two ways about it.
Lee Banks? - Who the hell are you? - Superintendent Hastings.
Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
[SCREAMING] - [CLICKING] - You're a rat, John.
A rat.
OK, now cover it up with all this stuff.
Come on.
I feel terrible.
I never asked you how your exams went.
Yeah, fine.
I got a date for my interview.
Ryan here's got a date for his interview.
Yeah? Smart boy.
Guess you're going to have to lie low from now on.
I'm going to miss all this fun.
- Cheers, Tatleen.
- Ma'am.
I've traced details of John Corbett's parents.
Corbett's birth name was John McGillis.
His father, Anthony Patrick McGillis, was the victim of a paramilitary murder in 1984 when John was five years old.
His mother, Anne-Marie McGillis, continued to live with John in Belfast.
In 1989, Anne-Marie disappeared, believed to have been kidnapped.
Her remains weren't found until 2001.
There was a forensic investigation of the scene and body, but the case is unsolved.
Do we know why she was kidnapped? According to files held at the time by the Royal Ulster Constabulary, Anne-Marie was accused of being a police informant.
This is the postmortem report from 2001.
Before she was executed with a single gunshot to the head, Anne-Marie McGillis had been tortured.
The postmortem detected gunshot wounds to the wrists, knees and ankles.
The same injuries as Roisin.
Cheers, Tatleen, we'll take it from here.
- Strictly 10-8 on this.
- Ma'am.
In 1989, Hastings was a PC in the RUC.
When he passed the sergeants' exam, he chose to transfer over here on promotion.
There's nothing on his record refers to him investigating the disappearance of Anne-Marie McGillis.
There's a reference to prolonged sick leave.
The only story the Gaffer ever told me about those days was about getting seriously injured by a pipe bomb.
Significant that should happen shortly after - Anne-Marie McGillis disappeared.
- Yeah.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Ted.
Superintendent Hastings, I was very sorry to hear about the assault on your wife.
I hope she's making a speedy recovery.
Yes, she is.
Thank you.
I want to be transparent on police corruption.
The public needs to know we're investigating institutionalised complicity between the police and organised crime.
Alleged complicity.
And the lack of progress puts me in an invidious position.
It's better anti-corruption doesn't exist than it's seen to fail.
I'm being strongly advised to suppress the truth.
The truth? That corrupt officers are winning.
Hang on a minute.
It's hard enough catching criminals, never mind bent coppers.
Ted, you'll receive written notification, AC-12's authority to investigate Operation Pear Tree has been rescinded.
You're taking us off the case, ma'am? I've asked Detective Chief Superintendent Carmichael to drop in later.
I haven't told her the reason yet.
My team just need a little bit more time, ma'am.
You've had your time.
Thank you, Ted.
This is a complete mess.
Of your own making.
Rohan, no-one wants to lie.
But part of our duty is to uphold public trust, and sometimes that means having a non-exclusive relationship with the truth.
[SIRENS IN BACKGROUND] We've made repeated attempts to contact the OCG using text communication to their laptop.
So far, our messages haven't been returned.
Maybe they've rumbled the impersonation.
Yes, that's possible.
As you know, we've been able to identify Corbett's burner phone on the targeted surveillance of his wife's communications.
We've been making good progress in harvesting the metadata from his service provider.
Here's a map created from historical metadata on the phone's positions.
The hot spots represent habitual locations we already detected, such as his apartment and Kingsgate Printing Services.
We've been moving on to analyse lukewarm spots and some have been reconnoitred.
We identified a nightclub in the Kingsgate area.
I've been thinking about this nightclub.
Well, I do read the reports.
Meet me downstairs.
I've got a plan of how we're going to proceed.
Sir, with respect, we need to consider exactly what it is we're trying to achieve here.
I'm banking that Corbett is going to attempt some kind of authentication at this point.
This nightclub seems to be their current hideaway.
If we look at burner phone activity here, at this location, then the second that Corbett or one of his wee mates tries to contact the nominals further up the chain, then we'll have a trail to the top man.
Oh, here we go.
They're challenging us to name the meeting at the Palisades Shopping Centre.
They normally use audio.
What's going on? We don't even know if this is Corbett at the other end.
It's an unknown user with a new IP address, but they can achieve that using a new dongle on their computer.
[HE TYPES] Referencing the Palisades meeting is an approved element of our pre-agreed responses.
OK, so H was a no-show at the meeting.
He may have spotted our surveillance, but I'm backing us to be too clever to allow that to happen.
I'm going to take a gamble that he was in the dark about it.
Here we go.
Bang! Now we're cooking with gas! What next? Our preferred option is to request information on the whereabouts of the stolen goods.
Christ's sake.
The Gaffer can't authorise an undercover op and be the UCO at the same time.
There's no independent decision-making.
Is he even trained in undercover? God knows.
I'm going to have to report this.
[TAPS PHONE KEYS] Kate, wait.
Steve, regs are regs.
We don't get to decide which ones we like and which ones we don't.
The Gaffer knows that.
When my undercover was questioned, he backed me.
Look, I know he's going through a lot.
I'll talk to him.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
I'm the DI.
- [KNOCK AT DOOR] - Yes? Sir.
Sir, I honestly don't believe it's lawful for the same senior officer to sanction an undercover operation and carry it out without consulting the head of the Covert Unit or some other independent officer.
I also believe that whoever's TFC on this will not be able to guarantee your safety.
I recommend we commence a covert surveillance operation on the nightclub with a view to apprehending Corbett, McQueen and any other OCG nominal detected.
Sir? OK.
Start the surveillance.
Sir, is there something you're not telling us? No.
Thank you, sir.
[PHONE RINGS] RECORDING: Welcome to the messaging service for Mark Moffatt, Kettle Bell Property Partners.
No-one is available - All right, Kyle? - Steve.
No sign yet of Corbett.
Looking like a quiet night so far.
Ideally we want to strike when they're all there Corbett, McQueen, Minkowicz and the rest.
But Corbett's the priority.
All right? Call me when he's sighted.
Off somewhere nice? Might be.
Cheeky bastard.
- Bring pizza next time.
- See you.
I'm glad you called.
I was worried you'd still be pissed off with me.
Who says I'm not? Just cos you've got bumfluff all over your face doesn't mean - you have to be an arse.
- You can borrow my razor any time.
Oi! How's it going at work? Weird is how it's going.
We've got an Acting DCS and she's great, but everyone's still talking about Hargreaves.
Looking back.
- Were there any signs? - Yeah.
Are AC-12 opening an investigation into the whole of Serious Crime, seeing if we were all in on it? We haven't got the manpower.
There weren't any signs.
I wish there were.
I guess there never are till it's too late.
Want another? It's up to you.
I'm fine.
I'm not, by the way, pissed off with you any more.
You coming? Something wrong? It's fine.
Give me a minute.
Steve, don't worry, it's not a problem.
- Steve.
- I won't be a minute.
Maybe there's just too much going on with work or something.
Or maybe it's something to do with your back.
You hurt it really badly.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] Can I help you, sir? A bit of a quiet night.
Business on the slide? Our business is fine.
What's yours? John Clayton about? I'd like to speak to him.
- Wait here, sir.
- Clayton, mind.
I don't want to talk to anybody else.
Hey, Lis.
Copper looking for John.
Who? This one.
- Did he show ID? - Mm-hm.
Superintendent Hastings.
He said he'd come.
The Gaffer went in about half an hour ago.
No sign of him coming out.
- Corbett? - Still unsighted, but McQueen and Minkowicz entered earlier tonight.
God knows what the Gaffer's playing at.
So, er, this Eastfield job, that was Clayton's bright idea, wasn't it? Where is he? Lisa.
We need to take some precautions.
Well, I was just, erm, talking to Miroslav here.
Where's Clayton? John's lying low.
- The situation got too hot for him.
- Oh, right.
Well, look, I need to talk to him cos this is business.
- Talk to me.
- Oh Well, these Eastfield goods are going to be difficult to get out the country, you know? We're all looking for a payday, right? Every cop in three counties is going to be looking for the goods, so we've got to find a way of throwing them off the scent.
What better way to grease the wheels to get the head of anti-corruption who knows every bent cop going? You need to be more than that.
What about H? If you want to use that term.
How come you're showing your face? How come you're here on your own, no crew backing you up? There's no time.
This needs to happen fast.
And this is between us.
We're doing things my way.
We'll take no chances.
- I'd really rather you didn't.
- Don't make this harder.
No disrespect intended.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] Armed police! Do not move! - [CREAMING] - Do not move! - Stay where you are! - Get down! Get down! Don't move! Don't move! Show me your hands! - Stay there! - [MUSIC STOPS] Don't move! Stay there! - RADIO: Six Four, urgent message.
- Four Five.
No visual with the Gaffer.
Searching premises.
Unarmed stay out till secure.
All right.
Keep him in the car for a while.
Let's wait and see if he's being followed, yeah? Well, what if he is? Boss.
What happened? There's a door into the adjoining building leading to an exit we didn't have under surveillance.
I'm sorry, boss.
It's not your fault, mate.
This is why I told the Gaffer not to do this.
Well, now I know why.
The paperwork came through from the DCC's office.
- We got taken off the case this morning.
- Shit.
Is there any other leads on where they're taking him? An all-units bulletin's been on the air for half an hour already, circulated to neighbouring forces.
No obs reported.
[HE LAUGHS] Well Clayton wasn't lying, this really is [HE LAUGHS] .
some haul.
Is he here? Told you, he's lying low.
Yeah, right.
Well, I need him on the inside.
I don't need him banging around like some loose cannon, - ready to blow the gaff.
- What's your plan? Well, notices will have been sent out to the port authorities and the border agencies, so I think our best option is to fly this stuff out through some private airport with slack security.
I mean there's a hell of a lot of cargo here, it's going to take a couple of flights.
I think we should start with the drugs cos they'll be the easiest got rid of, - and we can use the Spanish connection.
- What airfield? Well, that'd be Green Hill Aerodrome.
At the minute, we're investigating a number of drug squad officers who are under suspicion for smuggling contraband and it seems that Green Hill Aerodrome is their preferred route out.
So that's why we have to move fast because there's only a small window of opportunity before the surveillance starts on Monday.
So, first flight tomorrow night, two or three more after that, we get the whole thing wrapped up by the weekend.
What do you say? I just I don't believe that H would show up on his own.
Oh, right.
So now I get why Clayton ended up bossing this unit, because he would not have the temerity to piss me off.
Now you find out where Clayton is, get him in here, so I can have a proper conversation.
What are you going to do, Lisa? Lisa? - VOICE OUTSIDE: It's the cops! - [OUTSIDE GUNFIRE] [SCREAMING] [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Armed police! Stay where you are.
- Don't shoot! Don't shoot! - Hands where I can see them! Hands where I can see them! It's all right.
We're all cooperating, fella.
Six Four, scene secured.
Two under control, unarmed clear to enter.
You crossed us.
- Not me.
Not me.
- Shut up! RADIO: Control to unarmed Bronze.
All unarmed to move forward.
Repeat, all unarmed to move forward.
- Search her.
- Six Four, One GSW, ambulance required.
RADIO: Control received.
One subject down with GSW.
I'm arresting you on suspicion of Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery.
It may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
There's no keeping this quiet.
Alpha Charlie Four Five, two in custody.
- Sir.
- I was hoping you two guys would save my bacon.
How did you manage it? We exploited the contact numbers from Corbett's burner.
One of these was pinged at the nightclub and a live trace led us out of town.
The phone was found on Miroslav Minkowicz's body.
Great work.
And thanks for keeping up the pretence in front of McQueen.
She is our best chance of bringing Corbett in.
You'll appreciate, sir, we do need to ask you a few questions.
Yeah, well, let me save you the trouble.
DCC Wise, she took us off the case.
It could have been the end of AC-12.
Look, I'm sorry that I didn't bring you in on what I was planning, but it was the only way.
Unfortunately, Corbett has gone to ground, but my hunch is he will be back sooner rather than later with his tail between his legs.
But right now, you know what? I'll give you a statement in the morning.
I just want to get home.
Sir, you should remain here for your own protection.
I just want I just want to get home.
Stick a couple of AFOs outside the door.
Sir, if the OCG finds out you're not in custody, it poses a serious and credible threat to an investigation we've all worked so hard for.
We need to maintain the pretence.
Yeah, OK.
- Sir.
- Sir.
I thought you'd be in bed.
I was worried sick.
I didn't get a chance to call.
You said your promotion meant better hours.
You could be a mum as well as a police officer.
Thanks for making me feel like shit.
Nice one.
Alpha Charlie Six One.
Corridor secure, clear to approach.
Did you participate in, or are you able to provide any information, on the following offences? The hijack of Transport ED-905 on the 15th of February 2019, the hijack of ballistics transport BC-556 on the 27th of February 2019 and the armed robbery of the Eastfield Depot on the 5th of March 2019? No comment.
The murders of PC Ray Randhawa, PC Kevin Greysham and PC Carl Waldhouse on the 15th of February 2019 and the attempted murder of PS Jane Cafferty on the same date? No comment.
The murder of PC Maneet Bindra on or before the 23rd of February 2019? No comment.
The murder of Detective Chief Superintendent Lester Hargreaves on the 5th of March 2019? No comment.
Lisa, we've got a mass of evidence on the organised crime group you're a member of.
From the nightclub office, forensic investigators recovered a laptop computer with your fingerprints all over the keyboard.
If convicted, you'll spend the best years of your life in prison.
But there is an alternative.
Our side of the inquiry is the corrupt police officers who've colluded in these offences.
We need your help with that.
Witness protection.
Provided you're not ineligible due to committing the most serious offences.
Did you participate in any of the murders listed by DI Fleming? No.
We'll still need to look into that, of course.
We require information on the higher echelons of the organised crime group.
You're asking a lot.
I need to think about that.
There is one individual we're particularly interested in.
Do you recognise the code name H? Is your boss watching all this? Superintendent Hastings is in custody, under investigation for his links with the OCG.
Is he H? Sorry.
No comment.
Lisa, it'd be great to have something to prove you're assisting the inquiry, to get the ball rolling with witness protection and immunity.
One piece of information we require urgently is the whereabouts of John Clayton.
I ain't seen him for at least a couple of days.
Why not? We got a tip-off that there was a rat in the unit.
He must have lost his bottle.
Where'd the tip-off come from? No names.
You'll have to find that out for yourselves.
But it came from out of Blackthorn.
Maybe someone inside Blackthorn knew about Corbett from another inmate.
Well, that's a long shot.
Corbett was brought in from Merseyside.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Ma'am, Sarge, Governor-authorised police visits to Blackthorn Prison.
Cheers, Tatleen.
The Gaffer made a visit on the 12th of March.
To Lee Banks, the only current OCG member inside.
Well, it's there, in black and white.
The Gaffer found out that Corbett was the one responsible for assaulting his wife.
He goes to visit Lee Banks.
Lee Banks passes on a message to the OCG that there's an undercover officer in their ranks.
I mean, obviously we don't know that's exactly how it happened, but No, we don't.
- Well - You know what I've got to do.
You've got no choice, mate.
Thanks, Steve.
Well, as for Corbett, let's hope he went to ground in time.
[DIAL TONE] VOICE MAIL: The number you have dialled is not available.
Please record your message after the tone.
John, if you get this you're in danger.
I think your cover's been compromised.
You've gotta come in.
I promise you, you'll be treated fairly.
I'll do everything I can so you can give your side of the story.
Just come in, mate, before it's too late.
- DI Fleming, ma'am.
- DS Arnott, ma'am.
I've asked DI Randall to take notes.
I've been advised you want to discuss a sensitive matter relating to AC-12's investigation into Operation Pear Tree.
I don't do this lightly, ma'am.
It relates to Superintendent Hastings, ma'am.
I've a number of concerns regarding his recent professional conduct.
Specifically, there was a potentially unlawful Fahrenheit order given to DS Arnott and the recovery of the stolen goods involved an unauthorised undercover operation.
God's sake! Ma'am, we've also detected circumstantial evidence that Superintendent Hastings may have deliberately blown John Corbett's cover.
My God.
Has Corbett been able to reach a place of safety? We don't know yet, ma'am.
We're conducting urgent inquiries, ma'am, in an effort to locate him.
Given what you've disclosed, I've got no choice but to order an outside investigation into Superintendent Hastings.
Yes, ma'am.
We understand.
Where is he now? We're housing him, ma'am, at AC-12.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - Very sorry, sir.
- Oh! - Thank you.
- Ah, Gill.
What are you doing in here? Yeah, well, this is my gambit to get the OCG nominal talking.
Meanwhile, I'm cooped up in here going off my trolley.
So good news, I think, yeah? You know, we managed to neutralise the OCG, get the loot back from the Eastfield job, so should be back in the DCC's good books, I'd say.
Sorry, Ted.
The opposite.
There's been some extremely serious allegations, which need to be thoroughly investigated.
What kind of allegations? I'm not at liberty to say.
I know I'm playing a bit fast and loose at the moment, but my team'll back me up, they always do.
Not always.
I-I don't believe you.
Name them.
The officer, or officers, concerned have the right for their allegations to be handled in strictest confidence.
Mother of God.
My own team? I'm here as a concerned colleague to offer my sincere advice on how to avoid an embarrassing finish to a distinguished career.
Now, we need to move fast.
Retirement will put you out of reach of disciplinary procedures.
There's such a thing as reputation, you know? What are these allegations? I'll fight them, just you watch! Who's leading the investigation? An outside unit with an anti-corruption SIO at least one rank senior to you.
Oh, Jesus Christ! Not Patricia bloody Carmichael.
That one has been fast-tracked from day one.
She hasn't put in the same years as the rest of us mere mortals.
I tell you, she'll see my scalp as a step up the ladder, believe you me.
Look, Ted, I can help you.
I used to be a defence solicitor, a bloody good one.
No, that's all right, Gill.
I'll make my own arrangements, thank you.
Well, you're your own man, Ted, you always have been.
But don't say that I didn't try which is why I wanted to be the one to notify you.
Notify me? This is a standard letter which will accompany the Regulation 15 Notice.
You're being suspended from duty.
I'm really sorry, Ted.
Sir? Sir, you're not meant to leave the building without DI Fleming's permission.
Kate and Steve aren't in the building, otherwise they'd have to answer to me.
You tell them to get their stories straight by the time I get back.
But, sir, I'm under orders to stop you leaving AC-12.
Am I under arrest? - Uh, no, sir.
- Precisely.
No, there's no sign of him.
Ma'am, he's just arrived.
What the hell's going on here? - Superintendent Hastings? - Yeah.
DI Michelle Brandyce, AC-3.
Are you going to tell me what's going on? Sir, Detective Chief Superintendent Carmichael asked me to keep track of your movements.
I was informed you'd absconded from AC-12.
"Absconded"? Well, that's rich.
Now, I'd just like to get to my room, if it's all the same to you.
Sir, may I ask what's the purpose of your visit here? A hot bath and a change of clothes, for Christ's sake! Right, Constable, stand aside.
Sir, we've made arrangements to question you.
Could I please ask you to accompany me to Decker Avenue Police Station? Between you and me and the gatepost, DI Brandyce, my patience is wearing a bit thin.
Right, Constable.
Stand aside, that's an order.
Sir, I've asked you politely to come to Decker Avenue.
And I politely declined.
In that case, sir, you give me no choice but to arrest you.
On what grounds? As I'm sure you know, sir, under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, Code G, Subsection 2.
9, I have the lawful power to arrest you to further the prompt and effective investigation of an offence.
What offence? Wanting to get in to my room to get a clean set of clothes? Sir, I strongly recommend you cooperate.
Yeah, well, state the offence.
Edward Hastings, you are under arrest on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
DS Arnott.
- You all right? - All right.
It's usually you Sam calls.
Everything all right with you two? Not really.
That's a shame.
I thought you were getting back together.
We're not.
Sorry, mate.
Thanks for the call.
- You all right? - All right.
Workmen were processing this scrap when they accidentally disturbed the body bag.
We've examined CCTV and an OCG vehicle was seen in the immediate vicinity.
Open it up.
I'm going to cut into the seal of the bag.
- If this is Corbett - Yeah.
Take pictures of each stage of the process.
There is a strong smell from inside the bag.
I can see various evidence of dismemberment.
Jesus Christ.
No, it's OK.
You carry on.
- You OK, mate? - No.
I'm sorry.
No way he deserved that.
What if he did blow Corbett's cover? Doesn't bear thinking about.
DCS Carmichael asked me to pass on a message.
Yeah? Given the possible conflict of interest, it protects all parties for you both to stay out of the building.
If she needs you, we'll call you in.
Come on, mate.
There's nothing we can do here.
Thank you, as you were.
[MACHINE BEEPS] Anti-corruption Unit 3 interview of Edward Hastings, in the presence of his solicitor, by Detective Chief Superintendent Carmichael, Detective Inspector Brandyce and Police Sergeant Tranter, at 17:30 on the 14th of March 2019.
For the DIR, can you please identify yourself? Superintendent Hastings.
You remain under caution.
Mr Hastings, what's your current permanent residence? My rank is Superintendent and you will address me as such.
I'm very happy to address you as Superintendent.
And in respect of your responses, "ma'am" will suffice.
I do not have a permanent residence, ma'am.
Why is that, Superintendent? Well, because my wife and I sold the house.
I am temporarily holed up in a hotel whilst seeking a more permanent accommodation.
And this would be the Edge Park Hotel room? Yes.
Room 336.
Document four in your folders.
Document four relates to a search of Room 336 at the Edge Park Hotel, today, on the 14th of March.
PS Tranter will show you image nine on screen.
If you prefer, you can refer to your folder.
Image nine shows item reference MB-1.
Superintendent Hastings, do you recognise item MB-1? I do, ma'am.
Image ten on screen, please.
Image ten shows item reference MB-2.
Item reference MB-2 is a collection of banknotes in the value of £50,000.
Do you recognise item MB-2, Superintendent Hastings? I do, ma'am.
Can you account for this substantial sum of cash? I was in the process of returning this cash to Retired Detective Chief Inspector Mark Moffatt.
Moffatt forwarded the cash to me using false pretences.
DI Brandyce.
Document 24 in your folders, statement given to PS Tranter by Mark Moffatt today, the 14th of March.
In his statement, Mr Moffatt claims he only provided further documents relating to the Kettle Bell project and nothing else.
Well, the man is a barefaced liar! I can't bear shouting.
You really ought to try and be more calm.
Yeah, well, I'll be more calm when I'm not listening to a pack of lies.
Did you even manage to check the bank notes for fingerprints? Funnily enough, I have run an investigation before.
Moffatt provided elimination prints - they weren't detected on the bank notes.
He'd be too smart for that.
What about the envelope? Prints were detected, but he doesn't deny handling the envelope.
Said cash, why did you hold on to it? As I said, I intended to return it.
"Intended"? Yeah, well, I didn't open the package immediately, ma'am.
But the minute I spotted the cash, I called Moffatt straight away.
How would you describe receiving 50 grand in a brown envelope when you're the head of an anti-corruption unit? Suspicious.
There, you see, we're agreeing.
This is much better, isn't it? "Suspicious.
" Look, it was a complicated arrangement.
It was an advance on funds that was due to me further down the line.
And the fact that it was in cash, what did that make you think? Like I said, it didn't sit right.
Possibly someone was trying to hide the payment? That's possible.
- DI Brandyce.
- Document 17 in your folders.
We've been given access to the accounts of Kettle Bell Property Partners.
We are unable to detect the sum of £50,000 credited to Edward Hastings.
Yeah, well, um [HE CLEARS HIS THROAT] Moffatt must have been keeping it off the books.
Well, bearing in mind that's your version of events, Superintendent, Moffatt denies furnishing you with the cash.
Yeah, and I told you the man's a liar! My client is telling the truth.
He strenuously denies Mr Moffatt's account.
Alternatively, hiding financial transactions on that scale, is that something you would normally do? Absolutely not.
DI Brandyce.
As part of our inquiry under police developed vetting procedures, we've been able to inspect Superintendent Hastings' financial records.
Documents 32 to 38 in your folders.
Now, in 2014, an allegation was made by an officer under investigation by AC-12, DI Lindsay Denton, who had fraudulently obtained access to Superintendent Hastings' financial records.
At the time, Superintendent Hastings answered the allegations in writing and the inquiry was closed, as Denton's evidence had been obtained unlawfully.
No, no, no.
It was because there was no case to answer! Our examination of your accounts since 2014 shows a pattern of increasing debts, each time rectified by the sale of assets.
Is that why you sold the family home, Superintendent? I don't have to answer that question.
You don't really need to answer any of these questions, but that's not going to help you, is it? So far, we have £50,000 hidden in your hotel room and a history of insolvency.
I think it's in your best interest to account for this, otherwise my imagination might start running away with me.
I mean, there's lots of reasons why a bloke might get into debt, I hardly dare mention them.
Look, it was a bad investment.
You trust somebody.
All I was trying to do was to secure a comfortable retirement for myself and my wife.
I'm sorry to hear that but it is your duty to declare these losses.
In your position, as head of an anti-corruption unit, you are uniquely vulnerable to attempts of bribery and, or, blackmail.
Agreed? - Yes.
- There, you see? We're agreeing again.
This is how I like to work.
These proceedings were initially triggered by allegations of professional misconduct, let's move on to examine those.
I'd be most grateful if you would.
I'd like to look at your professional activities on the 12th of March.
Have you had an opportunity to review your diary for that day? I have, ma'am.
- Please feel free to refer to it.
- Thank you.
Did you make a visit to Blackthorn Prison? I did.
What was the purpose of that visit? To gather and harvest information on the organised crime group that we were in the process of investigating.
We have a copy of the Governor-authorised police visit to Blackthorn Prison on the 12th of March.
Is that your name recorded at 1700 hours? Yes, ma'am, it is.
And who is recorded as the prisoner that you visited? That would be Lee Banks.
- Did you speak with Banks on the 12th? - I did, ma'am.
What was the content of that conversation? Well, I questioned Banks on the personnel of the OCG and other details that might be useful to our inquiry.
Was the conversation recorded? No, ma'am.
Was it witnessed? No, ma'am.
PS Tranter interviewed Lee Banks.
Lee Banks refused to cooperate in our inquiry and answered "no comment" to all the questions put to him.
There's no corroboration of your statement, Superintendent Hastings, is there? No, look, Lee Banks is a hardened criminal.
It's like getting blood out of a stone.
He talked to you? - A little.
- Why? What do you mean? You just stated that Lee Banks isn't very forthcoming.
What induced him to speak to you? I am the superintendent of the team that got him banged up and put behind bars, so, if he helps me with my inquiry, I'll put a word in to the court so they can take into account his cooperation when it comes to sentencing.
There really isn't anything very clever about that.
But visiting a prisoner, with no witness, no recording, that is less clever.
For the DIR, the interviewee is not responding.
What specifically did Banks reveal to you about the OCG that helped you with your inquiry? Only that the shots were being called by John Clayton, aka John Corbett, and one Lisa McQueen.
Let's turn to Corbett and McQueen.
Your unit has been attempting, without much success, it has to be said, to apprehend Corbett.
When was the last confirmed contact with Corbett? Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, I'd have to check.
We've checked.
It was the 12th of March, a few hours before you visited Lee Banks in Blackthorn Prison.
Now, turning to Lisa McQueen.
She was interviewed by your leading investigators into Operation Pear Tree, DI Fleming and DS Arnott.
We've been able to listen to the DIR of that interview.
Reading from the transcript, McQueen, "We got a tip off there was a rat in the unit.
"He must have lost his bottle.
" "He" being Corbett.
DI Fleming, "Where did the tip-off come from?" McQueen, "It came from out of Blackthorn.
" Superintendent Hastings, did you reveal sensitive information to Lee Banks regarding DS John Corbett's undercover operation with the OCG? No, I did not.
What would have been the consequences, if you had? Well, I think Corbett would have considered his position and sought refuge in the nearest police station.
Unless the OCG got to him first.
For the DIR, the interviewee is not responding.
I'd now like to present evidence from a forensic recovery at McDade & Company breakers yard.
Images 67 to 72 show us a body bag being forensically recovered from McDade & Company breakers yard.
The body bag contains body parts relating to a property developer who's been a missing person since 2012.
Miss Jacqueline Laverty.
Do you recognise Miss Laverty? Hmm, yes, I do.
She was the mistress of a police officer who was under investigation, DCI Tony Gates.
Gates stated that he was present when Miss Laverty was murdered by members of the OCG, so it's highly likely, wouldn't you agree, that this body bag was dumped by the OCG? Yeah.
Also present in the body bag were the remains relating to an IC1 male aged approximately 40 years.
A postmortem has revealed that the victim died of exsanguination following a knife wound to the neck.
Fingerprints and DNA match IDENT1 elimination samples of a serving police officer.
Detective Sergeant John Corbett.
Superintendent Edward Hastings, I believe we have demonstrated you had motive to want Corbett dead - No - .
and the opportunity and means to disclose to Lee Banks that he was an undercover police officer.
Never! It is clear to me that the threshold test has been passed and therefore it is my lawful right to arrest you on suspicion of conspiracy to murder John Corbett.
No, no, no! You will be held in custody while we gather further evidence against you.
No! What is happening here? I am being framed! Interview terminated.
Look, I am not bent! - Thank you, Tina.
- Ma'am.
- I assume you've been informed.
- Yes, ma'am.
You did the right thing, pointing the finger at your own Gaffer.
It takes guts, integrity.
It tells me that I can count on the two of you.
Count on us for what, ma'am? Today was just for starters.
I'm going to prove that Hastings is "H".