Line of Duty (2012) s06e01 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 1

1 Murder Investigation Team, PS Jatri.
Stand by.
Sorry to ruin your evening, boss.
We just had a call from a CHIS Handler submitting information relevant to Vella.
- What did they say? - Possible suspect.
A person so far unknown to the inquiry, alleged to have made a confession.
-Intels's graded the info 1 -A on the matrix.
Continue developing the intel.
Let's bring the suspect in.
Nice one.
Right on it, boss.
Five Three, the boss has given the go ahead on the 2 ARVs fully crewed with AFOs and TL within the hour.
Sorry to call you in, sir.
Any progress since we spoke on the phone? We've a possible location for the Suspect.
You okay to sign off the Directed Surveillance Authority? I need a team on watch while we pull everything together - to raid the premises.
- How reliable is the intel? 1A from an established CHIS.
Casual sex worker.
He supplied the Suspect's address Hold on, Jo.
- A rent boy? - I don't know if it's a commercial thing with the CHIS or even what his drugs history is.
Christ sake, Jo, he was probably off his face.
Look, just let me get a coffee inside me first.
This is our first lead in months.
Bloody hell, Jo.
We're good to go, boss? Sorry, Chris, the Super's not buying the intel.
- What? - He needs more time.
God sake.
Stand down guys, it's not happening.
Super's pulling the plug.
Says he wants more work upon the intel.
- Morning.
- Morning, boss.
And don't think I didn't notice DI Fleming skulking in last minute like the dirty stopout.
Don't go there, boss.
Glass houses.
All right.
Operation Lighthouse re the unsolved murder of Gail Vella on September 10th, 2019.
Apologies to those of you who were gearing up for the op last night.
Following the Super's conflab with the SFC, it was decided to await Executive Level sign-off.
The name we've been given is Ross Turner.
Yesterday evening Turner allegedly boasted to a CHIS he'd been involved in Gail's murder.
Turner's name is negative on the PNC and the National Database plus local intel checks are drawing blanks.
Hence, we're treating "Ross Turner" as most likely an alias.
We've been given an address, - Flat 4 - F, Beechwood House.
In-situ surveillance was established last night.
The team captured this image.
Enhanced here.
Turner is likely to be armed and is considered extremely dangerous.
Tango, Oscar, Six, Five, TL the Hill.
Control, received, Six Five.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, State Five.
Mike, India, Control, received.
- Did anyone see that? - What? - Take us round the back.
- What did you see, boss? Take us round.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, Control, re-routing, State Five to possible armed robbery.
Control, Two, Zero, received, - standing by for sit rep.
- Boss, maybe just call it in? What the hell? Stop at the end, no further.
See, Kate? The van.
Mike, India, Control, Mike, India, Three, Seven, vehicle PNC check.
Control, Three, Seven, go ahead.
Three, Seven, Sierra, Hotel, one, three, Golf, Echo, Kilo.
God sake.
What the hell are they playing at? Control, Three, Seven, vehicle is a red BMW 3-series, no markers.
Vehicle comes back to a Helen Braxted, 59 Lowman Avenue.
Three Seven, received.
Let's call in backup so we can TL.
It's only a fake plate, boss.
You know a getaway vehicle when you see one, Kate.
Bookies right there.
Can't rule out an immediate risk to the public.
Mike India Two Zero to TFC, believed State 6 at Armed Robbery, request urgent authorisation to deploy Mike, India, Control, clear to deploy.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, deploy.
Two, Zero, received.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, Go, Six Five.
Two, Zero, received.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, intercept vehicle.
Two, Zero, received.
Armed police! Armed Police.
Hands on the window! Armed police! Out of the vehicle now! Down on your knees! Armed police! Drop your weapons! - Drop your weapons! - Armed police.
Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! Shit, shit, shit.
Control, Three, Seven, active message.
Shot fired, request urgent ambulance.
One non-police casualty, severe GSW.
- Move them back! - Clear the street.
I need replacement AFOs urgently to continue operation to arrest Vella Suspect, repeat, urgently.
- Get down.
- Control, - received, stand by.
- Don't move.
Shit! Six, Five, unarmed clear to approach.
Two Zero, received.
Let's secure the scene and witnesses and get this lot back to The Hill.
Take witness details and record a first account.
You okay to stay here and take charge while I lead the arrest of the Vella Suspect? Yeah, no problem, ma'am.
- Hold it.
- One, two, three.
Take them off.
Officers wearing body cams, get in here now and start making arrests.
Control, Mike, India, - Two, Zero, priority message.
- Two, Zero.
Control, Two, Zero, following firearms incident AFO's must stand down for forensic recovery.
Deployment of relief AFOs will be at least one hour.
Shit! Two, Zero, Control, anything to speed that up would be deeply appreciated.
Six, Five, all AFO's remain in situ for forensic recovery.
Six, Five, received.
Sorry, Sarge.
We've made a request for Officer K.
To provide receipts or equivalent supporting his expenses claims.
It's been ten working days and we've got nothing.
Call the Rep and say unless they deliver, we're moving to a Yellow Notice.
Will do.
Officer S.
She's been calling in sick, but colleagues allege she's been skiving off to help run her husband's haulage business.
I suppose we'd better start by asking OCC Health to request a doctor's letter.
Five, Three, relief ARVs are TA.
All yours, Kate.
Two, Zero, received.
Everybody let's go.
How much time did that cost us? Too much.
Two, Zero State Five, TA minus one minute.
Control, received.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, Sierra, Lima, One, Five, request sit rep.
Sierra, Lima, One Five, receiving.
No change.
Subject believed still in property.
Two, Zero, received.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, Control, TA Beechwood House.
Control, Two, Zero, received.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, State Six.
Sierra, Lima, One, Five, visual with ARVs.
Two, Zero Six Nine, no further intel, suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous.
Six, Nine, received.
Two, Zero, Six, Nine.
Ambulance now on standby.
Over to you.
Zero, Foxtrot, Six, Nine, received.
We're Go.
Six, Nine, going up.
Control, Six, Nine, received.
One, Five, no movement seen in Flat 4F.
Six, Nine, received.
Two, Zero, Forensics now TA.
Control, Two, Zero, received.
Six, Nine, 4th Floor.
Control, Six, Nine, received.
One, Five, still no obs on subject's dwelling.
It's your call.
Two, Zero, received.
Enter the property.
Weapons free.
Armed police! Armed police! - Show yourself! - Armed police! Hands where we can see them! One, Five, they're in but still no obs.
Two, Zero, received, awaiting sit rep.
Mike, India, Two, Zero, require urgent sit rep.
One, Five, still no obs.
Sierra, Foxtrot, Six, Nine, all officers secure.
One in custody.
Control, Six, Nine, received.
With me, let's go! Two, Zero, request FC go back-to-back on 2.
FC on 2.
They're holding the suspect at the scene.
I need you to go up there and get him straight into a forensic suit for transport to a dry cell.
Every fibre, every strand of DNA could be crucial in proving this is our guy.
- FC, received.
- Chris, do me a favour, put on a suit and get up there, pal.
Six, Nine, forensics clear to enter.
Five, Three, State Six.
Received, Five, Three.
Five, Three, DP for custody transfer.
Bringing suspect out now.
Control, Five, Three, received.
Thanks for stepping in.
Totally fantastic work.
Happy to help, ma'am.
IDENT 1 was a negative on his prints.
At first, he was reluctant to give a name, and then he did confirm Ross Turner.
Sorry, Chris.
Did he volunteer the name or was he asked a leading question - if Ross Turner was his name? - Good point, Kate.
The name was put to him first.
- The ID from the CHIS - The ID from the CHIS Sorry, boss, great minds.
So, the CHIS who gave us Turner's name and address? We need to get him in to confirm or deny ID on the Suspect.
I've been on it all day, ma'am.
Handler's lost contact.
He reckons the CHIS has bottled it.
Christ sake.
Sorry, Chris, maybe have one more go please? Boss.
Clearly Turner's not what we expected, if that's even his name.
Custody's asked the HCP to carry out an initial mental state examination to make sure he's got the capacity to face an interview.
Not just an interview.
A person with learning difficulties is more likely to be the victim of crime than the perpetrator.
You wonder if he's got the capacity to carry out a murder in the first place.
There's always been two theories.
A hit.
I agree, Kate, he's not our man.
A stalker slash obsessed fan.
That's by far the more credible theory.
All right.
I'll get right back to you.
Sarge, Front Desk called up.
There's an officer asking for you.
Won't say what about.
Won't even give a name.
It's late.
Fine, I'll deal with it on my way out.
Steve Arnott.
Farida? I'd rather not give my name.
I can appreciate why that might be but, sorry, if you're still at Polk Avenue, AC-3 have jurisdiction now.
And you should contact them.
I'm on the Hill.
Murder Investigation Team.
Wait there.
Can I get you a tea or coffee or anything? No thanks.
The rate of unsolved crimes is proving to be a nightmare.
But it helps the public to realise that we don't have the resources to investigate burglaries.
With any luck they'll stop reporting them, the figures will look better.
- Ted.
- Ma'am.
Apologies, ma'am.
I just saw you booked the conference room there.
My office must have cocked up.
I never got the invitation.
No cock-up.
Sorry, Ted, you're not on the list this time.
I accepted the disciplinary action, ma'am.
This matter is now closed.
You lead an anticorruption unit.
There's plenty think you're lucky not to have been removed.
Best keep your head down, Ted.
Got a few minutes, gaffer? Be my guest, son.
Be my guest.
Last night I took a statement from Officer J.
Who was working at Polk Avenue in 2017 when we investigated DCI Roz Huntley.
Officer J.
expressed concerns regarding the professional conduct of DCI Joanne Davidson, an SIO on the Murder Investigation based at Hillside Lane.
Hillside Lane, yeah, everybody's talking about this breakthrough they've made a suspect - in custody for Vella.
- Yes, sir.
DCI Davidson was posted to the Hill a year ago, one month after Gail Vella's murder.
And She took over from the original SIO leading the inquiry.
As you know, sir, Gail Vella drove home late on the evening of September 10th in a dark grey Peugeot 108 which she parked outside her house in Kingsgate and was shot dead as she got out of the vehicle.
At postmortem, the pathologist concluded the muzzle of the firearm had been pressed against the back of the skull at the moment of discharge.
Hard-contact technique to minimise the spread of sound, powder and blood.
According to Officer J, the suspect appears to lack the capacity to carry out a murder that's still unsolved after over a year.
She also alleges DCI Davidson unnecessarily diverted and delayed the operation to arrest the suspect.
And any previous criticisms of Davidson on record? None I've found so far, sir.
I'd like to covertly approach current members of her team.
Wee Chloe, she's seems to be getting on really well out there, doesn't she, what do you say son? She's good, sir.
We really can't be sure about the loyalty of some of these people.
They could banjax the whole thing.
Sir, regardless of the personnel involved, Vella's still the highest-profile inquiry engaging this force.
And Officer J.
Didn't go to AC-3 or AC-9.
She came to AC-12 because she believes we'll do right by her.
She backed the right horse there, didn't she son.
But I'm gonna need a hell of a lot more before I can authorise a formal inquiry.
- Sir - Houl yer whisht.
I need more.
- All right? - Yeah.
- It's great to see you.
- You too.
I got you one.
Hope that's okay.
I'm on the clock.
No, great, I appreciate you making the time.
I should be calling you "ma'am".
Strictly speaking but I'll let you off.
So, how can I help you, Steve? Strictly off the record, I've reached the end of the line in anticorruption.
About time.
It's no disrespect to the Gaffer, I've stuck it out, I'm bored, mate.
I'm ready for a new challenge.
Well, we can always use good people.
Cheers, I appreciate it.
Sorry, I should get back.
But maybe do a drink one night? - Um - Luke and I have split up.
it's just If we're gonna be working together.
You really have been working Anticorruption too long ain't you.
Good to see you.
DI Fleming, MIT.
Thanks ma'am.
number of Newspaper and Magazine clippings containing images of Gail Vella.
- Morning, Kate.
- Boss.
- All right, Chris.
- All right, ma'am.
I was just saying there's a number of newspaper and magazine cuttings containing images of Gail Vella.
Abundant fingerprints and DNA deposits.
And the prints appear to relate to two individuals only.
One of who is the suspect we've got in custody.
The search team detected signs of forced entry.
Our AFOs smashed the front door in.
The damage is on the inside of the door.
The markings match the damage to the back of this chair.
Any estimate on when this alleged - forced entry happened? - No.
It's Farida.
Okay if I take this? Sure.
Hey, Farida Possibly the chair was jammed up against the front door to prevent someone breaking in.
Like Chris said, that could have happened anytime.
Well, the place is well maintained.
It's unlikely the damage would have gone unrepaired for long.
Unlikely but not impossible.
Good news.
HCP has okayed the suspect for interview.
Have a seat.
We'll be with you the whole time and if you get confused by anything it's okay to tell us.
That's just the tape recorder starting, it won't last long.
Murder Investigation interview of Suspect A by Detective Chief Inspector Davidson and Detective Sergeant Lomax in the presence of the Suspect's Solicitor and Appropriate Adult.
You do not have to say anything.
It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Do you understand? Yes.
What's your name? If I may? My client's informed me that under the strain of initial questioning he gave the name Ross Turner.
His name is not Ross Turner.
His name is Terry Boyle.
Is that your name, then, Terry Boyle? For the DIR, the Suspect is nodding.
Why did you say your name was Ross Turner? My client's been clear.
His name is not Ross Turner.
His name is Terry Boyle.
We'll look into that.
Moving on.
The property where you were arrested, - Flat 4 - F, Beechwood House.
Is that where you live? Do you live in the property or were you just visiting? - No.
- No, you don't live there or no you weren't visiting? Mr Boyle has provided me with his address.
He does not reside at Beechwood House.
He resides in the Kingsgate area, Flat B, Dorton Villas.
Okay, we'll look into that as well.
Interestingly, the Kingsgate area is where a journalist called Gail Vella lived.
Do you know who I'm talking about? Suspect nodded.
Thank you.
For the DIR, I'm showing the suspect item reference RCG-6.
RCG-6 is a press cutting featuring an image of Gail Vella.
I'm also showing the suspect item reference RCG-7, another press cutting featuring an image of Gail Vella, and item reference RCG-8, also a press cutting featuring an image of Gail Vella.
Do you recognise these press cuttings? For the DIR, the suspect is not responding.
Do you recognise this woman? For the DIR, the suspect is nodding.
What's your relationship to this woman? Nice lady.
Suspect answered, nice lady.
MIT have put the IDs of the Armed Robbers up on the database.
Have a look at this.
- This it? - Exactly.
Between them these guys have never robbed anything bigger than their local Greggs.
And they just happen to be on the exact route and time of an op to bring in a suspect in an unsolved murder.
Based on Officer J.
's statement, the MIT convoy was travelling up hill, past this parade of shops.
Well, where's the bookies? It's around the corner.
It's already a narrow line of sight.
You add in Davidson's convoy travelling at high speed.
I'll call in for the footage off the security camera.
You go and check out the camera in the bookies.
DI Fleming, MIT, visiting Terry Boyle's flat.
- Ma'am.
- Thanks.
Hi, any updates.
So far, apart from the pics on the walls, we're not finding much evidence of this being anyone's permanent residence let alone the suspect's.
The place is clean.
Extremely clean.
So, the suspect's alleged address contained even more Gail Vella images.
And neighbours positively ID'd his picture.
Meanwhile we've interviewed a number of residents at Beechwood House.
Whoever lived in Flat F kept himself to himself.
And the few that did notice a resident describe him as dark-haired and stocky.
Like Terry Boyle.
What we really need is the CHIS to confirm whether Terry Boyle was the man that confessed to an involvement in Gail Vella's murder, or it was someone else entirely.
Tell me about it.
My patience is all used up.
Set up an urgent meet with the CHIS's Handler.
Cheers, Boss.
Boss, this is the CHIS's Handler.
I've brought him up to speed on our inquiry.
DS Marks.
DCI Davidson.
You'll have heard from Kate how important it is for us to acquire your CHIS's intel.
I'm doing everything I can.
I don't know what more you expect.
For a start you could help us locate your CHIS.
I've been trying to make contact with him.
He's gone to ground.
Then no disrespect, mate, but we've got the resources to find him.
You're asking me to disclose his identity? You know I can't do that.
Is the word "ma'am" in your vocabulary? To locate your CHIS and convey him to a place of safety from which he can assist our inquiry, we need you to disclose his identity.
Are you worried about him? Yes.
Of course, I am! I'm sorry Sarge.
You've reached PS Farida Jatri.
Please leave a message.
Farida, it's Steve Arnott.
Look, we're progressing the inquiry, but I need your help to fill in some of the gaps.
Call me when you can, okay? Thank you.
MIT, DI Fleming.
Thanks for calling me back Sarge.
How do you spell that? Jo.
The Chief Constable's been on.
I said I'll call back with an update.
Too early to say, sir.
I should have been back home ages ago, my feet up.
Have you got our man or not? Like I said, sir, too early to say.
We'll need another twelve hours with him.
Ah for God's sake.
We've hit a bit of a brick wall, sir.
The CHIS, he's dropped off the radar.
If this is going to go the way we want, we need to find out who he is.
We've got a job to do.
The Handler's within his rights not to.
Fuck the Handler.
And fuck the CHIS.
Any chance you could scan over the paperwork? Suspect's been bedded down for a rest period.
Not much more happening tonight.
I might leave soon.
I was thinking the same.
No worries you've been a big help.
Sorry, boss.
What's up? I've taken reports from the Surveillance Teams in situ at Beechwood House where Terry Boyle was arrested.
When we were diverted to the Armed Robbery, there was some confusion over the Surveillance Authority.
What confusion? Well, the team was only in place under Directed Authority, and it got queried as requiring Intrusive Authority because they were using extreme high-power lenses to view inside the property.
Which means they had to pull out until it was sorted.
Looks like the Super messed up the paperwork.
How long was Beechwood House not under surveillance? Three and a half hours.
Which means we don't know if Terry Boyle is this person or this person was able to flee the property during the absence of surveillance.
I see.
We'll have to factor that into our thinking.
I haven't shared this with anyone else, boss.
Thanks, Kate.
Someone comes from Anticorruption you worry they're not going to be a team player.
I got fed up of nicking coppers.
I'd rather go after the psycho that murdered Gail.
Cheers, boss.
What have we got? Based on the claims made by Officer J.
DCI Davidson ordered the convoy to attend the armed robbery on the grounds there was an urgent threat to the public.
Fair enough.
This is the Getaway Van that triggered DCI Davidson's suspicions.
And these are the MIT vehicles passing through at high speed.
This, according to Officer J.
, is the moment Davidson made her decision.
But that convoy was going like the clappers.
You'd do well to spot a pipe band in there.
I agree, sir, that's why we need more evidence.
But you have an informant on the team, right.
She's not responded to any of my efforts to make further contact.
Gonna need more, son.
Kate's Davidson's Deputy SIO.
If anyone's got the inside track, it's her.
I am aware.
No one's better qualified or better positioned to act as a CHIS or even a UCO.
I'll give it some thought.
Carry on.
Pathologist says he died instantly.
The pattern of injuries implies a fall from height.
Okay, have we confirmed ID yet? I took the liberty of sending a photo to the Handler.
He confirms it's the CHIS.
Sorry, boss.
Got the file on the CHIS.
Low-level offender named Alastair Oldroyd.
Unfortunately, there's nothing on CCTV so whatever happened to him, happened in a blind spot.
Door-to-door haven't found any witnesses to the fall.
A number of people do report hearing a scream.
Suggests he was pushed, but not conclusively.
Either way, we've lost the only person that can say for certain if Terry Boyle claimed to have been involved in Gail's murder or it was someone else.
If only we'd have been given his ID, we might have been able to have saved him.
Cheers boss.
Steve Arnott.
Farida, are you okay? What's happened? Our most important witness was just found dead.
What witness? This is too dangerous.
Wait, you're not suggesting Davidson was involved? You have no idea what she's capable of, none at all.
Don't call me again.
Second MIT interview of Terry Boyle by DCI Davidson and DS Lomax.
Mr Boyle, you remain under caution.
Please refer to Document 36 submitted in Disclosure.
Document 36 is a report regarding fingerprints -detected at Flat 4 -F Beechwood House during a lawful search on 27th October.
A number of said prints match the fingerprints obtained from Mr Boyle following his arrest.
A significant number of other fingerprints match an individual identified by the Police National Computer as Carl Banks.
Terry, what is your relationship with Carl Banks? Do you know Carl Banks? No comment.
You sure that's how you want to answer? Can you tell us who is Carl Banks? I suggest you arrest Mr Banks and put that question to him rather than to my client.
So far we've been unable to trace Carl Banks.
Perhaps your client will provide information that will help us locate him.
For the DIR, the suspect is not responding.
Document 42 submitted in Disclosure.
For the DIR, Document 42 is a report on chemical traces detected in Flat B Dorton Villas on 28th of October.
Said traces have been identified as cleaning fluids.
Did you carry out a thorough cleaning of the premises in order to destroy forensic evidence? For the DIR, the suspect is not responding.
Image 27 submitted for Disclosure.
Image 27 is a crime scene photograph captured during a lawful search of Flat B Dorton Villas on 28th of October showing the kitchen area.
Markings on the floor suggest a large appliance had been present for some time.
Please cross-reference with Document 42: chemical traces detected resembling refrigerator coolant.
Our assumption is the removal of a refrigerator or freezer.
What happened to this appliance? I don't know.
Document 42 again.
Further chemical traces were detected which have been identified as two substances listed under the Misuse of Drugs Act in Class A: cocaine and diamorphine.
Diamorphine is commonly known as "heroin".
Have you ever used these substances? Do you have an explanation for why these substances were detected in your flat? No comment.
These are powerful substances.
Even in small quantities, they can affect mood and memory.
They can cause unpredictable, violent behaviour.
Images 20 to 22.
Images 20 to 22 are photos of Gail Vella found in Flat B Dorton Villas during a lawful search on 28th of October.
Document 44 submitted in May I interject? You've presented evidence of intense cleaning at my client's home.
Why, then, would these incriminating images have been left behind? Document 44 submitted in Disclosure.
Document 44 describes deposits of semen detected on said images of Gail Vella.
Analysis of these deposits of semen gives a 99.
9% probability that they originated from your client.
Did you want to have sexual relations with Gail Vella? Did you want her to be your girlfriend? For the DIR, the suspect is not responding.
Did you become angry or frustrated? Did it make you want to hurt Gail? For the DIR, the suspect is not responding.
I'm showing the suspect an image of an article of clothing, BC-9, recovered from Flat B Dorton Villas on 28th of October.
Document 60 submitted in Disclosure.
Document 60 is a report of particles of gunshot residue detected on BC-9.
Mr Boyle, did you shoot Gail Vella? What kind of nobby signal was that? First thing that came to mind.
Go round the block, in case anyone's watching.
No worries.
There's a nice little balti up the road but I'm guessing that's not why you're here though.
I wish.
Sorry, mate.
I can't share any details, but we might be looking into Vella.
Oh shit.
Great, so when Buckells and Davidson find out - they're gonna think - They'll think either you're our CHIS or you've been embedded as a UCO.
That's why I'm giving you a heads-up, Kate.
Steve, you know what it's like being ex-anticorruption.
I've had to work my bollocks off for them lot.
Is this the Gaffer's way of getting his own back? No, of course not.
Why am I still calling him Gaffer? He knows why you moved on.
Yeah, that's what worries me.
AC-12 was tainted when the Gaffer got investigated.
Look, you've done your time, made DI.
You wanted to move on.
He knows it was nothing personal.
Except you stayed.
So what next? You opening an official inquiry? We can keep it on the DL only if we've got a CHIS inside MIT.
So either I'm accused of being a traitor or I become one to avoid being accused? Jesus Christ, Steve.
I'm gonna have to think about it.
Cheers, Kate, and that's all anyone can ask.
The address where Terry Boyle was arrested was covered in prints matching Carl Banks.
One initial line of inquiry in Vella was a contract killing.
According to my informant on the Hill, Operation Lighthouse has detected forensic evidence linking to this suspect, Carl Banks.
Carl Banks has an extensive history of violence including firearms offences and a long association with organised crime.
It's much more likely to be the gunman than the local oddball.
That's for sure.
Yes, sir.
It would appear that if DCI Davidson deliberately delayed the operation to arrest the suspect, it's possible this was instrumental in enabling Banks, the real killer, to flee.
If we want to get to the truth, there's no choice, sir, we've got to start formally investigating Davidson.
Well, that's what we do, son.
We hunt the truth.
Inquiry authorised.
Thank you, sir.
What are you waiting on, a puff of white smoke? Sir.
I thought we agreed you'd be out? You don't even want to talk about it? We've talked enough.
I just want to get the last of my things.
I don't want a row, Farida.
It's over.
You moving in with her now? "Her"? Smart money's on Kate Fleming.
Kate and I have been shagging on the sly for months even though she's straight and I never cheated on you.
Now I see why you never made detective.
Don't patronise me! You think you're so fantastic! You think you're so powerful! No, but at work I'm your boss, and I've still treated you with respect the whole time you've destroyed our relationship - with your paranoia.
- And out of work, what am I to you? You still act like we're just friends.
- You're ashamed of me! - No, of course not.
How come I've never met your family? I don't have one.
You're lying! Everyone has a family! This is why I'm leaving.
This madness.
I'm sorry, Jo, I'm sorry.
I love you, Jo.
Please don't go.
Jo, he made a confession.
It's not good enough, sir.
No, this isn't good enough.
This isn't good enough.
This is your gig, Jo.
Christ sake! I can see you're frustrated, sir.
Oh, really? Really? Thanks for that! Thanks a million! We need to consider next steps.
Look, what am I gonna tell the Chief? I've explained everything clearly, sir.
Would you like me to go through it again? Boss? You okay? I just took the Super through my decision on Terry Boyle.
I've recommended he be put on police bail pending further inquiries.
I've released him without charge.
Don't look so surprised, Kate.
I wasn't born yesterday.
The gun The gunshot particles aren't enough without spatter of Gail Vella's blood or tissues.
And the CHIS, Carl Banks, Terry Boyle's flat.
Something doesn't add up.
I agree, boss.
I just want to catch the bastard who killed Gail Vella.
She's what this is all about.
No way am I going after someone like Terry Boyle, because he's the easy way out.
Boss, is everything okay? Thanks, Kate.
- I should, uh - Yeah.
The police need to know where you are at all times, and your flat's still a crime scene, so they've arranged for you to stay in what they call Approved Premises.
You'll be safe there, Terry.
Thank you.
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