Line of Duty (2012) s06e02 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 2

1 Operation Lighthouse re the unsolved murder of Gail Vella on September 10th, 2019.
The name we've been given is Ross Turner.
Enter the property.
Five Three, DP for custody transfer bringing suspect out now.
Interview of Terry Boyle by Detective Chief Inspector Davidson.
Mr Boyle, did you shoot Gail Vella? - Did anyone see that? - Armed police! Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! A significant number of other fingerprints match an individual identified by the Police National Computer as Carl Banks.
Carl Banks has an extensive history of violence, including firearms offences.
The person who made me see that there was another way, to be a useful member of society, was a police officer.
He's the reason why I wanted to become a police officer too.
To help people.
I can't share any details, but we might be looking into Vella.
So, either I'm accused of being a traitor or I become one to avoid being accused? We really can't be sure about the loyalty of some of these people.
They could banjax the whole thing.
I sent a photo to the Handler.
He confirms it's the CHIS.
You're not suggesting Davidson was involved? You have no idea what she's capable of.
It's over.
How come I've never met your family? I don't have one.
I've released him without charge.
No way am I going after someone like Terry Boyle because he's the easy way out.
Boss, is everything okay? -I should, er - Yeah.
Skipper Good Morning.
Thank you as you were.
As you were.
I have authorised an official AC-12 inquiry into Operation Lighthouse.
Gail Vella's murder is this force's highest profile investigation.
It will be our job to detect whether police misconduct and/or corruption has contributed to this murder remaining unsolved.
- DS Arnott.
- Sir.
SIO on Lighthouse is Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson.
No MIT officers are aware AC-12 is scrutinising Lighthouse.
All information we've harvested so far has been acquired from a source on The Hill known as Officer J.
to our inquiry.
The CHIS's name was Alastair Oldroyd.
Age: 22.
Oldroyd was in a pub on the night of October 26th when the person calling himself Ross Turner gave Oldroyd homophobic abuse.
Turner intimidated Oldroyd by allegedly boasting of involvement in Gail Vella's murder.
Sorry, sir, - have you got a sec? - Come in.
You don't need me to tell you we need a witness to this meeting between Oldroyd and Turner to identify whether it was Boyle or Banks.
Unfortunately, the CHIS lied about the name of the pub.
Handler believes he was protecting friends who trade drugs there.
We're checking out establishments in the vicinity of Beechwood House for CCTV plus Local Authority cameras in the area just in the hope of identifying Oldroyd, Banks or Boyle on the night of the 26th.
- Cheers, Chris, crack on.
- Boss.
- Thanks.
- Ma'am.
Boss, obviously we've got to consider whether Oldroyd's death was suicide or murder Hence, we're investigating it.
I'm not saying anything you don't know already, boss, but if it was murder then it raises the question that someone knew Oldroyd had info on Gail Vella's death.
I know.
Hate to say it, Kate, but one thing I've learned over the years, the fewer coppers in the loop, the better.
What's going on with Farida Jatri? I was about to ask the same, sir.
She's just handed in a transfer request.
"Personal reasons.
" She's an experienced PS.
We're at a crucial phase of Vella.
In confidence, sir, I've noticed some issues with PS Jatri.
What kind of issues? I don't want to say anything that might come back to haunt us.
Last thing you need's a tribunal.
What? I'll draft a glowing reference and she'll be some other station's problem.
You're a lifesaver.
- Sir.
- What have you got? Sir, the team have managed to pull some Gail Vella reports from our archive.
Obviously they all relate to cases involving AC-12.
- Chief Inspector - Chief Inspector Osbourne! I take pride in the courage and professionalism of my counterterrorism officers.
To say any more risks prejudicing the inquest.
Thank you.
Official police statements record Counter Terrorism Officers shouted "Armed Police" and ordered Mr Ali to surrender.
Mr Ali's widow Aaliyah insists there was no warning, no chance to surrender, before her husband was gunned down by a hail of bullets.
They lied through their teeth, every single one of them, except you, Steve.
I mean, talk about an outrage, the commanding officer, made Chief.
If that had happened on my patch Jesus.
Next one, Chloe.
A jury found Retired Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank guilty of all charges.
What that jury didn't hear and only now am I allowed to report are allegations Patrick Fairbank suppressed police investigations into child sexual exploitation that transcended local political figures such as Councillor Dale Roach.
It's now a matter of public record that Jimmy Savile cultivated relationships with senior police officers.
Savile exploited those relationships to intimidate anyone attempting to investigate his offending.
We now realise what Savile was getting out of those relationships with senior police officers.
What remains unknown, and uninvestigated, is what those officers were getting out of their relationship with Savile.
Gail Vella reporting from Queen Elizabeth Law Courts.
Sir, Gail Vella drew attention to alleged links between organised crime, politicians and senior police officers and these are just the reports we found in our own archive.
Wee girl killed in cold blood.
Or a killer, free as a bird.
- Thank you, Chloe.
- Sir.
- Cheers, Chloe.
- CHLOE: Sarge.
Gaffer, it can't be a coincidence Carl Banks was a violent offender involved with organised crime.
Yeah, but if your man pulled the trigger, that means he's a gun for hire.
That order came from higher up.
But the question still remains what is the motive for Gail Vella's murder? All right, she's a controversial journalist, I'll give you that, but there's no evidence to suggest that she dug up anything that wasn't there before.
Maybe she was working on something that would HASTINGS: Superintendent Hastings.
Thanks Steve.
I'll be right down.
Steph, what are you doing here? You promised you'd call me back.
It's HMRC.
Not here, not here, let's go somewhere private.
- Tea, coffee? - We're fine.
- Thanks though.
- Cool.
- So, have a seat.
- Yes.
How can I help you? We'd like to ask you some questions about Gail Vella.
You were working with her closely at the time of her death? Detectives interviewed me a few days after.
Our department is conducting further inquiries.
I was her producer for a couple of years.
One line of inquiry is she fell victim to an obsessed fan.
Do you recall any individuals that gave Gail cause for concern? Female journalists get the worst of it.
From accusations of bias to threats of sexual violence.
Everything was reported at the time to our security or to the police.
You say Ms Vella received threats as a result of her reporting.
Were there any particularly controversial reports? Maybe I should show you.
The Deputy Chief Constable and I are pleased to report that Operation Pear Tree has completed a thorough investigation into institutionalised complicity between organised criminals and corrupt police officers.
It's robust findings couldn't be clearer.
There is no institutionalised corruption in this police force.
Operation Pear Tree, the inquiry described as "the most thorough" ever undertaken into police corruption, is now officially closed.
Some will wonder why this news is being announced over a holiday weekend.
Cynics might conclude the Police and Crime Commissioner would prefer his statement isn't examined too closely.
Perhaps Mr Sindwhani has learned the secret to high office appears no longer to reside in revealing the deepest truths, but in telling the most attractive lies.
Gail Vella reporting I had to cut that from the broadcast version.
This unbroadcast material, it would never have been released? Not in this form, no.
She'd seen the success of a podcast about police corruption surrounding the murder of a private detective, Daniel Morgan.
The material Gail couldn't get on air, she was funnelling into a podcast serial of her own.
Where can we access this podcast? It never got that far.
Gail must not have finished it.
Do you know anything about the content of this podcast? I know she was pursuing several senior police officers for interviews.
She was digging much more deeply into why there'd been suppression of police inquiries into the likes of Councillor Dale Roach.
She keep notes or recordings? Yes.
What journalist wouldn't? That's why I suggested Gail's killer must have stolen them.
Sorry? You disclosed this to the original murder detectives? And they said there was no grounds to suspect a burglary.
This is the first we've heard of burglary being a factor in Gail Vella's murder.
Nor was there evidence of a disturbance inside of the property.
If the killer stole something, he knew exactly what he was looking for and where to find it.
I'm assuming the original investigation seized all of Gail Vella's electronic devices.
Yes, sir.
They were after messages or threats from an obsessed fan.
Yes, but they weren't looking at her journalism.
If your theory is right, Steve, these files could point the finger at someone who may have had a motive to order her murder.
I think those devices need to be re-analysed.
We'll have to find a way to do that without alerting Davidson.
Thank you, Chloe.
You're worried about what might happen to Kate when Davidson finds out we're investigating her? - Yes, sir.
- I get it, son, I really do.
I get it.
But Kate has made her bed.
Now she's got to lie in it.
And we've a job to do.
Wait, Steve.
I've been giving the situation some thought.
And loyalty works both ways.
I'm gonna have to confirm it with HR but ahead of the formal promotion process, I am making you a Temp DI.
Congratulations, son, you've earned it.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Just like old times.
We're moving forward with Vella.
Moving forward how? At some point we're gonna hit the Hill.
Shit, for Christ sake, Steve.
This is why I got you here.
I can't leave a digital trail.
But I wanted you to know.
Why are you involving me? We've got some leads, but look, Kate, if you can feed me the inside track on Davidson, maybe we won't need to show our hand just yet Christ sake, Steve, she's me gaffer, - you want me to rat on her? - You're no rat if she's bent.
- What am I then? - An honest copper.
Oh yeah, I'm sure everyone'll see it like that.
Look, Kate, it goes beyond Davidson.
If organised crime ordered the murder of Gail Vella, they're protecting Carl Banks and framing Terry Boyle.
Yeah, we get it.
We're working on it.
Look, I just need to know when.
When is it going to come out that AC-12 are investigating Davidson? I've already said too much.
Yeah, likewise.
You always chose a right shithole.
All right, Chris.
Pathologist's in there now, boss.
Knife wound to the throat.
Looks like the body's been here for a few days.
Witnesses? This is a long derelict site with no security presence and no CCTV.
Highly unlikely we'll harvest any surveillance images.
Any ID yet? Matches the appearance of Carl Banks.
Good news, ma'am.
The search team's found a knife.
No apparent blood deposits on the ground.
The Best test for them anyway.
The killer didn't put much effort into evidence disposal.
DI Fleming.
Farida's replacement, - PC Ryan - Pilkington, ma'am.
Pleased to meet you, ma'am.
Don't knock it, Kate.
We're overdue a lucky break.
- Thanks, Ryan.
- RYAN: Ma'am.
Fingerprints were only a 90% match due to early decomposition but DNA's confirmed the body is definitely Carl Banks.
- Sorry, ma'am, you asked to receive the forensic report - as soon as it was in.
- Thanks, Ryan.
You couldn't do us a cuppa, could you? I'm gasping.
No problem at all, ma'am.
- DI Fleming, DS Lomax? - I'm fine, ta.
Me too but this has been bugging me, have we worked together before? Did you come and give a talk at Training College, ma'am? No.
-Thanks, Ryan.
- Ma'am.
-Christ sake.
Boss? Fingerprints on the knife found close to Carl Banks's body match Alastair Oldroyd.
The pathologist confirmed Banks died a couple of days earlier.
The timeline works for Oldroyd to have killed Banks.
Err, I mean Sir.
- Shit.
- What have you got? Sir, it's just come up on the Box.
Carl Banks has been found dead.
No more beating about the bush.
- We raid Operation Lighthouse.
- Sir.
I'll put together a team and transport.
AC-12, DI Arnott.
It's your lawful duty to comply with my officers.
DI Arnott, AC-12.
We have the lawful authority to investigate Operation Lighthouse.
All officers go to your desks.
You'll each be questioned by an AC-12 case worker.
You'll each be obliged to surrender all materials relating to Operation Lighthouse to said case workers.
Failure to comply will be a breach of your Duties and Responsibilities under Police Conduct Regulations and may lead to a misconduct charge - under said regulations.
- BUCKELLS: Nobody move.
What the hell's all this about? - On whose authority? - We have a signed authority from Deputy Chief Constable Wise to seize all MIT files relating to the murder of Gail Vella.
Let me see that.
Sir, as you know, willful obstruction of my officers executing their lawful duty - is a criminal offence.
- DCI Davidson.
I notified the DCC of my concerns regarding leaking of confidential police information such as the operation to arrest Ross Turner and the identity of the CHIS who gave us Turner's name and address.
The DCC agreed to a moratorium on further distribution of Operation Lighthouse files until said information leakage has been fully investigated.
We'd be the ones to investigate it! Nonetheless you'll see the DCC's authorised me to withhold Operation Lighthouse files.
Why didn't the DCC inform us about this? To prevent information leakage, naturally.
No, he did it to make mugs of AC-12.
That was just an added bonus.
- Priceless! - Let's go.
Right, everyone, let's go.
Cheers, Kate, nice one.
How did Davidson know? Give me a minute.
I'm sorry.
I trusted you, mate.
I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't.
What was I supposed to do? Andrea advised me this is about Operation Lighthouse.
I need to be in the loop.
Well, I am here because AC-12's lawful investigation has been unjustly obstructed.
Operation Lighthouse has had its setbacks of course but your involvement needs to be correctly handled so the public don't leap to the wrong conclusion.
I've briefed Andrea on the required optics.
This isn't an inquiry into misconduct slash corruption.
Well, the investigation usually precedes the findings.
Clearly, we're all frustrated Gail Vella's murderer hasn't been brought to justice yet, so it makes sense to pitch AC-12's involvement as a routine performance review.
Officers of your rank normally appreciate politics as much as policing.
I'm interested in one thing and one thing only.
And that's bent coppers.
I hope you'll cooperate, Superintendent.
Now, apologies, if you'll excuse me, I'm due to attend the Crime Executive.
Unless there are any outstanding issues, Ted, I'm prepared to reissue the authority for AC-12 to proceed with your review of Operation Lighthouse.
It appears my team have been delayed for nothing better than a PR briefing, the result of which is that MIT officers are now aware of our inquiry and may be concealing evidence as we speak! No one's concealing evidence, Ted.
They're working their bollocks off trying to find Gail Vella's killer.
How'd it go, sir? Well.
We're back in business.
Thank you, sir.
So, you make the mess and I tidy it up, is that how this goes? Well, you're not denying it so it must have been Officer J.
Or DI Kate Fleming who blew the gaff.
I reckon you'd only trust Kate with that kind of information, yeah? Well, she's cooked her goose now, God help her if she thinks she's gonna get some kind of special treatment from me, because she's got another thing coming.
As for DCI Davidson, she must have had great fun pulling this stroke.
But she will be laughing on the other side of her face when I'm finished with her.
Serve her with a Reg 15.
- Sir.
- HASTING: Carry on.
DC Bishop, AC-12.
I'm sure you can all guess what this is about.
I need access to your computer.
Could you stand up, please.
Show me your files, please.
Can I have your passwords, please.
I need your login details.
What is this document here? Here you go, sir.
Ma'am, please find enclosed a Regulation 15 notice requiring you to attend AC-12 for a formal interview within the next 10 working days.
A copy of this letter has been sent to your Police Federation Representative.
- Steve? - I was up on a case.
I'm sorry, Steph, I should've called.
No, no, it's fine, come in.
- Tea, isn't it? - Yeah.
How are the girls? Gemma still doesn't get it, not really.
I'm dreading her not remembering her daddy.
These'll help.
John won't be forgotten.
Thanks for all you did at the time.
You didn't have to.
I'd like to think he'd have done the same for me.
He died in the line of duty.
Shame the big bosses never saw it that way.
Sorry, I ought to know, milk and sugar? Just milk, please.
It's good you were able to keep the house.
I know you were worried.
Tearing me hair out more like.
Fortunately, there was John's life insurance.
Nice TV.
Champions' League game's on later.
Not that you lot've got an interest.
Next season.
I didn't know you'd bother with the sports channels.
It all comes in a package.
Cheap as chips.
Sorry, what am I like? Sit down.
- Steve? It's just a spasm.
It'll pass.
You sure? I've got some painkillers in the car.
Don't move.
I'll get them.
I'll get your car keys.
Inside pocket.
I can't believe the DCC caved so easily.
Sorry, boss.
Not your fault at all.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I know the kind of cases that AC-12 are into, boss.
Out of work, forget "Boss".
You all right? - This Reg 15 - Yeah.
I know how it must feel, but it's just the way AC-12 operate.
Truth is, it's all getting a bit tense.
How's it make me look, investigating a guy with learning difficulties Straight up, Jo, do you think he could have killed Gail? You've been doing this job long enough to realise we can never know for sure.
We just gather the evidence, do our best.
And right now, my best is nowhere near good enough.
A young woman could've been you or me, Kate, her life cut short.
And whoever did it's got away with it, and that's my fault.
Do you fancy another? Ladies.
Two more, please.
Can we get those? Have a good night, guys.
- Two more, please.
- Certainly.
I'm sorry, Kate, my self-pity's blown your chances.
Na, not really my type.
You sure you're okay to drive? Yes.
Sorry about all that earlier.
I'm fine.
Last thing I meant was to put you out.
Gerraway, it was nice to have some grownup company for a change.
This a long job? The case you're up here on? Could be.
If you're passing again, don't hesitate.
Don't stay out, it's freezing, I've got to set the sat nav and everything.
Night, Steve, safe journey.
Thanks for coming out, Kate.
Sorry to unload my problems.
No worries, glad I could be a sounding board.
Well, this is me.
It's Mark's turn to have Josh this weekend.
If you're at a loose end I need to check my diary.
No pressure.
My diary's empty.
I've just come out of a long-term relationship.
I, uh It would be nice to see you at the weekend.
Chloe, how's it going? Davidson gave us full cooperation.
So we got the lot.
We've recovered Vella's computers that were seized straight after her murder.
I thought you'd want to prioritise them.
- Great.
Hi, Amanda.
The Digital Forensics have triaged the desk-top computer, the lap-top computer.
The truth is, they're remarkably clean.
What do you mean? All applications still had store settings.
Hardly any personal files.
Well they were planted.
Her killer replaced her actual computers to cover up the burglary.
I'll order the keyboards to be swabbed and screens fingerprinted that way we can see if Gail ever even touched them.
Good call.
So, you've found nothing at all? The only item of interest is a tiny audio file.
It appears only partially downloaded.
- How would that happen? - Going with your theory, it would be when the murderer installed the replacement devices.
They would have synced to her phone momentarily, started to import the audio file before the murderer broke the link.
That would involve him knowing her passwords.
Savile lied to cover them up.
Some police officers not only accepted those lies.
They propagated them.
We're losing our power to challenge lies.
There's some people you can't challenge.
GAIL: Okay.
So, we're losing our power to challenge lies.
There's some people you can't challenge.
Sorry, sir.
I didn't think you'd still be here.
We need to find the rest of Gail's recordings.
Yeah, Amanda said she's on it.
D'you mind me asking, sir, but why have these been put up? The Gaffer's never going to give it up, not as long as he still runs this place.
- And what about you? - What about me? Well, do you still believe there's a fourth man out there? H? I've moved on.
That's us now.
Anticorruption Unit 12 interview of Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson in the presence of her Police Federation Representative DCI John Rix by Superintendent Hastings, Detective Inspector Arnott, and Detective Constable Bishop.
Ma'am, this interview relates to Operation Lighthouse, the inquiry into the murder of Gail Vella on September 10th, 2019, on which you've been Senior Investigating Officer since 6th of October of that same year.
STEVE: Document 6 in your folders.
Document 6 is a copy of an incident report lawfully seized by AC-12 from the offices of the Murder Investigation located at Hillside Lane Police Station on the 4th of November.
Said incident report describes events on the morning of 27th October, specifically the diversion and delay of an operation to arrest a suspect in the murder of Gail Vella in order to attend an Armed Robbery taking place at Hickey's Bookmakers, Verlaine Road.
On screen, Images 11 to 14.
Images 11 to 14 show street views of said location.
DCI Davidson, can you kindly explain your actions on the morning of October 27th in relation to this Armed Robbery.
En route to arrest the suspect, I observed a suspicious vehicle, further inquiries detected an armed robbery in progress.
I ordered my officers to intervene.
DCI Davidson's actions prevented a serious and immediate threat to members of the public.
DI Arnott.
Image 14 on screen.
Image 14 shows the line of sight from the route of the MIT convoy to the location of the suspicious vehicle.
Given you were a front-facing passenger, it was a narrow line of sight.
And plus, you were going like the clappers.
Nonetheless, I did see the vehicle, and as a result, numerous members of the public were saved from a terrifying ordeal.
And what was it about this vehicle? - Sir? - I mean, it's just an ordinary van parked in an ordinary street.
Why give it the time of day? A registration check proved suspicious.
Yes, but you only found that out after you stopped to investigate.
It was an idling MPV parked adjacent to a bookmakers.
The driver wasn't reading a newspaper or messing about on his phone.
His eyes were fixed on the bookies.
He was alert for a quick getaway.
And you deduced all that in the fraction of a second? Call it a police officer's instinct.
Oh, yes, we all get those, from time-to-time DCI Davidson.
I might be getting one right now.
DC Bishop.
We've examined MIT records in relation to the Armed Robbery.
Document 12 in your folders and Image 20 on screen.
Image 20 shows the men arrested in the act of conducting an Armed Robbery of Hickey's Bookmakers on the 27th of October.
None of these men has a history of serious or violent crime.
The robbery took place early in the morning when takings would be at their lowest.
So, what would you deduce from these facts, DCI Davidson? A group of amateur criminals attempted an armed robbery in an amateur fashion.
According to Murder Investigation files lawfully seized on the 4th of November, attending the Armed Robbery on the morning of the 27th of October caused a delay of two hours and twenty-five minutes to the operation planned to arrest a suspect using the alias Ross Turner believed to reside -at Flat 4 -F, Beechwood House, Moss Heath.
This delay was out of DCI Davidson's control.
One of the Armed Robbers was shot dead by an Authorised Firearms Officer.
This necessitated a forensic deployment and replacement AFOs.
We also understand that an authority for Directed Surveillance applied to Beechwood House.
The required authority should have been for Intrusive Surveillance.
As a result, while the matter was resolved, surveillance was absent for a period of three hours and thirty-five minutes.
It needed to be resolved.
Any evidence captured during the wrong authority would've been inadmissible.
Then maybe it would've been a good idea to get the right authority in the first place, wouldn't you say? The error in assigning the wrong surveillance authority was committed by a senior officer.
That isn't in the file.
I chose not to embarrass him.
Now look, DCI Davidson, we are charged here with investigating serious crimes, not least the murder of a young woman in the prime of her life, and I expect all policemen and women to uphold their duty to the public above any misguided loyalty they may have to their fellow officers.
Now who was the senior officer? No comment, sir.
DI Arnott will you bookmark that for the DIR: failure to comply.
DC Bishop.
Image 29 on screen.
Please refer to Document 15 in your folders, a copy of an arrest report lawfully seized on the 4th of November.
Said arrest report describes the arrest on the 27th of October -at flat 4 -F, Beechwood House of a person later identified as Terry Boyle, shown on the right in Image 29.
Also detected at the property were fingerprints and DNA deposits matching Carl Banks, shown on the left in Image 29.
Let's start with Terry Boyle.
According to files lawfully seized on November 4th, a Covert Human Intelligence Source submitted information to his Handler which was communicated to the Murder Investigation via a phone call at 23:21 on the 26th October.
The CHIS claimed a person using the name Ross Turner had confessed to the murder of Gail Vella.
Terry Boyle's semen was detected on images of Gail Vella found in his permanent residence which is located a short distance from Gail Vella's home.
Also detected at the property were chemical traces of heroin and cocaine and, on an item of outer clothing, particles of gunshot residue.
Incriminating evidence.
Gail Vella's Peugeot 108 was intercepted.
As Ms Vella got out of the vehicle, she was murdered with a single gunshot carried out using a hard-contact method in which the muzzle of the pistol was forced against the back of Ms Vella's head.
This technique confines noise and gunshot powder.
The murderer successfully evaded all neighbourhood security cameras.
These findings strongly suggest a contract killing of the type ordered by organised crime.
Terry Boyle has no criminal record, no known association with organised crime, and suffers from learning difficulties which raise doubts regarding his capacity to commit a cold-blooded assassination.
The finding of images of Gail Vella suggested Boyle was an obsessed fan.
While the hard-contact technique is associated with contract killing, it's not exclusive.
There's no physical reason an amateur couldn't do the same.
The particles of gunshot residue also link Boyle to the crime.
Well they're below the threshold amount you'd expect if Boyle had been holding the gun, then add in the total lack of blood spatter, there's not even a spot.
That's correct, DI Arnott.
We suspect the coat was cross contaminated from Boyle's hands or other clothing, clothing he could've disposed of after the murder.
That's speculation, ma'am.
You've got no evidence.
Which is why I didn't charge him.
Right, let's take a look at this fella Carl Banks.
CHLOE: Image 30 on screen.
Image 30 shows Carl Banks' criminal record.
Banks has a long association with organised crime and a history of violence, including firearms offences.
Now he fits the profile of a contract killer.
To use your words, DI Arnott, "that's speculation.
" Also, there's the question of motive.
Terry Boyle fits the profile of an obsessed fan.
We've never been able to identify a motive for a contract killing against Gail Vella.
But there's the possibility Vella was working on an explosive story, not only was she executed, her research was stolen.
A desk-top and lap-top computer recovered from the property and recently re-examined bear no fingerprints or DNA deposits matching Gail Vella.
We believe these items were planted to conceal a burglary.
That's not in our files.
But it's in ours.
We're detectives too, you know.
In case you hadn't noticed.
DCI Davidson has led an exemplary inquiry.
If you've got new information, you should share it with the Murder Investigation Team.
According to your files, fingerprints and DNA deposits matching Banks detected at Beechwood House were far more numerous than those matching Boyle, suggesting Banks was the primary resident.
And also detected at Beechwood House were signs of forced entry.
Image 37 on screen is from Carl Banks's postmortem.
Document 21 in your folders is a copy of the postmortem report.
According to said postmortem report, the pathologist concluded Carl Banks died from exsanguination due to a deep laceration to the neck most likely inflicted by a knife.
Also detected on Banks's body were lacerations and bruising caused by heavy blunt trauma to the head, facial lacerations and bruising, and lesions on both wrists consistent with ligature restraints.
All these injuries were caused some time before his death.
And time of death was put at on or around the 27th of October.
So, what we have here is forced entry into Carl Banks's flat.
Banks beaten unconscious.
His hands tied.
And sometime later his throat cut.
None of this could've occurred without his arrest being delayed and the surveillance being absent.
Now call me suspicious, DCI Davidson, but it seems to me that somebody got wind that Banks was shooting his mouth off about Vella's murder and they decided to murder him to stop him talking.
Not only that, that they knew your team was on course to arrest him, they knew the route you were taking.
And to top it all, they knew the surveillance was absent so that meant, they could walk in there, drag Banks out and substitute him with Terry Boyle.
And none of this, none of this, could've happened without you, and you alone, spotting that van outside the bookies and deciding for some reason I cannot fathom that it warranted investigation.
Sir, all this is circumstantial.
There's no evidence to support anyone "knowing" any details of Operation Lighthouse.
Evidence? We'll give you evidence.
DC Bishop.
Image 41.
Image 41 shows item reference AR-6.
A knife that was detected in the vicinity - of Carl Banks's body.
- HASTINGS: Yes, the killer, he didn't even bother to throw the knife into the canal.
I mean, he left it laying around for the search team to find.
That was handy, wasn't it.
Criminals make mistakes.
That's how we catch them.
I could say exactly the same, DCI Davidson, exactly the same.
Please refer to Document 23 in your folders, a copy of a forensic report on item reference AR-6.
"Blood detected on AR-6 was subjected to DNA analysis.
"The DNA harvested from blood cells on AR-6 "match with 99.
9 per cent probability DNA "from Carl Banks.
"Fingerprints on AR-6 match with "99.
9 per cent probability fingerprints "belonging to Alastair Oldroyd.
" Alastair Oldroyd was the CHIS who submitted the original intel that Banks had confessed - to Vella's murder.
- HASTINGS: So, for some reason Alastair Oldroyd, no history of violent crime, kills Banks? The evidence proves Oldroyd handled the murder weapon.
We suspect Banks had been threatening Oldroyd.
Are you trying to kid us that Alastair Oldroyd went in there, beat Banks unconscious dragged him out of his flat? He was ten stone ringing wet! And that's not the half of it, not by a long chalk.
DI Arnott.
Document 31.
According to your files, Oldroyd was found dead on the 29th of October from a fall from the derelict Chapel Place Car Park.
According to said files, due to the lack of witnesses and security cameras it's impossible to determine if Oldroyd jumped or he was pushed.
Our hypothesis is that Oldroyd killed Banks then committed suicide.
Yeah, your hypothesis, so there we have it.
A series of suspicious deaths that conveniently obliterate a trail of evidence that might lead us to Gail Vella's actual murderer.
And in the meantime, you have that wee fella, Terry Boyle, on police bail.
You have failed to consider the alternative.
That Carl Banks murdered Gail Vella on the orders of organised crime, and organised criminals murdered Carl Banks for his silence, and that organised criminals framed Alastair Oldroyd for Banks's murder and then, staged Oldroyd's murder to look like a suicide.
Of course, I've considered alternatives And none of this, none of this would have happened, without crucial information on police activities being leaked to organised crime.
I agree.
Excuse me? I agree, sir.
If your theory's correct, the only way it could've worked would've been for a corrupt officer from my team to have leaked key information to organised crime.
Well, as I'm sure you're aware of, DCI Davidson, there's really only one way we're gonna find out.
DCI Joanne Davidson, you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
DCI Davidson, did you leak information on your team's operations? No, sir, I did not.
Do you know of anyone who did leak information? No, sir, I do not.
I'd ask if you've examined my communications history? As per anticorruption powers, we've been able to access your work calls and emails.
Any evidence that I've been communicating - with an OCG? - STEVE: No, ma'am, however, we all recognise that such communication is typically carried out by unregistered so-called burner phones.
I don't have a burner phone.
Search my address.
Search my car.
We will, ma'am.
Are we done, sir? No, DCI Davidson, we are not done here.
I am not happy with some of your answers you've given in this interview today.
Specifically, I am concerned about three unanswered questions, one, your possible collusion in diverting and delaying Carl Banks's arrest, two, your possible collusion in the failure to maintain constant surveillance on Carl Banks's flat, and three, your possible collusion in leaking information regarding items one and two, and so therefore, DCI Davidson, I'm going to arrest you on suspicion of Perverting the Course of Justice.
DCI Davidson strenuously denies the allegations.
HASTINGS: You will be held here until we can find a suitable police custody cell.
Interview terminated at 11: 22.
An OCG needed time to plan the robbery and the abduction of Banks.
If I was SIO on this, the first thing I'd want to know is who knew about Banks's confession early enough.
In order, that's the CHIS Handler, then my officers who received his call, PS Jatri and DS Lomax, then me, then my boss, Detective Superintendent Buckells.
If you're going to search my home, I'd suggest you search theirs too.
Do you understand how much work I've got to do? Right, when the Chief Super phones up and asks what's going on with Lighthouse, right, - what am I gonna tell him? - STEVE: Cheers guys.
Oh, about bloody time.
You gonna tell me what the hell's going on? Detective Superintendent Buckells, in connection with our lawful inquiry into Operation Lighthouse, we have received authority to examine the communications activity of certain named officers.
- Is this a piss-take or what? - STEVE: Sir, your work and personal communications records are currently being scrutinised.
Furthermore, we have received authority to carry out a search of your vehicle and your home under warrant powers.
This is a joke, a total pigging joke.
Well, yeah, I'll tell you what, when you find my stash of jazz mags, feel free to knock one out.
Thank you for your cooperation, sir.
DI Arnott.
It's Chloe, sir.
Look, I'm at the search and the FIs have found a cache of burner phones.
Where? Davidson's? No.
Officer J.
At Farida's.
On my way.
For the DIR, I am showing PS Jatri item reference CB-4.
CB-4 is an unregistered mobile phone detected during a lawful search of 29 Stalton Drive.
Do you recognise this phone? No! For the DIR, I am showing PS Jatri Image 76.
Image 76 shows a cache of similar devices detected during said lawful search of 29 Stalton Drive.
How do you account for these devices being found - hidden in your home? - They've been put there! I don't know anything about them! All these devices bear DNA deposits matching your elimination samples.
I've never even seen them before let alone touched them! Examination of mobile phone CB-4 reveals calls made in the early hours of October 27th to an unidentified number.
The timing of these calls coincides exactly with the first intelligence report of a suspect claiming to have murdered Gail Vella.
Did you pass on confidential information on the operation to arrest this suspect? No! No! I had nothing to do with it! Farida Jatri, I have been in consultation with the Crown Prosecutor and she has authorised me to charge you with the following offences - I'm being framed! - Who's framing you? Who are you claiming is framing you? It's Jo.
It's Jo Davidson.
She planted those phones.
You're claiming she broke into your house? She didn't have to break in.
What do you mean by that? She lived there with me.
We searched DCI Davidson's home address.
- It appears lived in.
- FARIDA: Yeah, she has her own place.
She just kept - overnight stuff at mine.
- We found no items belonging to another person.
She moved out.
Are you able to disclose to us the nature of this relationship? She was lying to me.
She lied and lied.
That's the kind of person she is.
None of you know what she's like God give me strength.
I don't know who to believe.
Well, now it seems possible Farida made allegations about Davidson for personal reasons.
But the stuff we've found since then Isn't enough.
Not yet anyway.
Superintendent Hastings.
- Sir.
- Release DCI Davidson.
Why won't anyone believe me? Thanks, I'm fine from here.
Where to, ma'am? I need to pick up my car.
I don't know if they've told you about PS Jatri That's what happens to a rat.

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