Line of Duty (2012) s06e03 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 3

Operation Lighthouse.
Re the unsolved murder of Gail Vella on September 10th, 2019.
Mr Boyle, did you shoot Gail Vella? A significant number of other fingerprints match an individual identified by the Police National Computer as Carl Banks.
Carl Banks has an extensive history of violence.
What is the motive for Gail Vella's murder? All right, she's a controversial journalist, but there's no evidence to suggest that she dug up anything that wasn't there before.
Maybe she was working on something that would.
- She keep notes or recordings? - What journalist wouldn't? That's why I suggested Gail's killer must have stolen them.
I accepted the disciplinary action, ma'am.
There's plenty think you're lucky not to have been removed.
Farida's replacement, PC Ryan Pilkington, ma'am.
Have we worked together before? Our assumption is the removal of a refrigerator or freezer.
What happened to this appliance? Steph, what are you doing here? You promised you'd call me back.
It's HMRC.
Not here, not here, let's go somewhere private.
It's good you were able to keep the house.
Fortunately, there was John's life insurance.
I can't share any details, but we might be looking into Vella.
So, either I'm accused of being a traitor or I become one to avoid being accused.
We really can't be sure about the loyalty of some of these people.
- It's over.
- Don't go! Is everything OK? - I should, uh - Yeah.
How do you account for these devices being found hidden in your home? - I'm being framed! - Who's framing you? Jo.
It's Jo Davidson.
Is she prepared to give a statement? Brilliant.
Sooner the better.
Cheers, mate.
- Ma'am.
- Boss.
Alastair Oldroyd, the CHIS who claimed he got into a row with Gail Vella's murderer.
I've been pissing in the wind going round all the likely pubs for a witness to Oldroyd's story.
What you got, Chris? One of our uniforms has got a Deborah Devereux, which I'm bound to be pronouncing wrong, claims she witnessed an argument on the night of the 26th, involving a man matching Alastair Oldroyd's description.
And she saw who Oldroyd was arguing with? That's what she's claiming, ma'am.
Deborah, according to a first account you gave earlier today, you were in the Red Lion pub on Francis Road, Moss Heath on the night of 26th of October, is that correct? Yeah, that's right.
And you witnessed an argument between how many persons? Two men.
For the recording, I'm showing the witness Image 43.
Image 43 is a person known to our inquiry.
Is this one of the men you saw? Yeah.
Do you know this man's name? Sorry.
Now, Deborah, I'm going to show you a photograph of another man.
For the recording, this is Image 29.
Deborah, please look closely at Image 29.
Take your time.
Did you see this man in the Red Lion on the night of the 26th of October? Sorry.
Just to confirm, this is not the man you witnessed in an argument with the person shown in the previous image? He looked, uh different.
Different different? Yeah.
Oh, sorry, am I not allowed to say that? I didn't mean to offend no-one.
No, that's OK, Deborah.
Set up a video ID parade, then pull the new evidence together.
We'll bring Terry Boyle back in tomorrow.
The Police and Criminal Evidence Act forbids me from showing you a photo of this suspect.
We would require you Mind your head as you get out.
Just heading over here.
Terry Boyle, in for interview.
Need to sign him in and allocate a room.
Wait there.
You know I'm still your best mate, Terry.
Everything's going to be fine as long as you keep your mouth shut.
Terry Boyle, you remain under caution.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
I'm showing Image 43.
This is a picture of Alastair Oldroyd.
Do you know this man? No.
We have a witness in this inquiry we're calling Witness A.
Witness A described seeing Alastair Oldroyd in the company of a young white male with dark hair.
Earlier today, Witness A completed a video identification parade.
In the presence of your solicitor, Witness A was shown videos of nine men of similar appearance.
Your solicitor will confirm that Witness A identified you as the person she states was in the company of Alastair Oldroyd at the Red Lion public house, Francis Road, Moss Heath on the night of the 26th of October.
So, Terry, what DCI Davidson is saying is somebody saw you in a pub on that particular night.
And in that particular pub on that particular night, the witness claims you were with this man Alastair Oldroyd.
Were you with him? You're not answering.
That's your right.
My client is fully cooperative with your investigation, DCI Davidson.
As you know, sometimes Mr Boyle finds it difficult to formulate an answer, particularly in situations of stress.
We have information on the conversation you're alleged to have had with Alastair Oldroyd on the night of the 26th of October.
Did you confess to Alastair Oldroyd that you'd been involved in the murder of Gail Vella? Is what DCI Davidson said true, Terry? Did you talk to Alastair Oldroyd about Gail Vella? Not me.
Sorry, Terry, I don't understand.
What do you mean, "Not me"? Take your time.
It sounds like this could be important information.
DI Fleming's question was, when you say, "Not me," we don't understand what you mean.
Can you help us with that, please? The other man.
He did it.
There was another man with you and Alastair Oldroyd? According to our witness, there was just the two of you.
Terry, are you trying to say there was another man who talked about Gail Vella? Stay calm.
Take your time.
Terry, this other man, did he talk about how Gail Vella was killed? Who was this other man, Terry? I'm concerned about your client's welfare.
Terry, did this man threaten you? Because if he did, we can protect you.
You just need to tell us who this other man is.
We have to stop.
- We're getting somewhere, ma'am - Kate.
Let's leave it there for today.
We'll continue another time.
Terry, you should get some rest.
Interview terminated at 3.
Terry was claiming there was someone else involved.
That fits with him being substituted for Carl Banks.
We've got a witness saying it's Terry with Oldroyd, no mention of Banks at all.
He was just about to say who's behind the swap.
Kate, you've got used to nicking coppers.
They know the system.
You can get tough as you like on them, pretty much.
If we go to court, I guarantee you the defence will claim we oppressed and intimidated a vulnerable suspect into incriminating himself.
Show a jury the video of us carrying on at Terry Boyle and that could be the whole trial collapsing right there.
I know what I'm doing.
And I got you in the room because I thought you did too.
Sorry, boss.
When you say, "Not me," we don't understand what you mean.
Can you help us with that, please? The other man.
He did it.
The other man.
He did it.
There was another man with you and Alastair Oldroyd? Careful, Terry, mind your head.
You all right, Terry? Won't be a long drive, mate.
You got the new route for tonight, yeah? No-one said a thing to me.
Sorry about that, Lisa.
It's all for Terry's security.
We vary the route.
I'll find it.
Hi, Chris, sorry to bother you.
I'm just double-checking Terry Boyle's being returned to his approved premises tonight.
Stand by.
- Ma'am? - Yeah.
Yeah, just checked, that's correct.
Approved premises tonight, resume interview tomorrow.
- You still in the station? - Er, no.
I've had to nip out for something.
I'll speak to you in a bit.
Thanks, Chris.
Cheers, ma'am.
Terry's nodded off, bless him.
- OK to open my window? - No probs.
Come on.
Sorry, Lisa, what's our ETA? Shit.
Help! Shit.
Status Zero, Mike India Three Seven, Edge Park Reservoir, officers in water.
Help's coming.
It's DI Fleming! I've called for backup.
- Help me! Help! - It's all right, I've got you.
You're OK.
You all right, Terry? The driver's still under.
It's too dangerous! Just wait for backup! Just wait for backup! Status Zero, Mike India Three Seven at Edge Park Reservoir, one officer missing, one in the water, requesting urgent backup and divers.
Received, Three Seven, units en route.
Oh, my God.
Kate, are you all right? Yes, I'm in one piece, boss.
Oh, no.
Have you got everything you need, Chris? I've got your first account, ma'am, that should be fine.
All right, if I go and look at the car? Thank God you were passing.
Pure coincidence.
I'll be at the car, boss, if you need me.
DI Arnott, you told me we had a new source, but you did not tell me who.
I wanted you to hear it from Kate, sir.
- Kate.
- Sir.
Go on.
Tonight, I believe there was an attempt on Terry Boyle's life, sir.
It could only have happened with leaks from and/or collusion with members of DCI Davidson's team.
My first duty as a police officer is preservation of life, sir.
That's why I'm here.
In that case, DI Fleming, this department is grateful for your cooperation.
Steve, I want you to put Terry Boyle's Approved Accommodation under surveillance, it's the least we can do to protect the lad.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
The officer that saved Terry from drowning, there's something about him.
I'm sure I've met him before.
Who's the officer? Ryan Pilkington.
What? Oh, my God.
I interviewed him when he was a juvenile offender.
Little bastard damn near cut off my fingers.
After the Gates' case was closed, a neighbourhood copper took Ryan under his wing.
Helped get him fostered and back into education.
There's not so much as a caution since then.
As a juvenile with no convictions, his arrest record would've fallen off the system.
The vetting officer could've missed this.
Or someone's removed it.
- How'd he end up on Davidson's team? - Recent recruit.
Davidson brings him into the fold, and he just happens to be escorting Terry the night Terry nearly drowns.
I'm going to have to get off.
I was feeling a takeaway coming on.
Don't tempt me.
- Night, mate.
- Night.
Superintendent Hastings.
It's Steph.
Look, Steph, I told you, you have to be careful about calling me at work.
I tried your mobile.
Yes, I know.
I was in a meeting and I must have forgotten to switch it back on.
It's about Steve.
He's got me worried.
Steve Arnott? Why? What's Steve been up to? He called in.
What do you mean, he called in? He said he was just dropping by for a cuppa, like, you know, when he's on this case up here.
But, look, we really shouldn't be discussing this on my work phone.
I'll, er I'll give you a call on the mobile when I'm outside the building.
Cheers, Tom.
Thanks, Amanda.
Sir, you remember Gail's producer reported there was material she'd recorded that was never broadcast? He's sent it all through.
Chief Constable Osborne, Central Police recently announced increased funding for more front line officers.
500 more officers on the beat.
Well, we're committed to making our communities safe.
I've examined the figures for police recruitment and 190 of those 500 officers are already serving, so it's actually 310 more.
I don't know where you're getting your figures from The figures come from your own office, Chief Constable.
Furthermore, over the past ten years, police numbers have been cut by 600 officers.
The truth is you're still 100 officers short.
Rohan Sindwhani, you were elected Police and Crime Commissioner on a reforming platform, promising to root out corruption.
Why, then, following the conviction of Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank, haven't you established an inquiry into the suppression of police investigations into child sexual exploitation? Chief Constable Osborne has assured me there's insufficient evidence to support a public inquiry.
It doesn't concern you that officers who may have colluded in child sexual exploitation have been allowed to retire without facing justice? Some may even still be serving.
The Dale Roach scandal was before my term of office.
It was during your term, Mr Sindwhani, that instead of pursuing the guilty police officers, your constabulary investigated celebrities and VIPs, all without charge.
Officers arguably colluded with the BBC in enabling a news helicopter to film the search of an elderly pop star's home, again, without charge.
I'm afraid we've got to leave it there.
You don't feel it's your place as the PCC to comment on that? Do you feel the public are losing trust in your constabulary? If we're looking for a motive for Gail's murder, this definitely doesn't seem like enough.
Chloe's right, sir.
If they could have Gail censored, why would anyone need worry about her? Whatever got Gail Vella murdered, we haven't found it.
Something going on, sir? Yeah, just AC-9, routine drugs testing, yeah.
I've got to get over to check on the surveillance at Terry Boyle's approved premises.
Well, you know, you're not on their list, Steve, I told them you aren't available today.
Cheers, Gaffer.
- On you go, son.
- Sir.
We understand PS Jatri is on remand and DCI Davidson was arrested, then subsequently released without charge.
I've had to call in favours from half a dozen editors to keep this out of the press.
You must have been in a different conversation because the one I remember made clear AC-12 would be conducting a routine performance review - of Operation Lighthouse.
- Yes.
Well, I cannot consider another course of action in the face of information leakage by PS Jatri and the possible collusion of other police officers.
The proper course of action would have been determined through consultation.
So we'd have time to consider all the ramifications.
We all share the same goal here, Ted, justice for Gail Vella.
Lovely person.
Terrible loss.
My actions, and the actions of my officers, are determined by one thing and one thing only and that is the letter of the law, the letter.
I don't think that's the only thing your actions are determined by.
Operation Pear Tree concluded there is no institutional corruption in this force.
AC-12's inquiry remains open regarding the existence of a putative figure, once codenamed H, now the fourth man, still at large, orchestrating a clandestine network of organised criminals and corrupt police officers.
We want to work with you, Superintendent, not against you! You're making this quite difficult for me.
You were issued a final written warning, Ted.
Don't waste your last roll of the dice chasing a phantom.
Your enquiry into H should close.
This isn't about old battles.
The name's Hastings, ma'am.
I'm the epitome of an old battle.
- You all right, Steph? - Steve.
Would you mind if I come in for a minute? Yeah, sure, come in.
- Can I get you a cuppa, or? - No.
I'm fine.
Sorry, I wasn't expecting you.
You're back quick.
The thing is, I just dropped the girls at school and then I'm straight back out.
Something wrong, Steph? Sorry, no, just a bit flustered.
My Gaffer's ordered drugs tests.
Oh, my God, I never thought.
I didn't realise you two were in touch.
No, we're not, not really.
I just had his number from when he sent his condolences about John.
So you told him I'd been up here? Just that you was passing, on a job, like.
- I never meant for - He knows.
Fortunately, he made sure they missed me out.
But it's a warning.
A nudge for me to sort myself out.
Well, then he's done the right thing by you, hasn't he? John, he did some jobs in the early days, and had to mess with drugs.
They can take over your life, Steve.
You spend every minute of the day lying to every poor sap that cares about you.
I shouldn't have barged in like this.
You meant well.
I should go.
I would've talked to you first, only I never thought you'd be back.
I said I'd be back.
I know.
But you was just being nice.
John's been gone 18 months.
Life goes on.
For everyone else, anyway.
I'm sorry, Steph.
I didn't mean to upset you.
I need you to look into these financial records, please.
The UCO that got killed? What, do you reckon he was on the take? I'll fire over the case number and access authority when I'm in my computer.
I'll get right on it, boss.
It shouldn't take long, just a few questions as you were the only surviving police witness.
Very happy to help, ma'am.
Now, you and Lisa Patel were travelling with Terry Boyle along Reservoir Road.
You know that wasn't the route assigned? So I've been told since, ma'am.
Any idea why that route was taken that night? Lisa did the driving.
Sorry, ma'am, I didn't question it.
We're still looking into what caused the patrol car to veer off the road.
In your statement, you mentioned the possibility of a tyre blowout.
After they pulled the patrol car out of the water, I saw that all the tyres were intact, so I must've been mistaken, ma'am.
The other possibility you mentioned was a gunshot.
There was no bullet damage to the patrol car, so maybe I was mistaken.
Unless Lisa saw a muzzle flash and took evasive action.
A search of the vicinity found no evidence of a gunman, no ejected cartridge.
Sorry, ma'am, I've racked my brains.
Well, something made that car go into the water.
Now, another significant finding with the patrol car was the offside rear window was wide open.
Now, this would have permitted your escape underwater.
As you know, for suspect transit, the rear window controls are disabled.
Lisa opened it from the front seat.
I needed some fresh air.
That was some good luck for you, wasn't it? Yes, ma'am.
I thank my lucky stars.
A postmortem's been carried out on PC Lisa Patel, they detected broken fingernails and bruising on the back of her neck.
Are you able to account for those findings? As soon as we hit the water, I swam out trying to save Terry.
I didn't witness what happened to Lisa, ma'am.
Cause of death was drowning.
But Lisa was a strong swimmer, the water wasn't deep.
Those injuries suggest that she was hurt in the crash or in trying to escape the patrol car, ma'am.
All done.
- DI Arnott.
- Sir.
Thank you so much, appreciate that.
Thank you.
We finally got a breakthrough, sir.
According to the council records, the freezer is the exact same make and model that was installed at Terry Boyle's flat.
The appliance appeared overnight on the 27th, which fits with the exact window for Terry Boyle to be substituted for Carl Banks.
They only had a few hours, which explains why it's been dumped it in a rush.
- Security cameras pick anything up? - The footage is missing.
And none of the staff are saying a word.
I can't even get any of them to own up to working that night.
This freezer you've found, what about Davidson's mob? What, they just decided not to search? According to the files, they didn't consider it important evidence.
DCI Davidson assumed Terry Boyle had sold the appliance to buy drugs.
In our view, he's more likely to be a victim of cuckooing, whereby his home's invaded by criminals to carry out illicit activities.
Intimidation of witnesses in that scrap yard, that's a clear indication of Organised Crime.
And from day one, DCI Davidson has done her best to steer her inquiry away from any OCG involvement in Gail Vella's murder.
So far, sir, that's the missing link.
Now we know about Ryan Pilkington, is there a connection between Jo Davidson and an OCG? PS Farida Jatri's in Brentiss for having leaked information.
If anyone knows about Davidson, it's her.
Do some digging, see what you can come up with.
Thank you.
Good work, you two.
- Gaffer.
- Sir.
Stand away from the door! You are required to attend an AC-12 interview.
Please stand upright, facing away and place your hands behind your back.
- Do I really need to be handcuffed? - Are you resisting? - What's up? - PS Jatri's in the prison hospital with a broken wrist.
And she's refusing to give a post-charge interview.
Let's go.
Wait here.
How can I help you, DI Arnott? Ma'am, I'd like to ask you about the suggestion Gail Vella's murder was accompanied by a burglary at her home.
No record appears in the files.
My team is cooperating fully, so feel free to ask around.
The delayed access to your files that you orchestrated with the DCC that would've given you time to remove any files.
Why would I remove files? DCI Davidson, did you remove files? If you have any evidence to back up that allegation, put your questions in writing to my Police Federation Rep and we'll get back to you within ten working days.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a case review.
AC-12's inquiry's detected evidence we'd like to put to Terry Boyle.
Disclose it to me and I'll be happy to include it in his next interview.
It's confidential.
We'd prefer to interview Terry Boyle ourselves.
You'll need a Production Order in writing.
Got one? Sorry.
As you know, ma'am, PS Farida Jatri made a number of allegations against you.
I wonder if you can explain why she might have stopped cooperating with our inquiry.
No idea how she came to be assaulted in Brentiss Prison? Um No.
How is she? Is she badly hurt? Ma'am, only OCG have the power to reach inside prisons and silence witnesses.
Or did the order come from someone else who'd benefit from Farida not testifying? You should investigate.
Believe me, I will.
Get a statement from every officer on those missing files.
No-one admitted anything about missing files.
No, I didn't think they would.
But they know we're on to them.
The burner phones recovered from Farida's house, any joy yet tracing contacts? Only one contact, the burner she called on the night of the attempted arrest.
That number went out of service a few hours later and didn't call any other phones.
I'm thinking we should get a warrant to expand the forensic search of Farida's house.
But the place was full of her prints and DNA.
I mean expand the search to find someone else's prints or DNA, in case Farida had contact with a criminal conspirator.
And it would just be a wild coincidence if Jo Davidson's DNA shows up.
Thought never crossed my mind.
- Chris, you got a minute? - Sure.
We've been going round the houses trying to ID who confessed to Alastair Oldroyd.
Till we got a witness ID'ing Terry Boyle.
You've been back to the pub, right? Any corroborating witnesses? No.
- CCTV? - No.
You ran a background check on the witness? No.
Run one.
Sir, the financial records that you requested.
Sorry it's so late.
And sorry about the other day.
You're all right.
Come on in.
There's a bottle of wine open if you fancy? Cheers.
I'm driving.
John always kept a bottle of scotch if that's more your thing.
Better not.
Talking of John.
You know that life insurance you mentioned, it's it's worrying how fast that can get used up.
Did you have financial advice? If you ain't having a glass, I will.
Mate of mine runs a hairdresser's.
I bought into a share of the business and I work there part-time.
So, I get a percentage of the profits and a wage to keep me and the girls ticking over.
Smart move.
Sounds like a good mate.
You've come all this way.
Are you sure I can't tempt you? Maybe a small one.
If I have all that, I'm not going to be fit to drive.
When the girls have gone to bed It's just nice having some grown-up company.
You remind me of him.
Both short arses.
Good men.
Caring men.
I should probably go.
You've got a girlfriend? No.
No-one at all? No-one at all.
You can bring the drink with you.
Ah, thanks, Jo.
Nice to get out the station.
Easier to talk here.
About Terry.
Well, he's being well looked after, that's not the issue.
He's Well, he's frightened.
AC-12 have put in a request to interview him.
Why do they want to interview Terry? They keep banging on about organised crime.
They must get a pound every time someone says OCG.
But we believe that's who the leak went to, don't we? The leak from Farida, I mean.
All we actually know is Farida was responsible for A leak.
Look boss I, uh I don't want to speak out of turn, but Fire away.
Well, she claims that you two were close.
I imagine everyone's got off on that little scenario.
No life of their own so they pick holes in someone else's, especially if you're a single woman.
Tell me about it.
All it takes is a short haircut.
Whatever you've heard, Kate, it's wrong.
Farida is a liar.
That's not me.
I'm just going to pop to the loo.
This is nice.
I'm leading you on.
There's a worse phrase for it.
It's just I miss him too much.
If it's Sorry.
It's fine, Steph.
I get it.
No sex is fine.
Three, three and half years ago, I got badly injured at work.
I was in a wheelchair, then crutches, a year of physio.
I look like I made a full recovery.
But you haven't? That's why you need the painkillers? It's my back.
There's still some nerve damage.
It affects me in in bed.
You got to see a doctor.
Then they'd know my back's still not right.
My job's pretty much the only thing I've got left.
Oh, shit, I've got to get to work.
I'm just getting the girls out the door.
- You OK to give it a minute? - Yeah.
Have a good day.
You too.
Hey, guys can I just grab your attention for a sec? I'm sure you've all heard the sad news that tragically PC Lisa Patel lost her life in the line of duty.
Our thoughts are with Lisa's family.
Things could've been far, far worse if it hadn't been for an officer still only serving his probation.
I'm going to be putting forward that officer for a commendation.
PC Ryan Pilkington.
Let's get a photo, mate.
- Nice one.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Thanks, everyone.
Back to work.
Well, that was toe-curling.
Could have waited until we'd paid our respects to Lisa before grabbing a bloody photo op.
What a twat.
I hope he's going to give credit where it's due.
How do you mean? You brought Ryan onto the team, boss.
Not me.
That was Buckells' idea.
Family friend or something, probably got a nudge down at the Masonic Lodge.
four o'clock is fine.
Yeah, tee off, yeah.
OK, I'll do an early swerve.
All right, mate.
I'll see you later.
- Boss.
- Chris, sorry to bother you.
I just happened to be driving past Farida Jatri's place and there's a new forensic search going on.
News to me, boss.
Let me check.
Nothing to do with us, ma'am.
Got to be AC-12.
Is there anything you want me to do or? No, no.
- Thanks, Chris.
- Ma'am.
Couple of things from forensics, sir.
Still nothing from the harvest at Farida Jatri's address.
- OK.
- But we've got the full forensic report on Terry Boyle's freezer.
The most significant finding is a blood deposit detected in the freezer compartment.
DNA analysis of the blood deposit gives a 99.
9% probability of a match to a person previously known to AC-12 - Jackie Laverty.
What? Jackie Laverty, Tony Gates' bit on the side? Correct, sir.
As you'll recall, Tony Gates claimed she was murdered by OCG in 2012, but her dismembered remains weren't discovered until 2019, alongside the remains of DS John Corbett.
So, what, you reckon the OCG kept Jackie Laverty's body parts hidden in Terry Boyle's freezer for what, seven years?! It fits with Terry being the victim of cuckooing, sir.
Not only did they store drugs in his flat, they hid a murder victim.
Well, if this is true, I mean, this is it.
- This is the whole damn thing! - Yes, sir.
The organised criminals involved in Jackie Laverty's murder were somehow involved in the murder of Gail Vella.
And this little fella, Terry Boyle, I mean, he must have a tale to tell, or three.
Hence the reason Davidson shut down his interview and possibly colluded in the attempt on Terry's life.
All to stop him testifying.
We really need to interview him, sir.
Aye, and woe betide anybody gets in our way.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Superintendent Hastings.
Yeah, put me through to The Hill.
Superintendent Ian Buckells.
- They're back? - Classic tactic.
Do the tests in two stages.
Gives the druggies enough time to get clean.
DI Arnott? Sir, you've been listed for routine drugs testing.
Please, follow me.
Yeah, Hastings.
Detective Superintendent Buckells.
Yes, put him through.
- Kate.
- Boss.
- Permission to speak freely, ma'am? - Go ahead.
Well, I was concerned by Deborah Devereux's ID of Terry, so I asked Chris Lomax to look into her history.
In 2012, she was charged with assault ABH against a neighbour.
Proceedings were dropped due to lack of evidence.
Seems like it was a DI from Kingsgate Station that was instrumental in proceedings being dropped.
She'd owe him a favour.
That DI was Ian Buckells.
Look, nobody's been hiding anything.
I'll speak to the DCC if I have to.
Great work, Kate.
I knew you'd come through for me.
What do you mean, boss? I needed someone on my team I could trust completely.
Someone with no chance of being bent.
Who better than an ex-anticorruption officer? The cockup over the Surveillance Authority, that was Buckells.
Otherwise, we'd have arrested Banks, instead he's dead.
And the CHIS.
Dead too.
Guess who pulled strings to disclose his identity.
Look Look, can I speak? That was Buckells? Shit.
What now, Jo? You're ex-AC-12.
You tell me.
This is bollocks.
Total bastard bollocks.
- Steve.
- Sir.
This way, please, sir.
Sir, we're sending over the paperwork.
DSU Buckells was arrested on suspicion of Perverting the Course of Justice.
We even found the missing Vella files in the boot of his service vehicle.
Great work, Kate, great work.
And do you have anything to add, DCI Davidson? No, sir.
This is AC-12's area of expertise.
I'm just glad the guilty party's been found.
Take a seat please, sir.
What can I say, Kate? Glad I could help, sir.

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