Line of Duty (2012) s06e04 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 4

Operation Lighthouse, re the unsolved murder of Gail Vella on September 10th, 2019.
Deborah, did you see this man? He looked, erm, different.
Different, different? The other man He did it.
You all right, Terry? Tonight, I believe there was an attempt on Terry Boyle's life, sir.
This department is grateful for your cooperation.
PC Ryan Pilkington.
Davidson brings him into the fold, and he just happens to be escorting Terry the night Terry nearly drowns.
We're losing our power to challenge lies.
There's some people you can't challenge.
I take pride in the courage and professionalism of my counterterrorism officers.
What is the motive for Gail Vella's murder? All right, she's a controversial journalist, but there's no evidence to suggest that she dug up anything that wasn't there before.
Maybe she was working on something that would.
I'm being framed! I'm thinking we should get a warrant to expand the forensic search of Farida's house.
- Don't move! - Armed Police! - Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! Down on your knees! I'm interested in one thing and one thing only.
And that's bent coppers.
We want to work with you, Superintendent, not against you.
You really have been working Anti-corruption too long, ain't you? DI Arnott? Sir, you've been listed for routine drugs testing.
Please follow me.
Proceedings against Deborah Devereux were dropped.
That DI was Ian Buckells.
This way, please, sir.
I'm just glad the guilty party's been found.
Thanks, everyone.
As you were.
By now you'll all know about Detective Superintendent Buckells.
Earlier, I had a good conversation with Chief Superintendent Khan.
I made it clear that the wrongdoing of one rotten apple shouldn't be held against MIT officers who have always and will always carry out our duty with the utmost integrity.
Nothing's going to affect our goal, bringing Gail Vella's murderer to justice.
We do now have to accept that certain leads may have been overlooked, specifically the possibility of a burglary accompanying Gail's murder.
- Kate.
- Boss.
There was no sign of a break-in in Gail's home.
No evidence of a disturbance withinside the property.
It would still seem that the killer lay in wait for her that evening.
He recognised her vehicle.
As she stepped out of the driver's side, he stepped up behind her and discharged the fatal shot.
From examining the original investigation files detected in DSU Buckells' vehicle, we now know that the keys to Gail's Peugeot weren't recovered at the scene.
This raises the possibility that the murderer seized the keys, which also included Gail's house keys, giving him access to the property.
The murderer acted with great speed, precision and calmness to carry out a robbery while Gail Vella lay dead.
The fact it was late at night was the only thing that gave him time, but still only a few minutes.
There was also an armed robbery on the morning of our op that led to the arrest of Terry Boyle.
Any chance there might be a link? Let's keep an open mind.
Terry Boyle, is he still our prime suspect, ma'am? We rule nothing in, nothing out.
Fresh slate.
Once last thing.
To ensure continuity, I've been made Acting Detective Superintendent.
Thanks, everyone.
- Boss.
- Ma'am.
Boss, I'd like to dig a bit more into the firearms used in the robbery at Hickey's bookie's.
I'll generate an action so it's recorded.
As I said, fresh slate.
Thanks, boss.
Congratulations on the promotion.
Sir? Kate.
- Now, this probationary constable - Ryan Pilkington.
We'll start proceedings against him, we'll pull him out, yeah? Sir, we don't have much evidence.
Under questioning, he's as cool as you like.
I'd rather keep observing him.
But if he's who we suspect he is, he could be a really nasty piece of work.
I'm only thinking of your safety, Kate.
Thank you, sir, but if he's been groomed by an OCG and embedded on the force, he's linked to the institutional corruption we've been investigating.
We bring him in, we lose that lead.
We'll just place him under surveillance.
Look, Kate, I really appreciate you doing this.
I know it's a bit of a risk and it's probably not what you want to be doing.
- We've got a case to solve, sir.
- We do.
We do, indeed we do.
But you made your choice to move on, and I know that the disciplinary action against me was definitely a factor.
It put you and Steve in a really difficult position.
Yeah, I'm not going to lie.
So, I only have myself to blame.
Anti-corruption Unit 12 interview of Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells, in the presence of his solicitor and Superintendents' Association representative, by Superintendent Hastings, DI Arnott, and DC Bishop.
You are under arrest for the criminal offence of Perverting the Course of Justice and therefore have forfeited your right to be interviewed by an officer at least one rank senior.
You remain under caution.
Document 9 in your folders.
Document 9 is a witness statement provided on November 10th of this year by Deborah Devereux, as part of Operation Lighthouse.
What's your relationship to Deborah Devereux? I don't have one.
Really? DC Bishop.
Document 11 in your folders.
Document 11 is a case report, case number KPS-84746, submitted at Kingsgate Police Station on the 13th of November 2012.
Deborah Devereux was arrested for Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm against a neighbour.
However the neighbour subsequently withdrew the allegation.
The officer handling the case, a DC McIntyre, believed there had been intimidation directed at the neighbour and sought the advice of a more senior officer.
Said officer ordered "no further action" and all proceedings against Ms Devereux were dropped.
Said officer was Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells.
Yeah, look.
This is going back yonks.
There'd have been a good reason for dumping that case.
Yeah, there was a good reason, all right.
- DI Arnott.
- As part of our inquiry, we've been granted access to your communications records.
We detected this contact in your call history from 2012.
On screen, image 33.
Image 33 is a screenshot of the contact named "Debbie RGT".
This number was registered to Deborah Devereux.
We detected other contacts in a similar format, all female first names followed by initialisms.
Other initialisms include FAF, NA, BJL.
Are you able to explain what they mean, sir? Er, I-I don't remember.
We examined your communications history with the contact Debbie RGT.
Image 36.
Image 36 is a screenshot of text messages between your number and the contact named Debbie RGT's number on the 9th of November 2012.
This communication took place four days before proceedings against Deborah Devereux were discontinued on your order.
Yeah, look There might've been a bit of It was never going to go anywhere, she was a suspect.
You know, that's never gonna happen.
2020, Deborah Devereux's name comes up again, this time in connection with Operation Lighthouse.
Document 15 in your folders and on screen.
Document 15 is a copy of a transcript from an interview with Deborah Devereux.
Ms Devereux subsequently took part in a video identification parade in which she identified Terry Boyle.
This evidence was instrumental in incriminating Terry Boyle for the murder of Gail Vella.
Look, this was all happening without me.
Chris Lomax did that interview.
Jo Davidson was the SIO.
Yes! But it was YOUR department! Further inquiries failed to corroborate Deborah Devereux's testimony.
It was only when officers began to doubt Ms Devereux's version of events that her past came to light.
You got her off an assault charge.
She owed you.
So then you got her to cook up this cock-and-bull story about poor wee Terry Boyle.
No, I haven't seen Debbie since back when I was working Kingsgate.
Where's the evidence of me being in touch with her about this statement, eh? You tell me that.
While we've detected no recent communications between you via these devices, contact via other means hasn't been excluded.
Furthermore, we've established your failure to declare a notifiable association with the witness and serious concerns regarding her trustworthiness.
I'm being victimised here.
You are being investigated, Detective Superintendent, investigated without fear or favour.
DC Bishop.
Document 3 in your folders and on screen.
Document 3 is a timeline constructed by AC-12 from Operation Lighthouse files, lawfully seized on the 4th of November 2020, of events taking place from the night of 26th of October until the afternoon of the 27th.
You'll see that the Murder Investigation Team received information late on the 26th that a Covert Human Intelligence Source witnessed or claimed to have witnessed a person they knew as Ross Turner confessing to the murder of Gail Vella.
According to the files we've examined, DSU Davidson set in motion plans to raid Turner's address.
However, a delay was requested to obtain authority from an officer of Executive Rank.
Said delay being ordered by Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells.
The highest-profile unsolved murder in this force's history, a tip-off to tell you the killer was there for the taking, why on Earth did you delay?! This CHIS, we had no idea how reliable he was.
According to the files, the intelligence had been graded 1A.
OK, yeah, but look, it was a complex op.
It needed proper planning, not everyone going off at it half-cocked.
You should've struck when the iron was hot.
You know, I'm long enough in the tooth to recognise a decision dodger - when I see one.
- T-That's not what happened.
Oh, really? There was another explanation, was there? DC Bishop.
We now know the person identifying themself as Ross Turner was most likely Carl Banks, a violent offender with established links to organised crime.
You'll see from the timeline that from the time the arrest was first delayed, surveillance was established at Banks's address, a Flat 4F Beechwood House, the purpose being to prevent Banks fleeing.
However, the surveillance needed to be removed for a period of 3 hours and 35 minutes, from 7.
19 to 10.
54 on the 27th of October.
Why was it removed, sir? This was nothing to do with me! Image 5 on screen.
Image 5 is the best the surveillance team were able to achieve on the 27th of October without arousing suspicion.
According to the files, it was clear the surveillance team would go on to deploy long-lens optical devices.
As a result, the quality of images would attain those achievable from inside the property.
The appropriate authority you should have provided was for Intrusive Surveillance.
You authorised Directed Surveillance only, and as a result of that failure, the surveillance team had to be pulled out until the correct legal authority was in place.
This was all crossed wires, I'm being scapegoated here.
Scapegoated?! How dare you?! - DC Bishop.
- Returning to the timeline.
Surveillance was re-established at 10.
54 on the 27th of October.
MIT supported by Authorised Firearms Officers arrived at Beechwood House at 11.
They carried out their operation as planned but instead of arresting Carl Banks, they found Terry Boyle in the property.
We now believe the absence of surveillance made it possible for Carl Banks to be removed from the address for Terry Boyle to be substituted.
- There's no evidence for that.
- No evidence? We'll give you "no evidence".
Thank you, DI Arnott.
According to the Operation Lighthouse files we've seen, there are indications of forced entry to the property preceding the raid by MIT.
Carl Banks was found murdered.
Postmortem examination detected signs of a serious assault followed by forcible restraint.
That's all compelling evidence that Banks was abducted.
Yeah, but you still don't know if Banks was the one who confessed to Gail Vella's murder.
Because the CHIS was also found dead.
The only person of any interest in Gail Vella's murder who is still alive is Terry Boyle.
DC Bishop.
Image 29B on screen.
Terry Boyle was arrested on the 27th of October and released on the 29th on police bail.
He's remained under investigation ever since.
On the night of November 11th, Terry Boyle was travelling in a police patrol car en route back to his approved premises, when the car suddenly veered off the road into Edge Park Reservoir.
The officer escorting Boyle, a PC Ryan Pilkington, claimed that the driver reacted to either a gunshot or a tyre blowout.
There's been no evidence to support either claim.
Image 45.
Do you recognise Image 45, sir? Yeah, it's me and Ryan.
You put him forward for a commendation.
For risking his life.
So he claims.
God's sake.
Is there no-one you won't knock? He saved Terry Boyle's life! Before he was posted to Hillside Lane, had you ever met Ryan Pilkington before? No.
Image 78.
Ryan Pilkington was a juvenile offender.
What? How was I supposed to know?! Blame Vetting, not me.
Ryan Pilkington was repeatedly processed at Kingsgate Police Station from 2009 to 2012.
You served at Kingsgate from 2009 to 2012.
I'll tell you who else was at Kingsgate back then, your Kate Fleming.
Did she remember him? Eventually, yeah.
Yeah, "eventually".
According to Operation Lighthouse files examined by AC-12, you advised DSU Davidson to replace PS Farida Jatri with PC Ryan Pilkington.
What? No! Farida's an experienced MIT Sergeant.
This kid's still on probation.
Why the hell would I do that? Yes, why indeed? But I DIDN'T do it! So, Pilkington joins MIT, and the next thing we know he's in a police vehicle that mysteriously veers off the road into a reservoir, nearly killing the only person of interest in the murder of Gail Vella.
Jesus Christ, are you lot deaf? How many times? He saved Terry Boyle! Terry Boyle is the last man standing.
The OCG want him done away with to tie up the loose ends.
Did you facilitate an attempt on Terry Boyle's life? No, of course I bloody didn't! Yet you were responsible for an officer with OCG connections joining MIT.
All of these suspicious deaths They seem to be the work of an OCG in collusion with corrupt police officers, does that sound familiar? Yeah, it rings a bell.
You've been singing the same song for the best part of a decade.
No-one's been on Operation Lighthouse longer than you.
And at no stage have you directed the inquiry towards the obvious OCG links to Gail Vella's murder.
I've been 100% committed to finding her murderer! Yes, just doing a bloody God-awful job of it, is that it? No, no.
Look, if there were OCG links, do you not think someone would have pointed it out to me? They have done.
Image 87.
What is seen in Image 87, sir? - Well, someone's put them there.
- I, didn't put them there, did I? Image 87 shows the open boot of Police Service Vehicle Golf X-ray, six, nine, Yankee, Victor, Lima.
Police Service Vehicle Golf X-ray, six, nine, Yankee, Victor, Lima is registered to Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells.
In the boot are a number of Operation Lighthouse files.
Said files have been missing ever since the 4th of November, when AC-12 officers entered Hillside Lane Police Station to seize all files relating to Operation Lighthouse.
These files contain references to a possible burglary at Gail Vella's home on the night of her murder.
They also contain references to the hard-contact method of execution employed by the gunman.
Now, the fact she was murdered outside her own home, the unique untraceable murder weapon, all of which are consistent with a contract killing typically orchestrated by organised crime.
So how do you account for these files being found in your service vehicle? Well, it's a fit-up, isn't it? Someone put them there! My officers do not plant evidence.
We work to the letter of the law, fella, the letter! These files show a whole line of inquiry that's either been disregarded through negligent police work or deliberately suppressed to protect organised crime.
And the fact that they're squirrelled away in the boot of your car suggests the latter.
I never said that AC-12 planted them.
I've just got no idea how they got there, that's all.
What we have here is a pattern.
A pattern of events with a clear OCG signature.
And in each case, there is a failure to investigate properly.
Now, why is that, Detective Superintendent Buckells? - I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?! You're the senior detective! I don't know why I don't know.
Charge him.
- All right? - All right.
We sent Buckells back to custody for charging.
Nice one.
Got our man.
What's up, mate? You should've seen his interview.
This bloke couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.
Yeah, well, that's his cover.
The armed robbery at the bookmaker's that delayed MIT getting to Carl Banks's place.
Only one person caused that delay, Jo Davidson.
Look, without Jo, we wouldn't have got Buckells.
Look, you haven't seen the change in her I have.
Now Buckells is off her back, she's on the Gail Vella case 100%.
All I'm saying, mate, is we keep going, gathering evidence, - with an open mind.
- Yeah, I know how anti-corruption works.
- I'm glad to be out of it.
- What does that mean? You spend your life nicking bent coppers, you start believing they're everywhere.
Being on a regular team, it's opened my eyes.
The vast majority of them are decent, honest people, like you and me.
Jo Davidson's really just like you and me? Or is that what she wants you to believe? All I'm saying, Steve, is you spend too much time on anti-corruption, it starts to change the way you see things.
Well done on Buckells.
Night, mate.
Last time we met, I thought we made ourselves abundantly clear with our request for full consultation.
Yet you submitted no warning of your plan to charge Detective Superintendent Buckells.
Ma'am, as you well know, anti-corruption inquiries are of the greatest sensitivity, obliging my officers and myself to exercise the utmost discretion in who we share information with.
Are you deliberately attempting to embarrass me? I am attempting to uphold standards in public office.
Public trust can only be maintained where wrongdoing is held to account.
My God You must have been living in a different country the past few years.
Andrea, you've been briefed.
You can't say you weren't warned, Ted.
Not only warned, but a final warning.
Look, ma'am, I cannot lead my unit if at every twist and turn I am being asked to second-guess how my orders are going to play out at HQ.
In that respect, we agree.
You've become unable to lead your team.
What? No-one wants to be vindictive here, Ted.
You've done your 30 years.
You'll be permitted to retire on your full pension and avoid the ignominy of disciplinary action and dismissal.
Oh, yeah, great.
Definitely no ignominy in that, then.
Your retirement won't appear suspicious.
Oh! The PCC and the Chief Constable have agreed to redistribute funding to front-line services.
As a result, AC-3, AC-9 and AC-12 will merge into a single unit under the command of a Chief Superintendent.
What about my officers? They do not deserve this.
Clearly, anti-corruption numbers must be cut.
By what, a third? Half? More like 90%.
This is the Chief Constable down to the ground.
At the Karim Ali inquest, he uttered not one word of the truth.
God, give me strength, a barefaced liar promoted to our highest office! All your staff will be given the opportunity to apply for the new unit or be integrated into other departments.
The Chief Constable is making his announcement next month.
You've got till then, Ted.
This is a capitulation.
This is a capitulation to criminality and corruption! I mean, what has happened to us? This must be a shock, Ted.
I can see you're upset.
It's not a rhetorical question, ma'am.
What has happened to us? When did we stop caring about honesty and integrity? Ma'am.
All firearms used by the armed robbers at Hickey's bookie's were recovered and referenced by NABIS.
None of them match to any previous firearms offence.
This is the ejected cartridge found close to Gail's Peugeot.
The bullet was recovered some hours later, having continued its trajectory and struck the wall of a neighbouring house.
The murder weapon's never been found.
A killer would've disposed of it as smartly as he did his clothing.
I don't know why he left the cartridge, though.
Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing.
But now we know there was a burglary, the killer had to act fast.
He couldn't waste his time looking for a cartridge in the dark, and as for a bullet, it could've gone anywhere.
To cover your tracks, you only need to dispose of the murder weapon, provided the murder weapon is untraceable.
The ballistics report found the bullet and cartridge appeared to be non-standard.
Specially tailored ammunition.
Which suggests that the gun was made in a workshop.
Typically from a decommissioned firearm or replica.
It's untraceable.
OK, but none of the firearms used in the armed robbery of the bookie's were workshopped.
So we don't have a connection.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe not.
- Hello.
- DI Fleming.
I need a production order.
Jake, you've already been charged with the armed robbery of Hickey's Bookmakers Limited on October 27th of this year, for which you're currently on remand.
Should you be found guilty of said offence, your cooperation today will be submitted to the judge, maybe taken into account when it comes to sentencing.
It would assist our inquiry to trace the firearms used in the robbery.
I don't know nothing about the guns.
According to your statement of November 2nd 2020, in the early hours of October 27th 2020, you were woken at your residential address by one of your fellow armed robbers, who you've declined to name, and briefed by him regarding the plan to carry out an armed robbery of Hickey's bookie's.
Did this person provide you with a firearm? No.
When did the guns appear, Jake? We all met up to get organised with the van and that.
And this is when they first provided you all with guns? Yeah.
Who supplied the firearms, Jake? The guns was already there in a crate.
Where did this take place? Like a works place, whatever they call 'em.
An industrial estate? Yeah, like a big shed.
We weren't allowed inside.
Some bloke come out with the guns.
Were some of these firearms decommissioned guns that had gone through conversion in a workshop? Nobody wanted to risk one.
Didn't trust them.
So, we just left them there.
Never seen 'em again.
You all right, sir? All done.
Search complete.
What did they get? They covered the place top to bottom.
FC said they harvested a sizeable amount of prints and potential DNA deposits.
If anyone else was in that house apart from Farida, we'll know.
Right, good work.
Kate, thanks for coming.
Thank you, Chloe.
On the gaffer's orders, we placed surveillance on Ryan Pilkington.
This image shows Ryan Pilkington in the vicinity of Frederico's Bar on November 10th.
Shit! Jo Davidson and me were there that night.
This image shows Pilkington on Croxford Street on the night of November 8th.
Jo Davidson's home address.
You were right, Kate, he's up to something.
GPS data from a tracking device we placed on Pilkington's vehicle.
Unfortunately, he's refrained from making any contact with any known elements of organised crime.
He's refrained or he knows how to drop off the radar.
Resources are stretched, ma'am.
The surveillance team just don't have the manpower.
Er, returning to the tracker.
Hot spots coincide with Hillside Lane, Pilkington's home address and various locations known to be visited by Jo Davidson.
He's watching her.
Or meeting with her.
You got evidence of that? No.
Jo could be in danger.
She qualifies for an Osman warning.
Steve's right, we can't be certain they're not in this together.
She could tip him off about our surveillance operation.
I'm sorry, Kate, but no warning.
I-I just want to say that we may not solve this in a few days or a few weeks, or even a few months.
I mean, there really isn't any telling if you're going to see something like this through.
I'm just counting on all of you to carry the fire.
- All right? - Hey.
- Not late, am I? - Outside OK? Yeah, sure.
I'm sorry you had to chase.
I was just worried you'd changed your mind.
Oh, right, you have.
No, it's I got made DI.
But that ain't a deal-breaker.
Just saves you having to call me "ma'am" all day.
I just I wonder if we can put this transfer on hold, you know, delay it, just till I see how a couple of things play out.
Well, if that's what you want.
But I can't keep my boss hanging on forever.
Yeah, I get it.
I'll order.
Usual? Yeah, OK.
Boss, Amanda's got an update.
Because we drew a blank on Gail Vella's personal devices, we sought authority to examine computers she might've used at work.
We've managed to recover another audio file.
- That's great.
- It appears to be a complete and uncorrupted audio recording of a phone call Gail Vella made in the workplace, hence it was saved on a hard drive.
Good work.
Thank you.
I'll get it set up in the meeting room.
Sometimes the police lie for understandable reasons.
The mistaken shooting of Karim Ali, say.
I covered the inquest.
Well, then, you'll know his widow offered the more plausible version of events, an armed counterterrorism unit burst into their flat and shot Karim dead without warning.
The absence of a warning fit with established police tactics in the face of a suicide bomber.
You don't want to give them a chance to detonate.
Yet all the police testimony insisted they'd given a warning and that Karim had refused to surrender.
The inquest jury were convinced the police were lying.
No police were prosecuted.
No-one was even disciplined.
And the officer in charge went on to become Chief Constable.
So, as I was saying, this all comes under the category of what I'd call a police cover-up designed to mitigate reputational damage.
But sometimes the reasons for the cover-up are more obscure He likes the sound of his own voice, Mind.
- I still can't place him, sir.
- .
your anonymity's guaranteed.
On the podcast, your voice will be completely disguised.
Well, it's got to be something pretty bad if you'd rather go with the story that you're basically a bunch of racists.
I-I didn't detect a race element in Balaclava Man.
Not Balaclava Man They're talking about Operation Trapdoor.
Roz Huntley.
Go back.
I-I didn't detect a race element in Balaclava Man.
Not Balaclava Man.
Balaclava Men.
What? Got him.
Although they weren't used in the robbery, the suspect described seeing workshopped firearms.
Sounds like the type used in Gail Vella's murder.
We also believe the meeting might have taken place in the actual workshop, we're attempting to piece together where it might be located.
Great work, guys.
Great work.
Thanks, boss.
- Cheers, Chris.
- Nice one, catch you later.
I need to talk to you in private.
Something wrong? It's not personal.
It's work.
I took a witness statement from Ryan Pilkington about the reservoir incident, and there's holes in his account.
What kind of holes? Why Lisa lost control of the vehicle.
How come she drowned? He's still on probation, maybe he was traumatised, he can't piece the memory together.
What? He's spying on you.
How do you know? Because I saw him outside the pub the other night.
Look, Jo, I don't want to worry you, but it's a trust issue.
Leave it.
With what's happened to DSU Buckells, I suddenly realised you might not be awarded your commendation.
So I talked to the Chief Super, and he's agreed I should be the one to submit it, so it's not tarnished by DSU Buckells' situation.
Thank you very much, ma'am.
You showed courage above and beyond the call of duty.
That shouldn't go unrecognised.
I'm very grateful, ma'am.
Well, in my role, sometimes I'm forced to give with one hand.
You see, having lost a senior detective, I need to bring in a new officer at DS/DI level, but budget constraints oblige me to post someone out.
I hope you realise it's nothing personal, Ryan, but you're the most junior, and with this commendation in the offing, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting recruited by one of the top teams.
Thank you for everything you've done, ma'am.
It's a privilege serving on MIT.
DI Arnott.
Last time we met, I was in a wheelchair.
I thought you looked taller.
James Lakewell, this is DC Chloe Bishop.
Pleased to meet you, Chloe.
This is a voluntary interview.
You're not under arrest for any further criminal offences and are free to return to your cell at any time.
You do not have to say anything.
As a solicitor, I'm sure you're well aware.
My legal career's been somewhat curtailed.
We want to ask you some questions about Gail Vella.
Do you know who I'm referring to? Of course.
Did you ever meet Gail Vella? I didn't.
Did you ever speak to Gail Vella? I didn't.
DI Arnott and I have entered into evidence an audio recording that was made on the 6th of July 2019, between 10.
36 and 11.
We've examined prisoner communications logs at Blackthorn Prison which record that you made a lawfully requested outgoing call between these times to a number corresponding with Gail Vella's place of work.
We've listened to the recording.
It was you.
Now, in the recording, Mr Lakewell, you can be heard recounting information relating to Operation Trapdoor, for which you were convicted of all charges in 2017, and another case which we're attempting to identify.
Always "attempting", never "achieving".
In regards to the second case, you can be heard referring to a racist element.
Does that help with your recollection? What was Gail Vella digging into? Was it something that got her killed? Listen, it doesn't bode well to speak openly about such things.
A break in the old routine is always welcome, but I'm beginning to feel drawn back to four blank walls and the saturnine faces of my fellow inmates.
Have a good day.
Lakewell didn't say much, sir.
But he's got plenty.
Why else would he have opened up to Gail Vella? Problem is he's dropped a hint he's concerned about prison staff.
In what way? We know senior figures in organised crime don't want imprisonment to be a barrier to running their OCGs.
A few key prison officers on the payroll is all they need.
I mean, look how Farida Jatri was silenced.
So, how do we get him to talk? I've got a plan, sir.
Alpha Charlie 4-5, TA.
Alpha Charlie 6-4, ARVs are TA and standing by for Windermere.
Alpha Charlie 4-5, received.
Stand by.
6-4, received, ARVs standing by.
Sit there.
Go, go! 4-5, Windermere POB.
Everything's in place.
These are copies of all the relevant legal agreements, the production order for your interview in secure custody today, the terms of the application to the Ministry of Justice regarding your immunity from prosecution.
It's all ready to go.
You'll vanish into witness protection, new name, new life.
You just spent your last night in prison if you tell us what we need to know.
Control, Alpha Charlie 6-4, request sit rep.
Alpha Charlie 6-4, State Nine en route, Windermere secure.
Received, 6-4.
Why are you so convinced I'll talk? I never did last time.
That was before you spent the best part of four years inside.
People with influence know I didn't grass.
They've made sure I'm well treated.
For most offenders, that doesn't sound too bad.
Roof over your head, three meals a day.
A bit of respect from your own kind.
Thing is, Jimmy, they're not your own kind.
I've read your file.
Luxury hotels, Michelin-star restaurants, glamorous girlfriends.
I don't pretend there isn't a downside to prison life.
But the upside is not being killed.
So why'd you risk talking to Gail Vella? I reckon you were testing the water, see if you could pull it off without getting caught.
Being killed is worth the risk, if there's even the slightest chance of getting your old life back.
Interesting analysis.
I pleaded guilty and I was sentenced.
The level of authority to reverse all that and to enrol me in witness protection lies way above your pay grade.
At ministerial level, I'd reckon.
Look, I never said it'd be easy.
But Gail Vella got killed over this.
What was the case she was looking into? As I'm sure you realise, DI Arnott, anything I say in these circumstances wouldn't be evidential.
Therefore, no-one could ever know who the information came from.
Did you see that vehicle? Alpha Charlie 6-4, visual with suspect vehicle.
- Stand by for registration.
- Received, 6-4.
Standing by.
Alpha Charlie 5-2, suspect vehicle PNC check, Sierra, Lima.
One, eight, Lima, Mike, Juliet.
Control, 5-2.
Running PNC check.
Stand by.
Alpha Charlie 5-2, status Zero, Moss Heath Avenue.
Status Zero, Moss Heath Avenue.
Alpha Charlie 5-2, Received.
- ARMED POLICE! - ARMED POLICE! - Drop your weapons! - Drop your weapons! What's happening? Can you get me out, please? Move! Move! Stay down! Alpha Charlie 5-2, we are under attack from multiple armed gunmen, request urgent armed assistance.
5-2, 4-5, need to evacuate, going to get you out.
4-5, received, evac authorised, repeat, evac authorised! Sarge.
Stay down! - Jonesy, I can't get a grip! - OK.
Give me a leg up! Steve! It's Jonesy! Is everyone OK? JONESY! Help! I need some help! Please, quick! Alpha Charlie 5-4, under fire from sniper, target Windermere.
Repeat, target is Windermere.
Obs on sniper, overlooking our current position on Moss Heath Avenue! Received, ARV's on way.
Alpha Charlie 5-2, Control, urgent message, one police casualty, Moss Heath Avenue, critical injuries! Come on, Jonesy.
Control from Alpha Charlie 6-6.
Sitrep update.
All armed suspects are neutralised.
There's been a forensic NABIS recovery of all the OCG weapons from the scene.
I don't even know if this is important, but some of the weapons appear to have been workshopped.
It's important.
Send them to ballistics for a full analysis.
Such a good girl, it's a terrible loss, it's a terrible loss.
And now there's no doubt about it, the OCG were tipped off from inside of Blackthorn when we picked up Lakewell.
Prison officers are in their pocket.
Unless the leak came from AC-12.
Not on my watch, it didn't.
Look, you two have been through a hell of a lot.
Now that the PIM's finished, maybe you should just go off duty.
No, sir.
I'd like to continue.
Let's do this.
Chloe that won't be necessary.
Jimmy? My solicitor's offered to read out my statement but, given what's happened, the least I can do is look you all in the eye.
I'm not prepared to submit to an interview, not today, not any day.
For Christ's sake, fella, one of my officers just got killed! And it was a miracle there weren't more casualties, including myself and DI Arnott.
It was a warning.
I'll never be able to stop looking over my shoulder.
Jimmy, I promise you, we'll do whatever it takes to persuade the Ministry of Justice to let you into witness protection.
There are some people there's no protection from.
People or person? What happened today wasn't cobbled together by a couple of foot soldiers, the order came from the top, the very top.
- That's a logical deduction.
- Yes, so who? I'm a coward, not a fool.
For Christ's sake! You really imagine you'll be safe in prison? They'll know I didn't talk, so, yes, I hope so.
That's right, isn't it, DI Arnott, I didn't talk? Get him out of here! I'm sorry.
Ah! It's as easy as that, Jo.
Let's go inside and discuss this.
I say "discuss" - I'll explain why I won't be posted off your team.
And you'll listen.
Morning, boss, everything OK? Wondered if you had an update on the armed robbery line of inquiry? Chris and I are trying to locate the firearms workshop we believe is connected to Gail Vella's murder weapon.
- Great.
- Boss, while I've got you, I wanted to bring up the other matter, my concerns with Ryan.
He only joined the force 18 months ago.
Any active links to organised crime would have been detected during vetting.
Jo, seriously? Thing is, Kate, we're already down a senior detective.
I'd hate to lose another one.
Sorry, I don't follow.
If people start asking questions about what really happened at the reservoir, they're going to start wondering why you were following the patrol car, but failed to call for backup in time to prevent an officer from drowning and the attempted murder of a suspect.
Drop it, Kate.
That's an order.
- What's this? - We're going to share.
Where's your bunk? They're bringing it now.
Now, you watch what happens to a rat.
- Boss.
- Yeah.
We've got the DNA from Farida Jatri's house.
Truth is, I'm a bit confused.
Maybe you'll have more joy.
I don't know if you saw, ma'am, the Box this morning had an inmate found dead inside of Blackthorn.
James Lakewell.
What was the cause of death? Being a rat, ma'am.
We've investigated DCI Davidson's version of events.
An extended forensic search at PS Farida Jatri's house detected a small number of DNA deposits, closely matching an individual whose DNA is stored on the police database.
Joanne Davidson.
Great work, we've got her.
She told us a pack of lies about her relationship with Farida Jatri.
Not only that, sir, it means there was ample opportunity for Davidson to plant the burner phones at the property.
This isn't the most significant finding, sir.
As we know, sir, officers' samples are stored on the system to exclude contamination of crime scenes.
Now, an officer's DNA isn't speculatively examined on a routine basis, and certainly wasn't back when Davidson joined the force.
Because the DNA deposits detected at the house weren't assumed to relate solely to a police officer, they were compared against the whole system.
The analysis detected partial matches to a nominal whose DNA is stored on other police databases.
He's identified over the page.
As we know, sir, there's only one credible explanation for Jo Davidson's DNA matching this individual.
They're blood relatives.
Mother of God.

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