Line of Duty (2012) s06e05 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 5

1 Operation Lighthouse.
The unsolved murder of Gail Vella on September 10th, 2019.
What was Gail Vella digging into? Was it something that got her killed? Ah! This was all crossed wires.
I'm being scapegoated here.
"Scapegoated"? Charge him.
- What's this? - We're going to share.
You've become unable to lead your team.
What? You'll be permitted to retire with your full pension and avoid the ignominy of disciplinary action and dismissal.
Fortunately, there was John's life insurance.
It's as easy as that, Jo.
I wanted to bring up the other matter, my concerns with Ryan.
Drop it, Kate.
I don't know where you're getting your figures from, but I Well, the figures came from your own office, Chief Constable.
The barefaced liar, promoted to our highest office! And what about you, do you still believe there's a fourth man out there? "H"? The analysis detected partial matches to a nominal whose DNA is stored on other police databases.
There's only one credible explanation for Jo Davidson's DNA matching this individual.
They're blood relatives.
A prison officer making a routine inspection found Jimmy Lakewell hanging, cold, not breathing, pulseless.
Unfortunately, there's no CCTV in here or outside the cell door.
Christ sake.
It wasn't your fault, sir.
It was Lakewell's decision to come back to prison.
In the prison van, he gave me a lead.
Gail Vella was digging into Lawrence Christopher the death in custody in 2003.
I'll get right on to it, sir.
We've been looking at any possible links between Gail Vella's murder and the bookies robbery.
We've established there was a rendezvous for all the armed robbers in the middle of the night.
Now, Jake Kilorgan described an industrial estate, it's about ten to 15 minutes' drive from his address in Moss Heath.
The location had metal gates, there's a short road servicing five to six industrial units.
Industrial sites in a 15-minute radius.
Doesn't look like too many.
Just the first batch, ma'am, the ones we could find online.
The chances are the OCG are using somewhere more covert, so the team's studying street images and then they'll recce the best matches.
- OK.
Keep me updated.
- Ma'am.
Boss, have you got a minute? Sorry, Kate, not now.
DSU Davidson travelled by car from the Hill, arriving at her home address at 20:17 this evening.
Thank you for coming, Kate.
This is by far the safest location for you right now.
Understood, sir.
Did the SFC authorise you to carry a concealed firearm? Good.
Given what we've learned about Ryan Pilkington, you have to look after yourself.
So, what's happening on the Hill? Frankly, sir, I don't know.
Jo's become cold and distant towards me.
I don't know what's going on in the background.
Carry on, Chloe.
The surveillance team report they're unable to observe activity from within the property.
You've put Jo under surveillance? Why? Yeah, well, this is why we've called you in today, Kate.
We've examined DSU Davidson's family history.
Her personnel file gives next of kin as Samantha Davidson.
However, we've discovered Samantha Davidson is deceased.
Our in-depth forensic examination of Farida Jatri's home detected Davidson's DNA.
Davidson's DNA's a partial match for Tommy Hunter.
That's not the worst of it.
There's an unusually high percentage match and runs of homozygosity.
Oh, my God.
I know from Steve that you've formed a view that Davidson isn't bent, Kate.
But I'm sorry, it appears that she's pulled the wool over your eyes.
Yeah? Sir, we thought you'd want to see what's on the TV.
Oh, right.
For too long now, police officers have had to serve faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats.
We've even had to suffer political opportunists trying to win votes by vilifying police officers with false allegations of corruption.
My duty, and the duty of every one of my officers, is very clear.
We serve the public, not politicians, and it is high time we took back control.
Policing should be left to those who know best, police officers.
Thank you.
Right, everybody back to work.
Come on.
Thank you, Charlotte.
Good of you to see me, sir.
No need to call me "sir" any more.
The Chief's thrown me under a bus.
Do nothing, I'm weakened.
Fire him, I lose the support of rank-and-file officers.
I'm resigning.
But why is the Chief doing this? I'd been fighting his plan to scale back AC-12.
Frankly, it's not been easy.
You've been a bull in a china shop.
I appreciate that, sir, but you know me.
If I see a bent copper, I only know one way and that's full throttle.
So prove it.
It's down to you now, Ted, in whatever time you've got left.
- Sir.
- Cheers, Fletch.
Mate, I've nothing new.
Every time we get close, we get knocked back.
Well, not entirely.
Lakewell feared for his life.
In transit, he agreed to reveal some of what he knew, knowing it could never be attributed to him in court.
The case Gail Vella was researching at the time of her death was the murder of Lawrence Christopher.
- That was, what, 20 years ago? - 17.
Is that what your text was about? No, something else.
I carried out an unlawful search.
You'll understand why.
A banknote recovered from a private residential property, part of a much larger sum, easily tens of thousands of pounds.
And this property? Merseyside.
Steph Corbett.
I checked her financial records.
There's no legit source for the money.
So, where's it come from? Forensic analysis gives a 99.
9% probability the banknote comes from the same batch as £50,000 found last year in a bedroom of the Edge Park Hotel.
The 50 grand the Gaffer was duped into accepting - and intended to return.
- Ah, shit.
At the time, there was an allegation the true amount had been a 100 grand.
The allegation was dismissed given the Gaffer's credibility and the fact the other 50 couldn't be found.
Until now.
Steve, it's me, Steph.
I, uh, haven't heard from you in a couple of weeks and I'm just checking to see if everything's OK.
I know you're busy and that.
Call me back.
Sorry for rabbiting on, I hate leaving messages.
No, no.
No, sorry I haven't called.
- You OK? - Yeah.
You? Yeah.
This week isn't great for me, I'm kind of snowed under.
You OK if we leave it? For this week like, or or leave it leave it? I just meant this week.
Why, do you want to leave it? Do you? Look, Steph, I'm still at work, I can't really talk right now.
I'll call you when I get the chance, OK? OK.
Steve, it's me.
Boss I think we might have located the OCG workshop.
That's great.
Look, given the problem we've had with leaks, I'd like to brief the entire team straight away, with your permission, of course.
Thanks, boss.
Right, can everybody report to the Incident Room for a briefing, please? - Thank you.
DI Fleming.
- Boss.
I believe I've identified a site matching the description given to us by Jake Kilorgan of the OCG firearms workshop.
Now, as you know, recommissioned firearms and tailored ammunition were used in the murder of Gail Vella and the recent OCG ambush.
The workshop could provide crucial forensic evidence in the hunt to find Gail's killer.
The location is Lochside Yard, an industrial estate in Moss Heath.
We need to move quick and ensure complete security on comms.
Plus, I'd like all officers to surrender their phones.
What? Come on, ma'am, seriously? Look, whatever way word got out on the op to arrest Carl Banks isn't happening this time.
Phones Please do as DI Fleming says.
Thank you.
We'll need a search warrant, plus all relevant authorities for ARVs fully crewed with AFOs.
Deployment roles will come from DI Fleming.
I'd like to TL within the hour.
Nobody leaves these rooms except myself and DI Fleming.
Carry on.
- Boss.
- Ma'am.
Right, we'll deploy two ARVs to the white aspect, no black in play, plus GPD if required.
Chris, can you arrange route planning? We'll also need full forensic deployment available.
- Boss.
- Ma'am.
Crack on.
What now, Kate? Boss, there's something I need to tell you.
PC Pilkington, you're with us.
Mike India, Three Seven, Control, TL the Hill.
Control received, Three Seven.
Get back, get back! Armed police, get back! Armed police! Armed police! Tango Oscar Seven Five, site secure, unarmed, clear to enter.
Mike India Two Zero, received.
Let's go! Shit.
Mike India, Two Zero, sit rep.
Control, go ahead, Two Zero.
Two Zero, premises entered and secured, no workshop detected.
Control received, Two Zero.
- Two Zero, received.
- Continuing search of site.
Control, received, Two Zero.
Anything at all? Nothing in any other unit, boss, sorry.
We'll move on to the other sites.
What other sites? Kate informed me three locations match the criteria, this was the nearest.
I'm sorry, Chris, but I was worried about potential leaks, so I only informed Acting DSU Davidson of the other two.
God's sake.
It's nothing personal, Sarge.
We'll split the team.
I'll lead the deployment to White Rock Park, DI Fleming will lead the deployment to Knights' Courtyard.
- Ma'am.
- Chris, you come with me.
I'm going with the Boss.
- Right - One AFO, one MIT vehicle with me.
I'll brief en route PC Pilkington, you're in this one.
Alpha Charlie, Five Two, site one sit rep.
Site two, go ahead, site one.
Five Two, MIT TL, site one.
We had visual with Pilkington making a call via concealed burner.
Come in, site three.
Site three, Alpha Charlie One Zero receiving.
Site one have got obs on Pilkington possibly leaking information on the MIT operation.
Site three standing by for obs.
Stand by.
Site two, obs on possible OCG activity.
Site three, received.
Move in.
Six Six, moving in.
- Police, get back.
- Get back.
Armed police! Armed police! Shit! Go, go! Armed police! Armed officers inside, clear to enter! - Get the defib.
- Sir.
Alpha Charlie, Four Five, Control, active message.
Shots fired, repeat, shots fired.
Two non-police casualties with serious GSWs, require urgent paramedic support, location White Rock Park.
Repeat, two casualties, White Rock Park.
Control, received, Four Five, stand by for ETA.
Four Five, standing by.
Also request Duty Officer be informed to start PIM.
Received, Four Five.
Force incident manager informed, stand by for PIM update.
DI Arnott, AC-12.
This is an active MIT operation.
What the hell are you doing here? And get those people back! - Ma'am - Police, get back! Control, Alpha Charlie, Four Five, ambulance is TA.
Four Five, received.
- Ma'am - Ambulance? Christ sake! Ma'am, we attempted to arrest two suspects at this site and, unfortunately, our AFOs were forced to open fire.
It gets worse.
You still haven't told me how you came to be here.
We were led to this site by an AC-12 surveillance operation of OCG men believed to be linked to the recent ambush of a prisoner transport in which an AC-12 officer lost her life.
Inside the unit, two men, serious high-velocity GSWs.
No respiration, nothing's going to help.
GSWs with severe haemorrhaging.
We'll start resus and see what All right, guys, stand down.
You'll need to surrender yourself for full forensic recovery.
This is what we've been looking for.
Yeah, we found it first.
This location's of high value to MIT's inquiry into the murder of Gail Vella.
It's ours, DI Arnott.
Ma'am, we need full access and full sharing of evidence.
You've just ordered your AFOs to stand down, I'm ordering you to do the same.
Chris, as soon as the casualties have been evacuated, cordon off this unit and bring in a full forensic deployment.
Mike India Five three, Control.
State Six, White Rock Park.
No resps, carotid pulse absent.
MIT carried out a successful operation.
I was conscious a possible leak would alert the OCG.
Only one site was disclosed to MIT officers.
However, I took the decision to inform DSU Davidson of all three possible sites.
It's a big call, Kate.
Well, I believe it paid off, sir.
You said yourself the information on Jo's family history strongly suggests she's colluding with organised crime, but that doesn't fit with what I've witnessed first-hand.
We needed to know one way or another.
She had plenty of time to tip off the OCG and she didn't.
As far as I'm concerned, that's proof she's not bent.
Look, Davidson led the deployment to White Rock, where the workshop just happened to be located.
Then she ordered me to stand down, enabling her to take control of the crime scene.
For all we know, she played it that way, to appear straight while still being able to manipulate the investigation.
Steve's right, Kate.
In my book, the jury's still out.
So, what do we know about these OCG suspects? White Rock Park.
The suspects entered the factory unit.
AFOs were deployed on my order and, unfortunately, the suspects failed to surrender.
They were both pronounced dead on arrival at City General Hospital, 15:27.
Fingerprints taken from their bodies match Lewis Polkard and Darren Morgan, both known violent criminals with longstanding links to organised crime.
But we got there before they could destroy any evidence, right? Yes, sir.
So what about Ryan Pilkington? At site one, Chloe and her team captured images of PC Ryan Pilkington producing a concealed burner phone and appearing to make a call at 14:24 today.
A burner phone was recovered from the body of Lewis Polkard, which showed a received call at 14:24 today.
Now, we believe Pilkington tipped them off, but, obviously, we can't close the loop without recovering Pilkington's phone.
Sir, the surveillance team have obs on Ryan Pilkington.
I've got AFOs standing by to bring him in.
Great work, Chloe.
Could you just give us a moment, Chloe? Thanks.
Of course, sir.
Let's look at the big picture here.
Ryan Pilkington has been groomed since childhood as a fixer for organised crime - exactly the same history as Dot Cottan.
Now, Pilkington has inside information, you can be sure of that.
But I can guarantee you, if we bring him in now, he will say nothing and we will be left holding a sprat when we should've landed a mackerel.
Sir, Ryan Pilkington's embedded within MIT.
He's in a position to sabotage ongoing operations and, in my view, he's a danger to other officers, not least Kate.
I know, listen, he should be arrested.
Of course, he should be arrested, and the door locked and the key thrown away, but he is the new Caddy and I can guarantee you he did not join MIT by accident.
The Fourth Man put him there.
Now, we are so close, so close.
And that is why we're going to keep Ryan Pilkington under surveillance, and he will lead us to the big fish.
Do I make myself clear? Sir.
Now we're sucking diesel.
I thought the gaffer was the one wanting to pull him in and you talked him out of it? Looks like he's changed his mind.
As you all know, the Gail Vella murder weapon was never recovered.
However, the cartridge and bullet were recovered at the crime scene.
NABIS concluded the cartridge and bullet were tailored ammunition for a workshopped firearm.
The White Rock unit is equipped with the exact machinery required for this process.
This is clearly a location closely linked to OCG activity.
It needs to be thoroughly examined for fingerprints and DNA that might match Carl Banks, or Terry Boyle, or any accomplices in Gail Vella's murder.
We've never been closer to finding who killed Gail and who plotted her murder.
Well done, everyone, get to it.
- Boss.
- Boss.
Before he was found dead, Jimmy Lakewell revealed to DI Arnott that Gail Vella was investigating the murder of Lawrence Christopher.
In April 2003, Lawrence Christopher was attacked outside Edge Park Railway Station by a gang of white youths.
A passer-by found Christopher wandering nearby in a confused state and called triple nine.
Officers found Christopher to be uncooperative and took him into custody, where he died later that night.
Custody suite video shows officers mocking Christopher while he lay unresponsive in his cell.
A disgrace to the uniform, every single one of them.
The postmortem detected an undiagnosed skull fracture.
The wound on Christopher's head contained deposits of lead, suggesting he'd been struck by a piece of lead piping.
The initial police inquiry concluded that the attack was gang-related.
Following protests from Christopher's family, the inquiry team eventually accepted that the victim had no gang connections.
In fact, Lawrence Christopher was an architect who'd never been in trouble with the law.
By the time officers redirected the case, already two weeks had passed by.
In this time, police received a number of tip-offs naming a small group of white youths with a history of racially aggravated violence.
Despite this, witnesses weren't interviewed for at least another week.
And most damning of all, forensic evidence from the suspects homes was never secured.
The SIO at the time claimed he wasn't aware it was lawful to arrest the suspects purely on suspicion of the crime.
Absolutely beggars belief.
Who was the SIO? Detective Chief Inspector Marcus Thurwell.
As a result of the failure to secure any forensic evidence, the case against the suspects was extremely flimsy.
An identification parade took place more than a month after Christopher's murder.
By this time, all suspects had shaved and had short hair cuts.
Witnesses were unable to provide a positive ID.
All five suspects were released without charge and granted anonymity.
Family and friends of Lawrence Christopher successfully campaigned for an inquiry into police failings.
The subsequent report released in 2005 concluded that procedural errors had occurred due to institutional racism and the assumption that he was an active participant in crime rather than an innocent victim.
It's a shameful episode, and no mistake, but I really I don't see how it could lead to Gail Vella's murder.
We'll keep digging, sir.
Good work, good work.
Carry on, you two.
Sorry you had to dredge all that up.
You OK? The custody officers were laughing and making monkey noises while Christopher lay dying.
They were all cleared of misconduct, took early retirement for stress and claimed tens of thousands in compensation on top of their pension.
How could anyone be OK? Chloe.
Marcus Thurwell's name came up in connection with Sands View Boys' Home.
It was before your time.
Child Sexual Exploitation involving Councillor Dale Roach, Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank and others.
Gail Vella interviewed the PCC about this.
She wanted to know why there hadn't been a public inquiry.
That's the one.
A social worker named Oliver Stephens-Lloyd tried to report the abuse.
He was found dead in 1998 at the same location, where, more recently, we found the bodies of ACC Hilton and Maneet Bindra.
Despite strong forensic evidence of murder, Stephens-Lloyd's death was written off as suicide.
The SIO was Marcus Thurwell.
So you've investigated Thurwell before? By the time of our inquiry in 2015, Thurwell had taken early retirement, believed to be living in Spain.
The Spanish authorities were able to Capture a surveillance image for us.
Then Thurwell vanished again.
And anyway our inquiry had convicted the prime suspect, Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank, the senior officer most closely linked to child sexual exploitation.
Sir, I wonder if Gail discovered the link between Thurwell and the Lawrence Christopher case.
Maybe she was interested in Fairbank, too.
- Find out.
- Sir.
Kate, have you got a minute? Sure.
Steve Arnott claimed AC-12 happened to be at White Rock because they were tracking the OCG men.
As well as informing you of the three possible sites, I informed AC-12.
Credit for not trying to insult my intelligence.
They're conducting a lawful inquiry, it's my duty to cooperate.
Look, I'm telling you the truth, Jo, because I trust you with it.
I wouldn't want to harm your career, Kate.
It's best if you request a transfer.
I'm sure AC-12 would take you back.
You've been distant with me for days.
Is this personal? I'm your senior officer, I should be distant.
I thought we were friends.
What's happening here? So you can tell AC-12? No.
I wouldn't tell them personal stuff.
And, as for requesting a transfer, I respectfully decline.
I'm not leaving.
- Sir.
- Yeah? Patrick Fairbank was moved to Queen's Chase Open Prison in 2016 due to declining health.
Gail Vella made a request to interview him last year.
It was set for September 11th but never took place, as she was murdered the night before.
- Call them, set up an interview.
- Sir.
DI Arnott, DC Bishop, AC-12.
Go ahead, sir.
I know where I'm going! See?! I told you! We'll shout if we need you.
Chief Superintendent Fairbank.
DI Steve Arnott.
I was a DS when you last saw me.
I don't mean to be rude, I get very - mixed up.
- We've got some questions.
We're interested in one of your former officers, Marcus Thurwell.
He worked under you on the Sands View case.
He was a DI back then.
Here's Thurwell after he became a DCI.
You recognise him now? I should know the face I'm sorry Well, our current inquiries have linked Thurwell to the Lawrence Christopher murder case.
Who? Lawrence Christopher.
What about Gail Vella? Who is she again? Gail Vella.
She was a journalist.
She was investigating the Sands View scandal.
Sands View! Boys in care abused by Dale Roach and his cronies, including you! There were complaints to police, but you made sure they went nowhere, so those kids just carried on suffering! Sir Sir - Get the prison officer.
- Sir.
I'm sorry about that, Chloe, just you want him to remember what he did, to acknowledge his crimes.
Yeah, I get it, sir.
I'm sorry that he wasn't more help.
I'll keep digging.
Thank you.
- Sorry, boss, I know it's a bit late.
- No, what you got? I've been looking into all of Gail Vella's prison visits.
Before seeking an interview with Patrick Fairbank, she went to Blackthorn.
Yeah, we know.
She talked to Jimmy Lakewell.
That was always over the phone.
She requested face-to-face interviews with a number of inmates, Manish Prasad, Hari Bains.
She did the same at Brentiss Prison with Roz Huntley, Tina Tranter and Jane Cafferty.
Makes sense, all officers with past links to organised corruption.
She even put in a request to Witness Protection to interview Gill Biggeloe and Lisa McQueen.
It was still going through the pipeline at the time of her death.
Only one person agreed to be interviewed by Gail, Lee Banks, Carl Banks' brother.
Lee Banks agreed to talk? This was two weeks before we believe Carl Banks murdered Gail.
Lee Banks, DI Steve Arnott, AC-12.
Yeah, you nicked me.
Did you think I'd forget? I'm looking into the murder of Gail Vella.
Your brother Carl is our prime suspect.
Of course he is, blame the dead guy.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you don't mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Now, we know Gail Vella attempted to interview a number of individuals in relation to organised corruption.
You agreed to be interviewed on the 26th of August, 2019.
15 days later, Gail Vella was found murdered.
And? So you learned Gail Vella was talking to people about OCG crimes.
You took responsibility for drawing out of her what she knew.
You shared the information with Carl, who passed it up the chain.
The top man, or woman, gave Carl the order to silence Gail.
How's that for a theory? Can't help you.
The only problem was your brother couldn't help - shouting his mouth off about it all.
- There's no way Carl was a rat! We're done here, mate.
Lee, you're protecting the people who killed your brother.
You want to talk about rats? Ask your boss.
Superintendent Hastings? You've lost me.
Well, he told me there was a rat in our crew and that rat turned out to be an undercover copper, John Corbett.
So have that.
All right? Kate, sorry, I I probably shouldn't bother you, but I didn't know who else to call.
What's up, mate? I think I've found the real reason the gaffer gave 50 grand to Steph Corbett.
Go on, I'm listening.
Steve? Kate.
I want to address the personal issues we discussed.
I think it's best to do that outside of a work setting.
Yeah, yeah, we need to talk.
I'll let you know the details later.
Thanks, Jo.
The gang accused of killing Lawrence Christopher were granted anonymity, but I've uncovered old witness statements that consistently named the same suspects.
One of these suspects was Darren Hunter.
Darren Hunter was Tommy Hunter's son.
Which raises the distinct possibility that Tommy Hunter ordered Marcus Thurwell to sabotage the Lawrence Christopher murder inquiry to protect his son Darren.
Sir, I've got no problem believing Tommy Hunter manipulated corrupt officers back in 2003, but, by the time of Gail Vella's murder, Tommy was long dead and his son, Darren, I mean, he seems too much like a small fry.
So, what are you thinking, son? I think Gail Vella could only have been murdered to protect someone involved in the original Lawrence Christopher inquiry, which means that officer still wields a high level of influence over the OCG.
He's still important enough to warrant the fallout from killing someone as high-profile as Gail Vella.
Sorry, sir, um, I don't know if this is relevant, but I've been looking into other members of Thurwell's team, all the officers that were involved in the Lawrence Christopher murder inquiry.
Detective Constable Ian Buckells.
Inspector Philip Osborne.
Obviously, Osborne's now It isn't only Thurwell who benefits from Gail Vella's murder, so do Buckells and the Chief Constable.
It could've been any one of them who gave the order.
Mother of God.
Could all officers and staff please report to the unit office? Thank you.
One or two familiar faces.
One or two conspicuous by their absence.
For those of you for whatever inexplicable reason don't know, I am Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael.
I don't mind "ma'am" or "boss".
I'm not a big fan of "guvnor" or "gaffer".
Speak of the devil.
Superintendent Hastings.
Sorry to barge in on you like this.
All will become clear if I could have a moment in your office.
As you were.
I take it you've been informed about the restructuring of anti-corruption.
But my officers haven't, so I would thank you for your discretion, ma'am.
Well, they'll figure it out soon enough.
This is a kick in the teeth.
My team are the best in the business.
Really? Hm.
I've reviewed your case against Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells.
The only evidence you have are files that you recovered from the boot of his car, none of which bear his prints or DNA.
Buckells' Solicitor has lodged a claim for wrongful imprisonment.
Where's the courage of our convictions, ma'am? We have a very strong case against Buckells, a very strong case.
- Watertight? - No, not watertight, but Therefore, I've recommended to the Crown Prosecutor that proceedings against Ian Buckells are dropped, so as to avoid the humiliation of a cracked trial.
Ma'am, you are undermining AC-12's work.
We have just pulled off a major, highly successful surveillance operation that has stretched our manpower to the limit and that is all going to go for a burton the second that the Chief Constable starts swinging his axe.
Yes, since you've raised surveillance, you've requested an upgrade to Intrusive Surveillance on MIT's SIO.
Yes, because we've learned she has long-standing links to organised crime.
Meanwhile, you're also maintaining surveillance on a probationary constable, Ryan Pilkington.
I'm sure surveillance of Pilkington will lead to bigger fish, I'm sure of it.
Meanwhile, you're also maintaining surveillance on Terry Boyle, the prime suspect in the Gail Vella murder.
Yes, for his own protection! What needs protecting is the anti-corruption budget, which you're going through like there's no tomorrow, which in your case does actually apply.
It takes 24 officers to maintain surveillance on a single target.
There'll be no money left by the time I assume command.
And so, for that reason, and the Chief Constable agrees, I shouldn't start cold next month.
Pending a budget review by the Chief Constable and me I gave orders a short while ago for all AC-12 surveillance operations to be suspended immediately.
Ma'am, I must protest.
I have officers in the field.
We are so close to breaking open Operation Lighthouse and OCG involvement in Gail Vella's murder! Which is to be commended, but I do need to inherit a department that's fit for purpose.
What's going on? Nothing good.
Hi, sorry, Jo, just coming in now.
Sorry, Kate, change of plan.
I don't feel comfortable meeting somewhere so public.
I've just got here.
I'm happy to wait.
I'll text you an address when I think of somewhere better.
Kate you still there? Yeah, um, OK.
Text me.
Nice one.
Good work.
Steve, I just wondered if the surveillance team had reported anything suspicious on Jo's obs? Surveillance just got pulled.
What? Why? AC-12's being cut back and merged.
Carmichael's taking command.
It's on the Chief Constable's orders and we just learned he could've been a beneficiary of Gail Vella's murder.
Jesus Christ.
Listen, Steve, I'm going to forward you an address.
Jo asked to meet me in the city centre and she's last minute changed her mind - she's got me in some lorry park.
OK, mate, you should pull out.
Can you hand me your phone? That's an order.
Thank you.
DI Fleming, DCS Carmichael.
On the orders of the Chief Constable, I'm now SIO on the anti-corruption inquiry into Operation Lighthouse.
What's your sit rep? Shit, shit.
Sir, Kate's just sent through a location.
- Let's go.
- Chloe, - with me.
- Sir.
Fletch, get AFO's deployed urgently to this address.
Let's just take a breath, shall we? That's my officer out there.
I'll breathe when she's safe.
Well this wasn't what I expected.
Let's not hang around here, Jo.
We'd rather be indoors with a glass of wine.
I'm sorry, Kate.
Jo? I'm so sorry.
What is going on? Jo wanted to give you a way out.
Should've put in for that transfer.
You've got the bottle if somebody's already half-drowned.
Put the gun down, stop trying to act like a big man.
You're a little boy.
Try asking John Corbett.
Try asking Maneet Bindra.
You pull that trigger, there's going to be blood and gunshot powder all over you, plus the cartridge and bullet could go anywhere, you're never going to find it.
Don't need to.
It's a workshopped gun, tailored ammunition.
It's untraceable.
Right, you've thought of everything, except surveillance.
AC-12 were watching the workshop.
They saw you make the call to the OCG.
They've been tracking you both.
You're never going to get away with this.
You knew about the surveillance? No, but it makes sense.
It's what I'd do.
Why would she come here otherwise? Christ sakes, Jo, you set me up! - Don't move! - AH! Drop the gun! I've done my bit.
I don't have to stay here and watch.
Ryan, drop the gun! - Drop yours! - Drop the gun! - Drop it, Kate! Drop it.
- No! - Ryan! - Put your gun down! - Drop the gun! - Put your gun down! Drop it! One more chance Ryan, one more chance.
- No! - Drop it now! Drop the fucking
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