Lip Sync Battle (2015) s03e17 Episode Script

Rumer Willis vs. Bryshere Gray

1 Oh! Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good Everybody says It's just like rock 'n' roll Well, it's plain to see You were meant for me, yeah I'm your boy Your 20th century toy He's your number one master on the Mic.
Always leaving you wanting more.
Give it up, and make it clap for LL Cool J! What up? Hands in the air! Hands in the air! Now let me hear you say, "Yeah!" - Yeah! - Say, "Hell yeah!" - Hell yeah! - Now, scream! Lip Sync Battle.
Welcome to Lip Sync Battle, the show where hit songs and hot celebs meet and give the performances that are guaranteed fire! Now, our show tonight is a dope mix of the bold and the beautiful.
You know what I'm saying? And speaking of beautiful, I can't get this thing started without the color commentator extraordinaire with magnificent flair.
Ladies and gentlemen Chrissy Teigen.
Everywhere I go, I go, I go All they do is stare and stare All they do is stare and stare All they do is stare and stare - Hi, everybody! - And stare and stare I'm back! Go Chrissy, go Chrissy! Go Chrissy, go Chrissy.
Get it, get it now.
Work it out now! Work it out now, work it out now.
Hey, hey, hey! All right, um, Chrissy, the people are ready for a good night.
- Tell 'em what they should expect.
- Yeah.
Tonight we have two stars who sing, dance, and tonight, they are gonna sync, and they are gonna kill it, because, you guys this is gonna be hysterical.
We have some good songs tonight, I gotta say.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but I, like We got four songs, and they all happen to be my jam.
I don't know how this was possible.
I-I think it's just an amazing thing.
It's synchronicity.
Well, let's get this thing cracking! - Let's do it! I'm so excited! - Let's get it poppin'! Now, I need to know if you're ready to meet the contenders.
She's a multi-talented actress and singer.
Now, she's stepped into the lion's den as Tory on Empire! Ladies and gentlemen Rumer Willis! And this young man lives it up as the heir to the throne in Empire.
He gave life playing Michael Bivins in the New Edition story.
Ladies and gentlemen, Bryshere Gray! Uh-oh! Man, what's up, LA? Whoo! Rumer, how you doin'? Oh, I'm great.
I'm ready for a battle.
- Are you ready for a battle? - I'm ready.
Okay, okay.
I never been called out before, L.
There's a first time for everything.
It's my first time, L.
I can see we goin' to get it poppin'.
So, uh, Bryshere, you gonna go up first.
Rumer, you have a seat in the VIP.
Whoo! - Bryshere, you come on over.
- Right into it! So, um Bryshere? What vibe are you gonna hit her with? Well, man, you know I'm raised from West Philadelphia, so I got to do the big brother.
This is "Summertime.
" Ladies and gentlemen here is Bryshere Gray! Summertime Summer summer summertime Summertime Time to sit back and unwind Summertime Here it is, the groove Slightly transformed Just a bit of a break from the norm Just a little something to break the monotony Of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be A little bit out of control It's cool to dance, but what about the groove That soothes and moves romance Give me a soft subtle mix And if it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it - Try to fix it - And think of the summers of the past Adjust the base and let the alpine blast Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme Put your car on cruise and lay back 'Cause it's summertime Summer summer summertime Time to sit back and unwind Uh-oh! You goin', you goin'.
School is out and there's a sort of a buzz But back then I didn't really know what it was - Ohh! - But now I see what have of this The way that people respond to summer madness The weather is hot and girls are dressing less And checking out the fellas to tell 'em who's best Ridin' around in your Jeep or your Benzos Or in your Nissan sittin' on Lorenzos Leanin' to the side, but you can't speed through Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you There's an air of love and of happiness And this is the Fresh Prince's new definition of summer madness Summer summer summertime Summer madness Time to sit back and unwind 'Cause this is summertime! Oh! - Oh! - Chrissy! Timeless, Bryshere, timeless! Whoo! - Who here does not get happy when you hear that song? That song makes you so excited! - Oh! - Whoo! That is a good I told you these were good songs.
You don't need to swear for your rhymes, huh? Like you don't need to say Ooh! What can't we say? I just want to have a whole block of "beep.
" God damn! - Sorry! I saved that one.
- Naughty, naughty.
Oh, man.
So, Rumer, the audience was feeling Bryshere.
Are you feeling Bryshere? Well, I think that he did a swell job of staying right inside his comfort zone.
Oh, yes, girl! Oh, okay! - Oh! - I like it.
Okay, then, well, Bryshere, you head over to the VIP.
- Rumer, you come over here.
- I still love you! All right, what's your song of choice? "Hit 'Em Up Style" by Blu Cantrell.
You guys like that one? - Damn.
- Yeah? Okay, I like it, I like it.
Ladies and gentlemen, Rumer Willis! While he was scheming I was beamin' in the Beamer just beamin' Can't believe that I caught my man cheatin' So I found another way to make him pay for it all - - So I went to Neiman Marcus on a shopping spree-a And on the way, I grabbed Soley and Mia And as the cash box rang, I thought everything away Oops, there goes the dreams we used to say There goes the time we spent away For all the lies you told This is what you owe Hey ladies When your man wanna get buck wild Just go back and hit 'em up style Get your hands on his cash and spend it to the last dime For all the hard times, oh When you go, then everything goes From the crib to the ride and the clothes So you better let him know that if he mess up You gotta hit 'em up Ooh, all of the dreams you sold Left me out in the cold What happened to the days When we used to trust each other And all of the things I sold Will take you until you get old To get 'em back without me 'Cause a marriage is better than money, you'll see Hey ladies, when your man wanna get buck wild Just go back and hit 'em up style Get your hands on his cash and if he mess up, you gotta hit 'em up Oh Chrissy, did Rumer have you in the Beamer beamin' or what? I've hit 'em up style before.
- We all have, Chrissy.
- I think.
Yeah, thank you.
You got my back.
No one else in the audience cheered, but thank you.
All right, Bryshere.
She pointed at me, man! I got y'all the second song.
I got y'all.
Make some noise, y'all.
Oh! And you feel you ready for this? Oh, that was that was a little tasty sprinkle of chocolate on the top of this cake that I'm about to deliver you.
Well, Rumer, you head on over to the VIP.
Round One has these two Empire castmates going at it, but when we return, it only gets wilder as the show and the performances rise to a whole new level.
Come back for more Bryshere, more Rumer, more VIP.
- More LSB.
- Hey ladies When your man wanna get buck wild All right, all right! Lip Sync Battle is back, and the battle for the belt is being highly contested.
On to Round Two, and Bryshere's ready to deliver, but let's check out how TV's hip-hop prince plans to defend his throne.
Oh, so sexy in the bedroom Oh, so sexy in the bedroom I think everybody goes through kicking their boyfriend or girlfriend out of their lives.
- And this is the song.
- Surrender your love to me I learned from you, man.
- Yeah! - You were one of the reasons why I wanted to rap, man.
- Thank you, man.
- Thank you for being you.
Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
If I win, I'm gonna put my belt in the kitchen.
I'm comin' to get you after work, okay? When I eat every morning, I can look at it, like, "Yeah! LL Cool J gave me this.
" I love you.
I want you, I want you, I want you.
Yeah, seen a whole lot of things I'll never forget You know, a little nervous.
But it's all about you know, it's all about the battle.
It's all about the battle, baby.
It's all about the battle.
Showtime! You ready? Oh! Okay, we comin', we comin', Rumer! - I'm ready! - We comin'.
Let me hug you first.
So fun! I want to know what songs you doing.
I wanna know what you're up to.
I heard Rumer talking trash.
What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? I remember when we broke up the first time Sayin' "This is it, I've had enough," 'Cause, like, we hadn't seen each other in a month When you said you needed space, what? Then you come around again and say "Baby, I miss you And I swear I'm gonna change, trust me" Remember how that lasted for a day I say "I hate you" We break up, you call me, "I love you" Ooh ooh ooh ooh We called it off again last night But ooh ooh ooh ooh This time, I'm telling you, I'm telling you We are never ever ever Getting back together We are never ever ever Getting back together You go talk to your friends Talk to my friends Talk to me But we are never ever ever ever Getting back together Ooh ooh ooh ooh, yeah, oh oh I used to think That we were forever ever And I used to say Never say never So, he calls me up, and he's like, "I still love you," and I'm like, I'm just I mean, this is exhausting, you know.
We are never getting back together like ever.
No! We are never ever ever Getting back together We are never ever ever ever Getting back together Oh! Oh my God! I appreciate a full commitment, girl.
You look beautiful! I'm dying! Thank you, Chrissy.
You know, I just want to say one thing.
- I get all my inspiration from you, baby.
- You look good.
Oh! If I could take this off, I swear to God, I would.
Bryshere, so usually your Empire character is gettin' under skirts.
Right now, you're in a skirt.
How does it feel? How you feel right now? - You vibin'? - I feel pretty next to LL Cool J.
- Oh! - Great.
Rumer, who wore it better? Who wore it better? Taylor or Bryshere? I mean, it's not even a contest.
Look at this! Oh, you are out of control.
I love the commitment.
- Bryshere, have a seat in the VIP.
- Oh my God.
Yes! All right, we in it now.
Bryshere turned the club up, but when we come back, Rumer gets her turn to blow the audience away.
The battle for the belt is not over.
Come on back.
It's Lip Sync Battle.
We are never ever ever Rumer Willis is gettin' ready to do her thing.
Before we bring her out, let's peel back the curtain and see how Hollywood royalty plans to roll up her sleeves to get down and dirty.
The biggest thing with this is you have to really not be afraid to make fun of yourself and just go full force.
Yes! Everytime I take it I get just a little more The songs brings me so much joy, so, I get very excited talking about it.
She's incredible.
I think she's one of the biggest pop icons of of, at least, my generation, and I remember singing her songs when I was a kid constantly.
Hoo! Ha! Ha! Point! That was perfect! Come on! Somebody stupid for leaving them down - So alone - So alone Oh, he better be shakin' in his boots.
How you feel, Rumer? Right now? - I'm excited.
How you feeling? - I'm excited.
I'm ready to compete.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
But Bruce Willis' daughter, like, come on, man.
- Yes! - I don't mess around.
Oh oh My motivation other than just whooping butt? I don't know.
That's That's pretty much it.
If I could turn back time If I could find a way I'd take back those words that hurt you - And you'd stay - Whoo! I don't know why I did the things I did I don't know why I said the things I said Pride's like a knife, it can cut deep inside Words are like weapons They wound sometimes I didn't really mean to hurt you - Oh my God, her body! - I didn't wanna see you go I know I made you cry But, baby, if I could turn back time If I could find a way I'd take back those words that have hurt you And you'd stay If I could reach the stars I'd give 'em all to you Then you'd love me, love me Like you used to do If I could turn back time Oh! Oh my God! Hey! Oh my God.
Oh, man.
Chrissy! Rumer, you got the Navy people, the Navy dudes I have had this dream many a night, first of all.
I love seamen.
Same here, girl.
Number one, your lip-syncing was incredible.
Number two, your body is incredible! Thank you.
What the hell? That definitely ain't no rumor.
That's real.
What was that like embodying Cher? Like, what did that feel like? You know I just believe that, um that she would be really happy with with this.
With all of this.
Bryshere! What do you think, man? What did you think of her performance? I don't have the body she has, but you did phenomenal.
- Make some noise for Rumer, y'all.
- Thank you.
- Rumer, you have a seat in the VIP.
- I will.
- That was amazing.
- Thank you! They came, they saw, they battled.
But when we return, it's time to pick a champ.
It's gonna be Rumer or Bryshere.
The audience has a big decision to make, and we'll find out which way they'll go next.
It's Lip Sync Battle.
Welcome back to Lip Sync Battle! These costars put their friendship on pause tonight.
Gave us some great performances.
It's time to choose the new Lip Sync Battle champion.
All right? All right, Chrissy, let's do it.
Let's do it.
- Let's do it! Ready? - Let's get to it.
Is the Lip Sync Battle champion Rumer Willis? Or is the LSB champ Bryshere Gray? And the Lip Sync Battle champion is Bryshere Gray! Hold it up, boo-boo, hold it up.
Yo! I love it! Yo, Bryshere, come here, man.
You out your mind.
You're the new champ of LSB.
What does it feel like? This is my first award.
Thank you! - Okay, all right.
- All right.
Rumer, Rumer.
You made the competition real.
It was absolutely amazing.
I mean, you know, he just kinda you know what I mean? He did a little guerrilla warfare on you a little bit.
So, um Did you have a good time? Did you enjoy your experience? Oh, it was amazing! Listen, I knew it was over as soon as he came out in drag.
How how can you beat that? Look at this beautiful man dressed up as Taylor Swift.
Well done, my friend.
A big thanks to Rumer and Bryshere for kickin' it with the Lip Sync crew tonight.
And a big shoutout to Lip Sync nation all over the world.
Make sure you download the Lip Sync Battle app.
One love from me, LL Cool J, and my girl, Chrissy Teigen.
And remember, whatever you do in life, knock 'em out the box, L.
Knock 'em out, L! We are never ever ever Getting back together We are never ever ever Getting back together You go talk to your friends Talk to my friends Talk to me But we are never ever ever ever