Lip Sync Battle (2015) s04e14 Episode Script

Karrueche Tran vs. Deon Cole

1 - Hit it! - (funky music playing) It takes two to make a thing go right - It takes two to make it outta sight - Hit it I wanna rock right now I'm Rob Base and I came to get down I'm not internationally known But I'm known to rock a microphone Because I get stupid, I mean outrageous Stay away from me if you're contagious Ladies love me, girls adore me I mean even the ones who never saw me Like one, two, three, get loose now - It takes two to make - (crowd cheering) It takes two to make a thing, it takes two (crowd cheering) What's up, Lip Sync Nation? Hello.
Tonight is gonna be a hilarious mash-up of beauty and brawn.
And speaking of brawn, he's your man on the mic.
It's your host.
It's our host.
It's LL Cool J! They call me Big L'y - Big silly - What? Big money - Big Billy - Whoo! Hands up! Hands up! Wit these bars, so ya feel me Hands up! We be posting the back LL: Hands up! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Go, Chrissy, make it hot now Go, Chrissy Don't stop now Ladies and gentlemen, she's energized! She's moisturized.
She's Chrissy Teigen! (cheers and applause) (imitates air horn) Hi! (imitates air horn) LL: Well, you guys look ready to go.
Welcome to Lip Sync Battle.
We are the spot you turn to if you want a good time, right? (crowd yells) Let's meet the battlers for tonight.
Let's go! - (cheers and applause) - (dramatic music plays) She's a daytime Emmy award winner, stars as Virgina on TNT's Claws.
(cheers and applause) Make some noise for Karrueche Tran! (cheers and applause) LL: And this next young man can be seen on the Emmy nominated show Black-ish, the Black-ish spin-off Grown-ish, and he's now the host of a new game show Face Value.
Give it up for Deon Cole! (cheers and applause) LL: Oh my goodness! (Chrissy laughs) Welcome to Lip Sync Battle.
Yes! Yes! Deon, that was the slowest run I've ever seen.
- That was like - (Deon laughing) It was amazing.
Karrueche, you were just as pretty.
I always like all your photos.
- Thank you! - (Chrissy laughs) Unbelievable! Alright! So, I tell you what, we gonna start off with Karrueche.
- Deon, you can chill in the VIP.
- Deon: Gotcha! Gotcha! - Gotcha! - (cheers and applause) LL: Come on over, Karrueche.
- So, um - (Karrueche laughs) we happen to have you here, and how are you gonna be startin' things off for us? I'm gonna do a little bit of a throwback.
I'm not gonna spill it.
I'ma see if you guys remember this song.
- So, we'll see.
- Oh, okay.
- I like it, I like it.
- Yep, yep.
Thank you.
LL: Ladies and gentlemen, Karrueche Tran! (cheers and applause) (Let Me Blow Ya Mind playing) Yo Yo, drop your glasses Shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah, bitch, I'm drastic Why this? Why that? Lips stop askin' Listen to me, baby, relax and start passin' Expressway, hair back Weavin' through the traffic This one strong should be labeled as a hazard Some of y'all ain't writin' well Too concerned with fashion None of you ain't Giselle, cat walk and imagine A lot of y'all Hollywood Drama, casted Cut, bitch, camera off, real , blast it If I had to give you more It's only been a year Now I've got my foot through the door And I ain't going nowhere It took a while to get me here And I'm gonna take my time Don't fight that good in your ear - Now let me blow ya mind - (LL sings along) Let your bones crack Your back pop, I can't stop Excitement, Glock shots from your stash Do you like that? Yeah You got to, I know you Had you in a trance first glance from the floor too If I had to give you more It's only been a year Now I got my foot through the door - And I ain't going nowhere - Get it, get it, get it! It took a while to get me here And I'm gonna take my time Don't fight that good in your ear Now let me blow ya mind - (cheers and applause) - LL: Whoo! (Karrueche laughs) - LL: Wow.
- I never get to see this side of you.
- (Karrueche laughs) - Chrissy, how crazy was that? - That was so good.
- LL: You felt that? - Karrueche: Thank you! - I felt that.
- (cheers and applause) - Karrueche: Thank you.
How did it feel blowing everybody's mind with that performance? It felt good.
It felt really good.
- (cheers and applause) - I was a little nervous backstage, but I feel real good now.
And it's a little taste of what's to come.
- Uh-oh! - (cheers and applause) - Karrueche: Yep! (laughs) - So, yo, Deon.
What do you think? (stammering) It was a'ight.
(mock whining) - (whining) - Karrueche: Don't be mad! - (laughs) - Don't hate! Deon: It's great.
She snapped.
It was nah, she did good.
- Give it up for her one more time.
- (cheers and applause) Alright, Karrueche, go on over to the VIP.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
I'ma tie my shoe.
- Yeah, tie your shoe.
Head on over to the VIP.
- Okay, okay! - Deon, you come on over here.
- (cheers and applause) - Good luck! - Yeah, yeah! It was (whining) So, how you gonna start if off tonight? Man, you know what? I'ma go back.
I'ma go a little vintage.
Maybe y'all know this, maybe y'all don't.
But you know, we gon we gon' turn it up, alright? - Is y'all good with that? - Okay.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Deon Cole! (cheers and applause) (I Ain't No Joke plays) I ain't no joke I used to let the mic smoke Now I slam it when I'm done and make sure it's broke When I'm gone, no one gets on 'cause I won't let Nobody press up and mess up the scene I set I like to stand in a crowd And watch the people wonder, "Damn" But think about it then you'll understand I'm just an addict addicted to music Maybe it's a habit, I gotta use it Even if it's jazz or the quiet storm I hook a beat up, convert it into hip-hop form Write a rhyme in graffiti in every show you see me in Deep concentration 'cause I'm no comedian Jokers are wild if you wanna be tame I treat you like a child then you're gonna be named Another enemy, not even a friend of me 'Cause you'll get fried in the end when you pretend to be Competing 'cause I just put your mind on pause And I can beat you when you compare my rhyme wit yours I wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned Remember me, the one you got your idea from? But soon you start to suffer, but you only get rougher When you start to stutter that's when you had enough of Biting it, I make you choke, you can't provoke You can't cope, you should have broke because I ain't no joke I hold the microphone like a grudge B'll hold the record so the needle don't budge I hold a conversation 'cause when I invent I nominated my DJ for president When I'm senile, people freestyle, going steadily So pucker up and whistle my melody But whatever you do, don't miss one There'll be another rough rhyme after this one Guide you out of triple state darkness When it get dark again then I'ma spark this Microphone 'cause the heat is on, you see smoke And I'm finished when the beat is gone, I'm no joke (cheers and applause) Chrissy: Oh! That's nasty.
(Chrissy groans) - LL: Oh! - New mic drop! New mic drop! (laughing) You fanning the mic off? - Fanning the mic off! The mic is too hot, baby! - The mic is too hot? Shout out to Erik B and Rakim.
- Yes, sir! - You know what I'm saying? (cheers and applause) - You know? Chrissy? - Chrissy: What? - What do you feel? - I can I be honest? - LL: Yeah! - I have no idea what that song was.
(laughter) - Yeah, that was - Chrissy: I never heard it! I'm sorry, - but the passion you had - That felt strategic there.
That felt tactical.
It's all about the passion! You're about to get a lot of e-mail.
I know! I know! So, Deon, what was the thinking behind performing Erik B and Rakim? Oh, because, man, they were no joke! They came they came for they came to get down and they got down and made history.
- And that's what I'm here to do tonight! - (cheers and applause) Deon: Yes, sir! LL: Karrueche what'd you think about Deon's performance? - (Deon laughs) - That was not easy! It was very fast and Deon was committed, - so I'm I'm gonna give you the props.
- Deon: Thank you very much! - Appreciate it.
- Karrueche: You killed it.
LL: Nice! You can head over to the VIP.
(cheers and applause) Aw, man, Karrueche brought the claws out, but Deon ain't taking no shorts.
This one's already epic.
Stay right there 'cause the battle is about to get hot.
- Ooh.
LSB, baby.
- It's LSB, baby.
(laughs) I ain't no joke, I used to let the mic smoke Now I slam it when I'm done and make sure it's broke It takes two to make a thing go right Lip Sync Battle is back! Deon Cole has mastered stand-up and acting.
And now he's out to secure an LSB championship for himself.
Can he make it a cold world for Karrueche? I guess it's time to find out.
I don't want to lose.
I want this belt.
I need this belt.
(laughing) I already carved a place out on my wall for it.
No, I didn't! She's my girl! Very talented.
My my homie.
- Thank you! I love you so much! - I know! Anytime we're around each other, definitely nothing but love, but Boo! There's a strain today.
(Karrueche speaking) It's like we don't know each other today, 'cause we are up against each other, and she has to go down.
Deon: Ladies love Cool J! - (laughing) - Man: They don't mess around.
This is great! Deon: It's just a great song.
Even if I lose, it's still gonna be a very unique performance that should go down in Lip Sync Battle history.
(cheering) (cheers and applause) (Torn playing) (LL laughing) I thought I saw a man brought to life He was warm, he came around like he was dignified (laughing) He showed me what it was to cry Well you couldn't be that man I adore - You don't seem to know - (LL laughing) Seem to care what your heart is for Well, I don't know him anymore There's nothin' where he used to lie The conversation has run dry That's what's going on Nothing's fine, I'm torn I'm all out of faith This is how I feel I'm cold and I am chained, lying naked on the floor Illusion never changed Into something real I'm wide awake and I can see The perfect sky is torn I'm all out of faith This is how I feel I'm cold and I'm ashamed Bound and broken on the floor You're a little late I'm already torn Torn Oh (object shatters) (glass shatters) (wood breaking) (table clatters) (glass shatters) (chair clatters) - (glass breaks) - (cheers and applause) (LL laughing) (laughter) (cheers and applause continues) - LL: I got you, baby.
- Chrissy: I felt that! I felt that! Your emo hands and your emo sweatshirt.
- (LL laughs) - Chrissy: I felt it all! The couch! - (cheers and applause) - (bleep) that couch.
LL: Karrueche was Deon a convincing Natalie Imbruglia or what? - What what you think? - Yes.
I'm convinced.
I am so convinced.
I'm still in shock.
When you started throwing stuff, I was like, "What is going on?" - But you definitely got some things off your chest.
- (laughing) I don't know what's going in your life, but amen.
- (laughing) - LL: Amen.
That was wicked! That was amazing.
So, Deon Deon, you can head over to the VIP.
- Thank y'all.
Peace, man.
- Wow.
Thanks, Chrissy.
LL: No doubt.
Chrissy: This battle is so, so good that now even I am torn.
I need a commercial break, please.
I got you, Chrissy.
When LSB returns, we'll find out how Karrueche plans to make sure the belt goes home with her.
Come on back.
It's Lip Sync Battle.
Nothing's fine, I'm torn I'm all out of faith This is how I feel It takes two to make a thing go right LSB returns and Karrueche Tran is primed and ready to take the stage.
Let's see how she worked her magic to bring to life an unforgettable performance.
I come right in? - Woman: Yeah.
- (voices overlapping) Let's go from the top! Karrueche: I've never performed before.
So, to to For me, this is really breaking out of my shell.
It's doing something I've never done before.
(screams) I chose this artist because I feel like I relate to her story.
And her rise to success, and her growth and her strength.
And she's bad-ass.
She's a bad-ass woman, and I'm a bad-ass woman too.
So I definitely connect with her, and I connect with the song.
Alright! Time to go to the big stage! Let's do this! Deon, I'm going to crush you! The point where this all really came together was me being on that stage rehearsing with the dancers, and everybody was watching.
It was just kind of like, "Oh man, this is really happening.
" Deon, I adore you.
I admire you.
You're great, but, um - (mock growling) - (both laughing) I'm gonna win.
(cheers and applause) (Bodak Yellow playing) (screams) Lord! Have mercy! Said little bitch, you can't with me If you wanted to These expensive, these is red bottoms These is bloody shoes Hit the store, I can get 'em both I don't wanna choose And I'm quick, cut a hustle Don't get comfortable Look, I don't dance now I make money moves Say I don't gotta dance I make money move Now she says she gon' do what to who? Let's find out and see, Cardi B You know where I'm at You know where I be I be in and out them banks so much I know they're tired of me Honestly, don't give a 'Bout who ain't fond of me Dropped two mixtapes in six months What bitch working as hard as me? Said little bitch, you can't with me If you wanted to These expensive, these is red bottoms These is bloody shoes Hit the store, I can get 'em both I don't wanna choose And I'm quick, cut a hustle Don't get comfortable Look, I don't dance now I make money moves Say I don't gotta dance I make money move If I see you and I don't speak That means I don't with you I'm a boss, you a worker bitch I make bloody moves (cheers and applause) (cheering gets louder) Chrissy: Oh, girl.
That song makes a good girl nasty.
(moans) Yes! (laughing) I don't even know what that means honestly.
But I feel like Hey, don't try to clean it up.
You know exactly what it means.
I'm like, "That's what I do.
" (laughter) Chrissy: Look at emo Natalie over there.
- LL: So so, Deon - (Karrueche squeals) Deon, what did you feel about Karrueche when she dropped that? - What were you feeling? - There is a god! (laughter) - Whoo-hoo-hoo! - There is a god.
- Deon: Oh, man! I ain't hear - (Karrueche laughs) I ain't hear one lyric of that song.
- (laughter) - It was serious.
(cheers and applause) Karrueche, you can go on over to the VIP.
Great job! Make some noise! - Great job! - (cheers and applause) LL: So, there was a whole lot of rap, rock, rare form going down tonight, and when we return, we find out who takes this home.
You know what I mean? Chrissy's gonna wrap this around somebody's waist.
But who's it gonna be huh? Find out next.
It's LSB.
Said little you can with me If you wanted to It takes two to make a thing go right - (cheers and applause) - Welcome back to Lip Sync Battle! It was a phenomenal night.
And that's because we had the phenomenal talent of Deon Cole and Karrueche Tran holding us down all night long! Boy, did they deliver.
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? - (cheers and applause) - (dramatic music plays) LL: Is the Lip Sync Battle champ Deon Cole? (cheers and applause) Or is the Lip Sync Battle champion Karrueche Tran? (loud cheers and applause) Ladies and gentlemen, and the winner of Lip Sync Battle tonight is - Karrueche Tran! - Oh my God! (cheers and applause) LL: Yeah, take a victory lap.
Take a victory lap.
(Chrissy laughing) So, Karrueche you're the Lip Sync Battle champion tonight.
What does this moment feel like? Great! Like I told y'all, I never performed before, so the fact that I won is like whoo! - (Karrueche screaming) - (cheers and applause) (Karrueche laughs) Now, now, you won the belt, that's true, but show Deon Cole some love.
Come on! Deon, you know I love you.
- It's all love.
- I love I love you too, girl.
- And you did a great job as well.
- Thank you, baby.
And you're still in character.
I love that.
(Karrueche laughing) - I'm staying in character! - He's still got the weird hand! - (laughter) - You definitely brought it.
You did your thing all night.
It was great.
Did you have as much fun as we did watching you? I had a blast.
I want to thank everybody.
Give it up for Lip Sync Battle.
- (cheers and applause) - Love, baby! Big thanks to Karrueche Tran and Deon Cole - Whoo! - for hanging with our Lip Sync crew tonight.
One love from me, LL Cool J, and my partner in crime, Chrissy Teigen.
And remember, whatever you do in life, "Knock 'em out the box, L.
Knock 'em out, L!" Said little you can with me If you wanted to These expensive, these is red bottoms These is bloody shoes At the store, I can get 'em both I don't want to choose And I'm quick, cut a hustle