Lip Sync Battle (2015) s04e16 Episode Script

Lil Rel Howery vs. Naya Rivera

1 - Hit it! - (funky music playing) It takes two to make a thing go right - It takes two to make it outta sight - Hit it I wanna rock right now I'm Rob Base and I came to get down I'm not internationally known But I'm known to rock a microphone Because I get stupid, I mean outrageous Stay away from me if you're contagious Ladies love me, girls adore me I mean even the ones who never saw me Like one, two, three, get loose now It takes two to make It takes two to make a thing - It takes two - (crowd cheering) Yes! It is going down tonight, Lip Sync Nation.
Tonight's about comedy and straight-up competition.
First, let me bring out the lips to my sync, your host, LL Cool J! (Headsprung by LL Cool J plays) They call me Big L'y Big silly Big money Big Billy When I'm sliding in them all, can ya hear me I be sexing wit these bars so ya feel me - Up in the club, we be - Hands in the air, hands in the air! Yo! Let me hear you say, "Yeah!" - Crowd: Yeah! - Say, "Hell, yeah!" - Crowd: Hell, yeah! - Now scream! (crowd screaming) She's highly rated.
Never to be duplicated.
She's Chrissy Teigen! (cheers and applause) Welcome to Lip Sync Battle.
- (cheers and applause) - (dramatic music plays) If you're ready for the contenders, here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
He's a stand-up comedian whose special RELevant is killing it on Netflix.
He starred in Insecure on HBO, and as everybody's favorite TSA agent on Get Out.
He's also in the upcoming movie Uncle Drew.
Give it up for Lil Rel Howery! (cheers and applause) She's an actress, singer, songwriter.
You loved her as Santana Lopez in Glee.
(cheers and applause) Make some noise for Naya Rivera! (cheers and applause) Chrissy: Yes! LL: Wow! The energy.
Lil Rel, Naya, welcome to Lip Sync Battle.
- We're glad you're here.
- Yes! - Alright, thank you so much.
- (cheers and applause) So, um, you ready to get this thing started? Yes.
You sounded too nice, not real.
Yeah, I'm ready.
- You ready? - I'm I'm Alright, I'll tell you what.
Lil Rel, you gonna set things off tonight.
Naya, you can have a seat in the VIP.
- Lil Rel, come on over.
- (cheers and applause) - First of all, welcome.
- Lil Rel: Thank you! So, um, what's your plan to kick off things tonight? I'ma do something that's sexy.
(cheers and whoops) But also woke at the same time.
It's sexy and what? - And woke.
- And woke! - Right.
- Oh! - It's sexy and woke, see, I like - So it's "soaked?" I wouldn't say "soaked," but (laughter) Lil Rel: I mean Yeah, I love it.
Ladies and gentlemen, here he is.
- Lil Rel Howery.
- (cheers and applause) (Redbone plays by Childish Gambino) Daylight I wake up feeling like you won't play right I used to know, but now that don't feel right It made me put away my pride If you want it Oh, you can have it You can have it If you need it You better believe in something We can make it, oh If you want it You can have it Oh (cheering) Now stay woke And stay woke They be creepin' They be creepin' They gonna find you They gonna find you Oh, can't you see that Can't you see that Oh, now stay woke They be creepin' Don't you close your eyes Now stay woke Ooh They be creepin' They gonna find you Find you They be creepin' Don't you close your eyes (cheers and applause) Sexy! Sexy was right! - (Lil Rel laughing) - I got my husband in the back.
I was feeling that one though.
- So Rel - (Lil Rel laughing) I mean, you paying homage to the movie.
I mean, how did life change for you after that movie came out? Um, I went from auditioning to offers.
- No, but - (laughter) It was just fun doing something.
Like it's one of those moments where you did a project that you really believed in.
That wasn't about the money or any of that.
Jordan Peele had a great vision.
One of the coolest directors in the game, and we made a hit movie off something we all just had fun doing.
- (cheers and applause) - That's dope.
That's really dope.
So Naya, what were you feeling? What were you thinking as he was gyrating and - Listen, he - You know, doing what he did.
It was a real panty-dropper, guys.
(laughter) - You like that? - I think it's "soaked.
" - You said "soak.
" - You like that? Yes! Sexy and woke, "soak.
" That was "soak.
" - Lil Rel, you can chill in the VIP, my man.
- Thank you! (cheers and applause) LL: Naya, come on over.
- Your turn to move the crowd.
- I'm so excited to be here.
This is awesome.
So so what song did you go for? I chose a song that is a real crowd-pleaser.
- (cheering) - That always works.
Yeah, hopefully it works.
Ladies and gentlemen, Naya Rivera! (cheers and applause) (I Don't Fck With You plays by Big Sean) Oh I don't with you I got a million trillion things I'd rather do Than to be with you Little stupid I don't give a , I don't give a I don't, I don't, I don't give a Look, I don't give a I don't give a about you or anything that you do I don't give a about you or anything that you do I heard you got a new man, I see you takin' a pic Then you post it up, thinkin' that it's makin' me sick Brr brr, I see you callin', I be makin' it quick I'mma answer that shh like "I don't with you" I got no feelings to go I swear I had it up to here, I got no ceilings to go I mean for real, how you feel your two cents if it ain't goin' towards the bill Yeah, and everyday I wake up celebratin', why? 'Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy I stuck to my guns That's what made me rich, that's what put me on That's what got me here and that's what made me this And everything that I do is my first name These chase bread, aw damn, she got a bird brain Ain't nothin' but trill in me, aw man, silly me I just bought a crib, three stories, that a trilogy And you know I'm rollin' that's up the ozone I got a that text me, she ain't got no clothes on And then another one text, then your next And I'm gonna text your back like I don't with you You little stupid , I ain't with you I got a million trillion things I'd rather do Than to be with you Little stupid I don't give a , I don't give a I don't give a about you or anything that you do I don't give a , I don't give a I don't, I don't, I don't give a I don't give a - (air horn blares) - (cheers and applause) - Yo! - Chrissy: Wow! - That was bold.
- Chrissy: Oh my God! That was bold! It's a crowd-pleaser! (cheers and applause) - Chrissy.
- Oh my God! I said earlier my husband was here, but I failed to say that my baby is here too.
But I (bleep) with you, that was awesome! - That was so good! - Thank you, thank you.
(laughs) Is this whole show bleeped? - I'm sorry.
- (laughter) - Lil Rel! - Yeah? What did you think of Naya going there? You took me by surprise on that one.
- I was like, "Oh!" - (laughter) Damn! Yo, that was crazy.
Alright! I'll give it to you.
- I got to give you a pound on that one.
- (cheers and applause) Alright Naya, you can have a seat in the VIP.
Chill out.
Hang out.
So with Lil Rel and Naya Rivera, this night plans to be hilarious, and next level.
I can't wait to see what they got cooked up for Round Two.
Whatever it is, you know it's gonna be tasty.
It's LSB.
- So stay woke! - Stay woke! I ain't with you You little stupid - Yeah! - Whoo! (cheers and applause) Lip Sync Battle returns, and Naya Rivera is about to do her thing on the LSB stage.
She's ready to take it to Lil Rel and let him know that when it comes to performing, she's no joke.
We got our outfits.
We're ready to do some damage, huh? We're taking this belt home for the kid.
(giggles) It was like Christmas Eve for me last night going to bed.
And now it's like Christmas morning and New Year's Eve all on the same day being here.
It's even more fun than I thought it was gonna be, and I knew it was gonna be a blast.
Woman: So, you're just rocking, right? Naya: To have to completely be stiff for a dance number, it's pretty difficult.
I'm used to having the use of my limbs and my joints.
Robot twerking is in the performance.
Oh, but that's the good part.
We can't give that away.
I hope I pull it off.
We'll see.
I'm a little bit nervous.
(man speaks) I just learned this! (laughs) Hey, if all else fails, it's "Running Man.
" The whole time.
(laughs) Is our friendship gonna be over when I, like, wipe the floor with him? Let's do this! (laughs) (cheers and applause) (Barbie Girl by Aqua plays) - Hiya, Barbie! - Hi, Ken! - You wanna go for a ride? - Sure, Ken! - Ken: Jump in! - (car revs) I'm a Barbie girl In a Barbie world - (Chrissy mouths words) - Life in plastic It's fantastic You can brush my hair Undress me everywhere Imagination Life is your creation Come on, Barbie, let's go party I'm a Barbie girl In a Barbie world Life in plastic It's fantastic You can brush my hair Undress me everywhere Imagination Life is your creation I'm a blonde, bimbo girl In a fantasy world Dress me up, make it tight I'm your dolly You can touch You can play If you say I'm always yours Ooh whoa I'm a Barbie girl In a Barbie world Life in plastic It's fantastic You can brush my hair Undress me everywhere Imagination Life is your creation Come on Barbie, let's go party Ah, ah, ah, yeah - (LL mouthing words) - Come on Barbie, let's go party Ooh whoa, ooh whoa Come on Barbie, let's go party Ah, ah, ah yeah Come on Barbie, let's go party Ooh whoa, ooh whoa Oh, I'm having so much fun! Well Barbie, we're just getting started.
Oh, I love you Ken! (cheers and applause) Yes, girl! LL: Damn.
- Chrissy: Yes! - Alright.
- I love a good spanking line.
- Naya: So fun! A line of spanking! (laughter) So explain to everybody why you chose that particular song.
Um, I thought it was fun, you know.
I couldn't believe that it hadn't been done here.
- (cheers and applause) - The chair lift was so awesome.
And who doesn't love Barbie? So, so Lil Rel after seeing that performance, do you think it's alright for guys to play with dolls? Nah, I guess I'm (stammering) I'm kinda supposed to hate cause we competin' but I thought it was amazing, like, you you're a really amazing performer.
- (cheers and applause) - (Lil Rel laughs) - Naya, you can have a seat in the VIP.
- Thank you.
Great job.
Hot chocolate, a fire place and a dancing Ken doll? I am in Barbie Heaven.
And next up, Lil Rel takes to the stage to give the people a little something to secure that championship belt.
- Come on back.
It's Lip Sync Battle.
- Baby.
I'm a Barbie girl In a Barbie world - Yeah! - Whoo! Lip Sync Battle returns and the hilarious Lil Rel Howery is on deck and ready to give the people what they want: an LSB performance full of wild moments.
Let's see what he dreamed up in order to shut Naya down.
(cheers and applause) Lil Rel: Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all, which is weird, but it could be because I'm a fan of the show, so it's gonna be fun.
Photographer: Love that.
That's good.
Bigger, bigger, bigger.
Nice, nice.
Nice! Naya: Oh, hi! - Stylish girl! - The gang's all here.
- Look, he is so fly, man.
- (Naya laughs) I want to win, but Naya's so talented, man.
I feel good.
I don't know why.
(stammering) I don't know why I'm so excited.
We're friends and we laugh a lot.
I just see us laughing at each other very hard throughout this whole show so get ready for us to be tearing up laughing at each other.
(chuckles) (man speaking) God damn.
Now, see now you done made it competitive now, Naya, look what you done did.
You're one of my favorite people, but today it is over with for you.
You're about to let a clown make a fool of you on national TV and I hope you're ready! (boom) (cheers and applause) (Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr plays) (cheering) Ghostbusters If there's something strange In your neighborhood Who you gonna call Ghostbusters If there's something weird And it don't look good Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters (cheering) I ain't afraid of no ghost If you're seeing things Runnin' through your head Who can you call Ghostbusters An invisible man Sleepin' in your bed Oh, who you gonna call Ghostbusters Let me tell you somethin' Bustin' makes me feel good I ain't afraid of no ghost Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters Oh, I think you better call Ghostbusters - (cheering) - Who you gonna call Ghostbusters (cheers and applause) LL: Ladies and gentlemen - Ray Parker, Jr! - (cheers and applause) The original singer of Ghostbusters.
Yo! That was amazing! The original Ghostbuster, Ray Parker Jr.
in the house! Thank you.
Is this what I look like? Yo! I-I mean, that performance was amazing, but I gotta ask you, Ray Ray what was it What were you thinking about when you wrote that song? Like what what was going on in your mind? You know, it's it's interesting, when they asked me to do it and I saw the film, I said, "That's not the kinda music I do.
I sing to girls.
" You know, all my records were about ladies, so.
So, I was a little nervous about it, you know.
I had the music first, and I was running out of ideas, and late at night I was sleepy, I'd been up for two days.
And if you've ever seen those drain commercials, - you know they're spraying for weeds? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It it reminded me of a shot in Ghostbusters where they had the backpacks and they pulled it out, and they had the phone number below, and I went, "That's it!" - "Who you gonna call?" - I can't I can't sing Ghostbusters.
- "Ghostbusters!" - That's who you gonna call.
Let the crowd sing "Ghostbusters.
" So I just did the "Who you gonna call?" and that was it.
- Lil Rel - Yeah? You didn't know that the original Ghostbuster, Ray Parker Jr.
was gonna walk out.
You saw how shocked I was? I'm a I'm a huge fan.
I don't know what pastor you look like, - but you - I know! Yo, but it just hit me.
- I don't know.
I just - Chrissy: Neil deGrasse Tyson! - It's like God said something! - Let the church say "Amen!" (crowd screams "Amen") So, Rel, like, what were you thinking? When you see him, he comes out, you're doing the song.
That was surreal, man.
(stammering) Like, I'm serious.
I'm not, like, playing! Nobody's ever did this song on Lip Sync Battle.
- Ever! - This is my karaoke go-to song.
- When I go to karaoke.
- (laughter) And like I said, I'm a huge fan, so wow, good to meet you.
- (laughter) - Good to meet you.
Thank you.
- (cheers and applause) - So so Naya.
You feeling Lil Rel's jheri curl over here? I mean, that was Hats off! My cheeks hurt from smiling.
Like that was amazing.
Plus, you have the best special guest! - (cheers and applause) - That was amazing! - Yeah! - Thank you, thank you.
LL: Alright well, Rel, you can chill over in the VIP.
Ray, you can also go over in the VIP and chill out.
- Hang out a little bit.
- (cheers and applause) Man, I tell you, we laughed, we rocked out, and a good time was had by all.
But coming up, we get down to it.
We find out who's taking home this beautiful, blinged-out belt.
You know what I mean? It's so beautiful I almost don't want to let it go.
But I will because it is heavy! Grab a snack and come on back.
- It's Lip Sync Battle, baby.
- Lip Sync Battle! If there's something strange In your neighborhood Who you gonna call Ghostbusters - Yeah! - Whoo! (cheers and applause) Welcome back to Lip Sync Battle! Tonight is one we'll never forget.
As Naya and Lil Rel kept the jokes flowing, the beats going.
Incredible all night long.
- So Chrissy - (dramatic music plays) - Yes.
- LL: It's time to see who wins the belt! - Let's do it.
- Let's do this! Is the Lip Sync Battle champ Naya Rivera? (wild cheers and applause) Or is the Lip Sync Battle champion - Lil Rel Howery? - (cheers and applause) Ladies and gentlemen the Lip Sync Battle champion is Naya Rivera.
(cheers and applause) - Uh, Naya? - Yes.
- I mean, you did an amazing job.
- Thank you.
You know what I'm saying, you're the Lip Sync Battle champion.
How's it feel right now having that belt around your waist? This feels really good, guys.
- Thank you! - (cheers and applause) So Lil Rel, you did your thing! What was it like performing on LSB? Um, this was amazing.
I'm like a, I'm a huge fan of the show for real, man, so, like, this is this is I got to be Ray Parker Jr.
and then meet him.
(cheers and applause) Big thanks to Lil Rel and Naya for being a major addition on our Lip Sync crew.
Big shout-out to Lip Sync nation.
Thanks for rocking with us all over the world.
One love from me, LL Cool J, and Chrissy.
And remember, whatever you do in life, "Knock 'em out the box, L! Knock 'em out, L!" I'm a Barbie girl In a Barbie world Life in plastic It's fantastic You can brush my hair