Lip Sync Battle (2015) s05e07 Episode Script

Marcus Scribner vs. Brandon Micheal Hall

1 - Hit it! - Yeah, yeah! It takes two to make a thing go right Yeah, yeah! - It takes two to make it outta sight - Hit it I wanna rock right now I'm Rob Base and I came to get down I'm not internationally known But I'm known to rock a microphone Because I get stupid I mean outrageous Stay away from me If you're contagious Ladies love me, girls adore me I mean even the ones who never saw me Like one, two, three, get loose now - It takes two to make - (CROWD CHEERING) It takes it takes two It takes two to make a thing Yes! Make some noise, Lip Sync fam! Tonight's battle's bringing you the young and the funny.
And to bring the fire on the mike, it's your host, LL Cool J! - (LAUGHS) - (HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS) They call me Big L'y - Big silly - What? - Big money - Hands up! - When I'm sliding in them all, can ya hear me? - Hands up! Hands up! - Hands up! Say, "Yeah!" - CROWD: Yeah! - Say, "Hell yeah!" - CROWD: Hell yeah! - Now scream! - (CROWD SCREAMS) She's inspirational! She's educational! She is Chrissy Teigen! (CHEERING) Welcome to Lip Sync Battle, and you already know what it is big stars, major hits, and performances that will absolutely blow your mind.
- (CHEERING) - Let's get it.
He stars as Andre Johnson, Jr.
, on the hit ABC sitcom Black-ish! Give it up for Marcus Scribner! - (CHEERING) - Whoo! Whoo! LL: Yo, Marcus! (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) - Yeah! And he starred as Julian - Let's go! in TBS's Search Party! He's the star of CBS's God Friended Me.
Make some noise for Brandon Micheal Hall! (CHEERING) Wow! Thanks for being here, fellas.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you for having us.
Now I know why it was so loud in here.
- We've got a lot of ladies.
(LAUGHS) - (WOMEN CHEER) All right, so you know what? Marcus, you're gonna go first.
Brandon, you can head over to the VIP.
So, what's your first song gonna be? What you gonna do for us? Okay, don't wanna don't wanna spill any names right now, but it's just gonna be gangsterous.
We gonna keep it straight up OG.
You know what I'm saying, y'all? OG.
What's up? OG, I love it! Ladies and gentlemen, and now, Marcus Scribner! Whoo! (CHEERING) ("COME & GET IT" PLAYING) When you're ready, come and get it Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na When you're ready, come and get it Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na You ain't gotta worry, it's an open invitation I'll be sittin' right here, real patient I'm not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets I love you much too much to hide you This love ain't finished yet - Hey! - Again So, baby, whenever you're ready When you're ready, come and get it Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na When you're ready, come and get it Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na When you're ready-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay When you're ready-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay When you're ready, come and get it Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na (CROWD CHEERING) - That was awesome.
- LL: Chrissy? That was like a Zumba class.
- You did a snake, you did push-ups in the middle.
- Oh, a Zumba.
I had to mix it up a little bit.
Nah, definitely.
I mean, what was the thinking behind choosing that song, Selena Gomez, her hit? I just think it's and awesome song.
It's a really hype one, and you know, I just wanted to get the ladies involved.
- CHRISSY: Very gangsta.
- You know what I'm saying? - (CHEERING) - Yeah, they were definitely involved.
Yeah, you know, single and ready to mingle, - so you know what I'm saying.
- (LAUGHS) - Yo, what you think of his performance? - It was a'ight.
It was a'ight.
It was cool.
It was cool.
You did your thing.
I saw you, your push-ups, and it was nice.
You know, I had to show 'em what it's about.
You know what I'm saying? Getting the reps.
- Army suit.
Dang, homey.
- MARCUS: Yes.
- Marcus, you can head on over to the VIP.
- All right.
- Soldier! - (CHEERING) LL: Brandon, it's on you.
Come on over.
- (CHEERING) - Whoo! So, first of all, welcome, again.
Absolute honor to be here with you.
- Thank you, thank you.
- MAN: Take the belt home, Brandon! - Hey! - Yo, yo! Oh yeah, you've got your castmates in the building.
Yes, Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears, what's happening? - LL: What's up? What's up? - BRANDON: Yeah.
- What's up? - How you guys feeling? - Feeling good, feeling good.
- We ready for this.
- LL: You ready? - Brandon it's like no disrespect to Marcus, - 'cause that's our homeboy too.
- That's our homey.
- Look, if you don't win, don't come back.
- You can't come back.
- (LAUGHTER) - Yeah.
So, Brandon, what's your first song gonna be? I don't wanna give too much away as well, but this one right here is also for the ladies as well.
- It's a throwback.
- LL: You know what? I heard somebody a little birdy told me you wanted a mike stand too.
So, ladies and gentlemen, - Brandon Micheal Hall.
- (CHEERING) ("IF IT ISN'T LOVE" PLAYS) "I don't love her," I tried to tell myself But you can see it in my eyes So don't deny I can't fool no one else The truth is in the tears I cry 'Cause if it isn't love, why do I feel this way? Why does she stay on my mind? And if it isn't love Why does it hurt so bad Make me feel so sad inside? If it isn't love - Maybe she'll take me back - Hey, girl, he's begging I made a big mistake Won't you forgive him, girl? - Now I can feel it - He's never felt before I really love her - Love her? - What? - If it isn't love, why do I feel this way? - Why does it hurt so bad? - Why does she stay on my mind? - On my mind all the time If it isn't love (CHEERING) LL: Oh, I'll tell you.
- Well done.
Oh man.
- CHRISSY: They are proud up there.
- Look at them.
- LL: Wow.
You did not just learn that choreo.
- Oh yeah.
- CHRISSY: There's no way.
That was the first song that introduced me to R&B, so I've been like since I was, like, five, - I've been ripping this one.
- CHRISSY: That's a good one.
That's a great song from a great, great group.
- Yes, sir.
- So look, your castmates are here from The Mayor, - you know what I mean? - Yes.
So let's find out what Marcel and Bernard thought about that.
- What you guys think? - I think I think he won.
He can just go home.
I mean, it's over.
Yeah, I like it, I like it, I like it.
- All right, so, Marcus.
- Uh-huh.
If it isn't love, what is the emotion that you're feeling right now - after that performance? - The emotion I'm feeling? I mean, it was a pretty good performance, I'm not gonna lie.
I felt some type of way.
I'm not gonna I'm not I'm not gonna say I didn't, okay? There's always another performance.
I'm ready I'm ready, - just just pop off, okay, y'all? - LL: I love it.
- Yeah! - Come on.
Brandon, you're free to hit the VIP, baby.
Great job.
So the funny just got started, and it did not stop.
Brandon and Marcus are locked in, and it's going down tonight.
If it isn't Lip Sync, I don't know what it is.
This night's only gonna get better.
It's Lip Sync Battle, baby! If it isn't love - Why do I feel - Why? Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make a thing LSB returns, and Marcus Scribner is ready to bring the belt back to the set of Black-ish.
Does this funny guy have the goods to be champion-ish? Let's check him out.
- (BOTH BABBLE) - There you go.
Super excited to be here on Lip Sync Battle.
I've watched so many episodes.
Imagine looking at a show for a long time and then getting to be on it.
It's crazy.
Right, left, right, left.
Never been choreographed before, never sung, so it's a totally new experience for me.
It is a little bit difficult, but it's gonna be awesome.
- We going.
We getting it.
- It's getting there.
It's getting there.
- (ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) - Boom, boom, boom.
- (MAN SPEAKS) - I'm having a ton of fun.
Got some sick choreography for my sick song that's about to be super sick.
- Sick.
Yeah! - The most important part is this part.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Just because they're happy in what you do.
People are a little bit surprised that I am doing Lip Sync Battle, 'cause I'm not much of a singer, but I tell them that's the beauty in Lip Sync Battle.
It's been a wild ride.
I'm just glad I made it here finally.
Brandon, I'm coming for you, my dude.
I'm ready to go.
Got the moves in.
It's all up top, right here.
May the best man win, okay? No hard feelings afterwards.
It's gonna be great.
(CHEERING) MAN: I know you didn't get your hair done so you could just sit down and just sit still.
MAN 2: Hey, we tryna have a good time tonight, - let's go over here.
- MAN: Let's go over here! - It's my birthday - No, it's not - But I still look good though - Hot comb hot Oh! I bet you want an autograph For you and your friends Gotta do it in the penthouse That's where I keep my pen What, you can't dance? Ain't got rhythm? What, you got a man? I don't see you with him Put your phone down, let's get it Forget your Instagram and your Twitter Got me like whoa! Loosen them shoulders up Pour it up, let's work Throw some perm on your attitude Girl, you gotta relax Ooh! (GRUNTS) Let me show you what you got to do You gotta lay it back Matter of fact, band, show her how to lay it back! (GRUNTS) Show her how to lay it back All right! - Hey, now you got it, baby - Hey! Hey! You tryna have some fun tonight? You just gotta follow These simple instructions, you ready? - You need to activate your sexy - Activate your sexy Silky, smooth and snap (SNAPS FINGERS) Silky, smooth and snap (SNAPS FINGERS) - Now lean with it - Lean - Throw a lil' sheen in it - Sheen Then pat, pat, pat 'til it's flat I'll sing it again, throw some perm on your attitude - LL: Hey! - You gotta lay it back Matter of fact, band, show her how to lay it back! (GRUNTS) Show her how to lay it back! Right now All right! (CHEERING) Yes, honey.
- Yo.
- Thank you.
- Yo.
- I I love me a prop, but you gave me a nail salon, I got to do my nails now.
This was dope.
You killed that.
- MARCUS: Yeah.
- That was fantastic.
LL: Yo.
Marcus, So you a fry, dyed and lay it to the side.
- Look at that.
- How'd it feel to get your Bruno Mars on out there? It felt fantastic.
This was probably one of my favorite albums of the year, if not in the world.
I mean, come on! Every song is straight up fire, you know what I'm saying? - It's a great, great album.
- Yeah.
I picked "Perm" - 'cause I just wanted a wig.
- Shout out to Bruno Mars! - Thanks to Bruno, man! - Make some noise for Bruno Mars! Making hit records out here.
Yo, Brandon, I mean, is he the godfather of LSB soul? He got that.
You got that, Marcus.
That was all you, bro.
You did that.
You brought that.
- Thank you.
- I mean, that was serious.
All right, Marcus, you and your perm can have a seat in the VIP.
Way to do your thing, playa.
- No question about it.
- (CHRISSY LAUGHS) Marcus definitely activated the battle.
I actually can't chat too long.
My my salon is very busy, very busy.
And when we come back, we'll find out what Brandon is gonna do to stake his claim to the belt.
I can't wait to find out.
This is LSB, y'all.
Put some perm on your attitude Then you gotta relax - Yeah! - It takes two to make a thing Lip Sync Battle returns, and Brandon Micheal Hall is ready to put this thing to bed with a once-in-a-lifetime kind of performance.
Can he carry enough folks to win this election? Let's catch the mayor in action.
- (CHEERING) - Boom.
Boom, boom.
- Yay! - (CHANTING) - Hey! - (LAUGHTER) Oh my God, this is like Lip Sync.
This is I mean, I'm really excited.
I'm really excited.
(CHEERING) See this? You see this stage? These are dreams.
Dreams come true.
This is crazy town.
The stage is beautiful.
It's like you're back into the round in Shakespeare time, and there'd be people up top, people in the bottom.
It's a dream, man.
It's like performing in an award show.
It's major, Marcus.
I'm coming for you.
You understand? I'm coming for you with cereal, spoons and milk.
Eat you for breakfast.
- (MAN SPEAKS) - Nervous for what? I'm going up against Marcus.
It's gonna be easy.
It's gonna be a breeze.
His story is gonna be my history.
I told him before I was gonna eat him for breakfast.
I got cereal.
I got milk.
I got a bowl.
I'm coming for you, Marcus.
I'm eating you for breakfast.
- (CHOMPS) - Gimme, gimme, gimme.
(CHEERING) I got, I got, I got, I got loyalty Got royalty inside my DNA quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA I got hustle though, ambition, flow, inside my DNA I was born like this, since one like this Immaculate conception I transform like this, perform like this Was Yeshua's new weapon I don't contemplate, I meditate, then off your off your head This that put-the-kids-to-bed This that I got, I got, I got, I got Realness, I just kill 'cause it's in my DNA I got millions, I got riches buildin' in my DNA I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA I got off, I got troublesome, heart inside my DNA I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA I live a better, your life - MAN: Five, four, three - This is my heritage, all I'm inheritin' - two, one.
- Money and power, the makin' of marriages Tell me somethin', you motha can't tell me nothin' I'd rather die than to listen to you My DNA not for imitation Your DNA an abomination This how it is when you're in the Matrix Dodgin' bullets, reapin' what you sow And stackin' up the footage, livin' on the go And sleepin' in a villa, sippin' from a Grammy and walkin' in the buildin' Diamond in the ceilin', marble on the floors Beach inside the window, peekin' out the window Baby in the pool, godfather goals Only Lord knows, I've been goin' hammer Dodgin' paparazzi, freakin' through the cameras Eat at Four Daughters, Brock wearin' sandals Yoga on a Monday, stretchin' to Nirvana Watchin' all the snakes, curvin' all the fakes Phone never on, I don't conversate I don't compromise, I just penetrate Sex, money, murder these are the breaks These are the times, level number 9 Look up in the sky, 10 is on the way Sentence on the way, killings on the way I-I I got winners on the way (CHEERING) Whoo! Holy ! Yeah.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
Degree of difficulty: 1,000.
That was the hardest song, I think, ever performed on Lip Sync Battle.
- Yeah.
- And you got every word.
- Every word! - LL: So so, Brandon, how does it feel being up here in front of these amazing fans, you know what I'm saying, representing K-Dot, doing that? - How does that feel? - (MIMICS K-DOT) Oh, man, it feels amazing, man.
You know, like kindred of mine, man, you know what I'm saying? - CHRISSY: Oh my God! - K-Dot, baby.
- (LAUGHS) - K-Dot, baby, you know what I'm saying? (NORMAL VOICE) It feels great.
I mean, Kendrick Lamar is lyrically the teacher of my life, - so it feels an honor to be able to - Absolutely.
I mean, Bernard, Marcel, I mean, did he hold it down? Turn up! Turn up, Brandon! - Whoo! - Look, after what Marcus did, I knew that Brandon was gonna have to come hard, - and you did not disappoint.
- He has to come hard.
- I think he's like - BOTH: The mayor of Lip Sync Battle.
- (CHEERING) - He's like the mayor.
He's definitely - I love it! - I think so.
I love it! So, Marcus, now that you've seen what Brandon is capable of, - I mean, is he a worthy opponent? - He was a worthy opponent.
I will admit.
I'll get All right, I'm gonna hit a bow real quick.
Hit a bow.
I couldn't even keep up with the lip movement.
The choreography on the lips was insane enough, but it was it was it was it was pretty intense.
That's pretty intense.
Brandon, you go up to the VIP, baby.
So yo, these two young stars stood under the LSB bright lights and showed out.
When we return, it's time to find out which one showed out the most as we get down to it, giving out this amazing, blinged-out belt right here.
It's so beautiful and shiny and the weight of a medium-size toddler with a giant head.
Trust me, I know this.
We'll see you in a minute.
- It's Lip Sync, baby.
- Lip Sync Battle! I got, I got, I got, I got loyalty Got royalty inside my DNA Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make a thing go right Yeah! Whoo! Welcome back to Lip Sync Battle! Brandon Micheal Hall and Marcus Scribner had an epic battle that gave us a show that will go down in the annals of LSB history! However, only one can be the champ of LSB.
- Chrissy, let's do this.
- Ready.
Let's do it.
- Is the champ Brandon Micheal Hall? - (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) (CHEERING) Or is the champ Marcus Scribner? (CROWD CHEERING) And the winner of Lip Sync Battle tonight is Brandon Micheal Hall! (CHEERING) Great job, man.
- Whoo! - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Brandon, so you're the new Lip Sync Battle champ, man.
What's it feel like to have that belt around your waist? Oh, man, it feels great, man.
It feels really good! It heavy though, but it feels really, really good.
Thank y'all.
Thank you, LL.
- This is amazing.
It's an honor.
- Absolutely.
Now, yo, you were great tonight, Marcus.
You were great.
How would you describe your LSB experience? It was insane.
So much fun.
The crowd is super hyped.
I mean, come on.
- (CHEERING) - MARCUS: That was insane.
And then, I mean, we got a we got a surprise performance from Kendrick Lamar himself.
I mean, what? I was like, "Kendrick's here? What the heck?" and I was like, "Dang.
" That was that was impressive.
- It was a great experience.
- All right, all right, all right.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, big thanks to Marcus Scribner, Brandon Micheal Hall for being a huge addition to our Lip Sync crew, and a big shout out to Lip Sync Nation all over the world.
One love from me, LL Cool J, and Chrissy Teigen.
And remember, whatever you do in life, "Knock 'em outta the box, L! Knock 'em out, L!" I got, I got, I got, I got loyalty Got royalty inside my DNA quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA LL: Hey! Hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up! (CROWD CHEERING) LL: What a night, what a night, what a night! Make some noise one more time! I meditate, then off your off your head