Little Birds (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Are you experiencing
feelings of alienation,
dislocation or unfocused
animosity today?
You seem angry.
Why would I be?
It's a common response
to leaving us.
I'm very lucky.
I know that.
I'm lucky to have
been here,
and to have
had your help.
We've come
a long way together,
haven't we, Lucy?
Dr Maxwell.
What if I
told you that
all the progress
we have made
can be maintained?
I would really
like that.
Because I
Your father and I
have spoken
about the answer
to what ails you.
What is
the answer?
A mood-levelling
tranquillity elixir.
It will be your shield
as you walk through
the valley of life.
Home or abroad,
wherever you go,
my patent pending medicine
will free you from
troublesome behaviours
and distracting wants.
Thank you.
Four times a day
on an empty stomach.
One year's supply.
The life you should be
leading can finally begin.
As Lucy.
Once you have found her
Never let her go
Once you have
found her
Never let her go ♪
have a great trip.
Little birds ♪
So you have your girdles.
You have your scarves.
Do you need anything
for afternoon tea?
There will be
a British Ambassador
there in Tangier,
So you should have
one or two questions ready
in case it's left to you
to make conversation.
Something that shows that
you understand the pressures
he must be under,
but isn't in the least bit
That's what your father
liked about me when
we first met.
He said I knew how to converse
in an appropriate manner.
I thought it
was so sweet.
and so I took the wives
out to the pool
and I just
distracted them
with the most
darling syllabub.
Oh, just the most
useful dessert.
Before you leave,
you must write it down.
Because the thing
about syllabub
is that it can be
as indulgent or otherwise
as might be required
by your guests.
Hello, Estelle.
To my daughter's
exotic taste.
I'd hardly call
an Englishman
exotic, Grant.
I'm talking about
the pineapple.
It's from Hawaii.
-I like pineapple.
I know you do.
What's not to like?
I like it too.
You're a chip
off the old block.
She's a chip
off the old block.
Yes, she is.
A toast.
To my little girl.
Going out in
the world over there.
All on her own.
I won't be all on my own.
I'm gonna be a wife.
To the most
amazing man.
What's his name again?
Hugo Cavendish-Smythe.
Lord Cavendish-Smythe.
If we need it,
you know, I got the number
of a guy in Paris.
You can get to Paris
in a couple hours.
he is a European.
He's a friend
of Dr Maxwell's.
That's too much.
You know, I think we'll travel
the world together,
and then we'll start
our own family.
We'll surround ourselves
with beautiful things
and beautiful people.
And we'll dance.
Lots of dancing.
He's a wonderful
dancer, isn't he?
You dance good
together, honey.
Yes, we do.
Give that to Lucy.
Be dead before you're back.
You may as well have it now.
-Hardly dinner talk, Mother.
I'm not your mother.
Wow, it's beautiful!
Always had
your eye on it, eh?
That's not the case.
Spared you pulling it
off my dead hand.
Does it fit, hon?
What do you say?
Thank you, Grandma.
I love you very much.
You'd love anybody
who gave you that.
I made you something
for the trip too.
Tangier is very far
from home.
Way too far for
my spastic colon.
But you know
the great thing, Lucy?
Your daddy is always
looking out for you.
Open it.
Every American girl
needs one of those.
The Tomahawk Colt.
Mother-of-pearl inlay,
filigree handle,
light trigger for
a lady's touch.
Just in case trouble
comes a-calling.
Isn't that right, Mama?
Sharp little shooter.
Both girl and gun.
Never misses.
Born to it.
It's really lovely.
It's a whole new line.
Named after you, Gypsy.
Thank you, Daddy.
I'm sure
it will sell, dear.
Of course,
it will sell.
I didn't build a company
like Tomahawk
inventing weapons
that don't sell.
Mama, what are
you doing up?
I took my
Nervactil late.
It's such a waste.
What is?
You'll ruin
your figure.
I'm sorry I ruined
your figure, Mom.
Prim and proper.
-The girl who's
-The girl who's
-never been kissed.
-never been kissed.
-Well, I'm tired of being pure
-Well, I'm tired of being pure
-and not chased.
-and not chased.
Like something
that seeks its level
I wanna go to the devil
I wanna be evil
I wanna spit tacks
I wanna be evil
And cheat at jacks
I wanna be wicked
I wanna tell lies
I wanna be mean
and throw mud pies ♪
Whoa, there.
Settle down, girl.
Gypsy Colt.
Hi, Daddy.
dark brown taste ♪
No other animal
quite like him.
Very smart.
Remember how
he opens the door
in the barn to get away
from the race track guys?
Mmm-hmm. He outsmarts
the motorcycle gang.
Jumps over the ravine.
They can't follow him.
Your mother
thinks that
It's not
a real horse.
She thinks
it's a trick horse.
Of course,
it's a real horse.
Of course.
I mean,
it's loyal.
Knows where it belongs.
Finds its way home.
Get ready now,
- Don't dawdle,
come on.
- No, I'm not.
Now, darling, don't forget
to do your facial exercises.
Especially the neck.
Christ, Vanessa,
not in public.
I promise,
twice a day.
Twice a day,
twice as pretty.
Twice as pretty.
Hugo is
going to meet you.
It's all been arranged.
-Oh, you spoke to him?
Church is booked.
Yes. From the boat
to the church.
So there won't be
any trouble.
No. Of course,
there won't.
Hugo's gonna
take care of you.
I've seen to that.
take your pill.
I just can't believe
it's you! Hello!
-Please, could we have
your autograph?
-Of course!
It isn't,
is it?
It is.
Lili Von X.
That a dreadful woman.
Did you hear what she said
about Barbara Stanwyck?
-Ugh! It's disgusting.
Young lady,
go nowhere near that.
She's practically
a communist.
Miss Savage,
your itinerary.
The Captain is inviting
all first-class passengers
to his table
for dinner
this evening.
She's gonna be there.
Kiss your mother.
Bye, Mama.
I'll call you
when I get there.
Forgive me,
for keeping you
waiting so long.
- Omar!
- Yes!
Would you bring some drinks
for our guests, please?
Of course.
You're going to have
such a great time.
French piggy!
Dirty piggy!
Can't you talk?
Can't you talk?
I should spit-roast you
and serve your nasty flesh
to all the other French pigs!
Ahhh! Cherifa!
-I need it!
Shut up!
-I need it!
-Shut up!
Shut up!
Good boy!
Good boy!
And the garden
goes here
with a path up
like this.
And you can have
a stable there.
Where are our rooms?
All these rooms
belong to us.
And I'll build
a wall around us
to protect you
from the monsters.
What if I'm
the monster?
Sometimes I wonder.
What'd you
do that for?
You know you're
too sweet for me.
And the autumn weather
turns the leaves to flame
And I haven't got time
for the waiting game ♪
I think Miss Von X
has had
enough entertainment
for night, huh?
Uh, no, darling,
it is absolutely fabulous.
There was
one thing missing.
Come sit.
No, on
On Mommy's lap,
Now this will make
all the difference. Pout.
Mmm. Ma-ma-ma.
All right.
Big finish.
These golden days
I'll spend with you ♪
How long will you be
stopping off in Europe?
I'm not, darling.
Straight on to Afrique.
Oh, I can't wait
to go to Europe.
Especially Paris!
Does anybody have
any recommendations?
There's a lovely little place
called Cafe Leopold
off the Place de La Concorde.
I don't recall the food,
but they had
very cheap schnapps.
Have any of you
ever watched
a hanging?
After long nights
of drinking in Montparnasse,
come the morning,
Cafe Leopold
was the place to go
to watch the executions.
I remember
one in particular. Ugh.
A Russian assassin.
I believe a few
of those about these days.
Cafe Leopold.
You never went there
without a date.
You see, there was
a legend amongst that
small group of us
that if you could
achieve orgasm
at the exact moment
of the death,
then you would attain
the ultimate climax.
I remember
one morning,
we all went down
to the front line
about 10 feet away
from the scaffold.
And I stood there,
pressed up against the rope.
I wore a skirt with buttons
all the way down the back.
People were pushing me
from all sides.
My beau Thibault
pressed behind me.
The prisoner was brought
and his eyes blindfolded.
Two police led him up.
The pain of watching
that man die was so great,
it made the touch of Thibault's
hard flesh up inside of me
a relief.
I was holding on to life
while death was passing.
The crowd kept
crushing him against me.
Again and again!
My fear turned
to pleasure.
It was indeed
the ultimate climax.
But any way,
go to Cafe Leopold!
If only to drink
the schnapps.
Miss Von X?
Lili, please.
Lili. Thank you.
Is that
a true story?
You'd just have to
find out for yourself,
wouldn't you, pigeon?
This bit.
If I could only
have a piece of you,
it would be this.
Let's not go back.
Let's stay here.
I've got to
get back by Friday.
The Venus
is coming in.
a shipment?
Of a sort.
My fiancee.
When were you
going to tell me?
I'm telling you now.
Who is she?
Her name
is Lucy Savage.
Is she rich?
She's from
a good family.
I am from
a royal family!
Well, she's a well-bred
Okay, first,
is there such a thing?
Second. You talk about her
like you've just bought
a pedigree pup.
How do you describe
me to people?
I don't.
You don't.
Do you
love her?
It doesn't have
to change anything.
It changes
What do you plan
to do with her?
What do you mean?
There's something
you could say.
If you can
think of it.
Let's go for
dinner tonight.
That's not it.
Angry protests
around the city yesterday
have contributed to
nation-wide unrest
as pressure mounts
on the French administration
to allow the king's return
to the throne of Morocco.
The king
is coming.
The king is coming!
Take that shit away.
Nationalist shit!
Your king
Your king
isn't coming.
You're vermin! Scum!
Let me go!
Let me go
you son of a
What has he
done to the boy?
This is
for you.
It's French?
It stinks.
Wasn't there anything
better to steal?
You're ungrateful.
I'm tired.
You know that spot
outside where the kids
are always begging?
Like we used to?
There was
this boy.
A Frenchman came through
and attacked him.
He called him vermin.
He was hanging
a poster of the king.
This will change.
When the king comes back,
this will all change.
will change.
What has the king ever done
for people like us?
Don't talk
like that.
It's disrespectful.
He cannot
hear me.
I hear you.
That kid's dead.
He was like us.
There's no one like you.
Welcome to Tangier.
Please carry your papers
or letters to France
at all times.
Hugo, darling.
How are you?
Are you waiting
on anyone special?
Uh, my fiancee.
Ah, your fiancee?
Oh, thank you.
I'm sure you can't wait
to introduce her to all
your special friends
here in Tangier.
Well, how's business?
Well, people
still need love
and they have to get it
from somewhere.
Question of the rates
is all.
You know, I can pay
a higher rate
for little more.
Hugo, please.
You can't afford the rate
you already got, huh?
Ah, here she is.
There he is.
- Ah, Lili, darling!
- Hi!
Look at you.
You look amazing!
How was your journey?
It was just lovely.
My goodness,
I'm so glad to see you.
Oh, my God,
it isn't.
This must be
the lucky man.
- Delighted!
- Lili Von X.
Of course.
I mean, I know,
of course.
Welcome to Tangier.
Thank you, dear.
Happy to be back.
You've been here
Of course, she has been
here before.
And she is
The fiancee.
Yes, Lucy.
Charming, charming.
I am simply dying
to take the pulse
of the Kasbah.
- It's still alive, darling.
- It's still alive.
The beating heart
of Tangier.
Oh, Lucy!
You are going to have
such a time.
Can we go
to the Kasbah?
Of course.
Now you take care
of the pigeon
here for me, won't you?
Call us sometime.
Hugo knows
where to find us, huh?
Did you get very close
on the boat?
You seem to be
quite good friends.
I wouldn't say
friends exactly, but
I'm here.
Yep. You are.
Gosh, you look
so handsome.
Let's get settled.
Yes, let's.
-I'll hold that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Just here.
-On the right.
Thank you.
-You deserve
-Just up here.
-Sixteen lackeys
Waitin' on you
night and day
-And so this is
the living room.
-And 32 hands
Wavin' fans
-I got you
a welcome present.
-Just to brush the flies
Americans love
-It's very sweet,
thank you, Hugo.
-Persian maidens
-Wow, this is beautiful!
Just to stand
and peel your grapes
Do you wanna
show me the bedroom?
Of course,
you must be exhausted.
Oh, no, I'm not tired.
I I'm
Lovely to see you.
Me, too.
I'm sorry.
There's plenty of time
for that.
Oh, we must wait
until we're wed!
But I can't wait.
I must have you!
I must ravish you!
-No, no, no.
-Yes, yes, yes.
Would you like
a drink?
Love you
to the nth degree
And what you deserve
Just can't compare
With the love you're gonna
get from me
You deserve
we're out of tonic.
Oh, you don't need tonic.
It's okay, you
I'll be back.
-Hugo, I'm
-Yeah, I'll be back.
I don't like
-Like tonic.
-Just to make you smile
If I had the riches
of Sumatra
I will give you all I own
You deserve
a queen like Cleopatra
To come along
and share your throne
But you can bet
I will love you
Love you
to the nth degree
And what you deserve
Just can't compare
To the love you're gonna
get from me
Gonna get from me
Mmm, baby
Gonna get from me ♪
You all right?
I'm getting
married tomorrow.
Well, that's terrible.
Didn't take you
for the marrying kind.
American girl,
That's useful.
Thank you.
Americans are the only ones
that the Arabs trust nowadays.
Very useful, yes.
What's her name?
Just Lucy?
By nature?
By name.
Is she pretty?
Ah, yes,
prettier than me.
Cleverer than me
and nicer than me.
and richer than me.
Lucky guy.
Aren't I?
This bitter earth
I, Lucy Mable Savage
I, Lucy Mable Savage
take thee,
Hugo William Constable
take thee,
Hugo William
Er, Constable.
to be my lawful
wedded husband.
to be my lawful
wedded husband.
To honour and obey
in sickness
and in health
till death do us part.
And by the authority
vested in me
by the Bishop of Tangier,
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
We did it.
Heaven only knows
Lord, this bitter earth
-What were you
-Whoa! Whoa!
Today you are young ♪
Come here.
Come on.
Cavendish-Smythe residence.
Nice to hear from you.
Can I speak
to my daughter, please?
Of course.
Hello, Mother.
Congratulations, dear!
Mmm, thank you.
Oh, we're having
an absolute ball over here.
Hugo showed me
all the sites.
Oh, fantastic!
-You homesick, dear?
Why would I
be homesick?
-Of course, not.
Well, I hope you're not
going out in the sun there.
Foreign sun
gives you blotches.
can I talk
to Hugo, please?
Hello, Daddy.
Hugo, Daddy
wants to talk to us.
Here we are,
Hi, there, Grant.
I wanna talk to him
in private, honey.
Go away.
Congratulations, Hugo!
Done deal.
How's the bride?
She's well.
And what can I
do for you?
-Got a new product.
-Could you wait in the bedroom?
A rocket.
Like none other
on the market,
flies like a little bird.
-Sounds lovely.
-It's perfect for Africa.
The roads are shit.
You can carry this around
on foot.
Insurgents' dream.
Gosh, I see.
And Morocco is a gateway
to Africa.
Is it not?
Know what I mean?
No, not quite.
Well, I mean that
Africa is a big,
wet, open market
for Tomahawk Arms
and I want you
to push into it for me.
Not really sure that's
my sort of thing, Grant.
I like to keep it
in the family.
Er, what do you
expect me to do?
Identify the buyer.
Sorry, who?
You tell me, Hugo,
you're the one
on the ground.
Find the top dog.
Explain the opportunity.
That's all.
It's not rocket science,
it's rocket sales.
I'm not qualified, Grant.
Well, you don't need
to be qualified.
You're an English lord.
Use your charm.
Worked on Lucy.
Well, I hardly think
tennis and dancing's gonna work
on your Your clients.
Well then,
I'll leave it up to you.
Report back.
No dice, no allowance.
We had an agreement.
And now, you got a ring
on your finger.
What is your
negotiating position?
You don't have
much of a one.
Come on, Hugo.
Welcome to the family business.
But while a voice ♪
Sweet of your parents
to call.
And your father was
very complimentary.
Welcomed me
into the family.
I don't wanna talk
about my father.
Or my mother.
It's our wedding night.
I'm just saying,
it was very kind of him
I just wanna have fun.
Can we have some fun?
Maybe we just
need to relax
a little, right?
Maybe we can go
to the Kasbah?
We can go dancing.
We We
We could go
to El Sirocco then.
What's that?
All the retrobates
of Tangier are here.
I love you.
These are the happy couple.
Right this way, please!
And that's
the British Ambassador.
And that's that writer.
Just keep the topside up.
Let's take that to the bar.
Thank you.
This way, ma'am.
Who is this, Hugo?
This is Lucy, my wife.
Your wife!
Hello. Yes, I'm his wife.
- Lucy.
- Wow!
-Right, good evening, girls.
Thank you.
Who are they?
-Yes, sir.
-Champagne for that table.
-Yes, sir.
My chickens!
Compliments of Mr Abaza
on your special day.
Oh, Hugo, isn't that
just darling?
Is he a good friend?
Where is he?
-Oh! Mr Abaza!
You must come join us!
He's been very kind,
let's thank him.
Mrs Cavendish-Smythe.
Oh, no, Lucy. Please.
And thank you so much
for the champagne.
Too kind.
My treat, Hugo.
It's quite an occasion,
after all.
Meeting your wife.
You went through
with it.
Hugo's told me
so much about you.
-Oh, has he?
It better be good.
You have no idea.
How do you two
know each other?
We're good friends.
Shall we cheers?
-To good friends.
Should we dance?
I would love to.
Secretary. Good evening.
Hey, hey.
Excuse me.
-I'm gonna go
to the bathroom.
-You okay?
What, are you trying
to ruin everything for me?
Well, God knows
what she thinks.
We are honoured
by a distinguished guest.
Your left.
The French must be
more rattled than
they're letting on,
getting Secretary Vaney
back to Tangier.
The head of
the French Protectorate
usually doesn't
slum it here.
God, I'm not sure
if this will come off.
-You want something?
it's rude to stare.
Is that yours?
It was a gift.
You wanna touch it?
It's made special
for ladies.
Oh, you should
put it away.
I got married today.
Thank you.
It's a happy day.
Do you have a husband?
A wife.
El Cherifa.
I'll be expecting
an invitation
for dinner.
Oh, but you know
that you don't need
an invitation.
-Are you okay?
Yes, I got most of it
out, I think.
Here, top up.
Sing a song for us.
Sing a song for him.
Hey, come on,
I'm serious.
Why don't you
sing a song for me?
I don't sing.
Yeah, I doubt that.
Come on, just sing a song.
- What? Am I
talking to you, huh?
- Hey, go away.
-She doesn't wanna
sing a song for you.
-Get up there and sing a song.
-Come on.
-I don't work for free.
Go pay her.
-You can't afford me.
-Come on.
You can't afford me.
You see,
there's everybody
Come on, there's
everybody there. Look.
Go, sing a song.
Well, you heard the man.
Come on. That way.
Come on, move!
Come here, stand here.
Here. Like this.
You stay there.
Hey, guys, what do you
think she will sing, huh?
What is she singing?
What will she sing?
- La Marseillaise!
- Yeah!
La Marseillaise!
La Marseillaise, monsieur!
Yeah, man. Come on,
it's the French anthem.
Do you know
how to sing it? Yes?
Okay, go for it.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait!
Guys, what are you doing?
You're going
way too fast, man.
You just slow it down
a little bit, okay?
Now you stand
right here.
You got paid.
Now you sing.
- To France.
- To France.
Louder! Come on!
Sing it properly!
Sing it properly,
Who is she?
I don't know.
She's a whore.
And she's
ridiculing France.
You want me
to take care of her?
No. Not yet.
Who is that?
El Cherifa.
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