Little Birds (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Darling, what do you think?
-It's just amazing.
-What's it actually about?
It's engorged. It's tumescent.
It's potent.
It's perverted life.
Darling, what can I say?
It's my life.
Aren't you afraid of
being blacklisted?
Why do you think I'm here?
No blacklisting in Tangier.
Are you sure you don't want
a cameo in the
miscegenation scene?
Quite sure.
Lucy? A little screen test?
- Oh, I'm not sure that's
- Oh, I'd love to.
Eye contact with the lens.
Look right into it.
- Like this?
- Yes.
Yes. Good. Good.
Why, Lucy!
The camera makes love to you.
Somebody needs to.
Little birds ♪
You smell good.
Oh, my God,
I need to take a shower.
-I like it.
-You do?
-It's the heat here.
-Is it?
And action!
Cleanse the supplicant!
This is a rebirth!
Lucy! Imagine yourself
a mermaid!
You have no fear of death
and a great fear
of shallow living!
Now pour the perfumes
of Babylon on her!
Let the drums of war cease!
Now inaugurate her
with pleasure!
Oh, my God.
Ah! Good, good, good.
Oh, my God.
Hugo, that was so much fun.
-Aren't you going to wash?
-No, I'm going to keep it on
for a while.
You look absurd.
Dreams are necessary to life.
-Thank you!
-And it's art!
Lucy, you were a revelation.
-Thank you.
-My hosts are
insisting on a wrap party.
At the Mandrax Mansion.
My not-so spiritual home.
Perhaps you'd like to join?
- Oh, we'd love to
- No, thanks.
No, but thank you very much.
Half of Tangier will be there.
Well, you'll hardly
miss the two of us then.
-I said no. I mean no.
Thank you, but no.
-Perhaps another time.
I've heard rumours
about those girls
that would make your hair curl.
I just don't think
you should mix with them.
You sound like my father.
Fifi, you know your regular,
the one with the funny shoes?
Is he short-changing you?
Or are you giving him freebies?
-Don't worry, Mama.
-I'll pay for it!
-Yes, you will.
But are you going to keep
paying for him?
You know, if you want to move
on in this business,
if you want to start getting
Cherifa rates,
you better start getting tough
with your favourites, okay?
I'm sick of this donkey work!
You thirsty there, Cherifa?
When is the water
coming back on?
I'm so done with this pumping!
That's what she said.
You know. Before Beirut,
I used to work
at a brothel in Brest.
You know what we used there
for solo shows?
We never had to wash up.
Just sliced them up
and used them
in our cocktail.
This is for my tzatziki.
Gigi, when you are done there,
I want you to scrub the stairs.
- It's Cherifa's turn.
- Cherifa is going on duty.
What? It's my day off!
You'll deal with
whatever comes in.
Nothing's coming in.
This place is no-go,
thanks to her.
They asked me to sing a song.
I sang a song.
Sing a song
Yes, you did, didn't you?
You sure sang that song.
I'm a whore.
I have no time for politics.
Good. Neither do I.
Corbeau. You made it.
It's good to see you, Secretary.
I've been waiting,
I got your message.
Good. Good.
It's a
An honour to help you.
Whatever I can do, sir.
-Let's take a walk.
-Of course.
We won't be long.
My father spent his life
working this land.
They came here with nothing.
From Marseille.
They worked this soil.
They fertilised
these hill sides.
Their sweat
made this place.
And now they want to
take it away from us.
That's not right.
They think independence
is a dinner party.
People like us made this
country worth living in,
The Moroccans,
they build nothing.
They don't know
what they have.
They don't understand it, sir.
The men They are
getting nervous.
If the king returns,
and the journalists are
bold enough now. But
Your men need to be patient.
I'm can't.
I can't hold them back.
We waste our time, sir.
They want to move.
-On who, Corbeau?
They need to know
we mean business.
We can take them all out,
one by one.
France is their mother.
And the king is their father.
They love him like their father.
If he comes back,
they will line up behind him.
A civil war, you mean?
Well, I am ready for it.
I will fight.
Till the last breath.
"If" he comes back.
Do you trust me?
And your men, they will trust me
if you tell them?
Wait for my word. Huh?
The vines are coming along, huh?
Back to Tangier.
He's an oaf, isn't he?
But he's loyal. Like a dog.
I don't think you're quite
understanding what I'm saying.
With respect, son,
it's the other way around.
Now stop making excuses.
And start getting the job done.
I've done the job.
I've told you.
Your people can get
in touch with Vaney.
My people?
Hugo, you're priceless.
You're my people.
Vaney. I'm just saying he's
the head honcho around here.
So go get him.
You got a good product here.
Yes, I'm sure he will be
very interested in your guns.
-He looks the type.
-No. Not guns!
Man Portable Air Defence
System. MANPADS.
Yes, I'm sure they're
extremely effective.
So there you are.
You have a lead.
Or "leash" as you Americans
would say.
We understand each other.
Get to work, Hugo.
Sample's on its way.
They like it, there's more.
What? To who?
The tooth fairy.
Who do you goddamn think?
I don't want them
in the house.
Christ, Hugo.
You'll get a message.
There'll be a drop.
Fix a date.
That's all there is to it.
How much are they?
Depends on how much
they want them, son.
That's your job.
Make them
understand they need them.
Haven't you read Carnegie?
Start friendly.
Use the other person's name.
Arouse in them an eager want.
Go buy yourself that book, boy.
-Oh, hello.
Oh, did you meet already
my iguana friend Chico?
-Is Chico Chico is his name?
Did you see how
beautiful he is?
Did you see the colours?
He's very handsome.
I'm totally in love with him.
Who are you?
Oh, erm, Lucy Cavendish-Smythe.
We met at the dock, with Lili.
The miskeena girl.
Look at you.
Just off the boat,
you're already broke.
How much
would you like, darling?
Oh, no, I don't need money.
-Thank you. Erm
I heard that you're
having a party here.
Yes, I do.
Would it be possible
for me to attend?
Of course, darling,
I'd invite you with pleasure.
La creme de la creme de Tangier
is coming.
The Secretary,
the Iran Shah's son.
Everybody is coming, darling.
I have to tell Hubert
don't bring the monkey.
Can I bring anything?
A date? Ah!
Oh, I might not have one.
Ah, bring two then!
And a wonderful gown.
Dress to impress, darling.
We love so much fantasy
in our parties.
Bye-bye, bonita.
-Thank you, Contessa.
-You're welcome, honey.
She is back at work.
People have heard
what she did though.
El Cherifa is
the talk of the town.
Let them talk.
I want a closer look at her.
We can easily arrest her.
No, no, no, no.
Nothing so formal.
Let's invite her to a party.
Of course.
You think you're so grand,
but you're just a worm.
How dare you ignore me.
A party?
With you.
What kind of party?
On the mountain.
A fancy party.
-Why not?
-All right.
-A lot of it.
Twice the normal. By the hour.
-All right.
-No. Three times.
-I do what I do.
Not escort stuff.
It's extra.
All right.
- Are you real?
- What is up?
-Who are you?
- I thought I was dreaming.
- No. No.
What a face.
Oh, you're wasted
as a thief, darling.
You are not even good at it.
Would you like
a proper job, hmm?
-Here with me.
Forget it, take him
to the police.
I'd like a job.
-I'd like a job.
Excellent choice.
Why don't you start
right now, huh?
Go and fetch another water
for me and my house guest.
Come on.
- Sure, madame.
- Uh-huh.
- Ugh.
- Ooh.
Your taste in men.
Testosterone keeps
things interesting.
We would all be bored to death
without it.
I can even smell it.
Excuse me, are you open?
For the bride.
-Of course.
It's Bill, right?
Well, it's quite a
Hey, what is she drinking?
My father doesn't have that
in the house.
Says it's a communist drink.
Wanna see a trick?
Yes, I do.
Would you look at that!
-I have a question for you.
Our friend from the other night.
Mr Abaza.
-The one with the champagne?
He has a tab here, right?
-Is this on his tab?
-Oh, no. No.
But if you have a tab
set up for him,
you know where he lives?
-Absolutely, the guy
owes me money.
- Well
- Oh.
Do you think you could maybe
get a message to him for me?
Thank you.
Do you wanna see a magic trick?
I'd love to.
-Thank you for coming.
-Not at all.
Something happened?
I just wondered if I could
ask you something, Mr Abaza.
Am I going to need a drink?
Why not? I've had a few.
I appreciate this
must be difficult.
You know Hugo.
You two seem very close.
But I have to say,
he can be a real
stick in the mud.
Here I am in Tangier.
I know no one.
And I get invited to a party.
One party that sounds like it
actually might be fun? And no.
Of course, Hugo won't go.
It's at the Contessa's house.
It's a party for a film
that I'm in.
I'm not the starring role,
but they anointed me.
Hugo didn't like that.
Not at all.
A Mandrax party, huh?
The Contessa.
You know her, right?
fairly well-known in this town.
-Perfectly charming.
-Yeah, she's a
She's a very charming lady.
Well, she invited me personally.
-Well there you are.
It's just that
I can't go alone.
-And Hugo is
your friend, Mr Abaza.
He's your friend, Adham,
but he can be a terrible bore.
It's funny. I
I moved half way
across the world and
I feel I don't
know the man I married.
At all.
-I'm sorry. I
-It's all right.
No, it's not all right. I
He thinks there are
these rules and
There are rules.
There are rules.
I know that.
I just don't
I don't seem to be able
to stick to them.
Everything I do is wrong.
I'm just wrong.
-Everything about me is wrong.
-Lucy, look at me.
Rules are over-rated.
Do you think so?
I do.
Well, I'm a little
embarrassed now.
Really, it's fine.
I'm, er,
you confide in me.
You're a very kind man.
You wanted to
ask me something.
I wanted to ask you
if you would
take me to the party.
A girl needs a date.
I'll do it.
On one condition.
What is that?
We're going shopping.
That dress
will never do.
Think of your clothing
like armour.
Am I in a battle?
We all are.
A well-tailored suit
is a charm.
It shields me
from the glares
of nosy neighbours,
helps me pass
through gates
without being stopped.
It makes me
feel myself,
but different.
My mother has always
bought my clothes.
Can you believe that?
Sometimes I wish
I could lower
the neckline.
Oh! How rebellious, hmm?
-You don't know
what it's like.
For your family
to have unreasonable
After you.
So what is
in fashion here?
My sisters wear
a lot of Chanel.
I would never have
imagined African ladies
to be in the French houses.
Egypt is not Africa.
But it
It is in Africa, right?
Well, Tangier
is in Morocco.
But it is certainly
not Moroccan.
What is it then?
The international zone?
Tangier is everything
all at once.
It is everywhere
and nowhere.
So, why are you here?
I didn't mean to be.
Not for long.
There was something
I wanted in Tangier.
-That's why I stayed.
I love this one.
This is my favourite.
Would it be possible
to make a dress
from that for tonight?
- Tonight?
- Mmm-hmm.
It has to be
Ah, I have
the very thing.
-He makes your suits?
-He does.
I don't think
that's very me.
You're right.
Your mother
wouldn't like it.
If you wouldn't mind
letting him know I'm here.
Or perhaps I could
leave him a message.
Leave him my card.
Oh, good. I wonder
if you might be
able to help me.
I'll do my best.
Well, I'd like to speak
to Secretary Vaney.
Do you have
an appointment?
Not as such.
Then I'm sorry,
I can't help you.
Can I make
an appointment then?
It doesn't work
that way around.
If the Secretary
wants to see you,
then you get
an appointment.
Can you give me
an indication of
what it's about?
I mean, it's personal.
How personal?
No, not personal.
I see.
Can you give me a clue?
Not really, no.
Well, then,
as I said, I can't help you,
I'm afraid.
Who's that whispering
in my ear
Why you old devil
what you doing here?
-I didn't see you.
Try to tell me
That he's not my friend
Hey, Leo, come here.
I won't stick
till the very end
You just don't know
about my back revenge
That a devil
Won't get me
And if I start to worry
-Can't you
pour us a drink?
That my rent's not paid
-So thirsty.
And I'm not counting
The money I've made
No. Not in there.
In there.
That old devil
Won't get me
'Cause he don't know
what I know
That I love him
left and right
And when I'm smiling
in his eyes
How's he gonna
pick a fight?
And when my cup is empty
And the water goes by
-Isn't puppy thirsty?
He's only interested
in spraying his territory.
Water in the well
runs dry
That old devil
won't get me ♪
What do you mean,
a job at a mansion?
It's a job.
I work.
They pay me.
I stop.
We leave here.
We marry.
Is it like
the boys' beach?
They say don't go
without two hats.
'Cause if you drop one,
you don't wanna bend over
to pick it up.
I've heard
that one, too.
But not about
the mansions.
I heard about
a game the Mandrax sisters
used to play.
You know, the Mandrax,
the biggest house
in Tangier?
They bought a pair of dogs
from Germany.
Pedigree, very expensive.
They loved those dogs.
Fed them better than
me and you have
ever been fed.
Meats every day,
clean water,
fancy jewel collars
and little silk jackets.
Hey, don't you wanna
hear the story?
-No, I don't want
-So one day,
the Contessa comes home,
she's been out
at a royal tea party
or something.
And what does
she see?
The dogs
have their snouts
stuffed between
the daughters' legs
and their skirts
are all the way
up to their faces
-and the dogs
lick and lick
-and lick!
-Stop it!
You're crazy.
You know what sound
they make when they cum?
Stop it!
Stop it!
Where are you going?
I think I might have
to wear a slip under this.
Don't you dare!
You'll ruin the effects.
I'm not wearing
any underwear.
You look stunning.
Thank you.
This was a good choice.
To your new dress.
And to my shopping friend.
You will have your pick
of lovers in Tangier.
Do you really think so?
No, I don't want lovers
in Tangier.
I wanna be a good wife
for Hugo.
I really do want that.
Maybe you can help me
with something.
What do you think
I might help you with?
I wanna know
more about him.
I know nothing
about Hugo.
And men must talk,
You guys talk
like women do,
we talk about everything.
I just
I wanna know
what he likes
and what he doesn't like.
What he thinks about
when he can't sleep.
What his favourite
meal is, what
What turns him on.
I'm not sure
I'm the person to ask.
Well, shall we
pick a lipstick?
Darling! Hello.
Say hello to our guest.
What do you think
I should choose?
Scandal Red
or Shocking Pink?
-Shock me.
-Oh! Okay.
What on Earth
are you wearing?
You don't like it?
It's for the party.
Adham is taking me.
We agreed we're not
going to that.
Mr Abaza here
is not squiring you
to a bohemian orgy.
Stop it, Hugo.
It's not gonna be an orgy.
Would the Shah
of Iran's son
be seen at an orgy?
Would Secretary Vaney?
I'll get changed.
You're gonna come?
Yes. And you're right.
I should take you out more.
Thank you, Mr Abaza,
but you'll no longer be
required this evening.
No! We can all go.
You haven't
seen how embarrassing
our friend here can be.
Nothing embarrasses
the Contessa.
Well, last time
we went to the Parade Bar,
he collapsed in
Tennessee Williams' lap.
He doesn't know
when to stop.
You see, I think it's only right
that you take your husband.
Perhaps you're right.
Let's see you both soon.
No! Absolutely not.
The Contessa invited me
and she said that
I could bring two dates!
And here I am with
the two most handsome
men in all of Tangier.
So two dates
I shall bring.
Let's not be late.
All this independence talk
is spooking the banks.
It's not that
I'm complaining about that.
Every cloud
has a silver lining.
- Should we be packing?
- No.
Absolutely not.
But the nationalists
are out of control.
If the King comes back
They will be
brought to heel.
They rally behind him.
You can feel the resentment
everywhere more and more.
The gardener,
the handyman, the cook.
They find small ways
to make it clear.
The whispers.
The tiny gestures.
They hate us,
they really do.
If we're pushed out,
I don't know
where we can go.
My daughters
are hardly Spanish.
Morocco's our home.
Their home, too.
Yes, of course.
You are under
my protection, Contessa.
The protection of France.
You and your family
will always be safe
in Tangier.
my sweet Pierre.
And now, you are
under my roof.
Let's all have some fun.
More champagne.
I'll go with you
for half the price.
Worth the wait, huh?
Let's go.
Try and bring back some tricks
for the other girls, huh?
Merci, monsieur.
Don't touch me.
Not outside these walls.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, welcome, darlings!
Hugo, you made it!
How terribly brave.
Yes. He's well aware
of the dangers at my parties.
Aren't you, Hugo?
But look at you!
What a delightful
threesome you make
-I'm gonna go and get
something to drink.
Oh, sweetie.
Excuse me.
Stop, stop.
I want to show you
something right now.
I have to work.
Don't worry about the work.
I give you a break.
I don't need a break.
Oh, of course you need.
Come! Merci beaucoup.
-I'm here to work.
-Yes, you're gonna work?
Come on, let's work.
- Love your dress, darling!
- Thank you.
Hello, beautiful.
It's so nice that
you are all so close.
-You like to party?
- You want something?
- Adham's getting me a drink.
What is this dance?
Oh, that is the conga.
You have to try.
It's amazing, Lucy.
You have to dance.
Come on, go on.
Come see me.
What are you doing?
I wanna eat something.
Later. Come on.
How beautiful!
You know how much
this is worth, hmm?
-You wanna touch it?
Touch it.
Fifty years
of your salary.
That's what
this is worth.
And what do you think
would happen
if it disappears
without a trace, huh?
Fifty years in prison.
Clever boy.
What are you doing?
Go on.
Take this.
Come on, come on!
Thank you, Frederic.
Thank you, Frederic.
You know who I am?
The man who
paid me to sing.
It was a memorable
performance. Come.
You could have
asked for me yourself.
Everybody knows who I am
and where to find me.
Especially after
the other night.
I made quite
an impression.
All of Tangier
was talking about it.
On you.
You did.
And here we are.
But not in the way
that you think.
I have no need
of a prostitute, Cherifa.
You let me know
if you change your mind.
Sit down.
I don't come to parties
for fun.
I'm enjoying our talk.
Oh, a talker.
You don't look
like a talker.
What kind of man
do I look like?
A kind of man who enjoys
being ridiculed
from time to time.
Don't be shy, Mr Secretary.
Understand this, Cherifa.
I also get paid.
I get paid to protect
this colony for France.
Tangier is full of discontents
so when people go
rousing the rabble,
well, this rouses me.
I can see that.
Greetings from America.
Who are you?
I'm sorry.
Hugo Cavendish-Smythe.
Secretary Vaney,
I presume?
It's an absolute pleasure,
May I call you monsieur?
Why not?
The thing is,
I have
an opportunity for you.
What is it?
Man Portable Air Defence.
Stop, Mister
but this prototype will
Please, let's not
pollute the party.
Let me give you
my card.
If you'll excuse me,
Mr Cavendish.
Er, Smythe.
Thank you very much.
It was a pleasure,
All mine.
Still looking lovely.
Thank you.
Where did Hugo go?
I don't know. I thought
you'd be dancing.
No, so did I.
-Come on.
I like that very much.
I thought no one
was gonna ask me.
Come on, with this dress?
Show it off.
They think loving
Ah, yes, yes!
Money in the hand ♪
Very good.
Cherifa, wait!
Where are you going?
They've made you
the dog!
-You want to?
-Yeah, of course.
A one, a two
a buckle-up shoe
A three, four, five
Baby, come alive
My left foot out
Her right foot in
I need a man
Let the music begin
That's my wife.
Shaba-daba-da shaba-da
Everybody dance
The shaba-daba-doo tonight
Comme ci, comme ca
Swing along more
Longer to the door
Step out
Shuffle in
I need a man
Who wants to do
Shaba-daba-da shaba-da
Everybody dance
The shaba-daba-doo tonight ♪
Thank you.
You must come to lunch.
We'd love to.
Just your wife.
I love you, Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Well, my baby boo
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Oh, baby boo
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Well, that you
love about me too
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou
Well, Cindy Lou ♪
Cindy Lou, Cindy Lou ♪
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