Little Birds (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

-You know what?
Please, Mama,
I just wanna see her.
You just want to see her.
Well, a lot of people
just want to see her.
A lot of people
who pay a lot of money
just to see her.
You like rubbish,
because you are rubbish.
Come here. Come.
You're nothing but trash.
Now you listen to me.
She is not for you.
Do you understand me?
Huh? Do you?
I want to talk to Cherifa.
Come on, come on. Finish.
-Get out, get out.
-Cherifa! Cherifa!
Little birds ♪
You're drivin' around
in the great big car
And ev'rything's a-lookin'
all right so far
But you can't-a pay the bill
with a big cigar
Who's a-gonna pay the check?
You dance all the night
and have a good time
You're tellin' ev'rybody
you're a friend of mine
And then you order
in the fancy wine
Who's a-gonna pay the check?
That's all right
I'm a-like you fine
I'm a-like-a you
for a friend of mine
But a-put-a your money
on the line ♪
Lucy. Turn it down.
Hey, what's-a-matter
you don't have any money, eh?
The people come on over
and they sit down ♪
Can I have some water, please?
Thank you.
The man is an idiot.
That was
my impression too.
Or a genius
disguising himself as an idiot.
You think it might be a trap?
Greetings from America.
What do the British want?
The same thing as the Americans.
Morocco for Moroccans.
They've no interest
in destabilizing North Africa.
It's a private approach.
Could be.
But I don't even know
what they're selling.
I'll do some digging.
Me too.
Mixing business with pleasure?
It's fine, Hugo.
It's just a lunch.
You're not meeting the girls
at the Waldorf.
He's the head of the French
protectorate. For God's sake.
I think that you
are just jealous.
Concerned, Lucy.
Concerned is what I am.
About what?
Me making friends?
Of course not. Of course not.
He's an important man,
that's all.
I was actually in the middle of
discussing something with him.
I think that's sweet.
I mean, you didn't wanna
go at all the other night.
And then you met someone
you really like.
I was right.
We should go to parties.
Can we promise to always
go to parties, Hugo?
You're not understanding me.
There's a certain position
we have to maintain.
I'm trying to be
a decent husband.
Can you please
behave like a wife?
I have to finish dressing.
Like a wife.
Go tell him I'm coming, please.
Can I get you anything?
Thank you, no.
Nice to see you again.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Not at all. You look
Mmm, lovely.
Your car is waiting.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
El Sirocco. One hour.
I'm sorry?
You heard me.
There has been an attack in Fez.
A dozen or so. Mostly Moroccans
and some children.
It seems to be the colons.
We should issue a statement.
- Have they claimed the attack?
- No.
It could have been
the nationalists.
They already have denied
that it was one of them.
Very well.
The murder of children
is not condoned.
A little stronger condemnation
might go some way to
addressing the outrage.
That's the statement.
Sit down.
You're a pervert, aren't you?
A pervert. Are you not?
Oh, come on.
There are few secrets
in Tangier.
Let me phrase
my question better.
I know you are a pervert.
My question is
what sort of pervert, exactly?
What is it you choose
from her menu?
What keeps you
going back to Cherifa?
Mama's tired.
- No.
- Yes.
I don't think I can
go on any longer.
What did you say?
Huh? Huh?
-You want more. Yeah?
I can't hear what you're saying.
I can't hear what you're saying.
How long have you
worked here?
For Vaney? Seven years.
He likes to dance.
The other night at the party,
he danced.
I've never
seen him dance.
You must not go to
enough parties.
Your guest, Secretary.
- Madame.
- Monsieur.
Pierre, please.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What a place you have here.
It's borrowed.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
From who?
I thought you
might like to try this.
Oh, thank you.
It's from Algeria.
Sante, Lucy.
Sante, Pierre.
-That's lovely.
-Not bad.
How does your husband feel
about you visiting me?
He wished me luck.
He thought
you'd need luck.
Where have you been?
We are so hot.
Maybe Leo wants to cool off.
Get a little wet.
I was tilting back on
a little tray chair, as I
have always liked to do.
I was tilting back on
a little tray chair,
as I have always liked to do.
And I was in perfect balance.
I had a drink in my left hand,
and my revolver in my right.
Don't you think it's about time
we did our William Tell act?
Celebrate my return?
She put her glass nonchalantly
on the top of her head.
Oh, you're dripping.
I am very good
at reading people.
Interrogating people.
I prefer to think of it as
a form of psychoanalysis.
Oh, how Freudian.
Do you want me to talk to you
about my father?
Do you want to talk
about your father?
He's a businessman.
Bring the birds.
Have you ever heard of ortolan?
It is the French delicacy.
It requires an explanation.
The ortolan is a tiny song bird.
No bigger than this.
It could build its nest
in the palm of your hand.
Oh. How sweet.
This little bird,
she represents France.
Oh. So, she's like
the bald American eagle?
Do you eat your eagles?
I think that would be
considered unpatriotic.
You see,
the ortolan is
so powerful a symbol,
it is sinful to eat one.
And so, one must consume it
underneath a napkin,
so that no one, not even God,
can see your shame.
Those little birds
migrate between
Africa and Europe
and what the French don't know
is that here,
they are more succulent.
What is the recipe?
First, they are drowned alive
in cognac.
Then cooked slowly
and served head and all.
When you bite in,
the bones prick
the inside of your mouth,
and your blood mixes with
the flesh of the bird.
Oh, my
I can't see my knife and fork.
Let me feed you then.
Open your mouth.
Now bite.
It's indescribable,
isn't it?
Yes, please.
I've never tasted
anything like it.
Was it delicious?
Was it decadent?
Does it feel like a sin?
I'm not French.
Did your papa teach you that?
Would you like to see something?
Of course.
Leave us.
You are not what I expected.
-May I?
-Of course.
She's a pretty little thing,
isn't she?
I suppose you know
how to use it?
Please. Sit.
Head back for me.
Just like that.
Don't take it out.
Is this some
strange American custom?
What would you know
of American customs?
Dance le rock
and roll
You play le base-e-ball ♪
My father taught me to do that.
Our guest is leaving.
Please see her out.
I never miss.
Au revoir, Lucy.
Another one?
Er, yes, please.
I'll bring it over.
So you tell me.
What would you like to know?
- Can I get you anything?
- No, thank you.
-Erm, the specifications
They're portable.
What's the weight?
A man can carry it?
Yes. Man portable.
What's the range?
Yes, it, it has a range. Erm
It has a range.
The target visually acquired?
-I'm not sure.
-So, it's guided?
Perhaps not.
Enough, Cavendish, enough.
You know, it's very clever,
this persona.
But it is starting to bore me.
This is how it is.
You deal with me.
We see the goods. We decide.
Friend of yours?
Er, acquaintance. Er, can I
put that on my tab, please?
You don't have a tab.
Can I Can I put it
on Adham Abaza's?
I'll take another one
while you're at it.
Abdel Halim,
the king of emotions.
The dark-skinned nightingale.
No one calls him that any more.
He's the voice of the Arabs.
The son of the revolution.
- You know the song?
- Mmm-hmm.
You're Egyptian too?
I am.
What's your name?
Adham Abaza.
One of those.
My prince.
A husband.
It shouldn't make
any difference really.
An enhancement,
is what it should be.
-To myself.
And to your wife.
Of course, of course.
And to her too.
It should be good for everybody.
Yes, it's good for everybody.
-You all benefit.
-We all
- My parents are very pleased.
- Good.
It's It's good for everyone.
I can be a good husband.
It's not rocket science, is it?
People do it every day.
Don't expect a bed of roses.
Probably very wise.
My parents hardly speak.
They seem very happy.
-There you go.
-We speak.
Ahead of the game.
- I mean, she's very nice.
- Yeah.
- What does she expect?
- Pfft.
Rock Hudson?
Chicks, they're
You You You
You have to marry.
It's just something
that has to be done.
People have to get married.
It is
It's for society. It's
Certain things have to be
It's a An institution.
An institution?
An institution.
Thank you.
Where are you from, Aziz?
What do you miss?
- From Egypt?
- Mmm-hmm.
Nothing much.
Rabbit with melokheya?
That soup
has the texture of spit.
What's wrong
with the texture of spit?
I'm going to need
that key back.
- I had to marry.
- You don't have to go.
My friend is not staying.
How's your wife?
Honeymoon over, is it?
You know, I had to marry.
How was it?
I take it it's done.
Not official without it.
How did you manage it?
Did you think of me?
Marriage is an institution
that must be upheld.
And people do it for titles,
- reputation
- And for love, Hugo!
People do it for love.
When they are
not being hypocrites.
I find these cries of hypocrisy
a little rich coming from you.
Fasting during Ramadan
-and getting blotto every
other night of the year.
-Oh, no. Not the same thing.
I'm not hurting anyone
but myself.
You lie to that girl.
I had to marry!
Do you know
there is a town in Egypt
that recognizes love
between men?
We could get married.
Right now.
We're not in Egypt.
No, we're not.
So European.
So European.
No one uses this here.
You know, I can't break it.
The money changers
will think I stole it.
They're portable.
What's the weight?
What's the range?
Yes. It
It It has a range.
It has a range.
Junior. A girl.
And her husband. Though
I don't buy the marriage.
Takes all sorts.
Yeah. But these two
are up to something.
These lovebirds.
Talking to who?
The French.
Hmm. Merde.
Mmm-hmm. Exactly.
Do me a favour.
Look into Savage, would you?
All right. You got it.
After the war,
I knew
an American photographer
who used to make every woman
he met
wear the same thing.
He became obsessed
with a photograph
he'd found of a Japanese woman
who had died
in the bombing of Nagasaki.
She was very beautiful.
And in this photograph,
she was fully clothed
but for a triangle of flesh
and black hair where her
Venus mound was exposed.
One night,
he was with the lowest,
oldest whore in the brothel.
And then I asked him,
as he was an American
with money,
And he said,
"It doesn't matter to me
who they are
"as long as they're Japanese."
So he didn't care
as long as they were Japanese.
And you don't care as long
as there's silk and rope?
For your music, is it?
That you are going
to Tangier?
Business opportunity.
I hear
Tangier's beautiful.
Where'd you hear that?
Just at dinner.
I wouldn't eat the food.
On board?
In Tangier.
They eat all sorts.
Apparently, an invitation
to dinner at a private home
-can be a real high point
of any trip.
-Piss off.
It sounds
like a powerful prototype.
One person can use it.
For what?
Anti-tank, anti-aircraft.
And he's not official?
I think he's just a supplier.
I, uh
I wouldn't encourage
any more discussions.
Let's see what he's got.
You want to deal
with these kind of people?
-Because they are idiots.
-You will do the dealing.
If it's your orders,
but with respect
With respect,
these are exactly
the kind of people
needing to be dealt with
on Moroccan soil.
They sell to us,
they sell to anybody.
Who else are they talking to?
This is exactly
the kind of weapon
the nationalists can use.
They are calmer.
It's practically certain
that the King will return.
And France is
Is tolerating that gossip
on the street.
That is what France is doing.
And given the uncertainties,
it's as well to be prepared.
We will engage with them.
That way we know
what's on the market.
What could end up
being used against us.
Of course, Secretary.
Cherifa, please let me explain.
I'm working.
I saw.
It's done.
Cherifa, please!
I am working!
Come to a party, it says.
What was
the swine thinking, huh?
-Cherifa, I
-Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
What was the pig thinking?
Why does it think it can get
what it wants?
Down. Down!
What does it want?
What does it want?
What does the swine want?
I'll show you what you get.
You're gonna want what you get.
Oh, yeah.
- Ah
- Come on. Come on.
Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop
Up you go.
Little piggy
Shut up.
You hurt me.
I trusted you.
Should've know better. Shut up!
You let them
take you, those kharejin
that take everything
that belongs to us.
You steal their stupid things
and make pretty promises.
But it's all worthless
when you're weak.
And you are weak.
All of you.
I go with them, too.
But I don't let them ridicule me
while I do it, just like a toy.
I don't let them take my soul.
Nothing is clean here.
Everything they touch breaks,
is ruined.
Now you are dirty, too.
I want you to know
what you've done.
Say it yourself.
I can't do this any more.
He wanted it too rough.
Is he dead?
Omar and I will deal with this.
Should I keep working?
No, no, you have to go.
Go? Go where?
I don't know, go anywhere.
Just until this settles. Okay?
Sorry to hear that.
Oh, no, not me. You.
It's blue.
Dropped out of art school.
Came here for the light.
An artist abroad, huh?
An artist abroad.
Another one?
No, it's time
for me to get home.
You sure?
Well, you know where to find me.
I do.
When I'm next feeling blue.
-What do you want?
-Is she home?
One for the road?
On the house.
You have one with me?
One for the house on the road.
- Lucy? Lucy?
- Hugo? Oh.
- No.
- It isn't what it seems
Well, what is it, then?
-It's nothing, honestly.
- What?
- I'm sorry, Lucy.
I thought that you liked me.
I do like you.
It has nothing to do with this.
Well, what does it
have to do with, then?
You have to understand
what is between us.
It's It's It's nothing.
It's just what they do here.
It's just what these people do.
These people?
It's just what they do.
Why did you marry me, Hugo?
We're married now.
You're my wife.
It was for my money?
For my inheritance?
Were you just
gonna wait for it come in
and then you were gonna run off
with him?
God, what an imagination.
Don't say that.
It's not my imagination.
It's happening,
right in front of me.
You were just gonna
finish me off, the pair of you?
He paid me! He already paid me.
-Who? Adham?
-Your father!
He paid me to marry you!
My family's broke.
I'm sorry.
He paid you?
We seemed to like each other.
Do you love Adham?
Do you, Hugo?
Your father said we
danced well together.
He paid you
to be my dance partner?
Do not follow me, Hugo.
Please don't come in here. Hugo.
I need you to leave me alone.
-Lucy, please.
-Do not look at me.
Please. Please leave me.
Mmm. Okay. Mmm.
I don't want to play
in your yard
I don't like you any more
You'll be sorry
When you see me
Sliding down our cellar door
You can't holler down
our rain barrel
You can't climb
our apple tree
I don't wanna play
in your yard
If you can't be good to me ♪
Oh, yeah, baby!
I say
How much?
No. Thank you.
Hey, come on. Don't run off.
How much?
More than
you can possibly afford.
And what kind of uppity talk
is that?
You can't holler down
our rain barrel
Coming from a bloody wog.
You can't climb
our apple tree
I'm not a wog.
I don't wanna play
in your yard
If you can't be good to me ♪
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