Little Birds (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Come in, come in.
I can't thank you
enough for this. I
-I didn't know
where else to go.
You did the right thing
coming here, huh?
You've had a shock.
But you need to gather
yourself, bonita, hmm?
-It's such a beautiful room.
-Oh, thank you.
-Don't touch it.
-Oh, sorry.
My first husband gave all these
to me. Each one represent
one year of marriage.
Did you notice any pattern
in his choice of "surprise"?
Yes. They're all birds.
Yes. Domesticated fowl.
And this one, the big one,
he offered me, for our divorce.
Puta. Puta.
- What does puta mean?
- Whore.
Very jealous guy.
Okay, darling.
I'll let you enjoy the room.
-Please enjoy, huh?
-Thank you. Yes.
Little birds ♪
Do you wanna get pregnant?
I don't do this.
I don't pray.
But I've come to ask for help.
-You heard me, whore.
-This isn't the place for you.
Because this is a place
for clean, honest people.
Why are you so sour?
Is it because when you were
young, you watched at us walking
on the streets with our gold
and silver and our beautiful
clothes and you longed
from your little window
in your fancy house
under lock and key
to be free
to come and go like us?
You wanted to be rich like me.
Rich in ways no one man
could ever make you.
-Is that what you wanted?
-Get out. Get out!
-That's what you still want.
-Get out! Get out!
Ask Sidi.
So, for the mahjoun,
we mix all this.
Where did you learn
how to do this?
A slave trader sold me
to a kif farmer
when I was small.
That's how I
ended up in the north.
And did they whip you?
Yeah, they whipped me.
And will you show us
how they whipped you?
All right.
Stand up.
You have not eaten for days.
Maybe a little water.
Eat this. Like it's
a piece of stale bread.
That they left on the side
of their plate. After they'd
eaten all they want.
-What do you think
you are doing?
-I'm hungry.
You're a thief.
And you know what?
I didn't pay to have
a thief round here.
You have some things to learn.
Let me go.
I'm going to take
this leather strap
that I always carry with me
and rip off your shirt
and I am going to
flay your back so you can
hardly move for weeks
What? We're just playing.
Isn't what you wanted? Huh?
A game about whipping people.
I was having a dream.
Wanna keep dreaming?
Company would be nice.
-I don't feel like
celebrating though.
In victory, one deserves it,
and in defeat, one needs it.
To defeat.
Did everyone know?
Know what?
That he was betraying me.
Who is everyone?
What are these
people to you?
All they say
It's been weeks.
Not even a month.
What will they think of me?
Should I fight for him?
Pistols at dawn.
You and Mr Abaza.
Too dangerous.
-Pistols. I'd win.
I know your face.
You are Ouled Nail.
The same as me.
Come. Sit.
Why did you come to the shrine?
You didn't come for
the views, that's for sure.
My troubles are my own.
Habibti. Anyone can see
you are troubled. I don't
need to read your hand.
-No wonder you are here.
-Don't tell me anything.
I don't wanna know.
You're not the first.
My grandmother was
the greatest whore inside
the Bou Saada city walls.
She learned the trade
from her mother,
going down into the cities,
learning the erotic arts.
Things change when
the Europeans came.
New laws and penalties
for harlotry. She and her
sisters were forced
into trucks and sent
to army barracks
as moving brothels.
Our traditions died.
My grandmother is here
with us now.
She is smiling at you.
She wants to say something.
Don't let them drive you away.
Take your power. Go back.
Go back.
- Go towards your trouble.
- Trouble.
- Go towards total freedom.
- Freedom.
Er, you know so little about
women, darling. But you never
claimed to be an expert.
-I'd like to talk to my wife.
-A flower? Really?
It will only provoke her.
- She's not in the mood.
- But you
can leave your offering.
Chico will eat it.
Chico loves orchids.
So marvellous to see you.
You know, darling,
this will all blow over
and if it doesn't,
it will still blow over, hmm?
And we shall all
be dust. And blown away.
No, I need to talk to her,
please. If you'd
just direct me
to where she is, I'd be
very grateful, thank you.
She's upstairs.
Thank you.
What is that?
Peace offering.
-You can sit, Hugo.
-Thank you.
Erm, sorry.
When I was with
Dr Maxwell at that place,
there was a girl.
They had this library there.
No one used it
except for her and me.
We'd go in there
and we'd spin the globe.
Look up countries
in the encyclopaedia.
She got better and she
married a banker. China.
When I was marrying you,
I thought I could
marry a new world.
Hardly a reasonable expectation.
I came to say that we don't
have to throw everything away.
We'd have separate rooms.
Think that'd be best.
The light in this room
is beautiful, isn't it?
We could entertain.
Bridge, tennis.
And you could have lovers,
even, if that's what you want.
And in public we'd just have
to like each other enough
to stop tongues wagging.
-I'm fond of you.
-Do you see it?
How it changes the light?
Gives you this glimpse
of something that's shimmering.
I see it.
I want it.
I want
I'm offering you freedom.
I have seen
a woman who is free.
On our wedding night.
Woman who sang.
She was free.
She sang for money.
What did Hugo do for money?
He fell right into Daddy's trap.
And he lied to his wife.
And got her
caught up in it too.
Fond isn't good enough
for me, Hugo.
People are fond of dogs.
If I were a man,
I would murder you.
Umi Fatima, Umi Khadija!
Up now, Mai.
I'm not
I'm not sure how I
-Where am I?
-You're in our house.
-You're welcome, brother.
-Thank you, sister.
We picked you up
off the street.
-All sorts out at night.
You weren't waking up.
-You were outside that place.
-Where those people go.
-You carried me?
You wouldn't walk.
You wouldn't wake up. What else
could we do? She took your head.
She took your feet.
You got off light.
It could have been much worse.
All sorts out
at night in Tangier.
There it is.
We didn't rob you.
Someone got you shoes already.
No. Mine.
What were you two
doing out at night?
It's lucky for you we were.
You've been very kind.
He thinks
we robbed him and now
he's trying to pay us.
Sorry, I, er
I can't quite seem to
It's a very nasty bump.
All right. All right.
Come on. Lunch is almost ready.
Oh, Leo. Here you are.
I want to thank you.
For helping my daughters
this morning. Really appreciate
it, what you're doing for us.
We really do.
What about you?
Are you happy working here?
-Yes, Contessa.
-It's not bad, huh?
Sometimes, there are a lot
of things to do, I know.
Like in my little party.
Remember my little party?
You know, Leo.
I'm gonna give you my advice.
Some jobs, it's better
to spend time on them.
Properly. Hmm?
If the Contessa doesn't mind,
I will get on with my chores.
-You are rushing away.
-I need no more breaks.
Thank you. I am here to work.
Work, work. Go work.
I'm watching you, Leo.
Don't make any mistakes.
I made them already.
It's Frederic, sir.
He's dead.
Found on a beach.
Where is the body?
Send the body
back to his mother.
Tell her it was murder. And
then, arrest one of the King's
people and bring them to me.
I don't have a suspect.
Secretary, Fredric had
I mean, his death
may have been an accident.
With all respect, sir,
the situation is quite volatile.
There's a lot of resentment
on the street
and arresting the wrong
person would throw oil on it.
-France wants order.
-Order. They want
to pave the way for the King.
Scatter petals
before his return.
He can't be kept from
his people much longer.
"His people."
There is a boy
at the Contessa's.
-You are right! It is volatile.
And so we must act.
A member of this administration
is dead. In a time of terror,
this cannot go unpunished!
So, make an arrest.
A very public arrest right
in the hotbed of Tangier gossip.
In the house of the queen.
I want the whole
beehive buzzing with it.
What? Oh, my God!
-What the hell?
-What is going on here?
Apologies, Contessa.
The Secretary has asked me
to send personal assurances.
We're only thinking
of your safety.
What? Safety from what?
-That boy's not a terrorist.
A member
of the French administration
has been murdered.
- Well, it wasn't Leo.
- Our sources suggest otherwise.
-Come back with a warrant.
-If the owner
of the property consents,
-there is no need for a warrant.
-Please, no.
When I thought he was just
a thief, I was very happy
to give him a chance.
Anita. You know
what they'll do to him.
You better think
what he'd done to us.
I have to protect my daughters.
-Take him away.
Thank you, Contessa.
-No! No! No!
Let me stay!
Well, you! Go back to work!
What's your name?
Do you remember it?
Where do you come from?
Don't plague him.
Let him eat.
-It's all right.
Who's that?
The French took him.
We thought they
took him to Rabat.
- But he wasn't in Rabat.
- It's a very bad prison.
But he wasn't there.
Your husband?
Why did they take him?
A colon said he was a terrorist.
Our husband. A terrorist.
He couldn't even
terrorise a baby.
He siphoned some water.
He wanted it for his pigs.
This Frenchman.
We needed it for ourselves,
but he needed it for his pigs.
Ben Arafa,
the puppet sultan installed by
the French, has abdicated,
leaving the way clear for
Port Morocco to return.
And he is sorry indeed.
-No, sorry.
-Mr Hugo?
-Come with me.
-To the guy.
-To the American.
-What guy?
What does he look like?
I don't know. You all
look the same to me.
Oh, look what it sent in a hat.
-How's it going?
-You said you were American?
America. Dublin.
I get around.
So I suppose you
have something for me.
Maybe. That depends.
-On what?
-On what you've got for me.
-I wasn't informed about
bringing anything.
-One thousand ought to do it.
Of francs?
-For what?
For your little toys.
Grant didn't say
anything about this.
Mr Savage isn't here.
I am. Here.
In this shithole. So, if you
want your package, you
better get me $1,000.
-I don't have $1,000.
-Well, you better go get it.
-Hey, just give them to me.
As agreed with your boss.
-He's not the boss of me.
I'm a middleman. Pops don't
know me from Adam.
Yeah, but I'm supposed
to deliver them to the client.
Where are they?
They're not here.
Look, I presume
you're getting your cut.
Alls I'm asking for
is a cut of the cut.
You know what I mean?
-I understand.
-I know. It's tragic.
But you better get going.
Same time tomorrow.
Rue D'Athens market.
Adios, sweetheart.
-I was just talking about you.
-Oh, really?
I would have expected more
Of course.
-I wasn't gossiping.
-Tangier is full of gossips.
not a lot of clients, I hope.
It's much better
to be talking to one side
in this kind of business.
It's here.
Excellent. Excellent.
-May I see it?
-Mmm. I'll need
cash in advance.
-A thousand dollars.
-For something
I've never seen?
-I suppose that's
not how it works.
-My advice is
not to try the patience
of your client.
In a town like this.
In a time like this.
You'll be in touch. Soon.
Honey, it's a dowry.
They're as old as the hills.
-So, you knew.
-It's a dowry.
He's a homosexual, Mother.
Did you know that as well?
Well, I mean,
there's not that many
handsome unmarried lords
at that age. I mean, you know.
I'm not the one who
got locked up, Lucy.
I'm not the one that
no one else would marry.
Okay? Stop complaining.
How do you think I got a classic
eight on the Upper East Side?
I married an awful man.
That's what we do.
I want a divorce.
And add second hand?
To this situation?
Did you stop taking your pills?
You did, didn't you? You sound
like you're off your pills.
I hope you're still smoking
too by the way because
you get so fat.
Once you start, you never stop.
Goodbye, Mother.
Bye, darling.
What a mess.
Absolute mess.
Are you going to
tell Cherifa about Leo?
Yes. Better if it comes from us.
Will you just wait with this?
And what? Just act like nothing
happened and leave him?
I think you are forgetting
that Leo may be innocent,
but you are not!
-I don't care.
-You get involved with this,
it may come down on you.
And I helped to throw
that man's body off a cliff.
So, it might come down on me.
So, I forbid this.
-What? There is nothing
you can do about Leo.
-I am El Cherifa.
-Don't give me that.
There is no point in fighting.
Because you will lose.
That's how life is.
Life goes on.
You're in shock.
-I'm not in shock.
-I'm going to make you
some soup.
I don't want soup.
Fine. So, you
are El Cherifa, hmm?
You are the great El Cherifa.
But you know what?
You are nothing.
You're just a whore.
That is all.
Does she know?
About her father?
She doesn't ask if
he's coming back any more.
What will you do?
We do it.
We get up.
We fetch water.
- We cook.
- She goes to school.
We make her go.
But all the girls do.
She can read.
What will you do?
Where are you going back to?
What's your life?
I grew up in a palace.
A prince.
I am a prince.
This prince, he grew up
in a palace. In Alexandria.
His mother was
and wild.
And when his father died,
she didn't lock herself away
like they wanted her to.
She went out all night
and danced with men.
The mother had her life
to lead and the little prince
was very often
left alone in this
beautiful palace.
Sounds nice
to grow up in a palace.
I had all
anyone could ever want.
But who really looked after you?
You were a child alone.
I wasn't alone.
I had Safinaz.
Her and the other servants.
They would fuss over me.
Like I was their own child.
God, I loved Safinaz.
Good night, my angels.
But I never once saw her face.
I never saw her face.
I know my name.
But I don't know where I belong.
That's why I came to Tangier.
Because no one belong here.
Do you want to see my face?
I'm sorry, I
- I have to go now.
You've been very kind to me.
It's okay.
You were sent to us.
There is one
You are so dear to me
I want you near to me
Truly I do
Dearest one
You were sent to us.
When I'm awake from you
Each night I pray for you
Truly I do
Life, you know, is funny
And skies aren't always sunny
But please believe me, honey
Thank you.
Hmm. That smells nice.
What is that?
Come here and find out.
So now I live for you
How truly I do
Would you like some?
Oh, she doesn't know
how to inhale.
Take some. Go ahead.
Sorry, I'm not in the mood.
you're not in the mood.
You're becoming dull
in your old age, darling.
-This is delicious.
But be careful
with that, bonita.
You are not used to it.
It's very strong.
I really care ♪
Darling so
darling so
Darling, darling
if you love me
You won't let me go
No, no, you won't
Won't let me go ♪
Wilkommen. Bienvenido.
With anticipation and not
a little trepidation,
welcome to my film.
Let's see it first, shall we?
There will be bare skin.
There will be indecent dancing,
excessive and lustful kissing.
There will be sympathy
for criminals and
the selling of virtue.
Everything I'm not allowed
to do, oh, back home.
I thank my stars,
Dita, Esther, Lena,
Ingma. Oh, Ginger. Oh, Ginger.
And my discovery, Lucy.
-Come, take a bow, chicken.
Come on.
Ooh, steady as you go.
This is your moment.
There you go. Take your spot.
I'd also like to thank all those
who understand the value
of integrity and freedom.
Enjoy your film.
The childhood impression
that has remained with me,
cut off that umbilical cord.
Can we keep out humanity
and yet have flight
of imagination?
Play into her creation.
You're magnificent.
I don't
I don't know that girl.
I, I don't like that girl.
-I don't know that girl.
-Well, which girl do you
wanna be, Lucy?
I was not gonna cut off
that umbilical cord.
the thing that women
are going to have to answer.
I don't like that girl.
-It wasn't him.
Leo didn't kill Frederic.
-You can't be here.
-Please leave.
This is a private party.
-You have to help him.
-I don't think I do.
I don't like you.
Why don't you, huh?
You, keep going.
A whore and a Berber.
Please help him.
Help him.
He was an angry Arab.
And a mediocre lover.
As perhaps you know, huh?
Leave me alone.
I don't like you.
What happened?
I feel better now.
Yeah. I feel better now.
Hi. Come with me. Come with me.
Did you see it? I killed her.
She's gone.
Do you want to play a game?
Let's play a game.
I'm gonna be an animal.
And you're gonna hunt me.
Hunt an animal. Hold the gun.
Do it, do as you're told.
Hey, come here.
You do as I tell you.
Hold it straight.
Do what I tell you.
Yes. See?
That's a good boy.
That's a good boy.
Wait a minute. Hey.
You ready? Look at me!
Now, shoot. Okay?
- Do what she's asking.
- Do what she tells you.
Shoot! Shoot!
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Chico! My baby!
- Get out.
- Give me my gun.
-Give me my gun.
Give that to me.
Give it to me! No!
No! No! No!
Give it to me.
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