Little Birds (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

It's 4:00 am.
This better be good.
No, it's not good. No.
Some kind of Irish terrier.
Some kind of nasty dog
that you sent.
What are you talking about?
Your postman!
I didn't pop it
in the federal mail Hugo,
what are you talking about?
He wants a thousand dollars.
So give it to him.
Of course he does,
they all do.
And he's Irish.
The worst.
you're not listening.
This is him. The Irishman
and there's the client,
-Vaney's man.
Everyone in Tangier
is homicidal, Grant.
Are you listening to me?
You're in
a pickle, son.
He wants to kill me.
Ugh, no one
wants to kill you.
He was
very threatening.
Wait. The middleman
or the client?
Both of them!
Just give one the cash
and the other the goods.
I don't understand
why I'm awake
listening to this sob story.
I don't have the cash.
What do you mean
you don't have the cash?
What about your advance?
What did you spend it on?
Your little hookers?
My family had debts.
Jeez, son.
What kind of family
did we Savages
hitch ourselves to?
You had a simple job
and I expect you to do it.
It's not that simple.
Can I please just have a
thousand dollars?
It is that simple.
You are that simple.
You are worse than simple.
Can you just give me
a thousand dollars?
Ineffective people
I cannot abide.
You look down
your limey nose at me
and you take my money
and my daughter
like you're doing us a favour.
Well let me
ask you something,
Mr English Lord,
have you ever
in your ridiculous life
ever made the right decision
or achieved anything at all
that wasn't
shoved up your ass
on a silver spoon?
Can you solve anything, Hugo,
or are you just
the goddamn problem?
Goddamn it!
Now I'm awake!
Little birds ♪
I suppose
you're lingering to apologise
for the destruction
with which you repaid
my hospitality, huh?
Chico was priceless.
We were there
when he hatched.
-Poor Chico.
-Poor Chico.
-He died in vain.
-In vain.
I'm sorry about Chico.
What'd you say?
I'm sorry about Chico!
Ah, you should be.
Chico is dead
and you are alive, huh?
Despite your stupid tricks.
Not that you have had
your Tangier experiment
and your little parties.
Go on.
Go back to New York.
Go back with
daddy and mummy, huh?
Ah, Labonita. Shoo, shoo.
Yeah. Shoo.
Shoo, shoo.
-All that boy did
was say no to you.
Oh, Lili, darling.
The times we are in.
You can't trust anyone.
Not in this town.
Here you sit
like spent blooms.
Half of Tangier thinking
it's living the high life,
but you're just
overblown flowers, brown
and desiccated.
Blocking the sun for all
the green shoots underneath.
You're always
so poetic, darling.
Oh, so you are not coming
for Christmas?
Probably not.
But don't forget to write.
Yeah, write.
Where are you headed?
Somewhere off this hill.
Not sure I like the view.
-Is that enough?
Oh, no, buddy.
Don't embarrass yourself.
-No, no, no.
You don't want
to trade that for whiskey.
Yes, I do.
I swear, you and Abaza
both think this place
is a credit and loan.
Have you seen him? Adham.
No. Have you?
He's gotta square up
with me big time.
He's been buying drinks
for half the town.
You know how they drink.
All right.
Okay. Here's the new deal.
You see Abaza, you tell him
I'm looking for him.
I see Abaza, I'll tell him
you're looking for him.
Sounds like a fair deal.
Tell me about her.
I didn't mean to offend her.
-The Contessa.
Oh, the poor Contessa.
Spurned by her lover.
You think highly of yourself.
No. I just don't know
Why you are here
or where you are.
You are nowhere.
Tell me about Cherifa.
Because you are a nothing
You have no choice.
Can I have a vodka, please?
Your other half
was on Scotch.
Don't we just make
a beautiful couple?
People fight. It happens.
You'll work it out.
Is it obvious
that we're fighting?
You got the look.
Both of you.
What makes you
such an expert?
I see all sorts
from behind the bar.
What do you see today?
Hey, Ricky.
-Watch the bar.
-Très bien.
It's very modern.
Abstract Expressionism.
New realism.
I saw a Jackson Pollack once
with my father.
What did he think?
That the dog could do it.
I gotta say, I actually
didn't really understand
what he was trying
to say either.
What he's saying is less
important than the fact
that he's free to say it.
I mean, think
of some Russian guy.
You studied painting.
And the only work you can get
is, like, Stalin's moustache.
To democracy.
To democracy.
I just cannot figure out why
a rich girl like you is here.
In Tangier or
here with
a struggling artist
in his garret?
Let's start with Tangier.
What about you?
What are you doing
here in Tangier?
Are you still
feeling blue, Lucy?
What do you do with them
anyway normally?
The paintings?
Your models.
It's a very artistic process.
It starts
like this.
Lucy, you have
expressionist tendencies.
All right, see you.
Go on, then.
What are you waiting for?
You have other business?
Get off! Get off!
I don't need you.
You remind me of someone.
She was the freest person
I ever knew.
And I knew
she was free because
that's the way that
she made a person feel.
Like you could
do anything, go anywhere,
and be anyone.
And just being near her
gave you that feeling
like you were more awake.
Where is she now?
She freed herself
a long time ago.
Come on.
Wow, man.
That's beautiful.
What do you think
daddy would make of that?
I don't think
he'd put it on the walls.
It's too modern?
It's not modern enough.
Oh, no. I don't want
to be old fashioned.
Yeah. Me either.
I'm thinking more
Oh, yeah?
You're gonna make me purple.
Yeah, I'm gonna
make you purple.
Did daddy like purple?
-Does daddy know you're here?
Hey, hey.
What are you asking me?
I don't wanna talk
about my daddy.
You wanna talk
about something else?
Yeah, actually, let's talk
about how stupid you are,
how stupid this art is
The whole thing is stupid.
I mean
Yeah, I guess I'm kind of
ripping off Yves Klein.
Okay, I'm really
trying to find
my own voice, you know.
What are you
talking about, huh?
Who are you?
I'm Bill,
and I'm expressing myself.
No, you're not.
You're sitting here
and asking me questions
about my father
and it feels like
you're spying on me.
What are you, nuts?
You're nuts. You're paranoid.
Are you a spook?
My daddy hates purple.
We'll try again, huh.
Tell me what you have done.
I can't.
-Tell me! Allez!
-I don't know.
Tell me about Cherifa.
She's not mine.
She's not anybody's.
She's a whore.
I'm a thief.
We are the same.
No. My poor, little Leo.
You are not the same.
It must hurt
This one will.
Please, I don't know
what you want.
What does she sound like
when she cums?
Tell me and all this
will be over.
Tell me.
All right.
You want to know
what she sounds like
when she cums?
Is that what you want?
To touch her?
When she cums,
what does she sound like,
tell me.
All lies! Lies!
You're going to tell me I can't
support Moroccan nationalists
because I'm Egyptian?
It's not about
where you were born,
it's how you live.
I may not be Moroccan,
but I know injustice
when I see it.
And then you have to act.
You can't just be neutral.
Neutrality is complicity.
You just watch, say nothing,
you're just as bad.
Frantz Fanon, for example.
This is a black man
from the Caribbean.
He's a hero in Algeria!
A hero of the revolution.
He was a doctor,
a philosopher,
he's running supply chains.
What is Algeria to him?
Come, my friend. Sit.
A hero in Egypt's revolution.
-You see.
He's not from Algeria.
This is not about Algeria.
It's not about
national borders.
It's about humanity.
It's about demanding
freedom and respect
for human beings.
That is what Fanon was about.
Hey, Hugo.
Hey, look at me.
Come here, wider.
Yeah, that's good.
-What are you doing?
-I need to make you sick.
Come on. Sit up.
-What're you doing?
-Up, up, up.
-I just want to go to sleep.
No, you can't
go to sleep right now.
I've lost everything.
I don't want to stay awake.
I don't want to stay awake.
Hugo, come dance with me.
Come on.
You're great at dancing.
-I hate dancing.
-No, you don't.
You love dancing.
This is ridiculous.
Lucy, I need to go to sleep.
No, you can't sleep.
Well, you can't
-because you might not wake up.
-I'm going to sleep.
-You've taken a lot of pills
and you can't go to sleep.
I didn't take the pills.
I'm just drunk.
I mean, I tried,
but I can't
I can't swallow pills.
Don't be sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hey, come on.
Don't be so English.
-Come on, stop it.
You know, I think it's lucky
that you can't swallow pills.
In fact,
if there's anything in life
that you could fail at,
this is the one thing.
It's not lucky.
It's ineffectual.
I'm not capable
of killing myself. I'm
I'm not capable
of being alive.
I'm not
Definitely not capable
of being a husband.
I don't know how
to get up in the morning.
Let alone sell a MANPAD.
What did you say?
Man Portable thing
Anyway, I can't sell it and
I don't have a thousand dollars.
-Yes, you do.
-I told you, I don't have
any money.
Yes. What? Hugo, you have
all the money that my father
I'm so tired
and I have to pick it up.
-What do you have to pick up?
-The sample.
-I'm not cut out for this.
-Your father can do all that.
-What about my father?
-I'm not cut out for it.
-What? What do you mean?
Well, he
He wants a thousand dollars.
-Who? My father does?
-No, no, no.
-Not him. That rottweiler.
I can't fix it.
I can't fix it.
If you tell me
what is going on.
I will fix it.
No thanks.
I'm waiting for someone.
She's here.
Ah, she's not who
I'm waiting on.
Well, let's see.
An Irish accent, check.
Awful manners, check.
You're the man
I'm here to see.
That jumped-up drink of water
sent a pretty little girl
to do his business.
He's more of a pansy
than I took him for.
And I took him for quite
a pansy, I have to say.
But still,
if that's how he wants it.
I give you
the pickup instructions
just as soon as
I get the cash.
That "drink of water"
is my husband.
And that packet
you're carrying,
belongs to my father.
Well, hasn't daddy
been careless.
But just think this can
all be rectified very easily.
I'm a Courier.
Not a fence.
It's worth a lot more
than a thousand dollars.
You can keep the change.
Back for the good stuff?
Tell me what I don't know
about my father.
America's with the King.
He's dealing with the French.
How long have you been
watching him?
He's on a couple
of our lists.
I'll tell you
about your daddy.
One type of freedom
he cares about,
freedom to make money.
He sells to anyone.
No questions.
I like a warming gun
as much as the next guy.
But come on,
we got to get them
in to the right hands.
So what do you say?
-What do I say about what?
We need to know
who's side you're on.
I have to use
the ladies' room.
If you'll excuse me.
Oh, shit.
So, Prince,
what now?
Wanna reminisce about Masr
and sing with me?
I'd rather think about
the future and read with you.
Oh, I'm an expensive tutor.
-My education is expensive.
-I have cash.
But no change.
I have money.
Isn't that enough?
To spend it on
If I had your money
I would change the world.
I don't think
it's enough for that.
Said the rich man in Tangier,
hiding in his rich life.
I thought I was here
for love.
Why do you love him?
That's not something
you chose.
You love people
or you don't.
Maybe it isn't love
you feel for him.
Oh, I forgot.
It's love,
you sit on the beach.
I'm guessing.
I'm guessing
maybe you wanna be him.
It's ridiculous.
I don't want to be him.
Hey, I don't.
You know you're not
the first Arab
to drain the colour
from his skin with
the company he keeps.
Look around you.
These these people here,
they get their country back.
Change Change will hurt.
It is necessary.
But when it comes,
you know,
when the Arab nations
have a chance
to shape themselves
where will you
find yourself?
Who will you
stand with? Him?
Who will you be?
A hero of the revolution.
Love yourself.
What do you want?
He asked for me.
I don't want
to keep him waiting.
Hey I deal with this.
Come with me.
You've arrested
the wrong person.
-I was acting
on information.
-He's innocent.
Let me see The Secretary.
It will get you nowhere.
It's not about guilt
or the innocence.
Justice is not
that simple any more.
You should go now
before you make things worse.
Let me talk to him.
Please, sit.
-I'm sorry to have come
-No, no, no, no.
A pleasure.
There's been
a wrong arrest.
-For a murder.
A murder in Tangier,
I'm shocked
at what goes on.
I know him.
-A friend of yours?
-The dead man
or the murderer?
-Both of them.
What nice friends you have.
-Leo had nothing
to do with it.
The man you arrested.
-Your friend.
So you are here
to plead for murder?
Very well.
I will look into it.
Was there anything else?
I was wondering
if you'd changed your mind.
About what?
Needing a prostitute.
Suppose you tell me
everything you know
about this murder.
Poor, Fredric.
Ah, Fredric. That murder.
Well, we take that one
very seriously.
-He used to visit me.
-Yes, we know that already.
I opened the door to him.
I was dressed
to entertain him
the way he likes.
Black stockings,
-expensive perfume
-French perfume?
French perfume.
I unbuttoned his shirt.
And I asked him
what he wanted.
What does the swine wants?
What does he want?
He wanted me to choke him.
Like this.
I didn't mean to kill him.
He was a loyal customer.
What else did he like?
Why does it matter?
He's dead.
It matters
because I want to know.
It matters because
you are a murderer.
It was an accident.
So you say. I haven't heard
enough about your activities
to decide.
Oh, this is not
what you expected?
Shall I gather
a judge? A jury?
And Cherifa has
had an accident
and now she's here
to plead her case
and free her lover.
He's not my lover.
Poor bastard. Poor Leo.
Rotting in the cell
for your kinds.
And you deny him?
You know where he is.
Sit down.
Can you take me to him?
Tell me about the others.
I haven't killed
any others.
The others
you have entertained.
There was a French diplomat.
He wanted me to lead him
around on a leash,
and choke him
till he dropped.
There's a businessman
from Cadiz.
He like to cover me
in saffron.
He thinks it makes me
smell like a darker woman.
Is that what you want?
Do you like that?
He likes that.
What does he smell like?
and cigars.
There's a man from Kenya
who asks me to punish him
for his sins.
What are his sins?
Desire to be punished.
That's what
I punish him for.
Do you like punishing him?
Do you think he deserves it?
He likes me to tell him
he deserves it.
There's a man
who likes rubbish.
Used coffee, food scraps,
I save it up
and I throw it at him.
Such a mess to clean.
And another one loves wood.
I get him off wood spoons.
And another
wants damnation.
He makes me pretend
I'm the devil
welcoming him to Heaven.
With a tail
and a forked tongue.
Does it arouse you?
To play Satan?
I imagine it would.
The lord of his domain.
Take me to Leo.
You are tired of Leo.
You are tired of your life
without power.
I have power.
Men crawl to me.
You don't have power.
They are simply
asking you to borrow it.
Just for a little while.
Please take me to him.
Men and pretending
to be powerless,
they beg, huh?
During their pantomimes,
during their play
"acts of weakness",
they begin during the game,
"Oh, Cherifa,
"please, I am begging you
piss on my face."
The great power
of Al Cherifa.
What is it worth outside
your pathetic little home?
There is a world to discover.
A world you are
hardly aware of.
I hope, in time
you will see me differently.
I have been
clear with you
because there are lessons
you must learn.
You see that, don't you?
I am trying to help you.
Thank you.
I will take you to him.
Come with me, please.
What have you done to him?
Leo. Leo.
It's okay, Habibi.
It's okay. I'm here.
Cherifa, no.
You disappoint me.
Leo, please, no.
Bring me the gun.
I would have let him go.
It is nothing.
Not in our way.
Look have what
you've made me do.
You let in an assassin.
- Is Daddy home?
- Yes.
Yes, he's here.
Can I talk to him?
Yeah, of course.
- Grant.
- What?
All right, sweetheart.
I think she's back
on her pills.
Lucy, is everything
all right?
I don't know, Daddy.
What's happened?
It just seems
like everything is terrible.
Where is Hugo?
Are you all right?
I had to meet
a man and he
He was so horrible.
Hugo got
such a fright, Daddy.
Yeah, well,
he is easily frightened,
isn't he?
- I got afraid, too.
- I
I don't know. It
The French Secretary
and his right-hand man,
they want to
see you, daddy.
Everyone is talking
about you.
I'm afraid
and that I need you
to come and fix this here.
Lucy, stop it.
Daddy is gonna come and
Daddy is gonna figure it out.
I never should've
trusted that idiot.
You want
something done right,
you gotta do it yourself,
you know?
All right,
I've been expecting
a call like this.
Just not in control
of yourself.
Never have been,
you're like your mother.
She was never
in control of herself.
Never had
the run of herself.
-It's all right.
-So, you're gonna come?
-I will come.
Thank you.
Thank you, Daddy.
I love you.
- Bye.
- Good bye.
He's on his way.
You made the right choice.
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