Little Birds (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

The exiled sultan has
landed in France
on the first date
of his journey home.
Am I a toy
Or am I a treasure
Which of the two
am I to you?
Am I a puppet
that you dangle on a string?
Or is your love for me
a rare and precious thing?
Or will I be yours
to cherish forever? ♪
Or thrown away ♪
You look lovely.
Thank you.
You think Daddy
will like it?
I should get dressed.
Hugo, you don't have
to come with me.
We'll go together.
What does one wear
to catch a traitor?
-Secretary, hello.
To what do I owe
this pleasure?
I asked for your friend,
actually, but they said
he wasn't here.
He's dead.
Oh? Really?
I'm so sorry.
That's awful.
We were just doing
business with him.
-My husband and I.
Uh, that's why
I'm here, actually.
My father would prefer to do
business with you personally.
-He's here.
-In Tangier?
Tomahawk is all about
the personal touch.
The business was built on it.
That's what Daddy says.
That's what Daddy says.
Quite the family business.
But I'm not sure
if I trust the family.
You can trust me.
The woman who shoots at me
during lunch.
Very well. This evening,
somewhere discreet.
In fact, come for dinner.
It will be my pleasure.
There is a small farm
just outside Tangier.
We would be delighted.
Thank you.
I think Daddy will like you.
Au revoir, Lucy.
We are going
on a little trip.
We're expecting guests.
You stay there.
Get them together,
get the evidence,
get yourself out of there.
-We will follow up.
-Don't lose your nerve.
-I won't.
Well, well, well.
Oh, my God.
You're here!
-How come?
-Don't you look pretty.
- You think so?
- Grant.
You're still alive, huh?
Come on. We thought
you could use a drink.
Mmm, it has been a hell of
a trip already. Planes,
trains and automobiles.
I am about ready
for a drink.
It is true.
-Old fashioned, please.
So, you're about to see
Daddy finish a deal.
First of many.
Mmm. This place is ripe.
You can smell the business.
You did good, Gypsy.
But I'll take it from here.
Then we will all find
our way home.
What the cripes is this?
Where's the maraschino?
-Oh, no.
Maybe they're out of cherries.
-Of course.
Jesus. Of course,
they have cherries.
Rhodesia has cherries.
What's that?
Um, that's a whiskey.
My, my. What's next?
Tough cookie. You gonna
start your own syndicate?
Hey Hugo.
Married to the mob.
Oh! You are spoiling me.
Cheers, Daddy!
Sante, Corbeau.
Le jour de gloire.
It will soon be here.
The king's plane
is never going to land.
And you, Corbeau,
will have the honour of
blowing it out of the sky.
And the most perfidious
thing is that the kid
threw him into a ravine
and lied to Margarita.
"Margarita, your husband
has deserted you."
But he didn't
desert Margarita.
He got pushed off a cliff
by the kid, which wasn't
hard for the kid
because of Scotty's broken leg
which he got when they
captured Thunderhoof.
But the truth will out.
Won't it?
That's right, Daddy.
The Kid thinks he's gotten
away scot-free.
He's captured the horse.
He's got the girl.
They're headed back to Texas.
-The kid gets away with it?
-That's what he thinks.
He thinks he's gotten
away with it.
Old pal Scotty back
in the ravine, broken leg,
broken neck.
Does Thunderhoof help Scotty?
He's a horse, not a doctor.
Scotty's beyond help.
He's dead.
Neck, back, leg
everything is broken.
What happens?
-I don't know.
-Lucy knows.
Poisoned waterhole.
Right, he falls into it.
-Drinks from it.
-Gets delirious.
And starts saying
all sorts of stuff.
That's what makes Thunderhoof
a great movie.
It's about justice.
The more the kid loses
his mind with the poison,
the closer he gets
to the truth.
And he has to live with it.
He has to live
with what he is.
He has to look
at his slimy soul
and admit that
he betrayed his friend,
he betrayed
his friend's wife,
he betrayed everyone
who loves him.
And he has to look himself
in the eye.
Because if a man can't
look himself in the eye
where can he look, Hugo?
If a man can't stand up
and say, "I know who I am,
"I know myself,
I'm proud of myself,
"and I am not gonna live
in some disgusting way
"that I can't abide myself."
Tell me, tell me,
tell me, Hugo,
if a man can't do that,
if a man can't look
himself in the eye
without being disgusted,
what kind of a man is he?
When you meet
with a young man
early in Spring
He woos you
with song and rhyme
He woos you with words
and a clover ring
But when you examine
the goods he brings
He has nothing to offer
but the song that he sings
And a plentiful waste
of time of day
And a plentiful
waste of time
There was once a young man
courting a girl
He played a waiting game
When she refused him
with tossing curls
He let the old earth
take a couple of whirls
While he plied her
with tears in lieu of pearls
And as time came around
she came his way
And as time came around
she came
For it's a long, long while
From May to December
But the days grow short
When you reach September
And I'm not quite equipped
For the waiting game
Though I have
a little money
And I have a little fame
And the days turn to gold
As they grow few
Go find him.
And these few
precious days
I'd spend them with you
These golden days
I'd spend with
You ♪
It's all right, honey.
We don't need him.
I'm just gonna
go powder my nose.
These are gonna
go in here.
Put your foot up for me.
Recording device.
If he goes down,
how long for?
A long time. I'm sorry.
Lucy, honey.
I'm going home.
You should.
I hear there's a library
in Alexandria.
Even rich people
can read for free.
Um, is he here?
Who would I scream to?
I'm going to
tell you a secret.
I have never
been to France.
The Arabs consider me French
and the French,
they consider me an Arab.
There's only
one place I belong.
I am going to
make you an offer.
Our country is facing
a difficult time.
I can rule by force.
I can do a lot of things
by force.
With a Moroccan wife,
this nation will accept me
as its leader.
Your wife?
My queen.
Is this how you
treat a queen?
Give me your leg.
You may finish.
I will see you upstairs.
No surprises, huh?
I thought pastilla.
You know pastilla is tricky.
You see sugar,
you think it is sweet.
But it surprises you.
If you try anything,
Corbeau will kill you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
How do you expect me
to cook for you
without a knife?
You didn't used to
drink so much.
You drank
the whole afternoon.
Is that what you do?
You and Hugo?
Sit around and drink?
-No, Daddy.
The worst decision
I ever made.
Don't you have a scent
or something?
Just pound some lipstick,
pull yourself together.
-Sure, Daddy.
-It's like you have no pride.
When we get in there,
you let me do the talking,
do you hear?
There is a certain cadence
to making a deal.
A rhythm.
He talks, I talk.
He talks,
maybe I don't talk.
Maybe I do.
Maybe I won't.
Maybe I say something
not so nice.
Who knows?
You shouldn't pipe up.
The point is,
I am the decider
of who talks, all right?
Yes, Daddy.
You are the decider
of who talks.
-After you, my dear.
-Thank you.
Grant, I'd like you
to meet Cherifa,
my beautiful Maghrebia.
-Of course you two have met.
Yes. At the Contessa's.
Cherifa is to be my wife.
Well done, honey.
Fetch the pastilla,
my sweet.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-I am always invigorated
by the air out here.
City rat, myself.
Love the smell
of a hotdog stand.
To hotdogs!
Come, sit.
Cherifa has made pastilla.
My mother taught me
how to make it.
My mother taught me
not to eat sweet things.
You only think it's sweet
because of the sugar.
But it's not sweet.
It really looks sweet.
Yes, but it's not.
It is a traditional dish.
Let's do this
the American way.
Business before pleasure.
Of course,
but you don't mind
To business.
Why not?
To business.
Ah! How is business?
Good. Very good.
I've been looking
for a new place.
A summer home.
-Guess how many doors it has?
How many?
- Four.
- Ha! Four.
Corbeau, could you please
inspect Monsieur Savage?
For what?
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Humour me.
So, you have
a lot of summer guests?
I could have, yeah.
If I wanted, I could.
-No weapons concealed.
-Of course not.
I came here in good faith
and get met with suspicion.
Oh, come on, Grant,
you must be used to
security provisions.
It is the line of business
you're in.
Keep your mitts
off my daughter.
It is impolite to bring
a gun to a meal,
isn't it, Lucy?
Politeness, a virtue indeed.
But, unfortunately,
not the reason
she didn't bring it.
I got it from an assassin.
She tried to kill me with it,
didn't you, darling?
Yes, I did.
If you don't mind,
I'd like to clear this up
so we can enjoy our evening.
I was wondering,
how did Cherifa get it, Lucy?
Just how well
do you know each other?
I lost it, Daddy.
I stole it from her.
You sure you wanna
marry this one?
Seems like trouble to me.
Corbeau is armed.
No sudden moves.
All these beautiful women
shooting at me.
It has been
a little troublesome.
Well, you heard her.
Lucy has nothing to do
with this.
but I have to ask.
Your fiancee's a thief.
Shall I serve the food?
No, darling.
Dance for us a little.
Cherifa has no further need
to steal anything.
Except, perhaps,
the hearts of a nation.
I like you.
I like you, too.
-Do you mind if I
-Please, of course.
May I present
the Tomahawk Little Bird.
The latest high accuracy,
Man Portable,
Air Defence System,
Please note,
"S" is for "System".
It does not denote plural.
Common mistake.
Shoulder fire,
five pounds,
pop-up open sight.
-Lucy, I require assistance.
High explosive warhead
capable of taking out fixed
-or rotary winged aircraft.
-What is the range?
-I'll get to that.
-Yes, but what is the range?
Now, now.
Patience is also a virtue.
-Come on, Daddy,
tell him about the range.
- Yes, you are the decider.
- What?
I'm sorry that
I interrupted you, Daddy.
Thank you!
Now I have to start
all over again.
May I present
the Tomahawk Little Bird.
stabilised with fins,
200 meters.
-That is the range.
You're embarrassing me.
Click here, safety on.
This unit will not fire
until you release this.
Now, it is on.
The projectile is conventional.
Penetrating hit and kill,
Although, we are working
on an infrared version
which would allow this baby
to lock on to the thermal
signature of any target.
This is
a line of sight missile.
Projecting speed is Mach 2.
Identify your target.
Tank, armoured vehicle,
plain, aim,
disengage safety.
I will not do that
in the house.
And simply,
pull the trigger here.
That's it. Boom!
Just kidding.
But, if it's a boom you want,
you got it here.
I love it!
We have a deal?
That is how you make a sale.
Well done, Daddy.
That was
May I?
How funny,
it is much smaller
than I thought.
The whole point
of the weapon is its size.
Well, it's just
an observation.
Ah! Many people understand
the advantages
of smaller dimensions.
I did not say
I did not want it.
Do ya?
-Yes, yes.
Do you really want it?
-Do you really want this?
You really want
all the pretty things
you could do with it?
They make such a song
and dance about everything.
You didn't mind singing
and dancing in 1944, huh?
You'd all be
under the jackboot
if it wasn't for Americans
singing and dancing in 1944.
You got your 37 doors
out of singing and dancing.
-Only 27. What a pity.
All be dressed in grey,
believe you me,
you and this whole
lousy continent.
-Africa, Europe
You know what?
Come on, Lucy. No deal.
See, Pavlov,
he wants me to beg.
Common courtesy.
You invite us out here
to the middle of nowhere,
search us,
give us strange food,
doesn't even know
if it's dessert or not,
and now this
is no way of doing business.
Put it down.
Jeez. Perfect.
Corbeau, the Savages
are not leaving.
No, Secretary, they're not.
No, it's fine.
We'll stay here
and we'll make a deal, okay?
-That we will.
-We need the MANPAD.
"S" is for system.
Leave it here
or I will kill you both,
you and your daughter.
-Calm down, Corbeau.
-I counting to three.
We will finish
this business.
You say either, I say either.
We have a lot in common.
We are men of the world.
Potato, po-ta-to,
tomato, to-ma-to.
Cherifa, do as you're told.
We are like this.
A little more respect
is due, you know?
I came a long way
to meet you.
Yes, I know.
You are quite right.
You must excuse my associate.
He is like me,
just very excited
by the possibilities
your weapon offers to us.
It's a game-changer,
It will change everything.
You are quite right.
I have entertained
so many people.
Well, I suppose
we agree on that at least.
The French army
can be a little behind
the times, I do agree.
do yourself a favour.
Fix me up with an introduction.
I'm going back
through Paris.
Great capacity Tomahawk
from both quarters.
One man likes to cover me
in saffron first.
It stains.
But he thinks
it makes me smell
like a darker woman
and he likes that.
That will do.
My apologies.
I'm entertaining you.
He'll only take me
from behind.
He doesn't like
seeing women's eyes.
That will do.
So his ideal lover
is a blind, black woman
on all fours.
He crouches over me
like a demon.
And for another,
I have to pretend
I have no sex.
That there's
nothing down here.
He's scared of it.
He thinks
it looks like a wound.
-What is she saying?
-That is enough.
I'm entertaining you.
I'm very entertaining, right?
-You like it up the arse
or if you like giving it
up the arse,
I could entertain you.
I should whip his fat arse.
He would love that.
Where'd you get this one now?
No, no,
you would really like it.
-Stop it, Cherifa.
-They all like it.
I'm entertaining you.
They like rubbing it
all over me,
all over my body,
-especially my face.
-Stop it.
This big man just rubbing it.
All over my face.
-Stop it, Cherifa.
-Pulling my hair
and wrapping it.
-Stop it.
-Oh, Cherifa!
Oh, Cherifa!
So how many times a week
do you think I have
to wash my hair?
Shut up!
Let me make
this unpleasantness
up to you.
I will get something special
from the cellar.
first minted year
from this land.
There is only one bottle,
I will fetch it.
It will be worth everything.
Don't shoot anyone, huh?
There and there. Fuck!
Gypsy Colt.
What have you done?
I am so proud of you.
Look at that.
Single shot.
Never missed!
Not once in your whole life.
Come on, girl.
We got to get out of here.
-Come on.
-Proud of me?
Come on, Colt.
-It was good?
-Come on, let's go.
-Let's go.
-Daddy, that was good?
- So good.
-That was good?
Oh, yeah!
OK, Gypsy. Oh!
All right, you're OK.
All right.
You did good.
French piggy
Don't you come near me
with that filthy mouth.
You want me like this.
-This is what you want.
-Don't you say that.
Oh, don't die yet.
Look at yourself, sweetheart.
Like a hysterical animal.
Look at you.
You're not listening.
Look what you made me do.
We have to get you home
-and have you see Dr Maxwell.
-I don't want
-It's hysterical.
-We don't need Maxwell.
-Yeah, we do.
-We don't need Maxwell.
-exactly what
you were before.
A filthy rutting
-Daddy, no.
-What I need and what I want.
- And what I want.
- No.
-And what I want,
all of what you want.
All of what you want.
-I don't need Maxwell.
-You were like
-a filthy, rutting animal.
-We don't need Maxwell.
- Daddy no.
Daddy, no.
-I want! I want!
- I want! I want!
- No, no.
- I want! I want!
- No.
All what you want.
Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger
You may see a stranger
Across a crowded room
And somehow you know
You'll know even then
That somewhere
you'll see her
Again and again
Some enchanted evening
Someone may be laughing
You may hear her laughing
Across a crowded room
And night after night
As strange as it seems
The sound of her laughter
Will sing in your dreams
Who can explain it?
Who can tell you why?
Fools give you reasons
Wise men never try
Some enchanted evening
When you find your true love
When you feel her call you
Across a crowded room
Then fly to her side
And make her your own
For all through your life
You may dream all alone
Once you have found her
Never let her go
Once you have found her
Never let her
Go ♪
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