Little Voice (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

I Will Survive

["Little Voice" playing]
Hi, Charles. Good to see you.
Ms. Grant?
Ms. Grant?
I have Chekhov.
-[door closes]
-[whispers] Good job. Come on.
Hello? Ms. Grant?
-[dog barks]
-Oh! Ella. Ella, Ella. No.
[clock ticking]
[playing ballad]
It's everything I am and what I'm not ♪
And all I'm trying to be ♪
This is the part Where I spit it all out ♪
And you decide what you think of me ♪
I'm not trying to be complicated ♪
I'm never waiting To get the last laugh ♪
But I've been handing
out Benefits of the doubt ♪
I'd like a little bit back ♪
It's just a little voice
And if you're listening ♪
Sometimes a little voice
Can say the biggest things ♪
It's just my little voice
That I've been missing ♪
[woman] Hello?
Chekhov. Did you miss your mommy?
Did he wear his jacket?
-He got a little overheated.
Did my angel poop out my diamond stud? Hmm?
-Come on. Let it out.
Number one.
Find a job that plays to your
strengths and connects to your passions.
What's a good fit?
Let's go around the circle. Phil?
I'm saying, my passion's meteorology.
I want to be a weatherman.
That's what I'm saying.
I would like to repair vacuum cleaners.
I've enjoyed taking them apart and
putting them back together my whole life.
I wanna work in a theater.
That would play to my strengths
and connect to my passions.
These are wonderful aspirations.
We can help you network into these--
Wait. You skipped Bess.
Oh. Uh, that's all right, Louie. This is for you.
But you need a job now.
-She has a job.
-No. She fired herself.
You fired yourself? [sighs]
It's already hard enough to
find a job. That's what I'm saying.
I did something really stupid and impulsive
and I was gonna get fired anyway.
Did you want to get fired?
No. I really need that job.
-Well, then, that wasn't smart.
-Maybe you should apologize.
It's past that point. Moving on to you guys.
The question we're discussing
is bullet point number one.
Does this job play to your strengths
and connect to your passions?
I did feel at home there.
Really, really stupid.
Phil. Bess bravely shared that
she had a hard day on the job
and struggled with impulse control.
I'm a really good pourer. I
wonder if I could get your job.
-Really, really stupid.
-I get it.
It's not stupid. It happened to George Costanza
in the seventh episode of
the second season of Seinfeld.
Louie, we're discussing impulses--
When George quit his job,
he just goes back to work
and acts like everything is normal.
Bess, go back to Saint C's and
act like you never fired yourself
and everything will be normal.
[acoustic guitar intro]
[woman] Maybe I'll win, maybe I'll never play ♪
Maybe I'll lose Maybe I'll leave the game ♪
Something calling Don't know where I'm going ♪
I feel it in my veins ♪
Had some tough breaks
in this town Heaven knows ♪
Seen some heartaches
Weighed me down like a stone ♪
You're here. I thought you fired yourself.
-Did I?
-Oh, yeah. You were very clear.
You know, as the owner of
this club, I get to do a few things.
I get to choose who goes up on that stage,
and I get to choose when to fire someone.
And you know what I didn't get to do last night?
Either of those things.
And yet, somehow, they both happened.
[Bess] Understood.
-Was I right?
Did you get your job back?
Did you just pretend it
didn't happen like I told you?
I don't know yet.
When you try and skip a step,
that's when you inevitably trip and fall.
So, please, don't try to
skip any more steps. Okay?
And Shirley Temple on me.
Can I get it in a martini glass?
-[chuckles] Sure.
[Louie] Wow.
[bell dings]
[applause continues]
-[bell dings]
-Oh, shit. [gasps]
-Oh, my--
-Oh, God.
-We meet again.
-Yeah. So we do. [chuckles]
What can I say? You're my bad luck charm.
Still want it?
Yeah. Just put it on there.
Hey, I, um-- I, uh-- I liked
your voice. The other night.
Are you on drugs? What voice? I
barely made it through the song.
I heard enough.
We should play together sometime.
Here's my number.
[woman singing]
Do you remember the mini TED Talk that I saw
on the connection between
self-actualization and verbalization?
No joke. Lyft driving is the golden door.
I mean, I am constantly verbalizing.
It's like every time that back door
opens, boom! Another opportunity.
So, I picked up this one guy, right?
And he has a venue.
And he wants to start having
live music on Tuesday nights.
Small house, unintimidating,
and I told him about you.
Hand to God, I got you a gig.
A paying gig.
Wow. This is big news. This is really big news.
This plays to your strengths and
connects to your passions, Bess.
Well, look at you.
Yeah. I mean, wow.
Thank you, but I need to take
Louie to his support group that night.
-Dad could take me.
-And Tuesday night I work the late shift,
-and I don't wanna rock the boat with Al.
-You're not working Tuesday.
-You work on Wednesday.
-Right. Thank you.
Wow. Um
-Look how that worked out.
-Okay, sis.
I've still got to find out
who and what I really am.
I don't know yet. I'm trying to find the answer.
["Rolling in the Deep" playing]
I'm still growing, and my music is ever changing.
With respect to things that I haven't
done, I've got a million songs to sing.
Oh! [groans]
[song fades]
I do look very professional, but
I'm not sure if it says "will call."
This suit says, "I'm responsible.
You can rely on me." Ah?
I think he looks like an accountant.
Okay, let's quickly try on
another. I got a lot going on today.
Come on. All right.
[Louie] Do you think if I get the job, I
could ask them if I could leave at 2:00?
I need to be home in time for
Maude starring Beatrice Arthur,
who was in the original productions
of both Fiddler on the Roof and Mame.
Buddy, this is a new chapter.
Louie, when you have a job,
they get to decide your hours.
[Louie] I've never understood that.
Raul, we need to have this for
my daughter's first paying gig,
playing her own sweet songs tonight.
How do you know about that?
[Louie] There are no secrets in this family.
Ah. [chuckles]
You were always so cool up there.
What's the secret to good banter?
You don't need to talk. Sing
the song. Keep the mystery.
Here are your tickets. Enjoy the show.
-I already am.
-That job is yours. Louie the king.
[both chuckle]
When I used to make your dad's suits
back in the day, they were like second skins.
Guys, I think it's a little
scene-stealing for the will-call booth.
Bess, working in theater
requires a certain theatrical flair.
So true.
Raul, before we go too far
down the line, how much?
239 adjusted from 425--
You know, that's really more
than we were planning on.
For you, my friends, I'll
throw in the alteration.
And if you pay cash, no tax.
Throw in the hat and it's a deal.
Dad, no.
I got it.
Ah. Um
Put the rest on my tab.
All cash.
You know I'm good for it.
Let me just-- [mutters]
Just make sure I have it. Good.
I'll hit you later, boo.
No worries, Dad.
Now you can both strut your stuff.
Wear it in the show tonight.
Give you some swagger.
["Volare" playing]
-Here you are.
-[woman] Thank you.
I am so excited. I am so excited.
Team Bess!
What are you gonna start your set off with?
I was thinking, just as an
opener, early Aretha maybe.
He said original material.
I told him original material.
The gig is original material.
He also asked me to ask you who are you like?
I'm me. I don't wanna be like somebody else.
No. He means that you are
so-and-so meets so-and-so.
So, Bruno Mars is Prince meets Justin Timberlake.
So, you're
Uh [sighs]
-Alessia Cara
-All right.
-meets Carole King
Betty White.
She really likes dogs.
That'll line 'em up.
And I'm sure that you got the whole banter
thing down because you are just so funny.
Naturally funny. You know?
I was thinking of playing it closer to the vest.
Keeping the mystery.
Why? You're so funny. Just be funny.
How do you determine
when you've, sort of, arrived
and are what you wanna be in this
It's sort of a law of averages. It depends on--
-You don't bomb anymore.
-[interviewer laughs]
That's what it is.
["Night in the City" playing]
-So, you stoked for tonight?
If I didn't have a gig, you
know I'd be there in a heartbeat.
This is huge. It's like vision board huge.
-I mean, yeah, but it's--
[tambourine rattles, clatters]
[Prisha laughs]
Dang. Someone's ready to fuck shit up.
Yeah. Sorry, I'm just a little late for
two bassets and a bipolar whippet.
So, speed version of stage
banter crash course. Go.
Okay. Pretend like you're talking to me.
Well, I have to keep the mystery,
and I also have to be funny.
-Should I open with a joke?
-You're not a stand-up.
You're a great songwriter. Just set up the songs.
Tell them what inspired them.
Hi, I'm Bess fucking King, and
I'm about to make you feel things.
[Bess] Great.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you so much for coming.
I know you've never heard of me.
Okay, yeah. Uh, that was way too
loud. So, just, you know, one ''thank you,''
and you don't have to say they never
heard of you. They already know that.
So, go again.
What's up, New York?
Who are you, Billy Joel? Just be yourself.
Okay. Um
All right. Be myself.
Hello, everybody.
The first time I sang this song, I shit the bed,
so tonight, let's clean the sheets.
-Was that too much?
-Just a smidge.
I know. I've got diarrhea of the
mouth, and it's just me up there,
and there's nobody there to shut me up.
Why did I choose to go solo?
Solo doesn't mean you can't have a backup band.
But it feels like cheating.
That's because you feel like
you have to do everything yourself.
All the greats have had
backup bands. Okay, start again.
Oh, they're early. I have rehearsal.
We have a quinceañera tonight.
-What's up, Prish?
-Dang, girl. You got the ultimate day job.
-Oh, yeah.
Hey, sweet thing.
-I'm sorry, honey. I love you.
-[bell on door jingles]
It's okay.
[Bess] Hey. Hey. What's happening?
I'm Bess Alice King. Yo. I'm Bess Alice King.
Hey there. Hey there.
I'm Bess Alice King. Uh, named
after my grandmother nobody misses.
I'm a
Hey there!
I I wrote this song.
I wrote this song when I had this rash.
I wrote this song when I was so sick of my shit.
I wrote this song.
I wrote this fucking song, and
I'm gonna fucking sing it, fuckers!
[grunts, groans]
[Ethan] Someone dropped by.
Look who joined me for lunch.
Loves a good chicken pesto wrap.
-From Pret, no less.
Ella, come.
I'll pay for the wrap.
No need. She was good company.
Okay then.
-I, um-- I owe you an explanation.
-No, you don't.
-Yeah, I do.
-It's fine, really.
Bess, I wanted to explain
it the other night when--
Oh. Sorry, I didn't realize.
[Ethan clears throat]
-Ethan. Uh
-Ethan. I said that already. Sorry.
Right, well, uh, cheers then.
Damn. You could Airbnb this place.
It's, like, nicer than my first apartment.
Ouch. That's gonna look real pretty by tonight.
-Can I ask?
-No. Mm-mmm.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-So, I like the song you sent.
-When did you write it?
-You'll get the whole story
-when I'm intro-ing it tonight.
-Oh, no.
Everyone in the audience
thinks every song is about them,
so, if you tell them too
much, it bursts the bubble.
-Less is more.
That way, everyone gets to stay
completely self-absorbed like God intended.
Less is more. I know that, and yet I
[imitates rocket launch, explosion]
If you go off the deep
end, I'll start tuning. Loudly.
[plucks guitar string]
Here are the chords if you need them.
I was thinking we could
just start with that tonight.
[both playing song intro]
I made a list of what I love ♪
To make a document that
shows What I think I'm made of ♪
To tell me what I should do ♪
And hope it turns me In the direction of you ♪
Hey. Uh, I was-- I was just thinking.
Would you consider straighting it out?
'Cause right now you have it in 6/8,
and, uh, it would actually
sound great with a backbeat.
You know, like
[vocalizing beats]
Like, you know, leave a
little more room for the lyrics.
It's a little crowded right now.
Yeah, that--
If you-- If you play it straight ahead,
you can, um, cut against the sentiment.
You think it's sentimental?
Uh, in-- in a good way.
What's good about being sentimental?
I think
it's got a lot of feeling, and
it might be good to play against that.
-Look, I really like the song.
No, I-- I appreciate it, really.
I just-- I always heard it
a certain way in my head,
and, I think, let's just do it that way.
-Yes, it's cool. Yeah. Cool. Cool.
[playing song intro]
I made a list of what I love ♪
To make a document that
shows What I think I'm made of ♪
-To tell me wha-- ♪
-[music stops]
Maybe you've got a point.
Maybe. [chuckles]
-I'll follow you.
-Oh. Okay.
[music resumes]
[cell phone chimes]
Oh, shit. I forgot to turn off my Lyft pool app.
What's that mean?
[music continues]
Do you think I should wear
the shirt tucked in or out? I--
I know out is cooler, more laissez-faire,
but I think that I look a little bit
more professional with it tucked in.
Maybe try tucked in the
front and out in the back.
Dude, I'm messing with you. You look awesome.
[Samuel] Five minutes.
Got it.
Now, something a little different.
A little live music for your enjoyment.
A little, uh, Alessia Cara meets
Carole King meets Betty White.
[man chuckles]
Welcome, Best King!
[light applause]
[man] Yeah.
[microphone feedback]
Hey, everybody. How you doing tonight?
-[man] Okay.
So, here's a funny story.
Everybody loves a funny story.
-[plucks guitar string]
Um, last time I was on a stage like this, I--
[tuning loudly]
Never mind that.
Whoo. [chuckles]
That's how people become alcoholics. [chuckles]
[bar patrons chuckle]
[playing intro]
I'm facing all of my fears ♪
I've lined 'em up and wonder
How I've been with 'em for years ♪
They had me crippled before ♪
They made a home in my heart
But they're not welcome anymore ♪
I've spent too much time ♪
Wasted at the borderline ♪
Watch me as I walk right through ♪
No more running I'm coming back to you ♪
These days it's harder to breathe ♪
I'm no saint And sometimes I barely believe ♪
But I wanna change things ♪
Nobody's gonna fix it for me ♪
I've spent too much time ♪
Wasted at the borderline ♪
Watch me as I walk right through ♪
No more running ♪
I'm coming back like I was before ♪
Standing at the open door ♪
Watch me as I walk right through ♪
No more running I'm coming back to you ♪
[music stops]
[Benny] Whoo!
Was I right?
You were right, Len.
Have a good night.
[stammers] So, well, cash is
king. I do have a PayPal account.
Well, good for you.
[dance music plays over speakers]
Bringing it back to our
conversation, you know, we said that--
Next time, kid, I'll split the house with you.
All five people.
But you said that--
Benny, stop. Don't worry about
him. He's a Sopranos wannabe.
-You sounded great. Thank you.
-What are you doing?
Take it.
I'm not gonna take your bartending tips.
I said I'm paying you. I'm paying you.
The guy's a dick. We're in this together.
Why are you being so difficult?
I think you have a perception issue.
Okay, if you don't take this
goddamn money, I'm gonna fire you.
If this is how you're
gonna talk to me, I'll quit.
Who said that you were gonna
be working with me anyway?
Who would want to? You're too stubborn.
I'm stubborn?
You're gonna make me late.
For what?
-She's got a lot of pride. [chuckles]
-You think?
[plays guitar intro]
Well, sometimes I go out by
myself And I look across the water ♪
[stops playing]
No need.
All good.
-You hired me for the night.
-And you did great.
Good night.
[resumes playing]
Well, sometimes I go out by myself ♪
-Well, sometimes I go out by myself ♪
-And I look across the water ♪
And I look across the water ♪
And I think of all the things ♪
-And I think of all the things ♪
-What you're doing in my head ♪
-And I paint a pic-- ♪
-What you're doing in my head ♪
I paint a picture ♪
All right, all right, fine!
But we split the pot.
Whatever you say, boss.
[both playing intro]
Well, since I've come on home
Well, my body's been a mess ♪
And I miss your ginger hair
And the way you like to dress ♪
Won't you come on over ♪
Stop making a fool out of me ♪
Why don't you come on over, Valerie? ♪
Valerie ♪
Valerie ♪
Valerie ♪
Did you have to go to jail?
Put your house up for sale? ♪
Did you get a good lawyer? ♪
Hope you didn't catch a tan ♪
Hope you find the right man To fix it for ya ♪
Well, since you've come on
home Well, my body's been a mess ♪
And I miss your ginger hair
And the way you like to dress ♪
Won't you come on over?
Stop making a fool out of me ♪
Why don't you come on over, Valerie? ♪
Hey, hey ♪
Valerie ♪
Valerie ♪
Valerie ♪
[both vocalizing]
[Bess chuckles]
Valerie ♪
[Samuel plays final chord]
[Samuel] No takers?
[song resumes]
[Bess, Samuel vocalizing]
[Bess] Valerie ♪
[vocalizing continues]
[Bess, Samuel] Valerie ♪
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