Little Voice (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Dear Hope

["Little Voice" playing]
[mariachi music]
[woman shouts rhythmically]
[singing in Spanish]
-Can I have more vocals please?
-Me too.
[man] Good? Let's run one.
[mariachi music resumes]
[Bess] Rascal, come on.
"The winner will be awarded
three hours' studio time
with a professional engineer
at Electric Lady Studios."
-David Bowie did "Heroes" there.
-Patti Smith recorded Horses there.
Stevie Wonder recorded Songs in the Key of Life.
You got this. Let me see that.
"One song entry per person
written from the prompt 'hope.'"
-That's not bad.
-I've been known to be hopeful.
Girl, you are a hope-aholic.
You are hope AF.
You gotta do this.
Crazy. I could record a song
the way I hear it in my head.
When's it due?
Opportunity isn't always convenient.
You have a whole day.
You've written a song in a day.
I'll help you. What rhymes with hope?
Well, you're the artist.
Come on. [kisses]
[music continues]
[music ends]
[man on PA] All booths will be open in ten.
All performers, make your
way to the stage in 20 minutes.
Send 'em back.
Terrorist dykes, go home.
-[bottle shatters]
-[musician screams]
[Bess] Prisha! Prisha!
You still on your parents' insurance?
Prish, you're gonna have to call them.
[woman on PA, indistinct]
Are you in pain?
[softly] No.
[mother] Where is she? Where is my daughter?
[speaks Hindi] [in English]
What did they do to you?
-[father] Where's the doctor?
-It's okay.
-Where is the doctor?
-It's okay. It's okay.
The doctor came. They did a CAT scan.
So-- So, who did this? What happened?
-It was these--
-Uh, two crazy racists.
Racists? Did the police catch
them? Did you file a report, or--
We filed a report, but they didn't catch them.
Why would anyone want to hurt you? [speaks Hindi]
Are you all right, sweetie?
This is Ananya, Mama G.
-She's in the band with me.
That's why she was there.
Because she's in the band.
[father speaks Hindi]
Ananya, do you want me to call your mother?
You don't need to call her. She's
got enough she's dealing with.
[clicks tongue]
Look what this country has
done to our beautiful daughter.
-[father] Vilina, don't get upset.
The family's arrived, I see.
You're the doctor?
I come bearing good news.
Your CAT scan looks fine.
-You'll just need a few stitches.
-[mother] Thank you.
Excuse me. How old are you?
-You must be, like, uh, 22, 23.
-[cell phone ringing]
-[mother] He has a young face, Anil.
Oh, shit. Louie, I am so
sorry. I don't know if I can come.
What happened now with Louie?
He has his first job interview.
Ju-- Just go in, Louie.
Go, Bess. Go.
It is important for Louie.
-No, no, no. I-- I don't wanna leave her.
-No, don't you worry.
We will take Prisha back to
our house and take care of her.
Go to your brother.
Ananya, you come too, beti.
That's okay, Mama. I think Ananya
wants to go to her home and rest.
Nonsense. Bessie, go.
You're fine.
Louie, I'll be right there.
All right, bye.
[father] I mean, you can't have graduated.
Are you still doing your internship?
[elevator bell dings]
You said you were gonna come with
me. You said this was a very big day for me.
But I'm here now. You look great.
She told me she was gonna be five minutes.
Now, when she asks you how you are, you say
-I'm well, thank you.
-That's right.
She doesn't need to know
about every detail of my day.
No, she doesn't.
And don't forget to make eye contact.
And remember, if she asks you if--
[door closes]
-How are you, Louie?
-I'm well, thank you.
Would you like something to drink?
Uh, no, thanks. But I appreciate you asking.
-[phone rings]
Oh [sighs, mutters]
This is she.
[sighs] They were due to arrive yesterday,
but they said there had been an
issue at the printers, and so I called.
[manager] Yes. Yes.
-Well, I'll call them this afternoon.
-[whispers] What? What, what, what?
[manager] And I'll give you an update.
You're not supposed to listen to someone
on the telephone because it's private,
but how can I not listen when she's right there?
-[manager] Okay then.
-It's okay.
She knows that you're here, so she doesn't mind.
Thanks, Hal.
-Uh, she's finished.
Are we okay?
Yeah, we're okay, but I'd be more
okay if my sister could stay with me.
I could sit right here. I won't say anything.
He really is a fabulous worker.
He is so reliable and so
passionate about the theater.
Louie, your sister won't be with
you if you work here, will she?
So, I'm gonna have to interview you alone.
Of course.
[whispers] I'll be right outside.
[door closes]
The will call booth helps
customers with ticket requests.
Do you have a ticket lottery?
-We don't, but we do--
-I enter the lotteries every day.
Lotteries are an excellent resource
for people who can't afford to
see a show with the full-price ticket.
Well, we-- we do have rush tickets available.
Rush tickets are the worst seats in the house,
and you have to wait in line all afternoon.
I would never advise anyone
to purchase a rush seat.
Yeah, it is never acceptable for staff
to tell customers not to buy tickets.
Dear Evan Hansen has a lottery.
Have you seen Dear Evan Hansen?
-Oh, really, you must. It's excellent.
The will call position--
Evan Hansen is one of the most
successful shows on Broadway.
Of course, they didn't
have to get over the hurdle
of a negative review in the New York Times.
Thank you for your time, Louie.
Have you thought of
changing the name "will call"?
Will call was named before
the telephone was invented,
when people said, "I will call on
you," which meant, "I will visit you."
I think it's archaic and misleading,
and I believe it would be
more historically accurate
if you changed the term to
something different like "will visit."
-[men vocalizing, snapping fingers]
-Good morn or evening, friends ♪
Here's your friendly announcer ♪
[vocalizing continues]
I have serious news ♪
-To pass on to everybody ♪
-Everybody ♪
What I'm about to say ♪
Could mean the world's disaster ♪
Could change your joy and laughter ♪
To tears and pain ♪
It's that hate goin' round ♪
-Breaking many hearts ♪
-Breaking many hearts ♪
Breaking many hearts ♪
Stop it, please ♪
-Before it's gone too far ♪
-Gone too far ♪
People, you know that ♪
Love's in need of love today ♪
-[chattering, chuckling]
-Love today ♪
-Don't delay ♪
-[snaps fingers]
Send yours in right away ♪
-[Prisha's mother] This is not nourishing.
-[Prisha's father] No.
What is most overcooked
food in the world for 200?
-Hospital food. Of course.
-Hospital food.
Let's go to the cafeteria and
find something edible, huh?
I've never heard anyone speak Jeopardy! style.
I'll take ridiculous parents for one million.
No, they're great.
They might be more accepting than you think.
Well, they're not.
I know the world's changed, but they haven't.
I get it.
I mean, I don't get it, but I get it.
I came out to my parents when I was 17.
My mom blamed herself, because of course she did.
And then prayed to try to cure me.
Then threw me out of the house
thinking I'd come back straight.
That was five years ago.
I can't even imagine.
I mean, damn if Mother's
Day doesn't still fuck me up,
but I'm not the one that cut off ties.
They did. That's on them.
If someone really loves you,
why would they ask you to deny who you are?
Okay, I'm not defending them,
but I'm sure they do love you.
It's just their generation. Their culture.
People can change if they want to.
They watch Ellen.
They love their 15th century bullshit
more than their daughter. That says a lot.
-I'm sorry.
-Don't be.
I made a life.
I'm not living a lie.
[cell phone buzzes]
[line ringing]
[door closes]
I'm Frank DiLella, and this is On Stage.
Come on, Louie. You know
the rule. No TV before 6:00.
-You can watch it tonight.
Mom always let me watch TV.
-Well, it's me now, and that's the rule.
-[sighs] Too many rules.
"All children, except one, grow up.
Wake up, it's Peter Pan,
and he is to teach us to fly.
'I'll teach you,' said Peter.'"
Hey, wait, that's my line.
You're Wendy. I'm Peter, leader of the Lost Boys.
Okay then.
I'll teach you.
Oh, how lovely to fly.
I'll teach you how to jump on the
wind's back, and then away we go.
-[Louie chuckles]
You just think lovely wonderful
thoughts, and they lift you up in the air.
-But how do we get to Neverland?
-Second star to the right
-and straight on till morning.
-[Bess squeals]
[both laugh]
[both squeal]
-Yeah! [squeals]
-[chuckles] Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Whoo!
-[Louie chuckling, fades]
-[piano ballad plays]
[man] I prayed to God That the angel of music ♪
Would come down and give me a song ♪
That the words would be
true And say something so new ♪
That the world Would start singing along ♪
And I was surprised When the angel replied ♪
With a note that he stuck to my door ♪
That said "Nobody wants
to hear songs anymore" ♪
How is she doing?
She's okay. I'm glad we're speaking.
You know, days like today, they make you think.
I don't want to believe that there is
so much hate out there, but there is.
I know she seems so strong,
but Prisha's so vulnerable.
You must encourage her to be
more open to finding someone.
Do you promise me?
So pull down the staging And cancel the show ♪
Tell all the bands to go home ♪
Burn the piano and tear up the score ♪
Think of that studio time.
Writing a song about hope
after this day is hopeless.
I keep seeing that guy's face
who threw the bottle at her.
So filled with hate.
Don't give up hope.
People who get things done in this
world don't wait for the spirit to move them.
They move the spirit.
I just
We, uh--
We got cut off the other day, and I wanted to--
Seriously? You think this is the moment?
Will you stop?
I've never met anyone like you.
And it threw me.
And I know that I should've
mentioned Laila to you,
and the fact that I didn't
says it all.
But it felt weird just bringing it up,
and then suddenly you were gone.
So-- So, I brought her to
your work to make that right,
and that was a mistake.
And I am so sorry.
And I don't wanna be dishonest to you.
Or her.
You know, it's just so rare
that you meet someone so
And I
When you're
I understand.
You do?
Good, 'cause I don't know
what the hell I was saying.
-[Ethan exhales]
So, after such a shitty start, can-- can
can we be friends?
Don't question it. I might change my mind.
No. Okay, it's great. Great. [chuckles] It's
It's great.
[Bess chuckles]
Aren't you going home?
-I'm taking the train to my storage unit.
Yeah, so am I.
I have a project I need
to finish by tomorrow, so
So do I.
I could walk ten steps behind you.
Oh, no, that wouldn't feel creepy at all.
Yeah. [chuckles]
You seem sad.
[Bess] I don't wanna talk about it.
Why do people get off on
making other people feel small?
Why would anybody hate on Prisha?
She's everything that's right in this world.
It's so messed up.
Do you actually believe
that there's any hope left?
I think you have to look for it.
[musical tones playing]
[musical tones continue]
[Bess] Aw.
-[Ethan] Free at last.
-[Bess gasps]
[Ethan] Run! Run for the hills.
-[Ethan chattering]
-[Bess chuckles]
[ballad playing]
[Bess] Read a book on Hemingway ♪
[chattering, indistinct]
Closed my eyes to see ♪
The man himself appeared to say ♪
To write is just to bleed ♪
So I will write it down All the jagged edges ♪
The ugliness I've seen ♪
Until I change the truth
Rearrange the letters ♪
For beauty underneath ♪
[music continues]
[Bess] Dear Hope ♪
If you can hear me, don't go ♪
I don't feel you now But I know you're there ♪
Dear Hope ♪
I could really use you now ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Dear Hope ♪
Dear Hope ♪
[song ends]
[birds chirping]
[door opens]
[door closes]
How you doing?
Oh, long day.
Capped with my parents wanting
to set me up with my doctor.
I convinced them he's too young.
[Bess] Hmm.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know.
Did you think that I would judge you?
-Because I would never.
No, that's not it. I-- I know you wouldn't.
I'm your emergency contact.
I guess I didn't know how to talk about it.
I got so used to just tucking it away.
It's like a-- a secret I was
keeping even from myself.
Have you been with women?
I mean, I played truth or dare
at 14 and kissed Mira Patel.
And then I got drunk in college
and slept with my World Music TA.
But so did half the class.
But moving out of my
parents' home, I just let myself
Yeah, but what happened
yesterday was a sign. You know?
The universe is
telling me that this isn't right for me.
Who you are isn't a choice. It's who you are.
And the universe? Please, it's random and cruel.
Maybe it was telling you that
there's fucked-up people out there.
Why listen to them?
Seeing my mom at the hospital
The look on her face.
I could never choose to
make her feel that way again.
They gave up everything to give this life to me.
Their friends, their family.
So I'd rather choose the version that
doesn't cause my family any more pain.
Prisha, you are the brave one.
Look at your life.
You have already done the heavy lifting.
You are so yourself, and your
parents have accepted that.
Exactly, okay? They've accepted so much.
But they can't accept the fact that I
would wanna choose my own partner.
-Let alone--
-Your parents love you.
-They would never want you to live a lie.
-Yes, they would.
They would be very happy if I lived a lie.
-No, they want you to--
-They're from a different world.
They would want you to be happy.
You don't get it. I'm from a different world.
[guitar ballad starts playing]
I've never seen you look at
anyone the way you look at her.
[door closes]
[Bess] Dear Hope ♪
If you can hear me, don't go ♪
I don't feel you now But I know you're there ♪
Dear Hope ♪
I could really use you now ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Throw me a rope ♪
Dear Hope ♪
[song ends]
[piano ballad playing]
[man] There are places ♪
That I remember ♪
You sang in the night ♪
And it turned into day ♪
You're a songbird ♪
And we ain't seen nothing ♪
We ain't seen nothing ♪
You're a songbird ♪
God made you that way ♪
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