Little Voice (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Sea Change

["Little Voice" playing]
[birds chirping]
I didn't wanna wake you. I just
thought I'd go look for my dad.
Okay. I'll go with you.
It's okay. It's really early.
You should go back to bed.
Oh, no, I'll come with you.
Thanks for everything.
But no.
-I wanna help, Bess.
-I know.
You don't have to be in this alone.
I'll call you later.
[indie rock ballad playing]
[woman] And we were jubilant ♪
Willing to pretend ♪
We were not losing time ♪
Time wasted ♪
[Bess] He's a great dad when he's sober.
I haven't seen him like this in, like, a decade.
I stupidly thought this part of my life was over.
He did it once.
He'll find his way back.
The louder I call, the faster it runs ♪
The louder I call, the faster it runs ♪
The quiet is ours The work has begun ♪
The louder I call, the faster it runs ♪
I search for patterns ♪
Sense that isn't there ♪
If you guys have anywhere that you see
him, could you please let me know, okay?
Take care.
I've been letting him help me with rent.
God, what is wrong with me?
Bess, he's the parent.
It's okay for a parent to
help their kid with rent.
I should've seen this coming. I
should've been paying more attention.
Stop it. Stop blaming yourself.
You pay attention more than any daughter I know.
You've been through this before.
Do you remember? In eighth grade,
when he was gone for, like, over a month?
Samuel's right.
He'll make his way back.
And we're supposed to take Louie
to a fucking Broadway show today.
We can call the police.
No. Might be drugs.
Well, then we just have to wait it out.
Please, don't tell anybody.
Don't tell your family.
-Your mom. She'll--
-Course not.
This is all my fault.
Okay, not everything is in your control.
Trust me. I would prefer that
world, but it's not the one we live in.
[no audible dialogue]
Elaine said I could have this
balloon for my birthday redo.
That's nice of Elaine.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Elaine is nice after coffee.
Where's Dad?
Uh, he really wanted to
be here, but he got a gig.
But this is my birthday.
It's my birthday, take
two. Dad wouldn't miss this.
It's the revival of My Fair Lady.
We're not gonna be able
to go today, buddy. I'm sorry.
But this is supposed to be
my actual birthday present.
I know, but Dad had the tickets.
He didn't give 'em to you?
Well, his gig was upstate last minute,
and he couldn't get the tickets to me in time.
He feels terrible.
I feel terrible.
Well, we'll just have to rain check our take two.
This is the rain check. It
would have to be take three.
As soon as Dad comes back,
we'll all go see it together. I promise.
Why don't we watch some TV?
There's no TV during the
daytime. That's your rule.
Well, there's a Golden Girls marathon on.
Rule breaker.
[intercom buzzes]
It's Dad! I knew he wouldn't miss it.
Hello, Louis.
Hi, Mom.
My baby.
How did you find us?
Uh, I heard Louie announce
where he lived on his vlog.
"This is Louie King from the
Schaller House in Murray Hill."
And, uh, before I knew it, I was heading
to the airport and getting on a plane.
-So, after all the--
-You watch my vlog?
Of course I do.
I never stopped keeping
track of you. Both of you.
-Have you seen all of them?
-[Mom chuckles]
Every single one.
Why didn't you leave a comment?
Comments are very helpful
with attracting Internet followers.
I wanted to surprise you.
Well, you did.
You surprised us.
[The Golden Girls plays]
Hey, Louie, not now. Turn that off.
[voices on TV continue]
You said we could watch
The Golden Girls marathon.
-The next episode starts in two minutes.
-I know, but now we have a guest.
Louie, I said turn it off.
It's okay. It's okay.
You go ahead and watch, baby.
[laughter on TV]
Bess, I saw your video.
Your music is beautiful.
I'm late for work.
Uh, where you working?
I have a job, and Louie
has a doctor's appointment.
-I don't have a doctor's appointment.
-Yes, you do, Louie.
I-- I understand. I didn't
mean to disrupt your schedule.
We don't have a schedule.
We were supposed to be on
our way to see My Fair Lady,
but Dad got a gig upstate,
so right now we can stay here and
watch The Golden Girls marathon on TV.
Louie, we have to go.
But Blanche has a new suitor,
and Rose is fighting with
Dorothy to keep a stray dog.
We love stray dogs.
Okay, you can watch the theme
song, but then we're leaving.
I-- I know this must seem sudden.
Maybe we can all get together a little later?
Why don't you and I meet later?
Just the two of us.
I would love that. [chuckles]
Thank you.
Uh, how about our old favorite, Cup & Saucer?
It doesn't exist anymore.
-This isn't a doctor's appointment.
-Look around. There's doctors everywhere.
How are you today, Mrs. Finch?
I wanna introduce you to my brother, Louie.
Louie, this is Mrs. Daisy Finch.
She didn't say hello. I don't
know if she wants to talk to me.
No, she loves company.
She hears everything you say.
She could be a Golden Girl.
Louie, she was a chorus girl in the movies.
Oh, my goodness. Is that her?
She had a minor dancing role in
Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn.
-She's a star.
Mrs. Finch, you're a star!
You know, I really think we should
get this anniversary party started.
-[man] Happy anniversary. Congratulations.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-You know,
Mr. Mantone's doctor's been playing
music for him from his younger days,
and he's been getting some response.
[Bess] Why would he respond
to that and not his wife's voice?
Well, they say that music is stored
in a different area of the brain than language.
It's working.
Oh, excuse me. Excuse me.
Sal loves Frank Sinatra.
Do you know any Frank Sinatra?
That deserves a special song.
This one is for you, Sal.
[piano playing]
Some day, when I'm awfully low ♪
And the world is cold ♪
I will feel the glow Just thinking of you ♪
And the way you look tonight ♪
Oh, but you're lovely ♪
Never, never change ♪
Keep that breathless charm ♪
-Won't you please arrange it? ♪
-Ella. Ella!
'Cause I love you ♪
Ella, come.
Just the way you look tonight ♪
Just the way you look tonight ♪
[song fades]
[Mom] Bless what you have bestowed.
Oh, give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good.
His love endureth forever.
I'm so happy we're doing this.
How are things going for you?
Your music?
All good. Making progress.
Well, that's good.
It's-- [chuckles]
It's a hard life, the music business.
Yeah, well, it's what I love, so
I'm glad you found something you love.
Here you go. Two turkey clubs.
Ooh, uh, could we please have
-a side of extra avocado?
-Side of avocado?
She loves avocado.
Avocado. Got it.
I need you to know I didn't
plan on staying away so long.
The longer I stayed away, the
more I felt like I couldn't come back.
And I'm sure that doesn't make any sense to you,
but I was so young
and I had to grow up myself.
And I know that's not an excuse.
So, why now?
Why are you here?
At my darkest time, I've-- I found God.
He gave me the strength to heal.
And I'm here because I
have finally forgiven myself.
Well, at least someone has.
Honey, I don't know if you remember
how things really were back then.
It wasn't easy living with your dad.
He's not like that anymore.
People don't change, Bess.
You just said you did.
I've healed.
There's a difference.
Is there?
You know, I think we need some time.
So, how long do you plan on staying?
As long as it takes.
So, when you rehearsed that with
your pastor, what was my line after that?
[Alex Trebek on TV] James, back to you.
[James] Mercury, 1,000.
[Trebek] Queen's front man, Freddie Mercury,
was born on this island of Tanzania.
-[both groan]
He was born Farrokh Bulsara to Indian parents.
You have to go on the show.
Exactly. I mean, she's beating the
returning champ. Super fantastic.
Where is my third daughter?
-She loves it when I win.
-Mm. Where is Bess?
Uh, she has her hands full.
Full of what?
-[father] Okay.
-I need some air.
[voices on TV continue]
[traffic noise, car horn in distance]
I, um
-Oh, you want to-- Okay. Yeah, no problem.
[parents chuckling, murmuring]
You okay?
Bess isn't.
Anything I can do?
Nothing anybody can do, but you're a good guy.
So, uh
I actually need to say something.
It's, uh-- It's important.
I, uh
There's no right way to say this, but, um
I can't keep seeing you.
Well, that took a turn.
I'm in love with someone else.
I'm so sorry. I-- I don't
wanna lead you on anymore.
I'm in love with someone else too, if that helps.
[both chuckle]
-But I'm so great.
-[chuckles] Yeah, you are.
So are you.
I wish I was in love with you. You're so cool.
You too.
I'm in love with this other person, and it's
ruining my life.
Are you gay?
No, she's just
She's not Indian.
She's, um--
She's Chinese.
And, you know, my parents would lose it.
Yeah. Yeah, I get it.
I'm [clears throat]
Here it is, I guess.
I'm gay.
That feels so nice to say.
-Good. It should.
Okay, I have a crazy idea.
[clears throat]
What do you say we keep
this thing going for them?
Just to buy us some time?
Wait, no. You mean like pretend we're together?
Uh, I'm in.
I do.
[chuckles] Okay, I do too.
-Good idea.
-I think they're happy.
Sometimes I feel like quitting ♪
Make someone do my bidding ♪
You're laughing, but I'm not kidding ♪
I feel like I'm gonna lose it ♪
God knows I didn't choose it ♪
It's for the band.
Right when I wasn't looking ♪
Trouble found me ♪
They're all sober.
Right, I meant table five.
Well, there's nobody at table five.
Looks like you could use it.
-All good.
-You okay?
-All good.
-Yeah, you said that. What's so good?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Look. I'm here.
So am I.
Trouble finds me ♪
Ooh, trouble ♪
-Trouble finds me ♪
-Ooh, trouble ♪
Trouble finds me ♪
[women chuckling]
[instruments warming up]
So, I have good news.
-Oh, yeah?
You know that guy that my
parents are trying to set me up with?
He doesn't wanna do this either.
He's seeing someone else too.
So, we made a deal.
We'll pretend to date while you
and I keep seeing each other.
So, you wanna keep me hidden?
Okay, okay, not in those words.
Well, what words would you use?
-You want to lie.
-I have to.
No, you don't.
[singing in Spanish]
[horns playing]
There's a song in my head ♪
Oh, a line that never stops playing ♪
I'm not sure how it ends ♪
I can't remember when I
heard What you were saying ♪
[taps counter] Psst.
Yo. Two Buds and a Stella.
So, I met an A&R guy who wants to hear you play,
and I am telling you, this is the guy.
-This is the guy.
He works for a small indie
label. It's perfect for you.
I'm not doing it.
All the other people that we saw
were idiots. They didn't know anything.
Well, if four out of five dentists agree
Please. Elvis was told that
he was better off driving trucks.
The Beatles were rejected by Decca Records.
So, here is the plan.
Al is having an orphans' Thanksgiving
open mic night thing here in a few weeks,
and I think that you should do it.
You should get your confidence
back up before you play for this guy.
Benny. Stop.
Please stop.
No way. We gotta make this happen.
For me or for you?
F-For you.
I'm telling you I wanna quit.
This is what managers
do. They talk you off the cliff.
Get real. There's nothing to
manage. I can't do this anymore.
Yes, you can. We are in this together.
Benny! Let it go.
You gotta get your own life, because I
can't be responsible for one more person.
There's not much that I can protect ♪
So I keep my good humor alive ♪
Well, nothing disturbs your intellect ♪
Like feeling something you can't deny ♪
Justified ♪
Well, I don't want to be lost ♪
So, all's good?
Come here. Come here.
I want to see these walls ♪
Crumble and dissolve around me ♪
Look. Benny told me what's
going on with your old man.
-He shouldn't have done that.
-Well, so let me be your dad for a minute.
Now, for the first time
in his life, Benny's right.
I know you're in the tunnel, but
don't just throw yourself away.
[man] A whiskey rocks, please.
Gotta get to work, boss.
Heard mom and dad talking money again ♪
Fit a seven-person family ♪
What are you doing here?
Uh, I needed to see you.
-Didn't you move away?
-No, I want to explain.
Well, I'm working.
I ended it with Laila, and I
needed the money to move out.
I can still hear that song ♪
In my head ♪
But, Bess, I'm ready to--
-I can't do this right now.
So, I'm supposed to trust you
again because you're ready now?
It took time. It wasn't
that simple, but I'm here.
You can't just choose her
yesterday and then choose me today.
I'm not a fucking item on a menu.
-You know I don't see you that way.
-Everyone in my life does.
-Don't push this away.
-I didn't. You did.
Well, I am here now.
-And I'm not going anywhere.
-I don't believe you.
It was so easy for you to protect her
feelings this whole time and not mine.
It was just easier to hurt me.
-[song ends]
-[applause, cheering]
[guitar intro]
[man] I don't want you thinking ♪
I'm unhappy ♪
What is closer to the truth ♪
That if I lived till I was ♪
102 ♪
I just don't think I'll ever ♪
Get over you ♪
Your face, it dances ♪
And it haunts me ♪
Laughter still ringin' ♪
In my ears ♪
I still find pieces ♪
Of your presence here ♪
Even ♪
Even after all these years ♪
And even though I may seem ♪
To feel a touch of love ♪
I just don't think I'll ever ♪
Get over you ♪
I just don't think I'll ever ♪
Get over you ♪
I drink good coffee ♪
Every morning ♪
Comes from a place ♪
That's far away ♪
And when I'm done ♪
I feel like talking ♪
Without you here ♪
There is less to say ♪
And if I lived till I was ♪
102 ♪
I just don't think I'll ever ♪
Get over you ♪
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