Little Voice (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Sing What I Can't Say

["Little Voice" playing]
[dogs panting softly]
That one looks like it's staring at my butt.
Why are they here?
[mother] Homemade biscuits almost ready, girls.
I came here to change my shoes,
and my mom and Louie surprised me.
And then, uh, I haven't let them out of my room
because I haven't told her I'm a dog walker.
-That's mature.
-[dog whimpers]
So, how are you gonna get them out of here?
You're the dog walker.
I am?
Ah. I am. I am. Okay.
Well, Bessie, you know, you don't have to
pretend to be someone you're not with her.
Yeah, I know I don't have to.
-But I am.
But don't question it. Dog walkers
don't question, they just walk dogs.
[chuckles] This is so weird.
It's like we're 12 years old again
at a sleepover at your house,
and we're hiding that we're wearing eyeliner.
-I know.
-[Prisha laughs]
I know she's been over a lot in the last month.
You okay with all this?
With my dad gone, it's been hard.
-I mean, she's been helping me with Louie.
I don't know what to feel.
I know it's crazy.
I know I should probably hate
her, but sometimes I think I
She's your mom.
Everybody needs a mom.
[violin music playing]
[door closes]
I saw my old violin in the corner. [chuckles]
You kept it.
-Wonder of wonders.
-[Louie chuckles]
Prisha plays it sometimes.
I'm a little rusty, but, uh
[playing "If I Were a Rich Man"]
If I were a rich man ♪
Ya ba dibba dibba dibba Dibba dibba dibba dum ♪
All day long I'd dibba dibba dum ♪
If I were a wealthy man ♪
Bess, it's your part. Come on!
I wouldn't have to work hard ♪
Ya ba dibba dibba dubba Dibba dibba dibba dum ♪
If I were a biddy biddy-- ♪
Oh. Our friendly neighbor, Mrs. Shu.
Come on. Hi.
Uh, hate to miss the floor show,
but I'm running late for my job.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-[Prisha] Walking dogs.
'Cause that's what I do, you know.
Don't ask questions. I just walk dogs.
-[Prisha chuckles, mumbles]
-[door opens]
Today is gonna be the best day. We
have to do everything in order on my list.
[Louie] We have to go to where
you used to take us in Central Park,
rehearse for the vlog,
find a place to film my vlog,
and then film my vlog. [chuckles]
Mom, you're gonna be in my vlog too.
-Maybe I should film you and Bess
-[cell phone chimes]
like when you guys used to do shows for me.
Oh. I'm gonna have to join you guys later.
I need to meet up with someone for work.
Oh. Who?
Just some random guy at a label.
Well, that's nice.
[Bess] Yeah.
-Hey. Hi.
I'm sorry to leave you with your crazy family.
I gotta go deal with mine.
-Are we crazy?
-Yes. Yes, we are. We've lost it.
-Okay. Bye. Love you.
-Love you.
-Bye-bye. Wait, hold on.
-Bye, guys.
Hold on. Ooh!
[playing classical music]
I came in like a wrecking ball ♪
All you ever did was wreck me ♪
[Prisha's mother] Oh! Goodbye!
Goodbye! I don't know when we will see you again!
Never seen Mama so happy.
I think she loves Sundeep
way more than she did Nimitt.
-Yeah. Sundeep's great.
-He really is.
So, what are the next steps?
You sound like Mom.
Look, I know it all seems so
fast. I felt that way too. Don't worry.
I'm not in love with him.
I wasn't in love with Nimitt at first either--
-No, I love someone else.
-Wait, what?
I don't wanna disappoint them.
And I need you to know this
but I need you to be my sister, okay?
-[girl] Mommy.
-My princesses.
Do we know him?
You don't know her.
Why would you tell me this now? Here?
Because there never would have been a right time.
What do you expect me
to do with this information?
Support me?
Prisha, now there's gonna be a serious
lie between me and Mama and Papa.
[girls yelling]
This isn't a lie, okay? This is my truth.
And you're my sister.
And their daughter.
[mother] Mom! Look, look, look, look, look!
-You're here.
-She's here. We're all here. [chuckles]
-How was the meeting?
Good. But who knows?
Well, what'd he say?
Oh. Um
Just that, uh, he liked my stuff,
but he wants to think about it.
Do you think Dad will be able
to score this episode of the vlog?
It would give it that extra something.
He's still upstate.
When will he be coming back?
Soon, buddy.
I'm gonna look at the statue.
You have that look I used to get.
He's gone again.
There were bumps here and
there, but he was doing good.
I swear to God, he was doing so good.
And then
And then
He's so talented.
No one's more talented.
And we know what it's
done to him to have that gift
and still have a lifetime of struggle.
I don't want that for you.
A year ago today, I got laughed off a stage.
Maybe I should've let it go then.
Well, what if it wasn't your whole life?
Could you just love it and not
have to make a living from it?
Isn't that the most pure way?
Things don't have to be so hard.
You know, I would love it if you and
Louie would come to the lake with me.
It's quiet.
There's forest all around. I
even have a vegetable garden.
I think it would do you both some good
to be there with me for a while.
[Louie] Mom, how are you at accents?
Uh, wunderbar!
Okay, we can skip that part.
-[mother chuckles]
Come with me.
Let me take care of you both.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the one and only Chrysler Building
referred to in the hit Broadway musical Annie.
This is Louie King, and
we are coming to you live--
Hey, watch it!
Let's move over to the side
so we get out of people's way.
But this is how my fans
like it. In the middle of it all.
I have a very special guest today
who brought me to my very first show,
which was Annie, and we sat in seats C3, 4, 5, 6.
So here she is, today's special guest.
Hello, I'm Mary King, Louie's mom.
It's not a question. Sell it, Mom.
Uh, this is Mary King, Louie's mom.
Uh, you're at a two, Mom.
We're gonna need you at a ten.
Honey, you know, maybe I shouldn't be on camera.
I'm not cut out for it the way you are.
-But-- But you're our special guest.
-She could be the live audience.
-No, that's not how this works!
Okay, Louie, just keep your voice down.
This is my vlog though! I have 37 followers!
They're all relying on me to be
at my best, and this is not my best.
Right. On with the show. On with the show.
My sister Bess and my favorite
song from Annie was always "Maybe."
It was because we didn't know
where our mom was, just like Annie.
Maybe far away ♪
Or maybe real nearby ♪
He may be pouring her coffee ♪
She may be straightening his tie ♪
Move, please.
Ah. Louie
Betcha they're good Why shouldn't they be? ♪
Their one mistake Was giving up me ♪
All right, Louie.
Shh! You're making a scene.
That's the whole point.
This vlog is making a scene as it's supposed to.
-It's done now. We're done.
-No. No, no, no, no, no.
-Shut it down, Bess.
-No, no. Keep it up though.
-No. Louie, Louie. Shh! Louie, stop it.
-No, I'm trying to do this vl--
-You do not understand.
-Louie, be quiet.
You are ruining this! This is my vlog!
-Stop it!
-And you are not helping!
-Goddamn it, enough!
God says you get what you can handle.
[sniffles] And I wanted to believe that.
But, Bess, I know I wasn't blessed
with the kind of patience you have.
I couldn't find the calm inside me
to be able to take care of
Louie in the way he needed.
I was so out of my depth.
I was still a kid myself in many ways,
and I would sit all day in the apartment
waiting for Louie to come home from school,
and I would-- I would plan how it
was gonna be and how I was gonna be.
There were days where something would snap,
and my temper would get the better of me,
and I hated myself for-- for it.
I made Louie promise never to tell anyone.
I never did.
[mother sniffles]
And that is why I left.
I was protecting you from me.
I was scared it was gonna get worse,
and I wanted to stop it before it could.
I honestly-- I thought--
I thought it would be
better for you if I was gone.
Please forgive me.
I I will learn to be patient.
I can change.
Please, Bess, if you will come back
home with me, away from this crazy city,
I could show you--
Show us what?
That with nobody around for a
20-mile radius that you're not a monster?
Let us be a family again.
We are a family.
When you were gone, we built this family.
Me, Dad, and Louie.
I will never forgive you.
[stifled sobs]
I forgive you.
[sobs] You do? My sweet angel.
Thank you. [chuckles]
Okay. Well, you got what you
wanted. Come on, Louie. We're leaving.
Louie, would you like to
come and live with me in Ohio?
-I need to make it up to him.
Wouldn't that be nice?
To have a lake and a boat?
-Come on, Louie. Let's go.
Say goodbye, Louie.
Goodbye, Louie.
Goodbye, Mom.
I kept your secret.
I never told anyone.
I'm a good boy.
[softly] Wait, Louie.
You're the best big brother in the whole world.
I am, aren't I? Don't worry, I'll
always take care of you, Bess.
Hi, I'm Louie King at the Everly Senior Center.
And now, my sister Bess is gonna sing
some classical show tunes for the group,
because she should never give up music,
even though my mother says she should.
This first one is for Mrs. Daisy Finch.
She had a minor dancing
role in Breakfast at Tiffany's
with the late, great Audrey Hepburn.
So, in her honor,
Bess is gonna perform the classic
Academy Award-winning theme song from it.
Take it away, Bess.
[playing "Moon River"]
Moon river ♪
Wider than a mile ♪
I'm crossing you in style someday ♪
Oh, dream maker ♪
You heartbreaker ♪
Wherever you're going ♪
I'm going your way ♪
Two drifters ♪
Off to see the world ♪
There's such a lot of world to see ♪
We're after the same ♪
Rainbow's end ♪
Waiting round the bend ♪
My huckleberry friend ♪
Moon river ♪
And me ♪
[song ends]
Hi, Dad.
I don't know where you are.
I don't even know if you're
ever even gonna hear this,
but I-- I had to tell you.
You know how you always say music doesn't lie?
You were right.
Even when I lie, music doesn't.
Wonder of wonders.
[male vocal group] My dream maker ♪
I miss you.
Heartbreaker ♪
Can you come home?
Wherever you're going ♪
I'm going the same ♪
Two drifters ♪
Off to see the world ♪
It's such a crazy world, you'll see ♪
Are you okay?
-Do you wanna--
-Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, it's Sara Bareilles!
What? Hi.
You composed the score to the
hit Broadway musical Waitress,
auditioned for The Mickey
Mouse Club but didn't get in,
and sang "Dear Theodosia" on
The Hamilton Mixtape Volume 2,
which was sung by Aaron Burr in the show.
[laughs] That's right.
Wonder of wonders.
May I film you for my vlog,
Louie King, the King of Broadway?
-All right.
[softly] Thank you.
Oh. Hello.
This is Louie King on the
streets with Sara Bareilles.
So, Sara, why do you think you
weren't cast in The Mickey Mouse Club?
[chuckles] Um
Well, I-I forgot the words to my audition
song, so maybe that didn't help my case.
That's an interesting fact there, folks.
Ladies and gentlemen, Sara Bareilles.
Thank you so much. [laughs]
-Nice to meet you, Louie.
-Nice to meet you too.
-Thank you.
-No worries. Thanks, guys.
-[Bess squeals]
-I know.
How was your crazy?
Yeah. Me too.
And I wanna do something. I
wanna stop sitting it out and sing.
But I have to go right now
if I want to make it in time.
Come with me?
Fuck yeah.
As my dad always said, "Sometimes
you just gotta do it for the love of it."
Yeah, let's do this.
Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
You're my sister. The one I choose.
And you're my sister
and occasional mother
and trusted dog sitter.
Soul twin.
My bae all day.
[indie pop song playing]
[woman] I feel it all I feel it all ♪
I feel it all I feel it all ♪
The wings are wide The wings are wide ♪
[Prisha chuckles]
Wild card inside Wild card inside ♪
Fly away ♪
Fly away to what you want to make ♪
Well, I feel it all I feel it all ♪
I feel it all I feel it all ♪
The wings are wide The wings are wide ♪
Wild card inside Wild card inside ♪
[male emcee] We have two
slots left in this open mic tonight.
Come on up and sign up, folks.
Bess King is in the house.
I got your text. She's up.
-Look, I'm so sorry about the other night.
I was--
I'm not even sure who I was.
Artists can be temperamental. [mutters]
I don't want a free pass.
Don't think about it. Focus on this. All right?
One for the love of it?
-[both chuckle]
So I sent out a text blast
the moment I heard from you.
So hopefully a whole bunch of our people show up.
Now get backstage.
Bess! The VIPs have arrived.
Break a leg, Bess.
[Al] Okay, next up on open mic: Jeff Taylor.
-She's preparing. Artists prepare.
Hey, Louie. Over here.
There are a lot of people
here. It's almost to capacity.
A lot of unprepared people.
If they had watched my weather vlog,
they would have known it might rain.
I believe I could get you to call me ♪
Just by letting it swell ♪
Yeah, I believe ♪
[whispers] Hey.
[song continues]
Thanks for coming.
I don't scare easy.
Really broken hearts know
What it feels like to give in ♪
And barely spoken words Are
just as dangerous on a whim ♪
I believe I could get you to call me ♪
Just by letting it swell ♪
I believe I could get you to feel me ♪
Just by letting it grow ♪
I believe I could get you to want me ♪
Just by letting it swell ♪
I believe ♪
I believe ♪
I can't do this alone.
I wanna get there.
But I need you next to me.
Why should I believe you now?
[Al] You're up, kid.
-[cheers, applause]
-Well, here goes nothing. [chuckles]
[Prisha chuckles]
[Bess] Hey.
That's killer.
[Al] And now, one of Saint C's very own.
I wasn't sure I'd see her up here again.
Where did you come from, man?
We've been looking for
someone like you at the label. It's--
-[Al] So, hold onto your seats.
She's a force. Bess King.
[cheers, applause]
[woman] Yeah!
Hey, everybody. How you doing tonight?
-[phones: alert blaring]
-[man] Oh. What's that?
[Phil] It's a storm alert!
I told everyone there'd be a nor'easter.
Thanks, Phil.
-[alert stops]
-You're welcome.
Well, you guys did great. Let's try that again.
I'm Bess.
And this is Samuel on guitar.
And here's a song I wrote.
It's me.
[playing intro]
It's everything I am and what I'm not ♪
And all I'm trying to be ♪
This is the part Where I spit it all out ♪
And you decide what you think of me ♪
I'm not trying to be complicated ♪
I'm never waiting To get the last laugh ♪
But I've been handing
out Benefits of the doubt ♪
I'd like a little bit back ♪
[thunder rumbles]
[audience groans]
[audience murmuring]
It's just a little voice ♪
-[applause, cheering]
-And if you're listening ♪
[Bess, Samuel] Sometimes a little voice ♪
Can say the biggest things ♪
It's just my little voice
That I've been missing ♪
-[stomping foot]
-[Samuel vocalizing]
Hey! Hey! Come on!
-[audience claps in rhythm]
Looking over the precious
moments It hurts, don't it? ♪
They can cut both ways ♪
[vocalizing continues]
No amount of remembering The better things ♪
Can make the bad ones go away ♪
But I've been broken ♪
[Bess, Samuel] And the one to blame ♪
[Bess] So my savior of self-defense ♪
Taught me to sing what I can't say ♪
[Bess, Samuel] It's just a little voice ♪
And if you're listening ♪
Sometimes a little voice ♪
Can say the biggest things ♪
It's just my little voice
That I've been missing ♪
It's just my little voice
That I've been missing ♪
It's just my little voice
That I've been missing ♪
[applause fades]
["Aaron Burr, Sir" playing]
1776 ♪
New York City ♪
Pardon me. Are you Aaron Burr, sir? ♪
That depends. Who's asking? ♪
Oh, well, sure, sir ♪
I'm Alexander Hamilton
I'm at your service, sir ♪
I have been looking for you ♪
I'm getting nervous ♪
I'm Aaron Burr ♪
While we're talking Let me
offer you some free advice ♪
Talk less ♪
What? ♪
Smile more ♪
Don't let them know what
you're against Or what you're for ♪
You can't be serious ♪
-You wanna get ahead? ♪
-Yes ♪
Fools who run their mouths off Wind up dead ♪
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! What time is it? ♪
Show time! ♪
-Like I said ♪
-Show time! Show time! ♪
What time is it? ♪
Show time! ♪
Like I said ♪
Show time! Show time! ♪
[woman] So I am not yet ♪
What I will be ♪
But on your mark, set ♪
Ready, watch me ♪
I'm on my way now ♪
And if it's the way down ♪
Then as I fall, I just have to admit ♪
I don't know anything ♪
I don't know anything ♪
I don't know anything Anything, anything yet ♪
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