Living with Yourself (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Soul Mate

Great to see you.
It's been too long.
- Bye, Libby.
See you.
- Best of luck to Dennis.
I didn't know Dennis Bedtime? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Get into the bed.
Oh, I love you so much.
Oh, God.
This play is my life.
This is my story.
These are my thoughts.
Are you trying to piss me off? You're drunk on power.
I'm gonna do that pitch.
I'm gonna kill it.
You're gonna see that I killed it, then you're gonna get on a plane to Fiji or wherever and go! Are you sure? - What the hell are you doing? - Well, uh Should I be jealous of that pillow? Uh, what are you doing home so early? Well, your office called and invited me to your promotion party.
I came home to get changed.
Promotion? Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
They said the pitch went really well.
I thought you knew.
Uh, yeah, no, I did.
I just, um I wanted to surprise you.
Congratulations! I'm so excited.
Are you so excited? - Hmm.
So excited.
- Yeah.
Hey, do you wanna pregame with some champagne? I could run out to the store.
Actually, no, I'm gonna I'm gonna choose what I'm gonna wear.
By the way, where is your car? It wasn't in the driveway.
Oh, it's in the shop.
Oh, God.
Again? It's lucky I came home.
We can go together.
Although, if you if you wanna go ahead of me, I'll catch up.
I can take an Uber.
Why would you do that? Is something wrong? What? No.
You know, you should really enjoy tonight because you do deserve it.
You know what? You're right.
I do deserve it.
So, I'm thinking, "Hey, my luck might be turning around.
" Right? But before I can make a move, I guess I fell asleep in the backseat, because the next thing I remember, Kate is screaming.
She's terrified by this baby bear.
She just wakes up shouting.
So She's like, "Drive! Drive!" Then I wake up, I look around, and I think to myself "Where's the steering wheel on this car?" No? Well I guess it's funnier when he tells it.
Dude you have a twin? Miles, are you gonna introduce us? Um Uh, yeah, this this is, uh my brother from out of town.
Does he have a name? It's, um Miles.
Kate! Wait.
We have a history.
Excuse me.
- I - Don't say a word.
- You have - Not another word.
So, j-just to be clear, one day last week, you decided to skip work and you went to a massage parlor in a strip club where you let two complete strangers sedate you, resulting in this.
Is that right? It was a strip mall.
But, uh, basically, yeah.
And just one other question.
Are you insane? Can I say something? No, I don't even know who you are! So you So you both share the the same genes, like like, twins? - Exactly.
- We even share the same memories.
So you both remember our first kiss? - Yes.
- Yes.
And our wedding night? - Oh, yes.
- Yes.
And what I look like naked? Oh.
- Yeah.
- Well Do you have any idea what a violation that is? - A violation? Kate.
Come on.
- Well Legally okay, maybe.
Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and yes, legally.
How is that not a violation? - It's not like that.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
- What is it like, then? - I think what he's trying to say is that while those words have negative connotations Oh, yeah, yeah.
Just a little bit, Miles.
The words like, um like secret, or clone, graveyard.
Understood, but But if you look at it through another point of view Oh, no.
Stop it.
I'm not I'm not arguing with the two of you.
One of you is bad enough.
That, um That night when you made me that lovely squash thingy, that That was him, wasn't it? Yes.
And at that party when when you were being so fantastic, that was him? Yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
And afterwards, when we had sex, was it him? No, no.
That That was me.
That was all me.
Uh though, I'm not so sure that was a good thing.
Be sure, Miles.
None of it is a good thing.
This isn't all about you, you know.
Excuse me? You're unbelievable.
I was stuck.
I needed help, so I got it.
I'm sorry.
Maybe not in the way that you wanted.
Certainly not in the way I imagined, but it worked.
He's been great as me, better than I could ever be.
I'm sorry for the way things have been.
I-I am.
But I needed this.
I needed him.
I still do.
At least until this Hillston thing is over.
If he's willing.
It's up to Kate.
I don't even know what to say.
But I do know one thing.
I want him, whatever he is, out of this house, tonight.
Fucking column.
Wife kicked you out? My wife, actually.
Right here? Yeah.
Brochure says there's a fitness center and a pool.
It's just till the Hillston campaign is done, a couple of weeks.
Don't worry about me.
You can keep the phone, and we'll get you a few more things for the place this week.
And a car.
It's fine.
I never thanked you for your help with work and, uh Kate.
Even she can see you're better than me.
Thank you for not I don't know what I'd do if she left me.
I'm going to an EDM festival tonight, if you wanna come.
House music is so good, because it, like, gets in your body.
You know, and then everybody is, like, pulsating as one.
It's like a collective heartbeat.
Hooray, it's the weekend.
My clone brother.
All right, so, you feel like you're married? - Yeah.
- But you're not? No.
- It sucks.
- Yeah, it does.
- I'm empathizing.
- Are you? Yeah, I'm trying.
I mean, honestly, the whole concept of marriage is just bananas to me.
You're lucky you left before Mom started the real fun.
You know, there is a beautiful Judeo-Christian notion.
Although, it originally dated back to Egyptian mythology Okay.
Pedantic, Henry.
Anyway, it says that a marriage is the union of two halves of the same soul separated at birth, that that each of us has a a literal soulmate, who each of our own half soul yearns to to join with and form a whole.
And that we are incomplete without that union.
You know, like, Jerry Maguire.
- Hmm.
- Right? "You complete me.
" Oh, yes.
I love that.
I don't know, it just you know, it seems like it's relevant to this.
- Does it, Henry? - Mm-hmm.
How exactly is that helpful in this moment right now? Well, I mean, you know, there is a There's a lot of half souls in this situation.
- Hmm.
- Listen.
- Do you actually want some useful advice? - Yes.
Kate is out.
Okay? But out there is a whole new world of people, right? And all of them wanna get laid.
And if they don't, somebody else does.
You got Tinder, Da8er, you know, Grindr.
You can branch out.
You could find anybody you want, or you could do it the old fashioned way.
You find somebody hot, ask them out.
Trust me, like any real love, start with the fucking.
That's what he did.
Now look at him.
Are we almost done, darling? Not even close.
See you later.
Would you like to have a drink or something? Slap me.
- Huh? - Don't move.
- Okay.
- Aah! Oh.
Oh! Ooh! - Okay.
Don't stop.
- Wait.
What? - Oh, okay.
- Should I - Mm-hmm.
- Like that? Hey, you wanna go dancing? It's 3:00 a.
I know, but there's a barge dance in the city.
This DJ steals barges.
It's now or never.
- Uh - Nevermind.
I'll just tell them you're old.
Is there a grown up here? Dad! It's for you.
Emma, go eat pancakes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Uh, I-I know you said not to come back.
You know, I, uh I never got your name.
Um So, uh, you You live here? In the back.
With your wife? No.
Well, uh Yeah, my wife is, uh with the other one.
Uh Ah, shit.
You want us to clone a client from a hair sample without her consent? Yeah, but it's okay.
She's my wife, sort of.
We provide a service for clients.
We don't manufacture humans for your pleasure.
Besides, two of the same person is a bad scene in case you hadn't noticed.
It's very bad.
Did you see that sign out front? We had to shut down the entire branch thanks to you.
I'm out of work, man.
You gonna pay my rent? Even you being here is dangerous.
Uh, corporate doesn't like us.
They are not nice people.
- Sorry? - You should be.
Why didn't you just leave town like a normal person? You haven't told anyone? - No.
- Good.
Leave here.
You should be ashamed.
Let's find my soulmate.