Locke & Key (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


Can everyone see that? Okay, so what you don't wanna do here is you do not wanna cut the underlying organs, so you are going to lift the umbilical cord as you cut.
So now that you have the skin flaps there, you're gonna wanna pin them down with your dissecting pins, which I'm clearly out of at the moment.
Okay, pin those flaps.
I'll be right back.
No! Ew.
Sam! Sam.
Come on Have a seat.
"Jingle Bells," huh? Um Well, Principal Westmore wants three weeks of after-school detention.
Three weeks? Your last incident wasn't even a week ago, Sam.
You're lucky it's not worse.
People were laughing and I guess I got carried away.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Bud, you're not the first person to seek the approval of others.
It happens.
But lately, it feels like you're getting carried away a lot.
What's going on? I don't know.
How are things at home? Not the best, but I dunno.
It's okay.
Look Sam I have been in your shoes.
I screwed up a lot in the past.
I know what it's like, and I wanna help you.
You do? Yeah.
You mentioned trying for vocational school after graduation.
I did a little digging.
Sam! And I found a few programs at Sam! I see you, Sam.
How's that sound? What's that place? Uh That's my family's home in Massachusetts.
It's cool.
You grew up in that house? It's been in the family for a very long time.
This etching it reminds me where I came from.
Helps me appreciate where I am.
I totally forgot about this.
I'm worried about what the Well Lady said.
I think we should call Tyler.
I lost my phone down in the caves.
The sea caves? Yeah, me and some friends were trying to shoot some stuff for our film.
Kinsey? Tyler? All right, I think this is the last of my stuff.
We should get Mom's phone to check on Tyler and see if he's safe.
If you're that worried.
Why would Well Lady break a window? She can come and go from any door in the house.
Maybe it's not Well Lady.
Then who is it? Tyler? Hey there, Mrs.
I'd really appreciate it if you didn't scream.
- Please don't hurt us.
- Shut your mouth.
I want you to go hide.
What are you gonna do? I can't just leave Mom.
I've got a better idea.
Just don't freak out when you see my body, okay? What happens to your body? I don't know.
It just kinda looks weird.
Like what? Like a sock without a foot in it.
Or like I'm dead.
Just guard my body, okay? And keep the door open.
Bode? Holy crap! Okay Mom? Mom? Mom? I really don't know what you're talking about.
Where are they? How did you get out? - I escaped.
- Hey! There was a small fire.
- Then a friend helped me get here.
- Mom! Why did you come here? To get the Head Key.
I'm sorry? The Head Key? One of the special keys.
Don't act like you don't know.
Does this have something to do with Rendell? Don't lie to me! I'm not lying about anything.
I want to help you.
I just don't know what you're talking about.
The kids will know.
Where are they? Sam.
Please, Sam.
They won't know anything - about anything - Shut up.
Let's go.
I'm gonna go get help.
Are you okay? - It's Sam Lesser.
- What? He's got Mom and a gun, and he says he wants the Head Key.
- How does he know about the Head Key? - I don't know, but he's here.
What are you doing? Improvising.
Let's go.
Hey, Kinsey.
Hey, Bode.
Let her go.
Yeah, totally.
I can do that.
We can all be friends.
Just give me the Head Key.
What's that? Do you know how angry it makes me to be disrespected? I know you know what I'm talking about.
So tell me where the goddamn key is or I'm making it two for two for dead parents.
Okay! Just stop! What a bright boy.
Bode, don't! It's okay! I have this key.
What is that? Where did it come from? And it is in my possession.
Therefore, you cannot take it.
This isn't how she said it's supposed to look.
What do you mean, she? Did Well Lady send you? Well Lady? What's he talking about? You two, you know? Yeah, but it's hard to explain.
You got what you want.
The Head Key.
Try it.
I don't think so.
What do you have? You can tell I'm losing my patience, right? Where is the Head Key? Tyler has it.
Well, then I guess we're gonna have to wait for Tyler.
Who's hungry? 'Cause I am.
What did you say this game is called? You drink, I drink.
Mm It's just so complicated.
Can you walk me through it again? Why are you wearing Tyler's clothes? Someone has to explain to me - what's going on.
- No, they don't.
Turkey tetrazzini time for all of you.
It's pretty good.
I just wanna try and help you, Sam.
That's all.
Help you get what you need.
Just spoons.
No sharp forks.
I'm a vegetarian.
Then eat around the meat.
In the meantime, I think we all ought to have a proper catch-up Nobody? Okay, me first.
Prison sucks, you guys.
I think that's kinda the point.
That's true.
Probably is the point.
But I broke out.
Yeah, we can see that.
How about you guys? Come on, how's Matheson? - How's the brain swelling? - Kinsey! What? He said he wanted to catch up.
I'm just curious how the swelling in his brain is.
You know, from when you fractured his skull with a hammer.
Shame she didn't finish.
Eat your dinner.
One for you, one for me.
What the shit is this about? I don't remember you asking permission.
We were hungry.
And my goddamn cola? She was thirsty.
What, is there no water in the sink? What I thought.
Hey! "Hey," what? Just leave her alone.
Hit me.
- No.
- Hit me, you little wimp! What did I teach you? Expect a right hand punch to be thrown, throw your left up to block it, and throw a right of your own.
- Where do you think you're going? - It's my friend.
- Who? - My friend.
Hey, how you doing? I'm Randy, Sam's dad.
And you are? I'm Tyler.
Tyler Locke.
- Oh, nice to meet you, Tyler.
- Nice to meet you.
You're early.
Yeah, got out of practice sooner than I thought.
Oh, practice.
What practice? Tyler's on the hockey team.
Let's go.
See you around, Tyler.
Yeah, see ya.
You fellas have fun.
That's an interesting tattoo, Sam.
The Omega symbol.
Came out well, I think.
I noticed it the last time we saw you.
You wanna talk about Mr.
Locke? I was asking about your tattoo.
Because you want to know what it has to do with Mr.
- You think I'm stupid? - I do.
Well, I'm not.
So, let's do it.
Let's talk about Mr.
What would you guys say to Rendell Locke if he were here right now? I'd tell him he should've had your looney tunes ass committed before you destroyed our family.
What would you tell him, Sam? The man who tried his best to help you before you shot him? I'd tell him that this is all his fault and it always has been.
Why is it his fault, Sam? If you explain it to me, I can help you get what you want.
Who sent you to our house back in Seattle, Sam? Dodge cares about me.
She's the one who needs the keys.
Well Lady's name is Dodge.
You know who he's talking about? Why does she want the Head Key? Because the Head Key allows you inside someone's head.
And someone knows how to open the black door.
Who knows? It's none of your business.
Did this Dodge person tell you to kill Rendell? Remind me why I have to answer any of your questions.
I'm the one with the gun.
So what do we do now? What do you mean? I mean the night's young and I'm not done with you yet.
I really, um I really should be getting home.
I know this really good bar just outside of town, huh? I really should go.
Some other time, - maybe.
- Okay.
Okay, why don't we just drive by the lighthouse then? Maybe go for Round Two.
Oh, thanks.
Can you give that back, please? What? This key? Give it back.
Why don't you just take it from me? Key House! What do you have for dessert? Hope you're not one of those sugar-free mothers.
There's popsicles and ice cream - in the freezer.
- In prison, I had this caramel custard thing.
That was really good.
Get him, Ty! Tyler! Tyler, be careful! No! Quite the greeting, Ty.
But I'm glad you're here.
I need the Head Key.
What? The Head Key! Now! - I've been waiting! - I don't have it! Bullshit! - Sam! - You have three chances to give me the right answer.
- Sam! - Tell him, Kinsey.
Now! Tyler doesn't have it! Of course you lied.
Where is it? I buried it.
Out in the woods.
Why would you bury it in the woods? Because it's dangerous! And we knew somebody might want it.
Why should I believe a word you're saying right now? Because I don't want you to hurt anybody else in my family.
Well, then you, me and Bode are gonna go dig it up.
Sam? - Sam.
I'll go with you.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Take me instead.
- Shut up! I don't need either of you.
- Bode doesn't need to come.
- Sure he does.
He's my collateral.
Right, little buddy? Sam, if you harm my children, you will wish I only had a hammer.
Do you understand me? Such a spitfire.
That's exactly why I'm taking them and not you.
Let's go.
If something happens to me, remember to take care of Sally.
Sam! Please! So, what happens when Dodge or whatever opens the black door? Shut up and walk.
I bet you don't even know why you're doing this, - do you? - I said be quiet! You can't trust her.
All she does is lie to make you do stuff you shouldn't do.
She lied to me and now she's lying to you.
Spoken as the son of a liar.
So - how have the past few weeks gone? - Good.
Really good actually.
I don't know if Tyler told you, but him and I have been hanging out some.
Well, that is, uh that is good to hear, Sam.
- And class is going okay? - Yeah.
How are things on the home front? Hold that thought.
Oh, uh Yeah, hold on a sec.
Yeah, tell him I'll be right there.
Okay, thanks.
I'll be right back.
Hang tight.
Sam? Sam? You don't have to be afraid.
What are you? I'm your friend.
I Or at least I want to be.
Look on the desk, Sam.
Just look.
Open it.
They're not your real friends, Sam.
They lie to you.
You're nothing more than a virus to them.
But me I would never lie to you, Sam.
'Cause I know how special you are.
Stop! This isn't real! Yes, it is, Sam.
And I know how to get you what you want.
You just have to listen to me, okay? Just listen.
Whoa Sam? Sam! This is the spot.
Oh, it's no use.
- Screw this.
- What are you Jesus, Tyler.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm all right.
- You have your phone? - Yeah.
Where were Bode and Kinsey - before Sam got here? - Winter Study.
911, what's your emergency? You do know that if there's no Head Key down there, I'm gonna have to kill both of you.
- It's down here, I promise.
- Then hurry up! Really? That was your plan? I have no choice now.
You realize that, right? What? Holy shit! Let's go! What did the cops say? Five to ten minutes.
Maybe we should go out there.
What are you doing? What is that? Oh, my God! Mom! Mom, wait! Get out of my way! He shot them! Shit! Tyler? Enough of this.
You made me do this! I can't let her down! I can't! What the hell is that? - Holy shit! - What the hell is going on? Sam, Bode and Kinsey? They ran off.
Into the woods.
- The gunshots.
- Some creature attacked me.
Bode and Kinsey are okay? If that thing didn't get them.
Is that me? And that's my front door.
What the hell is happening? It's the Head Key.
And this is real? You've seen it before, Mom.
Not this, but magic.
You just can't remember.
Why can't I remember? Is this why you killed Rendell? Tyler, I screwed everything up.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
I didn't wanna kill Mr.
Locke, I didn't.
I just wanted to find the keys for her.
Dodge? That thing I said to you about my dad, that had nothing to do with it? If you ever do decide to kill your dad, do me a favor: kill mine while you're at it.
What did you say to me? It doesn't matter.
I thought you were my friend.
But you lied to me.
You and your dad, you both lied to me.
Yeah, my dad pushed me to hang out with you to to try and help you! But I actually liked you and we were friends, until you showed up at my house with a gun! She told me I was special.
That she cared about me.
You think if she really cared about you, she'd be making you do any of this? You don't understand.
I think I do.
What's on the other side of that door? It's inside Sam's head.
What do you mean his head? Mom.
Mom! Stop! - Thank you, Sam.
You found it.
- Sam! - She can't take it from you.
- Shut up! Not unless you give it willingly.
All of this could've been avoided if your idiot father had just told Sam what I needed to know.
What are you doing? Do you really think I'm special? Of course I think you're special, Sam.
Promise me you're not lying.
Mom, are you okay? Do you think I would lie to you? Sam.
Sam! Just tell me you're not lying.
Just tell me! Maybe I can't take keys from the Lockes but anyone else is fair game.
Let's go.
Let's go! Come on! Why did you? Why? There's a reason why no one loved you, Sam it's because there's nothing special about you at all.
Goodbye, Sam.
He's inside! I got the bags.
What the hell? Police! Police! We need an EMS on the scene.
No! No, no, no! We've got no vitals.
Kinsey! Bode! The cops are all gone.
Why don't we just clean up in the morning? Bode and Tyler are upstairs? Yeah.
Why don't you get some sleep, too? I don't think anyone's sleeping tonight, Mom.

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