Locke & Key (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Ray of F**king Sunshine

1 Ready with the celery? Ready.
This was a great idea, Rufus.
I think Nina and the kids are really gonna like it.
A good meal is important after a battle.
How much longer is he going to stay here? Not much longer.
Not to break rank, but you said that two weeks ago.
I need you to hang in there.
You remember the rule, right? We can't let anyone know he's here.
No breakfast? We're making a soup to take over to the Lockes.
Figured it was the least we could do.
Terrible what happened to them.
The kid that showed up, it was the same kid that murdered Rendell, right? Talk about a dog with a bone.
Rufus, will you go down and see if we have another can of tomatoes, please? Where were you last night? Did you somehow have a hand in this, Lucas? If anyone had a hand in what happened at Key House it was you, Ellie.
You take care now, Kinsey.
Thanks, Mr.
Another casserole.
Is it weird that when you die almost die, people bring you food? Totally.
I guess it's nice that people care.
I'm sure they're all super stoked that we lured a psychotic killer into their nice little town.
Here, let me help.
What are you thinking about? I don't know.
How messed up this all is? Dodge is the reason Dad's dead and she got what she wanted.
She got the Head Key.
Sam said she's gonna use it to try and open the black door.
Black door? Yeah, it's in the sea caves.
My friends and I went down there to film our movie.
I was checking the caves out and found the door, way in the back.
I know you told me not to.
So, what's behind it? I don't know.
I didn't know how to open it.
That's why Dodge wanted the Head Key.
Somebody has this information in their brain.
Who? One of Dad's old friends? I mean we know they used the keys and they went down to the sea caves at least once.
- I want to see it.
- I'm not sure that's a good idea.
We lost track of time down there and then the ocean came in.
We almost drowned.
Two fifteen is low tide.
You should've come with me the first time.
Oh, my gosh! Look at all this stuff.
Random people have been dropping stuff off - all morning.
- So nice that they care.
Mm! That is pretty good.
And you guys are cleaning! Thanks so much, guys, for chipping in! Why don't I go get started on the study? That was weird, right? Mom? Mom? Mom? Sorry.
I thought I could save it, but it's a goner.
Here, I can help.
It's fine! It's done.
See? Oh.
Oh, honey.
You being back in this room, it it must be Hey what you did to Sam you had to.
It was self defense.
You saved our whole family.
I don't want you to ever think that you didn't do the right thing.
And if you want to talk about anything that happened, I'm here for you.
If you don't, that's okay, too.
Do you? Mom? Want to talk about it? Any of it? I'm okay.
But no emotion is wrong here.
You should feel however feels right to you, okay? Okay? Okay.
I decided to move that old cabinet in here.
Gives the room a whole different energy.
I might make some more changes in here, too.
What the hell? Come on.
What are you doing? Looking for her stash.
She's clearly drinking again.
She's acting a little off.
We're all a little off right now.
It doesn't mean she's drinking.
Kinsey, you know the cycle.
First, she gets all happy, carefree, then she'll get weird and emotional for a while, and after that, she'll just shut down, won't get out of her bed.
Don't tell me you don't remember how this goes.
Of course I remember.
I'm just saying Spearmint.
I smelled it on her breath.
She reeks of it.
Can't say I'm surprised.
Nothing that's been going on makes any sense to her.
Is it our fault? That we've been lying to her, about the keys, about everything Sam said.
I dunno.
I just I just wanna find the booze and throw it out.
What are you guys doing? Nothing.
- Uh - We're just helping Mom.
Yeah, she, um she lost her phone, so What are we gonna do about Dodge? She took all our keys.
You know what? Letting us handle it right now is helpful.
Come on.
Let's go downstairs.
I'll make you chocolate chip pancakes.
Hmm? - Detective.
- I hope I'm not intruding.
- Did you forget something? - No.
I just wanted to check in on you.
Not in an official capacity, just as a Matheson neighbor seeing how you're holding up.
Hope that's okay.
Of course.
Come on in.
Sure I can't get you some tea, Detective? No, thank you.
And please call me Daniel.
How about something to eat? You'd be helping me out.
Chances are if you name it, we've got too much of it.
The blessing and the curse of living in a small town.
Everybody knows everything, and most people like to show their concern with food.
For sure.
You should see the collection.
Now, if Vincenzo shows up with his lasagna I should call you? You should consider that lasagna the bright side of an otherwise terrible situation.
You know, you could go anywhere.
Maybe getting out of town would do you guys some good.
My brother-in-law Duncan offered us his place up in Boston, but I think we're better off here.
Getting back to normal.
We're fine.
If you ever want to talk I know we don't know each other very well, but sometimes that helps.
I can be Thank you, Daniel.
Well, you've got my number in case you need anything.
Either police-related or otherwise.
Take care, Nina.
- Are you okay? - Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just moving some things around in here.
Why are you following me? It's Jackie.
She just texted.
Then why does she need to ring the bell? - Hi.
- Hey, Kinsey.
- Did you guys carpool? - No, actually, we just, um We randomly got here at the exact same time.
And it gets weirder.
Dueling chowders.
Looks like you're not hurting for comfort food.
No, this is this is great.
Oh, my goodness! The cavalry has arrived.
Hi, I'm Nina.
I'm Jackie.
It's so nice to meet you.
I just wish it was another time, you know, different circumstances.
People come into our lives exactly when they should.
Or so they say.
- Hi, I'm Gabe.
- Hi, Gabe.
So do I have you two to blame for the fact that I hardly ever see my kids? Maybe? I'm joking! I'm thrilled that you guys are forming relationships.
- Mom! - Oh, I'm not talking about romantic ones.
I mean, my God, I I don't even pretend to know, but friendships, friendships are the foundation that we stand on.
I really believe that.
I'll just say they're lucky to have you guys.
Really! Especially given recent events.
Yeah, well, we like hanging out with them, too, so Mm! Don't be strangers, okay? This is as close as we'll get to attending our own funerals.
Okay, let's go upstairs.
You wanna, um You wanna go somewhere and talk? Hi, Nina.
Rufus, do you want to go and find Bode? - I think he's upstairs in his room.
- Ten-four, ma'am.
When I heard what happened to you guys, I just felt sick.
Especially after Joe's memorial.
I am so sorry, Nina.
I really am.
Don't be.
You were hurting and I was interrogating you - I should've been more understanding.
- and for what? I was just trying I don't know.
Have you ever had that experience in life, where it just doesn't make any kind of sense and you're so angry about why things are the way they are? Yeah.
I have.
You wanna come in? Yes.
I want to apologize for bailing on the 5k and at that party I was a dick.
I shouldn't have left.
It really hurt me.
I'm so sorry.
I know.
Don't do it again.
Ellie? Kinsey.
I'm so glad you guys are all okay.
Is everything okay with you? Me? Sure, why? You haven't been approached by anyone strange? An unusual visitor? Um Like say a very pretty girl about yea high, dark hair? No.
Haven't seen anyone like that.
You have to take, like, four casseroles with you.
Do you have Vincenzo's lasagna? Sadly, no.
I should get back up to Gabe.
Mom! Mom! Aw Did you know that Rufus has a P-51D Mustang? - That's a car? - An aircraft.
A model airplane.
Bode wants to come over and work on it with me.
If it's okay.
Yeah, it sounds like fun.
Well, if that's okay with you, of course.
Might do him some good, you know, to get out of the house for a bit.
Of course.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Have fun.
- Thanks, Ellie.
- Sure.
Come on, Rufus! Hey, you got into Parsons, that's awesome.
Oh, yeah.
I wasn't snooping by the way.
That was just like sitting there.
It's fine.
Well, you don't seem very excited about it.
Yeah, I dunno.
I used to think I would be.
Should I be? I'm not going to tell you how to feel.
- That's very smart of you.
- Mm.
Although, if I was speaking selfishly, I can't say that I'd be thrilled at the idea of you being away the whole summer.
No? Well, I think you'd be the only one who'd miss me.
What? That's not true.
You're the only one who's here, Gabe.
Okay, Doug and Zadie, they wanted to be here, okay? And I haven't talked to Scot yet, - but I'm sure - They're all still mad at me.
I get that.
I deserve it.
No, but I think they're all just a little freaked out.
I mean It's kinda crazy what happened to you and your family.
Yeah, no shit.
When I heard that guy came back who does that? What did he want? Was he after revenge? What does my family have that no one else in the world does? Like 19 chimneys? No.
Oh, you mean like magical keys? Yeah.
But how did he I mean, I thought that hardly anyone knew about those.
That may be a story for another day.
Sure, yeah.
Yeah, no rush Your secret's safe with me.
I hope you know that.
I do.
Thank you.
Kinsey! Someone's at the door for you! I'll be right back, okay? Your mum let me in.
She's really quite friendly.
Kept calling me "Scot with one T.
" - It was - I thought you were pissed at me.
I've been I was.
Look, I really was.
But, you know, then what happened happened and I just I mean, that kind of thing is it's bloody unbelievable, isn't it? So it kinda puts everything else into perspective, and yeah, it just it seems kinda silly to be mad now.
I'm glad.
Listen, Scot, you should know that I'm That you're sorry? Yeah, I know you're sorry.
Yeah, I am.
I'm really sorry, but also, you know Why don't we just consider that box ticked, yeah? I only get like 30 minutes on break from work and I already spent half of that time getting my poxy car started and driving over here, so if it's all right with you, I would like to spend what little time we have giving you this.
Not rocky road? Yeah, I thought maybe just, like, a little bit too soon even for me.
Hey, Scot.
Gabe just came by to, you know, see how I was.
Yeah, yeah.
- Come in.
Hang out with us.
- No, no, no.
I shouldn't.
I, uh I'm due back in a few.
And my car's acting up.
And also I need a I need a good few minutes to get the old apron on nicely.
So, uh, I'll just I'll see you soon.
I'm really glad you're okay.
Thanks for the mint chip.
I should probably head out, too.
But I'm gonna give him, like, a minute's head start if that's cool.
This is not easy.
Beats being home.
Is it hard to be there after what happened? It's not really that.
It's just Tyler and Kinsey have been keeping secrets from me again.
And it's super frustrating.
How do you know they're keeping secrets from you? Wouldn't that be secret? They think they're protecting me.
But they're wrong.
Just because they're older doesn't mean they're right.
What's up? If your direct commander wanted you to keep sensitive intel on an enemy classified, would you, under any circumstances, disobey that order? Do you have an enemy, too? Or are we talking about mine? Rufus.
Who's your little friend? This is Bode.
Bode, this is my cousin.
We're really busy right now.
I can see that.
So, I didn't know that Rufus had a cousin.
Where are you from? Nowhere in particular.
Move around a lot.
I like living with Ellie, though.
Sorry to hear about what happened at your house.
Thanks, but like Rufus said, we're sort of busy right now.
Hey, guys! Brought you some fresh cookies You said you were going to be out all afternoon.
Well, I just got back.
You guys want some ice cream to go with these? Yeah! Mom? Mom? What's wrong? I I broke this earlier.
It was in pieces and I put those pieces in this cabinet and I I I locked them in there.
And then when I opened it just now, my mug it was just sitting there! Fixed! Like new, like magic or something! But that's insane.
See? Yeah, I do.
It's not just this.
The This morning, I looked into the mirror and I saw me, but it wasn't really.
It wasn't a reflection.
She wanted me to join her, to to step into the mirror Kinsey, I know how this is gonna sound, but I think I did step into the mirror once.
I think I got lost in there.
I don't know how, but Does this have something to do with Sam? With those things he was asking you about? With with these keys? You're looking at me like I'm crazy.
I don't think you're crazy, Mom.
This all seems pretty crazy to me.
I think I need to talk to Tyler.
Talk to your brother.
put your head on my chest That old cabinet Bode thought was a dud, it's not.
It can put things back together.
Mom's the one who figured it out.
She showed me how it works.
She made it fix Sally right in front of me.
- She's seen magic before.
- Yeah.
But she's retaining it.
She's even remembering it from way back.
She told me she remembered getting lost in the mirrors.
Definitely not crazy.
What's different? Why now? It doesn't make any sense.
She's drinking.
Maybe that's why she can suddenly remember.
It has to be.
Right? It's the only thing that's changed.
What are we supposed to do? If she keeps drinking, she'll keep remembering and finally be on the same page as us We'd be able to tell her the truth about everything that's been going on.
Same team.
For real this time.
But you know we can't let her.
So we lose her either way.
This really sucks.
It's almost low tide.
We should go.
Dad's jacket Yeah.
It's gonna be freezing down there.
What happened to yours? Uh I left it at Javi's party.
All right.
Let's go.
Don't you look gorgeous today? I almost didn't recognize you.
I'll just see myself back to the visitors' area.
Actually, Ms.
Erin is with Gustave right now.
Who? Don't take your eyes off the quarter, my friends.
Remember when a quarter used to actually buy you something? And who even uses coins anymore? They just sit around in dishes and in drawers.
Why not just make them disappear? Great.
Thanks, Randolph.
How about a round of applause for Randolph.
Now, I want you to see what I'm gonna do here, okay? This is gonna happen quick.
I'm going to bend this spoon using just my mind.
Oh, my.
Look at that.
Randolph Hey, Vossie.
I got you a little something.
Well, technically, it's a gift for me, but you get to provide the key component.
I made a pun.
Here's hoping Rendell shared all his secrets with you.
Spare me the weird stuff though, okay? Just show me where he hid my Omega Key.
What is that? Lighting stand.
How much further? Kinsey? I make terrible, reckless decisions.
I'm aware.
Can we keep going? I almost got the Savinis killed here.
Because I was so obsessed with following those stupid whispers.
I thought taking out my fear would make me feel better.
It just made me act without thinking.
Being fearless didn't even make a difference when it counted.
What are you talking about? With Sam.
I should've grabbed his gun in the woods the second he dropped it.
But I didn't.
Just like back in Seattle, I should've grabbed that fire poker.
You didn't grab the poker because you were protecting Bode.
I saw it in your head.
And what happened when Sam dropped the gun? I ran.
You ran.
With Bode.
You kept him safe both times.
You'll make it right with your friends.
Come on.
What do you think's behind it? Do we really want to know? Kins? "The keepers of the keys.
" What happened down here? Jeff, Kim, Mark, Lucas, Dad.
They're all dead.
So now there's just two left.
And we know Ellie won't be any help.
I tried earlier.
What about Erin Voss? She's in a psych ward.
Seriously? Mom wrote the name of the hospital down.
I saw it in her room.
Do you remember that story Javi told us about a about a woman who came to Key House and then went insane? Turned into a vegetable? Thought he was just full of shit, but Maybe not.
For once.
If that's If that's what happened to Erin, do you think it would make sense for Dodge to wanna use that key on her? Erin was Dad's girlfriend, so he might've told her where the key to the black door is.
I think we should go see Erin.
Try to warn her.
You go.
I'll stay with Mom.
Aw, look at you guys.
So happy.
Too bad it couldn't last Ready? Huh.
Good old Matheson Academy.
Where's the other you? Way to peak in high school.
To making the impossible possible.
To us, the keepers of the keys.
Where do you want to hide it? What are you doing here? Hi, Erin.
So you're not brain dead.
You're stuck in here trapped in your own poor little mind.
Don't know how you managed that, but now I do know where you hid the Omega Key.
Erin's a popular one today.
- She has a visitor? - Mm-hmm.
A beautiful young woman.
Like yourself.
Let me out! Let me out! Please! Ms.
Voss? Hi.
I'm Rendell's daughter, Kinsey.
I'm his daughter.
You guys were really close once.
That bracelet you're wearing in the picture, I have it now.
Voss we're worried that someone might try to get inside your head.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I bothered you.
Dodge Dodge? What, is she here? The picture? Dodge That's Lucas.
Dad's best friend.
Are you saying he's Dodge? Rendell! Mom? It's me.
I was I was just taking out the trash.
I thought The cabinet I thought maybe It's okay.
No! Mom.
I'll take care of it.
Mom? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I know.
Mom, I know what you tried to do.
And I get why you did it.
I probably would've tried the same thing.
Why didn't it work? You saw it before.
It was it was like Magic.
It is magic.
We've tried to tell you before, but you wouldn't remember.
Then tell me.
I thought I could fix it.
Bring him back.
That I could fix us.
I should have protected you.
All of you.
It's my fault Sam came after us.
I moved us here.
Mom, you are not to blame for Sam.
That I can promise you.
And you don't have to fix us.
Look, I know it's hard but you can't go back to drinking.
You just can't.
We need you.
Okay? I visited Erin today.
Took a stroll through that troubled head of hers.
I saw where Rendell hid the Omega Key.
He put it inside his own head.
They went in there together.
How sweet is that? Ty.
Erin pointed to a picture of Lucas.
She called him Dodge.
Is that even possible? Could they be the same person?
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