Log Horizon (2013) s01e24 Episode Script


1 All these altercations in only two days It's too many to be a coincidence.
But why attack Akihabara? It seems their method is to permeate the city, then cause minor disturbances and spread groundless rumors.
And their goal is probably to destroy the Round Table's reputation.
Then I was right? Shiroe agrees, as well.
An attack? The transient fifteen percent of the current population has caused over sixty percent of the problems.
Receipts Complaints So they deliberately turned in faulty paperwork to confuse us? The guilds providing security are so busy dealing with a sudden outbreak of fighting that they can't do anything.
Jeez Who's behind this? I know it isn't nice to say, but if this were merely a banquet to thank the adventurers, you wouldn't have to go to all this trouble.
Do not be rude, no matter what.
But why is Lord Marves showing up now? Does it have anything to do with the revolution in the west? I don't know.
Either way, he isn't someone we can simply turn away.
Of course, I'm aware of that.
But What? I don't feel good about this.
Anyway, the goal of tonight's Twilight Banquet is to deepen friendships with the adventurers.
That's right.
Naturally, I mustn't be rude to Lord Marves, but I will do my duty, and that is all.
Chaos Chaos.
And that's it.
Pretty big deal, huh? Thanks.
Keep at it.
Was that Isaac? Yes.
He said a high-ranking Westelandian merchant nobleman named Lord Marves has just arrived.
Is that a problem? How to explain it I believe the People of the Land are behind this attack.
People of the Land? Why is that? In Elder Tale, there were no quests that involved removing someone from power.
And it isn't something adventurers would think of, is it? It doesn't sound like a very fun quest.
I understand.
So, you believe this Westelandian is trying to destroy the Round Table's reputation? Given the number of People of the Land involved, the odds are high that someone important is running things.
That's what I'd thought, and it appears I wasn't too far off.
Then the attack is from the west? Don't tell anyone for a while.
But why would he want to destroy the Round Table's reputation? It's only one step in the plan.
Most likely, he's trying to take advantage of the confusion so he can interfere with the Eastal-Round Table treaty.
So that Eastal can't monopolize the benefits of it.
We need to act quickly.
We may have to cancel the festival.
That's not a wise idea.
If we cancel the festival, it calls into question our problem-solving ability.
That's exactly what he wants.
The best choice is probably to minimize the damage and wait things out.
Then, how do we react? Well, I'm sure they've at least anticipated the possibility of a counterattack So we'll give them one.
Uh Put those away.
But my lord, we're going to fight, right? No, I didn't mean we'd start any kind of bloodshed.
This time, we won't need those.
Report to you? Yes.
Just keep me constantly informed about what problems come up and where.
Leave it to me.
Wait Aren't Isaac and his buddies on this? We have more ground to cover than expected.
And if I want to set up new chains of command and bring in more personnel efficiently, I need more information.
Can you ask the other guilds for help? If they knew the Round Table was worked up enough to take action, it'd give the enemy what they want.
So we need to ask for help from whoever's available, as long as it isn't enough for them to notice.
Right, strategist? Yes, thanks.
And that's the situation.
Keep us informed.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Sorry your brother had to help, too.
No, Shiroe gave him the order.
Claim checks, claim checks Did he? To help us? No, not exactly Yeah, it might be better if you met up with Tohya.
That's about it, I think.
Um, is that all? If it's true that we're under attack, then isn't there anything I can That's it.
I think Shiroe was telling me to do whatever I think is best.
He wants me to make my own decisions about how to help.
Hey, there.
About the refund for those double-charged potatoes Urgent These, too.
On it.
I may be wrong, but If that's true If he's counting on me, even a little I'm Minori, I'm sorry, but I also have these.
Are these all claim checks for luggage? Yeah We just keep getting more and more work.
The real show's just about to start All right.
I'll defend our rear line to the death.
Shiroe taught me how to fight.
Formation, operator, field monitor, patrol file.
What's the first thing the front line should do? What about the healer? What about the rear line? Um This is it, right? I'm with the council.
I've come to pick up the claim checks.
We're customers, you know! This is bad Seriously, it's a battlefield.
How long do we have to wait? Those at the warehouse desk, fielding a slew of complaints One at a time! This is a food service business! Stay in line! They're the front line.
The basement of warehouse 3.
Really? Okay, thanks.
I'll send you the vouchers.
And Karashin and his friends are healers, dealing with the problems Oh, also, sorry to ask you for more, but the others can't handle.
As the rear line, I need to support them all as much as I can.
Don't "sorry" me! Those took forever to organize! What's with you? What's with you?! Now, now, now It's all right.
Complaints Accidents aren't scary.
What's scary is getting angry.
What's scary is stopping the flow.
The flow? I'm sorry, it's something Shiroe told me.
The flow of battle isn't something you read.
You must become the flow.
I see That's reassuring.
It's like Shiroe himself is here.
Not at all Okay, let's keep at it.
Let's become the flow! Yeah! I've learned so much, and gained so much, from Shiroe.
But someday, I want to be able to give something to him.
What? "This pot is a good pot"? I don't get it.
Yes, the west side of the Cathedral.
What is this? They're repeatedly attacking areas that have no strategic value What's going on? Shiroe? Another carriage has thrown a wheel, and is blocking a road.
I heard you.
The west side of the Cathedral? That doesn't make sense, either Even if they close this path, there are plenty of ways around.
If they wanted to stop traffic There isn't any real point to it.
There's something more to this.
That's the obvious conclusion, but So, see, the Round Table is illegally making off with most of the festival profits.
What were you saying about our Round Table? Nothing I see Seems they're definitely after the Round Table.
What will you do, villain? Things are quite confused here, as well.
Clearly, we don't have the right number of personnel here.
Really? I expected things to be a mess there, so I sent a pretty fair number.
It's taking too long to resolve each individual incident.
In some cases, several people are being tied up by a single People of the Land merchant for an entire hour.
And there are many problems that they aren't suited to solving.
I apologized, didn't I? You call that an apology? Oh Domestic quarrels, huh? With all of these couples around, I expected some.
But there are far too many.
And this isn't something that, well That adventurers are really good at handling, right? True.
But what do you think? Is that part of the attack? Meow? That's rare for you, Shiroe.
You seem uncertain.
Anything you don't know, I'm not going to know But I don't see any unified purpose to their actions.
Why? The more I think, the less clearly I can visualize the enemy.
Find it.
There has to be some rule to this.
Find it There must be some intent behind this randomness.
Shutting down traffic, spreading rumors and starting quarrels, deliberately submitting bad paperwork, minor tax fraud, trying to bribe us, tying up staff with complaints about everything A multi-layered attack? Or making it up as they go? No way.
What are they thinking? Shiroe! The Marine Agency received a large number of pizzas they didn't order! My lord! The cockroaches at Eat-'Til-You-Drop Alley were actually made of rubber! Pizza? Cockroaches? That's just stupid Shiroe? That's just too stupid.
They don't have anything in mind.
They're not thinking about anything at all.
Each of their attacks is improvised.
Everything's invented on the spot No matter how much we stress over this, it's pointless! Enemies like these Enemies like these are the kind I hate! I can't do anything if I'm like this.
But if I don't do something within an hour, people will notice something's up.
How can I fight an enemy that's this random? Hey, if it isn't Shiro.
You've been working hard! Long time, no see! Hi.
Oh, the cake buffet was really nice to us.
Yeah! Nice to you? They gave me a ton of whole cakes, and it was too much for me, so I called the other members Soujirou! And each time more members came, they were kind enough to bring us more.
I don't know if I'd call that "kindness" We ate them all.
Give us some more.
A strawberry tart, too.
You want some more, Sou? By the time we'd had thirty or so, she said she was out of cakes.
What?! What? He just kept bringing more people until they ran out of cake? He fought a bunch of cakes by bringing in a bunch of girls? The orange mousse was really good Like a lingering scent of summer.
Yeah! But That might have been the best counter to the cake girl's careful plans.
And since he had no idea what he was doing, he was invincible in a way.
No You came at the perfect time! Shiro? I have the perfect job for you.
I need your help.
I've got someone I've got someone right here.
A bundle of obliviousness that can beat their randomness! Scary.
Thanks to all of you, Maihama and Eastal were saved.
I cannot express my gratitude.
N-No, no As adventurers, that's our job! And we got paid It was nothing, really.
They're all blushing like children.
But it's much better than being flattered or fawned over for no reason.
Princess, Lord Marves will be arriving soon.
Oh He's arrived with a ship carrying a large amount of cargo, but Is there a problem? This was all so sudden, and there's so much, it should have been dealt with in advance Who's that? A People of the Land nobleman? Look, he has adventurers guarding him.
Daimonji /Adventurer Marves /Person of the Land Arumi /Adventurer Eijirou /Adventurer Is it a quest or something? Does that mean he's important? Oh, how beautiful If I remember correctly, you're the Cowen girl.
Princess Lenessia, wasn't it? Thank you for coming to my banquet, as we celebrate the fall festival I'm happy to see that it is so successful! But there seems to be quite a lack of order.
Nobles attending the same banquet as commoners.
Is this boldness unique to eastern people, who bear the merchant god's blood in their veins? Come on, let's have a toast, old dude! What was that for?! Stay back, filthy thing.
Princess I'm very sorry.
Come this way.
Oh, it's fine.
It didn't hurt or anything.
Sorry about that.
I apologize for his breach of etiquette.
I don't know if it will be to your liking, but would you care for some eastern sake? You wanna fight here? You're ready for what that means, right? Now then, Princess I'd like you to prepare a warehouse at once.
We cannot allow our seafood to lose its freshness.
Yes, I'll speak to someone immediately.
Please give me a— Huh?! Speak to someone? What are you talking about? I've sent the appropriate paperwork.
I sent an identical message to Lord Sergiatte of Maihama, and received an answer.
I'm sure you're prepared to receive them.
These are the finest quality goods, normally reserved for the imperial princesses.
I can't have them treated roughly.
Do you understand? Silver Hall Task Force Okay, line up.
You, there No cutting in line.
What's wrong? We can take your paperwork here.
This is working better than I expected.
Strategist Strategist Shiroe.
You mean me? I've got five more.
They're ready to form a platoon and head out.
Where's Soujirou? Yes, sir! Sou is presently on a date I mean, patrolling the hall! Platoon four is with him! Then contact Soujirou.
Platoon four is to switch with platoon five, and continue to patrol the hall.
We, in platoon five, will go out on patrol with Sou! We're going with Sou! Now I see.
A group date, under the auspices of patrolling.
Yeah, pretty much.
Over twenty platoons of Soujirou fangirls are patrolling Akihabara.
Those girls are tied by bonds of sisterhood, and use their chain of command to organically form groups, dealing with trouble in a flexible and honest manner, and stopping problems before they start.
At Strategist Shiroe's orders, we're here to switch with you! Right And their motivation is that, if they participate, they have a chance to get closer to Soujirou.
That's it? The plan is a huge success.
Well, to be honest, even I wasn't sure a plan like that would work All we can do against this harassment is send out as many people as we can get to fight it.
Their chain of command is solid, and they're dealing with problems in an efficient manner.
And it's tough to cause trouble when you're surrounded by young girls.
And since romance is all they think about, they can be trusted to handle the relationship problems, as well.
This really is the perfect job for them.
My hat's off to Soujirou.
Feel free to compliment him more.
Why are you sighing, my lord? Well Are you jealous? Not at all Not jealous, just irritated.
Well, something like that.
I understand how he feels.
Strategist, a message from security at the Watermaple Mansion.
That's where the banquet's being held, right? Did something happen? I had them look into a big-shot from the west who's shown up in Akihabara.
If he's behind this He'll be after the other party he's negotiating with.
The princess who moved here from Maihama.
Chief, you're in charge here for a while.
Roger that.
My lord, what about the stage? I have a plan for that, too.
If their goal is to tear the Akihabara people apart, we just need to make the Scale Festival more fun, and ensure participants have as much fun as possible.
As long as we're doing this, let's set off some big fireworks.
Well? The documents are real It's hard to imagine, but all I can think is that we messed up, and missed them.
We couldn't have Are you telling me you weren't prepared? Even though I asked so long ago? Is that how the Cowen family operates? Or was it untrue that you'd established favorable relations with Akihabara? I just need to apologize, and settle this peacefully.
If only I could postpone this until after the banquet Good evening! He's with the Round Table.
The guy in glasses Hi, there Shiroe? I've come to get you, Princess.
Who are you? Hello.
It seemed the end was near, but in fact, it was only the beginning.
The true threat appears before Shiroe.
The coal-black queen, a white flower blooming in the darkness.
Their encounter will change history, and open the curtain on a new story.
The Scale Festival Next time: The Scale Festival.
We will change the world.