Log Horizon (2013) s01e25 Episode Script

The Scale Festival

1 I've come to get you, Princess.
Who might you be? My apologies I'm the leader of one of the Round Table's eleven guilds.
Shiroe, of Log Horizon.
And I'm Michitaka, of the Marine Agency.
Crusty, of D.
Crusty? What do you want? I'm having an important discussion with Princess Lenessia— That's why we're here, as well.
I'm told the princess made a mistake.
She was asked to prepare warehouses for you, but she lost your letter, or forgot it, or something? Regardless, she messed up, and trouble has arisen from it.
This is quite a problem, isn't it, Princess? I'm told that the cargo consists largely of food and spices? And that, if left outside, they'll spoil quickly? What a problem you've caused, Princess.
Shiroe, you don't need to put it like that And this Round Table represents Akihabara? Then a mistake made by the granddaughter of Eastal's leader, their ally, is something you'll take responsibility for, yes? The Round Table has nothing to do with this! It was strictly my Actually, Lord Malves, your letter was received by the Round Table.
That's impossible! Please ensure warehouses are secured for the above goods during my stay in Akihabara.
Th-This is my signature! What's wrong? You seem as surprised as though you'd never even sent a letter.
Then that letter Shiroe probably N-Never mind the letter! What of the warehouses? Are they ready?! Oh, no I'm told that the Round Table's trade warehouses are already full My ship has five hundred tons of cargo! Are you saying you can arrange a temperature-controlled warehouse with that kind of capacity immediately? Well, Michitaka? It's true that the warehouses are full The Round Table's warehouses, anyway.
However The Marine Agency's warehouses can hold five thousand tons as easily as five hundred.
If you like, I can also lend you carts.
Then, let's get everything moved.
What's wrong? You aren't going to tell me there isn't any cargo, and this was all a plot against the princess, are you? I'm sorry That was a bad joke.
A nobleman of the proud Holy Empire Westelande would never do a thing like that.
I feel unwell! Um, I really am If you're thanking someone, thank Shiroe.
This was just something I dealt with on the side.
Then, shall we go? On the side? I told you, right? That I've come to get you.
The Scale Festival The Scale Festival.
Okay, here we go! We will now begin the Akihabara Autumn Collection Fashion Show! This is much nicer than the stage inside the building.
This was a great idea, Shiro Very clever! Now, come on, Akatsuki.
Smile! My lord Hey, is that Princess Lenessia? It's the princess! The princess There's no need to kneel.
Tonight, Princess Lenessia is here to enjoy the festival with all of you.
For security reasons, she can't leave this couch.
But she's said she'll greet anyone who wants to say hello.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so take advantage of it! Seriously? I don't know if I feel worthy Oh, fine We'll be the first ones up! Yeah! Crusty was so cool back there.
But that Shiroe guy was so creepy He was mean to the princess.
Looks like the enemy's attempts to confuse us have ceased Does that mean Malves was the mastermind behind it, after all? Though, given how he acted, I don't know if I can call him a "mastermind.
" Shiroe Minori? You did well today.
S-Sure! U-Um Aren't you going to say hello to Princess Lenessia? The Round Table's other guild masters are already there.
I just saw her, anyway.
I've already done my job here, too.
Your job? You're so cute! There, there, there, there What's going on? Did Marie do something? Did you do that deliberately? Did you deliberately make Princess Lenessia dislike you? Yeah I did.
Sometimes, having both good cop and bad cop is for the best.
In the princess's case, Crusty is the good cop.
Then he really is doing it all deliberately.
Especially when you have an aggressive plan to carry out.
Are you okay with that? Oh, you're worried that people might dislike Log Horizon, not just me? I can talk to the chief about That's not it! Doesn't it hurt you?! I've never thought about it.
But I see.
I guess it would look that way.
You really helped me out this time.
You did more than ten others in your place could have.
It's the same thing.
Something needs to be done, and you can do it.
If that's what people want from you, I think it's a good thing.
I was afraid of even making a guild.
But I realized Being strong on your own is meaningless.
To use your power, you need other people.
And you need a world where they can all be at their best.
And if there's something I can do for that world, I'll work at least as hard as you.
I'll do my best, so I don't cause you problems.
Shiroe Did you deliberately make Princess Lenessia dislike you? I didn't know Doesn't it hurt you?! I didn't realize You did more than ten others in your place could have.
I was with him the whole time.
And I Ooshima? Where are you? Ooshima won't be here tonight.
You are Shiroe, correct? I am Dariella.
One of the People of the Land and a traveling author.
Ooshima is tied up with something right now, and unable to come.
Dariella Race/ Human Chronicler, Lv.
13 Second-class Citizen So I'll tell you about Minami instead.
I've never heard of that spell.
What kind of disguise is that Nureha? How could you tell, Shiro? You shouldn't have been aware of Overlay, my information-control spell, yet.
Intuition? Well, I won't inquire further.
But I'm happy you knew my name.
Nureha Race/ Fox Tail Enchanter, Lv.
90 Plant Hwyaden Guild Master You're the ruler of the west, after all.
I'm not a ruler.
That doesn't change the fact that you're the leader.
Even if you've left Intex, Mizuha, and Zeldus in charge.
The guild that oversees the western city, Minami, is Plant Hwyaden.
And its guild master, who controls the west, is Nureha.
Soon after the Apocalypse, you won the favor of the People of the Land's nobility in Minami, and even made its guards your servants.
Then you used the nobility's wealth to buy the Cathedral.
Where dead adventurers revive.
You gained enormous authority as well as the very lives of the adventurers, and then you declared that every adventurer in Minami had to join Plant Hwyaden.
I'm told it's a town with only one guild, so there's no discrimination among guilds.
Isn't it wonderful? So what brings you to Akihabara? I've come to invite you to join Plant Hwyaden.
To be next to me To walk with me And to protect me.
Why? Exactly as I said I want you.
I've known about you for a long, long time.
Yes, I know everything.
Including your creation of a new magic at Zantleaf.
I could say the same of you.
They're still unstable, but you restarted the transport gates between cities, right? You really do know everything, don't you? Was it your order that all information from the west be cut off? That was something Mizuha did.
And the disturbances aimed at the Round Table? One of Malves's ideas that got out of hand.
You dealt with it splendidly.
You knew about it, and you did nothing— Won't you come with me? You won't? None of what you're saying is true.
If I tell the truth, will you? I can't say until you tell me.
Then I'll tell you.
Though I assure you the truth is nothing good.
But you're special.
I was a plain woman I was plain and never stood out, as though I were no more than air.
No one even remembered my name.
No one cared if I was there or not.
And then I discovered Elder Tale.
I thought that, here, someone might notice me.
Someone might need me.
But it was no different than reality.
No matter where it goes, air is still air.
However One person noticed me.
He told me I was a talented player.
He told me he respected how I played solo.
He was an enchanter, like I am.
That enchanter couldn't be That's a lie.
I made it all up.
No way.
But Shiro Shiro, aren't you on the verge of finding it? Fraction A way to go home.
You really are special, Shiro! A means of going back to our own world has been discovered.
I can't prove that it's a way back yet.
Only that it can make someone disappear.
Don't you think that if you worked with me, you could prove it? If you came with me, you'd have access to far more information than you'll find in Akihabara And you could use the People of the Land's money and power in any way you liked.
I think it's the best way for you to find a way home, the best thing for all this world's adventurers.
Also, you don't actually have a reason at all, do you? A reason? That's right A reason to help Akihabara, or a reason to help the People of the Land.
All you have is a vague sense of ethics.
Isn't that painful for you? Then why not make me your reason? You can use me as your excuse to do whatever you want.
I'll do anything for you.
Whatever you wish.
Whatever you need I shall give it to you.
Why? Because I want you.
So make me your reason Make me your excuse My reason Shiro? I have a reason now.
And I can't make it an excuse.
If I do that, everything will turn into a lie.
Everything we've worked so hard to build.
So I can't make someone into an excuse! I'll believe every one of the "lies" you told me.
However, I'm sorry I don't remember you.
But if I ever did tell you that you had talent, I can't use you as an excuse.
And I can't go with you Why not, Shiro? I can give you what you want more easily as a foe than a friend.
I'll be your enemy, whenever you decide to find a reason.
Now I want you even more, Shiro Someday You will be mine.
Okay, this way! Two or three more signs coming! This is quite a sight.
At last, it's the finale.
It's kind of sad.
I feel so exhausted, so desolate Do you know what "desolate" means? I want to have another festival someday, Marielle! Th-That's right.
We'll have to hold one in winter! Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's.
Also, Setsubun and the Doll Festival! There's Boy's Day, too.
A-And the obon dance You want to have festivals all year round? Jeez.
They sure are taking it easy.
Well, there's nothing wrong with a festival like this once in a while.
Anyway, the city really has grown Hard to believe it all started with a hamburger that had some flavor.
You seem down.
What's wrong, shrimp? It's nothing.
Really? Do you want to discuss something, Shiroe? Why? If you want, you can give us the order.
Order? After all, you're the guild master.
You're the one who made the city into what it is.
Lots of people know that.
They believe in you.
So you can take them with you, down whatever path you follow.
Chief I don't know what you want to discuss, but if it's a fight, leave it to me! Then, I'll act as your resplendent rear guard.
Everyone, just relax and— Look, there's sauce on your shirt, Rudy.
What?! Whether it's a quest or whatever, I'll handle it, Shiroe! I'll do my best, too! Everyone My lord I'll be with you forever, my lord.
I'm counting on you, Akatsuki.
If it's a quest, I hope we get some cool items Like a giant treasure chest filled with pan— My lord, may I knee this pervert in the face? Let me finish my last syllable! So what are we really doing, Shiroe? Rebuilding the other towns? Why not make the entire Yamato island chain gorgeous? No matter what we do, we need to raise our levels.
Perhaps we should go back to our own world? No, we're doing something bigger.
Hey, Shiro Something bigger? Everyone, listen to me.
Log Horizon's next goal is Leave it to me.
Right! It's the end for you.
The MMORPG Elder Tale One day, tens of thousands of players were trapped within a world that looked just like it.
Right now, this is our world.
This is our reality.
From here We will change the world.
I've been waiting for you, Shiroe.
Actually I've decided to leave Akihabara.
May I accompany you? Log Horizon Season 2 Airing this fall!! All of you adventurers in front of the TV, this is big, big news!