Logan's Run (1977) s01e01 Episode Script

Logan's Run

Two hundred years have passed since the nuclear war raged to an end and the computers took over what was left of the world sealed it off from the outside and made it perfect.
Now in the domed city in this year of 2319, living is unending joy.
Every wish is granted.
Every sensual dream is realized.
And all the world is young.
For in this perfect society, no one is allowed to live past 30.
On your 30th birthday you must enter the great sleep in the ceremony of the Carousel.
To be renewed, to be born again in another body.
And so begin another 30 years of blissful existence.
But there are those in the domed city who have begun to ask questions.
To doubt.
They talk in whispers about a refuge in the vast unknown that lies outside.
A place they call Sanctuary.
WOMAN identify.
Food pellets.
Don't run until the crowd starts shouting.
The noise will cover your escape.
Go directly to Quadrant 4.
There will be a girl called Jessica.
How will I know her? She'll show you the amulet and take you to the door that leads to Sanctuary.
Beyond the door, you'll have to find the way yourself.
Exciting, isn't it, Logan? What is it? Why do some people try to escape Carousel? Why do they become runners? They're sick.
Why else should anyone try to escape sleep? Birth for a death, one for one.
It's the natural way.
Francis, have you ever seen anyone renewed? - Born into another body? - We've been over this before.
We're friends.
I thought I could talk to you.
We don't question the order of things.
We're Sandmen.
Our job is to hunt down runners and terminate them.
Renew! Renew! Renew! Go! - Go, go, go! Renew! Renew! Renew! Go! Go! Renew! Renew! - Renew! Renew! Flare-up, 17th Quadrant.
- Okay, whose signal? - Logan 5.
- Who's available? Seven, nine.
Alert, runner headed for Quadrant 4.
Let's go, Logan.
Renew! Go! Renew! Renew! Go! Renew! I'm Jessica 6.
Come with me.
Runner! Logan, don't shoot! You know my name? Logan 5.
How do you know? We've been watching you.
You're not like the rest of the Sandmen.
You've been asking questions.
Sandmen don't question the order of things.
Logan, Carousel is death.
No one is renewed.
When you're 30, you'll die too.
Unless you run for Sanctuary.
You're saying there is Sanctuary? Yes.
- Outside.
- There's nothing outside.
- The air was poisoned in the nuclear war.
- Logan, that's part of the lie.
To keep us in the domed city.
It's all right.
The air's clear now.
- You caught him.
Terminate him, Logan.
- Francis, wait.
And the girl.
She must have been helping him.
They say that people can live past 30.
In Sanctuary.
They're lying to you.
But what if there is Sanctuary? And Carousel is a fraud? Logan, you've got a job to do.
You're a Sandman.
Terminate them.
He'll know you.
We're both runners now.
Logan's running.
Send a maze car to Quadrant 4.
Alert Sandmen on Level 2.
Logan! Traitor! Come on, quickly.
We're almost there, come on.
Come on.
Come on, this way.
It's somewhere along here.
There it is.
All right.
You said that other runners made it.
There must be more to outside than this.
Logan? Security station Quadrant 4, any sign of Logan and the girl? No sign.
They're off the map.
There's no other way.
They must have gone through here.
Francis, that's the old city.
No one can live in that air.
If they can, we can.
WOMAN Francis 7, go no further.
Report at once to White Quadrant 1.
No one is permitted in White Quadrant 1.
Report at once to White Quadrant 1.
Report back to headquarters.
Francis 7, step forward between the columns.
Come forward, Francis 7.
You're still the same, Francis 7.
We're different.
You're looking at old age.
How can anyone be old? Everyone goes to Carousel at 30.
No, not everyone.
Not the elders who control the City of Domes.
Come closer.
Haven't you ever wondered how the city functioned? How it's run? No.
Everything Everything is.
It is because we keep it so.
For 30 years, you all lead lives of pleasure.
There's no need for decisions, for questions.
Your every desire is gratified.
Your food, your clothing.
All there for the taking.
Yet, none of you work a great deal for any of these things.
Doesn't that strike you as strange? Sandmen don't question the order of things.
Well learned, Francis 7.
You see, we're a contained society.
The City of Domes can only support a finite number of people.
Therefore, an appropriate age had to be determined for the end of life.
To accommodate the newly born.
There's no renewal? We're not born again? Life after death? Born again? If you knew how the wise men had debated that question down through the ages Why have I been summoned? What are your feelings about Logan 5 and the girl Jessica? Logan is my friend.
But he betrayed the city.
We must have Logan and the girl returned to us.
To testify at Carousel.
They'll renounce the runners.
They'll be living proof that there is no Sanctuary.
That our way of life is the only way.
No harm will come to them.
They'll be reprogrammed, and things will be as they were.
They will not come back without force.
Take two other Sandmen you trust.
Say nothing about what you've seen.
Find Logan 5 and the girl.
Show that you deserve to join us.
- Join you? - Call it renewal.
Our renewal.
Because, you see, we too, at a point in time, must die.
Others must replace us on the council.
We are constantly seeking such men.
Are you such a man, Francis 7? I will bring them back.
Wait here.
I'll take a look.
I can see trees! Do you hear me? There's trees and water.
Over there, look.
"Defense plan of Greater Washington.
" That was the last nuclear war.
This must have been one of their cities.
"Fallout shelter.
" Maybe some people survived in them.
Come on, let's build a fire.
- Hungry? - Mm.
Do you think we should? After the day we've had, I think we deserve nothing but the best.
Thank you, Logan.
- What? - I just realized.
All that we've been through together and I don't even know your name.
It's strange, isn't it? To spend our whole lives in the city and never meet.
I was raised in Nursery 3.
Well, I was down on Level 2, Sandman training.
From the day you were born.
I know.
You know, it doesn't seem right, you have the whole book on me.
All I know about you is Jessica.
- Logan.
- Huh? Back in the city every night before I went to sleep I used to try and imagine what my mother looked like.
And I always felt a sense of loss.
Because I'd never known her.
You too, huh? And the father I never knew.
I've often wondered what he'd think of me.
My lifestyle, my work.
I've always thought somehow he wouldn't like the idea of my being a Sandman.
You know? All the killing.
Jessica? Jessica? I was just coming to get you.
I was worried about you.
Where did you disappear to? I've been looking around.
Come on, I wanna show you something.
Maybe next time you decide to take off on your own, you'll leave me a note.
Logan, you missed me.
This is about as much as I saw.
But it looks promising.
Must be a vehicle they used in the war.
Sensitive to light.
You mean that's where it gets its power from.
The light? There's one way to find out.
That seems to have solved the power problem.
Well, we can just figure out how it works.
Jessica, with this, there isn't anywhere outside that we can't reach.
How do we get out of here? Through that wall.
Don't move, Logan.
It's all over, Logan.
You've had your time outside.
Outside, Francis.
And we're alive.
It wasn't true about the air.
What about renewal? We're taking you back to the city.
You and the girl.
At least they don't have a vehicle.
Francis won't give up.
He'll follow us somehow.
Which way? That old map indicated a fallout shelter somewhere east of this road.
Across that field.
Down that way.
Stand where you are.
The shelter.
Hello? Anyone there? Hello? Who's there? Mama.
It's a child.
It came from down there.
Mama, where are you? Child, don't be afraid.
We won't harm you.
Child, wait.
You're not like the riders.
Who are you? This is Jessica and I'm Logan.
Where are you from? We come from the City of Domes.
We're looking for a place called Sanctuary.
Sanctuary? Years ago when we lived above before the riders drove us underground there were others who came looking for Sanctuary.
What happened to them? Did they find it? I don't know.
They just went on their way.
Does it hurt? To have your face with cracks like that? Hurt? Ha-ha-ha.
Of course not.
That's just part of being old.
Are you many years past 30? Twice 30 and then some.
But I can still handle myself with the best.
And you? More than 10 years past.
When will your last day be? - Last day? - When you terminate? Well, there's no way of knowing.
Might die any time.
Or he might live forever.
That's what I'm planning on doing anyway.
He will.
You said you lived outside once.
Eight years ago.
After the air cleared.
- What happened? - The riders happened.
They must have stopped somewhere.
My father and his friends came to this valley when I was just a boy.
They built a settlement, the kind that their forefathers had built in the olden times.
Uh, before the great war.
Anyway, they settled down here, started to raise families and lived off the land, and it became a real nice place.
And then the riders came.
About a dozen of them.
They were mean, cruel.
Abused our women, beat our men.
We finally told them they would have to leave.
They rode out the next day.
But that night, they came back.
- With weapons.
- And we were helpless.
They killed, they burned.
There weren't very many.
Why didn't you stop them? You see, we have sworn never to spill blood so we had no weapons.
We gathered all the people we could and we came down here.
- And the ones who couldn't make it? - Still outside.
The slaves of the riders.
You've never tried to rescue the others? Well, how? The riders' weapons kill from a great distance.
Then you and the children will just live out your lives down here? What else can we do? We're safe here.
There's food and water, more than we can ever use.
Excuse me, it's time for Leanna to go to bed.
That little girl.
She was the one who was lost.
That one lost? Oh, never.
She was just trying to draw you into the shelter so we could deal with you.
Why, she's the bravest one down here.
Could I talk to her? What is to stop you? Is that woman her natural mother? What sort of fool question is that? Of course she's her mother.
That's a strange girl you've got.
It's just that she's never seen a mother and daughter together.
Good night, baby, I love you.
I love you too, Mama.
- You're the lady from outside, aren't you? - Mm-hm.
And you're the little girl who tricked us.
They tell me you're very brave.
I wish she weren't.
She takes too many chances.
Oh, Mama.
Is it all right if I hold your hand? If you tell me what outside is like.
Well, when I was a little girl, I didn't know what it was like either.
Oh, it's beautiful.
There are birds, trees.
And the sky's blue.
And the sunshine makes you feel warm all over.
I wanna see it all.
Someday you will, Leanna.
You know, you have something I never had.
What? Your mother with you, all the time.
Loving you.
So does everybody else.
I know that now.
Come on, go to sleep.
We can talk about the outside again tomorrow.
Leanna? Leanna? What is it? Leanna's gone.
She told one of her friends she was going to see what outside looked like.
- I shouldn't have told her, it's my fault.
- No, don't.
Tell Logan.
Well, let's go after them.
You're not coming with me? What good will it do them if we're caught too? Our duty is to stay here and keep our group intact.
Why? So you can hide down here forever? Someday the riders will leave.
Until then, we're only safe down here.
Yes, you're safe if that's all that matters to you.
Now, please, I need my gun.
Logan, you must not spill blood.
- They're your enemies.
- It is what we believe.
Look what bloodshed has brought to the world.
Put me down! Stop that! Help! Stop it! Put me down! You're hurting me! Help! Logan! Help! Logan! Need any help? Ha, ha.
She's got some fire in her, huh? Never had a meal yet that wasn't better with some spice.
You have work to do.
You have a name? Jessica.
I'm Karlin.
It's a simple life around here, Jessica.
You do what you're told when you're told.
And keep me happy.
Show her where she'll be staying.
- Jessica.
- Oh.
Is she yours? Can I keep her with me? It's up to Karlin.
Here, turn everyone lose and get out.
Go on.
Jessica, hurry.
Get them! Take them to the pens! Over here! Lead them down here.
Hurry up! Everybody! Down there! Take them to the pens! Get them out! Take them down there! Move.
Come on.
Over there.
That way.
I feel like a man again.
It's been a long time.
You made me realize how much we'd given up just to be safe.
You can stay here with us.
And I will let you touch my face as much as you like.
We still have to find what we're looking for.
- Sanctuary? Yes.
Where will you look? There.
Toward the mountains.
Well - goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I love you.
I love you too, Leanna.
- Hello.
Are you Logan's friend? Logan and Jessica's.
Do you know them? They were just here.
I have very important news to tell them.
- Do you know where they went? - That way, towards the mountain.
Do you think you can find them? Oh, yes.
I think so.
What's wrong? I don't know.
We've lost control.
MAN Weapons are not allowed in the city.
We've been expecting you.
Kindly place your weapon in the vehicle.
There is nothing to fear.
You are guests.
I'm Draco.
And you are? Logan.
And this is Jessica.
We're from the City of Domes.
City of Domes? The name is unknown to me.
You mean no other runners ever came here before? Runners? People who escaped from our city.
You are the first.
I am Siri.
We shall be happy to serve you.
It's magnificent.
We're very proud of the Mountain City.
We will do our best to make you happy here.
I don't see any children.
- Are they shy? - There are no children.
There were children once, long ago.
Now there are no children.
This way.
The Masters will be pleased to see you.
The Masters? They rule the Mountain City.
They have always ruled.
You'll meet them soon.
But first we must see to your comfort.
Come on in, it feels terrific.
Logan, aren't those panels interesting? Yes, I noticed.
- Notice them again.
- Oh.
All right.
You know, this may not be Sanctuary but it isn't half bad for a place along the way.
Food and drink thrown in.
- Is the water satisfactory, sir? - Uh, yes, it's fine.
Thank you.
It's a pleasure to serve you.
- Would you care for some bath oil? - Oh, no, no.
Thank you.
What are your Masters like? They are wiser and older than we are.
They built this city out of the mountain.
How did they survive the war? War? The word is unknown to us.
Two hundred years ago, there was a nuclear war.
It forced the people of our city to build domes as protection.
How did you live without protection? Protection from what? You know, disease, plague, poisoned air? But you're breathing our air and you're not poisoned.
We must leave you now and attend to the Masters.
How did they survive? Logan, there are no children.
How can a city continue to exist at all? Generation after generation without children? Where are you taking us? To the Masters.
They've been waiting for this moment.
Special food has been prepared in your honor.
We are at the Room of Celebration.
Your every wish is their command.
Masters it's my pleasure to introduce our guests: Logan and Jessica from the City of Domes.
These are your Masters? They sit in the Masters' chairs, do they not? Dead.
Dead? The word is unknown to us.
Please, be seated.
We will bring you wine.
You've been very kind but we're leaving.
Leaving our celebration? Leaving your city.
We appreciate everything you've done.
But you are guests and guests do not leave the Mountain City.
You must allow us to serve you.
Siri, see to our guests.
We cannot allow you to leave.
You must stay and be served.
Cannot allow.
Cannot allow.
Cannot allow.
Cannot allow.
You must allow us to serve you.
It is the rule of the Mountain City.
Your every wish is our command.
We shall be happy to serve you.
How are you feeling? They're all robots.
A whole city of robots.
Serving people who have been dead for 200 years.
There has to be a way out of here.
There are no windows, but there's fresh air in the room.
It has to come from somewhere.
Our guests will be awake now.
They will be hungry.
Bring them here.
Did you find something? I wonder where it leads.
Let's find out.
It's Siri.
You could see more if you came closer, you know.
You're Logan and Jessica from the City of Domes.
I know all about you.
Of course I know everything that goes on here.
But that usually isn't much.
- Who are you? - My name is Rem.
I'm the one who brings them up to snuff when they break down.
Which they do with monotonous regularity.
The way they build servants these days But then, nothing is ever perfect, is it? Including my situation.
Then you're not happy here.
Who could be happy surrounded by robots? "It's a pleasure to serve you, sir.
" "Your wish is my command, sir.
" "Is the water satisfactory, sir?" Never a word that hasn't been prerecorded.
The only fun I ever get is changing their faces.
A little Oriental next time, perhaps.
Maybe you can help us.
How? We want to leave.
But your robots seem to have other ideas.
My robots? Well, I suppose you could call them mine.
It's a dubious honor though, at best.
One-track minds.
Good idea, though.
Leaving, I mean.
Always wanted to leave.
Never had anybody to leave with.
Nor any place to go, come to think of it.
I'll leave with you if you don't mind company.
Of course we don't, do we? No, of course not.
How do you intend to get away from here? We have a vehicle.
Ah, yes.
Outside, by the cave.
I told you I knew everything, didn't I? You know why you stopped, of course.
You're captive of our security system.
Can you deactivate it? My dear Logan, it's my department.
Let me see.
I should take this with me.
I have things in it I might need.
Well, shall we go? SIRl: Would you like some more bath oil? I forgot to shut her off.
Well, it's been that kind of day.
Your run's over, Logan.
Weapons are not allowed in the city.
Don't move.
Stand absolutely still.
He's hurt.
Why, Logan? Why did you run? Is it because of her? I ran because I wanted to live.
You betrayed everything we were brought up to believe.
It was all lles.
Francis, we don't owe the domed city anything.
It's a bank of programmed computers telling us when to live and when to die without choice.
It's the girl.
She changed you into what you are.
A traitor.
Weapons are not permitted in the city.
- You'll be safe inside.
Go on.
- No, no.
Shoot! Shoot! - No.
Leave while you have the chance.
- You're coming with us.
Ah! Go.
Uh, one moment.
Uh, go on back, Draco.
I'll bring them with me when I've taken care of my leg.
You hear me, Draco.
Go make certain their wine is at room temperature.
Yes, sir.
It will be a pleasure for us to serve them.
When you come right down to it, nothing but a robot.
Hand me the case, will you? This leg does need a bit of repair.
Not too bad, though, considering.
You're a robot too? Call me an android, Logan.
A cyborg, what you will, but please never, ever call me a robot.
They are robots.
There's a vast difference.
I'm the result of hundreds of years of experimentation.
The ultimate computer in human form.
Ask me something.
Who built you? The Masters, of course.
They needed an android to make certain the robots would function forever.
So they built me.
I'm their supreme accomplishment.
Good as new.
Why didn't you leave when you had the chance? We wouldn't go without you.
You did help us.
You were willing to risk your safety to stay with me because I helped you? Yes.
Of course.
It doesn't compute.
Any word from Francis 7? Transceiver report.
He and the others are being held captive in an area west of Greater Washington.
The Mountain City.
Arrange to free him.
Dispatch Sandmen and outside cars.
Jessica and Logan must be captured and returned.
Well, where are we off to? We're looking for a place called Sanctuary.
Sanctuary? Mm-hm.
It's a place where humans can live out their lives in freedom and peace.
Where they can raise their children with love.
And teach them the values of dignity and loyalty.
Freedom? Love? Loyalty? Those are human concepts, I suppose.
Oh, yes, of course.
Worthwhile? - Mm, very.
Drive on.