Logan's Run (1977) s01e02 Episode Script

The Collectors

I was getting worried about you.
- Rem, we found it.
- You found what? The Sanctuary.
- Are you nothing but a machine? - Nothing but a machine, indeed.
That piece of tin and wire is a machine.
We were just friends.
How did you find Sanctuary? Is that where you think you are? - You're back in the City of Domes.
Well it can't possibly get any hotter, can it? Ask Rem.
He's been through 200 years of all kinds of weather.
The sun will reach its zenith in exactly one hour and 26 minutes.
It will get even hotter, I'm afraid.
It's a pleasant thought, Rem, thank you.
I'm sorry.
Hand me the micro-spanner, will you? - Don't bother.
- It's empty.
Almost fused solid.
I'll have to file the contacts open again.
- How long will it take? - A while.
- How long is a while? - Sometimes longer than other times.
We're almost out of water, Rem.
I don't know how much longer we can last.
I'm doing the best I can.
We know that, Rem.
I'm sorry.
The human machine really is very inefficient.
We're always having to stop for food, or water, or this or that.
It's a simple case of bad engineering.
We are what we are, Rem.
There's nothing we can do about it.
Then I'd better get on with it, hadn't I? - Is there anything we can do to help? - As a matter of fact, yes.
- What? - Take a walk.
In this heat? Even a desert can have water.
It's called an oasis.
You might find one.
Only don't got too far.
You know, when we first left the City of Domes we found water just over a rise like that, remember? Interesting specimens, aren't they? Yes, very and quite active.
What is it? Just can't help hoping that every time we see something new that we've found Sanctuary.
Maybe it's just over there.
So that we can observe their reactions.
When they reach the top of the hill, I'll activate their memory pulse.
I think the heat's gotten to me, unless you see what I see.
No, I see it too.
Let's go back and tell Rem.
Rem! Rem! Rem, we found water on the other side of the hill.
Oh, it's good.
Oh, it's so good.
Oh, the birds.
How beautiful.
- Look how many there are.
Why not? They know where life is good.
- What? - Do you think that? I mean, is it possible that this could be Sanctuary? I wouldn't know.
It is peaceful here.
But if it is, there would be all the people from the City of Domes, all the runners.
- Who are you? - I'm Karen Four.
- You're from the City of Domes? - I was.
You're Logan.
- How did you know? - Oh, we heard about the Sandman who became a runner.
- Who told you? - Other runners.
Other runners? Where are we? - Why, in Sanctuary, of course.
- Sanctuary? - Where are the other runners? - In Sanctuary.
But you said this is- Oh, this is just a defensive area we use to protect us from intruders.
I'll take you to Sanctuary.
Follow me.
Oh, wait.
We have a friend back in the desert.
Oh, you mean, Rem? I know.
Look, we'll get word to him.
How did you know his name? There's time to answer all your questions later.
But first, the Protector wants to meet you.
- The Protector? - He rules Sanctuary.
I can't believe it.
We've actually found Sanctuary.
- Beautiful day.
Beautiful day.
- Isn't it glorious? Well, there they are.
Yes, I wonder what they'll be like.
Ha, ha.
- We'll soon find out.
- Mm.
Welcome to Sanctuary.
So you're Logan and Jessica.
We've been expecting you.
I'm Joanna and this is the Protector.
Karen told us that you rule Sanctuary.
That's an overstatement.
Here, each man rules himself.
Well, from all that we've seen, everything's so beautiful here.
That was done so that the runners who came here would feel more at home.
- Are they happy? - Oh, yes.
Each is free to live in the manner that suits him best.
You have no idea how much this means to us.
- Oh, but I think we do.
- Uh-huh.
Ha, ha.
Would you two like to freshen up a bit before we continue your orientation? Karen can show you to your rooms.
Why can't all machines be like androids? Efficient.
Do you like it? It's exactly like the one I had in the City of Domes.
What's the matter? I was just thinking.
It's all exactly like the City of Domes.
Why shouldn't it be? The Protector told you, Sanctuary was built to make the runners feel at home.
Mm-hm, I know, but What's bothering you? This.
It's a visual book.
What's wrong with that? I was reading it before we left the City of Domes.
So? Don't you understand? It's the same book.
Lucky you.
Now you can finish it.
Jessica, it's open to the same page.
Well, probably someone likes it just as much you do.
You know, you worry too much.
Karen, I had a friend, a runner.
You wanna know if he made it to Sanctuary? His name was Martin, we grew up together.
Martin! I've waited for this day.
Oh, I never stopped hoping that we'd find you when we found Sanctuary.
Hello, Martin.
- You remembered? - It's not likely I'd forget.
You knew I was trying to escape that day.
You could have killed me.
You fired, but missed deliberately.
That's when we first realized that you weren't like the rest of the Sandmen.
I wasn't expecting you so soon.
I thought you'd wait until Carousel before you ran.
Well, I was going to, but it doesn't matter.
We're here.
We're together again.
Jessica seems delighted to see her old friend.
Yes, on the other hand Logan seems disturbed by it all.
Logan, Jessica.
All fixed.
Logan, can you hear me? Logan? Jessica? You know, you look exactly as I remember you.
- Except a little older.
- No, no.
No the same.
I'm glad you think so.
Something the matter, Logan? Martin, when did you leave the City of Domes? Four years ago.
Everybody ages, but Jessica's right.
You do not even look one day older.
Maybe that's what Sanctuary does for you.
Well, you two probably have a lot to talk about.
I'll have a look around.
You don't mind, do you? No, of course not.
Oh, Logan.
You can leave your weapon here.
You won't need it in Sanctuary.
I'm still wearing a Sandman outfit.
Does everyone know that I'm a runner? - Everyone.
- Good.
Then I won't have to use it, will I? He'll be all right.
I know, but He just doesn't seem very happy that we found Sanctuary.
He thinks there's something terribly wrong.
Give him a little while.
It's all so new.
- Jessica.
- Yes? What about you and Logan? You've been through a lot.
Sometimes that brings people together.
I don't know.
I just I don't know.
It'll take time.
- Who's there? You won't need that, Logan.
- Where are you? - Right here.
Can't you see us? Ha, ha.
Behind you, traitor.
Lose something, Logan? Why don't you come out? How does it feel? We're Sandmen.
We came after you.
- You betrayed the City of Domes.
Are you afraid? You'll pay for what you've done.
- Runner.
- Runner.
Are you ready to die? How did you find Sanctuary? Sanctuary? Is that where you think you are? You're back in the City of Domes.
- No.
- What are you going to do now? Runner.
Logan, how does it feel, Logan? Runner.
Are you ready to die? Are you afraid? Are you afraid, Logan? Are you afraid? Let's get the runner.
We're close.
I can hear him now.
Let's close in.
What are you doing here? - Who are you? You cannot breathe in our atmospheres.
Here, let me help you.
Have Logan brought back to his quarters.
Well, they already suspect someone is trying to manipulate them.
Reasonably good subject, don't you agree? Yes, he certainly reacted well in the face of what he thought were overwhelming odds.
What about the female, Jessica? What do you think? Hmm Very perceptive, but more willing to accept things as they are.
They're certainly superb physical specimens, both of them.
I would say we've done very well here on Earth.
- Can we take them and go on? - No, no.
Not yet.
I wanna make sure we have the best the planet has to offer.
- There isn't anyone else.
- There is one other.
Rem! - Rem! Rem! Rem! - I was getting worried about you.
- We found it.
On the other side of that dune.
- You found what? - Sanctuary.
- You did? - Yes.
It's everything we expected to be all the people are there and the runners.
It's true, Rem.
- Lead on.
- Come on, we'll take you there.
He really believes it's Logan and Jessica.
Why shouldn't he? After all he's only human.
But why do you want to bring Rem aboard the ship? Our scientists can learn all they need to know from Logan and Jessica.
But they are in such awe of this man, I think we ought to have a look at him.
Our orders were to bring back no more than two specimens - of the dominant species from any planet.
- I realize that.
But on the other hand we can't afford to pass up any opportunities.
If Rem doesn't come up to our standard by the time we leave the planet we will simply dispose of him.
Isn't it beautiful? Yes, quite beautiful.
How did I get back here? Some runners found you unconscious in the corridor.
- Unconscious? Oh.
- Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
What happened? Do you remember? I'm not sure.
Parts of it.
But it's all blurred.
There was a creature and gas.
My throat feels like it's on fire.
I'll go get you some water.
My weapon.
What happened to it? It was gone when they brought you in here.
I had it when I got away from the Sandmen.
Sandmen? Here? In Sanctuary? - And there were at least three of them.
- That's impossible.
No, nothing's impossible in this place.
And I mean to find out what's going on.
Where's your friend, Martin? He left when they brought you in.
Why? I wanna get a couple of answers from him.
I think he knows what's going on.
- I think he's part of it.
- That is ridiculous.
Martin would never do anything to harm anyone.
- I should have known.
- Now, what's that supposed to mean? That you'd take his side.
- And why would I do that? - You did grow up together, didn't you? We were just friends.
Logan, I didn't do it.
I really didn't.
I thought about it, but I didn't throw it.
It just happened like it had a mind of its own.
- I really didn't throw it.
- Jessica, it's all right.
I believe you.
- You do? - Yes.
How can you possibly believe me? It doesn't matter, I do.
And I think you've given me the answer.
I think I know what's been happening to us.
Well, please tell me.
Well, if I'm right, our minds are being manipulated.
Someone is taking our thoughts and making them real.
Everything that we have imagined Everything that has gone through our minds has come true.
Remember back in the desert when we left Rem - and we were climbing up that hill? - Yes, I remember.
You mentioned something about Sanctuary.
Um, I said: Maybe it's just over there.
One of these days, it will be Sanctuary.
Come on.
I think the heat's gotten to me, unless you see what I see.
No, I see it too.
You see, we were just thinking about Sanctuary and the next thing we knew, we were there.
Logan, that doesn't mean anything.
Then I wondered where the other people were.
The other runners.
- Who are you? - I'm Karen Four.
- You're Logan, aren't you? - How did you know? Oh, we heard about the Sandman who became a runner.
- Who told you? - Other runners.
- Where are we? - Why, in Sanctuary, of course.
Now listen.
She brought us into this room and you asked her about an old friend of yours.
You wanted to know whether he'd reached Sanctuary.
- Do you remember what happened then? - Of course, I do.
You remember just as well as I do.
You were standing right here next to me.
You asked about Martin.
What happened then? Instantly? - He came through that door.
- Exactly.
He was in your mind.
You were thinking about him.
- Jessica, think of him again.
- What? Do what I say.
Think of him again.
Think of Martin again.
Jessica, are you all right? Is anything wrong? No, I'm fine.
You finally got back.
Yes, I got back.
- Where did you come from just now? - I never left.
I wanted to ask if I could see you tonight.
I don't think so.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to say goodbye.
Logan and I are leaving.
- Leaving? - I'm sorry.
I'm sure we'll meet again one day in Sanctuary.
- But this is Sanctuary.
- No, it isn't.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- You're trying to keep us apart.
- Goodbye, Martin.
There, you see? It's the thought turned into reality.
The dream come true.
Well, yes.
But you said someone was manipulating our minds, why? I don't know.
I only wish Rem were here.
Hello, you two.
- Rem, is it really you? - I assure you, it is.
How did you get here? I was out there, wondering if you two needed help and suddenly there you were, running down the sand dune with the joyful news that you'd found Sanctuary.
But it wasn't us.
It was just your imagination.
Well, I knew that, my dear Jessica.
I also knew this wasn't Sanctuary.
But how could you tell what was real and what was imaginary? I mean, for that you need No offense intended, Rem, a mind.
I happen to have sensory equipment sophisticated enough to tell the difference between reality and illusion.
Your kind often cannot, no offense intended.
So what is this place, if it isn't Sanctuary? I believe that what appear to you to be rooms and corridors are in fact a spaceship.
Originating from another solar system.
Come with me, please.
Not you two, just you.
- Rem? - No, I'm delighted.
It'll give me an opportunity to see what Sanctuary is all about.
Come in.
- Very nice.
- Thank you.
I'm John.
This is Joanna.
- Rem.
- Perhaps you can satisfy - our curiosity about something.
- Of course.
We've both been wondering, why it is that the other two earthlings Jessica and Logan, are so much more easily controlled than you are.
Would you care to explain that? - Not particularly, no.
- It's of enormous interest to us.
It is? Heh.
How odd.
- Why? - Well They're so inferior.
If there's anything that bores me to distraction it's having to bother myself with inferiors.
They're so obviously a lower form of life.
Totally undeserving of anybody's interest.
A wonder it matters to you.
But they're earthlings, just as you are.
Oh, yes, but definitely not representative of the species.
How would you describe them? - Pets.
- Pets? Playthings, if you will.
Objects of amusement.
Perfectly harmless, of course.
Now, they're unpredictable and they're distressingly irrational.
Sometimes, you know, they let their emotions dictate their actions.
Yes, we've noticed that.
And, of course, they're quite vulnerable.
Easy to destroy.
But on the other hand, they're quite easy to replace.
They die, you just get another one.
But even though you're different, you are still a human and therefore easy to destroy.
I believe I could change your mind on that score.
Would you care to give me a demonstration? - Nothing would give me greater pleasure.
Excuse me, darling.
Logan entered this cage and was overcome by the fumes that these beings require for life.
- Would you care to try your luck? - With pleasure.
What do you want? - I come in friendship.
I'll leave if you wish.
- You are not one of our captors? - No.
You wear no mask.
You cannot breathe in our atmosphere.
- You had better go.
- I can handle it, I believe.
I assume you cannot breathe in the atmosphere of Earth? They are teaching us to adapt.
Now I can breathe for almost two minutes outside.
My companion will probably exceed one minute in her next attempt.
She seems so frightened.
She was not frightened on our planet.
Have you been here long? - I don't know.
We were captured so long ago, we have lost track of time.
Have you tried to escape? We would not live long in their atmosphere.
Well, perhaps someday, when you've adapted.
Thank you for caring.
Charming couple.
Rem's been gone a long time.
I had a feeling we couldn't just walk out of here.
There must be something we can do.
Maybe we can turn their weapon against them.
They gave us the power to make our imaginations into reality.
Maybe they don't know that we know.
Let's see if it still works.
Hey, it's not bad for a beginner.
Now, if we can just wish ourselves outside the door.
I tried.
It doesn't work that way.
The only things that you can make real are what's yours, and what's in your memory.
Yeah, but, how do we get the door open? We don't.
We get them to open it for us.
It's a great trick if you can do it.
You made a water jug fly across the room and you weren't even trying.
Now Why don't you rearrange the whole room? You see, the first thing is to get their attention.
Whoa! When will we have the molecular profile on Rem? In a moment.
Well, at last.
- What is it? The earthlings are finally beginning to show some spirit.
It's only a C-Nine Level reaction, of course, but it is positive movement.
That's something.
But didn't your predictions indicate they wouldn't reach this stage for some time? I think their reaction has something to do with their separation from Rem.
It's probably an emotional response and therefore, unpredictable.
You better get some guards in there before they hurt themselves.
Have them brought here.
- Not bad for a beginner.
- Oh, I was just beginning to enjoy it.
Stay there.
He's got a weapon.
Be careful.
I have something very interesting I want to show you.
These creatures are specimens we've picked up on our trip through the galaxy.
What exactly are you doing here on Earth? We are on a mission to expand the Empire of Kasorla.
We're looking for new worlds to colonize.
Earth is simply another stop on our way.
I see.
You bring back two of each dominant species to study their weaknesses to probe for that fatal defect that will enable you to conquer each world in turn.
Which is why we have picked up your two friends.
That was a mistake.
You must realize that.
After that demonstration of yours I must admit I'm beginning to entertain some doubts.
They're really not worth wasting your time on.
You make a very persuasive case for leaving them behind.
Well, I'd miss them terribly, of course.
They're so affectionate and loyal.
Well, we shall see.
Profile's done.
And you won't believe it.
We have the molecular profile you ordered.
Good, good.
Well Rem.
This would seem to make our trip to Earth very much worthwhile.
It's about you.
Oh? Nothing bad, I hope.
Subject is a complex series of electronic circuits constructed in the form of the people who inhabit planet Earth.
Commonly, subject is known as an android.
Well, well.
Is that true? Are you nothing but a machine? Nothing but a machine? Do you realize what that means? The millions of complex electronic functions.
The memory chips.
The muscle activators.
The photo-optical cells.
To say nothing of a storage bank containing every scrap of information known about mankind.
Nothing but a machine, indeed.
That piece of tin and wire is a machine.
But you are not human.
So I can consider you another species and take you with us.
I dare say our scientist will find you the most interesting captive of all.
What if I choose to self-destruct? Yes, that too is built into my circuitry.
Easily activated, if I wish.
But you won't.
You're too fond of those pets of yours I'm sure you wouldn't want anything to happen to them.
- Where are they? - They should have been here by now.
I sent two of the crew after them.
Alien breakout.
Find them! Secure the ship.
This way, this way.
Over here.
They're looking for me.
I wish I could help.
No, you're very kind.
This will be just fine.
Your weapon.
Come with me.
Well done.
I see you've learned our little secret.
I've turned off the memory pulse so that thought will no longer be a weapon for you.
What do you intend to do with us? Take you to our world, Kasorla.
Along with your friend, Rem.
- Any sign of him? - No, sir.
Well, I'm sure he wouldn't leave without his pets.
Our android friend is still aboard the ship.
The question is, where? They'll put you in a cage, as they did my companion and myself.
It's been difficult, I suppose.
In our world, we were free.
This is our prison.
I understand.
Out! Ah, very good.
So we're all together at last.
The least we can do is to show our latest acquisitions to the cages they will occupy until we return to Kasorla.
Contact them.
Tell them we're preparing to leave Earth.
Shall we go? You all right? Spaceship Protector to Kasorla.
Do you read me? Spaceship Protector to Kasorla.
When they answer, tell them the ship is in trouble.
You can't escape our gravity.
The Protector and the woman are dead.
Do as I tell you and you won't be hurt.
This is Kasorla.
Come in, Spaceship Protector.
This is Kasorla.
Come in, Spaceship Protector.
Tell them.
This is Spaceship Protector.
Kasorla, we can't escape Earth's gravity.
We're being pulled back, we're out of control.
Behind the chair.
That should satisfy them.
Mission ended.
Fate of crew unknown.
You have secured the ship? Yes.
The members of the crew are now locked up in the cages formerly occupied by their captives.
In time, we will learn to operate the spacecraft and return to our own worlds.
In the meantime, we must go on.
We, too, have a goal.
Do not worry about us.
This is no longer our prison, but our home.
My companion and I will learn to adapt.
Perhaps even to live outside.
Meanwhile, the others will see to everything.
We must thank you for what you did.
You helped set us free.
When the planet hears no further word from the ship perhaps that will signal an end to Kasorla's attempt at colonization.
- Let us hope so.
- All right.
- Goodbye.
- Good luck.
You know, I get the feeling that Rem really does think of us as his pets.
- Do you? - Don't be silly, pet.