Logan's Run (1977) s01e03 Episode Script


- Why are you doing this? - My husband's a hunter.
He's stalked and killed every kind of animal.
It became too easy for him.
Now, Sandman I've heard you were the most dangerous man alive.
You're going to prove it to me.
You'll be my ultimate challenge.
What if we don't play your game? The prize is your life.
We were captured by a man named Borden.
And, Rem, he hunts human beings.
Right now he's tracking Logan and Francis.
When he finds them, he's gonna kill them.
Terrible housekeepers.
- What are these, Rem? - Hmm? They're insects, I know, but Oh, grasshoppers.
Common name for insects of the order Orthoptera.
Harmless creatures with an enormous ability to survive.
If all other life had been wiped out in the holocaust these insects would still be here.
If you're trying to make us feel insignificant, Rem it worked.
- Come on in, Rem.
It's fun.
- Oh, no, thanks.
Water and I are not good friends.
Why not? You don't breathe.
You could walk across the bottom of that lake and never notice.
And if I happened to tear the outer layer of my skin the water would corrode my circuits, take weeks to scrape myself clean.
Runner! Oh.
You were too easy.
Outside's worn down your edge, Logan.
Why don't you just kill me and be done with it? You and the girl are coming back with us.
Those are my orders.
I should've known the Mountain City couldn't hold you.
Sooner or later you'd escape.
Benjamin, I'll go ahead with these two.
You follow in the groundcar after you've disposed of that thing.
I resent being referred to as an object.
You won't be one much longer.
Let him go.
- I'm sorry, Rem.
- I understand.
You're powerless to help.
I suppose you heard I'm programmed not to harm human beings.
I heard.
And I assume that's a lethal setting for humans.
So? I was pretty well put together.
If I change the mode to blast, this will take out a steel door.
Ah, yes.
Most steel doors don't have a nuclear generator behind them.
- What? - Oh, didn't you know? I'm powered by nuclear energy.
If you're too close when you fire, the explosion will kill you.
If the weapon has any range at all I suggest you get behind some shelter shield yourself from the radiation.
Uh, perhaps the tree.
- You're being very helpful.
- I know.
Because you're programmed not to harm humans? Not exactly.
Then why? Survival.
Aah! You're not hurt, I hope? We'll have to do something about getting you of there, won't we? Move away from the vehicle.
Go on.
Farther, over there.
I don't know if you're worth taking back.
All this time outside, you're no better than a D-level trainee.
- What now? - We wait.
Get some blankets out here.
Come on, help her.
Do whatever he says.
We may get another chance.
All fixed? - It'll run.
- Good.
We've lost half a day.
Shall we go? Your friend, Francis, will be getting worried about you.
Are you really programmed not to harm anyone? Oh, indeed.
Then if I jumped you, that gun wouldn't do you much good.
Well, you see, I'm programmed, but the weapon isn't.
It could go off in the struggle.
But if it does, I promise to make sure it's over quickly and painlessly.
Drive on.
That sounded human.
It's a wild animal of some kind.
Mind if she sleeps in the vehicle? Welcome to the great outside.
When you ran, you knew it had to come to this.
We were friends for a long time.
Until you started thinking you could change the order of things.
You were willing to believe a lie.
I wasn't.
People in the City of Domes have been running off to Carousel at 30 believing they'll be reborn.
That is a lie, Francis.
They're being put to death.
Whatever happens there is best for the city.
But not for the people.
Oh, you don't understand.
- What happens when we get back? - Well, you're valuable.
A Sandman turned runner never happened before.
You're gonna tell everyone in the city what outside is like.
That there is no Sanctuary.
- And what makes you think I will? - Oh, you will.
You'll be reprogrammed.
After which, you'll say whatever they tell you to say.
- What about Jessica? - Same thing.
Anybody thinking about running might not believe you.
They might still think you're a Sandman, a decoy.
They'll believe her.
We'll be lying, Francis.
There is life outside.
You know that now.
But there's no Sanctuary.
You haven't found it yet because it isn't here.
You haven't found any runners either because they're dead.
Outside killed them.
We're going back after Benjamin.
Something's gone wrong.
Jessica? She's gone.
The rope's been cut.
One set, a man's.
Hold it.
Get back to the tree.
- We've got to get her back.
- I'll find her.
Look, Francis, the two of us together have a better chance.
I won't try to escape.
You have my word.
Just until we find her.
- Thanks.
- I'll keep your weapon.
And remember, Logan, I know all your moves.
That was meant for us.
Whoever we're following knows we're here.
Probably watching us right now.
Francis, I'll need my weapon.
When we get Jessica back, you'll get the gun back.
Out, Benjamin.
Clothing and water, all still here.
We're in luck, Benjamin.
Heat intensity in the burned wood remnants, 0.
But these blankets have just been casually tossed aside.
Francis and the others will probably be coming back soon.
We'll wait and surprise them.
It's getting late.
We have to keep moving.
It's not the city, Logan.
It's not our territory.
You have to bring Jessica back, remember? You're under orders.
You're on my land.
Who are you? James Borden.
And you? I'm Francis Seven and Logan Five from the City of Domes.
City of Domes? I don't believe I've ever heard of it.
We're looking for a girl who disappeared from our camp last night.
People don't just disappear around here.
They usually have a little help.
There's a band of mutants who live back there at the swamp.
They hunt at night.
They've got some of my servants too.
You lead us to this swamp? Mm-mm, it's not that easy.
The mutants hunt in packs, and it'll be dark in an hour.
That's why I have the dogs in case I'm late getting back to the house.
Then we'll go on alone.
Getting yourselves killed won't help the girl much.
He's right.
We're trained to take care of ourselves, and we're armed.
I know every inch of this land and I don't stay out after dark.
- We can't just leave her out there.
- They won't hurt her.
They only want humans for slave labor.
I've never been able to get my own people back either.
If you two help me, we can raid their camp tomorrow and get everybody out.
Jackal wolves, they got two of my dogs last week.
I think we'd better get moving.
Logan, tomorrow.
Electronic repulsion system, especially effective against the mutants.
We don't have to worry about visitors.
We? My wife and I.
My husband spent years building this collection.
Some of the older pieces are archaeological finds as far back as the 17th century.
Irene's as proud of them as I am.
- Can the guns still be fired? - Oh, yes.
A few of the old rifles and pistols.
Naturally, there's always the problem of bullets.
- Bullets? - Yes.
Lead projectiles fired by an explosive charge.
I don't know how they ever hit anything.
When I first tried, it was hopeless.
In Irene's book, hopeless means three bulls-eyes out of five.
Ah, she's a fine shot, you should see her now.
But, of course, a weapon from the 20th century does put one at a disadvantage.
A vintage weapon represents more of a challenge to a hunter, darling.
I suppose it does.
I prefer this one.
It has power accuracy especially with this range-finder scope.
It can fire single energy bolts or a burst and I can change the mode in a second simply by touching one of these buttons.
That's beautiful.
None better that I know of.
I pride myself on having the finest.
What do you hunt? Uh, that's the problem.
There isn't much of anything around.
That's why I settled here to build my own preserve.
Unfortunately, the mutants have other ideas which brings us right back to why you're here.
And I guess we'd better make our plans for tomorrow.
Are you hungry? I could have something brought to you.
Why are you doing this? My husband's a hunter.
He's stalked and killed every kind of animal.
It became too easy for him.
So now he's decided to hunt a different game.
Runners? He's killed runners? Unfortunately, they weren't as challenging as he'd hoped.
None of you seems to know how to handle a weapon.
Then why do you want me? If I'm no challenge to you, why don't you let me go? You're no challenge to James, but these others, the runners they told us of Sandmen, killers, trained to survive, ideal specimens.
And now we have two of them.
Logan's here? And Francis.
Tomorrow, they think they're going to find you.
Should be an interesting day's sport.
And James is so looking forward to it.
He brought them here to hunt them down? And when he's finished with Logan and Francis, then it'll be our turn.
I will hunt you.
Logan, help! Logan, can you hear me? - A waste of time.
Logan! The room is soundproof.
Logan? Is anything wrong? I couldn't sleep.
You're thinking about tomorrow.
You're worried.
About Jessica.
That's the girl that the mutants have? Yes.
I'm sure she's fine.
Believe me, by tomorrow evening, you'll all be together.
You seem, uh, very sure.
I know my husband.
When he says it will work out, it usually does.
That makes me feel better.
I'm glad.
You'll need all your strength for tomorrow.
Perhaps you really ought to try and get some sleep.
I will.
Good night.
Good night.
Come on, Benjamin.
Come on, inside.
Quickly now.
Why? Since we don't see eye to eye on a variety of subjects it'll be safer if you were not free to follow your inclinations for 24 hours.
Where are you going? Something's amiss or they'd all be back by now.
I'm going to find them.
Come on, now, inside like a good fellow.
I've left the bottom vents open you'll have plenty of air.
The recording's ready, James.
Any time you say.
Very well.
JESSICA Logan, help! - Over there.
Logan, can you hear me? Logan! - Francis? - What? - Listen.
Logan, help! The same words over and over.
Can you hear me? - Logan! Help! - It's a recording.
Logan! Logan! He has Jessica.
It was all a trap.
BORDEN Very good, Logan.
You two will serve nicely.
- Where is she? - Safe.
For the time being.
There is no mutant camp, is there? A mere invention to bring us to this moment.
What now? Now, Sandmen I've heard you were the most dangerous men alive.
You're going to prove it to me.
You'll be my ultimate challenge.
You're mad.
Perhaps I am mad.
I'm giving you a head start.
Fifteen minutes.
- What if we won't play your game? - Ah, but you will.
You will.
The prize is your life and Jessica's.
If you win, you can all leave because you'll have to kill me to win.
Come on.
- Where? - Back to the vehicle.
Not without Jessica.
If I can't take her back, that's too bad.
But I do have you and I'm not gonna take a chance on Borden killing us both.
Your weapon? You don't have any choice.
I'm not worth anything to you if I'm dead.
You're not going to kill me.
Besides, we'd never make it back Borden chasing us.
We have only one chance and that's to beat him at his own game.
How? We were Sandmen once, remember? We worked together pretty well.
Let's get moving.
IRENE The hunt's underway, Jessica.
Get ready, your time is coming soon.
If your friends are as good as you think they are, they have a chance.
But James is good too.
Very good indeed.
He's too smart.
He knows the woods.
We don't.
We'll just have to keep moving till he makes a mistake.
- Logan.
- What? He doesn't know about Benjamin.
- What good can Benjamin do us? - He probably arrived at the vehicle by now.
If we can head in that direction, the third man might make the difference.
You all right? - I think so.
You? No way out of here.
- Maybe we can make a way.
- How? Build a ladder with your weapon.
Very good.
I was beginning to despair about them.
It's all right.
What's all this, now? Go and get back, you mangy curs! Go on, now, before I take a stick to you.
I thought you were You can't get rid of me as easily as that.
I certainly have had a time finding you.
But where are Logan and Francis? They're out there somewhere.
We were captured by a man named Borden.
And, Rem, he hunts human beings.
Right now he's tracking Logan and Francis.
And when he finds them, he's gonna kill them.
Let's go.
- You have no idea which way they went? - No.
Just out there somewhere.
That covers quite a bit of ground.
We're not gonna find anything just standing here.
The wisest course might be to make little noise.
We wouldn't want your Mr.
Borden to mistake us for his prey.
BORDEN Keep running, gentlemen.
The day's not over yet.
Could you tell where that came from? Sound is very hard to pinpoint at a distance.
Well, try, Rem.
My heat sensors are picking up a faint indication of two living creatures over there.
Two? That must be Logan and Francis.
Running won't do it.
We've gotta find a place to make a stand.
Better find a better place than this.
Somewhere he won't spot us.
Those shots came from a Sandman's weapon.
Unfortunately, there's no way of telling if that means something good or bad.
What's it made of? You two don't seem able to avoid even the most primitive of traps.
Very disappointing, gentlemen.
I'm now approximately five minutes from the cage.
I suggest you find your way out in that time or you won't be around to see our beautiful sunset.
What are you looking for? This cage didn't just happen.
It had to be built by something.
- Out of thin air? - Something like that.
There, look.
It's some kind of projector.
These bars are solid, Logan.
No machine can do that.
This isn't the City of Domes, Francis.
Things are different outside.
You see that lens, that beam of light? It has to be the control.
See if you can knock it out.
Hey, Sandmen I'll have to revise my lowly estimate of the pair of you.
It seems you're all I'd hoped for.
So now, gentlemen, the game's over.
The real hunt begins.
- We might never find them.
- The shot came from this general area.
There's one way to find out if they're here.
Logan? - Logan! - Listen.
Where are you? - It's Jessica.
Or another trap.
Logan, answer me.
Logan, please answer me.
No, she must have gotten away.
I'm not sure that will prove to have been wise.
Irene, don't talk.
I'll get you back to the house.
You were right.
Next time I'll use a newer weapon.
Logan, she's dead! My wife's dead! Francis, where are you going? Sorry, Logan, this is where you and I part company.
- Are you crazy? - Without a weapon, you're dead weight.
I won't have a chance alone.
That's your problem.
You've got five seconds.
Take off.
Borden! Logan, what's come over you? - He'll take us back to the City of Domes.
- I'm sorry, Jessica.
It was something between us.
- You stay there.
You two, inside.
- That won't do much good, I'm afraid.
- Tell him, Benjamin.
- It won't run.
I misplaced a micro-solar condenser.
Careless of me.
You'll find that doesn't work either.
Well, one way or the other, I'm taking them back.
We'll go back on foot.
On foot? All the way to the City of Domes? Across that desert? As far as the eye can see nothing but sand a blazing sun, impossible heat.
I'll make it, of course, being a mere machine but I'm afraid you'd all end up a heap of bleached bones.
What is it you want? A head start.
You don't leave here till sundown.
You've got my word.
Now about those engine parts, come along.
Next time, Logan.
I'll be watching for you.
Rem, you were wonderful.
Well, it was not totally without a certain flair.
- There's only one trouble.
- What's that? Francis ever catches up with us again, we won't have a weapon.
All taken care of, my dear Logan.
- Where did you get that? - It was hidden near the engine parts.
It belonged to Benjamin, but I didn't think it was part of the bargain.