Logan's Run (1977) s01e04 Episode Script

The Innocent

Rem, how close is he? Just at the edge of scanner range.
- We can get inside that before it closes.
- But Jeremy Jeremy, come back! It's a trap! You can't wait to get outside away from me, can you? Rem, how close is he? Just at the edge of scanner range.
We've got him this time.
Don't be too sure.
We got more speed than that thing he's driving.
If you think that's the only difference between Logan and us, go back to the city.
He's not just another runner.
Ground Car 2, we're closing on runner vehicle.
Plot an intercept course.
- We'll try to force their vehicle toward you.
JEREMY Confirmed.
I'm afraid he's closing in.
I suggest you take another course of action.
The ground over there looks rough enough to slow them down.
Ground Car 2, they've gone off the road.
Intersect on us.
Understood, Ground Car 1.
Maintain speed.
Francis, I can't.
If we don't slow down, we're gonna shake apart.
Get back on the road.
Try and swing around them.
That's done it.
They're dropping back.
Gives us some breathing room.
But there doesn't seem to be anything out there.
There's no place to hide.
There does seem to be a strong energy source close by.
An energy barrier.
Somewhere out there.
Look, there's some sort of complex built into the side of that hill.
- What was that? - What did we hit? An energy mine.
A weapon used a long time ago.
A mine? They're usually put in defensive patterns.
Whole fields of them? - Do you mean we're in an explosive field? Don't worry, Jessica.
Logan can trip them individually using his weapon.
Then we can pick our way through.
I would if I could see them.
They've stopped.
About ten meters, straight ahead.
What are they doing? That field is full of explosives.
Come on.
What? If they can get through, so can we.
Well, that should be enough to get us to the energy barrier, I believe.
Stay close behind me.
I'm going to neutralize the field.
Single file, now.
- I thought you cleared that path.
- So did I.
The mines are obviously capable of reenergizing themselves.
That's not possible.
We're dealing with a very sophisticated defense system.
Just who is it defending? Francis, everything okay? The android got them through this minefield somehow.
Our vehicle's out.
Let's go.
Sonic warning system.
The door seems to have a sonic lock too.
- Can you open it? - My dear Logan, it's not human therefore there's nothing unpredictable about it.
The air is fresh.
Which means the maintenance machinery is still operational.
Entry by unauthorized personnel not permitted.
Who is authorized? Unauthorized personnel not permitted.
I simply cannot talk to these poorly-programmed computers, Logan.
They're deadheads.
I am not a deadhead and I don't wanna talk to you.
- Go away.
If you're not just another slave computer, then you should answer my question.
You don't belong here.
You are unauthorized personnel.
We can't leave.
There are men outside who are after us.
You shouldn't have entered the defense zone at all.
Eeh! That hurt! I'm sorry, you would stand there arguing.
Go away.
I don't like humans staring at me.
You see before you a typical old-fashioned hodgepodge of metal and electronics, commonly called a robot.
If you're so smart, why couldn't you open that panel without short-circuiting it? I could have, but then you wouldn't have felt anything.
Excuse me, but who's in charge here? No one.
I'm the only one here.
Go away.
Doesn't anyone live here? I'm the only one.
Don't you listen? Go away.
If you really are alone here, then why are you so anxious to have us leave? Because I don't like you, especially him.
What are you called? My name is Friend and I am programmed to maintain the complex.
If I can get a look at the master computer, we'll have an idea of this defense zone.
No one may go into the master control room.
It is absolutely forbidden.
Friend, wait.
We're trying to protect ourselves from those men outside.
Your safety is not my concern.
My only concern is to get rid of you.
Look, if we were able to get in here, the men pursuing us might also be able to.
You could end up on the scrap heap.
Better that than allow you to remain here.
You're an illogical, stubborn bucket of bolts.
- Get out of the way.
Leave him alone.
You're people.
Real people.
You lied when you said there was nobody else here.
Your circuits must be rusty.
Robots are not programmed to lie.
It wasn't easy, you know.
He lied to protect me.
Now, who are you? And how did you get in here? The one in green is an android.
I knew it at once.
The moment he opened his mouth.
I'm Logan and this is Jessica.
Is that how you got through the defenses, using him? He does come in handy.
Thank you.
Why are those men outside chasing you? We escaped from the City of Domes.
They wanna take us back.
What was your crime? In the City of Domes, you must die when you reach 30.
We didn't wanna die, so we ran.
The punishment for running from death is death? What a strange world you live in.
They'll stop at nothing to catch us.
If your defense system has weaknesses at all They won't get through.
You can stay until they go away.
But just remember the defense system isn't all outside.
This complex is programmed to protect me.
Jeremy, you and Lucas move off to the right.
Check the defense perimeter as far as you could go.
See if there's any way to get through that barrier.
Strong and I will move off to the left.
Let's go.
Who built this complex? Well, it's always been here.
That's what my father said, but Well, I think it may have been built by the corps of engineers.
At least I found their names on things.
It probably was a government installation of some kind.
I can check the memory banks.
We should check out the defense system first to be sure.
Francis is still out there.
We have a video monitor.
Well, that would help.
You may be not so rusty as you look.
Can we see it? Thanks.
Must be such a lonely life you lead.
Lonely? You are alone? Oh, no, I have Friend and Nanny with me all the time.
Nanny? Yeah.
Come, I'll show you.
Logan? Wouldn't you like to meet Nanny too? Later.
Dust, dust, dust.
Doesn't anyone care about dust around here? If it weren't for me, we could all sneeze to death from dust.
Jessica, this is Nanny.
Dust, dust, dust, I just don't know where it all comes from.
Lisa, you didn't straighten up your room this morning.
I made your bed, but you must do the rest yourself.
Well, I will, Nanny, but we have guests.
Guests? We've never had guests.
We do now, and you'll have to get rooms ready for them.
All right.
If you don't mind the dirt, I don't.
Oh, that's all I do around here is dust.
Is dust, is dust - She hates to have her routine upset.
happen to me, and so you better get me a new one.
Oh, poor Nanny has a cracked visual component in her left optic.
Friend says we have a replacement, but he doesn't know how to install it.
He's not programmed to repair a Mark 4 housekeeper.
Well, Rem might be able to fix it.
Well, that would be wonderful.
Nanny would feel better being able to see the dirt she's cleaning up.
Lisa, how long have you lived here? Friend says it's 19 years, 112 days.
He tells me when it's my birthday.
What about your parents? They died when I was little.
But I have video pictures of them and Nanny and Friend have taken care of me since then.
You mean, those two robots are the only beings that you've seen for over 15 years? I've seen strangers.
Oh, then you have been outside? Oh, no, I've never been outside the complex.
Why should I? I have everything I'd ever want right here.
That's how Daddy arranged it.
- But you said you'd seen strangers? - On the video screen.
But there weren't very many of them and they were always far away.
Outside the defense system.
It's nice to have people to talk to.
Well, I enjoy talking to another girl myself.
You're warm.
Friend and Nanny are always cold.
I like you.
You and Logan are such pretty people.
Is Logan warm too? I suppose he is.
I'm glad.
This powers the inner perimeter and over here, this board controls the southeast perimeter pattern.
Well, only a half-charged battery pack could figure that out.
We could complete this scan if you two would stop squabbling.
Well, there it is.
Not a break in the entire perimeter.
There's just one thing I don't understand.
Oh, at least one? You're getting human, Rem.
Well, the power source indicated here is of low-level generation.
I'd say it's enough to run life support systems in here but it's definitely not enough to maintain the defenses outside.
Can you explain that? The readings are correct.
That's how they've always been.
Could there be another power source for this system, independent of master control? I don't know of any.
Very peculiar indeed.
We followed the perimeter to that hill.
That's where the complex actually extends into the ground.
We can't crack that barrier with the weapons we have.
And there don't seem to be any other exits.
If they leave, they'll need their vehicle.
We'll maintain surveillance.
I'll call up some reserves.
Sandman Reserve Team C.
Team A, Signal 5.
This is Sandman Reserve Team C.
Go ahead.
Rendezvous with us, vector 185, coordinate 024, as soon as you can.
Estimated arrival time: Eight hours.
Very well.
End transmission.
Francis, why Patrol C? B is much closer by.
C has that new L7 blazer weapon.
It'll take out that energy barrier.
Where's Jessica? Oh, she's in her room.
Would you like me to have Nanny show you your room? No.
No, actually, I wanted to talk with you for a moment.
I'd like that very much.
Lisa, I wanna thank you for letting us stay here.
Do you like it? That's very good.
- I'm flattered.
- I meant for you to be.
Lisa, Jessica told me how long you've been here.
You plan to stay forever? Why shouldn't I? Well, a girl as lovely as you are shouldn't be hiding in a vault shut away from the rest of the world.
It's exciting outside.
Do you really think I'm lovely? Yes, I do.
Your hand's warmer than Jessica's.
Is it? Logan, am I as pretty as Jessica? You're both very pretty.
Who do you like the most? I like you both.
I want you to like me more.
Lisa, I haven't known you very long.
What difference does it make? You have to know each other to like each other.
But I haven't known you long and I like you.
I like you better than anyone.
You've never had anyone else to like.
That doesn't matter.
It does.
But we'll talk about it later.
- When? - Later.
I have to talk to Rem about the Sandmen outside and see if he's found the extra power source.
You will like me more.
Hold it.
I tell you I see perfectly well.
I can read the label on that wall unit over there.
B- O-N-C.
No, you've been programmed to know that.
Your instrument readings say you only have 5 percent capacity in that lens.
I can see dust well enough.
You'd let Lisa live like that but there's not a speck of dust while I'm still functioning.
Comes of being programmed to do for a lady.
That'll quiet things down some.
You see what I've been putting up with? She's been going on like that for the last 40 years.
Ever since she was built.
Well, you could've turned down your audio unit.
Oh, no.
I could never do that.
What if Lisa called and I couldn't hear her? Were you programmed only to protect Lisa? No, of course not.
I'm programmed to maintain and service the entire complex and I am also Lisa's friend.
The safety of the complex is Lisa's safety.
You seem devoted to her.
- Rem? - Yes? Do you? Do you really think I'm just a bucket of bolts? Well perhaps I did overstate the case a bit.
You seem to carry out all your program functions adequately.
Except for knowledge of the extra power source.
I told you, as far as I know, there is no extra power source.
- Well, why is that so important? - Because if we can't control it those men out there will be in here to dinner.
And my friends and I will be the main course.
Oh, my.
Oh, my, my, my.
I can see you now, but that isn't much improvement.
Lisa, you wanted to see me? Yes, I wanna talk to you.
You can always talk to me, Lisa.
But this is kind of hard to explain.
It's never happened before.
- What is it? - It's Logan.
Logan? I don't understand.
What's the question? He's a man.
The first man I've ever been close to.
There was your father.
No, this isn't the same thing, Friend.
I feel odd.
Why, I don't know why my throat hurts when I'm close to him.
Or why I get the chills when he touches my hand.
Sore throat and chills indicates the onset of a cold.
Go to bed.
Keep warm, stay out of drafts.
It's not a cold.
You don't understand.
You're just a machine.
I don't even know why I talk to you.
The energy mines are gone.
The barrier is open.
Something has happened to the power.
- We can get inside that before it closes.
- But Jeremy Jeremy, come back! It could be a trap! That felt like a power surge.
- But everything seems to be all right.
- It was nothing, Friend.
Everything's fine now.
You're sure, Lisa? Yes, I'm sure.
Well, what happened? I don't know.
He didn't trigger a mine.
He just vanished.
Well, what, a new weapon? Something Logan found in the building? Maybe.
That looks beautiful, Lisa.
- Where do you get the flowers? - The plant house.
Nanny grows them.
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
I hope you like these.
Smells good.
Rem said that Friend and Nanny have lived here for 40 years.
They would remember the people that lived here.
Mother and Father and five others.
Friend used to tell me stories about them and play the video pictures they left.
I like the video books best.
What kind of books? All kinds.
Over 21,000.
My favorites are the stories about people and places that sound exciting.
I read a lot.
There isn't much else to do.
Your hair's very pretty.
Thank you.
Do you like it? Oh.
I never really thought about it before.
Yes, I do.
Will you show me how to do mine later? Sure.
After dinner.
Team A.
This is Sandman Reserve Team C.
We have a revised ETA.
We will join up with you in two hours.
Very good, Team C.
That's three hours earlier than we expected you.
Good work.
End transmission.
Can you remember how I did it? Yes.
I really like it.
It's almost done.
- Jessica? - Yes? How do you feel about Logan? Heh.
That's a funny question.
Why do you wanna know? Because I don't know how people are supposed to feel about each other.
Logan says you have to know someone a long time before you can like them.
Well, that's partially true.
Sometimes you can meet someone and like them right away.
Was that how it happened with you and Logan? No, not exactly.
Have you and Logan always been together? Only since we ran from the City of Domes.
Sometimes it does seem like always.
Do you think you'll be together from now on? I don't know, Lisa.
We're together right now, that's all.
It's hard to be alone always.
Lisa, you don't have to be alone.
You can leave.
No, I belong here.
But it would be nice to have someone human here with me.
- This what you wanted? - How long will it take to set up? - About five minutes.
- See if you can do it in four.
Worrying about these computers all the time.
You're as bad as Friend.
I'm trying to keep an eye on the Sandmen.
Those men outside.
The night reading capacity on these monitors is awfully low.
Do you like my hair this way? Yes, it's very pretty.
- Why do you like Jessica so much? - Uh Well, for a lot of reasons.
She's different.
She's not just pretty.
She's a lot more than that.
I can rely on her.
She's smart.
She's got a great sense of humor.
She can take of herself better than any woman I've known.
Defend herself, you mean? Yes, I suppose that's what I mean.
I can too, you know? I saw a glow, as though something was burning.
You don't have to worry now.
Their weapons can't hurt us.
Not in here maybe, but we have to leave sometime.
Why? We're looking for something.
It's a place called Sanctuary.
Sanctuary? A place where people from our city have escaped to.
A place where people can live in peace and be free.
Well, you can do that here.
There's plenty of food and, well, it's completely safe.
It isn't the same.
Lisa, you could come with us.
Everything I love is here.
But you're alone here.
Then stay with me.
I can't do that.
I told you what Jessica and I are looking for.
You're always talking about Jessica.
If she wasn't with you, would you stay? But she is with me, and so is Rem.
I see.
Lisa? What's wrong? Logan and his friends intend to leave soon.
Then things will be as they used to be.
Having guests is very trying.
I don't want Logan to go.
If he does, I'm thinking about going with him.
Oh, no.
You can't.
Well, if he won't stay, how else can I be with him? You're not allowed to leave the complex under any circumstances.
I know.
But if it wasn't for Jessica, I think Logan would stay here.
Jessica would seem to be the problem, then.
Well, I know Logan likes me.
If it wasn't for her, we could be together.
Well, if you have a problem and you know the answer the problem is automatically eliminated.
You mean, just eliminate the problem? That's all there is to it.
- Psst.
Where's Logan? - He's in his room, I think.
I found out what this complex was built for.
- What? - It was a test center.
A government project on psychic abilities.
People with psychokinetic powers lived here on an ongoing test basis.
- Psycho what? - Psychokinetic.
It deals with the movement and control of objects by the mind.
But why would they be so heavily defended? Well, I suppose if they fell into enemy hands their powers could be used as weapons.
Lisa is a descendant of a continuous line of people with extraordinary powers.
Well, that must be why the defenses don't have a power source we could find.
She controls the whole thing.
If you weren't an android, you never would've figured it out.
You mustn't tell Friend or Nanny.
They think they do it all.
But, Lisa, with that power, you could go anywhere.
You'd always be safe.
I'm not leaving.
I don't think I'd like it outside.
But I think you two will.
Jessica? Lisa, bring her back.
Oh, she's not hurt.
Just out of the way.
You can't hope to keep Logan by doing this.
It's the only way I can keep him.
Logan will be very angry when he finds out.
You Sandman types do have itchy trigger fingers, don't you? When Lisa put us here, she made sure your weapon would not harm.
- Who put me here? - Put all three of us here.
Her name is Lisa.
Well, here we are in limbo together.
Might as well make a stab at getting along, at least until she brings us back.
How did she do it? A full explanation would take some time, but essentially, it's mind over matter.
Not much in the way of scenery, is there? Rem, if Lisa did this because she thought that we stood between herself and Logan - what'll she do if Logan rejects her? - I've considered that.
I'm afraid I don't have a clue.
It was a human mind that created this prison.
If there's one thing I don't understand, it's the human mind.
I was just gonna call you.
Breakfast is ready.
Where's Jessica and Rem? Do you like my dress? It was my mother's.
I've never worn it before.
But you didn't answer my question.
They're off someplace.
Sit down.
We can talk over breakfast like Mother and Father used to.
Lisa, where are my friends? Why do you care so much? Because they are my friends.
They've gone away.
Where? Outside? They couldn't have.
Francis and the other Sandmen are still out there.
Well, I thought if they were gone, you'd stay with me.
I love you, Logan, and I want you to stay.
So I put Jessica and Rem away.
- You did what? - I put them away.
- What do you mean, put them away? How? - Well, it doesn't matter.
They're not hurt.
They're safe.
They won't bother us anymore.
You will stay, won't you? I love you and I wanna be with you always.
That's very sweet, but, Lisa, we just met, you know nothing about me.
I know all I have to know.
I love you.
Lisa, you're the kind of girl any man would be proud to love.
But you haven't given us a chance to get to know each other to find out how we feel.
Don't you love me? It doesn't happen that fast.
But I've read video books.
It happens very quickly sometimes.
This isn't a book.
Now, bring them back.
What will you do if I bring them back? We'll talk about it then.
Bring them back, Lisa.
You'll just take them and leave.
You can't wait to get outside away from me, can you? Well, you can have outside.
You want people around? I'll get some for you.
They've been waiting outside.
I see it.
The energy barrier is gone.
Well, how did it happen? No, wait.
It could be a trap.
Remember what happened to Jeremy? I'm holding Logan prisoner.
I've turn off the defenses, so you can come and get him if you want him.
Bring him out where I can see him.
I can't leave the complex.
You'll have to come get him yourself.
I don't believe her.
It might be worth a chance.
Strong, you come with me.
You three, cover us.
I couldn't subdue him right away.
I'm sorry you had to wait.
- Where's the girl? - She's gone, and the android with her.
Then I'll settle for Logan.
Why you doing this? I don't like him.
I didn't like any of them.
They were a threat to me.
Is this what you really want? Yes.
I don't mind being alone anymore.
People only hurt you if you care about them.
That's not true.
You didn't give us a chance, Lisa.
You wanted it all, but too soon.
They're the ones for you to fear.
Do you know what the real pity is? You'll hate and mistrust everyone who comes along now.
And because of that, you'll drive away people who wanna be your friends.
You'll be alone, Lisa.
Nice try, Logan.
Let's go.
What will happen to him? We'll take him back to the City of Domes.
- Will he be hurt? - No.
After he's done what's expected, he'll be reprogrammed.
Reprogrammed? Like a robot? No.
He'll become what he was.
A Sandman like the two of us.
Someone who hunts down runners and terminates them.
All right, let's go.
I'm sorry, Logan.
No, I hurt you and I didn't mean to.
Well, it's just that when I knew you didn't want me I wanted to make you hurt the way I did.
You have to understand we all like you, Rem, Jessica and I but we have lives of our own and we have to go on.
Sanctuary? I'll bring them back for you.
Will you stay a little while longer? Sure.
It's gonna be fine.
Keep your circuits dry.
You can release the Sandmen tomorrow.
They won't try to bother you again.
- Not after what they had been through.
- They appeared to be terrified of this child.
- That's not a lie.
- She's not a child any longer, Rem.
- She's a young woman.
- She still terrifies me.
Bye, Rem.
Bye, Jessica.
Don't stay in the complex too much longer.
We have to leave and so do you, soon as you're ready.
It just takes getting used to the idea, that's all.
Friend and Nanny will come with me.
You'll find new friends.
Let them into your life.
And don't be frightened, you'll find what you're looking for.
Will I see you again? Who knows? Maybe you'll find the same Sanctuary that we do.
I hope so.
They were nice.
It was better than being alone.
Wasn't it? Much better.