Logan's Run (1977) s01e06 Episode Script

Half Life

The visitors lied.
They've never been processed.
Take care of it.
You won't feel a thing.
I belleve you.
Easy, Logan.
Can we talk? These matters are better settled by hand-to-hand combat.
A sllght malfunction in the upper left extremity.
Oh, the module was off by two micro-seconds.
That's better.
What is it, Rem? Can you tell? It appears to be a concentration of refined metals.
Perhaps a city.
Maybe we can pick it up on remote.
Someone's jamming our signal.
Why would they want to do that? My dear Jessica, I can always tell what humans are doing, rarely why.
Look, out there.
- Don't tell me they jammed our controls.
- Highly improbable.
But I'd say our visitors have definitely unfriendly intentions.
What's that? M-42 rocket launcher, designed three centuries ago when man was still absorbed with how most efficiently to blow himself up.
- What are we gonna do? - If he scores a hit, repair ourselves.
Rem, we don't carry any spare parts.
They're only stunned.
They'll regain consciousness in a little whlle.
Are you all right? Yes, thanks.
Those traps were meant for us.
Very primitive, as you can see.
Someone managed to jam our controls.
Oh, I'm afraid we did that.
- Why? - Precautions.
Against us? Our guard picked up your approach thought it was an attack by the Castouts.
"Castouts"? - You mean them? - Of course.
And who are you? I'm Positive 14.
We're all Positives.
Oh, processed.
Oh, of course.
What about our vehicle? You'll have no further use for it while you're with us.
Or for your weapon.
- What did he mean "processed"? - I have no idea.
I thought it prudent to say we had been.
It seemed so important to him.
Our force field.
It keeps out the unprocessed.
It's a nice warm welcome for unexpected visitors.
You will be comfortable here.
You'll dine with the Patron at sundown.
Not many visitors come this way.
He's looking forward to the pleasure.
If there is anything you need, I will have it brought to you.
- What is your name? - Rama I.
What kind of a city is this? Like any other.
A city where all have been perfected.
How? Were you never processed? Oh, of course.
But the, uh, people outside, the Castouts What have they done? I must go.
Be careful the Patron does not find out.
Find out what? That you are not what you pretend to be.
The Patron.
You You look puzzled.
Earlier today, someone tried to kill us.
Someone who looked exactly like you.
And how do you account for such a strange coincidence? Are you brothers? No, not brothers.
Please join us.
Is something wrong, my dear? Excuse me.
Do enjoy your meal.
What is going on? Rama ll? - Positive 14.
- Yes, Patron? The visitors lied.
They've never been processed.
Take care of it.
Yes, Patron.
RAMA ll: I couldn't stand it anymore.
I thought I was going mad.
- Has it been that bad for you? - Yes.
I can't go on.
You must continue as you are.
I can't.
Mother, I can't.
It's all right, it's all right.
You're not hurting me.
Forgive me, Mother.
- I have no right to be here.
- Shh.
Hush, chlld.
I should go where I belong with the Castouts.
How long do you think you would last among the Castouts? I don't care.
Mother, I love the Patron.
I love him but I'm afraid that some night I might lose control and klll him.
You won't.
The evll can be controlled.
You've shown that it can.
You must go on.
Is there anything else you require? No, but what about Jessica? In her own quarters.
Directly across the corridor.
Is that satisfactory? - Yes.
- Good night.
When they say "good night," they appear to mean "good night.
" Rem, what is processing, do you suppose? You heard what the woman, Rama I, said.
This is a city in which everyone has been perfected.
Processing must be the quest for a society in which everyone is perfect.
I'd say they've got quite a way to go.
- Isn't it beautiful? - Yes, it is.
Look more closely.
I'll take her now.
You've met your match, Brawn.
We were worried about you.
Are you all right? Of course.
- Look, we have to get out of here.
- Oh, but why? It's beautiful here.
And the people are so good.
Aren't you happy? And you, Rem? Fortunately, happiness is not a condition I have to worry about.
Jessica, last night, when they took you back to your room, what happened? I don't remember.
I must have fallen into a deep sleep.
- Suddenly, it was morning.
- Could you have been drugged? Drugged? These people wouldn't harm me.
I've never been so at peace, so content.
Oh, I love it here.
I'm sure I'll always love it here.
So you want to stay? Of course.
Aren't you forgetting why we left the Domed City? Why Francis and the other Sandmen came after us? To find Sanctuary.
And not just for ourselves.
But what about all the people we left back there? Are you wllllng to just let them keep on dying in Carousel? Logan, I've been thinking about that.
And I belleve that the people of the Domed City loved Carousel.
They were certain they were going to be renewed.
They were happy.
I know.
You're confused now, but you'll soon feel the way I do.
And perhaps even you too, Rem.
I'm quite content as I am, thank you.
So you're gonna just give up Sanctuary? Sanctuary lles within each of us.
All we need is the key.
And you belleve that you've found it? I know I have.
Here? Why not see for yourself? See what? Our processing chamber.
Just see? Or undergo the process? Is that what happened to Jessica? In our society, we process the chlldren on their sixth birthday.
If the process is delayed, as in Jessica's case we find that the new Positives sometimes tend to overreact.
But very soon, they become llke us.
They're serene.
And above all, good.
We want to leave this place.
With her.
Logan, I don't want to go.
I'm happy.
There, you see? - Patron, couldn't we just? - Rama Yes, Rama ll? let these two gentlemen go on their way? Oh.
And deny them a life of virtue and harmony? No.
No, that would be much too cruel.
Guards, deliver them for processing.
Oh, don't be alarmed.
No one has ever shed a drop of blood in our society.
Bloodless persuasion.
Like a friendly brainwashing.
Our weapons cause no pain.
They simply render the victim unconscious.
And when you awaken, you will be as happy as Jessica.
You won't feel a thing.
I belleve you.
Sometimes, there are decided advantages to not being human.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Rem, we can't leave without Jessica.
We can't take on the whole city.
They can't get through the force field.
Let's go.
Come on, Logan, we're almost there.
Rem, we'll never make it through that force field.
You are not deallng with a mere human, Logan.
I can generate a powerful neutralizing field.
Now, stay close behind me.
Don't get out of my shadow.
How do you feel? Positively refreshed.
Logan! Over here.
Behind you.
It's not the same Jessica.
- What? - Processing.
Logan, I was afraid you'd been caught in their force field.
Jessica, don't you know what's happened to you? Yes, I'm with my people.
They did process you before they threw you out? You are Castouts? To the fingertips.
They're lying.
I say they die.
That gun.
Where did you get that gun? Where I got mine.
We stole them from the Positives.
Well done.
One day we'll fight them with their own weapons.
Welcome, Castouts.
Jessica would never deliberately lead me into a trap, no matter what they did to her.
I told you, she's not the same Jessica.
You keep saying that.
What does it mean exactly? It appears they've found a way to divide each person into two separate people.
The one good, the positive, the other evil, the negative.
Two separate bodies? Rem, that's impossible.
The only things that are impossible, my dear Logan are those which have not yet been mastered.
It's the only logical explanation.
We've already seen Modok and the Patron look llke identical twins.
And Brawn and Positive 14, also identical.
And yet they're not brothers.
They're just the light and dark side of each other.
So after processing, the Negatives become the Castouts? In order to create the perfect society, all good and no evil.
I shudder to think what that machine would have done to my circuits.
The Patron's wife.
Why did she look as though she could hardly keep from screaming? - Why did she rush away from the table? - I see what you mean.
Perhaps the process doesn't really work.
At least not perfectly.
Maybe good and evil can never be completely separated.
Maybe people need both in order to be human.
Come to think of it, even the Castouts aren't totally evil.
They could have done away with us at any time.
What if that's it, Rem? What if the Castouts and the Positives need each other? Maybe we can convince them.
Jessica came here one complete human being.
And that's how I want her to leave.
Let's just hope the machine works in reverse.
- Modok.
- Easy, Logan.
That's far enough.
Can we talk? These matters are better settled by hand-to-hand combat.
It's not about her.
- It's about all of you.
- Don't listen to him.
Quiet, girl.
- Talk.
- Do you enjoy being a Castout - living as you do? - You have something better to offer me? To live as they live, in the city.
Castouts llving like Positives? But aren't you one and the same? No, no, we are processed.
What if the process could be reversed? All of us, one again? - As we once were? - Yes.
That's a dream.
We could never go back to the city.
My friend Rem here is able to neutralize the force field.
A small talent, really.
Modok, they lie to you.
They haven't been processed.
And Logan's friend, you know what he is? He isn't human at all.
He's a machine with a human face.
Is that true? I'm afraid so, yes.
Now give me a reason to trust you.
Because you hate what you are, what you've become.
You can trust me.
I can lead you through the force field.
That much was true.
To be complete again, to To be one again.
I have found how they managed their escape.
According to the report, the one in green was not immobilized by the stun gun.
Are you saying he's not human? It is the only explanation, Patron.
An android.
That would explain how they were able to penetrate the force field.
And it might also suggest that we haven't seen the last of them.
They're certain to come for their companion.
They would not dare.
- Not alone.
- Ha, ha.
No, but they might enlist the aid of Modok and his men.
What are your orders, Patron? Double the guard.
And when you capture them, uh I wish Modok to be brought to me personally.
What about the visitors? When the time comes.
What will happen to them? The Castouts? Why? Are you concerned about their fate? I confess, Patron there are times that I think of them and feel sorry for them.
They're a part of us.
But a part we must forget and if necessary destroy if they come back.
- For the sake of the good.
- Destroy? No blood will be spilled.
If they're placed in the center module of the processing chamber they will be destroyed because they can no longer divide.
You do understand? Yes.
It is the way things must be.
Rama ll.
Nothing will change what is between us.
I have tried to make you happy, Patron.
You have made me happy.
All right, Rem and I will go first.
When the way is clear, I'll blink this light three times.
Don't take too long.
I'm not armed.
If anything goes wrong, I want to be the one who survives, not the other one.
In there.
She disappeared.
Why would she come back? To kill you so that she'd survive.
Drop your weapons.
It's a trap.
The strangers led us into it.
You give us too little credit.
They did not betray you.
The others are here.
Bring them.
They captured Modok.
They'll be coming after us.
This way, quickly.
You came to kill me? - Only if there was no other way.
- Why? For stealing our birthright.
I only did what I thought was right.
Often the answer of a man who knows he's done wrong.
Condemning us to a life outside the city at the mercy of our instincts.
Worse than animals we kill for sport.
I allowed you to live.
I could have had you destroyed.
No, you can't destroy us by getting rid of us.
We're part of you.
And you're a part of us.
And the machine doesn't work as it was meant to.
Even you should know it.
A part of the good and a part of the evil remains in all of us afterwards.
It's It's the nature of man.
And it was meant to be so.
And no machine will ever change it.
Only the Patron has the other key.
No one will disturb us for a while.
- But you said that this was the way out.
RAMA ll: It is.
The Patron means to destroy the Castouts.
- You can save them.
- How? By helping me to become whole again.
- So the process can be reversed? RAMA ll: Yes.
What's stopping you? The other part of me.
Is she among the Castouts? No.
She's dead.
You see, she died when we were processed.
When we were 6.
She was given to the Castouts to be buried.
She was the Positive.
My mother exchanged us.
Only she knew.
And the Patron? No, we've managed to keep it from him.
What if he finds out? He'll put me out like all the others.
But if the other part of you is dead, what can we do? She's a Positive.
Together, we could become one.
- No, I'm sorry.
- You didn't really believe we'd agree to that? You came back to bring her together with the other Jessica? - Yes.
- The other Jessica came back to kill you.
She will never agree to be reunited.
How'd you know the other Jessica came with us unless you saw her? You helped her escape, didn't you? You're holding her somewhere.
The Patron will do as I ask.
He will send the Castouts back behind the force field.
He will not destroy them or you.
If you agree to be reunited with me, we could help rule the city make it perfect.
You would be the Patroness.
Rama ll, has the experiment been tried with two different people? No, but I'm willing to take the risk.
I cannot go on the way I am.
But then it might kill you both.
Rama ll, people are as they are.
I wish we could help you, but the machine destroyed the other part of you.
It's gone.
It can never be restored.
We will not give you Jessica's life.
If only the Patron knew the one truly evil thing is the machine itself.
Where is the other Jessica? I'm alive! I'm gonna stay alive! Jessica.
They must be put into the modules from which they emerged, or both will die.
Jessica, it's all right.
You'll be as you were, as you were meant to be.
Leave this area.
That is an order.
Summon the Patron.
RAMA ll: Just a few more minutes.
Take them prisoner.
There's something I must tell you.
That you're a Castout? You knew? I've known from the beginning.
You let me stay with you? I loved you.
You came here to be one again? To reverse the process? Yes.
Then it will be done.
For everyone.
Afterwards, the machine will be destroyed.
Did all that really happen? It was an experiment to tidy up human nature, bound to fall.
Are you happy? I guess knowing I could be unhappy makes me feel pretty good about the way things are right now.
I certainly saw another side of you.
I'll try and keep away from that one.
All that commotion about good and evil, whatever they are.
I thank my lucky stars I have a cluster of electronic chips instead of a conscience.
Saves all that soul-searching.