Logan's Run (1977) s01e07 Episode Script


Next on Logan's Run: If you have the knowledge, take the serum to those six below.
They may be mankind's salvation.
Don't they all deserve to live? But only three of them can.
I would give anything, Logan, for a chance like that.
So would the others.
It's a tremor.
Hurry! It was the poisoned air that killed most of the population.
The bombs themselves did little damage.
After all this time, the buildings are standing.
There was looting and burning but little ground combat.
- There was no way for people to escape? - For most of them, no.
The buildings lasted and the people died.
You can see why understanding human motives is so difficult for me.
Can anyone still be allve? The light appears to be activated by the presence of our vehicle.
If there are people alive, we ought to find out.
Yes, but with a certain measure of caution.
KRIM Whoever you are we need your help.
I do not know what year you are from.
I assume by now the air has cleared.
It is now March of 2120.
Our world is dying.
Far below this building, there is a complex all that remains of a scientific community that went underground before the thermonuclear war.
It was the last refuge a final hope but then the plague came and there was no escape.
Radiation above infection below.
Most died there, under this building.
But not all of them died.
Six were chosen.
Ictims of the plague, but they can be saved.
There was only one hope, to freeze them in cryogenic units and hope we'd eventually find a cure for the plague and bring them back to life.
And we found the cure.
But by the time our team returned here the power was gone.
Behind the steel door lies the elevator that leads to the complex.
We were unable to make it work.
We found the cure and couldn't reach those below.
The serum is in this case below the screen.
All the others have died.
I beg you, if you have the knowledge take the serum to those six below.
They may be mankind's salvation.
Is that possible, Rem? That people frozen almost 200 years ago are still alive? Oh, yes, cold preserves, you know.
And down below, what if the plague's still there? It's bound to have died out.
Any virus needs a host.
I'm sure there are none remaining.
After all this time, would that serum still be good? I'm sure it will be.
It's hermetically sealed.
- Three doses in each.
- So it would appear.
Can you provide any more light? Yeah.
That's much better.
Yeah, looks simple enough.
What about a power source? Well, if the power went out a year after the holocaust it was a malfunction rather than a complete loss of power.
I wonder what we'll find down there.
A simple case of the right connections in the right place.
Let's give it a try.
- The air smells fresh enough.
- Does it? That's fortunate.
Something I'd overlooked, I'm afraid, not having to breathe.
Must be recirculating.
It's a tremor.
Hurry! Jessica? - My knee hurts.
- Oh, don't move, don't move.
- Logan.
- Logan.
- Logan.
- Logan.
- Logan.
Are you all right? Oh, other than a knot the size of my fist, I'm fine.
The case.
Oh, no.
I'm afraid one of them's broken.
Half of it's gone.
There's only enough left for three of them.
We must consider the possibility that whatever the plague was it may well have been destroyed during the freezing process.
And if it wasn't, what do we tell the three that we can't treat? When we come to it, Logan.
Come, Jessica.
- Can you walk? Not very well.
Then, with your permission, I'll carry you.
Am I heavy, Rem? Well, having never carried a human female of your age and weight in my arms before, I'd say yes.
But pleasantly heavy.
Rem, over here.
How long have we been in deep sleep? Almost 200 years.
- And the anti-plague, has it been found? - Yes.
Thank God.
You're a machine.
I beg your pardon? I'm a robotics engineer.
You are a machine, aren't you? - I'm an android.
- Marvelous.
We never got beyond servomechanisms.
A machine in the form of a human.
Who built you? TriWorld? I was made in the image of my creator, madam.
Now, let's have a look at this knee.
You do have the serum with you, don't you? - Yes.
- Well, then, let's stop wasting time.
Give the serum to Dr.
Greenhill, we'll all take our injections.
There's one complication.
Complication? The corridor.
I see beams falling.
One of the flasks.
Telekinesis is one of my disciplines.
There are two flasks? - The other was smashed in the earthquake.
- What? The remaining flask contains only enough serum to inject three of us.
You're all right.
We're long past the contagious stage.
But all six of us are still infected with the plague.
Freezing only arrested the disease.
Which brings us right back to where we were.
If you hadn't broken the other flask, we could all be saved.
Without us, none of you would have had a chance.
He's right.
They risked their lives to bring us the serum.
Forgive me, but isn't it possible to divide the serum that remains? That would mean diluting each injection.
- And if the dosage were too small - You'd condemn all six of us.
Greenhill you're our medical authority.
How much time do we have? Two days, maximum.
- And then? - Death for three of us.
But which three? Obviously, we all want to live.
The decision can't be ours.
Our friends will have to decide for us.
The choice of who lives and who dies will have to be theirs.
May I have the flask, please? It'll be safest with me.
Why you? I was administrative head.
A bureaucrat.
That's the word.
Logan brought us the serum.
He should be trusted with it.
- Oh, I'm sure you'd like that idea.
May I make a suggestion? If Logan and Rem were to hide the flask somewhere in the complex then none of us would be tempted to steal his share.
I agree.
Pera? - Okay.
- Mr.
Lyman? Do as you wish.
If you need me, I'll be in the administrative office.
Well, I'm going to go get out of this plastic bag and into some of my own clothes.
I'll check the generators, make sure they're working.
David, we'll need food.
The kitchen ought to be checked.
I'll run these blood samples.
What's in those? Nothing pleasant, I'm afraid.
- Ashes.
- They cremated their dead.
This is their graveyard.
They'd hesitate to search here.
Too many terrible memories.
Let's find an empty urn.
- Merely an aftershock.
- Are you sure? Now I am.
What was it like, Dr.
Greenhill? - To be frozen? - Mm-hm.
Do you dream? One doesn't remember.
Why did you and Logan leave your City of Domes? We're looking for a place called Sanctuary.
A place where we can be safe and free.
Oh, yes.
We were all looking for that, even in my time.
See if you can walk on this.
Oh, it'll be fine.
Thank you.
- You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
- Rem.
Yes, Ms.
Mackie? We've been discussing our situation.
Rachel told us the tests showed that we were still infected.
Since only three of us can be given the serum David thinks it would be better if you were not involved in the final decision.
I see.
- And you agree with Mr.
Pera? - Yes.
Kim? I'm of the same opinion.
Rem is included in any decision that we make.
We would prefer him not to be included in this one.
A logical judge is the best judge, Ms.
I don't want a machine to be my executioner.
If it wasn't for Rem, we'd never have gotten down here.
It's all right, Logan.
Rem is just printed circuits.
He can't possibly have feelings.
Yes, he does.
He worries about us, that's feeling, isn't it? I suggest we put it to a vote.
Rem, will you be good enough to get Mr.
Lyman? We don't need Lyman.
He's in the administration office.
We will postpone voting until he's here.
Every man should have a vote when his llfe is at stake.
Of course I'm not offended.
Why should I be offended? I am what I am.
Still, you'd think a scientist Absolutely no consideration for anyone else's neural system.
And what's so marvelous about them? Practically destroyed their planet.
Catch a machine ruining his environment.
In our ending is our beginning.
In our beginning is our end.
Frederick Lyman administered this complex.
He shared our expectations.
He suffered our defeats.
Let us bow our heads in a last goodbye.
Rem, it's wrong.
- What is? Our making the decision for who lives and who dies.
- Somebody must.
- But why us? We don't even know any of them.
We don't really know who they are or what they are.
In an odd way, just by bringing the serum, we took a responsibllity.
We committed ourselves to helping.
Is it helping to let two people die? We can't approach it in quite the same logical manner that you can.
Then what do you suggest? Well, we have three choices.
First, we could leave and allow them to make their own decision.
- Which they couldn't do.
- All right.
Second, we could write all the names down and draw at random.
Isn't that a little like a coward's way out? - It is.
- What's the third choice? Find out more about them.
Talk to them.
That's the only way we can know if there are any who deserve to live more.
Don't they all deserve to live? Probably.
But only three of them can.
These are the last entries I shall make in this diary.
I have nothing to do now but wait for death.
The last members of the staff are gone.
I'm alone.
How much time do I have? The six we put into deep sleep are the best of us.
They can save what's left of this planet.
They can build a saner world.
They're not perfect, any of them but builders.
We were right in our choices of the six.
But something in their records is bothering me.
I shall have to reexamine all the 508 files again.
But time is short.
The pains are greater today.
I have begun to lose vision.
I was right.
I was right.
There is something wrong.
Terribly wrong.
One of the six is an imposter.
Imagine spending 200 years in those and sitll liable to die.
Outside, on the surface does it still rain? - Why? - I liked rain.
Down here it never rained.
How old were you, Sylvia, when you came here? Seventeen.
I was What is the word? A prodigy.
High-priority rating frightening IQ.
But you like simple girls, don't you? - Simple? - Like Jessica, I mean.
Jessica isn't all that simple.
She's in love with you, isn't she? You'd have to ask her about that.
I was in love once.
My God, 200 years ago.
What happened? He died at a missile-launching base.
It's funny I don't even remember what it was like being in love.
But it would be nice to be cured to go up on the surface again.
Walk in the rain in love again.
I would give anything, Logan for a chance like that.
So would the others.
Oh, come in.
- How's your leg? - It's much better.
Thank you.
Well, it's difficult, isn't it? Deciding who lives and who dies.
I understand.
Sometimes doctors have to make the same kind of choice.
Why? Well, I don't know how it was in your City of Domes but in my world too often there were too many sick people and not enough medicine or equipment.
But you did choose.
- Did it bother you? - Every time.
There were guidelines then.
They don't hold true anymore, but there were some.
In the end, it came down to saving those who had the most to contribute when they were well.
But down here, you all have a great deal to contribute.
Ah, but some more than others.
Take you for instance, Rachel.
I mean, what brave new world could get along without the help of a doctor? Well, you're practically indispensable.
Well, thank you, David.
The rest of us are a rather odd mixture.
Victoria, a roboticist in a world without robots.
True, he can boil water by just looking at it or even send things flying through the air by just thinking that they should.
But do we really need that? And you build cities, but there's nothing left to build them with.
You're right.
But someday there will be cities again.
And until then, we need somebody who can keep the machines running and the wheels turning who knows how to repair the energy units.
What about Sylvia? Is she the third person you think should survive? Oh, Sylvia will survive, all right.
Logan'll see to that.
Besides I can't think of a better way to start a new world than with you and Sylvia by my side.
Well, he's cynical, isn't he? Yes, sometimes.
Only, this time, he happens to be right.
Ah, Ms.
Poor Lyman.
This is where you found him, isn't it? Under that computer, yes.
Unfortunate accident.
I wonder what caused that machine to fall.
Any number of factors.
Another tremor, perhaps.
Yes, of course.
I'm tremendously impressed with you, Rem.
- Thank you.
- I'm amazed at the difference.
- The difference, Ms.
Mackie? - Between you and a robot.
The robot is my remote relative as the ape is yours.
The human being's, I mean.
Tell me, can an android lie? By lie, you mean the transmission of false or incomplete data? - That's what I mean.
- It's against my basic programming.
Then if I asked you to tell me where the flask of serum was hidden you'd have to tell me, wouldn't you? - I'm sorry, Ms.
- Sorry? To reveal to you where the serum is concealed would be harmful to others.
As you know, my fundamental directive - Is not to harm human beings.
- Correct.
You must forgive me, Ms.
I'm not responsible for my own programming.
You're not an android, my friend.
You're a fox.
Well, it's, uh, not in there.
Were you looking for the serum, David? Well, why not? Can't blame a man for trying, can you? Or a woman.
That is a weapon, isn't it? - Yes.
- Mind if I take a look at it? Twenty-fourth-century weapon.
Essential in a hand weapon.
What's it shoot? A beam of amplified light.
It has a three-way adjustment.
There's stun, blast and kill.
Let's see what this baby can do on blast.
Well we certainly have come a long way, haven't we? Then how do we go about rebuilding the world? Robotics is the answer to all our problems.
A machine only extends our limitations.
Naturally, each of us thinks his own discipline is the most important.
- Being a doctor - Is being God with a stethoscope.
The real universe is mental.
Why don't you wear a turban, Dexter? Or activate a flying carpet? Now, honey, don't you buy any of their snake oil.
The universe is a house.
An organic house, but that's all it is.
Well, all knowledge is important, isn't it? I mean, we need to know everything.
Rem, where have you been? Why? Have I missed something? Oh, a minor display of scientific ego.
They've been trying to convince Jessica how vital each of them is to civilization.
- Ah.
Did they succeed? - They're just confusing me.
I believe that's the usual result with scientists.
I'm afraid there's another problem which demands our more immediate attention.
What's that? I've given you incomplete data.
- Has something happened to the serum? - No, no, the serum is safe.
What I failed to give you is all the information concerning Frederick Lyman's death.
But I thought you said Lyman's death was an accident that you found him under a failen machine.
Oh, so I did.
As you know, Ms.
Mackie, I share with your earller models an inability to lie.
However, I must confess, even for an android it's not always convenient to tell the truth.
The machine in Mr.
Lyman's office did not crush his skull.
Lyman was already dead when he was placed under the machine.
- Rem, do you mean he was murdered? I do.
What are you, some kind of automated detective? Uh, detective? Computerized cop.
And we're all sitting here listening to him.
David, please.
Are you sure? You see, doctor there were cobwebs on the computer.
Had the earthquake or some other force caused it to topple on Mr.
Lyman they would certainly have been torn, at least disturbed.
I examined them very carefully.
They were not torn, they were not disturbed.
The scene was arranged.
Why should someone kill Lyman? The answer should be as apparent to you as it is to me.
Someone wished to profit from the crime.
- The serum.
You were six.
Now you are five.
Someone has improved the odds of his or her survival.
Well, you may have the best memory banks in town, chum - but you're forgetting one item.
- What item is that, Mr.
Pera? Who we are.
What we were put into deep sleep for.
We were all screened, checked out.
What David is trying to say is that it would be psychologically impossible for any one of us to commit murder.
In a sense, we were programmed just as you were, Rem to aid humanity.
Murder would violate that basic drive, even with the stakes as high as they are.
But don't you see, doctor what the murderer did was vital to his purposes.
The murderer belleves, as you all believe, that your particular branch of knowledge your special skill, is the one most important for the reconstruction of the world.
Now, what was Mr.
Lyman? Merely an inferior obstacle.
The killer removed it.
That's horrible, Rem.
On the contrary, my dear Jessica, to the murderer it was a logical justification.
Not logical, Rem.
Is the difference akin to a malfunction? In a sense.
Then we must face the fact that among you there is a malfunction which kills.
We've had one murder, why not two, three? - There's only one way to stop the murders.
- But how? Get the serum now.
Let Logan and Jessica decide which three of us will get the dosage.
You've got no right to bully Logan into a decision like that.
Well, I don't have the equipment to seduce him, baby.
That was a cheap shot.
Logan? - How much time is left, Dr.
Greenhill? - One day.
We'll wait a day, then.
Stay where you are.
There's an auxlliary generator in the corridor.
I'll plug it in.
What are you looking at me for, Logan? You know how to handle a weapon.
Well, that particular weapon is from my century.
Any one of us would know how to use it.
And you were the people who were gonna build a new world.
Well, you're nothing but killers.
None of you deserve to live.
Take it easy, Jessica.
We are not all guilty.
Yes, you are.
Oh, go on, give them the serum.
They'll fight like animals to get their share.
Well, if this is the best that science can do, who needs them? Logan? I'll get the serum.
We have to make a decision now before the killer makes it for us.
You're angry at them because of Ms.
Mackie? Because of the murder of a good person.
Perhaps Ms.
Mackie was not the person you thought she was.
- What do you mean? - Perhaps she was a fraud, an imposter.
Rem, how can you say that? You know that can't be true.
What's all this stuff about her being a fraud? I don't mean to offend the memory of Ms.
All I'm trying to suggest is that one of you is not the person he or she represents themselves to be.
Forgive me.
Are you saying that the committee froze someone who was not entitled - to that particular honor? - Yes.
That one of us is actually somebody else? It is possible.
Suppose I'm the imposter how did I substitute myself for the real Rachel Greenhil? Plastic surgery? A mask? What Rachel is trying to say is nobody could've pulled off that hat trick.
Miss Mackie and Mr.
Lyman are dead, and one of you kllled them.
And I submit the imposter is the one responsible for those deaths.
Do you know who the murderer is? The first question to be answered is not who but as Dr.
Greenhill points out, how? See, it was not necessary to steal a body.
All that had to be stolen was a mind.
What the devil does that mean? If you'll be patient, Mr.
Pera I think I can explain how your hat trick was accomplished.
Remember, your complex was doomed.
To be selected for deep sleep was the only recourse left to your society.
Six of you would live.
Imagine the desperation of those less talented less brilliant, passed over, condemned to certain death.
According to the computer records, none of you knew each other before you came to the cryogenic chamber.
- That's true.
- You assume whoever turned up there would be the persons they were supposed to be.
Well, of course.
But why? In an almost wholly automated society controlled by numerical identifications, computer printouts.
How many of you even met the selection committee? - Not I.
- Exactly.
The sheer weight of trying to pick six out of How many? Hundreds? would have prevented it.
No, it was the computers that made the decision.
And based on what? Our careers, achievements, academic credits and honors complete psychiatric profiles.
The complete life history of every scientist in this complex.
A staggering task.
And the answer to our riddle.
I'm afraid I still don't understand.
Computers, after all, can only pass on the information that is given to them.
Somebody gave the computer the wrong name.
Not quite.
The records indicate that toward the end hundreds were dying every week.
How simple, then, for someone, a computer technician perhaps someone with access to the records and the computers to alter a name and a file to transfer documents from one folder to another and feed the data into the computer and so become, with very slight alteration a famous scientist, worthy of being saved until the cure was discovered.
That's terrific.
Theory and guesswork.
Not really.
One of you is the killer.
The one who is not who they claim to be.
Greenhill? No.
No, she fixed my leg.
She ran the blood tests.
She must be a doctor.
Kim? No.
When we first met, he levitated the serum right out of my hand.
You're strong enough to have engineered that accident.
Why don't you check those records you're always talking about? You'll find out I designed this entire complex.
And if I have to, I can show you where every nut, bolt and wire is located.
That would seem to leave only you, Ms.
And why not? Why did they have any more right to live than I did? Because I was only a computer technician? So you killed them.
For people who have been frozen for 200 years death is only a statistic.
Stay there, Logan or I'll smash this.
I live or no one lives.
I meant what I said, Logan.
Come any closer and I'll smash this.
- What good would it do? - I'm not interested in doing good.
I'm interested in staying alive.
I'm warning you, Logan.
Give the others their chance.
I don't care about the others.
I want my life and I want my freedom.
You don't know how I've hated this place where the sun never shines sleeping in some tiny little antiseptic cubicle where the lights never go out.
I want to see the sun, Logan.
The real sun and the real moon.
- You won't if you break that flask.
- Then none of us will.
We'll all die.
Look, Logan, why don't you just get out of here? This doesn't concern you.
You're an outsider.
Take that android and that girl of yours and just get out of here.
- No, I can't do that.
- Why? Because of some kind of a moral obligation? There are no moral obligations anymore.
They're gone with the radioactive snows of yesterday.
What about Lyman? Ms.
Mackie? They were old! I'm 26! Thirty is old in the City of Domes.
They got rid of people at 30.
Maybe they were right.
They were wrong.
And you're wrong.
I left the City of Domes to find a place where murder wasn't an official ceremony where the right to live and die didn't belong to the state but to each one of us.
I left it to find Sanctuary, where those rights exist.
- I don't wanna die, Logan.
- None of us does.
Look, just a few drops of the serum and I could go with you.
The injection is simple.
We'll leave the rest of the serum here.
I'm pretty, aren't I, Logan? And Jessica's only a chlld.
Take this, Dexter.
From here on, the decisions are yours.
Sylvia was right about one thing.
We don't belong here.
This is your court.
She's part of your world.
Whatever verdict you reach the responsibllity will be yours.
Come on, Rem, Jessica.
I'll name a city after you.
Maybe you too, huh? Remsville? Rem's Corners? Remsylvania? Difficult choice.
What are you going to do with me?