Logan's Run (1977) s01e08 Episode Script

Fear Factor

- This a hospital? I can assure you - It's a great deal more.
- It's a lunatic asylum.
- It's worse than Carousel.
- Silence! Rem is here with us.
What are you doing to him? He's just being deprogrammed.
It will soon be over.
Let her go.
She'll never have to think for herself again, unless you decide to join us.
I'm beginning to get an impression of some forest up ahead.
My heat sensors are definitely reacting.
Let's see what the scanner shows.
Some kind of electrical system, wouldn't you say? It would appear so.
Out here away from everything? Perhaps that's why it's here, my dear Jessica, to be away from everything.
Let's have a look.
Through here.
And quite a sophisticated system, I'd say by the strength of the impulses.
Its architecture borrows extensively from both Mediterranean and Georgian.
How old do you think it is, Rem? Probably dates back to the twentieth century.
Do you think it's possible anyone's still inside? If not, there's an alarming waste of electrical energy going on.
Please, let me go.
We wanna help you.
Let me go.
- We'll take you to the house.
- No.
Go away.
Are you trying to warn us about something? Evil.
Rem, what's the matter with her? Hysteria.
The result of some mind-numbing trauma.
That means something, I suppose.
Fear, my dear Logan.
The factor that makes you humans so much more vulnerable than we androids.
Can you help her? I don't know.
Who are you? What are you doing here? We come from the City of Domes.
We were - Are you alone? - Yes.
No one else hiding? All right, woman - back inside for you too.
- She's quite ill.
We'll take care of her.
Wait here.
Place her on the couch.
- Yes, sir.
Where was she? - Outside, with three strangers.
Two men and a woman from a place called the City of Domes.
- Where are they now? - They're waiting inside the entrance.
- Get them.
- Yes, sir.
Who knows? Maybe they'll turn out to be exactly what we're looking for.
Please come with me.
Come in, come in.
Thank you.
My name's Logan.
- This is Jessica.
- Jessica.
- And Rem.
- My name is Dr.
This is Dr.
Oh, I'm sorry, would you excuse me, please? - Guard, would you take her to XB-6? - Yes, sir.
Doctor, she's classified indeterminate.
XB-6 means that she'll I know what it means.
Untll the time comes when you take over for me I would appreciate it if you'd allow me to continue giving orders.
I'm sorry.
Please, come in and sit down.
Well, well, well.
Paulson, would you make arrangements for the accommodations - of our friends? - There's no need No, no, I insist.
I'm sure that you traveled a great distance.
It would more than please us if you would be our guest untll you fully recover.
I'm afraid I must apologize for Dr.
He's my executive assistant, my heir apparent, you might say and, well, sometimes he has a tendency to be overeager.
- Is this a hospital? - Well, you might call it that.
Actually, this place is like a convalescent sanitarium, hm? I mean, the overall picture, I can assure you, is a great deal more than that.
- How did it survive the holocaust? - It was built as far away as possible from the population centers for reasons of security.
It was untouched by the holocaust.
But first, please let me thank you for your help with my patient.
She seemed awfully sick.
No, not really.
She was just confused, disoriented.
I'm afraid it's not the first time she has wandered off and lost her way.
Doctor, she tried to warn us about something.
She was frightened out of her mind.
Yes, of course.
In the strict neurological sense it's not too difficult to define madness, you know, disordered.
I mean, easily carried away by actions that defy all reason.
- But beyond that - Rem, what did you call it? Hysteria.
It was my opinion that she had experienced a trauma of some kind.
I'm sorry.
Are you a doctor? Uh Not exactly.
Let's say I have all the knowledge.
But I've never had a patient.
A gifted amateur.
Well, what a loss to the medical profession.
I don't know what she said to you.
But I'm sure you misunderstood.
It wasn't what she said, doctor.
It was the fear in her eyes.
Oh, I see.
My dear, uh Jessica? Mm-hm.
Jessica, I assure you that Accommodations are ready.
It would be inconsiderate of me to detain you any longer.
Rowan, I'd like to talk to you about the woman, if you don't mind.
Of course not.
- I don't think - No, it's all right.
Go on ahead, I'll be fine.
She'll be along presently.
I hope you don't mind if we talk whlle I'm seeing my patient.
I hope you will be comfortable here.
I'm a little uneasy about leaving Jessica back there with Rowan.
I don't think she's in any danger at present.
At present? That's comforting.
Apparently, they like to keep an eye on people.
What have we here? What are you trying to do? I believe I can activate this monitor.
- If they can keep an eye on us - Then we can keep an eye on them.
How are you gonna treat her? Well, there are several steps.
I've already made good progress with the deadening of her emotional system.
- Deadening? - Yes.
You mean you've deprived her of her human feelings? Well, yes.
And the ability to think for herself.
Now the only emotions she can feel are those of my own which I feed to her by computerized amplifier.
That's shocking.
- Why? - Well, she's a human being.
She has the right to feelings, to emotion.
My dear Jessica, believe me, it is for her own good.
She was a woman of strange ideas.
A militant independent.
She had a total disregard for authority.
She had a restless, inquiring mind.
In every way she was different.
It sounds like a description of Jessica.
First, I will imagine fear.
And she wlll feel fear.
Huh? Now, pain.
Now, sadness.
And joy.
Hm? Now, if I were to make her think of the ultimate experience, death - then she would die.
- Stop it.
- You're not impressed.
- I think it's hateful.
Well, there are some other doctors here I think you should talk to.
Let me see Dr.
It's against rules to disturb the doctor while in consultation.
Then we'll have to break the rules.
Headstrong, isn't he? Back there.
Where's Jessica? I can't tell you that, I'm afraid.
Perhaps I can help, Logan.
I believe the good doctor can see into every room from here.
Now then, once again.
The reaction of Carousel in the City of Domes.
- Was it fear? - No, not fear.
What, then? More like anger.
At the people who were about to die? At their blind stupidity.
They were like sheep.
It didn't have to be that way.
What inducement did you offer to persuade them you were right? We told them there was a refuge outside the domed city, a place called Sanctuary.
Where is Sanctuary? I don't know.
Do you think you'll find it here? No.
Why do you say that? That woman we found, she wasn't mad.
She was frightened.
And now I know why.
You people don't feel, you just reason.
You treat compassion as if it were an illness.
If people think for themselves, it's a threat to the system.
So you tell them they're mad, and treat them llke laboratory animals.
- Sllence! - It's barbaric! It's worse than the City of Domes.
It's worse than Carousel.
- I order you to be silent.
- Why? Are you afraid? How do we get to her? You have five seconds.
Very well.
Through here.
After you, doctor.
That was quick.
Rem? Hang on, Logan.
Are you all right? Well, no damage done as far as I can tell.
Are you all right? No broken bones.
We better get moving.
Where exactly are we heading? - This tunnel has to end somewhere.
- And then? We'll find Jessica.
You allowed them to escape.
They were gone before I could stop them.
You sure you weren't unconsciously hoping they would do something stupid? Like killing me.
Why would I do that? Because then you'd be in charge.
You'd be responsible for the entire Inner Circle.
I didn't ask to be your successor.
And I still think you're the right man for the job.
If you would just learn to restrain your emotions.
Allow your natural brilliance to come through.
It's the reason I selected you in the first place.
You see, our society may one day rely on you for its survival.
What I have to do for the survival of our society I will do.
You may go.
Back the other way.
Watch out, Rem.
Look out! Another one.
Move back.
Rem, what was that? An illusion, I believe.
Probably achieved it with intersecting laser beams.
Quiet good, actually.
I'm glad you liked it.
But why would they do it? What did they want? I'd say it was a test of some kind, probably of our reaction to a stress situation or maybe of our I should say your fear factor.
Do you know what people we're dealing with? Oh, I'm never sure about people, Logan.
I think I know why they built this place as far away from the city as possible.
This is no convalescent home.
It's a lunatic asylum.
It appears the inmates are running the place.
What do you suppose they're after? In an asylum, dear Logan, information has to be judged by a different set of values.
I don't know what they're after.
But I expect our keepers are still watching us somehow and probably with great interest.
Now they're in complete control.
Logan, can you hear me? I'm gonna pretend to pass out too, that might give us some chance.
- Where is Jessica? - She's with the proper authorities.
As is your friend Rem.
Why am I tied up like this? This is all for your own safety, Logan.
This will be returned to you when it's determined that you're in a responsible state of mind.
Aren't you in a position to decide that? That's up to the Inner Circle.
The Inner Circle? There is no decision made in this society unless first approved by the Inner Circle.
- That's where you're taking me? - Yes.
- Name of patient? - Logan.
- Origin? - Outside.
- Destination? - Inner Circle.
- By whose orders? - Dr.
Wait, please.
Who are they? Where are they? They live below us.
They are menials, people with diminished brains.
They provide the life-support systems for the Inner Circle.
The guards seem to know what they're doing.
They're specially trained.
They have slightly higher mental capabilities than the menials but not enough to qualify them for the Inner Circle.
You're cleared for Second Guard Station.
- Why twice? - Established procedure.
Established by the Inner Circle? They have their reasons.
And you never question those reasons? Why should I? When I was in the City of Domes, I was taught to obey too without question.
My job was to kill runners because they refused to believe that they had to die at the age of 30.
For a long time I fooled myself that I wasn't responsible but finally I couldn't deny my real feellngs.
In our society, we long ago exorcised feelings.
All of us, we have no feelings as you understand them.
I'm not so sure you got rid of yours.
I saw you argue with Dr.
Rowan about that woman.
That was a breach of etiquette, nothing more.
Or maybe a glimpse of your own feelings.
- Name of patient? - Logan.
- Origin? - Outside.
- Destination? - Inner Circle.
- By whose orders? - Dr.
You are cleared for Inner Circle.
Logan is in our presence.
Release the patient.
Welcome, Logan.
Welcome to the Inner Circle.
I got your invitation.
Do you know, of course, we have been testing you? You and your friend Rem.
Yes, we figured that out.
Well, it's the only way we could accurately determine your powers of endurance.
I hope you weren't disappointed.
No, not at all.
To the contrary, you exceeded our wildest expectations.
Test 122, Subject: Logan.
Pulse rate: normal.
Under stress: normal.
Endurance: high.
Fear factor: extremely low.
There, see, that is the important factor, the fear factor and you came through with flying colors.
Where is Jessica, and Rem? Jessica we will see soon.
Rem is here with us.
You reallze, of course, I knew at once that he was an android.
His structural technology is sophisticated enough but he's hardly a serious adversary for our own computer.
What are you doing to him? Why, nothing.
He's just being deprogrammed, that's all.
We wanna make sure anything stored in his memory bank is not lost to our collection.
Just what is it you're collecting? Why, knowledge, Logan.
All knowledge, to help us with our program.
And what program is that? The implementation of all here that we have achieved.
Achieved? What? Frightening old women? Turning your workers into robots? More, Logan.
Much more than that.
We have achieved something else.
Something far beyond the abilities of any civilizations that existed before us.
For example, we can produce an army of absolutely obedient soldiers - in a week's time.
- An army? - For what? - If we have survived, others have.
An army can guarantee our continued survival.
Other than a few guards, I haven't seen anyone who looked like a fighting man.
It's not much of an army.
I told you, we could produce an army in a week's time.
Here, allow me to demonstrate.
Bring in the child.
Now, there, in hardly more than a moment you have seen a child transformed into a man.
A fighting man, anxious to do anything and everything I ask him to do including dying.
Who was that child? One of the menial children.
Do you control his mind as you do the others? Well, yes, of course.
If you really can do as you say then where is your army? Why show me this? There's something wrong here.
There's some part of it that you don't have the answer to.
Yes, we did overlook something when we started to control their minds.
This process has a disastrous side effect.
It robs them of their courage.
You see, it all goes back to the fear factor.
All the menials, indeed, even those here in the Inner Circle are unable to cope with even the slightest amount of anxiety.
And what good is a massive army of cowards? Well, you do have a problem, but I don't see how that concerns me.
That is the reason you are here.
You see, you are that almost-forgotten thing in our society, a brave man.
Now, if we are to attain our rightful destiny then we need new blood, the blood of a man who is totally unafraid.
A man like yourself.
And that's what all this has been about? Listen to me, Logan.
You must llsten.
There are still women here, in the Inner Circle who are without fear but you are the only man who can sow the seed of a new race of men with the courage of our ancestors.
Now, once we have children without fear then they can breed more children without fear.
Join us, Logan.
Help us to start a new master race.
I read once of a people who considered themselves a master race.
It involved their making the rest of the world their slaves or else exterminating them.
Logan, you must join us.
I came here with two friends.
I intend to leave with them.
As for your plan, it belongs in the straitjacket that you keep your people in.
Maybe I can still persuade you.
Once again, Jessica, why did you become a runner? They lied to us in the City Of Domes.
They told us there was no life after 30.
Then you were a leader in the revolt against established authority, weren't you? Well, were you a leader in the revolt? There was no revolt.
We were a small group who resisted a system we didn't believe in.
You believe that the individual has the right to disobey orders? When the orders mean death and cruelty, yes.
Yet you deny that the resistance to authority is an act of rebellion? It was an act of protest.
Tell me, Jessica, in the City of Domes the penalty for rebellion is what? - Death.
- Yes.
Here we're much, much more civilized, I'm happy to say.
When we encounter dangerous thinkers we simply treat the appropriate cortical areas in the brain and relieve mental tensions.
We reduce them to something that lives and breathes and its sole function in life is to work.
Periodic treatments keep them in that condition for as long as they live.
Now, isn't that more civilized than it was in the City of Domes, Jessica? What are you going to do to her? You heard them.
They will be thoroughly civilized.
She'll be like the other menials.
She'll work and be very happy.
She'll never have to think for herself again.
Let her go.
Well, that's up to you.
The doctors have already made their decisions.
Unless you What? Unless you decide to join us.
But for Jessica's sake, I wouldn't take too long in making my decision.
Don't struggle, doctor.
I'm very strong, I assure you.
- Rem, I thought - That I've been deprogrammed? Really, my dear Logan I'm appalled you'd believe that that blinking toy would be a match for me.
However, it did give me one good idea.
The sooner we get out of here, the better.
Come along.
Paulson, shoot them.
It's up to you.
This is your first chance to make a decision on your own to live your life, not his.
What do you want me to do? Show us where Jessica's being held.
I ordered you to shoot them That's better.
Come along.
Don't let her lose consciousness.
Experiment will be a waste if we can't observe her responses.
I can't keep her conscious much longer.
She's very weak.
They're Dr.
Rowan's orders.
She's ready.
How much further? Remain silent.
Just ahead.
- Hold her still.
- Relax, relax.
It'll soon be over.
Don't do that, Logan, you'll kill her.
It's too late.
He already has control of her mind.
Maybe I can stop him.
Don't! Don't! You're destroying a whole lifetime's work.
Your precious secret weapons.
Jessica, you're all right.
You're all right.
Oh, easy, easy.
Frankly, I've had enough of this place.
Shall we go? - You all right? - I think so.
Menials and guards.
The guards are armed but afraid too.
With the computer in ruins, they've lost control of the menials.
How many are there? It's hard to say, but there are more behind these.
What are the menials afraid of? They've never been this far from the Inner Circle.
They work deep in the earth in their own compound.
Aboveground is a place that they've been taught to fear.
- Think they'll keep after us? - As long as we've got Dr.
Rowan the guards will try.
- What if we leave him behind? - They'll attack us, if he says so.
They'll do what I tell them.
You'll never get out of here alive.
Go that way.
They're just ahead.
They'll be coming, you better hurry.
Paulson, wait.
Aren't you afraid? I mean it's dangerous out there.
You won't have the security of the Inner Circle to protect you.
I mean, how how will you live? You're right, it is dangerous.
But that's part of being free.
The willingness to live with danger.
Paulson, listen to me.
You are not prepared.
That's why the Inner Circle was created to be a haven.
No one will be safe until these intruders are destroyed.
You must let the guards take them prisoner.
Paulson, this is your last chance.
You will be accepted back in the Inner Circle.
You have my promise.
You made one decision on your own.
Now make another.
You'd better go, quickly.
You go on, he'll bring the guards.
- Come with us.
- No, I belong here.
Rowan is dead.
He told us a long time ago that if anything happened to him you would take care of us.
You see why I can't leave? I understand.
It's all right.
Don't be afraid.
Come out, come out.
It doesn't have to be the way that Dr.
Rowan taught us to believe.
Listen, there's nothing to fear away from this institution.
We can apply all the knowledge that we stored for so long and we can put it to use now.
And make a better life for us all, outside.