Logan's Run (1977) s01e09 Episode Script

The Judas Goat

I escaped the City once and I'm going to stay free.
- By keeping us here? - I have no choice.
You can be guests or prisoners, it's up to you.
But you cannot leave.
- Ever.
- Reverse surge.
Logan, I violated the first law.
I took a human life.
Runner! Sector Control, this is Joseph 8.
Have terminated Runner.
MAN Positive identification.
ID confirmed: Hal 14.
Well done, Joseph 8.
Special orders.
A maze car is on the way.
Deliver the body to Research Lab, Green Quadrant 2.
- You are Joseph 8? - Yes.
Follow me.
Lie down on the other table.
Don't turn your head.
You may get up now, Hal I4.
This is Joseph 8.
He is now an exact duplicate of the Runner, Hal 14 who was personally known to the girl, Jessica.
Has he been prepared? The learning machine has impressed all of Hal 14's avaliable memories.
It's clear that you were not prepared for us.
Obviously, we are all well past Lastday.
We are the Council.
The government of the City of Domes.
You're all renewed? You've gone through Carousel? We are renewed in a sense that I need not explain to you at this time.
But if you perform your mission well you may sit with us on Council and avoid Carousel.
- What is my mission? - To find Logan 5 and Jessica 6.
- And terminate them.
- You must not to terminate them.
They must be returned to the City to be reprogrammed.
They must tell the people that there is no such thing as Sanctuary on the outside that our way of life is the only way.
Is that clear? We're depending on you, Hal 14.
He's a Runner.
- Wait.
- It's all right, we're friends.
- Go ahead, terminate me.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- I'm a Runner too.
- You're a Sandman.
My name is Logan 5.
So you're Logan.
- We wondered if you'd made it.
- Let's get you cleaned up.
You're going to be all right.
I know you.
You're Jessica 6.
- Yes.
- I'm Hal 14.
Remember, you were the girl at Carousel who heard me when I said I doubted renewal.
I tried to pass it off as a joke, but I was sure you were going to report me.
- You never did.
- I was too busy helping other Runners.
Welcome to outside.
The Sandmen put out the word that you both had been terminated but there were rumors that you'd made it.
That made us try harder.
There are thousands of us and more every day.
- Are you a Runner too? - No, I'm simply along for the ride.
Rem's an android.
- He's a robot? An android, my dear fellow.
A robot is merely a calculating machine that can add two and two and come up with less than five.
- Rem is very particular on that subject.
- I think it important to clarify the matter.
Let's get going.
What was it like back in the City when you ran? Oh, everything's really coming to a head.
You can almost feel the unrest.
Every day there are more people thinking about becoming Runners and try to escape Carousel.
If they had just a word from the outside, you know, I think I think they would rise up and fight the Sandmen.
They're ready, Logan.
And they all remember you.
Logan 5, the only Sandman to become a Runner.
You know, if you were to go back and tell them what you found outside you and Jessica, I know they'd follow you.
Are you saying we should go back? It could be the one thing they need to topple the whole order.
We wouldn't stand much of a chance.
Look, I nearly got killed making it this far.
If I didn't belleve we could do it, you think I'd consider going back? To help the people of the City live out their lives it might be worth the chance.
What do you think, Rem? Well, apart from the fragmental information you've given me I know nothing about the City of Domes.
But the odds of three individuals alone overthrowing a large, well-disciplined pollce organization like the Sandmen But once we got back, we wouldn't be alone, hundreds would joins us.
Well, it would improve the odds a bit.
Come on, Logan, what do you think? I don't know.
We'll talk about it later.
- It's no use.
- What happened? I don't know.
Check the doors.
They're jammed.
We appear to be totally sealed in.
What do we do now? We wait.
There's one problem, Logan.
For you three at any rate.
The seal is hermetic.
You mean no air can get in? Precisely.
I have computed the avaliable oxygen in the vehicle.
You have enough air to survive for five-point-one minutes.
Who are they? Where did they come from? Logan, use your weapon.
Get us out of here.
The vehicle is sealed.
The concussion would kill you.
Garth, a Sandman.
He wears the uniform.
You, Sandman, where is your weapon that blasts? How did he know about Sandmen? - Who do you suppose they are? - I don't know.
I suggest you find out in less than four-point-three-five minutes.
Let us out, we can't breathe in here.
If we open the door of your vehicle will you throw out the weapon that blasts? This is the best patrol of all.
The Provider will be pleased.
We've captured a Sandman.
Come out slowly.
You know what a Sandman is.
Then you must know what a Runner is.
We're all Runners here.
We mean you no harm.
The Provider will decide that.
- Who is the Provider? - The one who gives us all things.
We will take you to him.
Logan, create a diversion.
If we can get your weapon from the woman - No! No, not yet.
- we can terminate them.
This is the hall of the Provider.
He helped us to rebuild it.
The Provider seems to be all things to all men.
Let's hope he's prepared to provide us with our freedom.
Strange, the computers are in such disrepair.
Provider, our patrol has been fortunate.
We have brought you a Sandman.
It's your misfortune that you found me.
- I only wanted to be left alone.
- Wait! - You're Matthew 12.
- You know me? - Yes.
- Matthew 12, the first Runner.
We were told you had been terminated.
- Who are you? - I'm Jessica 6.
Don't you remember me? Why should I? I was there with you when you ran, near the door leading to outside.
You turned back and you said, "We'll meet again one day, in Sanctuary.
" Yes, I do remember.
You're no longer a girl.
You're a lovely woman.
So you ran too finally.
Well, you found my Sanctuary.
- And I can rid you of this Sandman.
- No! No! You don't understand.
Logan is a Runner.
He came with me.
A Sandman a Runner? To the other Sandmen he's now an outlaw.
They would terminate him on sight.
And you? Not a Runner, surely? Merely an interested observer of the human scene.
And from what I've observed, happy to remain that way.
Rem is an android.
Built by a cynic, obviously.
You've done well, Garth.
There will be extra Joy for the patrol.
Tell me, sir, why are the computers in such poor repair? They were all in disrepair when I found this place.
In six years, I've been able to rebuild what little you see here.
You know, you're a hero to the people in the City of Domes.
Your escape was the inspiration for the whole movement.
He killed a Sandman.
And proved that they're not invincible.
And gave the rest of us the courage to run.
When I came here I knew the Sandmen would stumble on to me someday.
So I organized the people into patrols.
It isn't necessary now, Matthew.
You don't have to stay here any longer.
Not stay here? We're thinking of returning to the City of Domes.
- What? - There are enough people in the City to start a rebellion the Sandmen could never stop.
Come with us, Matthew.
Help us put an end to Carousel.
Once the people saw you, they'd stand up and fight alongside us.
That will take some thought, serious thought.
Meanwhile, Elna will show you to your sleeping quarters.
You look disturbed.
He seemed totally disinterested in coming back to the City of Domes with us.
Look at it from his point of view though, Jessica.
Suddenly, we fall into his lap, telling him we're Runners and then we tell him that we're thinking of returning to the City to fight for freedom.
It might take a little while to get used to that.
I suppose so.
But he started the whole movement.
I thought he'd jump at the chance.
Whatever he decides to do, we can't stay here long.
We have got to get back to the City as soon as possible.
Why the hurry? You haven't talked about anything else since we met.
It's important to me, to all of us.
- One night's delay won't hurt.
And Matthew might decide to join us.
Yeah, sure.
Going back to the City sounds like a dream come true but time has passed.
I have other loyalties.
Other priorities.
They've come to depend on me.
I can't simply abandon them now that they're on the road back to civilization.
Are we the first people you've seen from outside? Since Matthew came? Yes, but there are always new things to see on patrol.
- Such as animals.
- What other work do you do? - Work? - Uh, Garth? Yes, Provider? I promised your patrol an extra hour of Joy.
Take it now.
What is it? It's their period of Joy.
The computer recreates for them whatever memory they've chosen.
Usually, they choose the happiest, of course.
Quite human of them.
M-4, the control computer, was the first one I was able to make operational.
It was an invention of the ancients.
What period of Joy do you choose, Matthew? Your escape from the City of Domes? I've never used the computer.
It's their heritage.
Come, enjoy the moonlight with me.
Aw, it's beautiful here.
If the master computer could be fixed, it truly would be Sanctuary.
For you, Matthew.
But what about Garth and his people? They do nothing but patrol outside for your enemies.
I brought them back from barbarism.
I relieved them of the need to work.
All I ask is that once, every ninth day, they patrol.
- For your safety.
- And theirs.
Without me, the machines would stop.
Within months, they be back digging in the earth again.
But they obey your every command.
To eat, to sleep, to patrol, just for one hour of Joy? They are still chlidren in so many ways.
Until they've learned to care for themselves, I just guide them.
That sounds very strange coming from you.
Why? Before you ran, you encouraged all of us to break the City's laws which dictated our lives.
You told us to stop being dependent to think and act for ourselves to fight for our freedom.
Times change.
People change.
Garth? Yes? Garth, I was interested in the weapons that you had yesterday.
I wondered if you might be able to show me one.
They are patrol weapons.
Today's patrol has already left.
- Well, aren't there anymore? - Yes.
But the Provider has ordered that they be locked away.
Garth, you're a patrol leader.
Surely you could get one.
It is against the Provider's orders.
But we're all friends of the Provider.
Runners like him.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we were to The weapons are for the patrol.
Yes, well, thanks.
Thanks, anyway.
I must go.
What was that all about? Well, we can't fight the Sandmen with our bare hands.
I thought we could use as many weapons as we can get.
So? Garth was telling me there's some more locked away.
- I thought maybe we could get them.
You won't be needing them.
I can't let you leave.
We're no threat to you, Matthew.
You're going back to the City of Domes.
How much chance of success do you think you have? None.
When the Sandmen capture you, put you through computer interrogation strip your brains of everything you know they'll know about me and where to find me.
I'm not going to let that happen.
I escaped once.
I'm going to stay free.
- By keeping us here? - I have no choice.
You can be guests or prisoners.
It's up to you.
But you cannot leave.
Since we seem to be prisoners, I think I'll turn myself off for a while.
Does he do that all the time? He likes to conserve his energy when he can.
Being around humans is a great drain on my logic circuits.
It's incredible.
Not just yet, Rem.
We have work to do tonight.
Work? Hal found out where the patrol weapons were kept.
They're in a locked cabinet in a room just off the great hall.
Everyone's going to be having Joy in 10 minutes.
- That's when we're gonna make a try.
- There are armed guards outside.
With weapons, we'll have a chance.
What about Matthew? He doesn't indulge in Joy, remember? Won't he see us? He's asked to talk with Jessica.
She'll keep him busy while we're busy.
- You wanted to talk to me? - Yes.
It was foolish of me, wasn't it? I mean, I was sitting here telling myself that it was all a big mistake that you would change your mind about coming back to the City of Domes with us.
Jessica, you know I'm not going to leave here nor am I going to let you or your friends leave.
I thought if you were as dedicated to the cause as you used to be you'd change your mind.
Unfortunately, computer interrogation is liable to change yours.
It would be a shame to see nothing behind those beautiful eyes.
Believe me, you're better off here.
I did believe you once.
Enough to become a Runner.
And is it my fault that things on the outside aren't what you expected? I never said it would be easy.
I only said if you wanted to save your life you should run.
Well, you ran.
You're alive.
We're your prisoners.
Because you're going on a fool's errand back to the City of Domes.
Don't you see you can't change things there? Even I knew that when I encouraged Runners.
I could make life easy for you here.
I hoped I could change your mind.
You're a symbol of everything that meant freedom to us in the City of Domes.
Come with us.
Be our leader again.
I made my point, rather forcefully I thought.
And now you're making small talk.
Why? - Hurry, Rem.
- Just a minute, Logan.
It's not as easy as it looks.
You managed to break the lock, I see.
Very resourceful.
I'm sorry, Logan.
I thought you might be up to something.
She's too clever to keep on with an argument she knows she can't win.
It's all right, Jessica.
It was worth trying.
Of course.
One always tries.
But now you can drop the whole idea.
All of you.
I had thought you'd let me entertain you as guests that eventually you'd come to appreciate living here.
Now you'll simply be prisoners.
Yes? He wishes to speak to you, Provider.
He said it was important.
Very well.
Leave us.
I'll call if I need you.
Well? I understand how you feel about keeping us prisoners, Matthew but I have an idea that I think might solve the problem for all of us.
Go on.
If Rem were to repair your master computer you'd be safe here.
I've spoken to the android.
He has refused to help.
And he will refuse so long as you keep us here.
But I believe that you can trade our freedom for his help.
Matthew, let Logan and Jessica come back with me to the City of Domes and Rem will stay here and work for you.
Things have changed in the City since you ran.
I I know how the Sandmen think.
They don't care about you anymore, Matthew.
No, it's Logan and Jessica that they want back.
Besides, with the computer functioning again you'd have enough power here to hold off any Sandman attack.
You really think the android would agree? I do.
He knows how important our mission is and how strongly they feel about it.
And, as you know, he is very, very loyal to Logan and Jessica.
Your plan's not without merit.
I'll let you know.
You're free to go.
Changed your mind awfully fast.
Why? I've thought about it.
I realized I was manufacturing fears.
If I can trust anyone, I can trust other Runners.
But I cannot go with you.
Take it.
There is one thing.
With humans, there usually is.
Don't misunderstand me.
We're still vulnerable here unless I can get the master computer back into working order.
- What are you trying to say? - You may all go.
But I need Rem to repair the computer.
He must stay behind.
Rem's freedom is not for sale.
Oh, it doesn't seem like much to ask.
Well, don't be hasty, Logan.
It does seem logical.
You three can accompllsh what you set out to do in the City and I can be of help here.
We can't leave you behind, Rem.
Rem, we've Well, we've gotten used to you.
I'm delighted to hear that.
I also have a certain electronic fondness for you and Jessica.
But the arrangement seems to make sense.
All right, if Rem agrees to stay and repair your master computer then we can go, is that it? Exactly.
I don't like to leave you, Rem.
I know that, Jessica.
But when you've realized your dream in the City of Domes you can come back and show me all that you've accomplished.
You and Logan.
I'll look forward to it.
- Rem, are you sure? - Absolutely.
Then we have a bargain? Good.
We'll go right away.
Rem, come with me.
That simple? There's been considerable corrosion.
It'll take time and some reconstruction, but most of the circuitry is still functional.
Begin at once.
Display location of Logan and the others.
Jessica, how well did you know him back in the City of Domes? Very well.
Why? There's something about him that I can't put into words but it's a feeling that he isn't to be trusted.
A Sandman's feeling maybe? I'm sorry, Logan.
I didn't mean that.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
It's just that Hal 14 was one of the most trustworthy men we had.
Display the location of the solarcraft.
Display schematic of computer interconnections.
Initiate a power circuit directly to the vehicle.
Power circuit to vehicle initiated.
Amass an energy charge of 10 BEV in your accumulators.
Charge accumulating.
On my command, discharge that energy.
The vehicle will be destroyed.
That is correct.
Re-establish controls to subunits R-7 and M-4.
M-4, prepare to discharge energy.
Negative, the human's moving toward vehicle.
Prepare to discharge.
Programming prohibits action dangerous to humans.
Override programming.
Programming overridden.
Explain alarm.
Power surge in Section 9, M-4's control.
Vehicle is target of energy surge.
Reverse surge.
Discharge! That was the hall.
Whatever happened back there, it's not our concern.
Rem's back there.
The Provider is dead.
- What about Rem? - Rem? Rem.
Rem, are you all right? Functionally speaking, I've been better.
Some of my circuits are damaged, but they can be repaired.
Fortunately, that control room was sturdily built.
What caused the explosion? As a matter of plain fact, I did.
Matthew meant it for you.
At the last instant, I reversed the charge he'd built up.
Do you mean to say he was gonna kill us? Logan.
I've violated the first law.
I took a human life.
But you did it to save us.
I had to act swiftly.
The charge was already activated.
There was nothing else I could do.
But from my actions, a man died.
Rem, you saved all three of us.
Yet I'm disturbed.
You say the Provider meant to harm you? Garth, the Provider meant well at first.
But, little by little, a man can change.
What he did for you was wrong.
Wrong? He gave us all things.
He made you his slaves, built his power on your dependence.
But we need a Provider.
Will you stay? No.
We have to go back to our own city.
Garth, these are your people and they are your responsibility.
There will be no Joy.
What you call Joy is an escape from life.
How many of the computers are left? Well, the R-7 is still functional.
Just the control panel was damaged.
- I can rig something to make it work.
- Convert it to an instructional mode? My dear, Logan, for a human, that's a remarkably logical conclusion.
Without a Provider, how will we live? The fields are still here.
You can plant crops as you used to.
The R-7 computer will teach you how to do things for yourselves as your ancestors did.
We will do as you say and let the machine care for us.
Don't become the slaves of the machine, Garth.
Learn to use it.
It could be the beginning of a whole new life for you.
We will try.
Check it, Rem.
No life-forms in the area.
- Good.
We can't take any chances.
- I'll lead the way.
Go on.
I'll be right behind you.
We'd better hurry.
The sun'll be up in an hour.
I hope you're right that the people are ready.
One look at the two of you is all it'll take.
You seem awfully confident.
I am.
I know what the plans were at the time I ran.
I know how well-trained the Sandmen are.
A lot of lives are going to be lost.
I know.
But they'd die at 30 in Carousel, anyway.
They're ready to fight.
For the ones left, it would mean the end of Carousel.
That would seem to be an incentive.
We've got to consolidate our plan of action.
Jessica, what were the names of the leaders of the organization at the time you ran? Don't you know? Well, uh, not Not all of them.
We should each have our own special group to contact.
Seems odd you wouldn't know the members of the organization that helped you to escape.
Logan, he's not gonna know all the names.
Every Runner only knew a few people, so that if he was captured - there'd be very little he could reveal.
Yes, I can see the logic of that.
Come on, Logan.
Here it is.
This is the way you came out? Yes, well, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find it, but we made it.
Logan, what's the matter? This is the way that we came out.
Francis must have followed us this way.
The Sandmen would never have allowed it to stay open.
The Sandman patrol.
- Why doesn't Logan use his weapon? - The Sandmen would see the flash.
- Look, Sandman's after a Runner.
- He may need help.
No, don't - What are you doing here? - Patrol.
Our groundcar broke down when this Runner escaped.
Thanks for the help.
We're the only patrol out tonight.
Identify yourself, Sandman.
Who was he? A Sandman, probably taking the face and body and memory of a Runner they terminated.
The real Hal 14.
I suggest, Logan, we remove ourselves from this vicinity.
I get very bad vibrations out here.
So there really is no rebellion.
Not yet, at least.
History has a way of timing its fights for freedom.
Your time will come.
Someday, Jessica.