Logan's Run (1977) s01e10 Episode Script


You want Jessica and Sanctuary.
- Suppose I give you both.
- Logan, no.
There is no renewal! Aah! - Oh! - What have you done to them? - Only what I'm here to do.
If I free Logan, will you go wherever I take you? Don't go with him.
There is a wish in all humans.
- A wish? - To die.
- Are you my mother? - Go away.
Please, tell me.
Go away! What happens if they reach D level? D is for death.
Come in, Francis.
Team 5 is at Coordinate 16.
We're on their trail.
Stay with them.
I'm on my way.
- Who gets them? - You do.
But alive.
- Right.
Faster, Logan.
- We're at maximum speed now.
Take the wheel.
What are you going to do? - Surprise them, if I can.
All right.
Out, or we burn you out.
Where's Logan? It's empty.
Where's Logan? Behind you.
I'll just take this along.
No use making a pollceman's job too easy.
Rem, what is it? A temple, I'd say.
Or perhaps an observatory.
It looks deserted.
I was so afraid its wing wouldn't mend.
A white dove, isn't it? Family, Columbidae.
You know the species.
How nice.
They were almost extinct.
The radioactivity, of course.
So many birds died.
Oh, but I'm forgetting my duties.
Please, come in.
It's been so long since the station's had guests.
Thank you.
This liquid is sensitized.
It tells me you need rest and nourishment and release from certain inner tensions.
- I beg your pardon? - I get an android reading.
Your number 32 isodon is nearly out.
I assure you my isodons are every bit as good as they've ever been.
- What is your name? - Ariana.
I'm Logan, Ariana, and this is Jessica.
And if your ring hasn't already told you, my name is Rem.
Who built this place? It was built by the Healers a long time ago.
You'll spend the night, of course.
The quarters for our guests are very comfortable.
- That's very kind of you.
- We are tired.
In the meantime, I have a complete kit in the works room.
I could help re-energize you.
I'm fine, thank Do you often do that? I've never done that.
You really should let me check your circuits.
I'm quite capable of taking care of my own circuits.
Thank you.
- Real beds.
- Pillows.
Oh, I could sleep for a month.
- How about making that a year? - It's just like being home, isn't it, Logan? - I was just thinking of that.
- Sweet dreams.
How bad is it? Oh, it's very minor.
A loose terminal.
Do sit still.
What's wrong now? Nothing.
I'll reconnect you in a moment.
There's something I have to attend to.
I must stop doing that.
Now, how does that feel? Not bad.
You're very competent.
I'm grateful.
Is something wrong? It's the shoulder again.
- Are you sure it was only a terminal? - Yes.
I'm malfunctioning again and I don't like it.
A normal android doesn't spark like a pinwheel.
What are you talking about? Whenever you've been near me I seem to register this baffling electromagnetic something.
You make me spark.
But that's absurd.
Of course it's absurd.
That's precisely the point.
What are you monitoring? These patterns, what are they? Indicators? Do you know any reason why your friends would enter B level so quickly? B level? You mean to say, you're monitoring Logan and Jessica? Of course.
And B level is a very erratic state.
Those patterns indicate tremendous stress.
What have you done to them? Only what I'm here to do.
We've lost the track.
Look, can't we stop here while it's dark? What makes you think Logan would stop? Well, he has to at night.
He can't see three grids in front of his vehicle.
It's too dangerous.
All right.
There's a clearing up ahead, camp there.
But we leave at dawn.
What are these things on their heads? Dream readers.
I always attach them after the client is asleep.
Client? I think you'd better explain what you've done.
Surely you came here because you knew this was a dream-analysis station.
I don't understand.
Nobody comes here except dream clients for the usual therapy.
The readers monitor the intensity levels.
- Everyone knows how the stations function.
- That's just where you're wrong.
You mustn't remove the reader during analysis.
Why? Well, the dream cycle has to complete itself.
And if it doesn't? The intensity levels range from A to D.
Normally, there's no danger.
The anxieties exhaust themselves in the B or C range.
The dreamers awaken.
What is D level? What's D level, Ariana? What happens if they reach D level? D is for death.
Are you telling me Logan and Jessica might not awaken? - It very rarely happens.
- But it does happen? To humans, yes.
Humans? Of course.
Now I understand.
You're what I am, you're an android.
I assumed you knew that.
You mustn't worry.
Logan and Jessica are young and healthy.
There's no reason for them to have dreams of anything but a normal intensity.
They'll awaken.
We're androids.
How are we to know what a normal human dream is like? Who's there? Behind you, traitor.
Lose something, Logan? Ha, ha.
We came after you.
You betrayed the City of Domes.
Are you afraid? - You'll pay for what you've done.
- Runner.
- Runner.
Are you ready to die? - How did you find Sanctuary? - Sanctuary? Ha-ha-ha.
Is that where you think you are? You're back in the City of Domes.
- No.
- Ha-ha-ha.
What are you going to do now, runner? Logan.
How does it feel, Logan? Runner.
Are you ready to die? Are you afraid? Are you afraid, Logan? Are you afraid? It's not my time! It's all a lie! There is no renewal! They're both terrified of something that means death to each of them.
They must be dreaming of the City of Domes where people were put to death at 30 in a ceremony called Carousel.
How are they? The cycle is stabilized.
They're still in no danger.
Are you annoyed at me? Why? You are emitting a very disagreeable frequency.
I am? You disapprove of what I've done.
I assure you, I meant no harm to your friends.
Everyone uses dream stations.
Not everyone.
That's a piece of faulty information.
An occasional piece of faulty information is certainly preferable to your rigidity.
Inabllity to adapt, after all, outmodes any machine.
Are you saying I'm obsolete? No, you said that.
They've begun to dream again.
Logan? Where are you? I need you.
Logan! Logan? Where are you? I need you.
Logan! Logan? Where are you? I need you.
Logan! Dead.
Don't be a fool.
Why look for Jessica? You can move faster alone.
But she needs me.
She's in danger.
You're in danger too.
Something is wrong.
They've gone directly into cycle C.
I'm gonna check the main power source.
There could be an error.
Look, aren't you gonna get any sleep? Logan's out there somewhere.
I've checked everything.
The power source, the life-support systems.
There's no malfunction.
You say they're now in C cycle? - Yes.
- What happens in that cycle? The device begins to draw on the deeper anxieties on the fears of the hidden self.
I don't quite understand.
Why is it hidden? To protect itself.
- From what? - From what it cannot live with.
What a strange instrument the human mind is.
Are we luckier than they? - Luckier? - We don't dream.
No, we don't dream.
And we don't suffer.
I see no advantage in suffering.
No? Perhaps not.
But I've seen their dreams.
Dreams that destroy, dreams that heal.
- All the mysteries are in them.
- What mysteries? Terror.
Ambition, I can understand.
To be more than one is programmed for.
I think I know what terror is.
Damage to one's circuits.
But that other one love what is that? I don't know, except Except what? They dream of it constantly, in all cycles.
Your maker knew how to create beauty as well as functional intelligence.
And yours knew how to combine strength and gentleness in your programming.
This strange electromagnetic impulsion do you feel it? Your hand touches my face yet I feel the touch with my whole being.
Is this what they feel when they touch? How can it be? Of course.
It's impossible.
Jessica, what are you doing here? The nursery is off-limits to everyone.
I don't care about the rules.
I can't go with you to the nursery, Jessica.
I was brought up in Nursery 3.
I never knew my real mother.
Are you my mother? Go away.
Go away.
Stop bothering us.
Please, tell me.
Go away! Mama.
I can't understand why they're moving so rapidly from cycle to cycle.
We've never had such abnormal readings.
Unless there's some operative influence outside the station.
Rem? - Are there others traveling with you? - Why? Well, the grid map indicates a vehicle of some kind in the area.
- The Sandmen.
- Who? - I'll explain later.
Is the vehicle approaching? - Apparently not.
The signal is steady.
Good, then we still have time.
The men in that vehicle are dangerous.
- I must awaken Logan and Jessica.
- No.
To awaken them now would be even more dangerous.
There's nothing we can do until the cycle completes itself.
I'm sorry.
Mother, it's Jessica.
Please, come out.
I'm so tired.
Patterns are changing.
They're both deep in cycle C now and going deeper.
What does it mean? There is a wish in all humans, possibly the deepest of all their wishes.
A wish? To die.
Not Logan.
Not Jessica.
I don't care what the readouts are.
Your machines are lying.
They can't lie any more than we can.
They can only malfunction.
Then find the malfunction because, I tell you, the data is wrong.
Nothing will ever make me believe otherwise.
Logan and Jessica want to live.
Ariana, have you ever seen what happens when the cranial device is removed in mid-dream? Only once, but that was sufficient.
What happened? The dreamer had a seizure.
It was terrible.
His heart stopped three seconds later.
But you're not absolutely sure that was the cause? Not absolutely, no.
You're programmed to prevent me removing the devices, aren't you? Yes.
But I would prefer not to harm you.
I'm going to recheck your computations on the main power source.
Are you suggesting that I am in error? I am programmed to maintain and repair everything in it.
What are you doing? What do you think you're doing? I'm sorry, Ariana.
I need time to think.
Let's go.
- But it's still dark.
- It'll be llght in an hour.
Let's get moving.
It's no use.
You win.
Don't you try to talk me out of this.
Even if I double my input, I still couldn't learn enough about all this machinery and the human psyche to help Logan and Jessica.
I want you to know I can reduce you to smoking wire and metal.
Why would you want to do that? I'm not some second-rate piece of circuitry.
Not scraps of tin rescued from a junk pile.
How long did you expect that absurd jam to last? Oh, that.
My cy-ops are as sophisticated as yours any day.
Of course they are.
You are, in every respect, my equal.
Ariana, help me.
I need your help.
Well perhaps there is some alternate measure, some other way.
But the time involved Ariana, your intelligence ratio plus mine come out to better than 500 new standard.
More than 500 new standard can accomplish anything.
Go away, Logan.
I don't wanna run anymore.
You can't stay here.
We're too close to the city.
If you wanna live, we have to run.
- I'll go back to the nursery.
I was safe there.
- No, Jessica.
When I was in the nursery, I believed everything.
But it's too hard.
It's too hard.
Aw Don't cry, Jessica.
Don't cry.
We'll find Sanctuary, I promise you, and we'll stop running forever.
I can't go on.
I can't run anymore.
Get away from her, Logan.
The girl belongs to me.
I said, move away from her.
Don't kill him.
A runner must be terminated.
We're both guilty.
We both ran.
Logan knew the rules and the penalty.
He owes me a life.
Take mine instead.
- You'd exchange your life for his? - Yes.
No, Jessica.
If I free Logan, will you go wherever I take you? - Yes.
- Jessica, don't go with him.
- And do whatever I ask? - Yes.
Give me your hand.
Jessica, don't.
Don't go with him, Jessica.
Don't go with him.
The signal's stronger.
They're within 500 meters.
We'll make the rest of the way on foot.
Rem, the humans, they're approaching the station.
Who are they, these Sandmen? - Security police from the City of Domes.
- Why are they hunting you? Not me.
Logan and Jessica, they're the fugitives.
If the Sandmen take them back, they'll be condemned to death.
Did they break some law? Only the law that puts everyone to death at 30.
A death culture.
Now I understand the intensity of their dream patterns.
There isn't much time.
I'll check the main power source.
There's no change.
How far along are you? I've realigned the main circuits.
It should induce an alternate current.
And change the flow of their dream impulses? The cut-off should give us a blank period, a gap in their dreaming.
- How long a gap? - Thirty dreamless seconds.
Enough time to remove the cranial devices without harming them.
Circle around back.
See if there's an exit back there.
Can you hear me, Jessica? - Where are you? Ariana set the time switch - Rem, the Sandmen are here.
They found us.
- Where are they? - At the entrance.
How long before the cut-off between the dreams? - Two minutes.
- You stay with them.
- I'll take care of our friends outside.
- No, the laboratory is my responsibility.
I was given the weapons to guard it.
You watch them.
And remember, in exactly two minutes remove the devices.
They'll be safe.
Be careful, Ariana.
Hold on, Jessica.
Just two minutes longer.
Are you afraid of me? Yes.
Turn around.
Look into my eyes.
What do you see? Darkness.
Darkness to be afraid of? No.
- Ha, ha.
Do you love Logan? - Yes.
Look into my eyes.
What do you see? The death of love.
- It is painful? - Yes.
Oh, it's better not to love? - Yes.
You are dreaming, aren't you, Jessica? Yes.
Do you wish to wake from your dream? Yes.
Look into my eyes.
What do you see? All the dreamers.
Who do they belong to? You.
Is there pleasure in belonging to me? Yes.
Do you still wish to wake up? Not now.
Logan, where are you? It's all right.
It's all right.
You were dreaming.
- Oh, Logan, I had such awful dreams.
- Both of you were dreaming.
I don't have time to explain now, the Sandmen have found us.
We've got to get out of here.
There's a wall in the back.
No doors.
This is the only way in and the only way out.
All right.
Let's flush them out.
- Who are you? - Sandmen, from the City of Domes.
We're looking for two fugitives.
- Have you seen them? - The station's empty.
- Sorry, I'll have to check that myself.
- Stop.
You have no authority here.
Another android.
That's all she was.
Where's Ariana? She went to the entrance to delay them.
- Can she? - She has a weapon but I doubt she's programmed to use it on humans.
She didn't have time to find out.
Drop your weapon, Logan.
Drop it.
Kick it here.
What happened to Ariana? - She that android that was outside? - Yes.
You didn't think I'd let a machine keep me away from Logan, did you? Is this it, Logan? This building in the middle of the mountains is this your Sanctuary? - No.
- Because Sanctuary doesn't exist.
- You'll never find it.
- But we did fi You did what? Did it have something to do with this? Something to do with Sanctuary? What is this place? Don't tell him, Logan.
You're flirting with becoming a junk pile.
Well? It's, um, a stepping stone to Sanctuary.
A transmitting station set up by other runners.
A place like this middle of nowhere.
It's possible.
Keep talking.
You want Jessica but not as much as you want me and Sanctuary.
Suppose I give you both.
- For what? - Rem and Jessica.
- Logan, no.
- It's all right, Jessica.
Is it a deal? I don't have to make a deal.
We can get the truth out of the girl.
She doesn't know how to use the transmitter or the code.
Do you want Sanctuary or don't you, Francis? All right, show me how to use the equipment.
- Let them go.
- Later.
You have my word.
What's all this for? Um, the place was set up to look like a bedroom but the headpieces are all that matters.
Those? Yes.
This was once a therapy center.
The runners who set up Sanctuary found it up here in the mountains and, uh, used it as a cover.
They just rewired the existing equipment.
Where does the power come from? Underground cables.
The, uh, transformer is in the main power room.
What's the range? I'm not sure.
Sanctuary will give you the coordinates when you contact them.
How does it work? Rem's the engineer.
The female android filled him in.
Well, it works on a direct mind-linkage system.
Like a brain.
Sanctuary is the cortex.
These devices are engineered to transmit messages instantaneously to it.
How? If you sit down at the communicator, I'll demonstrate.
- The device goes on quite easlly.
- Hold it.
Clay, sit down and let him put that thing on you.
- He has to close his eyes.
- Why? To block out his sensory impressions.
They bulld up an interference.
It won't activate unless he closes his eyes.
Do it.
- Anything? - No.
You want to reach Sanctuary.
Ask for the coordinates in your mind.
And keep your eyes shut.
The power's building up.
Clay? Clay.
What did you do to him? Life's a dream, Francis.
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant.
Clay will wake up in about six hours.
Don't be a fool, Logan.
Give yourself up.
Come back to the city.
You'll never make it.
But we can keep trying, Francis.
Is she dead? The term doesn't apply.
Death is a human experience.
She simply needs repairing.
She's quite beautiful, don't you think so? Yes, I do.
Of course, function is more important than beauty.
Still, I find her very pleasant to look at.
From an android's point of view, of course.
- Of course.
- Well, I'd better do a little repairing.
I do hope the scars don't show, she wouldn't like that.
How do you feel? A bit stiff.
It's the beryllium.
It was all I could find.
Where are Logan and Jessica? They're outside, waiting for me.
And the Sandmen? Having what I hope are bad dreams.
You'll be all right, Ariana, we've disposed of their weapons.
Rem? Must you leave? We both have duties to perform.
Will you come back someday? If I can.
- May I ask a favor? - Of course.
You won't think me foolish? Nothing you could do would be foolish.
It's principally curiosity.
A test effect to see if What? Whether kissing you, as I'm told humans do I'd spark again.
Do you mind? Not at all.
Direct cause and effect.
I knew it had something to do with the dynamics of oscillation.
I must put that in my data banks.
Is something wrong? No, I'm I'm so pleased your experiment It's a tear.
Is that possible? Well, of course not.
You can't cry, it's organically impossible.
It must be the beryllium.
Of course.
That's what it is, it's the beryllium.