Logan's Run (1977) s01e11 Episode Script


What is the function of a Sandman? To terminate the traitors called runners.
You were a runner.
- I have no such memory.
What happened to Logan? Logan has been tranquilized with a memory warp.
- Find out the extent of his memory loss.
- Are you suggesting I seduce him? Considering our circumstances, yes, I would.
Hello, Logan.
Logan will die.
That part of the plan has never changed.
Runner! I think we've gained enough distance, Logan.
The image of the ground car is breaking up.
We can't slow down.
Francis won't.
He does have a distressingly obstinate attitude about you two.
What's wrong? I don't know.
The solar banks and the energy levels read positive.
How can we fix something that isn't broken? Well, we don't know it isn't broken, Jessica, it just doesn't appear to be.
We won't have time to find out.
Francis will be on us before we can check.
We might be able to lose them up there.
Come on.
Logan? Jessica? Rem? Rem, where are we? What happened to Logan? Two good questions to which I have no good answers.
Who are you? My name is Darrel.
I am here representing a higher authority.
What higher authority? That need not concern you for now.
Where's Logan? He's the person who came with you into the forest? Yes.
- He's in transit.
An interesting term for what? The person you call Logan has been tranquilized with a memory warp.
Memory warp? He will remember nothing of the past year of his life.
We have found that an enemy It keeps us safe.
Why didn't you put us in transit too? We prefer to question strangers before placing them in transit.
However, Logan had a weapon.
Therefore, it was important that he be neutralized at once.
Presently, you will both be placed in transit.
How long does a memory warp last? It's difficult to say.
A few days, a few months.
Always long enough for our purpose.
I see no reason to delay your trip into transit any longer.
No, please.
It's harmless, I assure you.
But a memory loss would harm me.
And it may have already harmed my friend Logan.
- Go on.
- No harm will come to your world from me or from Rem.
We'll lead no one to it.
If you just allow us to leave, we'll never come back.
- You agree? - Yes.
But I feel it fair to warn you that, in my case even if you apply the memory warp, it really would be a waste of time.
- Oh, and why is that? I'm an android.
- A machine in human form? - Precisely.
Practically speaking, of course, we could have you disassembled.
But, as I said, it's our policy to harm no one.
I will have to consult with a higher authority.
Drop your weapon, Logan.
- Francis.
Do as I say.
What are you talking about? Francis, what's going on? How did? How did we get out here? The weapon, Logan, now.
Francis, what are you doing? We caught two runners last night, remember? Last night? That was - Was what? - Nothing.
Logan, what day is this? - Day? The date.
It's the third day of the sixth month of the city in the year 2318.
It's 2319.
You even came outside.
But - But how can people live outside? - It's possible.
But only briefly, the air's still polluted.
That's why we had to come out in a ground car.
For protection.
I didn't come with you? No.
You came in this vehicle.
Francis, I don't even know what that thing is.
I've never seen it before.
And you wouldn't mind coming back to the City of Domes with us? Why should I mind? That's where I belong.
What about Jessica? Jessica? You came outside with her.
What about Rem? - Rem? - The android you found along the way.
Francis, I don't even know what you're talking about.
- What's taking so long? - I hope he's looking high enough.
I'm a Sandman, Francis.
I don't know how I got out here but if what you tell me about the girl, Jessica, is true then we have to bring her back, and the android.
Rem isn't important.
He's just a machine.
But you're right about the girl.
She should go back to testify at Carousel.
Let's spread out and search for her.
She can't have gone far on foot.
- Well, there's just one problem.
- What's that? We'll look for the girl, all right, but, uh, who's gonna watch you? Why would anyone have to watch me? He won't tell you this, but I will.
You're a runner, Logan.
- A runner? - Logan.
You did run.
- Francis, what kind of a game is this? - No game.
Something made you run from the City of Domes.
But whatever's happened to you, you're back with us.
A Sandman again.
You can't believe that, Francis.
This is all an act.
- I don't trust him.
- Well, I do.
We're going back to the city.
You'll have to undergo a truth scan, Logan.
Anything you say.
Untll it's over, I can't give you your weapon.
It's all right.
Francis, I don't understand it all yet but whatever you say is fine with me.
We still have to find the girl.
Well? What did he decide? I've been advised to allow you to leave without being placed in transit.
It seems you did look high enough.
You both seem to be uncommonly anxious to be on your way to a place called Sanctuary.
Our scanners indicate this most strongly.
Yes, it's true.
I have additional information for you on the man named Logan.
Is he all right? He was observed leaving the forest area in the company of two men - dressed and armed exactly as he was.
- He went with them? - Willingly? - Yes.
They searched the area for some time, and then left.
They probably went back to the City of Domes.
I'll have to go back too.
Logan doesn't remember anything about running or about us.
They'll make him a Sandman again.
Can you send us back to where you found us? Jessica, are you sure that's wise? Is there some danger attached to this action? Yes.
Rem, you don't have to come with me.
You don't have any stake in this.
I'm fond of you and Logan in my own electrokinetic way.
That's stake enough.
Do your thing, my friend.
What do they expect me to do, stay in my apartment forever? It'll only be a short time.
It's not as if nothing's happened.
You did run.
You did go outside.
But I don't remember any of the things I'm supposed to have done.
I'm not a runner, I'm a Sandman.
My job is to terminate runners.
Logan you and I are the best Sandman team in the city.
Supervisor 8 admitted it at the last competition.
But you've gotta go through the truth scan.
They want you to restate your beliefs, just to be sure.
I believe in the order of the City of Domes and Sandmen don't question the order of things.
You won't have any trouble.
It'll be just as it always was.
The two of us, a team.
Francis, do you suppose I could say hello to Shella? If I remember you two, that could be a pretty long hello.
How is she? Well, fine.
And after all this time, uh, I'm sure she'll be in the mood to say hello.
Come on, Rem.
There's a section of the Old City behind that steel plate.
Is that the way the other runners got out? No, when we were on the inside, we could never get through.
The bolts were put on from the outside and we never had the proper equipment.
Well, that situation is remedied easlly enough.
- Rem, you're marvelous.
- I know.
Just remember, it's easier getting into hot water than it is getting out of it.
If you're trying to remind me of how dangerous it's going to be, I already know.
It's true.
Logan's a Sandman again.
He can't remember anything since before he ran, not even Jessica.
That's what concerns us, Francis 7.
Such a total loss of memory is rather convenient.
I can't explain it.
I only know the last year is an absolute blank to him.
Considering the problems that Logan has caused us I am sure you can understand why we can't rely completely on your opinion.
He came back to the city on his own.
He's acting like a Sandman.
I thought that was what you wanted.
That's true.
But Logan's word alone is not good enough.
He must face two tests.
- First, he must submit to the truth scan.
- He's willing.
Secondly, he must testify at Assembly before Carousel.
But you said Logan would be reprogrammed.
To become a Sandman again.
That is the plan, Francis 7.
But if Logan has recovered as you say he has then, of course, there is no reason for reprogramming.
But you want him at Carousel.
He's not 30 yet, his last day isn't for three more years.
We don't expect Logan to enter Carousel.
He's too valuable to us.
We simply want him to testify at Assembly that what he did was wrong, that he's repented that our way of life is the only way.
He must publicly denounce running, admit there is no Sanctuary.
I don't think that'll be a problem.
Good, good.
Then we all get what we want and Logan can go back to his life as a Sandman.
Jessica? - Jessica.
- Diane.
- I thought I'd never see you again.
- It's as much of a surprise to me.
I heard Logan came back.
The rumors were that he left you for dead outside, then rejoined the Sandmen.
Diane, there's a lot everyone has to know.
Logan did not come back voluntarily, no matter how it looks.
Is Michael still leader of the Underground? - Yes.
- I have to see him.
- Can you arrange it? - Where? When? I'm with a friend from outside.
We're in Section C of the Old City.
Can you and Michael meet us there at 7 tonight? Everyone will be at Assembly before Carousel.
- We can slip away then.
- Okay.
What is your name? Logan 5.
What is your function? I am a Sandman.
Is the woman, Jessica 6, still in your favor? I know of no woman named Jessica 6.
Describe the outside.
It is desolate and polluted.
No one can live there.
Explain your relationship with the android, Rem.
I know of no person named Rem.
I have never seen an android though I understand it is a machine made in the form of a human being.
Do you still believe in Sanctuary? I never believed in Sanctuary.
It is a place invented by runners to encourage other runners.
Jessica? Over here.
Michael, thank you for coming.
I knew I could count on you.
You can.
It's important to all of us in the city.
This is Rem.
- But you're - You're absolutely right, I'm old.
I really don't rellsh being reminded of it every time we meet somebody.
Well, I'm sorry, Rem.
It's just that people from the City of Domes have never seen anyone over 30.
Rem is an android.
He's, um, 200 years old.
- Two hundred? - And in tip-top shape, if I say so myself.
Not a creak a day.
But why did they build you old? Young man, experience and wisdom have great value in parts of the world outside.
Seems the young people of this city could use a little of both.
You're right.
We could use some help.
If you're friends of Jessica, you have mine.
You are Logan 5? I am.
What is the function of a Sandman? To protect the city and its people from any and all conspirators.
To terminate the traitors called runners.
You were a runner.
I have no such memory.
My only recollection is of being a Sandman.
It is my training, my life, my future, until last day.
Do you believe in renewal? I do.
And Carousel is the opportunity for renewal.
A birth for a death, one for one.
It's the natural way.
You have answered correctly and truthfully.
There is only testimony facing you.
Are you willing to address the Assembly before Carousel? I will do what is required of me.
You will be notified.
You may go.
Well, he does have all of the correct answers.
As Francis said he would.
But, of course, Francis wants Logan to live and to be reprogrammed as a Sandman.
They were friends.
We can use his testimony at Assembly.
It'll reassure the people.
But afterwards, Logan does go to Carousel? Oh, yes.
Logan will die.
That part of the plan has never changed.
I'll need blueprints to the Old City and the main Domed City.
Is that possible? No trouble getting ones for the Old City, it's an unused section.
The main city, that's harder, but we'll do the best we can.
So far you've had no trouble moving about the city unnoticed.
But it won't last for long.
The Sandmen have a description of me.
And Francis would recognize me on sight.
That's why your next trip into the city is the most important.
You must contact Logan personally and find out the extent of his memory loss.
Our friend in the forest told us the drug does wear off.
Presumably, memory comes back intact.
We must find out exactly what stage Logan is in.
If the drug is still in effect, then, uh, he probably won't recognize me except as a runner he's been told to terminate.
Well, true.
But as I recall, Logan thought you were very lovely.
He was attracted to you.
Rem, are you suggesting I seduce him? Oh, I wouldn't put it that strongly, Jessica.
On the other hand, considering our circumstances, yes, I would.
- But he's a friend.
- So? Oh, Rem, you just don't walk up to a friend and try to make love to him.
If it isn't more easily done with a friend, then this activity doesn't make sense at all.
Let's just say I know Logan too well.
I would've thought that would've been an even greater help.
If he doesn't recognize you some kind of approach might get us the information we need.
And, Jessica, he was considered to be quite a ladies' man.
I suggest you use a different name.
Jessica 6 is one he might know of as a member of the movement.
Logan? Sheila.
I heard you were back.
I wondered why I hadn't seen you.
Well, you may not believe this, but I don't even remember being away.
- Oh, I've heard some excuses in my time.
- It's true, Sheila.
If you say so, Francis.
You haven't changed a bit.
Is that good? Very good.
Have you forgotten everything? Or do you remember us? Oh, yes.
I remember us, all right.
Then you wouldn't be too unhappy if I dropped by a little later for a drink? Not so much that, uh, I couldn't get over it.
Then maybe I'll see you later.
Just maybe.
What is it, Logan? It's nothing.
Something wrong? Blueprint indicates there used to be a passageway here.
We never knew of it.
It's been cemented over.
If your people could break through, you'd have another escape route.
We could put up a false wall and cover it.
Michael, you have definite possibilities.
TERRY Runner located, Blue Quadrant C ector 128, 327.
He's nearby.
We can have some fun with him before we terminate him.
Runner! Get him, Logan.
Runner terminated.
- Ready for disposai.
You had the clearer shot.
I thought we were sharing the honors.
I got the last runner, remember? Come to think of it, you did.
Let's go.
Hello, Logan.
Have we met before? Most women make it a point to meet Sandmen.
You don't remember me, do you? No.
And I'm sure I would have.
Maybe your name will ring a bell.
It's Jeri.
Jeri? Actually, it's Geraldine 4 but I never really liked that name very much.
Stick to Jeri.
It fits you.
You still don't remember, do you? Heh, no.
But if you give me a second chance, I promise it won't happen again.
All right.
You've got it.
- That calls for a drink.
- That's what I thought.
Thank you.
To second chances.
Tell me, Jeri have we really met before? Oh, yes.
And if you knew me, why did you find it necessary to sneak into my quarters? We were only introduced casually, a year ago at a party.
So I thought I'd pay you a casual visit.
Is that why women make a point of meeting Sandmen? To be casual? No.
I lied to you about that.
I wanted to see you again.
Logan, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm not being honest with you.
I don't recall that honesty was the purpose of this get-together.
Logan, I have to tell you something.
You mustn't testify at Assembly.
There is Sanctuary outside.
And people must run for it because there's freedom and safety out there.
Do you know what you're saying? You could be terminated.
But it's true, Logan.
Carousel is a lie.
No one renews.
You found that out with me when you ran.
You're lying.
Get out of here before I have to use this.
Logan, people don't have to die at 30.
Carousel is a fraud.
I'm worried about Jessica.
It has been a long time.
One cannot overlook the fact that a Sandman may have recognized her.
Perhaps even Logan himself.
She knew the risk when she left here.
How did it go? - Did you see Logan? Wait, wait, give the poor girl a chance.
Yes, I saw Logan.
The way he used to be.
A Sandman.
The memory warp hasn't worn off then.
Then we must assume he will continue to act as a Sandman for a while.
Rem, you're pretty unspecific about things that need to be accurate.
To be more accurate, Michael, I would require more complete data which unfortunately we do not have.
One thing is certain Logan is going to testify at Assembly, before Carousel.
Then we have no choice, Logan has to be taken care of now.
Taken care of? We have to get him out of his apartment and keep him hidden until he recovers.
Jessica, his testimony will destroy the entire movement.
I wanna go with you.
We'd better make our plans.
- We'll have to move fast once we've got him.
- He won't come without force.
One whiff of this, and he'll be tranquilized for us to get him back here.
After that, what? When he recovers his memory, you three can go back outside.
Without the rest of you? You must have known we weren't going with you when this was over.
But why, Michael? It isn't our time to run.
There are others facing Carousel every week.
We have to tell them what you've told us.
Convince them to become runners.
There's still so much work to be done.
Yes, of course.
I understand.
Well, let's go.
They'll be gathering for Assembly in a llttle while.
Jessica, I wish I could go with you.
You're not dressed for it, Rem.
Don't worry.
We'll be careful.
Come in.
It's almost time.
Francis, I think you're more worried than I am.
This is important, Logan.
Testimony at Assembly's the last step in your return to good standing.
It shouldn't take long.
You passed every other test.
I don't care how long it takes, Francis.
I'm doing this because I want to.
I want everybody in the city to know the truth about Sanctuary.
They will when you're done.
- He's gone.
- We're too late.
If he testifies, we're done for.
It looks like he was expecting some company.
"Play this while I'm gone.
" Maybe we can still stop him before he reaches Assembly.
Let's hope Geraldine 4 will have to wait longer than she thinks.
Let's go.
- Geraldine 4? - That's who'll be waiting for him.
Michael, there isn't any Geraldine 4.
That was the name that I used.
That message is for me.
Jessica, I have the feeling you might come back here for me to stop me from testifying at Assembly.
I remember everything now.
Francis will be taking me there in a little while.
I can't refuse to go, or he'd know about me but I won't testify their way.
Jessica, I intend to tell the Assembly the truth about Carousel, about what we found outside.
At least I can do that much to encourage the people to run.
Goodbye, Jessica.
I I wanted you to know.
He's sacrificing himself.
They'll kill him before he can finish.
Unless we can get to him first.
Francis, where are all the people who go to last day at Carousel? You'll testify before they come in.
Just a precaution, Logan.
They're being very careful.
Runner! - Wait.
- Logan, that's Jessica 6 Go, Logan, run.
This man needs help! Come on, Jessica.
Where's Rem? He's waiting for us.
I'm all right.
Control, this is Francis 7.
Two runners at Red Quadrant 4.
TERRY Identify runners.
Jessica 6 and Logan 5.
I'm in pursuit.
Have other Sandmen vector on me.
It's not much further.
MAN Alert, Sandmen in vicinity of Red Quadrant 4.
Join search for runners Logan 5 and Jessica 6.
- Jessica.
- What's wrong? Francis is bound to follow us.
His transceiver's like a homing device.
What can we do? You go on ahead to Rem.
I'll catch up with you.
Where are you going? Jessica, do as I say.
- Where's Logan? - He's all right.
He's coming with us.
- The memory warp's gone then? - Yes.
That's good news, anyhow.
Don't move.
Sorry, Francis.
I'll bet you are, runner.
You'll never change.
You've seen what outside is like.
But you won't believe even when there's proof.
We've been through this before, Logan.
- Sanctuary doesn't exist outside.
- But life does.
That's enough for now.
Straight ahead, Francis.
And don't stop.
Let's go.
How did you leave Francis? The same.
He'll be on our trail next time we look back.
This way.
You go ahead.
I'll finish this.
Logan, when you lost your memory you forgot all about us what happened in the past year, right? That's right.
Do you remember anything that happened to you when you were back in the city as a Sandman? Of course.
Everything? - Everything.
- Oh.
Come on.