Logan's Run (1977) s01e12 Episode Script

Night Visitors

Jessica, follow me.
I believe that this house is haunted by ghosts.
Was it me you were expecting, Marianne? Is it ever gonna stop raining? Not soon enough to help us, I'm afraid.
How are the solar reserves? They're low.
Just a few minutes' power left.
We'll have to stop and wait for the sun.
You all right? I'm just cold, that's all.
You'd think whoever built humans would have taken extremes of temperature into account.
What? Did you see them? Who? There are two people out there, a man and a woman.
They're standing in the way.
Easy to be mistaken on a night like this, Jessica.
Light plays tricks on the human optic nerves, I understand.
Now do you believe me? Yes.
I saw them.
Rem, did you? Something must be wrong with my optics.
I didn't see anyone.
They were there, Rem.
A man and a woman.
They were beckoning to us.
Maybe they're in trouble.
Logan, look out! Where did they go? There's no one there.
But we saw them.
We saw something.
Maybe you're right, Rem.
Maybe we imagined the whole thing.
They were shadows, a trick of the lightning.
Except that this time, I saw them too.
- Did you, Rem? - Quite clearly.
Since my optical system isn't as likely to play tricks on me they were there.
Logan, could we please get out of here? I don't know how far we can go, but it'll be away from here, at least.
Logan, look at that house.
I've never seen anything like it.
Just as long as it's dry inside.
And the people are friendly.
Do you think someone lives there? A light just went out in the upstairs window.
Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? Hello.
There's no one here.
Well, somebody's been here recently.
The furniture's all dusted.
And I don't believe the light in the window went out on its own.
I'll start a fire.
At least we can get warm untll our hosts decide to show themselves.
This should warm up the room in a few minutes.
Logan! Who are you? What are you doing here? I'm Logan.
This is Jessica and Rem.
I hope you don't mind.
But our vehicle ran out of power.
Not at all.
I'm sorry if we startled you.
But then, you gave us quite a start as well.
We did call out, but Don't give it a thought.
We were upstairs and we couldn't hear a thing in all this rain.
My name is McClay, Barton McClay.
And this is Marianne.
Have you come far? Very far.
- In your travels, did you see - Marianne, please, not now.
Our guests must be cold and hungry.
Yes, of course.
I'm sorry, Barton.
Have you two been here all night? In this house, I mean? Why do you ask? Earller this evening, we stopped in a forest and we saw two people who looked Well, they looked exactly like you.
It was Barton and I.
We'd gone out to meet Gavin and we saw the lights of your vehicle from upstairs.
Gavin? He's been gone for so long but he promised he'd be back.
It was a night like this that he left.
All rain and thunder.
Marianne, please, you know Gavin will never be back.
He's gone for good.
My dear, I'm sure that our guests are very hungry.
Yes, of course.
Excuse me, I'll just be a moment.
She's very upset on nights like this.
Gavin was so close to us.
If that was you we saw in the woods then how did you get back here before us? Do you have a vehicle? There's a way we take that's much shorter than going through the woods.
If you'll excuse me, I'll see if I can help Marianne.
Please make yourselves comfortable.
- I'd be glad to help.
- No, no, thank you.
We'll be fine.
Stay here with your friends.
This is much the warmest room in the house.
Do you believe him? - About the shortcut? - Yes.
Why would he lie? I don't know.
There's just something about them.
We were going very slowly, Jessica.
He could be telling the truth.
I know.
You're probably right.
I'm just being foolish.
Not exactly.
There is something about this house at any rate.
This book, all these books the furnishings here they're all in excellent condition.
Almost new.
And yet, if my programming is correct I've computed that everything here is more than 500 years old.
I'm sorry, it's mostly warmed over but we weren't expecting anyone.
Oh, it's wonderful, thank you.
You're not hungry? It must be the weather.
I never eat when it rains.
Did I understand you to say that just the two of you live here? Yes.
Doesn't it get lonely? Very.
But what can we do? What do you mean? We have to wait till Gavin comes back.
Than we can leave.
We can all leave together.
I thought you said Marianne, when will you understand he'll never be back? But he will.
This very night.
He promised and he will come back.
There he is.
I told you.
I knew.
No, Marianne.
Barton, please.
He wants to come in.
Was it me you were expecting, Marianne? Gavin.
I knew you'd come back.
Ah, didn't I tell you it would be on a night like this? You told us, Gavin.
But I'd given you up for lost.
Lost? No.
Not lost yet.
Marianne, aren't you going to introduce me to your guests? Oh, yes.
This is Jessica, Logan and Rem.
They came tonight.
At first, I thought it was you.
We'd like to thank you for the food and the shelter.
I'm sure you three have a great deal to talk about, so, uh We really must be on our way.
Thanks again.
Is that your solarcraft outside? Yes, it is.
Why? Unless you have a mind to walk through the storm I think you'll be spending the night here.
What do you mean? There's not enough power to take you another 100 meters.
How do you know that? I saw it out front, and not knowing whose it was tried to drive it out of the weather.
- No power at all? Are you sure? Yes.
I'm quite familiar with solar-powered vehicles.
Then please stay the night.
I'm sure the sun will be out in the morning.
Yes, thanks, we'll stay.
But we will need some things from the vehicle.
Of course.
Perhaps you should get some rooms made up for our guests.
Yes, Gavin, I'll do it now.
She'll need some help.
Yes, Gavin.
Why don't you warm yourself by the fire while your friends gather their things? That's very kind of you.
We'll be right back.
You know, it's possible we used the last of our power getting here.
- You really believe that, Rem? - I'm trying to reach a logical conclusion rather than what you'd call an emotional one.
And? I believe Gavin drained the remaining power.
- How? - I don't know.
And more importantly, why? I don't know that either.
For whatever reason, he obviously wants us to spend the night and he hasn't given us much choice.
Let's get inside.
Tell me, what was it like in your City of Domes? It was beautiful but oppressive.
- Ah, did you get what you needed? - Yes.
I was wondering, how do you know so much about the vehicle? It's quite old.
From the 22nd century.
Look around you.
You can see that things from long ago are part of our existence here.
Yes, that's one thing that puzzles me.
All these things are very old, and yet they look quite new.
Old, new Time is really quite irrelevant, looked at in a certain way.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow who knows how much separates one from the other or if they can be separated? Your rooms are ready.
Thank you.
Good night.
Before you go, may I pose a question? Go ahead.
Do you believe only in what is or do you also believe in what might be? I believe in questioning what is, and then deciding.
And you? In my case, I assure you, one and one always add up to two.
I think I believe in what might be.
That things aren't always what they seem.
Our lives changed because we believed in what might be.
We ran from something that was to something that might be.
Thank you.
I thought that might be your answer.
Good night.
Rem, this is your room.
- I hope you'll find it comfortable.
- Thank you.
Well, good night.
Here's your room, Jessica.
And I've laid a nightgown out for you.
- And here you are.
- It's very kind of you.
Thank you.
Do you think she's the one? That's for Gavin to decide.
But if she is, it could all be over.
All the years of waiting.
It's Logan.
- Are you all right here? - Yes, I'm fine.
Come here, I wanna show you something.
There's a big, deep bathtub in here.
I hope they have hot water.
Are you sure you're going to be all right? Yes, really, I'm fine.
You know where I am if you need me.
Logan? I do need you, you know.
Did you ever think about what our llves would have been like if we hadn't run from the City of Domes? I might never have known you.
Now it's hard to think of my life without you in it.
All those years back in the City of Domes I never cared about anyone.
And now, it's as though we've always been together.
It's a funny feeling, to worry about someone other than myself.
I guess those feelings are hard to put into words.
Especially if you can't find the right words.
What words are you looking for? Caring needing wanting to be with someone.
That's good enough.
Goodnight, Jessica.
Don't forget to lock the door.
Rem, it's Logan.
What is it? You look troubled.
Rem, I don't understand this place, or what's going on here.
I know.
I'm getting strange vibrations myself.
- What do you think is happening? - I haven't a clue.
My abilities are limited to logic and deduction, I'm afraid.
Neither of which seems applicable here.
Rem, I have something that's going to confuse you even more.
A key? What about it? It was lying on the floor of my room by a mirror.
When I picked it up, I looked into the mirror and I was looking at an entirely different room.
Gavin was there looking at a body in a coffin.
And he unlocked the door with a key and left.
The key fell to the floor.
And it was this one.
Was the mirror on a wall? Perhaps you were looking into a different room.
A two-way mirror.
No, it was free-standing, there was nothing behind it.
Logan, I've spent some time thinking about the period this house dates from.
I've searched my memory banks.
And I may have a solution, if you can accept it.
Try me.
It deals with a belief held by certain people a long time ago superstitious people that houses, for various reasons were occupied by the spirits of people who had died in them and not gone on to their eternal rest.
Spirits? I don't understand, Rem.
If my programming is correct the word for these houses is "haunted.
" And the spirits are called "ghosts.
" I believe that this house is haunted by ghosts.
Jessica, have faith.
Believe in what might be.
It's exactly as it was the night I left.
As if nature had arranged it.
That's how I knew you'd come back tonight.
In all this time, she never gave up hope.
And you, Barton.
I waited, I kept everything as it should be.
But you thought I'd never return.
The girl, Jessica, is she the one? I was halfway around the world when I I felt this night coming.
I'd looked for years.
The world is desolate, polluted.
The societies I came across would not yield anyone for our purposes.
And now on my return I find that fate has deposited the right one at our door.
How can you be so sure? She comes from the City of Domes.
She understands the concept of a death for a birth one for one.
The fact that renewal is possible.
Then we'd best make ready.
- The storm could be gone before daylight.
- Yes.
I'll see to Jessica.
You prepare the rest.
Who is it? Who's there? Jessica.
Who are you? Jessica, follow me.
Jessica, follow me.
No! No! Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Do any of those books tell you what this is all about? For every author who claims there are ghosts there is another who refutes it.
Is there any explanation about the mirror? Apparently, in a house like this, even a mirror can have a memory waiting to show its terrible secret to the first stranger who looks into it.
It's something like a human being committing a crime and then finding an overwhelming need to confess it to someone.
Then what I saw in the mirror really did happen.
It wasn't my imagination.
Exactly what did you see? You walk very softly.
Forgive me.
I'm curious.
What did you see in the mirror? You.
- Oh? In a room somewhere, a chamber.
There was a body in a coffin.
Logan I mean you no harm.
Accept my word.
Leave this house now.
On foot? In this storm? Or have you managed to repower our vehicle? Your vehicle will run.
Now leave, please.
Why now? Earlier you were eager to have us stay.
- Earller there was no danger.
- And now there is? There are forces loose now that could destroy you if you stay.
If you and Rem leave now you'll be safe.
What about Jessica? Just you and Rem.
You didn't believe we would agree to that.
I'm trying to help you, now decide quickly.
Gavin, stand where you are.
She's gone.
Door was locked, I made sure when we said good night.
She wouldn't have opened it to anyone else but me.
Doors and locks don't represent a problem to who we're deallng with.
I'm afraid they've taken Jessica.
- But why? - I don't know yet.
Come on.
He broke it.
Must've been more than one secret locked in that mirror something Gavin couldn't let us see, otherwise we'd know what he's planning.
It proves one thing, Rem.
That somewhere in this house is the room that I saw and this key opens the door to it.
Can you remember what the room looked like? It was black.
It had tall rock columns.
There were candles.
Somehow I got the feeling that it was underground.
It was a cave of some kind.
Underground is where we must look.
In the days when these houses were built, there was almost always a basement.
Which way? Back here.
Who is it? - What? - I hear something, voices.
I hear them too.
Oh, Prince of Darkness Who waits afar We tremble at your name Your time has come Your work be done Give us this hour Then lead us into your kingdom For you are the darkness and the power And the everlasting night We are now prepared to accept you.
Accept me for what? You shall become the vessel that will enable us to bring back my bride from limbo.
Your bride? Yes, she waits.
As she's waited all these years.
- For what? - For you.
- No.
The Prince of Darkness took her from us.
We gave him our souls for the powers he promised.
In return, he took her and set us a task to find another to replace her.
You were the one who came into my room and put a rose on my pillow even though the door was bolted.
That's one of the powers given us to come and go as we choose, seen or unseen to give us eternal life, but at a fearful price.
You've gone mad.
That's the price you've paid.
We might have thought so once until we practiced the art that brought us to the Prince of Darkness.
Now you shall see that what we speak is truth.
Ah, is this madness, Jessica, or is it the power he gave us? Leave here, Logan, or you'll be destroyed.
Not without Jessica.
So be it.
What happened to her, Rem? Was it in the books? The fire, Logan.
There's a saying, "Fight fire with fire.
" That's their weakness.
Fire and brimstone.
We offer you eternal peace, Jessica.
It is better than life.
It has no ending.
No, you offer death, nothing more.
No, not death, but a life between.
No pain, no sorrow just a calm, serene eternity of beauty.
Worshipping your Prince of Darkness? Why are you trying to convince me, Gavin? Do I have to agree? Is that it? He won't accept me as a sacrifice unless I agree? It is better that you agree.
That is it, isn't it? It will give you peace, Jessica.
Otherwise, you will suffer eternal pain.
I am not part of your madness.
I'll never agree.
Logan! Logan! Oh, Prince of Darkness who waits afar We tremble at your name Your time has come Your work be done Give us this hour And lead us into your kingdom For you are the darkness and the power And the everlasting night Your weapon, Logan.
The coffin, destroy the coffin.
No! Jessica.
- Logan.
It was awful.
- It's over, Jessica.
They're gone.
- Gone? Back to whatever peace they can find with their Prince of Darkness which is mighty little, I would suspect.
It all looks quite different in the sunlight, doesn't it? It looks a lot better than it did.
I believe it will at night too.
I think the house is rid of its ghosts.
I still don't understand any of it.
It goes back to before the holocaust when people believed blindly in the concept of God and the devil the one promising ultimate good, the other, ultimate evil.
Why would anyone choose evil? Evll often comes in an attractive package.
The trick is to recognize that and never open the package.
It isn't easy being human, is it? Considering the alternatives, I'll settle for what I am.
I'd like to remind you, Logan, I'm one of the alternatives.
Since we can't all be androids I guess we'll have to put up with what we are.