Logan's Run (1977) s01e13 Episode Script


Now I'm going to finish what I started.
Runners are a danger to both our societies.
Allow me to take them back to my superiors and I assure you the punishment they receive will be equal with yours.
- Death? - Death.
- Is she dead? - No.
Hand me your canteen.
Who are you? We're your friends.
Are you all right? We found you lying here.
I was gathering medicinal herbs.
And the sun Is this what you're looking for? - Why do you wear a mask? - It's the law.
- The law? - In Zidor.
Thank you for what you've done.
But you must go.
Go before a patrol finds you.
We come in peace.
We mean no harm to you or your people.
But you're strangers, and her face is uncovered.
You must go before they find you.
I think we better take her advice.
Maybe we'd better find some place to fill our canteens first.
We'll be needing water even if you won't.
I do keep forgetting it can be such a waste of time to be human.
What kind of people would make a woman wear a mask? It was quite common in some primitive societies.
- Why? - I'm not sure.
It had to do with something called sin.
Whatever that is.
I think the patrol has found us.
What are you doing in the land of Zidor? We're travelers.
And the woman who shows herself.
Is she your wife? My companion.
- And you? - A companion to both.
This machine, how does it move? It's a solarcraft.
It gets its power from the sun.
Esak, search it.
We have nothing to hide.
Very well.
- And what is this? - It's an audiobook from before the wars.
We found it in one of the old cities.
There are no books permitted here except our holy books.
Did you have permission to cross borders? - We didn't know - I spoke to him, woman.
Well, did you have permission? No.
And you carry a weapon.
Books and a weapon, those are dangerous things to bring into Zidor.
If we've violated any of your laws, we're sorry.
And what is your destination? A place called Sanctuary.
They're runners, take them.
It would seem to be an unfriendly desert to be lost in.
You will be taken to Zidor to stand before the Judgment Chair.
We're not guilty of anything.
Asa will decide that.
What do we do now? Come on.
You have a long walk ahead of you.
I have no time to waste.
- Drink.
- No, thank you.
Water disagrees with me.
What sort of man are you who travels in the desert and does not drink? Well, just not your drinking, sweating run-of-the-mill sort, I can assure you.
We come in peace.
Are you with these runners? No.
Yet you are dressed as this one is.
We're security officers from the City of Domes.
He wears the same uniform because he was once a Sandman too.
But he broke his trust and became a runner.
And what do you want? I ask you to release them into my custody.
He has no authority outside the City of Domes.
They are my prisoners and I demand their release.
A wise man demands nothing unless he has more horsemen than his enemy.
Have you more horsemen than I? Take their weapons.
Go carefully, my friends, or you may not reach the Judgment Chair.
Runners have come to Zidor before.
In the days when our borders were open we greeted them.
Shared with them our sacred food and wine.
They too pretended to be in search of a place called Sanctuary.
And how did they repay the hospitallty of this house? They infected our people with their own restlessness.
Brought with them the foul smell of rebellion.
And when they left our gate, many of our people the cream of our youth, left with them.
Gera was sent into the desert to bring them back.
They resisted.
Some escaped, and the rest forced us to stain our hands in violence.
It is written, "You shall keep my house inviolate.
Allow no stranger among you for he brings with him his own uncleanliness.
Cursed are they who are not of Zidor.
Death shall be their portion.
" May I speak? Is this the security officer you told me of? Yes, Your Reverence.
Runners are a danger to both our societies.
Allow me to take them back to my superiors and I assure you the punishment they receive will be equal with yours.
Death? Death.
We have stained our hands once with violence.
- Shall we stain them again? - The law is just.
Compassion is equal with justice.
You are too forgiving, Samuel.
What would you have me do? Free these transgressors? The quarrel is between runner and Sandman.
Between the wolf and the fox.
It is better if we have no part of it.
Let Gera take them both beyond our borders if they agree never to return.
The law is the law.
The request is denied.
The punishment is death.
At the first light tomorrow Gera will take you to the place of execution.
Take the prisoners.
Xenophobia, I believe that's the word.
A fear of strangers.
It goes with fanaticism.
Naturally, if one believes one is one of the chosen They believe it, all right.
Will they really do it, Rem? Will they execute us? I'm afraid that's exactly what they intend to do.
There must be some way to get out of here.
One cannot nullify a field of this intensity without a modulator of some kind.
I've never seen its like.
I need time to think.
Release the field.
Leave her alone.
Here, let me help you.
- Aren't you the woman? - No, please.
Put the tray down and get out.
Tomorrow we will be rid of you.
This is your last meal.
Eat well.
Francis, this isn't the way to the Council Hall.
What if a guard spots us? I have to find a power source.
What's so important about the power source? All we need is permission to claim the bodies after.
I want Logan and the girl alive.
With the power off, the force field is inoperative.
And in the darkness we can get them both out.
What difference does it make whether they're dead or alive? The first thing a Sandman learns is to follow orders.
Let's get back to the Council Hall.
You're late.
The same mess again? Pour the wine.
What are you waiting for? The tray, my brother.
When I'm finished.
Gera tells me you wish to claim the bodies of Logan and his companions after the execution.
If Your Reverence will grant us permission.
Gera? They would only feed the vultures.
Permission granted but you may not remain in Zidor longer than necessary.
You will have to depart immediately after the sentence has been carried out.
My superiors will be grateful, Your Reverence.
Why are you here? You saved me in the desert.
A debt should be repaid.
- What's your name? - Mia.
You've come to help us? You've got to get away.
What are you doing here? I've lost my way.
I was looking for the Council Hall.
Give me five minutes.
Then hit the power switches.
I would speak with you, Asa.
Leave us.
What is it? What we are doing is wrong.
We cannot shut ourselves off from the world forever.
Samuel, the border will remain closed as long as I sit in the Judgment Chair.
Remember, you are only an advisor.
But what is it we fear, Asa? Are we so weak? Is our faith so easily corrupted that we must condemn the innocent? The sentence will not be changed.
You force me to take the issue to the Assembly.
Careful, Samuel.
That would not be wise.
Remember, even you can be charged with rebellion.
The lights.
Gera, the lights! Guards to the power room! You did it.
- You cut the power.
- That's right, Logan.
We're going back to the city.
Let's go.
We were fools to trust them.
The force field in the cell has been interrupted.
Go and find the prisoners.
You two come with me.
We've lost Logan and Jessica.
It's too dangerous to go back.
They'll have found the empty cell.
I can't leave without my friends.
I'll hide you in the women's quarters.
They'll not find you there.
After the alarm is over, I'll help you find your companions.
- The cell was empty? - Yes, Your Reverence.
And the other Sandman? Gone.
He must have taken the prisoners and escaped.
Find them.
They will be found, Your Reverence.
They cannot travel far in the dark.
We leave at first light.
You still think they're innocent, Samuel? Is this what you'd open our land to? That way.
Move it.
We're going in the wrong direction.
The solarcraft's that way.
That's exactly where Gera and his men will expect to find us.
We'll never make it out of the desert without a vehicle, Francis.
After we've lost Gera, we'll circle back to my vehicle.
He won't be looking for the ground car.
When? Perhaps an hour ago.
They're moving away from their machine.
Whatever they're doing, they won't travel far not without water.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
- Are you all right? - I'm all right.
We move out as soon as the sun goes down.
Have you any word of my companions? Yes, they escaped with the Sandman.
And Gera went after them? Into the desert.
I have to get out of here, Mia.
Can you help me? There's not much we can do.
We're only women.
Only? Is that why you wear the masks, to hide yourselves? - But it's the law.
- A law made by men, obviously.
Like yourself.
You may find this hard to believe, but I'm not a man in the sense you mean.
What are you then? It would take a long time to explain, Mia, but I can assure you I would never impose a law that required you to hide your faces.
Toma, what's that you brought in here? A brother's robe to be cleaned.
Wait here.
I'll find Samuel.
He'll help us, I'm sure.
Thank you, Mia.
One day, I hope, you'll be able to remove that mask.
Try and get some rest.
We won't be leaving for a while.
You went to a lot of trouble to get us out of there.
Any other Sandman would have let Gera do his job for him just filed a termination report after we were executed.
I had my orders.
Bring you back to the Dome City alive.
To testify at Carousel? To be reprogrammed? Is it that important? - Apparently.
- To whom, Francis? Who gave you your orders? Maybe you'll find out when you come back.
What if I got up right now and walked away from this shelter with Jessica, what would you do? - Stop you.
- But would you kill me, Francis? My orders were to try to bring you back allve, that's all.
Under the circumstances, they'll take you dead.
I'll kill you if I have to, Logan.
You told the women you were not human.
- Yes.
Is that true? Appearances can be deceiving, I know.
What are you then? - An android.
I'm a computer in human form.
I was constructed in a machine shop.
A mechanical man? Well, I don't clank, if that's what you mean.
There's no need to go on so.
Oh, how we've stagnated here.
We have shut ourselves off from all knowledge from all the wonders of the world outside.
Yes, of course, but, at the moment, what I am most concerned about is finding my companions.
Mia thought you'd be able to help.
I'm sorry.
The power to free you is in Asa's hands.
- Can't he be overruled? - Only by a vote of the Assembly.
You see, Zidor was not always a prison.
When the city was founded, it was meant to be a refuge for all men.
Then make it so again.
I wish it could be done, my friend.
I wish it with all my heart.
I will do what I can.
Meanwhile, remain here.
I will see if your companions have escaped across the border or if Gera has recaptured them.
Get in close.
Don't fire until you see my signal.
Come on.
Go to your horse, we have to find them.
It's too close to the border, Gera.
It's forbidden to go beyond the border.
And if I order you to go beyond? It's law.
We must obey the law.
I hope we can get back in time to help Rem.
We'll have to circle around the side.
We can't take the chance of running into Gera.
We mean you no harm.
All we want is information.
Do you understand? Do you know the man who came here with us? Do you know where he is? Can you show us? This way.
Where are the others? They succeeded in crossing our borders, Reverence.
The horsemen would not follow them where the law forbids them to go.
It must please you, Samuel, that our people obey the law so strictly.
I'm glad they escaped.
Well, this one won't escape that easily.
Because you have broken the peace of Zidor because you have brought violence and death into our house, you are condemned.
There will be no violence in this Council Hall.
Reverence, he drew a weapon in your presence.
He threatened your life.
The law condemns assassins.
Asa, stop this.
Return the weapon, Sandman, and submit to my judgment.
No one but my superiors in the Dome City has the right to judge me.
Then I withdraw my hand.
If Gera wishes, he can meet you in personal combat.
- I wish it Reverence.
- Then so be it.
What are you waiting for, Gera? Be patient, Sandman.
There won't even be ashes left of you, Sandman.
Let me finish this.
I will not allow you to profane this Hall.
Will you be guilty with him? Is the knife to rule in Zidor? Well done, Gera, put away your weapon.
The judgment stands.
You are condemned to execution at first light.
Take him.
Asa, I'm calling the Assembly into session.
We cannot permit this.
You take a great risk with your life.
So be it.
- Rem.
My dear friends.
You didn't think we'd leave without you? One of the women told us we'd find you here.
Yes, I have been spending a little time with the ladies.
Samuel should be back soon.
He's trying to find a way out.
You two may compllcate the problem.
You must leave now while Gera is still in the Council Hall.
- The judgment is just over.
- Judgment? Against the Sandman.
Asa has condemned him to death, Mia's right.
Let's leave while we have a chance.
We can't.
We can't leave Francis to a firing squad.
Logan, we don't owe Francis anything.
He's killed Runners.
He's hunted us.
He also saved our lives.
Maybe for his own purposes, but we are alive.
We just can't leave him to die.
Hurry, or it will be too late.
- Is the Sandman in the holding room? Yes.
- When is the execution? - At first light.
Rem, you and Jessica go ahead with Mia.
She'll get you out of Zidor.
- If I make it, I'll join you at the solarcraft.
- No.
We'll all stay.
Forgive us, Mia.
Logan is having an attack of what I believe in his kind is called nobility.
It's a disease.
It only infrequently infects human beings.
You'll stay and try to rescue the Sandman? Nobility appears to be a contagious disease.
Jessica and I just caught it.
- Where are you going, brother? To shrive the prisoner.
I have orders to allow no one into the cell.
Would you have him die with all his sins upon him? It is Asa's wish he be cleansed.
Well I almost convinced myself.
If I were human, I'd take up the calling.
You're the last one I expected to see.
Gera said you'd made it across the border.
Why'd you come back? For Rem.
Are you hurt? A laser shot in the desert.
It's all right.
- Come on, we're getting out of here.
- Logan, freeing me won't finish it.
- Not as long as you keep running.
- I know that, Francis.
- Rem Just so you know - I don't wanna owe a debt I can't pay.
- You don't owe me a thing, Francis.
Rem, turn off the force field.
Now I'm going to finish what I started.
This will be an end to the violence.
The Assembly has decided.
Asa no longer rules.
Our men have provisions for you.
You will have no trouble crossing the desert.
What about Asa? The Assembly elected me to succeed him in the Judgment Chair.
They want no more violence.
And from now on, the gates of Zidor will be open to the world.
I still find it difficult to believe you are not human, my friend.
I was built with great skill.
I sometimes have the same trouble.
Where's Jessica? She went to say goodbye to the women, to thank them.
Samuel, about the Sandman I understand.
We will keep him here until you are safely on your way.
Perhaps we can even teach him to pray a little.
I think Francis stands in the need of a little prayer.
At least two days' worth.