Logan's Run (1977) s01e14 Episode Script


I can't believe it's this hot anywhere on Earth.
Just as our testing indicated, you will be of enormous use to us.
There's more of me over here.
They've taken me apart.
It's a matter transporter.
It's set to receive an alien army.
It's a couple of aliens being prepared to take you over.
Your friends can no longer help you.
Animal carcasses just torn apart.
Mutants probably, caused by genetic breakdown.
Look! He's hurt.
Are you all right? I'm cold.
I'm so cold.
Let's get you up, we'll take you to our vehicle.
No, I must go back home.
You live back there? - Hurry.
Please, please hurry.
- Come on.
How come he's so cold? He acts as if it's freezing.
Jessica, if it ever really freezes, you'll be the first to know.
Arcana, are you all right? When we reallzed he was missing, we went to look for him.
Where did you find him? In the next valley to the east.
We thought he was hurt, but we couldn't find anything.
Pata, see to him.
We've told you before, Arcana, you are never to leave the building.
One day it will get you into trouble.
Arcana had an accident some time ago.
Now he just goes wandering off.
Thank you for bringing him back.
We were glad to help.
My name is Morah.
I'm Logan.
This is Jessica and Rem.
He said he was terribly cold.
A condition we all suffer from.
Our homeland is much warmer than this.
Where is your homeland? I'd like to thank you adequately.
Perhaps some food, a place to rest.
We would be happy if you would stay with us.
We'd like that.
Thank you.
I think you'll enjoy this.
It will warm you.
No, thank you.
Water, then? No, thank you.
I simply don't drink at all.
This is delicious.
It makes me feel I think, uh is about right.
If you don't mind my asking, you were talking about your homeland.
- Where is it? - A great distance from here.
Then your people survived the nuclear war? The war caused us no difficulties.
That outfit you're wearing, isn't it hot? I'm stifling.
There, I have adjusted the ventilation for your comfort.
How fortunate the war which destroyed most of the world was not difficult for you and your people.
We've spoken about ourselves enough.
Now we would like to learn more about you.
There's not that much to learn actually.
Perhaps more than you think.
Logan, Jessica, I think it's time we were on our way.
Oh, don't worry about it, Rem.
There's no hurry.
There's plenty of time.
I wonder.
Once again, please.
Your names? Each in turn.
Jessica Six.
You? - Logan Five.
And you? - Rem.
This Rem seems to be different from the others.
What do you make of it? The schematic indicates that he is inorganic.
A possible source of materials? Examine him.
Come with me, please.
Wait a minute.
Where are you taking him? We just went to question him further.
In more appropriate surroundings.
Now, you wait a - Rem, be careful.
- I have no choice, Logan.
You know I am programmed not to resist human beings.
Jessica, we've been drugged.
- A weapon? - So it seems.
Take it.
I can't move.
That is unimportant.
There is nowhere for you to go at present.
You will answer my questions.
Where did you come from? The City of Domes.
To the east.
Think of your people.
It appears to be a beautiful place.
What were you running from? They are dressed just like you.
They're Sandmen.
What is their function? To track down Runners and terminate them.
The weapons they carry? Like yours? Yes.
So there is danger from them.
It is good that we got this warning.
Now you will sleep.
Logan! Aah.
I just need a few moments to rest.
I can't catch my breath, it's like an oven in here.
How long has it been? I don't know.
Three, four hours.
Don't move any more than you have to.
They have to come back, they have to bring us water.
Don't they? I hope so.
Who are they? They're always cold.
And this room, how can anyone be comfortable in this heat? Maybe it's this hot where they come from.
I can't believe it's this hot anywhere on Earth.
Report the results to me immediately.
The testing went well.
What information? The results will be brought to you.
- You are not like your friends.
- Well, hardly.
I'd assume your test would show you that.
By the way, I'd appreciate knowing where they are.
In time.
Pleasant little toy you have here.
Nice lines.
Functional, I presume.
Oh, yes.
I would say even necessary to our survival here.
Not more fascinating than you, my friend.
A machine such simple appearance and yet so very sophisticated technologically.
Oh, please.
Make me sound as if I'm wound with a key.
I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm the end result of hundreds of years of experimentation and refinement in robotics.
The ultimate computer in human form.
We have accomplished a great many things with our technology.
But nothing quite so unique as you.
What do you find odd? The impulses from this machine indicate that you're either transmitting or receiving ultra high frequency signals.
- You can detect this? - Oh, yes.
But there's one thing that puzzles me.
What could that be? The signals are such high frequency they would appear to be for transmission across enormous distances.
To or from someplace possibly even light years away.
And so they are.
- Perhaps, even to your homeland? - Perhaps.
- Or shall I say your home planet? - Excellent.
It's just as our testing indicated.
You will be of enormous use to us.
Yes, well, if it's all the same to you, I respectfully decline the honor.
The choice is no longer yours.
Actually we won't need all of you but some of your components will be of great help to us.
My components? Indeed.
I assure you, sir, I'm not just any old spare-parts bank to be picked apart by anybody.
Who are you? Never mind.
We gotta get out of here.
- Can you walk? - Yeah.
I think we're gonna have to give the little lady some help.
Say, I haven't seen one of those since I was a lad.
How did you know where they were holding us? I know everything that goes on in these buildings.
I saw them bring you in, then I watched through a ventllation grid until they left the door unguarded.
Come on, come on, you're gonna need some water.
JESSICA Thank you.
You must have lived here before the others came.
Them? They came here just a couple of years ago.
Took us over, all of us.
- So there are people living here with you.
- Not anymore.
Killed them all.
My son and daughter among them.
And nothing I could do about it.
Only me now.
And they think I'm dead, but that's their mistake.
I mean to get back at them somehow.
Oh, here, you'll need some more water.
But where do they come from? Who are they? I don't know exactly where they come from, but I do know one thing they're not from Earth.
They came in a big ship, crashed two valleys away.
It killed most of them too.
But they look just like us.
They didn't when they first got here.
What a sight they were.
What do you mean? I mean, they were like nothing you've ever seen before.
Tall they were and thin, weird-looking.
And they had a hard time moving in, you know, our gravity.
And then they did what they did.
They did what? Killed most of us with those wands that they carry.
And then they just took over the bodies of the rest of them.
Took over? Please don't think I'm crazy, girl, but that's just what they did.
They got this machine that they get into.
It changes their body so they look like us.
And whoever they pick to look like ends up being just a dead, empty shell.
Timon, why have you stayed here? I had nowhere else to go.
Going is what you've gotta be doing right now.
You gotta get out of here.
But a friend is traveling with us and they took him somewhere.
We won't leave without him.
Why didn't they put him in the same room with you two? I don't know.
They gave us a drink and questioned us, then they took him away.
You mean they questioned you about your lives, yourselves? Yes.
Why? That's what they did to us just before they took our bodies over.
Which means that right now there's a couple of aliens being prepared to take you over.
This is a component from the inner mechanism from the being called Rem.
An amplifier, he said it is called.
Excellent workmanship.
Is it compatible with our Corlon system? It appears to be identical.
Activate for test.
Deactivate! We need more parts from the Rem machine.
See what other useful components he has.
No need to worry about running into any of them.
They all stay pretty close to where they're building their thing.
- How many of them are there? - Not more than a dozen.
It's hot.
That's for when they take over.
Timon, can we stop it? Never tried.
Didn't have the weapons or the men.
There's got to be a way.
That's two less of them to worry about.
It's horrible.
We'd best get out of here fast.
- We still have to find our friend.
- Oh, your friend must be very special.
He is to us.
- He's an android.
- A mechanical man? Don't ever let him hear you say that.
And if he's got parts inside, they'll be using them.
And I think I can show you where he'll be.
Then I'll come back down and lead you out.
LOGAN Rem? - Logan, is that you? Let me give you a hand.
There's more of me over here.
Rem? Forgive me not getting up, part of my leg mechanism is on loan out.
What have they done to you? Jessica, that's obvious.
They've taken me apart.
Can we put you back together again? Not with the help of all the king's horses and all the king's men.
What? It's an old verse about a fellow who took quite a tumble.
All in all, I suppose I should be flattered.
My hosts were quite delighted with me, at least with my amplification circuits.
They said it would save them days.
I suppose by now, they've integrated it into their beacon.
- What beacon? - It's a device they're building.
I believe it's a homing beacon to guide spacecraft here.
These people are not native to the Earth, you know.
We know that, Rem, and more.
What do they want? Do you know what they're after? Our world.
Their sun is expanding, going nova, as they say.
Within a generation, deadly radiation will engulf their planet.
So they have sent out scouts to look for another planet to colonize.
They've come upon ours.
There must be something we can do if they haven't sent their signal yet.
There aren't many of them.
Unfortunately, I am not in any condition to help.
But I have been working on this.
- What is it? - It's a deflector.
Placed in proper relation to the beacon it'll divert the signal away from Earth, and hopefully, lead the invaders astray.
Preferably to some place very unpleasant.
So you've come to keep me company? No, we need you.
Oh, and I thought you couldn't resist my electrokinetic charm.
How disappointing.
Let's get back to Timon.
See if he knows how to get a look at the signal beacon they're building.
Morah must be told.
You have them running around looking in every corner for you.
How many? I make it seven.
There's three left with the beacon.
I'd feel better if we had some weapons.
We do.
We do.
I've been saving it to use on myself if they ever caught me.
Won't do much to them though, except maybe knock them out for a while.
That might be all that we need.
We can use it to get some of their weapons away from them.
Come on.
It's a force field.
It goes all the way around.
There's still the control console.
We wasted enough time with them.
Take them away, to the fen.
If I were human, that would hurt like the dickens, you know.
Hey, watch what you're doing.
How would you like it if somebody tossed your synergistic generator aside like a rotten apple? There goes my lubricant recycler.
You know, all this raiding my elements is playing havoc with my coordination.
Let me know when you're done with me so I can get to a repair shop? I believe we've found the part that we need.
The carrier wave still doesn't have a clear path.
We'll need more for final transference.
More? Jessica.
Are you all right? I think so.
I ache all over.
Pain wands.
You'll be sore for a while.
What was that? Our death knell, most likely.
Why do you say that? Because I've seen when they take the people away.
I know now that they brought them here.
To this swamp? It's the one place that we would never set foot in.
There's things in here never seen by the human eye.
Then you don't really know what's here.
But I know their work.
On the edges of the fen the animal carcasses just torn apart.
Others with the blood drained out and not even any marks on them.
And every once in a while some some dead thing no man should ever have seen.
It's mutants probably caused by atomic radiation or genetic breakdown.
I don't know.
Didn't happen to my people.
Maybe what's in here is hiding to survive.
One thing's for sure I don't have much hope of us doing the same thing not unarmed and on foot.
We're gonna give it a try, Timon.
If the aliens can walk in, then we can walk out.
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah.
No sense in just sitting there.
Aah! Logan! Logan! Oh, no! Logan, get them.
Get them, please! Get it off.
Get them! Pull! Oh! Oh! Oh.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
What was that? It looked like a snake.
I don't know.
It was just big, that's all I know.
It's gone now.
Oh! Oh Do you see something? Just got a weird feeling, that's all.
Logan got any idea which way we're heading? I'm guiding on the stars.
Rem taught me how to do it.
Any more of their meddling with me, I won't even be able to spell my own name.
Oh, sorry.
I shut myself down to save a little energy.
There's not much of me left to make do.
- We need more.
- I thought you said you're done with me.
- No, we need more.
- Yes, I heard.
Why? We find we can't maintain a steady carrier wave.
Tomorrow, we must make final contacts.
For successful transference it may be necessary to use all your components.
- Disassemble me completely? - Yes.
My friends will find a way to stop you.
Your friends can't help you anymore.
Arrangements have been made to terminate them.
I have to remind you we aren't out yet.
We still have to deal with the aliens and their beacon.
Only now we have an advantage.
They think we're dead.
They're not expecting us back.
I've seen you look better, Logan, but I've never been happier to see you.
The aliens told me you and Jessica were dead.
They were very nearly right.
So you're Rem.
You look I have looked better.
I'm spread a little thin at the moment.
I had to use my secondary muscle reactor as components for this deflector.
Unfortunately, Logan, time is of the essence.
The alien device is not a beacon at all.
It's a matter transporter and it's set to receive an alien army, which will invade Earth.
Then as soon as it's fully functioning, they'll be here? Transfer would be almost immediate.
- How much time do we have? - Very little.
The aliens have almost completed the transporter.
How much more do you have to do to finish the deflector? Two connections, but I'm not functioning well at all.
Perhaps you can help.
Of course.
What do I do? Uh, look in my pouch, you'll find an electron needle.
We'll make the final connections.
The blue to the green extensor.
Got it, heh-heh.
Where do we put this to knock out the transporter device? There's a force field that surrounds it.
It shouldn't affect the deflector.
We'll place it in direct line with the receiver approximately two meters away.
All right.
Ah, normally, I'd give you my complete assurance that this will work.
Unfortunately, my impaired state, it's only a chance.
I calculate the odds of success at 97 to 3, against.
But you said this would deflect the carrier wave so that the invaders would be bounced off into space.
Correction, Jessica.
That was my theory.
Seems to me you're all forgetting one thing.
The aliens are still in the way.
You know, they said that they got here accidentally.
And the climate is too cold for them.
That room that they had us in was unbearably hot.
Do you think it's possible that we could freeze them? Jessica, I think you may have hit on the answer.
Cold air.
There's no way we can force air conditioning into the transporter room.
Well, there's something else though.
The aliens use liquid oxygen cylinders in the transporter.
That would freeze the ears off a statue.
And I know where they're stored.
- Show us.
- Come on.
We'll be right back.
The phasing is complete.
The signal to initiate will be sent.
We will await acknowledgement.
The ventilation system in that room is carried through overhead grids.
We have to go up to the second floor and get into the vents from there.
We'll jam the doors so they can't get out.
You two have to move fast to get this stuff into the room - before they realize what's happening.
- We will.
Come on.
The signal is complete.
Initiate transmission.
Hurry! We must get out! No! Hurry! They're all helpless for the time being but the transporter's still working.
Place it directly in line with the center of the hexagon, Logan.
Two meters away.
Logan, get back! I guess it worked.
Oh, pity, it's ruined beyond repair and I might have learned so much from it.
You mean you really didn't expect it to explode? In my weakened condition, I couldn't be expected to anticipate everything.
But the parts they took from you, Rem.
They're irreplaceable, aren't they? Oh, not really.
I do have some spares in my tool kit.
I'm sure I can salvage enough from this to make a complete repair especially my synergistic generator.
They're still breathing.
They're merely unconscious.
The drop in temperature reduced them to a state of hibernation.
They'll recover when they're placed in the warmth again.
No, I'm gonna lock them up.
Well, that's your decision, of course, Timon, but you'll still be all alone here.
Hm? What are you getting at, Logan? When the aliens realize they're stranded without any equipment to build another receiver they may decide to cooperate with you and live here peacefully.
Especially if I have the pain wands.
- How does it feel, Rem? - A great deal better than before.
I've been in need of an overhaul for some time.
Should really be done every 3000 hours to be on the safe side.