Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman s03e12 Episode Script

Never on Sunday

If-- If you were a woman and your doorbell rang and you opened and it was me what would you think? -What? -I've been fixed up on a blind date.
They do that to you when you're single again.
So you open your door and it's me and you're-- -You're-- -Happy.
oh, boy, I gotta rethink this.
-You're not very convincing.
-I'm not a woman.
-No, you're not.
I called last night, your answering machine was on.
It was late, but there was this-- -I was out walking.
-ln the middle of the night? Yeah, I had a really hard time sleeping last night.
I just didn't wanna be in my place.
You didn't wanna be in your place? I mean, it's just nothing.
I just had a hard time sleeping, is all.
-You know, no big deal.
, this just came for you.
-Yes, I just threw this in the trash.
-There's nothing in your wastebasket.
What is it? -This guy Baron Sunday.
-And you weren't gonna use those? -He's what? That magician? -That magician? No.
The magician.
The world's greatest illusionist.
This guy is so cool.
He lives on his own airplane.
-Jimmy? -Coming.
And, to think, you were just gonna throw those tickets away.
Clark? Clark, what is it? Clark, what's wrong? I've been working for M.
for about three months.
-It's work you enjoy, Mr.
Rod Clemens? -How'd you know my name? -operator's license.
-Not at all.
I'm psychic.
-oh, yeah.
-What's that accent? It's Georgia? South Carolina.
Born and raised near the state line in Parksville.
Guess you ain't that much of a psychic, are you? -Shall I tell you your birthday? -Got 1 0 bucks says you can't do it.
It's November 1 8th, 1 949.
Not even close.
August 24th, 1 951.
Easiest 1 0 spot I ever made.
You wanna try for something else? How about my mama's maiden name? Clark, you really had me scared.
Are you sure you're okay? Maybe you're not up to lunch with my mother.
I'm fine.
I'm just a little tired, that's all.
By the way, at what point did we put your mother in charge of our wedding? She's not in charge, she has some ideas.
I told her we'd hear her ideas.
You know, my family just started talking to each other again.
-I wanna preserve a little peace.
But we're clear on what we want, right? Small, simple.
Small, right? Simple? And I know I'm thrilled to at last be able to give my princess the big wedding she's always dreamed of.
Big? You dreamed of a big wedding? Well, no.
I-- Well, once I did maybe.
Well, okay, yes, but not huge.
After her second cousin married that jockey, that's all she talked about.
She'd walk around holding a bunch of flowers, with my slip on her head.
-Mother, I was 6.
-Anyway don't be shy about picking Beverly's brains for suggestions.
-Beverly? -Beverly Lipman.
Acclaimed bridal consultant.
Well, isn't that expensive? Who's paying for that? Your father.
It's cheap considering the years of indifference that he has to atone for.
Here we are.
I'm late.
Don't stand.
Miss? Bourbon.
Well, have we picked a color palette yet? I've been doing a lot of tangerine.
Lipman, we're gonna try to stay clear of anything too complicated.
Lane told me that if she could hold a beautiful wedding for her favorite daughter, she could die happy.
And what do you mean by "complicated"? You do want this affair to say something, don't you? I just want it to say that I love Lois.
That would be doves.
Three hundred.
Baron? Baron, I have the chart for this Rod Clemens.
I tell you, brother this Clemens, he born under a bad sign, you know.
Hey, Baron? Mercy.
-Man, you scared me! -Give me the chart.
Hey, man, you all right? What's going on up there? There's nothing wrong with a church organ and a combo after if you want to go the blah route.
The last wedding I did had a dozen Swiss bell ringers and a 50-piece orchestra.
Swiss bell ringers.
What do you think, Lois? Yes, what do you think, Lois? Well, I've always admired the Swiss.
And their chocolate is to die for .
Help! The bus is out of control! -and those cuckoo clocks.
I gotta go.
Excuse me.
He's going to be difficult, isn't he? Captain Ellis, it's an ambush! Superman.
Thank God.
Is he dead? I'm afraid so.
Did he say anything? He just freaked out.
He yelled something about Captain Ellis.
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the world's most illustrious illusionist: Baron Sunday.
I wonder what happened to Perry.
It's his first blind date since he split up with Alice.
He wanted to double with us.
Probably got cold feet.
Ladies and gentlemen, my assistant, Ziggy.
Steel blade.
I'm waiting to hear from the Army on that Captain Ellis that the bus driver mentioned before dying.
What was the snake-shaped welt the bus driver had on his chest? It was freaky.
It just sort of appeared and then faded away.
I can't figure out how he's doing this.
He's not using any wires.
There's no trap doors.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is he smiling at me? I think this answers the "cold feet" question.
-You chicken out? -oh, no.
Not at all.
The kid had his heart set on seeing the show.
I didn't wanna break his heart.
-He chickened out.
-And now to finish up the evening I'd like to create a special illusion for a member of the audience.
Any volunteers? You, son? -Me? No, l-- -Jimmy, go.
All right.
Now, I need your name, birthdate and city where you were born.
My name is James Bartholomew Olsen.
I was born right here in Metropolis on February 1 5th, 1 974.
I want you to relax.
Now, as the ashes float down around you you will fall into a deep trance.
Ashes? Now, when I snap my fingers you will imagine you were back at your first day in the second grade.
Hi, Bobby.
How was your summer? oh, I forgot to mention.
You've come to school completely naked.
I don't know how this happened.
I know I got dressed this morning.
When I snap my fingers, you will be back here, fully clothed and remember everything.
You okay? You got a bump on your head.
Yeah, I guess I was trying to hide underneath my desk, and I hit my head.
-That desk was in your imagination, son.
Jimmy was so convinced to what he was experiencing his body reacted as if his vision were real.
It's a pretty interesting trick.
No trick.
I only made use of what was already in his mind.
You're a Pisces, right? Good guess.
February 28th.
You're not planning on sending him back to second grade? No, I'd have something much more interesting for a man as worldly as Mr.
Well, we should get going.
So, Baron, you got Mr.
Kent's handkerchief.
-Catch up on your sleep last night? -Back to my old self.
So, even though you're looking kind of troubled and preoccupied, there's no reason for me to be worried? About me? None whatsoever.
Because if there was something hypothetically bothering you you would tell me.
-Are you worried about getting married? -What? Well, it's just that, you know, we started making plans now you can't sleep and you're having all this incredible anxiety-- Lois, I'm not worried about marrying you.
I'm completely looking forward to marrying you.
I'm chomping at the bit.
Chomping at the bit.
Got it.
-Did you hear from the Army? -Yeah.
The bus driver, Clemens, served in Vietnam under a Captain Ted Ellis.
-He was a munitions expert.
-oh, this is interesting.
After he left the Army, Clemens spent a year in the National lntelligence Agency.
Don't you know somebody at the N.
? Matt Young.
But I haven't spoken to him in years.
Maybe it's time you renew that acquaintance.
I want you to know I know how difficult this whole Mother of the Bride thing is for you.
It's no problem.
As long as you and l don't lose sight of what we want.
oh, no, no.
Because yesterday you seemed sort of interested in that woman Beverly's ideas.
oh, there might be a part of me that would kind of like a big-deal-type thing.
But it's a tiny part.
It's a very small part.
-Does that bother you? -Well, no.
Good, because we have another appointment this afternoon with Beverly.
of course, I could cancel.
I was on my way out.
I hope you don't mind doing this on the run.
oh, no.
Thanks for seeing us.
You've come a long way since that green reporter I met in Jamaica.
I heard there was some gun smuggling going on there.
I thought I could get my career in gear with an exclusive.
That's where I entered.
I was on a routine assignment when I find myself in the middle of this gun smuggling raid.
-Bullets were flying everywhere.
-He cut me a break, gave me the story.
That's where we bring this full circle because we're here for another exclusive.
Didn't Rod Clemens work for the N.
for a while? oh, "Rocket" Rod Clemens.
He was in my area but only for a few months.
He had some heavy personal problems.
-He couldn't get Nam out of his head.
-Postwar trauma? In the extreme.
Just before he shipped stateside he took a bullet in the chest by a sniper.
Almost killed him.
Why? oh, it's just an angle we're pursuing.
What kind of angle? Matt? You all right? oh, my God.
Not again.
-The dogs! -There aren't any dogs around here.
Stay back! No! No! Move back.
-He's got a pulse.
-First, Clemens and now Young.
What's going on? -Anybody see anything? -Folks, where's the gun? So we'll definitely be going with rose petals strewn by a small child as you come down the aisle.
And, if you don't know any small children, we'll provide one.
My printer can do something very stylish on Japanese linen.
Hello? Invitations? You get a price break when you order in lots of 500.
Sorry, we'll take one-fifth of a lot.
He's kidding, am I right? Are we having a serious discussion? Clark, it does seem like you get a price break if you go a little bigger.
Even as a child, you always made economic sense.
I budgeted 1 500 for L.
and G.
, but I think I may be light.
and G.
? -Loose flowers and greens.
-Do we absolutely need L.
and G.
? -Mother? -Beverly? -Well, you don't absolutely need shoes.
But sooner or later your feet are bloody stumps.
Now does anyone here have a serious objection to white polonaise sauce with shiitake mushrooms? I need to know.
I guess we've just given up -on those mini, little hot dogs.
-Lois? No.
This Clark Kent's magic is too strong.
You have tried to kill him.
He's been able to resist, for reasons I don't understand.
-But he can be broken.
-We will be the ones to pay.
Let his fears flow.
I just wanted it to be perfect for you, of course.
But it's not really my dreams that matter here.
Are they? No! No.
Clark, what's wrong? It's too tight.
I can't breathe.
oh, no.
Clark, come on.
Snap out of it now.
Is he all right? I think so.
I've seen pre-wedding stress before, but this is taking it to a new level.
Honey, we'll just-- We'll just do this later.
Lois? -oh, Clark, I thought I lost you.
-You're not getting rid of me that easy.
When I saw that snake on your chest, I thought-- Snake? -Like the others? -lt was there.
I saw it.
It's gone now.
Everything's fine.
Everything is not fine.
You've got to tell me what's going on.
I've been having these weird experiences.
-Experiences? -Well, maybe not experiences.
More like visions.
Like the other men before their heart stops? Clark, why didn't you tell me? Well, because I didn't connect it to the others until now.
I thought it would just go away.
Lois, I've never really been scared.
Not like this.
What did you see? It's like I was being buried alive in some kind of coffin.
-Look, I'm not giving into this.
-oh, see, this is what you do.
Your life is about not showing fear.
You push it right out of your head.
But this fear is a part of you.
Something so terrible happened that you pushed it way down.
-Now you've gotta let it out or it could-- -Scare me to death.
Like the others.
Now, what links you to them? You only know one of them.
Yeah, Matt Young.
Tell me what happened in Jamaica.
-Going somewhere, Ziggy? -No, man.
-Were you going to abandon me? -No.
Are you that afraid of Clark Kent? He will die.
I'm getting closer.
He's here.
Maybe you'd like to warn him? Here's your chance.
-ls Baron Sunday here? -Yes, he is.
You've met my assistant, Ziggy.
-Welcome to my humble abode.
-Well, I've heard a lot about it.
But this is really incredible.
I love flying.
It gives me a sense of freedom.
Soaring over the towns below like a giant bird.
Possibly, you know what I mean, Mr.
You must be very popular at parties.
We needed to speak to someone with your expertise.
We're looking for information on hallucinations.
A kind of hallucination that might be conjured up in a person's head by someone else.
Yeah, we were wondering if you could tell us how you created Jimmy's visions.
oh, I looked into the depths of his mind and triggered a memory that was unique to him.
Is it possible to trigger a hallucination from far away? Mr.
Kent, I'm a firm believer that anything is possible.
Two people in Metropolis have experienced frightening hallucinations.
one of them is dead.
The other one is in a coma.
I find most of life to be a frightening hallucination.
If I believe I'm frightened or hungry or sad I am all these things.
Are you saying that these people's bodies shut down because they believed something was killing them? That's a fascinating theory.
When our belief in death overpowers our belief in life it is the end.
-What do you have there? -I'm not quite sure.
I found it on Sunday's plane.
I read that story you wrote on gunrunners in Jamaica.
Be kind.
It was the first big story I ever covered.
-You really nailed that guy Hendricks.
-He was the main man.
Hired by an anti-Castro group to run guns to a drop off point in Jamaica.
-They'd go to Cuba, but the nacionales-- -Found out and busted in on the party.
You don't mention Matt Young or the N.
They were brought in to put a happy face on the situation.
In fact, Young only gave me the story because I didn't mention his name.
Hendricks was killed in the raid.
He wouldn't be around to argue what Young said.
Are you saying there's more to the story? Some kind of conspiracy? -Well, I'm not really sure.
-I don't believe you.
-Here's that stuff you wanted, Lois.
You did a whole computer workup on John Hendricks? Let's just say I don't trust newsflashes from the N.
I got to wondering what that big, bad gunrunner had in his past.
Clean as a whistle.
Commercial pilot, taxpayer.
Completely clean? Not even a traffic ticket? Well, there was one thing.
John Hendricks' old driver's license, but-- I had the guys in Processing do some work on the photo.
Lightened it.
Blew it up and-- Ring any bells? Wow, he's a little heavier and a little younger, but there's a resemblance-- T o Baron Sunday.
Well, congratulations, you're certainly not possessed.
-Thank you.
-Handy having me live downstairs, huh? Clark, these visions you're having, there's a possibility that you're just nuts.
oh, he's not nuts.
We've been through every logical explanation and we think maybe the visions have something to do with the metaphysical or the supernatural.
It's okay.
You can say it.
I knew she'd get around to seeing things my way.
The visions are getting clearer.
I'm enclosed in something.
There are voices and colors, blue and red.
And really loud noise like thunder.
-And it's terrifying.
-Make it come into focus.
Sometimes, you shine a light on things, and they don't seem so scary at all.
-What? What is it? -Lois, it's your purse.
Is there something evil in your purse? Just my credit cards.
Dump it out.
What are you doing with this? Well, I just picked it up off of Baron Sunday's plane.
A bokor would stick this needle in a doll and cast a spell on his enemy.
-A bokor? -Voodoo, Lois.
Something like this could cause hallucinations? Kill someone? I don't practice it myself, but that's what I've been told.
If someone casts a spell on you, how would you stop it? The black arts is not easy to ward off.
The magic has to come from within.
The evil has to be displaced.
You have to get in touch with something dear to you.
More powerful than the spell.
Sometimes, I hang onto a charm, a keepsake family heirloom.
Kent, I come here to warn you.
-I'm Detective Lundgren.
Lane? -Yes, come in.
-The dispatcher said you knew him? -Yeah, his name's Ziggy.
He works-- He worked for Baron Sunday, the magician.
oh, yeah.
Took my boys to see the show last week.
-How long ago did you say he died? -Maybe 30 minutes, I think.
-Looks like he's been dead longer.
-Well, I might be off by a few minutes.
You might be off by a few years.
okay, Jimmy.
Jimmy says that John Hendricks definitely does not have a brother.
Well, okay.
If we're in the world of the walking dead, my vote is that John Hendricks and Baron Sunday are the same person.
That's pretty much where I went.
Matt Young and Rod Clemens were both in the N.
Hendricks and I are connected to Young by that incident in Jamaica.
But Hendricks' background check was clean.
Which means that I helped frame an innocent man.
It makes sense, doesn't it? Young and Clemens were probably running those guns in Jamaica and Hendricks was just some pilot that they hired.
When the whole thing went sour, Young fed information-- To a very green reporter.
And I wrote a story that ruined Hendricks' life.
Now he's taking his revenge out on everyone.
You know, I just feel terrible knowing that something I did played such a big part in all this.
Come on.
And looking quite healthy.
You said you didn't know Matt Young or Rod Clemens.
How about John Hendricks? John Hendricks was a fool, who trusted the wrong people.
Your assistant, Ziggy.
He came by to warn us about something, but before he could, he dropped dead.
You think he wanted to warn you about me? We'll never know unless your friendly bokor could bring him back to life again.
Your secret's out, Hendricks.
Were you raised from the dead too? Like Ziggy? I never quite passed over.
I was found by practitioners of the ancient arts.
Given certain powers.
But it didn't make up for what had happened to me.
I know what you've been through, and I know the part that I played in it.
You and I were both set up by pros.
You have no idea what I've been through.
My life was ruined and my family's.
The only thought that kept me going was the thought of revenge.
And now it's time to finish the job.
No! Air Sunday is about to leave the gate.
This is a nonsmoking flight.
Unless I decide to have you burst into flames.
What's happening to Clark? His own fear is destroying him.
He's resisted up until now but has been weakened by each attack and is ready to surrender.
Young may have set you up, but Clark is a good man.
The best I've ever known.
He may have made a mistake, but it's not fair that he should die.
Life isn't fair.
This fear is a part of you, and now you've gotta let it out.
The evil has to be displaced.
You have to get in touch with something dear to you.
More powerful than the spell.
This fear is a part of you, and now you 've gotta let it out.
It's at an end, Ms.
I've waited to be at peace for so long.
only one bit of business remains.
Mighty Danballah.
Meet my enemy-- Fasten your seat belts, Sunday, as we are beginning our descent.
He's inside? Tied up and ready for delivery to the city jail.
-Let's go.
-Yes, sir.
Thank you, Superman.
So, all along, your hallucination was based on a traumatic experience you had as a baby.
once I faced it, I realized that what I saw wasn't a coffin.
It was the capsule my parents sent me to Earth in.
Sunday couldn't kill you.
Your vision wasn't based on death, it was based on life.
As I was remembering I could feel the love and the sadness of my parents sending their baby off into the cold universe.
And into my life.
Thank you.
-Superman, there's no one there.
-But that's impossible.
I spoke to lvan about the catering.
As a special favor to me, only a $1 50 per person.
I've already decided to go with the tangerine.
-I've ordered 20 bolts.
-But I can't decide.
Tent, no tent.
-I was up all night.
Now, doves or Swiss bell ringers? With the bell ringers, it's four months' notice or forget it.
-How many doves do you have to have? -At least a thousand.
I have never seen her have so much fun.
It's scary.
To life.
To life.
For heaven's sakes, Lois, this is not my wedding.
Are you going to participate or not? You're doing fine, Mom.
You just keep doing what you do best, and so will we.