London Kills (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

The Ultimate Price

Aah! Oh, careful.
Emergency operator.
Hello? -Can I help you? -It's my grandad.
I-I think he's dead.
-Down there.
Hello, mate.
My name's Rob.
I'm a detective.
So, what do we call you, then? Troy.
Can you tell me what happened to your grandad, Troy? A man hit him over the head with a baseball bat.
Um, where's Troy? I'm sorry, madame, but No, no, no, wait.
I just want to see my son, okay? Troy! Why won't they let me see my son? Troy's fine.
Um, um, my dad? -Mum.
-Oh, darling.
I'm sorry.
Be all right.
I'm so sorry.
So, you attended last night? The victim's Terry Fisher.
He's been landlord here for years.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Someone said there's been a murder.
-And you are? -I'm Leanne Ponting.
I'm the bar manager.
Is Terry okay? Looks like he jimmied the door open to gain access.
He? Yeah, the victim's grandson, Troy, described a white male dressed in all black.
Well, how old is Troy? Yeah, I know child witnesses are normally problematic, but this kid's solid.
We should listen to him.
-Where is he now? -At home.
His mum's bringing him in to make a statement.
And he doesn't live here? No, just Terry and the bar manager.
And where were they? Yesterday was my day off.
I had a few shots too many and ended up staying at a girlfriend's house.
Do any of the other staff live in? No, they're all casual.
Me and Terry run the place.
So, Terry would have been home alone last night, then? After the pub shut, yeah.
Oh, why didn't I come home? If I'd have come home, he might still be alive.
Tell the team they can move the body now.
So, can the grandson describe the man beyond white skin and black clothes? He thinks he was wearing blue trainers.
-Any CCTV? -No.
System records to disk, but the disk's missing.
So, the killer could have taken it? Well, wait a minute.
That doesn't make sense.
Why take the CCTV but leave the murder weapon behind? Terry's got a daughter, Amy.
Does she know? We've spoken to her.
How did they get on? Oh, well What? I know she just lost her dad, but Amy's a hard-faced cow.
She and Terry weren't speaking.
How come? All I know is Terry hadn't seen his grandson for ages.
Are you sure about that? Absolutely.
Never stopped talking about it.
Would it surprise you to hear that it was Troy who made the 999 call? From the pub? Well, what was he doing here? I was hoping you might be able to tell me.
At least Terry got to see Troy before he died.
He really loved that kid.
The state of me.
Is there any chance I can get to my room, just get some bits and bobs? Um Just give me a sec.
It's me.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
I'm at the pub, and the place is crawling with police.
Terry's dead.
You can get your stuff as long as I sign you in and accompany you.
That's great.
Thank you.
Oh, sorry.
Got everything you need? Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, babe.
You're a lifesaver.
The detective inspector's here.
You heard? A witness has come forward.
Saw Amber Saunders jump off the balcony.
He didn't lay a finger on her.
It doesn't mean he's totally squeaky clean.
If you don't speak to him, I will.
Do you really want to go to prison for perverting the course of justice? That's not going to happen.
You shouldn't have told the misper inquiry that David was with you when his wife went missing when he wasn't.
I'll sort it.
Right, before we begin, I want to apologize for yesterday.
My stepdaughter is heartbroken that her mother's missing, so she's lashing out.
Mainly at me.
The good news is, she's finally agreed to get some counseling.
Uh, Terry Fisher, landlord of the Three Griffins in London Bridge.
He ran it with his wife until she died last year.
Uh, according to the locals, Terry was the perfect landlord.
A proper gentleman.
So, what are we thinking? Tackled a burglar and came off worse? No, the victim was hit over the back of the head.
One clean blow.
Doesn't seem like much of a struggle to me.
Plus, SOCO are convinced that the handle of the baseball bat was wiped clean.
Yeah, but why go to the trouble of doing that and leave it behind? We spoken to the bar staff? D.
Yes, only full-time employee is bar manager Leanne Ponting.
It was her night off, and she stayed with a friend, who has confirmed her account.
Our witness is here to make a formal statement.
Oh, I'd like to sit in on that.
Uh, before we start, um, I need to come clean.
I, um -- I left Troy on his own last night.
At my house.
Am I in trouble? It's what happened to your father that we're interested in, although social services might have a different opinion.
Actually, can I have a word outside, Miss Fisher? I need to ask.
Have you been drinking? I mean, last night, you know I was out.
This morning? I've hardly slept.
My dad's dead.
Also present is Troy's appropriate adult.
Uh, Damon Rissbrook.
Troy's dad.
So just a few questions, Troy.
Last night, you were at home on your own.
Hold up.
What do you mean he was on his own? If you could let Troy answer the questions, please, Mr.
Grandad came 'round.
He made me go to the pub with him.
Okay, and what time did you get there? Just before the pub shut.
Okay, so that was about 11:00 p.
What did you do? I went upstairs to watch TV.
Where was Grandad? Downstairs.
I heard voices, like an argument.
And you went down all the way to the basement bar? What did you see? It's all right.
Tell the man.
My grandad was on the floor.
The man was standing over him.
So, you didn't actually see the man hit your grandad.
What did he do with the baseball bat? Put it down.
Where? On the floor.
And he didn't pick it up again? No.
Are you absolutely sure about that? Oi, he said, didn't he? Okay.
Then what did he do after that? He ran out, up the stairs.
And what did you do next? I phoned 999.
Good boy.
Nothing else? You just made the call? Troy's account doesn't add up.
Someone wiped that baseball bat.
He's 8 years old.
And he took too long to ring 999.
Because he was in shock and he'd just found his grandfather dead.
-You said he was solid.
-He is.
Well, now you're saying what, he might be confused.
I'm saying we need to make some allowance for his age and how upset he is.
This is a murder inquiry.
We don't make allowances.
Do you feel well enough to make a statement? I wasn't unwell.
Where did you go last night? Um, well, it was sort of a date.
I met him on the Internet.
Um, we arranged to meet in a restaurant in Borough Market and then onto a club.
What time did you get home? About half past 1:00.
But Troy wasn't there, and I was freaking out.
And then, um, I found a note that my dad had left saying he'd taken Troy to the pub.
When did you last speak to your dad? Couple of weeks ago.
Had a falling out over Troy's father.
Um, my Dad thought Troy should see him, and I didn't.
Why not? Because he's a complete waste of space.
Tell me, Amy, do you know of anyone who'd want to do this to your father? Everyone loved Terry Fisher.
Did your dad owe any money? No.
He was the old-fashioned type.
He didn't believe in owing money.
What about relationships? Was he seeing anyone? Joking, ain't ya? He buried my mum less than a year ago.
There's no replacing her.
Terry Fisher and the bar manager, Leanne Ponting, got married last week.
-No way.
-Marriage certificate.
It was in a pile of Terry's personal papers.
How old is she? And he was 65.
I assume she didn't mention this when you talked to her? Of course she didn't.
Okay, let's get hold of her.
I've tried.
She's not at the pub.
And the contact number she gave me doesn't exist.
Well, you better circulate her description.
Do you think Amy knew her dad was married? Let's ask her.
How could he? My mum's not even cold in her grave.
Nothing's been the same since she's been gone.
You don't think Leanne had anything to do with my dad's murder, do you? We're keeping an open mind.
This guy matches Troy's description of his grandad's assailant.
He's holding his arm like he's in pain.
Did Troy say that he got injured? Nope.
He didn't.
The sarge has pointed out that there are gaps in Troy's account.
Shame we can't show Troy this.
Well, we can't.
Not unless we do it as part of a proper I.
But we can show his mother, see if she recognizes this guy.
That's Alfie.
Yeah, he drinks in my dad's pub all the time.
Do you have a surname? Um I think it's Dubbs.
Alfie Dubbs, he was arrested for affray three months ago, but it was NFA'd.
It does mean we have an address.
-A bedsit in Camden.
-Let's go.
Uh, didn't you say you had something else to deal with? Billie and I will go.
Come on.
Okay, go! Police! Stay where you are! Don't move! Porn.
Look at this.
What is it? A credit card in the name of Terry Fisher.
Okay, cheers.
Guess who's just turned up at A&E with a broken arm.
Not our Mr.
Dubbs? Yeah, and hospital security are keeping an eye until we get there.
The night that Sarah went missing you asked me to tell the misper team that -- that you were in the pub with me.
I was in the pub with you.
Not all the time.
I need to know where you went to.
All right.
After I left the pub, I hooked up with an old flame.
I wasn't exactly proud of the fact, so I asked you to cover for me.
I thought Sarah would be back in a few days, safe and sound.
I had no idea she'd be gone for months.
That's why I told the misper team the truth.
I made it clear you were acting under my instruction, when you told them I was with you all evening.
And they were happy with that? Absolutely.
Alfie Dubbs? I'm Detective Sergeant Cole.
And I'm Trainee Detective Constable Fitzgerald.
-Are you Alfie Dubbs? -Yes.
Watch the arm.
I am arresting you on suspicion of murder.
Murder? Murder of who? Terry Fisher.
Terry's dead? You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
Troy's positively I.
'd Alfie Dubbs as the man who killed his grandad.
- That's brilliant.
- Mm.
I didn't kill Terry.
He was alive and kicking when I left the pub.
Took the baseball bat off me, broke my arm.
You're admitting you were in the pub last night? Broke in through the back door.
What did you break in for? Nick what's in the till.
So, you broke in through the back door.
And then what happened? Terry appeared out of nowhere.
Went mental.
Before I knew it, he's got the bat off me, cracks me across the arm.
So I make a run for it.
Up the stairs, back out the way I came in.
Straight out? Yeah.
You didn't stop to grab anything? Like what? Like the disk from the CCTV.
Are you kidding? I-I just wanted to get out of there before he hit me again.
Tell me, Alfie, do you know a Leanne Ponting? Never heard of her.
We've been to your bedsit.
Can you tell me what this is, Alfie? No comment.
It's a credit card in the name of Terry Fisher.
No comment.
You know, it's odd, Alfie.
You have Terry Fisher's credit card.
You knew him, know the pub, yet you didn't seem to know his wife.
Terry's wife's dead.
Yeah, his first wife.
But Terry got married for a second time last week to your friend Leanne.
Leanne wouldn't do that.
Not without telling me.
I thought you didn't know her.
No comment.
So, it's looking likely that Leanne put this guy up to breaking into the pub, but I don't think he killed Terry.
How do you work that out? Well, he seemed genuinely shocked when we told him that Terry was dead.
And his account is consistent with the crime scene.
What, and Troy's isn't? Frankly, no.
So, you're saying that the child's lying? No, I'm saying that he's not telling us the full story.
Why would he do that? Maybe he's covering for someone.
What you doing here? He's already done his interview.
I'm sorry about Terry.
What? Sorry he ain't around to fight your corner at the custody hearing.
I didn't come here to fight.
I just want to make sure Troy is okay.
Like I do day in and day out.
Oh, like you did last night when you left him all alone, yeah? Oh, yeah, and you're such a perfect dad.
Hey, T.
Hello, mate.
You did really well today, mate.
I'm so proud of you, son.
Brought you a little something.
Hello? Yeah.
Yeah, this is Amy Fisher.
The tech team have been assessing Alfie Dubbs's phone.
Guess what they found.
Him and Leanne have been sexting.
Oh, that is filth.
Sarge, you want to have a look at this? No, thanks.
At least we've got Leanne's real mobile number now.
Gives us a chance to track her down.
Was it Leanne's idea? What? For you to break into the pub and kill Terry.
You do understand that you're under arrest on suspicion of murder? I was never meant to kill him.
Just give him a tap, bring him to his senses.
But like I said, he got the better of me straightaway.
Didn't lay a finger on him.
It was embarrassing.
Bring him to his senses about what? Selling the pub.
Terry owned the freehold.
Turns out the pub is right in the way of a major redevelopment.
I spoke to the developers, and they said that Terry already accepted an offer to sell up.
How much for? 3 million quid.
Last week, Terry changed his mind.
Maybe he found out what his new wife was up to with Alfie Dubbs.
Can't imagine Leanne was very pleased.
So she gets her boyfriend to do away with him.
Now, I-I am pretty sure that Alfie Dubbs was only meant to put Terry out of action for a while.
So, who killed Terry? I've just been talking to Amy Fisher's date from last night.
He's sure that she left the club before midnight.
She's told us she didn't get home until half 1:00.
So, apparently the neighbor saw Troy go out with his dad.
Well, she thinks they've gone to the park.
Let's have a word with Troy.
There he is.
Do you know where Amy is? Not a clue.
She, uh, took a call and headed off in a cab.
Do you mind if I have another word with Troy? It's important.
Is that okay with you, Sarge? Yeah, of course.
What you told us, Troy, about that man that hit your grandad over the head, was that the truth? Yes.
Are you sure? The thing is, we think it wasn't that man that hit your grandad on the head.
We think it was somebody else.
Troy! Troy! - Troy! - T.
Troy! Troy! Troy! Troy! Troy! Troy! Troy.
Don't hit me.
Don't hit me.
Please don't hit me.
I'm not going to hurt you, Troy.
I promise.
I just want to talk to you.
Now, why'd you think I'd hit you? Eh? Can you help me out, Troy? Can you lift your T-shirt up for me? Troy! This child needs to see a doctor.
I've got a fix on Leanne Ponting's phone.
She's in Elephant and Castle.
I could do with a trip out.
You didn't need to apologize this morning.
We all understand what Carly's going through.
And you.
It's horrendous.
Report of a disturbance in Commercial Street, Elephant and Castle.
Two women fighting.
Any units? That's where we're going.
Better get a move on, then.
Get away from me, you drunken cow.
- No! Get off me! - Calm down.
No! Get off! Hello, Leanne.
Fancy seeing you again.
-I'm gonna kill her.
-If you don't calm down, I'll arrest you for obstructing a police officer.
Let me congratulate you, by the way, on your wedding.
Funny you didn't tell me that before.
Must have slipped my mind.
Now, what's your name? Amy Fisher.
You Terry's daughter? That's right.
So, what's all this about? The guy that owns the pawnshop, he drinks in my dad's pub all the time.
Well, he recognized my mum's engagement ring.
That slag tried to sell it! The pediatrician's just looking him over now.
But it's obvious that he's being physically abused.
I'm sorry.
Look, I need to be getting back.
I'm gonna stay here if that's all right, Sarge.
How long were you in child protection for? Nearly three years.
That's a tough gig.
Tell me about it.
We found your passport in your jacket.
Planning on leaving the country, Leanne? So what if I am? My husband's just died.
I need time and space to grieve.
Did you put Alfie Dubbs up to breaking into the pub and attacking your husband? No way.
Were you and Mr.
Dubbs ever intimate? What do you mean, had sex? Yeah, a couple of times.
I told him it was over, and he wouldn't accept it.
We've got Alfie's phone.
So we know you called him this morning.
Why was that? Because I thought he killed Terry.
And why would you think that? Because Alfie was obsessed with me.
I couldn't tell him that me and Terry got married for fear of how he'd react.
I thought maybe he'd found out and just lost the plot.
How come you were trying to pawn the jewelry? Well, why shouldn't I? I'm Terry's wife.
What was his is mine.
Including the pub.
Why am I even here? As far as I can see, the only thing I'm guilty of is falling in love with an older man.
Amy Fisher.
Leaving the nightclub last night an hour before she told us she did.
Have a look at her phone.
See if it can tell us where she went next.
I would if I could, but she claims she's lost it.
Let's give Amy one more chance to tell us the truth.
As you know, Amy, we spoke to your date from last night so that we could eliminate you from our inquiries.
I'm afraid that his account and yours don't match up.
We also have CCTV footage which throws your version into question.
What are you accusing me of? Let's just go through your movements from last night one more time.
I'd rather not.
Do you mind if I ask why? No comment.
Amy Fisher, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
There you are.
Rob has discovered that Troy has been physically abused.
Any idea who's responsible? Not yet, but there's one obvious candidate.
Who? Well, his grandad.
As you told us, Amy, your father was a popular man.
So why would somebody want to kill him? It was a single blow.
Delivered to the back of the head.
No tussle with a burglar.
What was your dad's relationship like with your son? Why are you asking that? Troy's just been to the hospital.
Someone's been hurting him.
I killed my dad.
I found out that he's been abusing Troy, and I killed him.
Talk us through what happened.
I was in the club, and I got a phone call from Troy saying my dad had hit him and not for the first time.
And what did you do? I, um -- I went outside and hailed a taxi to the pub.
And when I got there, my dad, he was shouting, and Troy was crying.
The baseball bat, I mean, it was already there.
I just picked it up and hit my dad over the back of the head.
Did you mean to kill him? I don't know what I meant.
I just -- just wanted him to stop hurting Troy.
What did you do next? I wiped the handle of the bat clean with a bar towel and I told Troy to phone 999 and I left by the side door.
What about the CCTV? I took the disk.
And I threw it and the bar towel in the river.
She told me it was football injuries.
Who did? Amy.
Weeks ago, I noticed Troy had bruises.
She told me he got tackled playing football.
So I said I'll go over the school, you know, just to have a word.
She told me not to.
Said I'd just embarrass him.
She hasn't let me see him since.
Amy's admitted to the murder.
She found out her dad had been physically abusing Troy.
Has she, now? We're preparing a file for the CPS.
I've already told the others, whatever that idiot Alfie did, it's got nothing to do with me.
An allegation's been made about Terry.
I thought, seeing as you're his wife, you might want to put the record straight.
Did Terry ever discipline Troy? Hit him? No, never.
Terry worshiped that boy.
He would never have laid a hand on him.
Are you sure about that? Whoever's saying that is lying.
When did Terry last see Troy? Ages ago.
Did Terry see Troy this week? No, he couldn't have.
He -- Terry's been away in France for a couple of days.
He only got back yesterday.
Did you, uh -- Did you manage to speak to the doctor? Uh, yeah, she said the oldest injuries date back weeks, and the newest was sustained a couple of days ago.
When I spoke to Troy in the pub last night, he had this bit of blanket with him.
So? So that's what kids normally take to bed to help them sleep, innit? Yeah, I reckon.
So where were his pajamas? Rob.
Rob, look at this.
I think Troy killed Terry.
What? Well, you were the one who pointed out the holes in Troy's account.
We found these in Amy's tumble dryer.
That's blood spray, consistent with Troy having hit his grandad over the head with the baseball bat.
Amy obviously thought that a wash would get the blood stains out.
We know that it doesn't.
Okay, so Amy gets to the bar.
Sees her dad dead and Troy covered in blood.
Well, we reckon that she wiped the handle of the baseball bat.
Troy was wearing his pajamas, so she had to get him changed back into his normal clothes.
She then lifted the DVD from the CCTV system and went home, taking his pajamas with her.
Leaving Troy to call 999.
Yeah, and leaving him alone with a body.
So Troy killed his grandad because he was abusing him.
Terry wasn't abusing Troy.
He was out of the country when the most recent injuries were inflicted.
I think what really happened last night was that Terry took Troy back to the pub, changed him into his pajamas.
He discovered his injuries like I did today, realized that Amy had been hitting him, and I think that Terry threatened to report the abuse.
Threatening the relationship between Troy and his mum.
But how could a kid the size of Troy wield enough power to kill an adult? Grandad had a fight with a man.
He took the baseball bat off him.
We know that Grandad hit the man on the arm with the bat.
And then the man ran off.
Then what did you do? I picked up the bat.
Your Grandad see you? I was behind him.
Was he standing up? No, he was bent down.
Why was he bent down? He'd been cleaning his glasses.
But he dropped them.
He asked me to pick them up.
I said no.
Why? Because I was mad at him.
What about? He was cross and telling me to get dressed again.
He said we were going back to get all my stuff and that I was going to live with him.
Why did you hit him, Troy? He was going to split me up from my mum.
But your mum's been hurting you.
I make her angry.
It's my fault.
It's not.
She doesn't mean it.
She's always sorry.
I couldn't let Grandad take me away from my mum.
Uh, sorry.
What's gonna happen to him now? Um Troy is under the age of criminal responsibility.
Which means he can't be arrested or charged with a crime.
But he could be taken into care.
Unless you step up and prove that you can look after him.
That's all I ever wanted.
Amy wouldn't let me anywhere near him.
You were willing to go down for murder rather than admit to hitting your son? You don't know how hard it's been for me since my mum died.
Amy Fisher, I'm further arresting you on suspicion of actual bodily harm on Troy Fisher and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Do you understand? Great instincts.
Well done.
You're joking, ain't ya? I mean, the sarge had her suspicions from the word "go.
" You should learn to take a compliment.
She's right.
Your child protection experience is what turned the case around.
Cheers, boss.
You two best buddies again.
He told me that he put the missing-persons inquiry team straight.
But what he doesn't know is I've got a mate on that inquiry.
-I just called him now.
-Oh, don't tell me.
They still think that David was with you that night.
Why's David lying to me? Let's find out.
-What do you mean? -Well, we're investigators.
Let's investigate.
Let's find out where the detective inspector really was the night his wife went missing.
It's me.
Rob Brady's been asking difficult questions.
I'll tell you what the problem is.
He didn't believe a word I said to him.